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December 13, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF “Unforgiven 1999” Review:


“So it’ll be a Six Pack challenge at Unforgiven, and hell nobody knows a Six Pack like Stone Cold Steve Austin!”Stone Cold Steve Austin



-WWF Unforgiven 1999 took place on Sunday, September 26th, 1999 in front of 15,779 fans at at the Charlotte Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina.


-This was the second annual Unforgiven but the first to take place in the regular month for this show. (September)

-Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler did commentary.






-Now onto the PPV……………




1) Opening Contest- Steve Blackman vs Val Venis

I remember Val on a Raw before Unforgiven said Blackman couldn’t stick his member through a Cheerio on commentary.

Funny how the mind can remember something as useless as that from over a decade ago.

Anyway Unforgiven 99 kicks off with an opening single’s encounter between Blackman and Val.

Val Venis does a hilarious gig he always does, this time saying he’s been blown from one state to the other.

Steve Blackman gets some silent, but good heal heat and he opens up Unforgiven for the 2nd straight year, this time as a heel.

Steve Blackman pushed away and dodges an elbow from Val. Val scores with an uppercut and then he gets in the ring and Steve Blackman puts the Valbowski down on the top rope as he falls gonads first on the top ropes.

The WWF was so popular around this time, however there was an angle where the officials were on strike so Steve Lombardi aka Brooklyn Brawler, one version of the Doink characters was the official. Blackman asserted himself offensively ramming the spine of Val Venis.

Steve Blackman covered Val and he kicked out. Val is locked in a sleeper.
Lawler spits out a hilarious Man on the Moon joke, saying Val will be filming Man in the Moon, where-as King and JR were in Jim Carrey’s less then stellar “Man on the moon” 1999 film portraying the late Andy Kauffman.
Not much psychology here.
Venis went over Blackman in the end at 6:32 after pinning him wth the Money Shot.


Decent opener.




2) Mark Henry (c) vs D-Lo Brown for the WWF European Championship

So Henry turned heel on his pal D-Lo at Summerslam 99 because he was training him.

Every feud seemed to matter in the attitude era, even if it was for the European title such as here.

D-Lo was hot before be paralyzed Droz and looked very promising, extremely over with the fans.
Bell rings and we begin.
D-Lo Brown is pumped and ready. Mark Henry didn’t give D-Lo Brown any time and Henry fought back as the European title is on the line! King keeps making excuses for Henry saying he has a medical condition so he should take it easy on the World’s Strongest Man.

Even matches like this mattered as mentioned for the European title.

Tom Prichard officiating this one now, D-Lo Brown speared Henry from the outside apron. Back in the ring D-Lo ducked a clothesline and hit a running powerbomb on Henry and scores the first nearfall of the contest. D-Lo Brown slams hiim down and then lands a high knee on Henry.

D-Lo Brown charged towards Henry but he scooped him up and dropped D-Lo by the head on the top turnbuckle as he fell backwards. D-Lo Brown charged at Henry and landed a big crossbody over the top.

Ross is accurate when saying nobody has improved in Wrestling in the last year more then D-Lo Brown. D-Lo Brown was massively over, and again, what COULD of been if he hadn’t injured Droz the way he did not long after this match actually.

D-Lo Brown with a sky high, cross-body to the bigger Henry and again a nearfall.

Mark Henry gets back in control and lays out D-Lo Brown with a clothesline but not before first, flexing his biceps.

Henry now in control as D-Lo Brown is laying against the middle rope and he dropped all of his weight with great agility all on D-Lo Brown.

D-Lo in trouble.

Henry on the outside scoops up D-Lo Brown and drops him on the steel-steps. D-Lo Brown had to fight back and build some momentum and came across with a cross-body to Henry.

Henry though gets D-Lo Brown down and lands a leg-drop on D-Lo Brown.

D-Lo Brown still found a way to get out of the three count. D-Lo Brown is slammed down in an unorthadox fashion.

Sexual Chocolate still can’t put away young D-Lo Brown th a big fighting spirit.

D-Lo Brown hitting right’s but knew he had to deliver more to win the title, he used the ropes for more leverage, he hits a flying forearm and then a heel kick and a signature leg-drop but Henry powered out.

