Review: WWF/WWE Unforgiven 2000 DVD

December 15, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF  “Unforgiven 2000” Review:



“My god will you listen to this Ovation! Stone Cold, is back! The First Union Center has NEVER, been Louder!” -Jim Ross



-WWF Unforgiven 2000 took place on Sunday, September the 24th, 2000 in front of 18,092 fans fro the First Union Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


-This was the third Annual Unforgiven.
-This show marked the official return of Stone Cold Steve Austin after almost a year of being out with a neck injury. During the show he tried to track down the suspect who had run him down. He had an in-ring segment with Steve Blackman and Shane McMahon as well as other backstage segments with Kevin Kelly, Kurt Angle and The Rock.


-Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler did commentary for the show even though the King had a match on the event.







-Now onto the PPV……………




1) Opening Contest- Right to Censor (Steven Richards, Val Venis, Bull Buchanan, and The Goodfather) vs The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) and The Acolytes Protection Agency (Faarooq and Bradshaw) in an Eight-man tag team match

The Dudleyz come out to a massive pop and so to the APA, you can tell the attitude era is going strong.

Richards says we are in his home-town to fight the good fight.
The Goodfther and D-Von Dudley and he goes for a hiploc and Goodfather with a clothesline, he missed an elbow. Bubba tags in, fans want tables early.

A reverse irish-whip to Bubba but Goodfather hits nothing. Off the ropes Goodfather with a back-dro then a tag to Bull Buchanan who worked over Bubba Dudley in the corner.

Bradshaw tgged in and works over Bull Buchanan with a clubbing blow to the back and then a neck-breaker to Bull Buchanan. Bradhshaw very physical n the corner, but Bull Buchanan with great agility landing on the top taking down Bradshaw.

Venis tags in and gets great heat for not being the porn star I guess and Bradshaw with tremendous velocity on the irish-whip to the buckle and then a fall-away slam.

D-von in and Venis gets the advantage a tag back into the Goodfather.

A belly to back suplex by the Goodfather.

Venis misses an elbow dro to D-von but Bubba comes in the ring and a sit-down powerbomb followed by a side slam.

Bubba dominating everybody until Venis blocked him and then Bubba powerslammed Val.

Down to two guys with Val Venis and Bubba, Bubba lifted him up and D-von with an LOD like decapitation clothesline, RTC saves it at the last second.

The Steven thrust kick caught Bubba in the jaw and then Val covered Bubba Ray Dudley while everyone else fought on the outside.


In the end at 6:04 the heels pick up the win after Venis pinned Bubba Ray after Steven Richard’s inteeference.

After the match they performed What’s Up and went to put the RTC through tables.

In the end it ended up being Richards 4 on 1, as the Acoolytes drop him with a double-spinebuster on the canvas.

D-von set Richards up high for Bubba to drop him and he plows him through a table as Philly pops.

Good tag opener, short enough that it didn’t drag and to the point with frequent tags.

** 1/2




2) Jerry “The King” Lawler vs Tazz in a Strap Match



So Tazz is the HEEL here but he of course has his fans in Smarky ECW-like Philly.
He goes against The legendrary Jerry “The King” Lawler who is a babyface and usually heel.

Tazz had been attacking Uncle Jerry at Raw broadcasts and King wasn’t taking it anymore, he always referred to ECW as Extemely Crappy Wrestling even when cross-promoting the brand n 1997 so he had extra heat with Tazz especially.
From the Red-Hook section of Brooklyn, New York out walks Tazz with the black cloth over his head and all. He looks rough.

The battle of the color-commentator’s before Tazz took that route anyway.

Both men strapped together.

Object of the match is to touch all four buckles consecutively to win. No one will ever forget Starrcade’s Dog Collar match between the Legendary Rowdy Roddy Piper and Greg The Hammer Valentine.

Early on after the bell rings Tazz takes advantage of Lawler and gives him shots before throwing him to the outside in front of Ross as he taunts him.

Jim Ross calls him an idiot and says get back in the ring. King chokes him and Ross cheers. Lawler strikes the back of Tazz hard with the strap a few times before Tazz crawls back in the ring.

Tazz keeps using the leather took it to King taking the age-factor in consideration obviously having more power and endurance, at least Ross admits there’s a mixed-reacton for Tazz.

