Review: WWF/WWE Survivor Series 1996 DVD

November 7, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF “Survivor Series 1996” Review:


“Bret, Cliche’s are Cliche’s, and an Ass whoopin, is an Ass whoopin!!!” -Stone Cold Steve Austin


WWF “Survivor Series 1996” took place on Sunday, November 17th, 1996 at Madison Square Garden in New York, New York in front of 18,637 fans.

-This was the 10th Annual Survivor Series event.

-This Survivor Series saw the debut of The Rock.

-This Survivor Series saw the first match Bret Hart had since losing the Iron Man match at Mania 12 against Shawn Michaels.

-Action took place before the event went live on PPV in a Free-For-All Elimination match, Jesse James, Aldo Montoya, Bob Holly, and Bart Gunn defeated The Sultan, Justin Bradshaw, Salvatore Sincere, and Billy Gunn (with The Iron Sheik and Uncle Zebekiah)

-Vince McMahon, Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler (opening match) did commentary for the event.

-Now onto the PPV……………


1) Opening Contest- Doug Furnas, Phil Lafon, Henry Godwinn, and Phineas Godwinn (with Hillbilly Jim) vs Owen Hart, The British Bulldog, Marty Jannetty, and Leif Cassidy (with Clarence Mason) in a Four-on-four Survivor Series elimination match

Teams battled here but it was still single elimination. You’re not eliminated until YOU LOSE personally, regardless if your partner is still alive or not.

This means of course the match is going to go on longer then it originally had of gone before.

The match began with Marty Jannetty and Phil Lafon who tie-up then a slap of the ropes. Lafon chopped at Marty, a wristlock into an overhead armbar. Lagon then held Marty until he monkey flipped off the ropes. Lafon extremely agile landed on his feet.

In comes Cassidy or Al Snow as you may know him.

There’s always a special feel at the venue of MSG.

Interesting drop toehold by Lafon to Cassidy trying to work on the left left. Cassidy now had to deal with big Phinneas I Godwinn.

Phineas spit up and caught it rubbing his hands together agnd locked up with Cassidy. A shoulder block by Phineas. Off the ropes Cassidy with great strength on Phineas.
Godwinn now slammed Cassidy to th mat. Jannetty drove his knee into Godwinn, and now the tag champs came in. Bulldog and Owen tork the legs of Godwinn. Owen worked over Phineas, both Davey Boy Smith and Owen in control.

Tagged in is Godwinn clotheslined by Cassidy and thena leg drop. Phinead Godwin being isolated in the wrong corner. An elbow by a limping Marty off the ropes and off the top is caught by Phineas Godwin. Jannetty went for an elbow drop on Marty and missed.

Henry tags in and he was fresh.

Henry O. Godwinn took it to Marty on one leg. Henry knocked Cassidy one half of the new Rockers off the apron and then slop drop.

Henry Godwinn eliminated Marty Jannetty after slop drop at 8:12.

Immediately after when Owen became the legal man he eliminated him after a spinning Heel Kick at 8:18.

Phineas tossed Owen outside.

Phineas dropped Marty off the apron.

Phineas on Owen and he tags in Bulldog. Owen clotheslined to the outside but he’s not the legal man.

Three on three.

Bulldog put away what was left of the Godwinn’s when he slammed Phinneas to the mat and pinned him at 9:04, Davey Boy was the legal man afterall, making it three on two for the heels.

Bulldog and Doug Furnas. Bulldog leapfrogged andboth men reversing one anothers leapsand Bulldog had a Furnas dropkick scouted. Bulldog stomped on him. Cassidy tags in. Owen held Furnas in his corner while Cassidy drove Furnas to the mathard.

Cassidy very aggressive hanging onto the leg of Furnas. Bulldog in with an uppercut. Owen off the top with a missille dropkick. Owen stomped on Furnas. Owen Hart escaped out of a small package by Furnas and he gets out.

Owen with a Northern Light’s suplex and a two. Owen kicked at Furnas who Bulldog held in his corner behind the official Doan.

Bulldog with amazing strength powerslammed Furnas and did a flip around. Cassidy tagged in an went for Furnas.