D-Lo Brown not happy with the count.

Big break for D-Lo Brown as he hits the lo-down frogsplash!
In the end at 9:14 D-Lo Brown defeated Henry for the European title after he
Very solid bout here.




** 1/2






3) Jeff Jarrett (c) (with Miss Kitty) vs Chyna for the WWF Intercontinental Championship



In 1999 Chyna became the first Woman in the Rumble.

The First Woman in the King of the Ring.

Also the first Woman to compete and win the IC title.

Here she goes for it against Double J.

The two would have Jarrett’s last match ever in the Federation the following month at No Mercy.


Jeff Jarrett ready in the ring as Chyna comes out to My time.
One thing about Chyna is her matches lasted pretty long, especially her match with Road Dogg at King of the Ring 99.

Her conditioning was great.

Lawler and Ross put over No Mercy next month with references to the word.

Female versus Male matches on PPv are a good draw, this has over 40,000 views on youtube. Jarrett with a crossbody off the top on Chyna after he was saying Chyna should be in the kitchen.

Chyna was majorly over with the crowd. Jeff Jarrett with a picture perfect textbook dropkick against Chyna.

Jeff Jarrett in control while the fans chanted for Chyna.

A irish-whip with a lot of velocity she flps over but clotheslines Double J from the apron. Chyna left her feet from the top and Jarrett hits the superplex from the second turnbuckle.

Double J gets a two count, Harvey Wipplemen the official here.

Chyna backed Jarrett in the coner and now grabbed the shoulder of Chyna close. Jarrett slams Chyna into the bukle, Chyna reverses him and then sets him up top and Chyna delivers strength to fall back. Chyna between Jeff Jarrett’s legs says Ross and falls back.

Jarrett with a sleeper on Chyna and now the crowd get behind her. Like many men have in the past if you know what I mean. A big vertical sulex to Jeff Jarrett by Chyna, the 9th wonder of the world.

Still waiting the DVD, a few night`s in Chyna but that mght not come out.

Jeff Jarrett looked for the figure four but Chyna took Double J to the outside. Ross said the officials gotta get these guys back in, King corrects Ross that Chyna is infact female. I don`t know if she is for a fact but King says so anyway. I didn`t see her playboy or One night in Chyna so I can`t tell for sure.

Chyna with outside punishment on Jarrett on the outside brings it into the ring.
Will Chyna become the first Female IC Champ, she goes for a Pedgree, Double J Jeff Jarrett catapolts Chyna to the corner.

Jarrett has a chair but Moolah and Mae Young go to work on Double J.

1Doube J then dropped the Late Moolah and and the Woman who want`s to wrestle on her 100th Bday, Mae Young.

Debra now comes to the ring pushes down Miss Kitty. Lawler seems pissed off.

Debra now hits the guitar over the head of Jeff Jarrett. Debra leaves to a big pop.

Chyna just has to pin Jarrett and it`s over!

Chyna covers Jarrett and she is the first Female IC Champion! But wait…..

Tom Prichard runs in and says to look at the footage and Chyna was DQ`d.
Therefore in the end at 11:51 Jarret won by DQ after Chyna was DQ`d.

Very solid.



** 3/4





4) The Acolytes (Faarooq and Bradshaw) vs The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von)


Here’s a picture of yours truly and the Dudleyz from a TNA show in 2009.




This was the Dudleyz WWF PPV debut when Bubba still had a stutter. They got great heel heat while the Acolytes were a tough-nosed tag team.


Bubba Ray Dudley says North Carolina…Suuu…..Suuu….Suuuucks.

No idea why Bubba Ray Dudley had a stutter.

Not sure why they got rid of it.

Actually I`m just not sure why they started it.

Anyway here we go.

A stiff, tough tag team in Bradshaw and Farooq going up against another rough-nosed tag team in the Dudleyz from ECW.


Bubba Ray Dudley and Farooq get it on in the ring, the bell rings.
Bradshaw before his JBL days got it on with D-von Dudley on the outside before being seperated.


Bradshaw in now and sends Bubba Ray Dudley to the corner of the ring and he meets an elbow. Bubba Ray Dudley scoop-slammed Bradshaw on the mat. Bubba dropping a lot of weight on the big Texan.