Lawler goes for the Piledriver and hits it.

Tazz is right up.

Lawler hits it again and Taz is up. Lawler hits a third. What is this Warrior-Savage Mania 7? Tazz finally falls down this time.

King touches a turnbuckle, then another, then the third.

All of the sudden Raven comes in the ring.
Raven then made his WWF debut in familiar ECW territory in Philly getting a loud pop when he interferes.

Mark out moment, especially for ECW fans.
Tazz lays on the ground after Raven his hid DDT did a taunt and left.

Tazz with the Tazzmisson on the mat.
In the end at 5:05 Tazz beats King by submission and wouldn’t let it go.


Short and to the point, I’ll give it more of a rating for Raven’s debut and the pop he got. Maybe the most mis-used guy the WWF ever had.


* 3/4





3) Steve Blackman (c) vs Perry Saturn (With Terri) vs Test (With Trish Stratus) vs Crash Holly vs Al Snow (The Europen Champion) (With Head) vs Funaki in a Hardcore battle royal for the WWF Hardcore Championship


Speaking of mis-using guys, this match has a whole load of them.

Some Hardcore WWF action in the attitude era is fine by me.

Fans loved this kind of stuff.
Al Snow the European Champion using all sorts of gimmicks to try and stick with something that work. He comes out as an Itallian this week and a picture of Tony Danza…okay.

The late Michael Lockwood aka Crash Holly gets a good pop.

So does the late Andrew Martin aka Test after they find out a very hot Trish Stratus would lead him to the ring. Saturn comes out with a nipply Terri.

Funaki gets a pretty good pop representing Kai En Tai, Ross points out he was Hardcore Champion for 30 seconds during Wrestlemania 2000.

Now the Lethal weapon came out, the WWF Hardcore Champion who is not at great odds to retain but comes in the Champ. Ross calls him perhaps the greatest HC Champ ever in WWF and he meets Saturn flying over the ropes with a trash-can shot, then Funaki.

Test was the one who tossed Funaki out.
Ten minutre time limit to this bout that should be crazy and all over the place.
An enjoyable night thus far.

Whoever is Champ after 10:00 leaves Hardcore Champ.

A bunch of people try and pin Blackman then the pinning attempt is interupted. Suplexes and what-not.

Action all over the ring a minute in and a HUGE thrusst kick by Perry Saturn to the head of the late Test.
Terri gave head to Saturn and then Perry gave Trish head. Then Test gave Terri head.

YES, those words were actually said by Jim Ross.


Crash Holly standing in mid-ring, Snow leaped off the top trying to score on a European Champion-like Hurricanrana but it was botched and fell awkwardly.

Ross worries about the welfare of King and says he wishes him back, Cole no offense…yeah, right.

The action goes into the entrance way and Terri follows Perry Saturn as he beats u Funak. Test takes it to the defending Hardcore Champion Steve Blackman.

Good action thus far.
Nearing he half-way mar, Crash Holly four minutes in gets hit in the head by Perry Saturn with a trash-can and now Saturn wins the HC title after Crash did.

All of the sudden a charging European Champion in Al Snow hits Perry Saturn with a trash-can and he kicks out. Snow fighting for Italy apparently. Blackman then pushed Saturn off.

Head-shots galore everywhere. Blackman at the exact mid-way point of the show slams Funaki’s head on the can. Saturn then sent Blackman to the ride. Saturn needs to survive for the next four minutes and change.

It’s all about who is champ when the ten minutes ends and right now it is Perry Saturn.

About five of these guys fighting through the crowd no, totally out of control. The Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman trying to disect the NEW HC Champ Perry Saturn.

Perry Saturn gets on Blackman and slams him to the concrete.

Blackan back up and and Perry Saturn catches Snow to the back of the head once Snow got on Blackman. The former tag team Head Cheese. Don’t remember them? I don’t blame you.
2:10 left and Al Snow representing Italy with a Pizza box hits Test.

A little ironic as Test was found dead in his bed with a Pizza box on him when apparently he died of a Perccocet and Alcohol overdose.


Blackman in the ring now with his kendo stick looking to regan his title, a head-shot to Perry Saturn who finally goes down with 1:30 left. Saturn comes in with a sign and Blackman cleans house and then hits Crash then Funaki, then Test as he comes back in the ring.

