Review: WWF/WWE Wrestlemania 10 DVD

May 20, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF Wrestlemania X Review:




“What do you think of that McMahon!? Owen jumped out of the shadow, the World is in SHOCK!” -Jerry Lawler







-WWF Wrestlemania 10 took place at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York (The venue of the Original Wrestlemania) on March 20th, 1994 in front of 18,065 fans.

-This was the 10th Annual WWF Wrestlemania event.

-The then President of the United States, Bill Clinton was in attendance. Well his twin-brother was anyway… 😉

-Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler did commentary for the first time together at Wrestlemania. Gorilla Monsoon showed replays of the first nine Wrestlemania’s throughout the night.

-Leilani Kai competed for the Women’s Championship at WrestleMania X – her first WrestleMania since she competed for that same title in the same building at the first WrestleMania.

-Both WWF Championship matches at WrestleMania X featured guest referees. Mr. Perfect officiated the first bout, while Roddy Piper served as referee for the second.

-Tickets sold out so quickly for WrestleMania X at Madison Square Garden that the show was also shown at the Paramount Theater adjacent to MSG on closed-circuit television.

-A ten-man tag team match was supposed to take place next, but it was canceled due to time constraints. The kayfabe reason given was that the heel team (Irwin R. Schyster, The Headshrinkers, Rick Martel and Jeff Jarrett) could not agree on who would be the team’s captain for the match. Their opponents were scheduled to be the face team of the 1-2-3 Kid, Sparky Plugg, Tatanka and The Smoking Gunns. Excellent booking.

-Burt Reynolds did ring announcing, and the guest timekeeper was Jennie Garth to the Main Event. Also on the show was Donnie Wahlberg (who was quite hated here) as he was the guest ring announcer to the Luger-Yoko match and Rhonda Shear was the guest timekeeper for that match.

-Little Richard sand “America The Beautiful” before the show.

-Wrestlemania X was the first time Hulk Hogan did not appear at Wrestlemania.

-In a dark match before the pay-per-view aired, The Heavenly Bodies faced The Bushwhackers. Near the end of the match, The Bushwhackers gained control when they performed the Battering Ram on Jimmy Del Ray. Tom Prichard, Del Ray’s partner, attacked Bushwhacker Butch before he was able to pin Del Ray. This allowed Del Ray to recover and pin Butch to win the match.

-Now onto the PPV……………






1) Opening Contest- “The Rocket” Owen Hart vs Bret “Hitman” Hart

There are some matches that are so special that you wont be able to do them justice just by writing words on paper.

This is that match.

What we get here is not only the greatest opener to a Wrestlemania, but the greatest opener of all time.

What we get here is not only one of the greatest matches in Wrestlemania history, but one of the greatest matches of all time. I give this match the highest of praise and consider it the best ever.

Talk about a good backstory, this was a storyline done RIGHT. The only flaw was not awarding Owen the title, I felt he should of won it at Summerslam after he became King of the Ring in 1994, and if not there then Survivor Series rather then a pointless Bob Backlund reign.

This match is seemingly universally accepted at five stars, infact I have yet to see anyone claim that this is just a GOOD match which speaks volumes on how well this actually played off to audiences everywhere.

It was majorly successful in telling a story because it had everything going for it. The storyline was epic, the drama was there, but still both brothers with as much bad blood as there was, took it to the mat to find out who the better man was by one thing, WRESTLING.

A dream match for any Pure WRESTLING fan.

Hold for hold, they went toe to toe and did absolutely everything you could to one another in a Wrestling match. This match is quite simply perfect and the pacing is absolutely phenominal as is the psychology. You truely could sit here all day talking about how flawless this Masterpiece really is.

Bret Hart always made it known that the art in pro-wrestling is to make everything seemingly real without injuring his opponent. That match between Bret and Owen is a good example of a high-paced technical match that two ring artists can only deliver.

Perhaps one of the most underappreciated aspects of this clinic is how well both men bumped, sold and hit every move so crisp. Chemistry was obvious being brothers, but both guys just went like there was no tommorow here. If there was a ever a match to make Dad proud, this was surely it.

Owen gets introduced first, McMahon thought it was going to be the Hitman for some reason, perhaps he forgot both men were from the same city of Calgary. Owen comes out with shades on and lips that he is the Best there is, was and tonight brother, you will find out I am the best there ever will be. I am loving this already.

Owen even had a couple of fans at ringside which you could here vocally during the earlier stages of the match, but his biggest fan was clearly the hilarious Jerry Lawler during this match who thinks Owen was ahead on points, at practically every turn. This match would not have came off so great without the awesome commentary from Lawler and McMahon here. Lawler of course feuding with Bret at the time ripped on Stu and Helen which is always funny material from him.

The Hitman got a great ovation as expected, and the facial expressions from Owen towards Bret were priceless, Bret played the older brother role so well, as did Owen with the younger, jealous brother role.

Both men locked up and Owen immediately broke it off and began celebrating as if he got the upperhand early on, McMahon questioned if it was some sort of victory, Lawler says OF COURSE.

Both men tie up again this time and Owen Hart with a beautiful fireman’s carry, but Bret goes into a quick headscissors as a counter, Owen flips up and says “Come on!” once again.

Bret shakes it off and applies a quick go-behind on Owen riding him on the canvas and Owen gets to the ropes, and tells him to back off and Hebner backs Bret back.

