Review: WWF/WWE Unforgiven 2001 DVD

December 17, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF Unforgiven 2001 Review:


“Ever since I turned on Edge, people have been asking me if it was worth it? Well tonight when I walk away the IC Champion, the world will find out….You’re damn right it was!” -Christian



-WWF Unforgiven 2001 took place on Sunday, September the 23rd, 2001 in front of 13,855 fans at the Mellon Arena The event took place on September 23, 2001 at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


-This was the first PPV since the September 11th Attacks on the USA, as a result of this, a tribute to the victims was held in the event.
-This was the fourth annual Unforgiven.


-Jim Ross and Paul Heyman did commentary for the PPV.


-Before the event on Sunday Night Heat Billy Gunn defeated Tommy Dreamer at 3:12.










-Now onto the PPV……………




1) Opening Contest- The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) (c) vs The Big Show and Spike Dudley vs Lance Storm and The Hurricane vs The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff) in a Fatal Four-Way Elimination match for the WWF Tag Team Championship



Single elimination tag team title match, fatal four-way style.
Dudleyz defending the gold here.
Third Unforgiven in a row the Dudley have competed in some form of a tag team match.

Ross says this will be one of the most emotional night’s in PPV history.

Matt and Jeff come out first, four time champs entering this match as Challenger’s.

The Hurricane gimmick was brand-new so it didn’t get much of a pop, and given the fact they were in the Alliance didn’t help.

Hurricane was the European Champion tagging with Lance Storm, Mr. Personality.

Oh now Big Show’s music hits so they know who he is. Odd-team in Spike and Show, David and Golliath.

Dudleyz finally come out to complete the four team entrance and we’re off and under-way at Unforgiven 2001 from the Igloo!

5 time WWF Tag Champ’s comming in.

Heyman points out that they have to survive to retain.

Show takes the Dudleyz off the apron early.

Tags can be made at any time as Matt and Helms begin in the ring.

Matt Hardy keeps taking down the Hurricane and mocking his Hurritaunts. Jeff tagged in and flips on Hurricane still wearing his ball-cap.

Bubba Ray Dudley with a cheap move takes Jeff by the hair taking his cap off over the apron. A drop-kick from Jeff sending Bubba Ray Dudley to the floor and he drops Helms.

Spike wanted a piece of Hurricane because he offered Molly, Spike’s Girlfriend an offer she’d later accept to become Hurricane’s assistant but Hurricane quickly tagged into his partner Lance Storm.

From what I’ve heard around the wrestling world Nora Greenwold (Molly Holly) has accepted a lot of MALE offers.

But that has nothing to do with the match so moving on…

Spike tries taking it to Storm but it is his wrestling knowledge and a thrust kick by Storm taking him down.

Bubba Ray Dudley takes down his little sibling Spike. D-Von and Bubba then with a ton of elevation send Spike down to the mat as they taunt Big Show his partner on the apron.

Hurricane then tagged in gets his cape up and ready and hits a crossbody on Spike Dudley. Lance Storm in with Spike Dudley and Lance hits a jaw-breaker. Spike gets a bit of revenge hitting Hurricane on the apron.

Spike hits the Dudley Dog and then gets a hot-tag to Big Show clotheslining Storm Hurricane and Bubba Ray Dudley. Big Show dominating everyone and Jeff with a flying crossbody, then Matt with one.

Now Big Show elevated Spike about ten feet in the air over to the outside onto everybody else. Fans loved it.

Big Show pointed to the top rope as if he could go flying off the top rope and then Bubba Ray Dudley stops him. The Dudleyz double team Big Show irish-whipng him to the ropes and Big Show clotheslines both.

Hurricane tries chokeslamming Show to a bunch of laughs, similar to how he did HHH and Austin months later at Rumble 02. Show chokeslams his artner Storm and they’re the first team eliminated.

Matt Hardy taking it to Spike now and then Spike with a victory roll and a nearfall and now Spike is rolled up by Matt.
Now it’s down to Hardyz and the Dudleyz a classic tag team rivalry.

Girls pop as Jeff takes off his shirt. Ugh.

Classic rivalry here when you think back to the Ladder or TLC matches.
Bubba Ray Dudley chops Jeff in the sternum twice. That’s what you get when you take your shirt off Jeff.