Saturn with a shot to the head and Perry Saturn is covered, with one minute left the new Hardcore Champ s the guy who was Champ coming in.

Blackman takes the belt with 40 seconds left saying it’s still his.

All of the sudden everybody piles on Blackman. Snow, Crash, Saturn, Test all on Blackman. Test strangles him with a rope, all guys tried to go for a cover, Perry Saturn had the best attempt but Steve Blackman survives.

In the end at 10:00 minutes Blackman retained the Hardcore title after.

This was probably the time when Blackman was most over. He had just thrown Shane-O-Mac off the tron at Summerslam 2000, he was Shane’s guy who he said ran over Austin and the fans seemed to love him here as Hardcore Champion.



** 1/4






4) Y2J Chris Jericho vs X-Pac

So from Hardcore wrestling to some wrestling-wrestling. Two men that can battle a number of styles whether it be aerial, on the mat, whatever which makes their matches together more complex.

These two wrestled at the last Unforgiven and as I wrote in that review are capable of putting on a good match if given the time. Four star match there, lets see what they did here.

In WCW Syxx and Jericho wrestled many good matches as well as I’ve mentioned.

Chris Jericho gets an amazing ovation.

X-Pac gets the heat you’d expect.

Ross says lets get it on here and X-Pac avoided Chris’s intensity by running to the ring.

Very interested to see if both men can top their amazing Unforgiven 99 bout.


Jericho and X-Pac tie-up and here Jericho lands a shoulder block.

Off the ropes as X-Pac held a side head-lock on Jericho, hit a shoulder block but Jericho landed chops.

Both men so quick exchanging blows in the corner.

Y2J then sent to the buckle and X-Pac with thrust kicks, followed by a spinning heel thrust kick to the jaw. X-Pac taunted and went for a Bronco Buster and Y2J moved out of the way and X-Pac landed on his ass in the corner.

Y2J Chrs Jericho then had an oppurtunity to go to the offense and hit a beautiful text-book spinning heel kick off the ropes. Jericho went for a springboard dropkick off the top rope to X-Pac an he had that well scouted.

X-Pac hits a summersault leap onto Jericho on the floor.

Man, the high-risk aerial moves by both men happen so quickly, they’re so underrated.

X-Pac makes sure he gets the damage done on the floor outsde the ring by sending Jericho head-first into the announce table. X-Pac with a spinning heel kick giving Jericho a little taste of his own medicine.

These two would have a series of matches around this time. The two met in a first blood match the next night on Raw, a Cage match the next month at No Mercy.

A headlock held here by X-Pac on Jericho slowing down the pace, giving the two quick workers a breather in all honesty.

Better these two feud then Jericho spilling a cup of Coffee on Kane. Which actually happened a month after this…(head-shake)

X-Pac chokes Jericho in the corner.

Then X-Pac started choking Jerich with his boot and hits the Bronco Buster to a chorus of boo’s.

X-Pac goes for a spin-kick standing, Jericho scouts it and clotheslines X-Pac, both men SO quick it’s hard to keep up. Jericho clotheslined X-Pac down on the canvas. Jericho hits a Bronco Buster to X-Pac and the girls seem to like it.

Jericho goes to spear X-Pac in the ring-post and he moves and now Jericho hurt his right shoulder.

X-Pac grabbed chucks and then they fell, Jericho with a school-boy, inside cradle and the chucks were thrown outside the ring. X-Pac hit a low-blow undetected by the official behind his back to Chris Jericho.

X-Pac hit the X-Factor!


Jericho kicks out! Now Y2J looks for the Walls of Jericho and he has them locked in but X-Pac close to the ropes grabs them. Another spin-kick by X-Pac and a nearfall. X-Pac held the top rope to stay back but Y2J still hit a running bulldog.

Ross calls it what it is, a great match.

Jericho looking for a Lionsault off the ropes but X-Pac got the knees up. X-Pac went up high and then went for a splash but Jericho turns his legs over once he moved out of the way and slaps on the Walls of Jericho.


X-Pac submits to the Walls of Jerichoo!


In the end at 9:03 Jericho defeated X-Pac.

Two straight Unforgiven’s between X-Pac and Chris Jerichoo and two straight four star matches, epic encounters.

This rivalry wasn’t over as X-Pac took it to Jericho.