Owen took down Bret and was cocky as ever.

Owen went behind with another waistlock but Bret ran towards the rope and the charge elevated Owen through the middle ropes to the outside.

Owen came back in and slapped Bret. Owen backed off into the corner to escape a furious Bret.

Both men circled one another and Owen applied a hammerlock, Bret reversed it into one of his own and Owen with a nice drop toehold, The Hitman reversed it into an armbar and he drove the knee into Owen.

The excellence of execution targetted the left arm of Owen, placing him into an armbar to slow down the quicker, younger brother. A Smart gameplan by Bret, but obviously you would expect nothing less from The Hitman.

Lawler and McMahon argue over who is ahead in points thus far as it’s been pretty even.

One thing is certain though. The pace to this match is absolutely breathtaking from a technical standpoint, what a match already.

Bret stomped on the mat, and applied an arm-ringer on Owen and he did a series of flips and got an armbar on Bret now!  Bret really focusing on the left arm and shoulder region of Owen but it was the little brother determined to get out of this predicament by older brother Bret.

Unbelieveable athleticism by the Rocket. Bret flipped up and a reversal into an arm-ringer again. Owen sent Bret into the ropes he leaped up dodging Owen and rolled him up for a quick two, Owen flipped up and Bret went right back into the armbar.

Insane amounts of counter-wrestling, I’m convinced these two could pull stuff like this off blindfolded.

Fans chant lets go Bret.

Bret with a hammerlock but Owen hit an elbow to the jar, and off the ropes Bret leapfrogged Owen and then flipped him up as Owen came off the ropes and Bret put his legs in the air flipping Owen, before finally clotheslining him over the top to the outside to a tremendous ovation.

The Hitman celebrates with an armpump in the home of the New York Rangers who’d win the Stanley Cup just a few months from this venue.

Another slapping war and a roll-up by Bret on Owen.

A high armbar now on Owen’s weakened leftarm by The Hitman as he tried to slow down the pace into a methodical weardown type but Owen got back up, and then Bret off the ropes hit a unique Crucifix on Owen and got a two count.

A tenacious Hitman still held Owen’s leftarm, and Owen’s facial expressions were gold as he sold the arm.

Owen pushed Bret to the ropes, a duck and a leapfrog by the Rocket followed by one of his signature moves. The spinning heel kick. Owen stomped on Bret kicking him to the outside of the ring under the bottom rope. Owen followed Bret on the outside and he scooped him, up and drove his lower back into the steel ring post. Good stuff. Owen then screamed at his brother, a little trash-talking to boot.

Owen rolled Bret back in and proceeded to deliver a headbutt to Bret, and then he rammed Bret hard into the corner working over the lower back some more.

Owen Hart intelligently drove his knee into the back of Bret with a backbreaker.

A reverse chinlock by Owen to Bret.

This was also smart because it stretched the lower back of Bret which Owen had just worked over ramming Bret’s spine into the steel ringpost on the outside. Owen goes into a sleeper, The Hitman back to his knees delivered a elbow shots to Owen and off the ropes Bret jumped over Owen but caught a belly to belly from the Rocket.

Owen gets a two, what a suplex by Owen!

Owen Hart was more then determined at this point to teach his older brother a Wrestling lesson, another slap by Owen and an irishwhip waas reversed by Bret sending Owen to the corner and Owen leaped off with a flying crossbody, Bret rolled over Owen and got a two. Owen then got back on top of Bret delivering a slap and another reverse chinlock.

The counter-chain wrestling here is among the best in any match ever.

Bret tried to gain his vertical base and his power helped him land on top of Owen who tried to lift him up. The Hitman on the outside got a breather and Owen Hart celebrated. Owen from the ring apron went to suplex Bret back in, and he went into a waistlock, and another reversal by Owen who hit a picture perfect standing suplex by Owen which got him a two count. Amazing.

Owen with a legdrop and another two count. Unbelievable stuff. Owen with a shot to Bret and went for a snapshot vertical suplex but Bret with an inside cradle. Vince says this is back and forth, that’s an understatement.

Owen then with another slap, awesome story-telling with the younger brother doing the dirty tactics to the older, wiser brother. Owen Hart with a hard shot to Bret and an irishwhip was reversed Bret went to scoop up Owen, but he landed on his feet and then hit a piledriver to Bret. Not the way he injured Austin, he dropped to his knees here, which is what he should of done at Summerslam 97.

Owen went to the top rope and went for a splash but Bret dodged it which in turn helped him re-group as it bought him a little time.

Bret picked up Owen and gave him an atomic drop, and a running clothesline off the ropes followed by a two count. Bret clotheslined Owen and delivered a hard shot to the abdomen followed by a side russian legsweep and a two count. Bret then with a side suplex into a backbreaker to Owen. Bret from the corner hit his signature elbow drop right on top of the Rocket and a two count. Bret argued with Hebner as he thought it was three.

Owen sneaked up and Lawler’s commentary is hilarious. A spinning heelkick out of no where by Owen to Bret!

Owen tried to lock on the Sharpshooter and Bret reversed it.

Owen then got out of it and landed a hard shot with his left hand and then with a unique roll-up backwards, got Bret but only scored a two count.

Bret elevated himself over the top rope to the outside on Owen with a flying crossbody! Aerial moves to boot, McMahon screams WHAT a Match and obviously everyone agreed. MSG shows there appreciation.

