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May 20, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF Wrestlemania 11 Review: 








-WWF Wrestlemania 11 took place at the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford, Connecticut on April 2, 1995 in front of 16,305 fans. Vince giving something back to his home state, when in reality he probably should of just gave them a refund after it was over.

The then Home of the Hartford Whalers now known as the Carolina Hurricanes.

-This was the 11th Annual WWF Wrestlemania event.

-This is the second Wrestlemania without Hulk Hogan. This was the only Wrestlemania at the time since the original where Macho Man Randy Savage did not appear as he had left for WCW.

-Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler did commentary for the second year in a row together at Wrestlemania.

-The main storyline going into the show was The match between Taylor and Bigelow that brought the WWF some mainstream press coverage. The reactions to the match were mixed; some people thought that Taylor performed surprisingly well for a non-wrestler. Others thought that the WWF pushing a football player to defeat a wrestler made professional wrestling look bad. Reviews of the event as a whole have also been mixed, and the event has been called both the worst WrestleMania of all time on a number of occasions.

-Special Olympian Kathy Huey sang a rendition of “America the Beautiful”.

-Prior to Lawrence Taylor’s match against Bam Bam Bigelow, Salt-n-Pepa sang Whatta Man.

-Several other celebrities also had roles at WrestleMania. Nicholas Turturro, one of the stars of NYPD Blue, conducted interviews and served as a guest ring announcer. Jonathan Taylor Thomas of television’s Home Improvement was a guest timekeeper for the match between Diesel and Shawn Michaels. As well as of course Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy who were two of the best Celeb guests Mania ever had which helped an otherwise dull show.

-The event was attended by 16,000 fans, who paid a total of $750,000 in admission fees. This was down from the previous year’s attendance of 18,065, but the decline could be attributed to the smaller size of the venue for WrestleMania XI. The attendance figure was also lower than the following year’s figure of 18,852 fans at WrestleMania XII. The pay-per-view buyrate for WrestleMania XI was 1.3, which was lower than the 1.68 buyrate for WrestleMania X but higher than the 1.2 buyrate for WrestleMania XII.

-During the event, commentator Jerry Lawler accidentally unplugged some microphone cords. As a result, later he and Vince McMahon had to re-record the English commentary. In late 1995, the event was broadcast as a one-hour special on the FOX Network; it featured the Diesel vs Shawn Michaels match, and the Lawrence Taylor vs Bam Bam Bigelow match. In addition to the pay-per-view event, the WrestleMania weekend also featured the WWF’s Fan Fest, a promotional event that featured wrestlers interacting with fans and signing autographs.

-Now onto the PPV……………









1) Opening Contest- The Allied Powers (Lex Luger and The British Bulldog) vs The Blu Brothers (Jacob and Eli) (with Uncle Zebekiah)

What an awesome opener this should be! (Insert Sarcastic face here)

This venue looked like we were watching an episode of WWF Superstars and NOT Wrestlemania with how the setting looked, so why not open it with a standard tag match.

Luger goes from co-main eventing a Mania to curtain jerking which says a lot about his failed push at the time, and why he would never appear at another Wrestlemania after this. He does seem to be back to his old self (old meaning 80s) when appearing on Monday Night Nitro later in the year.

Davey Boy and Luger get jumped by the Blu Brothers but they quickly both duck at the same time and fire away on the Heels while the crowd loves the pace to start this match. Right hands galore from the Allied Powers, The British Bulldog sends the Blu Brothers into one another as they collide when Luger sends the other one into his partner where Davey Boy. Some double team offense by the Allied Powers.

Off the rope The British Bulldog reverses a backdrop attempt and lands a powerful vertical suplex, The British Bulldog gets a two. A sleeper is slapped on. McMahon can’t tell the twins apart so I wont even bother trying either.

Bulldog lands another clothesline. Off the ropes Davey Boy ducked a clothesline and then one of the Blu’s kneed The British Bulldog from the apron, the fans boo and the official doesen’t see. The Blu Brothers start to isolate Davey Boy Smith. A small package by The British Bulldog and its interupted by one of Eli or Jacob as they kick at The British Bulldog to break the count. A tag and a kick to the abdomen of The British Bulldog. One of the Blu’s lands a sidewalk slam to Davey Boy.

Double team effort to The British Bulldog and off the ropes he recieved a boot to the jaw by both Blu’s.