Fans want tables apparently.

Bubba Ray Dudley tags in D-Von and hits a flying reverse elbow to Jeff.

Dudleyz isolate Jeff from the hot-tag to Matt by cutting off the ring. Tremendous elevation back body-dropping Jeff and then cheap-shot knocking Matt off the ring-apron.

D-Von executing the “What’s Up?” D-Von Dudley now with a sleeper down on their side of the ring on Jeff Hardy. D-Von Dudley with a powerslam on Jeff. Bubba Ray Dudley irishwhipped Jeff with a tremendous deal of Velocity (obviously you can tell I’m writing the words out of JR’s mouth) into the steps.

D-Von with a latteral press and Jeff kicks out. Dudleyz making a timely tag and Bubba Ray Dudley tags in saying “Eat this you Pretty Boy” dropping a double axe-handle to Jeff and then another chop.

Jeff though with great agility out of desperation lands on the top rope hits Bubba Ray Dudley with a whisper in the wind, a corkscrew moonsault as Pittsburgh pops.

Second Straight Unforgiven from the State of Pennsylvania, just noticed.

Matt with a back-drop to Bubba Ray Dudley and then from the top leaped from the top turnbuckle with an all or nothing move a leg drop to D-Von off the top and a close call.

Matt looks for the Twist of Fate, the crowd chant 3-D at the same time. Almost a three but Jeff hit a Swanton to break the count. Bubba Ray Dudley grabs Matt and hits a big Bubba Bomb.

The official gets Jeff out and D-Von covers Matt Hardy!

In the end at 14:21 the Dudleyz retained their titles after a tag team war.

This match was booked smartly, non-stop entertainment which is tough to do in a tag match, especially an opener to a PPV.

Very fun.



*** 1/2




2) Perry Saturn vs Raven (With Terri Runnels)

Perry is fighting over a mop.
Knowing how the WWF booked both these men the crowd should be dead silent.

Hiarious hearing Heyman give it to Ross for not calling Nitro when Jim Ross says “Uh, yeah I was a little busy Callin Raw”

A Cobra Clutch by Raven to Perry Saturn.

Terri leaping on the outside as Perry Saturn seemed to be fading away.

Raven made hs debut the year before this at this event.
Raven speared Perry Saturn off the apron until Perry Saturn attempted a sunset flip, Perry Saturn barely able to kick out s Rven hung onto the mddle ope.

A modified suplex, a roman throw, a belly to belly overhead suplex. A Springboard as Perry Saturn s builing momentum because of the motivation of a mop I guess.

Raven crashed into the buckle-sternum first.
Sturn then set up Raven up high but then Raven dropped from up top. Reverseal by Raven off Perry Saturn’s irish-whip with a sunset flip and a nearfall.

A catapolt to Raven into the corner and then a twisting Fisheran suplex.


In the end at 5:07 Saturn defeated Raven and I think the crowd was happy that this was over more then anything but still it wasn’t horring and it wasn’t long either.


* 1/2





3) Edge (c) vs Christian for the WWF Intercontinental Championship

Still being billed as brothers through kayfabe, these best friends battle it out for the IC title.

This match was built after Christian finally turned on Edge from Raw in their home-town of Toronto earlier in the month on September 3rd, 2001.

The turn was teased all year and this match was hyped for awhile.

They would go on to have a Ladder re-match for the title the next month at October’s No Mercy but this was their first encounter for the gold.

Edge the babyface defending it one on one against Christian here.
Edge got all the attention and Christian was sick of it.

Bret and Owen (Sounds familiar)
Christian’s “At last, you’re on your own” theme is hilarious and around ths time when he started to break out on his own he became big and develop many peeps.
Edge comes out to Rob Zombies theme.

Edge’s face tells the story.

Christian looks emotional as well.

Here we go.

We’ll see how the chemstry is as they are used to tagging and not competing. Christian face-plants Edge early.

Edge knocks him down and then catapolts Christian into the post.

Edge stomped on Christian’s head and then Christian performs a pcture perfect back-breaker.

Christan slowly works over Edge. Christian with a hard powerslam.

A German by Edge, Edge is busted open under his eyes from one of thse right hands by Christian.
Not going to lie at all here this match sucks.