Bret hurt his knee. A play to the story where Bret had his injured knee worked over by Owen at the Rumble.

Owen intelligently targetted the knee and kicked out the leg of the Hitman.

Owen Hart slammed Bret’s knee into the ring post over and over and continued slamming it on the mat. Brilliant stuff.

Bret’s selling was picture perfect here and then Owen with a single leg takedown to the injured leg, and Owen applied a unique leglock to Bret.

Fans in MSG chanted “Lets go Bret” once again but Owen continued to tork the leg of Bret and apply the leglock harder. Owen dropped the hold and dropped a knee onto Bret who sold like a pro, as always.

Owen wanted Bret back up and he limped into the corner. Owen lifted Bret’s injured leg and hit another single leg takedown. Owen with a figure-four. Another weardown submission hold which applies nothing but pressure to the leg of Owen. Watching Owen Hart celebrate while Bret is in the hold is gold.

Bret’s shoulders were down on the mat frequently and the official got a two count, twice. Bret flipped over finally and got to the ropes to the delight of the crowd. Owen Hart then grabbed ahold of a limping Hitman and he placed the knee on top of the middle rope and kicked away at it.

Bret out of desperation with his good leg hit Owen’s head with a spinning heelkick out of no where, taking a page out of the Rocket’s playbook as Owen wanted to inflict more punishment to the injured leg. Bret applied a headbutt and a hard irishwhip as Owen hit sternum first hard into the corner. Bret with a legdrop in mid-ring, and Owen Hart kicked out at two.

Unbelievable action and pacing.

Bret then delivered a running bulldog to The Rocket.

That may so it says McMahon. Bret still only manages a two count.

Bret delivered some shots to The Rocket in the corner.

Bret then with a piledriver in mid-ring as the momentum shifted once again, but Bret was hitting these moves out of nothing but desperation as he still sold the leg like a pro.

Bret scooped Owen up and with a sore leg went to the top rope and applied a SUPERPLEX to Owen landing backfirst in the middle of the ring.

This match is beyond incredible, it’s magic.

Bret with a two, adding more drama as the fans were in a frenzy and McMahon kept putting the match over, but the match spoke for itself with its greatness.

Lawler claimed Bret couldn’t beat his younger brother, as he kept failing to put him away.

A hard forearm shot by Bret Hart and another, a sleeper by Bret but Owen with a cheapshot behind the official, a lowblow to Bret taking him down.

Owen now in mid-ring slapped on a Sharpshooter as he sensed he needed to do this now or he’d be in trouble.

Owen held the Sharpshooter on the Hitman! No one could pull this move off better then the Hart brothers, as it was both mens finisher. Owen applying the hold just felt natural.

MSG encouraged the Hitman on to get out and somehow he reversed the Sharpshooter into one of his own! The excitement level never stopped.

Bret limped some more and landed a fist to owen but Owen sent Bret to the buckle, Bret got the leg up on Owen in the corner with a boot to the face, however Owen Hart stood infront of Bret as he went up for a sunset flip but Owen held his weight down out of surprise.

In the end Owen put Bret away at 20:21 shocking the world, by rolling through the Hitman off from the corner landing on top of him, rolling him up and holding his legs down for the three count. Lawler screams out “What do YOU THINK OF THAT McMahon!? What about it now!?”

Owen himself was pretty shocked to say the least.

Bret couldn’t believe he got beat and by his own ignorant brother. He thought he was wrestling the perfect match. He thought wrong. Owen caught him out of no where and after such a long, hard fought contest to boot, but Bret knew he had to remain strong as he still had a WWF title shot on the night.

Owen Hart proved here, he could hang with his brother not only technically, but in ways showed he was a superior athlete and it is without a doubt one of the greatest underdog victories ever, and a defining moment in his cut-short career.

Everything was spot on in this match, words don’t do it justice.

This opening match here at Wrestlemania, in my opinion will stand the test of time as arguably the greatest match in Wrestling history. Only Bret-Austin from Wrestlemania 13 I rank ahead of this Classic.












2) Bam Bam Bigelow and Luna Vachon vs Doink the Clown and Dink in a Mixed Tag Team Match

Not the first mixed-tag in Mania history, as at Wrestlemania 6, Queen Sherri teamed with the Macho King to take on Sapphire and The American Dream Dusty Rhodes.

This one was unique, given the fact it involved a clown, a midget, and Luna let alone Bam Bam. A REAL contrast in styles here.

Bam Bam Bigelow wasn`t in the mood for Doink`s clownlike tactics as he meant all business here, Doink played tricks on the outside and then the match got underway as Bam Bam attacked Doink and sent him to the ride hitting a hard knee and a shoulderblock.

Bam Bam Bigelow missed with a right as Doink ducked a clothesline but he caught a dropkick off the ropes, great agility by Bam Bam for a man of his size. The Beast from the East was then sent hard into the corner by Doink.

I love when Doink goes to the mat, he slaps an armbar on Bam Bam.

Bam Bam Bigelow back up irishwhipped Doink and he hit a reverse elbow shot.

Dink tagged in.

Little Dink charged after Bam Bam. Did I just write that? Oh well.

Anyways, he was greeted by Luna Vachon from the great Vachon wrestling family.

Luna missed Doink and he slapped her ass. Dink kept running away from Luna but she pounded on Dink on the ropes. Luna dropped her ass on Dink (sorry for the language) and Dink was groggy and then Luna missed a shot and Dink rolled up Luna and got a two.