A gut busters to the lower abdomen but he missed with a clothesline. Lafon comes in. Lafon sets up Cassidy with a turn-around slam off the top, amazing stuff.

Phil Lafon put out Cassidy after suplex from second rope at 13:43.

A wonderful modified suplex.

Now it’s down to the tag champs against two individuals making there debut. Another debut at the Surivivor Series.

A suplex and then a face-plant by Bulldog to Lafon.

These teams met a couple of months later at IYH Final Four in a classic tag match. Here we are treated to a preview. Owen with a belly to belly to Lafon then a swinging neckbreaker.

Owen Hart connects with an inziguri. A double clothesline to Lafon who had absorbed a ton of punishment.

Bulldog in applying move after move to Lafon.

Lafon put out the Bulldog after a schoolboy at 17:22.

Out of no where and Owen knew he had to take out the leg of Lafon after an intelligent chopblock by Owen.

This was also logical because it’d set up the Sharpshooter, or soften him up for it. Owen snapping the leg of Lafon.

Owen into a leg-lock.

Hart Locks a Sharpshooter on Lafon. Furnas came in and broke it up. Lafon off the ropes hit a reverse thrust kick to Owen buying himself time.

Furnas needed the hot tag and the powerhouse came in to a beautiful dropkick. Owen kicked out.

In the end at 20:41 Furnas put out Owen Hart after a release German suplex to win the match. The first one didn’t work out but he made no mistake on the second.

The remaining survivors were Doug Furnas and Phil Lafon.

This match as an opener was a ton of fun. One of the best Elimination matches.

Great stuff from Hart and the Bulldog as expected, and Lafon/Furnas should be creditted as well.

This was incredibally entertaining due to the pacing for twenty minutes.

Often forgotten as one of the best PPv openers for the company. An excellent start to this broadcast!






2) The Undertaker vs Mankind (/w Paul Bearer hanging above the ring in a Cage)

This was no doubt a tremendous rivalry with a great series of matches.
Foley was the first guy in the Federation to defeat Taker multiple times.

The Undertaker and Mankind wrestled in 1996 more often then not. At Buried Alive the month before they put on a Classic.

Also in the Boiler Room Brawl at Summerslam and King of the Ring they supplied us with great matches.

Here Paul Bearer was placed above the ring in a cage to be sure Taker would have Mankind all to himself.

The Undertaker in a unique vest took it to Mankind at the beginning.
Out of no where Foley hit Taker with a Piledriver. Undertaker broke it up and slammed him headfirst on the floor.

Foley impervious to pain and Taker kicked him to the steel.
Nice psychology and scouting by the Deadman working over Mankind’s hand, the Mandible clawhand. Undertaker walks Old school and drops Mankind down.

Taker jumped off the top but got caught in the Mandible Claw. Ross pointed out it wouldn’t be as effective since Taker worked over that arm.
Undertaker falling down to the pain.

Undertaker broke the Mandible Claw by a CHOKESLAM! Taker sit up and went charging for Manking but he dived through the ropes. Mankind and Taker both out on the floor.

Taker all of the sudden being assaulted by an object in Mankind’s hand.

Undertaker caught him out of the corner and hit a Tombstone in mid-ring.

In the end at 14:52 Taker finally beat Mankind.

After the match by the short-lived Executioner (not the one who passed from the 1980’s, the guy from IYH:Buried Alive) and this stopped Taker from getting revenge on Bearer but he would at the Rumble a couple of months later.

This match serves well in the Taker-Mankind saga that only got better in years 97 and 98.

This wasn’t the most impressive match between the two, a tad slow but still physical and very good overall.

** 3/4



3) Marc Mero, Rocky Maivia, Jake Roberts, and The Stalker (with Sable) vs Crush, Jerry Lawler, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, and Goldust (with Marlena) in a Four-on-four Survivor Series elimination match


This Elimination match was all about putting over The Rock.

The debut of the Great One.

It took Rocky Maivia awhile but he eventually got there.

Ross’s “There’s gonna be the MAN right there!” is quite fitting.

This one was a bit all over the place with decent workers and some green.

The match began with Mero introducing Jake “The Snake” Roberts.
Sunny is commentary. Great.