Very slow, un-interesting and I’ve almost falled asleep twice.

Edge with hard clotheslines trying to build some offensve momentum.

Edge with an illegal move driving Christian in the air to the mat.

Edge then tricked Christan by hitting a crossbody from the other side btu a close nearfll. Christan ducks Edge’s clothesline and hits a spear.

Edge kicks ut and Christian is frustrated smashing his hand.

Edge can’t win on a DQ as the official gets rid of the char. Christian hits a low-blow behind the official. A bloodied Christian rolls up Edge a low-blow by Christian with a chair to win the IC title.


In the end Christian defeated Edge for the IC title and is the NEW Champion at 11:53 after he cheated.





* 3/4








4) The Brothers of Destruction (The Undertaker and Kane) (c) vs KroniK (Brian Adams and Bryan Clark) (with Steven Richards) for the WCW Tag Team Championship

(In Undertaker’s head)

Note to Self: Never invite my friends to come to work for the company to job to us on PPV. They might suck.
Wow did they ever.

I’m sorry to rip on the dead Bryan Adams but he seemed more stoned here then ever in this match.

It’s no wonder they never went anywhere after this.

At least when he was Crush he seemed with it.

Taker you can clearly see yelling “FU**!” when Adams botches move after move.

This whole bout was an absolute train-wreck. The saddest thing about it is, it’s not even the worst match in Unforgiven history.

There’s two other matches in Unforgiven history worse. Kennel from Hell and Tomko versus Richards.

Tomko versus Richards in 2004 is actually the worst match of all time though. I’ll explain why when I get there.

Anyway here we go.


Adams and Clark are hungry and want to make in impact.

That’s what we all wantred to beleve.

Not to bad of a start Taker with a drop toe-hold to Adams.

Adams with a back-breaker after the fans chant Isaac Yankem to Kane.

Neck-breaker by Kane to Clark and then a shoulder-breaker a tag to the Deadman.

The Big Dog takes control as the match hasn’t turned ugly yet. Undertaker goes for old school.

The Undertaker is down all of the sudden and Kronik work over Taker.
The late Bryan Adams selling of a high knee and a head-sht to the post is laughable.

Undertakers tags in Kane and he is one-man destroyng Clark and Kane. The Undertaker back in and gets it wth a jaw beaker on Adams who was suposed to take a coke slam.
Taker bends down and swears. Hilarious.

After this DUD Richards gets beat down.

In three years at this event he’d get beat down again in the mother of all dud’s.
In the end at a very long 10:22 BOD retain the title’s over Kronik after a chokeslam from Taker to Clark.













5) Rob Van Dam (c) vs Y2J Chris Jericho for the WWF Hardcore Championship



Two faces going at it here.

RVD was in the Alliance (Heel WCW-ECW Stable) but was the only member (along with Stacy Keibler and Steve Austin) who was occasionally cheered as RVD had a huge fan-base coming in.


RVD was TV Champion for 23 months, almost 2 full years.

Y2J exchange waist-locks, both men quick as well.

A battle of leverage to begin this match.


Here we go! A side head-lock takedown by RVD and then Jericho wth an arm-drag, a counter arm-drg by RVD, Jericho ducks a clothesline, both men thinkng the same thing.

These are two young guys going at it for the Hardcore title but wresting seems to be the key ingredient here, despite the NO DQ rules.

A nice chin-wrestling exchange by both guys and neither man relly connects. Jericho with a side hedlock and then RVD puts Jericho in the head-scissrs on the mat.

RVD with tremendous strength bridges out of a pinning combination.

All sorts of inside cradles as both men counter each other’s pinning combinations. RVD is chanted all over the place, Jericho slaps RVD to some boo’s.

The WWF must of listened to this crowd as they’d turn Jericho heel and RVD full babyface after this.

The enziguri scores or Y2J. Jericho with a high knee to Rob but he flies off the top and springboards off with a thrust kick to Y2J, a leg-scissors take-down, and then off the ropes Jericho comes back with a flapjack hard to the canvas.

Jericho is shot to the outside. Jericho hit with a crossbody on the outside by RVD with tremendous velocity.

RVD tred to land a spinning leg-drop on the barricade onto RVD but missed.