5) The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff) vs Edge and Christian (c) in a Steel Cage Tag match for the WWF Tag Team Championship


Tremendous feud here! Not very often you saw a tag team feud get this much air time to promote.
Both teams extremely over in a major way.

Everyone loved Team Xtreme, girls and guys in the year 2000, especially around the Summer time. Remember it like it was yesterday.

Edge and Christian had a huge feud with the Hardyz for the tag title’s, even the night after this the two teams competed in a Ladder match for the straps on Raw’s debut on TNN. (Soon to be Spike TV)

The Hardyz had lost so many times at Mania in the Triangle Ladder match, the previous month in the first TLC match from their home-state.

So they were hungry for the gold in a tag-Steel Cage match at Unforgiven here.


Jeff Hardy and Christian working over one another.

All four guys going at it, at once.

Hardyz double-team Christian as Edge is down.

Lita does not come out with Hardyz, she is partially injured plus it is a dangerous match.

Both Edge and Christian double-team Jeff, until the Hardyz re-gain momentum and utilize poetry in moton on Christian inside the steel cage.

Jeff and Matt both climb up but Christian and Edge are not far behind to follow.
Jeff climbs out of the Cage.

Now Jeff is out of the match since he got over the Cage.
Jeff is not allowed back in.


So Matt must escape out get a pin-fall on Edge or Christian.

Now Edge and Christian work a 2 on 1 which may be a blessing in disguise.
Cole and Ross are not sure how exactly it works, and neither do I since they don’t so I apologize if I say Jeff Hardy is actually out of the match but he isn’t.

Matt Hardy and Edge who would go on to perform a CLASSIC, real-life hatred feud filled match at this event just 5 years later but in the year 2000 of course they had no idea.
Matt Hardy attempts to climb out and Edge and Christian with a double suplerplex and from fifteen feet, Matt Hardy takes a nasty landing all the way to the canvas.

Awesome spot!

Matt Hardy with all he had left kicks out and gets a shoulder up.

Edge scooped up Matt and Christian helps him grins the face of Matt towards the Cage.

Jeff tries everything he can t get back in but Matt is constantly being double-teamed by Christian and Edge as they toss him to the Cage and he bumps into Jeff.

Matt Hardy down, Jeff climbs again and Christian kicks at the Cage and once more Jeff falls fifteen feet to the floor.

Jeff pushes the official wanting the key to the door.



Matt Hardy waited as Jeff got the key and opened the door.
The cage door opens and shuts on Jeff’s face by Christian.
Christian grabs a chair and Edge works over the face of Matt Hardy.

Non-stop action in this Cage match. Edge taunts Matt Hardy. Edge slams Matt’s face into the Cage and Christian locks the door again and Jeff is once more locked out.

Edge puts the key to the door in his pants, and poetry in motion, face-first to the bloodied up Matt Hardy.

Ross says the handsome, young figures of Matt Hardy are in jeopardy.

Matt avoided the double-chair swing and clotheslined the tag champs out of desperatiojn. Philly claps along.

Matt goes to climb and reaches the top and Christian is quckly behind, Edge on the other side catches Matt and Christian is over the top.

Christian gets thrown the ladder at by Jeff and Christian falls.

Not sure why he did that?

So Christian and Jeff are both out, only Matt and Edge remain.

Two chairs down on the mat, Edge and Matt Hardy both left. Jeff says bring it, Edge smacks a chair against the Steel and can’t reach Jeff.

Jeff distracts Edge and then Matt Hardy with a suplex.

Jeff now goes over fifteen feet in the air, takes off the shirt for the screams and whisper in the wind-corkscrew moonsault to Edge that caught a bit of Matt.

A big Holy Sh** moment!

The spot of the match for sure.


Lita is now here hitting a low-blow to Christian outside the ring on the ladder and hit a hurricanrana as she put her bruised body on the line.

Fans chanting for Team Xtreme in Philly.

Things have gotten beyond chaotic. Edge struggles to get to the side of the Cage and finally begins to climb.

The Hardyz and Edge both get to the top of the Cage at the same tme and a double shot to Edge with the chair. Revenge from the Hardyz!

All they have to do is drop down!
In the end at 13:33 Matt and Jeff finally win the Tag title’s off Edge and Christian after so many chances here at Unforgiven 2000 after they fall to the ground and hug Lita.