Rocky Maivia torked the arm of Crush and then Lawler gave him right’s. Rock leapfrogged Lawler and then dropkicked him before giving him an uppercut over the top rope to the floor.

Rock and Hunter go at it.

This is interesting as Hunter is a veteran compared to Dwayne Johnson and Trips chopped away in the corner. A suplex by Hunter and a tag into Goldust who drops the elbow.
Goldust slams Rock to the canvas. Crush comes in and takes it to Rocky some more. Lawler the REAL veteran drops forearm shots and you can hear some “Burger King” chants. This was about the last time Burger King was chanted at Lawler to my knowledge.

Hunter with a European Uppercut to Rock in the corner and he fought back as the two brawled. Hunter backdropped by Rock. Rock tags in the Snake.

Roberts dropped Hunter then King on the apron. Snake showing he could still go and back-dropped Hunter in one of his final in-ring matches for the company.

Jake couldn’t hit the DDT but Goldust in hit a snapmare to Roberts. King comes in on the Snake. Lawler and Roberts had a feud here and Kind told Jake he was drunk. Jake slams Robers or went to and the Snake put him away with a ddt.

Jake “The Snake” eliminated the King at 10:01 after a ddt. Ross said he was crowned and Jake was pale. After King goes the heels makes sure Roberts is worked over in the corner. Goldust with reverse chinlock.

Goldust thrown to the corner by Barry who is going by the name of the Stalker here. Not even a shell of his former self which is sad. Goldust kicked at Barry and the two brawling.
Crush drove a righthand into the kidney of the Stalker behind the official.

Goldust gave the Curtain Call to the Stalker at 12:44 to get the victory, eliminating him.
Mero with a huge knee-lift to Goldust. Goldust kicked Mero and hit a clothesline. Hunter drove Mero into the top turnbuckle.

Hunter gives Mero a Harley Race type kneedrop. Mero then into a back-breaker right in front of Sable by Helmsley.

Crush slows down the pace with a bearhug to Mero and then Crush drops a leg onto Mero. Crush slams Mero intothe boot of Goldust who comes in. Goldust worked over Mero until tagging in Helmsley.

Hunter caught Mero in an abdominal stretch slowing down the pace.
He drove down with his elbow and while this was logical wrestling MSG will always be honest and some boo-birds came out wanting more action.

Somehow Mero get out of the predicament and tags in Goldust who drops a double axehandle to the wildman. Hunter back and now grabbing Mero but he hit a desperation head-scissors.

I remember Mero and Hunter had a great Raw match for the title around this time. (IC Title)

At 19:20 Mero put out Hunter after a MeroSault.

Mero went for a suicide dive and fell to the floor. Crush handles him.

At 20:33 Crush eliminated Mero after a heart punch.

At 20:54 Crush put out the Snake via the same move. Roberts is gone.

Now it’s all on the line as the fans get into it!

It is 2 on 1 against the rookie!

Rocky Maivia was being double-teamed but he ducks in time.

Can the kid do it? Ross, McMahon and Sunny make a point to prove how impressive it’d be.

After flying bodypress at 23:12 Crush is taken out by Rock.

In the end Rocky slammed Goldust hard to the mat with a shoulderbreaker at 23:44.

Sunny makes a “Rocky” The film reference.

This match was great.

Not just because of the booking and ending with a Green Rock, but becuase of the work from Goldust, Hunter, Mero throughout.


*** 1/4



4) Bret “Hitman” Hart vs Stone Cold Steve Austin in a Number One Contender`s Match


Sure, it`s two of my favourites of all time and the two I consider the best of all time.

One of the reasons they had so much chemistry together, is the fact Bret who is one of the best in the ring ever and Steve Austin was the complete package.

As Vince says on Bret`s DVD, “These two were just made for each other” chemistry wise he`s right. The fact that this match was the first meeting between these two competitors it`s downright SCARY how well they worked together but it`s mostly because the styles complimented the other one so well.
On Austin`s DVD he states that Bret came out and hand picked Austin and called him the greatest wrestler in the WWF at the time which was huge to Steve and this feud helped make him who he was going to become. Bret called Austin out on the October 20th, 1996 edition of Monday Night Raw challenging him for this match! Winner gets a shot at the December IYH PPV against Sid.