Jericho brings out a Ladder though and RVD is down, Y2J drops the ladder onto RVD. RVD rolls into the ring and Y2J chos him in the corner. RVD reverses an irish-whip, spears Jercho and then all of the sudden Jericho moved and RVD for the second time sling-shotted into the ring-post with his bad left shoulder.

Now for a third time Jericho remains on the shoulder sending him into the ring post.

A bad part of RVD.

To make matters worse, Y2J snap-suplexes RVD directly onto the ladder.

RVD dodges the second suplex and snap-suplexes Jericho onto a ladder kidney-first, and JR spits out his typical “they don’t know how to fall damn it!” line.

RVD has been chanted all throughout the match despite him representing the Alliance.

Jericho off the ropes looking for the Walls, RVD’s leg-strength is massive and helps him get out. His shoulder is hurting though but he applies the rolling thunder.
RVD with a spinning leg-drop, then a spinning leg-moonsault.

Un-real offense here.

Jericho then caught RVD missing a move and ran with a running bulldog.

This match’s pace is unbelievabally quick and back and forth which made it extra entertaining and as Jericho springboards off the ropes RVD catches him in the air with a high thrust kick, again Van Dam ressorting to using his massive legs for offensive punishment to Y2J.

RVD with that spinning heel kick caught Jericho in the eye and its busted open. RVD up top goes for the 5 star frog splash and Jericho moves, now with a busted eye he rolls up RVD despite dodging it but still can’t put away RVD!


Jericho with a Ladder turns around and now RVD hit a drop-toe hold to Jericho and he smashes face-first into the Ladder. Van Dam sets up a Ladder in the corner.

RVD brings in a chair and smacks Jericho in the mid-section. RVD climbs the Ladder and looks to perform a move from the top but Jericho smacks him up top in the face with a chair.

Jericho applies RVD with a reverse Walls from the top of the Ladder and then throws him off the top rope and he falls to the floor.

Jercho steps off the Ladder, springboards off the top rope to fly outside of the ring and RVD moves and Jericho smashed head-first into the barricade.

Now RVD from that face-bast from Jericho with the chair’s face is busted open.

Both men’s face busted open.

Jericho with a kick to RVD’s head.

RVD goes for a suicide dive outside through the ropes now!


RVD flies out to the outside and Rob Van Dam crashes into a chairshot by Jericho.


Very much Benoit-Jericho like from the Classic Ladder match in the 01 Rumble.

Van Dam again gets his bad left shoulder rammed into the ring-post by Chris Jericho.

Jericho using great psychology despite hurt.

Chris missing the clothesline in the ring, Van Dam changing direction, changing feet and then sweeped Jericho.

All of the sudden a unique armbar hold on Y2J but Chris Jericho gets out of the japanese arm-bar in a hardcore match by sliding out of the ring and sending Rob shoulder-first with his bad shoulder into the steel steps.

Unbelievable match here.

Y2J with a steel chair and drops it on the back of Van Dam. Another hard chair-shot to RVD’s back over and over.

Stephanie stopped a chair shot from Jericho and he went to hit Steph and he missed and turned into a Van Damninator from RVD into the face from the chair.

RVD hits a 5 star frog splash from the top and he gets him.

Jim Ross is exactly on when he says What a match.

A 5 star frog splash, Ross calls it a 5 star match, no, but it was damn near. So un-real.


In the end at 16:33 RVD wins to retain his gold.
This one consists of so much tremendous action.

Usually these guys apply rest-holds but in a match like this with Hardcore rules both men went ALL out for the entire duration, a 16 and a half minute match with tremendous chemistry, psychology, it went back and forth, the fans were hot the entire time, tremendous and memorable spots and awesome strategic WRESTLING from both guys.
This match had it all. A story and action put together in such a brilliant way. A forgotten gem.

An instant Classic!



**** 1/4






6) The Rock (c) vs Booker T and Shane McMahon in a Handicap match for the WCW Championship



Booker T wanted his WCW title back after losing to Rocky in the Main Event of Summerslam.

This match was a lot like the one at Summerslam, Rocky dominated with his quick arsenal of offensive moves.

Then Booker would use his heel tactcs includng cheating and taking it to the outside this time and Shane O was with him for back-up.