Team Xtreme prevails in a Classic tag team Cage match!








6) Eddie Guerrero (c) (with Chyna) vs Rikishi for the WWF Intercontinental Championship


Oh there’s Austin’s driver. He’s here as a very over babyface while Eddie has the heel heat because he is over-protective of Chyna being in Playboy.


So you could say the late Eddie Guerrero is the heel here if anybody but going in it’s a face versus face match for the IC title.
Of course King is talking about Playboy the whole match.

King now back on commentary, “thankfully”…sorry Cole.

Rikishi exposes his thong-attire and now King says that’s one behind Eddie Guerrero might not wnt to see.

Rikishi sends Eddie Guerrero to the steel steps outside the ring.

Rikishi looking a little more vicious, heel-like, you’ve got to wonder? Did the company know they were going to choose Rikishi as the driver at this point?

Watching this match makes me speculate.

Eddie Guerrero doesen’t want anymore of Rikishi but Chyna when she still had a decent head on her shoulders told Eddie to go back and wrestle.

Chyna throws him n the ring, Eddie Guerrero asks her what she is doing.

Rikishi hit a back-drop to a much smaller Eddie and he hits the canvas. Rikishi followed Eddie Guerrero to the ropes and hit an elbow.

Eddie Guerrero is in the corner and ready for a possible Stink Face.

Eddie Guerrero dodges it as CHyna helps him out. Eddie Guerrero Macho Man like shoves Chyna into RIkishi very Randy Savage like using her as a shield.

Eddie Guerrero took advantage of the situation flying off the top onto Rikishi and then tossed him into the steps, telling the crowd to stick it as they boo. Latino Heat rolled Rikishi into the ring.

“Eddie Sucks” chants as Eddie Guerrero looked for the frogsplash. Nobody there.

Rikishi splashed into nobody n the corner. Rikishi though stops an irishwhip and plants Eddie Guerrero dwn then hit a Samoan drop.

Rikishi with a Bonzai drop of sorts on Eddie and just a two count.

Chyna stopped it and now Rikishi is wondering what his “friend” Chyna was up to doing? Rikishi looking vicious sends Chyna in the ring askng who she think she’s messing with shoves her down and hit her with a thrust kick.

Okay, there’s no doubt now in my mind they knew Rikishi was going to turn heel.

Rikishi then hits a HUGE Bonzai drop on Chyna, Rikishi tells her to kiss his ass.


In the end Eddie wins by DQ at 6:03 when Rikishi assaulted Chyna. Rikishi walks to the back pissed off.



Not bad at all for the time it lasted.

Chyna appeared on Raw the following night I remember not hurt in the least little bit. Eddie Guerrero calls Rikishi a bastard helping Chyna to the back.



** 1/2





7) Triple H (with Stephanie McMahon) vs Kurt Angle in a No Disqualification match with Mick Foley as the special guest referee



Foley loves Special reffing Hunter’s matches I’ve found over time.

The big storyline here was would Stephanie turn on Hunter for Kurt as all Summer there was the whole Angle-Stephanie flirting storyline as well as Hunter and Stephanie having relationship problems.

That was the big deal here and then they decided to just throw the two men (HHH and Angle) in the ring here at Unforgiven.

Hunter had taped up Ribs in this match and while Angle played a dork he was no dummy in the ring and worked on them during the match.
Kurt Angle sings Happy Birthday to Stephanie and HHH comes out with her and taped ribs, Steph showed concern for him and those ribs earlier on in a backstage Segment. That’s right the Billion Dollar Princess thought of SOMEONE else on her own birthday. Wow.

The Game would be the babyface in this heel versus heel match-up. HHH still in the last couple of months using his “My Time” theme. Hunter over the years always had some of the best entrance music.

Bell rings and here we go.

Two great, in-ring generals with some personal issues to solve.

Kurt Angle kicks at the ribs of Angle very early on but then HHH with a knock-down, a clothesline to Angle, a high Race like knee. Off the ropes Angle hit a blow, charges at him again Hunter hit a back-drop sending Angle to the floor.

Hunter sent Angle into the table nd then the steel steps.

Both men engage in a very physical fist fght here outside the ring in this NO DQ match.