Steamboat, Heyman, McMahon and other wrestling minds knew Austin was the next big thing. As Cornette states on the Monday Night wars DVD, there was no way of finding out how big.

Steve Austin cut two of the most bad ass, intimidating promo`s and it was great all around work by the WWF production team to hype this feud and this match at the event.
Simply wonderful.

The psychology implemented by Austin in this match is his best ever.

The HITMAN was making his return to the WWF in his first match since the Ironvman Match, would he show any ring rust though, that was the question and we`d find out soon.
Todd Pettingill conducted interviews backstage before Austin went out and before Bret went out. Steve cut an awesome promo which a lot of MSG liked, talking about how Bret was NOTHING, and how Cliche`s are Cliche`s and an ASS WOOPPIN IS AN ASS WOOPIN and some of the New Yorkers popped.
Stone Cold showed nothing but attitude as he came out and JR said he had the potential greatness, and Vince said he could make a big name for himself, Austin`s look to the camera on the way out was priceless.

Bret said that Austin doesen`t have the MSG effect, where as the Hitman wrestled a ton of classics over the years in this building and he was about to wrestle another one.
Austin got his cheers sure, but not many and The Hitman was still the full out face in this bout and was getting a brilliant reaction from MSG as expected and rightfully deserved.

Austin began his masterful psychology from the get go, not just the opening promo but his cold stare into the camera at the beginning of the match as I ellused to. So intimidating was Austin.

Jim Ross states that both these guys can use a lot of submissions. Just seeing the contrast in these two individuals and how Austin was COLD and not impressed by Bret, the GOOD guy who made being GOOD COOL against the guy who was going to make being BAD COOL and get over with it to revolutionize the company in the upcoming Attitude Era.

Austin and The Hitman face to face at Survivor Series in Madison Square Garden after the phenominal build up and you can just feel it. This is what Pro-Wrestling is all about, what an atmosphere, what a setting!

“If you like Holyfield and Tyson you`re gonna love this!“ says Ross before the match.
Austin then showed his attitude by flipping the bird at Bret and back in 96 all the crowd reacted in a huge way.

The HITMAN and The Cold Blooded Rattlesnake TIE up in the middle of the ring. I love how JR says that the beauty of this match was that both men were in there prime.
We`re going to see the best of the Hitman and the Best of Austin.

Steve drove Bret to the corner and Bret got out, Bret drove Austin to the corner and Austin got out!

JR pointed out that neither man had ever submitted in a match, so he thinks this is going to be a first and the finish will either be a Sharpshooter or a Millon Dollar Dream hold in all likelyhood because he didn`t specify, he just thought it`d come down to a submission.

McMahon points out the irony that if Austin were to slap the Sharpshooter on The Hitman, nah Vince…we`ll leave that till the next Survivor Series, right Vince, 😉 …….
Steve Austin and Bret Hart each with one failed attempt at cornering there opponent so they go to lock up again in the mid-ring.



Steve Austin goes behind The Hitman with a waist lock, then the Hitman with a nice counter with one of his own then Bret countered his move and applied on a hard vicious armbar and kept stomping on the ground hurting Bret. The Hitman answered back as the crowd chanted “`Let`s go BRET“ as he reversed the armbar showing Austin a wrestling move and telling him I`m back by a one upman ship. Austin got out and with another go behind, Bret applies a go-behind hip toss on the rattlesnake and throws a superb hammerlock on Austin and drives the knee into Austin. Stone Cold then drove The Hitman to the ropes to get out and hits a drop toe hold, then Bret counters it into a hammerlock.