Shane was obviously put in this match to stack the odds against Rocky as he began the match chasing around Shane McMahon.

Rock took it to Booker T and then clotheslined Shane.

Fans wanted a table spot.

Booker slammed Rock’s head right into the table. Booker T with a back chop to the sternum of The Rock then caught him with a Samoan Drop.

Shane grabbed the belt with Rock and Booker both down.

Shane acidentally cracked Booker with the belt and Nick Patrick warns him.

Shane O Mac hit Rock in the head with a belt. Booker covers Rock but he’s able to kick out.

Shane off the top missed an elbow drop. Shane hurt goes in and Booker T comes in and tries to lay some shots on Roc but he lands rights on both Booker and Shane, then  flying double clothesline.

The ladies screaming for The Rock is extra annoying.

Shane then all of the sudden kicks up. Shane throws hs pad off and Rock gets up and then Rock bottoms Shane. Rock spinebuster’s Booker T.

Rock goes for a People’s elbow and Test runs over Rock and then with a big boot on the outside to Rock.

Bradshaw with a weapon chased Test out. Bradshaw and Test, doesen’t that sound like an entertaining feud.

Mike Keota a WWF officil and Nick Patrick get in an arument, Keota pulls out Shane, Booker T pinned Rock and then all of the sudden hell breaks loose as Rock kicks out.

Keota spears Patrick.

Booker T takes out Keota.

Rock fights out of the Book End straight into the Rock Bottom.

A WWF official Earl Hebner run from the back and gets the three.
A pretty good ride, about as a good as it could of been.




** 1/2





7) Rhyno vs Tajiri (c) (with Torrie Wilson) for the WCW United States Championship



They skip to a clip of Stacy Keibler from WWF New York, and does she look good.

Clooney you lucky Mo…moving on.


Rhyno the challenger here wanting the US title but Tajiri is the man with the gold. Also with the hot ladie I suppose.

This was before he turned heel in 02 and started mis-treating females ever since Savage started doing that with Liz, the WWE has stereo-typed pretty much every couple after that like that.
Rhyno looked ready to go and he is tossed over the top rope by Tajiri.

Rhyno missed a clothesline and ran into a thrust kick, or a big boot. Two hard chops by Tajiri to Rhyno.
Tajiri scooped up and slammed hard to the mat.

Tajiri with taped up ribs then gets shots taken to him and a spinebuster by Rhyno.


Crowd a little dead here but that’s the whole point, they usually throw a smaller card match in-between Main Events to get the crowd heavy and loud for the Main Event.

Rhyno went to gore Torrie Wilson and Tajiri hit a big kick to the face of Rhyno. Tajiri with a spin-kkick on Rhyno.

Tajiri with a modified abdominal stretch then a Tarantula to Rhyno and then he hit a side suplex to Tajiri when he got free.

Tajiri hit with the Gore.


In the end at 4:50 Rhyno won the US title after he gored Tajiri.


This match was short and to the point between two former ECW stars and you could tell Heyman enjoyed the match on commentary.








8 ) Main Event- Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) vs Kurt Angle for the World Wrestling Federation Championship



Austin had a terrific run in 2001 as Heel Champion and he got himself DQ’d at Summerslam in one of the best matches of all time, here was the re-match.

Both Angle and Austin’s character’s were on fire and both could wrestle one hell of a Main Event so there’s no doubt this re-match was hyped big and there’s no doubt this one was a Classic as well.
Strong build wouldn’t be enough ways to put it.

Austin had thrown Angle’s medals off the bridge, Angle attempted to throw Austin but got a return match instead.

Angle’s family at ring-side.

Angle fighting for the United States as well representing the Nation in a time of need as an American hero in his home-town.

Going against the Allance leader the WWF champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Angle meets Austin on the ramp and they waste no time.

Angle whips the hell out of Austin early as the fans chant him name. Austin’s vest is taken off in the moment and Angle stomps on the Rattlesnake.

Angle could not wait to get his hands out of Austin.

Angle then with a right and then Angle with right-hands to Austin who ducks a clothesline and now Angle hits a Lou Thesz press. Angle hits Austin with a clothesline. Angle in complete control and now Angle chops Austn up to high over and over.