Bubba and Bradshaw take it outside the ring and Bubba chops the sternum of Bradshaw until he irish-whips Bubba Ray Dudley for the ride into the steps. Bubba Ray Dudley rolled into the ring and Bradshaw gets a two on the cover as Bubba Ray Dudley got a shoulder up.

Bradshaw misses a clothesline and Bubba Ray Dudley hts a nice belly to belly suplex.

Dudleyz looking to isolate Bradshaw and cut off half the rng and D-von missed a bt but landed a nice flying shoulder black on Bradshaw.

Farooq tagged in and tried to powerbomb D-Von but he turned the tide and ht a big time ddt. Acolytes are now cutting off half the ring.

Bradshaw then scoop slammed D-Von with great power but missed an elbow drop.

Bubba Ray Dudley tagged n and then both Dudleyz double-teamed Bradshaw with a Dudley, death-drop.

Not all of the 3D. There move known as What`s Up not as of yet was applied as Bubba held Bradshaw and D-Von came off with a flying headbutt.

Bradshaw shook the ropes and dropped D-von Dudley off his balance then on his head on the canvas after a superplex.

Bradshaw an intiidating presence in the ring there and cut off blood flow to the brain by an oxygen depriving reverse chinlock. Both Dudleyz up though and hit a 3D to Farooq.

Bradshaw then with a clothesline from hell.

Stevie Richards with a superkick as he`s dressed lie an Aclolyte as D-Von goes down.


In the end the Acolytes put away the Dudleyz at 7:30 after Richards helped them out.

Richards wanted to join the Acolytes then Farooq and Bradshaw remain bad ass and say, no way and powerbomb him.

Regardless the Acolytes win this match, it was a pretty solid one, the Dudleyz WWF PPV debut.




** 3/4





5) Ivory (c) vs Luna Vachon in a Hardcore match for the WWF Women’s Championship

The Late Luna taking on Ivory in this no DQ match for the Ladie’s strap.

Luna Vachon and Ivory both got pretty nasty and went all over in this hardcore match you wouldn` trypically expect females to brawl in.


Things were flying everywhere as it got nasty.

The match took place in the back.


The match as you might expect was kept relatively short.
Ivory retained her title at 3:39 after she defeated Luna by



* 1/2





6) The New Age Outlaws (Mr. Ass and Road Dogg) (c) vs Edge and Christian for the WWF Tag Team Championship



Two popular teams going at it for the tag gold. The Outlaws were kind of getting dry and Edge and Christian were sort of the new thing in the tag division.
Recently re-united they come out.
Road Dogg shows off his mic skills very well.

So here we go, bell rings.

Edge begins in with mr. Ass.

Mr. Ass a forgettable King of the Ring winner, blame Rock for burying him but at least it was funny.

A single`s push just wasn`t going to work for Gunn.

Both men circle roun one another and Edge with an arm-ringer and stommps on the man repeatedfly and then Mr. Ass with a side headlock.

Gunn gets tossed by Edge three times the arm-drag takedown.

Now Edge grounds Gunn with a sleeper. A back-body drop by Gunn to get out of that predicament.

Road Dogg coes out and kicks Edge.

King starts asking Ross even he likes it Doggy Style…awkward. Mr. Ass slammed Christian down to the mat and finally he`s seiing some ring time but that didn`t last long back in comed Edge.

Edge knocks Mr. Ass off the apron. Road Dogg fights back with a series of rights on Edge and then Christian stopped Road Dogg.

Edge and Christian together toss Road Dogg Jesse James over to the floor then into the steel steps.

Edge spears Road Dogg into the apron injuring his lower-spine. Road Dogg`s back injured by Y2J 5 weeks ago so Edge had that in mind.

Great strategy by Edge.

Christian followed up on the sore back of Road Dogg and then stnger slashed him in the corner but htting his spine rather then his sternum.

Christian with a reverse chinlock to Road Dogg.
Road Dogg and Christian with a mid-air collision.

Mr. Ass did not make sure a three count did not go down as Christian had Road Dogg down isolating him.

Edge tags in as E and C have the ring cut off and Mr. Ass isn`t happy.