Awesome crisp, technical wrestling here. Anyone who thinks Austin is a brawler, watch this. Even though I`m more then certain the ignorant fans just think that. Austin whips Bret to the ropes and he comes off with a beautiful reverse elbow. Everything high impact for Austin and then he drops elbows to Bret, followed by a ruthless clothesline. Both men with scientific moves early but Austin was more physical where as Hart was more methodical. Steve Austin has only been a Pro for seven years, while Hart for nearly two decades so he had the experience advanatage and he held on to Austin`s left arm, and Austin when he targetted tried to aim high taking out Hart`s head and spine. The Hitman then locked on Austin`s right arm with an arm bar, until he got sent to the rope and Austin caught him in mid-air with a bear hug and Steve caught Bret with a Stun Gun! A Stun Gun! He dropped him on top of the ropes and Bret`s air was driven right out of him, reversed right across the ropes. This drives the air out of The Hitman. Austin then chokes Bret out on the bottom rope as his neck was vulnerable and he had a gameplan. What awesome PSYCHOLOGY by Steve Austin to realize Bret was grasping for air after the Stun Gun so he utilized that and choked Bret out some more on the bottom rope. Steve then dropped an Elbow to The Hitman hanging half off the apron further damaging the lungs, and then he went up high to POSE on the top rope as he got a mixed-reaction. Steve Austin then back in the ring pulled Bret up and throws his head against the ropes taking the air out of The Hitman any way he could. He looked on a sleeper with more great stategic wrestling, his fatigue gameplan to cut that short of Bret was nothing short of brilliant by Austin. Steve Austin applied a rear chinlock, followed by knee drops and elbow drops in the throat of Austin. As The Hitman out of desperation and out of air needed adrenaline to get to his feet and maintain a vertical base. Bret got back up and had a slug fest with Austin and here is the brawling part of the match. Steve Austin then sent Bret in the corner, and then Bret came off with a clothesline, now maybe he bought him some time to re-group, Bret then built some momentum with an atomic drop and a clothesline, followed by a roll-up when Steve got back up and he got a two. Hart with a side russian leg sweep, then could not hook the leg to complete the pinning predicament. Hart went for a Bulldog headlock but Austin hit the brakes and he unbelievably sent The Hitman hard into the corner and hit amazingly hard, STERNUM FIRST. Bret`s even had sternum problem`s before and Austin had done his homework.

Steve went for a superplex from the top rope but Bret counted and threw him down to the canvas. Now Bret with an elbow from the top rope to Austin and drops the elbow to Steve`s neck for some payback from earlier in the match by Austin, to Austin this time. Bret scooped up Austin for a backbody suplex raked the face.

Back and forth contest with beautiful wrestling moves that all make sense and all are logical.

Stone Cold sent The Hitman to the outside as he came charging for him. Stone Cold then jumped off the ring apron and dropped an elbow to The Hitman`s back. Steve with an uppercut and forearms to the back of Bret, aiming at the high body of The Hitman and then drove him SPINE FIRST into the ring post further damaging the spine and high area of the Hitman. Bret down on his knees was going to recieve a suplex into the security railing but Bret countered and pushed Austin over the steel railing and then Bret stomped on Austin and then threw him face first into the steel. Stone Cold is now down as The Hitman is still in pain. Bret threw Austin back in the ring after both men had recieved devistating blows so who would have the momentum. Austin went out to the other side and Bret chased him and hit him with some hard right hands until Stone Cold grabbed him by the legs and catapolted Hart up high from the mat into the announce table and he flew over it! McMahon gives one of his UNBELIEEEEEVAAABLEEEE comments after the sling shot. Jim Ross wonders if Spanish Commentator Hugo is hurt.

Steve brawled with him inder the table before setting him up and slamming him back first, which had been injured from before. Stone Cold then methodically drops the point of his elbow FROM the ring apron into the throat of The Hitman.

Steve Austin was on a mission to become a name and defeat The Hitman anywway possible, both strategically and outside the ring as well.

Steve pulled Bret back into the ring from inside while Bret was on the outside apron and he hit a big time vertical suplex! Austin then picked up his legs and he stomped in the mid-section of Hart and then drove the elbow in the throat area of Bret and he wouldn`t give up and The Hitman kicked out. Steve was frustrated at this point in the match because he couldn`t put Bret away. Stone Cold saluted the crowd as they chanted LETS GO BRET, and then Steve Rammed Hart into the corner hard.
Austin then intelligently drove his knee into Hart`s injured back that ALSO injured his throat, BRILLIANT.
Austin and Bret then tied up and Austin hooked an abdominal stretch to further damage The Hitman`s back-mid section area and surprisingly lets go Austin chants come but they don`t point them out.