Dink circled around Luna as she just stood there and kicked at his chest as the fans laughed. Luna missed an elbow drop.

This is what McMahon considered Entertainment in the New Generation. Dink missed an offensive shot and Luna slapped a sleeper on a midget named Dink in mid-ring and I am supposed to take this serious.

Luna from up top missed a flying splash and Doink and Bam Bam Bigelow were back in. Doink landed rights and a shoulder block and it failed to get the Beast from the East over, but Bam Bam Bigelow retaliated with a hard shot, a clothesline to Doink elevating him over the top rope to the outside floor.

Back in was Dink who went after Bam Bam Bigelow and he charged towards Dink with a splash and met the canvas. Luna chased him around. Bam Bam Bigelow had Doink back in and the Clown went for a sunset flip but Bam Bam dropped his bodyweight and a lot of it on top of Doink slowing him down. Bam Bam Bigelow irishwhipped Doink to the corner but he lifted his boot to the head of Bam Bam.

Doink with a nice tornado DDT to Bam Bam Bigelow in mid-ring. Doink from the top rope missed a flying legdrop, Bam Bam used this to his advantage over-powering the clown with a series of clotheslines off the ropes for leverage and then a big shoulder block gets him a two. Bam Bam Bigelow hits a series of headbutts to Doink. Bam Bam Bigelow from the top rope hits a flying headbutt this time and he got him.

In the end Bam Bam Bigelow and Luna Vachon defeated Doink and Dink at 6:09 when Bam Bam hit his third consecutive headbutt, from the top on the last time out.

This one was obviously a bit silly, and humerous in parts, but the actual wrestling from Doink and Bam Bam Bigelow was quite solid in all honesty.

Not overly BAD by any means, although of course it looks questionable on paper.









3) Macho Man Randy Savage vs Crush (With Mr. Fuji) in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

I always loved this feud, this match and of course the entrance of Savage which sees him shake the hand of Vince McMahon, Vince looks at Savage as if he is his son upon shaking his hand which is so ironic in a number of ways.

This is kind of a forgotten feud, but it was compelling in 1993 and when Crush turned on Savage, it helped Crush get over as a villain. Crush had costed Macho a shot at the title versus Yokozuna on Raw not long before this. They threw that match on the Macho Man DVD set but not this one.

Randy Savage says his catchphrase and before Crush could come out Savage attacked him. Crush though hit an atomic drop to Savage in the entrance way and delivered a tremendous backbreaker to Savage in the process. Crush scooped up Savage and dropped his throat area on the barricade.

Crush covered Savage and got a three after a ton of power moves that caught Savage offgaurd. Macho Man Randy Savage how had sixty seconds to get back into the ring.

Savage was nearly back in the ring at the halfway point but Crush kicked him to the outside.

Savage then finally got back in at the count of two to make it dramatic. MSG roared. Crush was relentless in attacking Macho some more and was all over Randy Savage. Crush with a headbutt to Macho Man. Crush in the ring scooped up Macho and hung him upside down, which foreshadowed the ending a little bit later as Savage would get his payback in this very same way.

Intelligent booking.

Savage upside down was stomped at by Crush. Fuji handed Crush some powder and Macho came up from behind and blocked the powder and reversed it into the face of Crush to which the crowd liked. A series of jabs from Macho and off the ropes he dropped a running elbow to the head of Crush. Macho with a flying double axehandle from the top to Crush.

Macho with a scoop slam to Crush. Macho Man Randy Savage all the way from the top hit his flying elbow drop, that we have seen so many times at Wrestlemania, this one for perhaps the final time in MSG. Savage kicked Crush to the outside and got a three count, he made sure Crush was on the outside intelligently.

Crush now had sixty seconds to get back in the ring.

Crush got back in at the count of 0:58 jut as Savage did last time. Macho Man with a high kick to the abdomen of Crush and he choked him out on the top rope. The action went to the outside and Crush with a violent kick up high to Savage, he was about to piledrive him on the reverse entrance way but Savage hit a backdrop to Crush out of desperation. Savage rammed Crush into the door.

This area was the same place where The Rock had his backstage segment with Foley at Wrestlemania 20, the same place where Jeff hit a Swanton on Bubba in a tables match at Rumble 2000. Gotta love MSG memories with the way the building is designed.

Savage slammed Crush on the concrete and got a three count, the place roared some more.

The Macho man then tied up Crush and hung him upside down, which MSG both laughed and cheered at and made his way back to the ring.

In the end at 9:29, Crush could not get to the ring to answer the ten count after being tied up by Savage.

Randy Savage in all his glory celebrated the victory, one last time at Wrestlemania as the fans went wild, in the backyard of the WWF, appropriately at MSG.

A nice sendoff for the Macho Man.

Awesome fun, as the career of Mr. Wrestlemania at that time was now over. Wrestlemania thanks Mr. Poffo for the memories. Hearing his music at Mania one last time was icing on the cake. Edit- Since he is now deceased this will always be his final Mania appearance. While it is certainly sad we will not see him stand at Mania as a member of the Hall of Fame, there is still hope the extended Poffo family will. History Beckons the Macho Man. Thank you Randy.





4) Alundra Blayze (c) vs Leilani Kai for the WWF Women’s Championship

Leilani Kai was the challenger, and she competed against Wendi Richter from this venue for the title at the original Wrestlemania. So they put her up against there current top star in Blayze.