Uncle Zebekiah loves this. The British Bulldog fights back landing an uppercut. One of the Blu’s runs in and kicks The British Bulldog in the mid-section and he kicks out. The British Bulldog splashed in the corner and now one holds Davey Boy Smith in the corner while the other kicks at him. A scoop slam to the Bulldog. An elbow drop off the top and Luger finally gets tagged in. The Lex Express hammers away at the Blu Brothers, a running kneelift off the ropes followed by a clothesline to the Mountain Man. A big powerslam off the ropes, Luger elects not to cover. Luger catches the other twin offgaurd on the apron as he falls to the floor. Lex with a flying forearm, all four men in the ring now.

The Bulldog from the corner (not even the legal man but the official doesen’t seem to care) hits a sunset flip on one of the Blu’s while he is down recieving shots by Lex Luger.

In the end at 6:34 The Allied Powers won after The British Bulldog got the victory with a sunset flip.


This ending is hated by a lot of people for the fact that it was beyond sloppy and perhaps for the fact it made absolutely zero sense.

This opener was sluggish at best, not very good at all. I would like to call it average to be fair. I would also like to do a lot of other things.









2) “Double J” Jeff Jarrett (c) (with The Roadie) vs “The Bad Guy” Razor Ramon (with The 1-2-3 Kid) for the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship

Backstage there was technical difficulties (fitting for a terrible show) during an attempted interview with the NYPD celebrity and Jenny McCarthy. Vince let out a nervous laugh.

Jeff Jarrett had won the IC title over Ramon at the 95 Rumble in a great match.

Here they were going to try and re-create that magic, and in Pro-Wrestling its never a good idea to re-create anything as we’ve learned so many times.

There still is audio difficulty when they try and capture a few words from a young 1-2-3 Kid.

Razor Ramon begins the match with a series of shots to Jeff Jarrett and he falls to the outside floor. Razor’s pyro goes off before the opening attack. (Is anything on cue tonight?, Wow…)

Jarrett takes his sweet time before he gets back in.

Razor Ramon lands a big right to Jeff Jarrett off the ropes, Jarrett ducks a clothesline and ducks behind Hall’s strike and then he catches him a third time. Jarrett tried to leap over Razor from the corner but Hall stood still and dropped him. Ramon gives him one to many strikes and Jarrett goes for a walk outside the ring. Jeff Jarrett took out the leg of Hall from outside the ring, once back in he is reversed to the corner, Jarrett tried a sunset flip but Ramon dropped a right to the head of Double J. Jeff Jarrett regained control for the moment but he is sent to the apron and almost bumps into the Roadie.

Hall lands a right and then he rolled up Double J getting a nearfall. Ramon with a kick to the mid-section and he goes for the Razor’s Edge to a loud ovation.

Razor went for the Razors Edge on Jarrett.

The Roadie with the save grabbing Jarrett on the outside apron.

Jeff Jarrett went to leave but the 1-2-3 Kid met him in the entrance way. The kid threw him back in. Ramon with an inside cradle and a two count.

Jeff Jarrett from the corner reverses an irishwhip sending Razor back first in the corner. Jeff Jarrett choked out Ramon on the middle rope using the top rope for additional leverage. Jeff Jarrett charged at Ramon and he moved out of the way just in time and he lands groin first on the middle rope. Roadie is slammed head first into the corner. Ramon elevated Jeff Jarrett over the top rope to the outside floor.

Razor Ramon did not want a countout victory or he would not get Jeff Jarrett’s title. Ramon hit with a swinging neckbreaker and a couple of dropkicks land. Jarrett then struts around the ring and poses to a chorus of boo’s. Jeff Jarrett irishwhipped Ramon hard to the corner. Jarrett again with another hard shot, went for a kick and Ramon caught the ankle, Ramon dodged a spinning heel kick attempt. Jeff Jarrett meets Razor with a reverse elbow shot. Jeff Jarrett slaps on a sleeper wearing down Razor Ramon on the mat, the crowd chant in Razor’s favor.

Jeff Jarrett goes for a hiplock to the bad guy and he reverses it into a backslide but Jeff Jarrett rolls out and nails Ramon with a clothesline and he then kicks out. Fast back and forth action here.

Jeff Jarrett kicks at Ramon down on the mat and lands an uppercut and then another. Jeff Jarrett caught an uppercut from the Bad Guy but off the ropes Jeff Jarrett leaps on the back of Ramon and slaps on a sleeper. Razor escaped and missed with a blow, Jeff Jarrett throws Ramon hair first to the mat backwards. Jarrett slaps back on a sleeper hold.