Stone Cold then got a surprise as The Hitman, bad back and all took a slug fest to Steve Austin in mid ring!

The crowd went absolutely ape shit as Vince screamed IT`S MADISON SQUARE GARDEN, WHILE BRET AND AUSTIN slugged it out!
While Austin methodically took apart Bret`s head, neck, lungs, and back, Bret got back in control with a Stun Gun of his own followed by a roll-up.

Steve was pissed off (what else is new) and he gets a piledriver and then a nearfall!
Stone Cold then chopped at Bret up high after he set him up there. Chops, and blows, followed by more chops! Austin then Superplexed bret From the top!


Stone Cold Steve Austin just Superplexed The Hitman from the top after all that punishment.

What a MATCH!


Stone Cold! Stone Cold! Stone Cold!

1….2….WHAT! The Hitman kicked out.

Steve hesitated before the pin and that`s why Bret kicked out and then Austin tried another near fall and he can`t believe his stunner didn`t get it done.

Austin then beat on Bret and now took apart the whole body and now Steve locks on the TEXAS CLOVERLEAF. Austin showing great technical skill as he applied it so expertly but Bret grabbed for the bottom rope.

Steve stomped at Bret`s head section that had been damaged. Austin cornered Bret and then battled away at him punching him with hard fists into the injured sternum.
Austin then Irish Whipped Bret and he flew under the bottom rope and hit the steel post ribs first! Unbelievable work by the Texas Rattlesnake to take apart his whole body! Great game plan by Austin.

Steve then dragged him to the middle of the ring after Hart might have of cracked a rib. Stone Cold went for a nearfall, couldn`t get it so he pulled Bret up high and on his back stretched his neck backwards and his knees forward driving his knee into the already hurt back, what an excellent fucking move by Austin!


Bret then has to drop the hold because Austin reached the ropes.
Stone Cold hits a slam on Bret, then slaps his own self to make sure he was doing a good job!

Bret a mess in the corner after all that brilliant selling and all that brilliant punishment by Austin towards him started to take a breather in the corner due to his air supply being cut down curisy of the Rattlesnake.

The Hitman was breathing in the corner and Austin stalked him and lifted his arms to the side in position for his dangerous submission hold, THE MILLION DOLLAR DREAM!
Austin locked it on and Bret was caught in it and The Hitman kicked off the ropes and pinned Steve with a three as a retro to Wrestlemania 8 and how he beat Piper!


Bret Hart countered Austin`s own maneuver and won the match at 28:36 rolling back to a huge roar from New York City.

Steve Austin looked to the canvas and shook his head, knowing he had out wrestled Bret in his own game but couldn`t get the fall as Bret had more veteran experience then Austin and showed it there, perfect story telling of teacher vs the student.

This feud is far from over and the greatest things were yet to come said JR, and how right he was! Wrestlemania 13 featured the double allignment turn and a match for the ages that sent both men in brilliant directions, which is also a 5 star match.

The strategic wrestling, the counters, the atmosphere, this was a technical fucking masterpiece!

Not only one of the best matches of all time, but one of the best clash in styles with chemistry, selling, psychology, full throttle action, brilliant wrestling, emotion and everything else you`d need to build a superb match in Pro-Wrestling.

Absolutely one for the ages for any pure fan of Pro-Wrestling! It’s top ten material. And that’s the bottom line.

Five Stars.



5) Faarooq, Vader, Razor Ramon II, and Diesel II (with Clarence Mason) vs Flash Funk, Jimmy Snuka, Savio Vega, and Yokozuna in a Four-on-four Survivor Series elimination match

Back to the Elimination matches.

A little hard to follow one of the best matches of all time but here we go.

The match began with Snuka being introduced as a surprise entrant, inducted into the Hall of Fame the night before.

Flash Funk’s entrance is incredibally long. I miss Scorpio already.

Cornette on commentary.

Vader and Funk go at it. Not Dory or Terry but Flash of course. Big Van, or just simply

“Vader” unloaded on Flash Funk with body shots. Flash hit a spinning kick and took

Vader to the outside.