Leilani Kai taken down quickly by Blayze and then against the ropes she was sent for the ride and met with a shoulder block by an aging Leilani Kai. Sent into the corner was Blayze but she hit a sunset flip and then a shoulder block had no effect on Leilani Kai, she ducked underneath her and hit a sunset flip in the middle of the ring.

Leilani Kai with a blatant chokehold in the middle of the ring and a hard forearm to Blayze. I always get a kick out of Lawler making fun of Blayze and her looks.

Leilani Kai with a scoopslam to Blayze and off the ropes she hit a headscissors and got a two count. A snapmare from Leilani Kai twice and then she grabbed her by the hair sending her over the top rope. Leilani Kai viciously and quickly sent Blayze back in and dragged her by the hair with a spin.

Leilani Kai with a nicely executed gutwrench suplex to Alundra Blayze. Off the ropes Blayze ducked a clothesline and landed one of her own to Leilani Kai. Leilani Kai off the ropes caught a spinnng heel kick by Alundra. Blayze with a snapshot vertical suplex getting her a two count.

Blayze with a snapmare twice to Leilani Kai and a two count.

Blayze off the ropes with a waistlock into a suplex got the three.

In the end at 3:20 Alundra Blayze put Leilani Kai away when she made Leilani Kai lose for a second time at Mania from the same venue Richter beat her at. Moolah looked on.

This was alright but the crowd was about as dead as Katie Vick.


* 1/4




5) Men on a Mission (Mabel and Mo) (with Oscar) vs The Quebecers (c) (Jacques and Pierre) (with Johnny Polo)

Not very appealing on paper, and with the dead crowd (again) it was not recieved any better on PPV.

Jacques and Pierre jumped Men on a Mission and the bell rang. Jacques dropped a double axehandle from the top and a two on one to Mabel but he came off the ropes hitting a double clothesline to the Quebecers.

Pierre got hit by Mo as he hit a flying crossbody off the ropes. Mabel tagged in and Pierre got hit with a droptoe hold by Mo, and a giant legdrop from Mabel.

Mabel dropped an elbow to Pierre and Jacques came in and behind the back of the official roughed up Mo with kicks to the back. Raven as Johnny Polo looked on and approved. Mabel kept coming in as the Quebecers kept double teaming Mo behind the officials back.

Jacques slmmed Mo and tagged back in Pierre. A nice double-team move by the Quebecers as Jacques elevated Pierre in the air and he landed on top of Mo. Again he elevated him to the outside and he dropped on Mo on the outside. Nicely done.

Mo back in was covered but just a two. A clothesline over the top ropes by Pierre as Mo was being isolated and driven into the boot off the apron. Mo then out of desperation off the ropes flipped in mid-air running over Pierre.

Mabel was yet to be tagged in and Pierre scoopslammed Mo and tagged in Jacques again. Jacques from the top rope missed a flying legdrop in the center of the ring.

Mabel finally came in and delivered clotheslines and shoulder blocks to Jacques and Pierre, follwed by a back bodydrop and a high impact driver to Jacques in the center of the ring. Mabel crushed the corner of the ring as Jacques moved out of the way. Both Quebecers kicked at the gut of Mabel and went for a suplex but he could not be lifted.

They attempted to lift him again and this time they got him.

A spinning heel kick by Mabel out of no where to Jacques and a clothesline as he drags him in. Mabel was pushed by Mo on the outside to drive his bodyweight onto Pierre who was layed on the outside.

In the end at 7:41 Men on a Mission won by a countout but not the title’s.

The dead crowd certainly didn’t help matters, but the action was pretty solid.

In the long run this tag-match was very basic but much better then I remembered if that counts for anything.



** 1/4






6) Yokozuna (c) (with Mr. Fuji and Jim Cornette) vs Lex Luger for the World Wrestling Federation Championship with special guest referee Mr. Perfect

The story here was Luger as a co-winner of the Rumble had a shot first at Yokozuna for the title since he lost an earlier coin toss, the winner of this match defends the title against Bret in the Main Event.

I wonder who they were pushing harder, hmmm?

Luger at this time was doing basically everything to Yokozuna but taking his title, so the fans (god knows why) were still on the Lex Express by this point just wanting to see ANYBODY take down the mighty Yokozuna.

I get a kick out of the crowd hating on Donnie Wahlberg when the New Kid was a lot younger. Now he’s pretty cool in my books.

This match also had a special referee.

Mr. Perfect came out to a mixed reaction as the Special Guest Referee. He was officiating a match with the man he faced the year previous at Mania. (Luger) That fact may or may not be significant with the way this match ended.

The bell sounded and the first WWF title match was underway.

Yokozuna went for shots but Luger blocked them.

Luger landed a clothesline and he took Yokozuna to the outside, Perfect made him back off.

Luger dropped a double axehandle, it is humerous hearing McMahon scream for Lex trying to get people to care as he rammed Yokozuna head first into the steps.

Yokozuna rolled back in by the Lex Express. Luger climbed to the top and hit a crossbody to Yokozuna from the top, Hennig counted to two.

Lex with more offense off the ropes drops the elbow into Yokozuna and got another two. Luger thought this was his time to finally become WWF Champion but then Yokozuna turned it around.

Yokozuna dropped some shots to the back of Luger and choked him out on the middle rope. Yokozuna missed with a right and Yoko hit a huge move.