Razor Ramon losing any momentum he tried to gain, the fans still in full support of the Bad Guy chanting Razor. Ramon hit a desperation side suplex to Double J out of the sleeperhold. Razor Ramon and Jeff Jarrett both lay down on the mat getting up in the second half of a count to ten. Off the ropes Razor jumped over Jarrett down on the mat and then a double-collision sends both men down once more. Jeff Jarrett beat to the punch by Razor with a hard righthand and both men fall down yet again, this collision looked a tad sloppy. I’m used to that theme for this night though by now…

Razor Ramon with more rights and a sequence of nearfalls. Jarrett in the corner kicks the Kid off of him sending him into the railing. Ramon climbs up to the top and attempts an elbow drop on Double J but he saw this coming and moved out of the way. Jeff Jarrett targets the weaker knee Ramon landed on and he drops it on his own knee. This was the same knee the Roadie took out before so its nice to see some follow up.

Jeff Jarrett slaps on the Figure Four Leglock.

In mid-ring Ramon tries his best to escape.

Razor Ramon wills out of this predicament but Jarrett still has the leglock slapped on in mid-ring, Ramon with all his power reverses the hold and now Jeff Jarrett is selling like a mad man. The Roadie reaches out but Jarrett limps towards him in the corner of the ring. Ramon ducks a clothesline and sets Jarrett up high. Ramon climbs to the top to meet Jarrett and he hooks him from up top and drops him with a back superplex from the top. Ramon sells the knee as he lands and this prevents him from covering the Champ. Razor Ramon limps to his feet and then signals for the end. Ramon picks up Jeff Jarrett and he stretches his arms. Ramon with Jeff Jarrett up high goes for the Edge and the Roadie came in and stopped the move DQing Double J.

The 1-2-3 Kid then cleans house with a series of spin kicks.

In the end Razor won by DQ but not the title of course, at 13:32 after the Roadie stopped a Razor’s Edge attempt.

This match was pretty decent overall, it felt a little overbooked at times. It did tell a decent story though with a solid pace.

However in comparison it has nothing at all on there awesome encounter at the 95 Rumble.

** 1/2



3) The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) vs King Kong Bundy (with Ted DiBiase) Singles match -With special guest referee Larry Young

The Undertaker dodged an attack from Bundy and met him with righthands.

The Deadman from Death Valley shows agility walking the top rope and landing down with a shot. Two clotheslines dont knock Bundy down but a third one will off the ropes for some momentum. Bundy clotheslined Taker to the floor after he eyed DiBiase for a moment.

Taker takes the Urn back to a loud roar and he proceeds to give it to Paul Bearer. Well at least something is going right tonight.

Taker comes back onto the apron and Bundy delivers some shots to the Deadman walking slowly back in and he lands an uppercut. Taker with his purple glove choked out Bundy in the corner. Kama runs out and he kicks Bearer and takes away the Urn. The Undertaker grabs ahold of him from inside the ring and this allows Bundy to re-group and he drops a double axehandle across the back of the Deadman.

Taker though regains momentum and delivers a shot to Bundy and slams him head first to the corner ring buckle. Off the ropes Bundy hit a scoop slam on the Deadman. Bundy with two sloppy clotheslines, the second one drops the Deadman to the floor over the ropes. Bundy choked out The Undertaker with his boot by the ropes.

The Undertaker slammed and then a sleeper is locked on because the match wasn’t slow enough to begin with. Bundy drops a blow to the spine of the Deadman and sends him back first to the corner. Bundy hits the Bundy splash in the corner but The Undertaker feels no pain and strikes back with a shot, a powerslam and a flying clothesline.

In the end Taker put Bundy away at 6:36 after a basic clothesline. No Chokeslam or Tombstone because in 1995 doing that on a guy like Bundy would of been unthinkable I guess…

Undertaker goes 4-0 at Wrestlemania.

This match was terrible.

As slow as you feared it could be, and probably worse then you thought it might be.






4) The Smoking Gunns (c) (Billy and Bart) vs Owen Hart and Mystery Partner- Yokozuna (with Mr. Fuji and Jim Cornette)

Thanks to the book of the Hitman, we learn The Anvil was supposed to be the partner for Owen re-uniting the two but he was released so they brought in Yoko.