HHH sent Angle into the security wall, then Angle reversed the Game and HHH sent ribs-first into the barricade and now HHH slowly rolled into the ring.

Angle back in the ring was speared down hard by HHH. Hunter then cornered Angle and delivered right-hands and stomped on him. Angle went into HHH and got caught by a boot but still had enough mmmph to hit a belly to belly sulex and stomped on HHH in the ribs region.

Angle with a right to the corner as HHH layed down.

Kurt Angle showing a mean-streak stomping away at the injured ribs. Hunter off the ropes knowing full well he needed to score with an offensive move sooner or later got a ddt.
Foley shoved into the corner as Angle sent Hunter into Foley and those two have history. Foley got mad at Angle. Angle shoved Foley and Foley shoved Angle back to a huge pop.

This bought Hunter time to come back in the match as the Foley chant is high and heavy in Philly.

Angle with a side suplex. The Game rakes the eyes to break the fall. Kurt Angle with a vertical suplex to Triple H n the middle of the ring.

Both guys in-between all the wrestling, battered ribs or not both men slug away at each other with fists at one another due to the hatred that spawned off the feud due to Stephanie and their personal problems.

HHH tried to get Angle into a snapmare devision and then hit a neck-breaker on Angle.

HHH first up and caught Angle with countless hard-right’s. Angle ducks a clothesline and comes off with a shot on the game.

They take it to the floor where Angle hits a low-blow and now after the Sledgehammer attack to the ribs before the match, injuring Hunter’s ribs, and a low-blow something the official and WWF Commish Foley could do nothing about in this no DQ match, Angle hit a belly to belly suplex from one table to the next and HHH went through the table.

Oh my god.

Angle now spots HHH is bleeeding from the mouth with internal injury. Stephanie is legit worried.

Angle sent Hunter to both buckle’s hurting his ribs some more and then drops an elbow ight in the lower abdomen and ribs region.

Angle dominating the Game. Hunter refuses to quit.

Kurt Angle in complete domination of Hunter stomping on hs rbs and now throwing blows to Hunter and then he speared him once more in the corner of the ring.

Angle Woo’s, and that taunt took Angle time and bought Hunter with one arm some shots. Angle with a knee to the ribs. Angle likes the pain he is inflicting on the Game and now a big right lands on HHH.

Angle with a belly to belly to HHH this time off the top rope to the canvas. Unbelievable pressure and yet, STILL somehow the Game is able to kick out.
Wilber Snyder’s old move, and I wrote that before JR said it here as he always says it, one of the oldest submission holds in the book but very logical for someone in rib pain.

Angles goes to work on the ribs some more and locks on an Abdominal Stretch.


Foley right there to watch it.
Foley seeing if Trips can continue.
Angle goes right back to the ribs after the Game countered it focusing the point of his elbow on the ribs.

Lawler has no idea howo HHH can contnue. Angle goes to the top and he missed it. Since we know Kurt Angle is not allowed to hit these it was obvious he’d miss Triple H.

HHH bought himself some time and he uses the ropes to pull himself up and then The Game hit a face-buster to Angle and now he looks for the Pedigree and with one-arm he hits it.

He didn’t get all of it.

Stephanie comes n the rng to try and help HHH out. Some fans give her an un-flattering chant. HHH said she’s gotta choose. Stephanie down-stairs with a low-blow to Angle and she has heled the Game out.

She chooses Trips.

NO DQ, HHH hits the Pedigree, Foley counts.
In the end at 17:26 Hunter put away Angle after Stephanie chose and despite all the rib-work by Angle.

This match was tremendous.

Not so much back and forth but the rib-work by Angle followed by the finish was all so smart, just a well booked high profile match on a PPV.




*** 1/2





8 ) Main Event- The Rock (c) vs Chris Benoit vs The Undertaker vs Kane in a Fatal-Fourway Match for the World Wrestling Federation Championship



At Fully Loaded 2000 in July, Chris Benoit had thought he’d finally won the big one that is the WWF title over the Champ, The Rock but the decision was reversed and Rocky kept the title.

2 Months later at Unforgiven Rock is still Champ and Benoit has another chance here but he’s splitting it it with not only Rock, but the Brothers of Destruction here in a Fatal-4-Way match for the Gold.