Yokozuna hit a giant crossbody in mid-ring to Luger.

Yokozuna began wearing down Luger who actually started this bout with some entertaining offense. Luger elbowed Yoko in the corner and landed rights but Yoko fought back and landed a hard chop to Luger in the corner.

Yokozuna slapped on a trapezius hold to Luger as Fuji waved the Japanese flag and MSG chanted USA, Cornette plugged his ears on the outside.

Hennig asked Luger if he had enough and Lex shakes his head.

Yokozuna kept this hold on for a good 2-3 minutes which hurt the pace of this match in a BAD way. It started pretty good, at least…

Yokozuna gave him a shot to the ribs, taking the wind out of Luger off the ropes.

Luger down now.

Yokozuna was dreadfully now wearing down Luger with a modified armbar.

Yoko sent Luger outside the ring.

Literally NO ONE in MSG seemingly cared about Luger coming back in this match. Yokozuna dropped him with a stiff chop in the ring and went right back to the Traps for another three minutes.


Luger FINALLY gets up somehow, I fell asleep so I am not quite sure. Luger runs off the ropes though out of no where getting energy and hits a series of running clotheslines to Yokozuna and then scoop slams him.

Luger signlled for the elbow and he hit the flying forearm. McMahon has an orgasm. Yokozuna down and Luger flipped Cornette and Fuji into the ring as Luger drops both of them.

Luger covers Yokozuna and Perfect does not count.

In the end at 14:40 Yokozuna won by DQ when Mr. Perfect screwed over Lex Luger by paying attention to the managers Luger had beaten down, and Perfect also had to deal with Luger grabbing ahold of him which is what pushed Hennig over the edge.

This match had a great first half, and a dreadful second.






7) Earthquake vs Adam Bomb (with Harvey Wippleman)

So basically the Fink gets an awful haircut and nobody cares.

But he is attacked from behind out of no where by the late John Tenta (Earthquake/Golga) but here as The Quake.

To the rescue is flavor of the month Adam Bomb who takes down Quake which certainly does anything but last.

Either way Earthquake picks up the win in a squash at 0:32. Well, Earthquake must have thought it was Wrestlemania 6 and his push still mattered.

Most great shows have segments like this unfortunately.









8) “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels (c) (W/Diesel) vs “The Bad Guy” Razor Ramon In a Ladder Match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship

It’s funny when a bad match is followed by an all time Classic. Royal Rumble 03’s title matches spring to mind. This was another.

This is an IC title classic from Madison Square Garden and this one might be the very best.

It was innovative, revolutionairy and is often talked about weekly if not daily everywhere still to this day.

Shawn Michaels and Scott Hall brought in new ways to do a Ladder Match, and this match is the main reason that this gimmick match still puts on countless classic’s today.

This match took place on the same night as the amazing Bret and Owen Hart match so it had a tough act to follow. Anyone who got Wrestlemania X agreed that it was worth the price just for those two matches alone and even just ONE of them most fans would love to see, for them to both happen on the same night is downright incredible.

There were two belts hanging from above as both men claimed to be the real IC Champion, this match would determine the official and undisputed IC Champion once and for all. First person to get both titles is Champion and yes, you can use the Ladder as a weapon.

I’ve came around on this match, I used to claim it was one of the most overrated matches in history, I still feel there is a select fanbase who do tend to overrate this match to this day, but it is a classic well deserving of praise so there is no problems there.

So it’s safe to say I both enjoy and appreciate this one a lot more now then I did in the last decade, it was only the first few years and these days when I can truely enjoy it. As foon as Jericho-Benoit happened at the 01 Rumble I thought it was better then this one in every way, and I still believe that.

However this one isn’t far off and neither is there Summerslam 95 match a year later for that matter, but this is the here and now. This is the match that Dave Meltzer gave five stars right away and many Wrestling historian’s praise just like Savage-Steamboat.

Here we go, it’s Michaels, it’s Ramon, it’s the Wrestlemania X Ladder Match for the IC Title!

This is the match where Vince McMahon uses his “UnnnnnBEEEEELieeeevaaaableeeeeee” line about a hundred times.

Shawn Michaels ties up with Ramon and hooked the leg but Ramon kicked him off, off the ropes Shawn couldn’t hit a hiplock and he hit a thumb to the eye of Razor and then did a flip back but Razor didn’t let this offense from Shawn phase him and he hit a Rock Bottom of sorts to Shawn Michaels and the place popped. Back up immediately (a very fast moving match) Michaels ran off the side ropes and ducked two clotheslines before hitting a swinging neckbreaker in his favor! Shawn not with an offensive move after Ramon got one. HBK then went to slam Razor’s head to the top but Razor did it to him before a shoulder block. Razor charged right back for Shawn but he elevated him over the top rope to the outside. Razor caught a big clothesline from Diesel a few minutes into the match and this wasn’t fair obvioussly.

Earl Hebner had to do something so he decided to throw out Nash. Kevin Nash aka Big Daddy Cool the bodygaurd of the Showstopper was thrown out of the Garden and the big man was mad. It`s down to Shawn and Ramon, one on one now after Diesel hit a clothesline on Ramon.

Shawn Michaels should seemingly be in control but this distraction bought Hall time and Razor hit a right hand. A big right in the corner, Ramon irishwhipped Michaels to the corner and he flipped upside down before going back to the center of the ring and Razor Ramon hit a clothesline to the outside on Michaels. Razor with a hard shot and then moved the mat by the ring. The concrete exposed and Michaels hit some kicks to Ramon out of desperation before throwing him back in the ring. Both men exchanged right hands.