Owen Hart introduced Yoko as his Mystery Partner.

Billy and Owen lock up. Owen slaps Gunn and Woo’s. Gunn with rights and a standing side headlock. Off the ropes a leapfrog by Owen but he catches a slap from Billy. Bart from the top drops his weight down onto Owen’s arm Billy held.

Bart with an armbar but Owen is up to his brilliant tricks he did the year before and he flips out of it in unique, athletic fashion. Owen tags in Yoko who slams Bart and then when he runs off the ropes dropping his whole body weight Bart moves. Owen tags in and kicks at Bart. Owen with an arm-ringer to Bart. Owen off the ropes hits a shoulder block on Bart. A nice hiplock from Bart to Owen and then into an armbar on the arm they worked on previously. Bart and Billy slam Owen back first to the mat with a double Side Russian LegSweep.

Yokozuna knocked off the apron. Owen comes back into the ring to meet Billy and he flips him in from the outside apron. Billy with an arm-ringer and a tag to Bart who kicked at Owen’s abdomen while Billy held onto him. A side suplex with help from Billy, nice double teamwork by the Gunns. Billy gets a nearfall on the King of Hart’s. Billy tags back in Bart and he goes to work on Owen who is being isolated in the Champs corner.

Owen with an arm-ringer against him by Bart. Bart sends Owen chest first into the turnbuckle and a nearfall. Off the ropes Bart goes to drop Owen with a side suplex and Billy hits him with a leg drop in the air. Billy covers Owen and Yokozuna distracted the official. Off the ropes Owen leaps over Billy and a tag made to Yokozuna. Owen drops Billy with a drop toehold, and then Yokozuna drops his elbow onto the head of Billy Gunn. Owen outside the ring picks up Billy Gunn and slams his lower back directly into the steel ring post. Owen rolls Billy into the ring. Yokozuna in complete control over Billy in there side of the ring. Yokozuna with the dreaded Trapezius submission weardown. Owen drops Yokozuna with a dropkick as Billy Gunn moves out of the way and Owen accidentally hit his partner.

All three men slowly rise up. Bart with a hot tag. Bart Gunn sends Owen to the ropes and lands a powerslam. Yokozuna irishwhipped and Bart slams Yoko head first backwards to the canvas floor. Billy Gunn and Bart criss-cross and Owen brilliantly pulls down the top rope as Bart falls to the floor. Yokozuna hits a belly to belly on Billy in the ring. Yokozuna lands a Bonzai drop.

Bart comes in and Yokozuna drops him over his back to the floor. Owen tags in and slaps on a Sharpshooter to a down and out Billy Gunn or so it seemed but he elects to go for the cover instead and gets the three.

Some fans pop for the King of Harts winning a title which is nice to see.

In the end Owen Hart and Yokozuna became the New WWF Tag Team Champions at 9:42 when Owen pinned Billy Gunn after Yokozuna’s dirty work.

Owen celebrated on the way out. Woooo.

This match was pretty decent as far as tag-team matches go. I liked the teamwork from Yokozuna and Owen, some nice double-team offense by the Gunns as well. Nothing incredibally deep, pretty enjoyable overall.


** 1/4




5) Bret “Hitman” Hart vs Bob Baclkund in an “I Quit” match -With special guest referee “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

Bret Hart calls this his worst PPV match in his career.

That being said, here we go!

Unlike most I Quit matches these days, this was strictly a submission match where they did absolutely nothing but that. At the 1994 Survivor Series the two put on an absolute clinic, in comparison this match is dog piss.

Bret with a bunch of righthands to Backlund. Bret goes for a Sharpshooter, Piper asks Bob Backlund what he wants to say every three seconds.

Brilliant back and forth from Lawler and Vince here which makes this match a lot better.

King: “A certain SOMEBODY beat Bret at Wrestlemania 8…..guess who?”

Vince: “The British Bulldog…”

King: “Whaaaaat!?!?”

Vince: “No?”

King: “It was Roddy Piper…”

Vince: “As a matter of fact it was…”

Well, it sounds better then it reads.

Backlund reversed a formation of the Sharpshooter into a leglock on Bret.

Backlund is dragged to the center by the Hitman and he takes apart the leg of Bob Backlund slamming it to the mat. Hart drops an elbow on the leg of Backlund and twists his left knee into a leglock. Bob Backlund doesen’t quit for the record and Piper must have asked him a good twenty times already. Bret is then caught by Backlund who drops a leg onto him.