Road Dogg`s lower-back is in jeopardy but he needed the hot tag. He delivered a right to Christian and then double, ddt`d both Edge and Christian.

Could Road Dogg make it to Bad Ass Billy Gunn in time as the crowd willed him on!

Mr. Ass recieves the hot tag.

Dogg took care of Edge. Christian hit the impaler to Gunn. Road Dogg then went for a pump-handlle on Edge the Hardyz came out and dropkicked Edge from the top rope.


Gunn hit the Fameasser on Edge.


In the end the Outlaws retaned their titles at 11:09 when The Outlaws got help from the Hardyz.

Great match!




*** 1/4




7) Al Snow (with Head) (c) vs The Big Boss Man in a Kennel from Hell Match for the WWF Hardcore Championship


Well what to say here.

What not to say.

This is Wrestlecrap in its purest form. Shockmaster style. Gooker style. Rosie-Trump, Richards-Tomko, Gayda-Stratus style.

I loved reading Mick Foley make fun of it in his novel.

The first and thank god ONLY Kennel from Hell match, this PPV has actually become notorious for the fact it has it. Forget the other 8 matches, some people damn this event just because it has thiis.
The Dogs on the outside started getting in heat, and even did #2 during the match which pretty well summed up this Cage in Cage in Cage match.
The Big Bossman in the storyline of course fed Snow his dog Pepper.

The Big Bossman tries to break int the Cage because out come the wild dogs and the fans roaar. Little did they know these blood-thirsty dogs would start humping and crapping all over the place which pretty much sumbs up this match.
Some people like this match to laugh at, I can`t even laugh, it`s to bad.


The Blue Cage was of course inside the Cell, Bossman climbed down to the inside.



Al Snow with a shovel of a trash-can as he`s not allowing Bossman into the Cage!


The Big Bossman realizes Al Snw is climbing up the Cell wall. Bossman looks on. Al comes backonto the Blue Cage and The Big Bossman hits him with some awkward looing uppercuts.

Both men lay down on the canvas.

Both men literally do nothing in the ring which makes things even more boring.

Also they don`t wanna go on the outside due to the unpredictability.

Fans chanting something negative that I can`t make it out but maybe that`s a good thing.

Snow hits Bossman with a weapon as he tried to rip open the Cell and get out.

WWE should stand for `WE WANT ENTERTAINMENT` when you see things like this, even though this took place during the WWF Attitude Era.

The Big Bossman goes after the ear of Al Snow.

Crowd booing at some of the actions of the Bossman they say, when in reality they boo because the match just quite frankly sucks.
Al Snow had to eat his own dog and now Bossman has Snow cuffed to the cage.

Bossman has him trapped and looks for an escape.

Snow frees himself with a super-human but no logical reason of getting out of that predicament.

Snow then drops The Big Bossman on his testes on the top rope. Al Snow`s got head and he gives head to Bossman and the crowd erupts.
In the end at a painfully long 11:40 Snow retained the Hardcore title after he

AL SNOW HAS DONE IT. A Match for the ages. Well not really but it definitely is memorable.










8 ) X-Pac vs Y2J Chris Jericho (with Curtis Hughes)

This was Jericho’s first PPV match in the WWF, after only cutting a promo at Summerslam 1999 against Road Dogg.
Jericho was originally slated to face Ken Shamrock but he quit the Company and X-Pac was his replacement.

These guys had some good battles in WCW as Syxx and Jericho.
Chris Jericho had Curt Hughes with him a a manager, formally known as Mr. Hughes in his early WWF days.

They are taking the Cage from the previous, god awful Kennel From Hell.
Here we go, the bell rings.
Y2J goes over some of his enemies and he has some Jerichoholic`s despite heel heat as he was very over.

X-Pac was extremely over as well.
X-Pac comes out to meet Jericho.
X-Pac and Jericho both familiar working with one another and we get a great series of counters early.

Both men are quick and exciting so this should be a treemendous match. X-Pac misses a hard sping-kick and Jericho clotheslined X-Pac hard to the mat. X-Pac then slammed abdomen-first over the top rope.

Jericho with a chop and then another to X-Pac in the coner. A reverse elbow sht and then he missed and X-Pac with great hgh foot shots. X-Pac went for the bronco Buster and then Jericho left to the floor.