Razor Ramon had Shawn Michaels set up for the Razor`s Edge but Michaels countered and intelligently backdropped Razor Ramon over the top rope, not only countering Razor`s finisher but backdropping him over the top rope on the exposed concrete back first in the process!

Awesome stuff.

Shawn Michaels had boughten himself more time. Michaels then headed to the Ladder set up in the entrance way now with Hall down. Michaels scooped up the red Ladder and then brought it towards ringside. Ramon went back in meanwhile while Michaels dragged the Ladder near the ring. Razor Ramon got up and hit Shawn with an uppercut. Adrenaline pumping for Razor for him to withstand the backdrop onto concrete and get up and maintain an offense. Razor had the ladder but Shawn all of the sudden hit a baseball slide to Razor into the Ladder!

Shawn used the Ladder as a weapon against The Bad Guy!

Michaels repeatedly hit the mid-section intelligently of Ramon taking out the air of the Bad Guy which would of course then make it difficult for him to climb the Ladder, good psychology by Shawn. Shawn had worked over Ramon with that back shot on concrete, the baseball slide into his face, and multiple Ladder shots to the mid section and then he scooped up the Ladder and slammed it on Ramon`s back. Razor gasped for air over the top rope and Shawn threw the Ladder at Razor Ramon and it hit his back!

Shawn tried to open the Ladder as he had Razor where he wanted him.

HBK set up the Ladder mid-ring. Michaels climbed the Ladder and Ramon caught the ankle of Michaels. He also caught Shawn`s tights exposing his ass for the 43rd time in a Wrestling Match. Don`t worry, I don`t count that was just an estimate.

Shawn kicked him off and bare assed he dropped an elbow to Ramon from the top of the Ladder. McMahon says he made a YOU KNOW WHAT of himself.

Shawn Michaels moved towards Ramon and slammed him back first on the bad back straight on the canvas!

Michaels flew off the Ladder onto Razor Ramon with a SPLASH! Again, this is one of those highlights areial moves shown in a ton of videopackages just like Muraco off the Cage, or Savage in the air at Wrestlemania 3. All three were IC title matches.

Shawn climbed the Ladder again and this time the powerful but hurt Ramon got to his feet and shook the Ladder and Shawn Michaels bounced off hitting his throat on the top rope and he went flying.

McMahon oversold what was going on in the match but it was perfectly executed, especially for its time. Michaels irishwhipped Razor to the ropes, he ducked, then off the second rope a double collision. Both men down, as is the Ladder and hanging above the match is the Ladder. Another nice visual image, good shot of them all laying down in a war.

Shawn Michaels got up and placed the Ladder into the corner vertical. Michaels wanted to use the Ladder as an offensive weapon but Hall reversed the irishwhip and sent HBK into the Ladder in the corner and he went flying to the outside and over. Shawn Michaels then got rammed with the ladder horizontal by Hall twice. Shawn Michaels went sailing into the ring post after another hard Ladder shot by Razor.

Razor down and catapolted Shawn Michaels into the Ladder and he hit it, held on and fell back. Ramon threw Shawn Michaels back in the ring and grabbed the Ladder.

Razor Ramon rammed The ladder right into the jaw of Shawn Michaels and he went sailing over the top rope. Not many can sell a shot like that like Hickenbottom could and he just fell out to the bottom.

Razor climbed the Ladder and almost got to the top but Shawn Michaels jumped off the top rope and he stopped Scott Hall from climbing to the top as he leaped off and made sure Razor Ramon fell off. Both men tried to climb at the same time now with the Ladder up again, Shawn was a step higher. Razor Ramon suplexed Michaels off the top of the Ladder! The Ladder snapped but Shawn Michaels was down. Razor Ramon set the Ladder up again. Shawn dropkicked the Ladder and sent Razor off of it. HBK set up the Ladder in the middle or went to but he just pushed it over and it fell on Hall. Michaels then irishwhipped Razor and he ducked and then Shawn caught the superkick off the side ropes to Razor`s jaw and Hall appears to be out! Michaels had Hall down and HBK signalled that it was over. Michaels set up Razor for his own Razor`s Edge but he turned it into a Piledriver which would be just as effective you`d think. Michaels pulled up the Ladder that was twisted and bent.

Michaels, the Heartbreak Kid from the corner dropped down with the Ladder onto Razor in the center of the ring! Great move. Shawn Michaels opened up the Ladder again and put it in position. Ramon was under the Ladder for the second time and Shawn Michaels climbed up. Razor pushed up and got to his feet and Ramon shook the Ladder and bounced off the side ropes and pushed the Ladder! Shawn Michaels fell off! HBK fell off groin first onto the top ropes and then got his foot stuck in the ropes!

New York City was behind him!

Razor who had been down and out had all the time now to climb to the top!

Razor Ramon climbed the Ladder!

In the end Razor Ramon defeated Shawn Michaels by capturing the IC title at 18:47.

This match put both men on the map, especially Shawn Michaels.

One of the greatest matches ever.

Extremely significant and one of the most famous matches ever in Wrestling History.

A Wrestlemania Classic and a Golden match for the IC title.