Benoit would end up having been in familiar territory before this match officially concludes.
Rocky the Champion since King of the Ring 2000 cuts a promo before the match.
The American Bad Ass, The Undertaker bikes to the ring.

Next, Chris Benoit comes out to good heel heat. Officials break-up Benoit and Undertaker and then pyro’s go off as the Big Red Machine comes towards the ring, mask and all and actually looks intimidating.

Out fourth and finally the World Wrestling Federation Champion, the Rock obviously with the second loudest pop of the night.

The Rock comes out proudly with his title, very confident Champion.

The first man to win this match via pinfall or submission, odds don’t favor The Rock as he does not have to be involved in the decision to lose the title.

This is not single elimination (like Wrestlemania 2000’s was and which I actually perfer)

All four men go at it, at once.

Bell rings.
Benoit kicks at Undertaker and Rock swings at Kane while Phlly chants “Rocky” and hits Kane down with a reverse elbow. Undertaker measures Benoit and Rock tells Taker to just bring it.

Chris Benoit and The Rock fight through the crowd and now the two Brothers of Destruction with a lot of history are left in the ring.

They met just the month before at Suerslam.

Kane leaps off the top and then Taker kicks out and off the ropes hits a flying clothesline.

JR say it’s hard to call the action, well yeah, it’s even hard to write the action because as said all four en are going aat it, at once from different areas.

Only the main moves I will talk about. Chris Benoit beat down Rocky the Champ on the outside, Kane brings Rock in the ring. A preview of a long fight between them at Rumble 01.

I always wanted to see a Benoit vs Taker program and it’s a shame we never got to see it.

But it’s interesting watching the World’s best technical wrestler going at it against the old Deadman, the current American Bad Ass. Undertaker gets a hard shot against the steel ring-post by Chris Benoit.

Chris Benoit still angry he didn’t get the title at Fully Loaded in his classic match with The Rock.
Benoit in the ring with Rock.
This was another chance for him tonight for the Canadian Crippler.


Benoit down on the outside while Rock and Taker take turns on Kane.

Rock talks trash to Taker and he does like-wise, crowd are split with these two even though popularity probably goes Rock>Taker>Kane>Benoit in this match from a Babyface stand-point.

Undertaker with a nice arm-ringer and now goes for some old school with tremendous agility at 6’10 is jerked down by Rock and then Rocky clotheslnes him over the top turnbuckle.

Benoit still down on the outside.

Kane comes in and ties to handle Rock, Rock shows nice agility landing on his feet sending Kane into the official.

No ref, and Taker levels Rock with a chair. Benoit then hit Taker with a chair.

Official counts slow and Benoit wins. Literally no reaction as everyone is shocked.

Foley the Commish comes out and the bell rings. Rock, Taker and Kane look puzzzled.

The match is re-started aparently and now Taker is covering Benoit. Benoit has been screwed in his mind twice now even though Undertaker’s foot was clearly on the bottom rope during a replay.

Benot and Kane down in the ring and Undertaker on the floor. Rock from a blind-side drove steps into Undertaker’s head.

Benoit with a chop to the sternum of Rocky and off the roes is reverse irishwhipped and The Rock with a belly to belly roman throw. Picture perfect suplex by Benoit.


Benoit with a crisp-release German Suplex to The Rock.


He hits a second.
Then a third.
Rock hit with another suplex.
Benoit says that’s it and flies off the top with a diving headbutt.

Benoit covers The Rock and he kicks out at the last second.
Undertaker and Kane are still on the outside.
Rock now has the Crossface soehow locked on Benoit as he didn’t see it coming.

Undertaker broke it up before Benoit was about to tap to his own hold. Kane chokeslammed Undeertaker and then Benoit broke it up with an elbow. Kane going for anybody and then Rock hits a Spinebuster on Kane!

The Rock goes for a people’s elbow and then Benoit intercepts the move and clotheslines the hell out of Rock.

What a match.

The Rock fights back and spits on his last slap, smacking down Benoit.

Undertaker hits the last ride on The Rock and Kane interupts it. Kane clotheslines the old Deadman on the floor and he lands on his feet. Benoit then lays out Taker and Kane with chair-shots on the outside.

Benoit locks in the Crippler Crossface on The Champion The Rock and the whole crowd are chanting for the People’s Champion!

Benoit maintains the hold!