X-Pac chased him but Jericho caught him and stomped on little X-Pac as he gained the zone. X-Pac sent to the ropes he leapfrogs Jericho and he went for the X-Factor but it`s countered by Jericho and then X-Pac flipped his his and took Y2J to the floor.

A Springboard crossbody from the top to Jericho.

Mr. Hughes runs over X-Pac with a clothesline but Tom Prichard doesen`t know how to officiate so it`s a warning.

Any other official and he`s gone.

Jericho throws X-Pac into the steps and then a quick strike, snap-shot vertical suplex by Y2J to X-Pac and then a missile dropkick to X-Pac.

Jericho with a reverse chinlock yelling his favouite line ASK HIIIIM. X-Pac down and Jericho using leverage and strength advantage, really utilizing his weight in this quick match..

X-Pac tried to gain offense but some booed. Jercho wth a back-breaker. Jercho launched hmself onto X-Pac.





X-Pac in a sleeper hold now by Y2J.
Fans are loud as they encourage X-Pac out of this sleeper hold held by Chris Jercho for a bit of time now.

The pace of the match has been fantastic this entire time and until this there was never a slow moment, this was their breather.

Jericho holds the headlock and X-Pac is starting to elbow out and the fans boo and Jericho hit a reverse elbow and then a sprngboard moonsault.

Jericho with vicious right`s and lefts on X-Pac.

Y2J working over X-Pac whle the cowd chanted he sucked. Maybe the birth of X-Pac heat.

Ross says they`re chanting for X-Pac….hilarious.

What a move by Jericho. Springboarding off the top rope and dropkicking X-Pac off the apron and then Curtis Hughes clotheslines him. Jericho
A desperation spinning heel kick and now down went Jericho.

Chris Jericho taunts the crowd, wasted some time after driving the air out of X-Pac. X-Pac meets him up high and hits a Superplex to Jericho as both men are fatigued.

X-Pac then hit with a powerbomb, a double-powerbomb as Jericho drilled the air out of him and X-Pac still finds a way to kick out.
Jericho chopped Pac and then X-Pac has an oppurtunity for the Bronco Buster.

Hughes comes in and attacks Prichard the official and then X-Pac. Both men stomp on X-Pac and that`s the decision.

Shame a good match ended this way but still, Road Dogg wants some of Jericho and the fans pop.


In the end at 13:10 X-Pac won by DQ after Hughes attacked the official and X-Pac.

Road Dogg came to the aid of X-Pac.


This Match was so tremendous, the best in the history of Unforgiven up until this point for sure.

A borderline classic, loved the back and forth exchanges, these two and their chemistry can really bring it.

Non-stop entertainment.










9) Main Event- Triple H vs The Rock vs Mankind vs Kane vs The Big Show vs Davey Boy Smith The British Bulldog in a Six-Pack Challenge for the vacant WWF Championship with Stone Cold Steve Austin as Special Outside Enforcer


Austin was of course pretty battered and bruised at this point which is why he took that year long break not long after this after his No Mercy program where he put Hunter over eventually in a program for the World title.


But first Hunter had to win the belt back after Vince Mcmahon shockingly won the title on Smackdown! in late 99.

Vince did the right thing and vacated the title and put six number one contenders in one ring and Austin is the referee. Winner is WWF Chapion.

The Rock the heavy favourite, Hunter the heavy heel, Austin the popular enforcer. Bulldog was a unique addition to the match as he was never really in the World title scene before or after this again in his life.

Davey Boy Smith and The Rock to start which is interesting since The British Bulldog had been a thorn in The Rock’s side, here was the Great One’s chance at retrbution and he had many in 1999, he just wouldn’t see the WWF title as a babyface until Backlash 2000.

All of that just made the pop with Austn’s return at Backlash 2000 the magic that it really was.

Either way bell rings.


All men get good heat, Rock’s pop is unreal and so is Austin’s obviously and of course HHH gets the most heel heat as expected.

British Bulldog and The Rock, Austin the ref, for the WWF title in this Six Pack Challenge.
Davey Boy Smith works over Rock and tags in the Game who has an even longer history with Rock.