Funk showing his agility hitting a moonsault to Vader on the floor.

Fans chant EC Dub.

Vader back in the ring powerbombs Flash Funk. Yoko came in and slammed Vader to the mat with no tag. Farooq and Savio come in.

A but all over the place.

Funk continues to be the star of the match.

Diesel and Snuka go at it, Vader caught with a headbutt then a dropkick. Snuka slammed Vader.

Farooq slammed Savio’s kidneys into the ring-post. Soon he’d join his Nation.

At 8:39 Diesel eliminated Savio Vega with a Pinfall after a Jackknife Powerbomb.

Savio is gone.

Snuka headbutt’s Razor.

At 9:28 Snuka put out Razor the 2nd after a Pinfall after superfly splash.

Action gets out everywhere. Chairshots everywhere.

In the end at 9:48 both teams were DQ’d, after the remaining wrestlers were disqualified .for brawling in the ring

This match was the only mess on the card, but that’s fine for a tremendous PPV event.

It had its moments with Snuka, Vader and Flash Funk doing the majority of the work.


** 1/4



6) Main Event- Sycho Sid vs Shawn Michaels (c) (with Jose Lothario) for the WWF Championship

Sid had his supporters as not every fan, especially those rough ones in the Garden are a fan of the boy-toy in these days.

Shawn Michaels and Sid ready to go.

Sycho Sid and The Heart Break Kid got it on and Sid dominated the early stages and Michaels bumped into the corner.

The Smarks cheering for Sid loved this.

Michaels unloaded back and then a flying crossbody into a side headlock takedown, that’s how the smaller Michaels can change gears and take the bigger man off his vertical base.

Sid counters on the mat finally into a leg-scissors.

Another fine wrestling sequence.

Now this has turned into a slugfest in which Michaels can’t win due to the power of Sid. Sid had Michaels in the air but Shawn rolls out of a powerbomb position from Sid.
Sid chants break out and both competitor’s notice it.

Shawn with a chop block on Sid. Michaels torking the leg to a chorus of boo’s. HBK tried to damage the knee that was his gameplan. Fans chanting “Lets go Sid” while Michaels kicked away at the left leg of Sid.

Michaels goes for the figure four, dead center in the ring.

Sid out of it sends Shawn directly into the ring post. Sid hit a running knee into Michaels head. Sid with a high kick and the fans don’t like it as he misses.

Sid kicked away at Michaels who flipped up into the ring. Sid clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor. This gets a huge ovation.

Sid on the concrete drops Michaels on the guardrail.

Sid back in the ring choked out Sid with his boot.

Michaels back up off the top drop Sid but is caught by the Sycho one in mid-air and he slams him. Nearfall after a backbreaker. Sid in control irishwhipping Shawn spine first into the corner.

Sid again taking the back out of Shawn and follows it up wisely wirth a few more shots but Shawn gets one in. He goes for an elbow and Sid kicks him away.

Michaels in a chinlock fires back at then goes for a superkick, Sid blocks it and hits a chokeslam. Michaels rolls up Sid and gets a two.

Sid hits a powerslam on Michaels and he kicks out. Michaels a desperation forearm sending Sid tot he corner but again ran over by Sid with a clothesline.
Sid grabbed a camera instead of hitting Shawn hit Jose.

Micheals hit the Sweet chin Music.

Michaels goes and checks on him.

Michaels lost his focus.

Michaels was more distracted with Jose on the outside which proved to be his downfall.


Sid drops a big shot on HBK, a double axehandle on the outside.

Sid with an oppurtunity to finish it.

In the end at 20:02 Sid became the Champion after his Powerbomb. He shook the top rope and the Smarks loved it.

New Champion!

This match was terrific, the best in the career of Sid. Just terrific way to close the show. Especially for the smarks in NYC.







Final Rating for WWF Survivor Series 1996 = 9/10


 This show was spectacular in many ways. The debut of The Rock, it took place in the Garden whre it featured the return of Bret Hart who wrestled Steve Austin in what still holds up to as one of the greatest matches of all time. Taker-Mankind and Sid-Shawn both worked as did the opener and the Rock Debut Series match.
Arguably it’s the greatest Survivor Series of all time.

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