**** 3/4






9) Main Event- Bret “Hitman” Hart vs Yokozuna (c) (w/Mr. Fuji and Jim Cornette) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship with special guest Referee -Roddy Piper

I have no idea why the Hot Rod always wants to referee a Bret Hart match but none the less, he does here, just like in the last match with Yoko, a guest referee, and the chances are Piper would call it right down the middle unlike Perfect earlier in the night.

Yokozuna wasted no time taking it to the Hitman, Bret Hart.

Bret battled back with a shot, this was the main event of Mania the year before. Yokozuna hit a chop, Bret still hurt from his earlier Classic with Owen.

Yokozuna had a shot blocked as Bret landed a right then a standing dropkick, Bret missed the second one.

Yokozuna was wearing the fatigued Hitman down in a major way making it seem nearly impossible for him to come back from this. A normal man couldn’t beat Yokouna so surely he couldn’t either having sustained this much punishment.

Yokozuna choked Bret out on the middle ropes just as he did with the Lex Express earlier in the night. Yokozuna coming off the ropes landed a missed elbow attempt, and by landed I mean hitting the canvas. Piper counted as Bret limped to his feet and the courageous Hitman landed a right hand or two and then a headbutt which drops Yokozuna.

Bret fails to get up to his feet still stelling the injured knee.

Yokozuna up first grabs the head of Bret but he blocks the attempted head drive into the canvas and he slams Yokozuna into the mat. Bret up as the fans cheer. Bret with a dropkick to Yoko out of the corner and he gets a shot by Yokozuna but Hart kept hammering away with all he had.

Bret dropped a double axehandle to the back of Yokozuna. Cornette yelled for him to get up. Bret covered Yokozuna and Cornette pulled Piper, and the Hot Rod delivered a shot to James E on the outside and MSG loved it.

Fuji attempted to wake up Cornette on the outside.

In the ring Yokozuna continued to weardown Bret as he landed a standing headbutt drop to Bret. Yoko applied a Claw on Bret.

Yokozuna dropped all his weight on the head of Bret, so Bret had to deal with pain all over his body. Again this made the odds stack against the Hitman even more.

Yokozuna with kicks at Bret and chokes him in the corner of the ring. Bret with a running bulldog to Yoko out of no where and he finally hits an offensive move, the place pops.

Bret with an elbow and a two count.

Both men down for an extended period of time.

Yokozuna caught Bret off the top with a belly to belly suplex!

Yokozuna dragged Bret to the corner.

Yokozuna then went to the top rope to put the battered Hitman away.

Yokozuna from the top lost his balance.

The Hitman capitalized on this and won the match after covering Yokozuna.

So in the end Bret defeated Yokozuna at 10:38 to become the NEW WWF Champion for a second time. This one really felt like the big one for Bret though, you`d have to believe.

This match is perhaps best remembered for the Hitman`s rise to the top of the Federation after clearly being the man in the company. Better then everyone else, this was his time. Past legends such as Randy Savage made sure to let the fans know he was the man, Savage got on the top rope and pointed at Bret. The stars of today (then) such as Razor and Luger lifted up Bret as Monsoon and others put the spotlight on him.

Yokozuna`s long reign had come to an end and MSG loved the Hitman, a place where he put on so many classic`s, time after time. This was his moment.

Then an underrated Wrestlemania moment happens when Owen Hart who had beaten him earlier in the night, looks on at everyone giving Bret the attention, as if to wonder why the spotlight wasn`t on him. This would set the stage for a great feud in 94.

Overall this was a moment for the ages and the appropriate way to end the night. One of the best endings in a feel good way to any show ever.


** 1/4


Final Rating for WWF Wrestlemania 10 = 8/10

This Mania features arguably two top ten matches in not only Wrestlemania history, but the history of Professional Wrestling.

No other show can say that to this extreme. The fact these two arguable five star matches were on the same event automatically gives this show a seven out of ten, regardless of what else. I add an additional number for the great Savage send-off at Mania match, and of course Bret winning the big one with that memorable ending putting him over. Definitely consider getting this event if you have no access to the two classic matches, but even still the non-classic stuff is a tad fun in a guilty pleasure sort of way. I am being generous but the matches speak for themselves at the end of the day.

One of the Greatest Shows of all time just for half of those things alone.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The Bret/Owen match was THEE best match of the night.

  2. Ruben says:

    Great reviews thus far from a objective and point of view, and how we see wrestling today. But I will say, when it was reviewed when it actually happened, 9 and 10 and especially 11 had that ‘downer’ feel. Did not seem as large of a spectacle with the larger than life anticipation story lines and characters. (once Jesse left, it lost that real heavyweight feel IMO)

    That’s something current reviews cannot fully capture.. the impression of things as it happened. And for WM 9 and 10 (11 and even 12), I just remember feeling a bit let down when compared to the size and scaled expected at a WM. It wasn’t until 13 (WM 12 really wasn’t a WM moment match) when that feel started to come back and Bret and Stone Cold brought it back with a storm.

  3. Brett Mix says:

    Owen-Bret WM X (Just watched for probably the 50th time) is still probably pound for pound the best wrestling match in wwf-e history.

  4. Satch says:

    Enjoyed your review, as always. Agreed some classic matches here. One small point — then president Bill Clinton was not in the audience for this one, but the most prominent of his impersonators was. The WWE would be celebrating the coup of having the leader of the free world attend one of its shows (not to mention play along in skits) had that happened.

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