Bob Backlund with an irishwhip to Bret into the corner.

An armbar by Backlund.

Backlund in control of the Hitman drops the elbow on top of him.

Backlund back into an armbar on the Hitman. Bob Backlund keeps this move until Bret scoop slams Bob and drops him with a side suplex and an elbow drop. A Sharpshooter is attempted and Bob Backlund fights out. The Hitman charged towards Bob Backlund in the corner and he moved out of the way and Bret hits the post.

Bob Backlund slaps on his Chicken Wing and Bret reverses it into a Crossface of his own and makes Backlund quit, finally…

In the end Bret made Backlund quit at 9:34.

A bit of a rating for the effort, and because both men own, but it was incredibally dissapointing considering who was involved and what show it was on.



* 3/4






6) “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel (c) (with Pamela Anderson) vs “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels (with Sycho Sid and Jenny McCarthy) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship

Once more in 1995 the WWF got something right and decided to put Pamela on PPV.

This one arguably would of came off better if it was the Main Event…

WHERE was Pamela Anderson was the question all night, and she ended up coming out with none other then Diesel, even though it was originally supposed to be Shawn Michaels.

Diesel backdrops Shawn over the top rope out to the floor. Diesel does what we all wish we could do in 1995 and that was invite Pam in. Pam came in the ring and like Diesel’s good buddy Razor earlier in the night, his pyro goes off for him in the ring after he already assaults his opponent.

Shawn Michaels comes back in to meet the Champ while Jenny and Pam sit by the ring looking as bored as ever.

Shawn Michaels ducks a clothesline attempt by Big Daddy Cool and unloads with some rights off the Bell and some in Hartford applaud this. Michaels the winner of the Rumble and as a result the #1 contender here. Michaels irishwhipped to the ropes and missed with an elbow and a righthand was Diesel. Shawn rolled back by Diesel and he ducks a clothesline and finally runs into a big forearm by Diesel. Michaels bumps like crazy making Diesel look full of power which was clearly the match’s only objective.

Diesel locks up with Shawn and he hits an arm-ringer on the big man. Michaels with a shot to Diesel and another arm-ringer. Diesel shoves him to the corner and he hits Shawn with a hiplock. Diesel lands a back bodydrop to Michaels who continues to bump like hell for the Big Man. Tremendous Velocity from Diesel sends Shawn to the corner, flipping over out to the floor.

Shawn Michaels gets some words of encouragment outside the ring by Sid. When I need that I hope to run into a guy like Sid to help keep me cool.

They show the Ladies outside the ring looking as uncomfortable as ever, Lawler claims Pam was waving at him. Diesel runs into Shawn with another forearm shot. Michaels dodged an elbow and jumps up on Diesel landing shots. Michaels pushed off but quickly jumps up and throws out more, he’s pushed off again and Diesel lands an elbow to Michaels. Diesel goes to throw Shawn and he drops to his feet raking the eyes of Big Daddy Cool. Diesel hits Shawn with a suplex and boots him over the ropes to the floor. Shawn Michaels is grabbed by Diesel but Michaels rakes his face and throws an elbow to Diesel. Shawn slides under the rope under Diesel between his legs. Shawn irishwhipped to the ropes comes off and attempts a Sunset flip and Diesel is tipping but he re-gains his balance and picks up Shawn dropping him groin first on the top rope. Shawn ducks a boot from Diesel then eventually clotheslines him to the floor. Shawn then with a high crossbody from the top to the floor on Big Daddy Cool. They show Pam until they realize she isnt paying attention.

Shawn throws Diesel into the post on the outside. Shawn splashed out to Diesel on the floor off the outside apron. Michaels aims for the ribs when Big Daddy Cool decides to come back in the ring. Shawn lands a boot to the head of Diesel. Michaels rakes the head of Big Daddy Cool twice with his boot as Sid looks on loving it. Shawn leaps up to the corner up top, Michaels drives Diesel’s head into the mat with a high running bulldog from the top, this scores Michaels a two. Shawn with a hard right, off the ropes for additional leverage drops the big man to the canvas with another powerful shot. Shawn Michaels slams Diesel’s head into the corner.

The action has slowed down considerably by this point, Shawn reversed into the corner and he flies back at Diesel landing an elbow to the head.