Both HHH and Rock go at it, Austn’s joining us with his services by doing commentary.

Kane tags in and now Kane scoop slams Rock.

Only the Bulldog did not win the title, and Big Show but he’d win it two months later at Survivor Series.

Unfortunately Davey Boy Smith never got to win it before he died in 2002.

Perhaps if he was with the commpany post 2002 he would of got a run. Bulldg won every other title though, Hardcore, European, Tag Team, IC. (Just not Cruiser or Lightweight because of his size)
Kane now going at it with Mankind as all of these main eventers don’t have to sweat a huge deal tonight because they can always tag out.

Just finished reviewing Big Show: A Giant’s World DVD so I’ve got so much more appreciation for Big Show as a worker and as a person so seeing him in there gives me a new profound respect for the man.

Show and Kane were going at it, Kane dropkicks him out.

Davey Boy Smith comes in and dropkicks Kane into the legs but he moves out of the way in time and Kane slams him down. Mankind hits Giant in the corner. Peoople arent sure who”s the legal man but Rocky is back in working over Bulldog

Now what your typcial attitde era PPv main event be without some ut-side brawlng on the floor.
Mankind with a piledrivver to HHH’s head on the steps.

Big Show and Kane working over one another, then Big Show is working on ankind as he tags himself in.

Rock carried Show off of him.

Mankind with a double-armed ddt to Kane. Big Show ade a blind tag and bgot rid of Kane.
Big Show goes or a chokeslam on Manknd and then Davey Boy Smith pics up Kane and slam him with the powerslam.
Triple H and Rock go at it.

Crowd on their feet as the title hangs in the balance. Show cleared Kane out. Big Show tossed Davey Boy Smith out.
Big Show irishwhips Mankind
Big Show went to chokeslam Mankind and dropped him but then Keota and others atttack each other. The fficials are going at it.

Now Austin kicks ass and drops every sngle referee who got out of line.


Rock pinned HHH and and Hunter kicked out despite the fans thining it was a three.
Rock went for Peoples elbow and then Bulldog hit him with a chair after he pinned HHH and got to a two and Big Show pulled him out.

HHH pedigreed Rock.
In the end at 20:28 Austin counted the three for Hunter as HHH became the WWF Champion for a 2nd time after he wins the Six Pack Challenge.

This Match was all over the place but did it’s job.
Good ending with Austin stunnering the new Champ HHH to end the show.



*** 1/2




Final Rating for WWF “Unforgiven” 1999  = 6.5/10


This show was a pretty solid attitude era ppv. It’s a well rounded card with a couple of solid tag bouts, interesting Ladie’s and Hardcore matches to say the least, the under-card at the beginning of the show was solid, a tremendous X-Pac-Jericho encounter and a pretty great Six Pack Challenge. Nothing over the top good but still a good enough event none the less.

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  1. Giovanni says:

    For anyone who’s ever seen this event on VHS, Tagged Classics or the WWE Network, Here is the original promo for the 6-Pack Challenge promo.

  2. Bill42 says:

    Diana Smith always knew she had eyes for Shawn and I love that at the One Night Only ppv where HBK told her this is for you my sweetheart Diana Smith lol wonder what Brett Mix thinks of all this.

  3. Luke Jordan says:

    Good review Brett, I think Bulldog should’ve won the WWE championship at least once, should’ve won it in 1998 or 1999. 1996 or 1997 was HBK’s time but 95 he should’ve won it and Bulldog had a hot wife and do you all think she hit on Shawn backstage for that storyline at king of the ring 96?

  4. Thomas says:

    Bret, Fantastic review for the 2nd annual Unforgiven event

  5. SRB says:

    Just ordered this Tagged Classics style and I live in the USA. Thanks for the advice DB!

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    That is pretty awesome you met the Dudley Boyz and got a picture with them, one time I met Jerry The King Lawler and he was cool as hell, me and him were talking about the divas, and SummerSlam 2004. By the way good review, Bulldog should’ve won the Six Pack Challenge match for the WWE Title, all his hard work and he was one of my favorites in my top 50.

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    this is acually a good unforgiven ex the hardcore match O GOD NO lol anyway

  8. i loved how shit the cell thing was. great review bret

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