Stone Cold Steve Austin then falls down up top and Angle unloading with right’s until Austin falls to the announce table fatigured. Angle slams Austin’s head into the announce table.

Kurt Angle with shot after shot to Stone Cold Steve Austin and now back in the ring.

The whole thing has been one giant beat-down/brawl for Angle on Stone Cold Steve Austin up until this point. Angle then with shots to Austin up top. Angle hits a Superplex up high on Steve Austin.

Austin then got a headlock out of this predicament. Austin used to weardown babyfaces with this hold, a modified million dollar dream until Angle hits a jaw-breaker to a guy who’s head neck/head problems so this wears down Steve.

Austin clotheslined to the floor by Angle.

Jim Ross calls Stone Cold Steve Austin the greatest WWF Champion ever whether he likes him or not and he’s absolutely right.

But just then Austin like a cowards tries to run out with the gold which is hilarious and Angle stops him on the ramp stomping away on Austin.

Angle then turns and throws Stone Cold Steve Austin off the ramp!

Shades of what Austin did to Angle on Raw where he threw him off the ramp.

It’s pretty crazy for Austin to take bumps like this considering his neck and Angle flips him off and chops at the steel barricade in front of the fans by the entrance way.

They always did this back in the attitude era (which was pretty much done by now) to give the fans closer to that side of the action something to see and something to add to the matches.

Angle then drags Austin to the ring-side area and Austin on Smackdown! weeks before this piledrived Angle on the concrete and now Angle wanted revenge but while Kurt removed the mat Stone Cold Steve Austin came back and clobbered Angle.

Like Heyman said Angle did all the work but Stone Cold Steve Austin is getting the benefits as he kicked away at Angle.

Treendous action thus far.

Austin goes for a pile-driver and Angle hits a back-body drop on Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Angle slams Austin head-first into the announce table. Angle with a hard chop over and over to Austin and now Angle sets up Stone Cold Steve Austin for a piledriver but Austin scores with a back-drop and Angle smacks the mat on the concrete spine-first and you really hear the thud, there’s nothing really to break these guys taking their fall.


Both bring it for a PPV re-match, just the way it should be, that’s for sure.

Superstars should always bring that something extra for a PPV, it’s what the fans pay extra for.

Austin flapjacked Angle on the announce table a couple of times and Angle rolls to the ground as the table didn’t break. Stone Cold Steve Austin stomps on Angle on the ground. Stone Cold Steve Austin busted open and Angle fights back and Austin rakes his face then Angle hung out to dry and Stone Cold drops him face-first on the table. Austin then thown Angle in the ring.

Stone Cold Steve Austin catches a right and then Austin fights back and Angle runs into a big knee into abdomen.



Austin pounding on Angle some more.
Austin with Angle down then drops an elbow into the neck of Angle.
The story is the neck of Angle as Austin has some history and he drives his knee into his neck.

Austin smiles and with evil glare looks at Angle’s wife and mother.
Austin is called an evil son of a bitch by Jim Ross which is hilarious. Austin chokes out Angle in the corner of the ring and then Austin goes and flips off Angle’s wife who gets up and tells Austin off.

Austin then cornered Angle and went for a chop and Angle avoided a chop but Austin hit a boot in the face of Angle and Austin flies off the top with a double axe-handle.

Austin gets a two.

Austin with a rest-hold on Angle with laying down on the canvas with a side head-lock but the key here is it works over Angle’s neck further so it was smart.

Angle out of no where rolls Austin’s shoulders to the mat and gets a two, Austin then with an inside cradle got a two.

Austin continued to clobber the back of Angle’s neck.

Austin then hit the spine.
Heyman is hilarious on commentary sucking up to Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Angle now testing Austin’s neck and his own with three release German suplexes. Austin catches Angle off the ropes hits a spine-buster then a low-blow.

Austin maybe intentionally tried to ge DQ’d but was warned by Hebner.

Austin with a chop to Angle and throws him back in the ring.

Angle with a low-blow to Austin and both guys are down. Stone Cold Steve Austin spots Angle then hit a ddt to Stone Cold Steve Austin and he rolls out of the ring maybe trying to get himself counted out.
Angle doesen’t want it like that as Angle wants to leave Pittsburgh with the Gold.
Fans chant USA.