Benoit was seconds away and Undertaker broke it up. Kane pulled off his brother from the title. Kane and Undertaker are beating the hell out of each other.

Kane and Taker in a slug-fest on the outside, The Rock and Benoit meanwhile both down in the ring!

Rock stalking Benoit hit the Rock Bottom. Undertaker tried to break it up but Kane pulled him and Rock retains. Dumb move by Kane.
The Rock wins the WAR and somehoe survives with the title!
Rock has prevailed!
At 15:18 in the end Rocky retains his title.

The crowd was on fire as you’d expect for this main event, a good swerve at the end with Benoit again and in the end Philly goes home happy.

Unbelievable action, high intensity throughout.

Awesome main event to a tremendous show.









Final Rating for WWF Unforgiven 2000  = 8.5/10



This show was mostly remembered for the return of Austin and all the segments with him. Other then that it’s remembered for the Tag Team Cage match, the Main event Four-Way and Hunter versus Angle on Stephanie McMahon’s birthday and the controversy surrounding her as well as Jericho vs X-Pac. Like most 2000 PPv’s this show was better then average and I’d suggest it to anyone. Nothing really that bad on the card and the show flowed very smooth. Three four star matches, one at *** 1/2 and the return of Austin. Get it anyway you can.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The steel cage match, the no DQ match and the main event were the best 3 matches of the night in my opinion.

  2. Thijs says:

    I didn’t liked unforgiven 2000, in my opinion rated as 5/10, the main event felt not so good, only the tag cage match was great, other than that just average.

  3. Brett Mix says:

    Thomas, I’m not sure what you’re talking about. That wasn’t much of a segment, and not only is Steve Austin my 2nd favourite to Macho, but I have followed his entire career. Thanks for the compliment though.

  4. Thomas says:

    @Brett Mix, it seems to me that you don’t like Stone Cold Steve Austin when he returned at WWF Unforgiven 2000 to find out who was responisble for running him over at the 1999 Survivor Series

  5. Thomas says:

    Austin is my number one favourite wrestler of all time as well & Fantastic review for WWF Unforgiven 2000

  6. Eric says:

    Haha brilliant thanks for the reply a great response and shows you care bou ppl who read your reviews..Austin is my fave wrestler of all this website and your reviews much appreciated

  7. Brett Mix says:

    Yes and it’s unfortunate. But that’s what happens, Austin brought Wrestling back into the main-stream in early 1998 and then when he was gone so many NEW fans came in the year 2000 because of The Rock so when Austin returned all they basically knew was the hype. The LONG-TIME fan usually chose Steve as they knew he was better-well rounded. I don’t need Backlash here from Rock marks for that comment, it’s a fact that Austin is better all around. It’s just Steve’s problem was always his age and health. Rock had good genes, no injuries and his youth. It was sad watching Austin at Mania X9 he was like a cripped old man against a young, Cool, Hollywood Rock. Of course the crowd would of chose that character. People like what’s fresh and that’s why Rock is more main-stream popular today. He’s younger, the younger fans grew up with him a little more then Austin, but Steve in his day was more popular then Rock in his peak. Any day of the week, watch some of those entrances from 97-99 for Austin and you will think Christ himself walked out of the curtains.

  8. Anonymous says:

    True but the only thing I really wanted to know was your take on the ovation Austin got..I can’t remember..also do you reckon Austin was less popular when he returned up to mania X7

  9. Brett Mix says:

    Thanks, and as for not covering Austin, the reason is because all he did was drink beer and stunner Shane McMahon a couple of times. If it’d been like Backlash 2000 where he was actually a factor (which I reviewed in full detail) I would have elaborated. Instead, the WWF/E decided to tease the driver angle for ratings for the next month so therefore I didn’t say any more about Austin.

  10. Jackson says:

    I have this PPV and i I have never been a huge fan of it, the crowd seemed dead to me in the main event and the whole PPV minus the cage match and Y2J-X-Pac seemed flat. Might have to watch it again after this review, you always seem to be right.

  11. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    It was always cool to watch wrestlers like Jericho, Benoit, Eddie G that were cruiserweights in WCW, nothing more. Then to see them in the main events of WWE was awesome. Very well deserved. Good PPV too.

  12. Anonymous says:

    You didn’t cover stone cold returning at all???you just said he returned at the beginning..why?