Austin though breaks his own count and Stone Cold Steve Austin came back in. He must want the winner’s money.

Angle hit a Stone Cold Stunner and Austin kicked out.

Angle then took off his straps, Austin countered a move into the Angle Slam but Kurt kicked out and Steve is pissed off. The Paranoid Rattlesnake, the Bionic Redneck then clobbers the spine of Angle looking to piledrive him, you’ve got to wonder when he’ll stun him as well.

Austin tried to set up Angle but he keeps falling down and Austin kept clobbering the spine of Angle. Angle tried to hold onto the leg and Stone Cold Steve Austin piledrives Angle and his bad neck.

Somehow Angle kicked out and Stone Cold Steve Austin can’t believe it!

Stone Cold Steve Austin then continued to hammer on the neck and upper spine and told Angle to get up. Kurt slowly got up.

Stone Cold Steve Austin stalking for the Stone Cold Stunner on Kurt Angle and he goes for it but Angle reverses it into an Ankle Lock and at the same time Austin yells out “OH Sh*t!”

In the end at 23:12 Kurt Angle made Steve Austin to tap to the Ankle Lock even though he was grabbing he ring apron, Angle still won the WWF title and became the the new Champion to a huge pop from his home-crowd.
There is no doubt in my mind that if 9/11 didn’t happen Austin would of retained the title. (As he won it back just a few weeks later on Raw when Regal screwed Angle out of the title)… don’t get me wrong though, there was nothing wrong with this patriotic ending for United States fans.

It was actually good they did it this way. Austin was on fire in 2001 and his god-like run had finally come to an end here.


This match told a tremendous story with two of the all time great’s. A huge celebration in Pittsburgh with the Angle family as Angle wins the WWF title.


A Classic!


**** 1/4




Final Rating for WWF Unforgiven 2001  = 7.5/10





This show was built all around Austin-Angle’s re-match which is fine seeing as it was such a great match. The other main attraction was The Rock-Booker-Shane match which was pretty solid as well. A match on this event that is often over-looked is the Jericho and Van Dam match or the opening tag but Jercho-RVD is such a forgotten classic and ultimately made this event a two match card. Everyone seems to remember or tries to forget the Kronik vs BOD match. This PPV loses points for that match for certain as well as a dissapointing Edge versus Christian match. Overall though it’s a solid event. Pick it up for Jericho vs RVD and Austin vs Angle, it’s worth it for those two alone. Classic matches on the same event.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The main event was the best match of the night for me.

  2. Brett Mix says:

    That was the next year! But yeah hha

  3. Bryan says:

    I love the very beginning of the RVD vs HHH match where RVD just has that almost Spicolli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High look on his face. RVD gunning for the World Title on a big PPV but his just like “yeah whatever man” lol I really miss watching RVD in those days when it was like he had one foot in the WWE but always left the other foot in ECW it was a perfect blend.

  4. Brett Mix says:

    That was the character she portrayed, go read up on the real Nora and who she is. She’s notoriously known as a bad apple. Do some re-search.

  5. Huh? says:

    Nora was like a 36 year old virgin… wtf are you talking about?!?

  6. Brett Mix says:

    Yeah and Steve will be the first one to say that but they did the right thing and made him a FUNNY HEEL and then turned him Face again. Who knows, Austin was probably trying to do something different but too many liked him to start booing. Where-as Hogan when he turned Hollywood the fans embraced it because the old Face Hogan was 20 years old, stale.

  7. SRB says:

    I was never really into Austin as the heel and turning on WWE. His character and presence was so strong and I thought that him playing guitar, singing and going against the WWE was a bad move for creative.

  8. Brett Mix says:

    I’m definitely having a good time reviewing all these old shows. The fact others enjoy the ride makes it all the better for me.

  9. Dave says:

    Nice review! i remember watching this on PPV and marked out when Angle won.Such a fun show! BOD/Kronik was absolutely horrible, was bored out of my mind in that match.

    RVD/Jericho was solid…RVD was so over in 2001 and had entertaining matches with almost everyone.

    Christian/Edge was pretty decent, ending was crap but they definitely had a much better match the following month in the ladder match.

    Overall nice review! looking forward to the rest.

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