The fans chant “Lets go Shawn” and McMahon gets louder on commentary to try and drown out the chants. Shawn lands an elbow from the corner which gets a good pop. Diesel back to his feet scoopslams Shawn a couple of times. Diesel back into a corner caught a shot from Shawn, Michaels leaped up on Diesel in the corner and Diesel goes to shove Shawn down, Michaels drops and shoves Diesel ribs first into the corner. Shawn tries to weardown Big Daddy cool as he climbs to his back with a Sleeper. Down to one knee is Diesel. Shawn Michaels driven backwards into the corner by Diesel and he throws out elbows to Shawn. Diesel lands a hard running clothesline to Shawn Michaels, thrown into a corner opposite to this one and Shawn gets another clothesline. Snake eyes now by Diesel. Shawn falls to the middle rope and Diesel drops his bodyweight onto the back of Shawn. Shawn continuing to bump like a madman sent into the corner and he flips over the corner onto the apron and Diesel levels him off.

Hard forearm strikes to Shawn Michaels.

Michaels landed a superkick on Diesel in mid-ring.

The official apparently twisted his ankle (Hebner go figure) and he isnt there to make the cover for Shawn.

Hebner rolled in by Sid makes the slow count and by this point Diesel kicks out.

Diesel covered again in dramatic fashion and Diesel has no problem getting out when the two count finally comes that is.

Shawn leaps off from the corner and Diesel caught him in mid-air dropping Michaels with a side suplex. Diesel catapolts Shawn head first into the top turnbuckle padding.

Diesel begins to feel it and knocks Shawn down with hard rights. Diesel sends Shawn to the ropes and comes off with a big boot. Diesel hits the Jackknife and puts away Shawn Michaels.

In the end Diesel retained the title at 20:35 after his Jackknife Powerbomb.

It was at least good to see someone retain the World Title at Wrestlemania, despite it being a babyface.

Diesel then had Pam come in the ring to celebrate his victory with him.

This match was the match of the night, but again it was nothing in comparison to an In Your House match they had over a year later.

Strangely this wasnt as good as I remembered it being, the first half is solid but the second half drags in a bad way.







7) Main Event- Lawrence Taylor vs Bam Bam Bigelow (with Ted DiBiase)

While this did not exactly Spell Main Event, let alone at a Wrestlemania, it certainly was not a horrible match even though it had the potential to be an absolute disaster which was kind of a relief.

But everything seemed bittersweet on this night, if not downright horrible.

Bam Bam Bigelow with a shove to Taylor.

LT with a violent slap, a hard forearm shot and he takes Bam Bam to the outside. Nicely done by LT, this has the fans on there feet.

LT with a running bulldog to Bam Bam Bigelow from the corner. A nicely executed hiplock now to Bam Bam. Bam Bam Bigelow in shock.

LT hops out to the floor. A shoving war breaks out and Bam Bam gets in the ring first. Bam Bam stompson LT who comes in and he attempted a comeback but Bam Bam Bigelow kept him grounded. Bam Bam with a boot to the ribs and and he chokes out LT using his big boot in the corner. A hard forearm attempt by LT goes sour and Bam Bam scoops up LT slamming him hard back first to the mat.

LT fires back using the trusty forearm blow and he lands it.

LT delivered a running bulldog to the Beast from the East.

LT tries another and this time he misses. Back and forth contest here.

Bam Bam catches him this time around and rams him into the buckle. Bam Bam goes to drop his weight down but LT kicks back. Bam Bam scoops up LT and drives him back first into the buckle. Bam Bam Bigelow slaps on a Boston Crab. A half-crab but LT gets to the ropes, Special Referee Pat Patterson makes Bam Bam let go.

Bam Bam Bigelow twists the leg of Taylor some more. Taylor drops Bam Bam but he comes back again with a double axehandle. LT grounded by the Beast from The East.

LT still in the game gets to his feet and Bam Bam missed a moonsault just a second ago. LT able to elevate Bam Bam up with a formation of a Jackknife. LT gets a nearfall, Lawler sounds nervous for some reason, he used to be biased for Heels back in the day, I wonder what happened?

LT gets a spinning heel kick by an agile big man in Bam Bam. I love how he moved for his size. Bam Bam drops the head onto LT on the canvas floor twice. A series of headbutts and the fans get behind LT thanks to the NFLers outside the ring encouraging them to get into the Main Event. This is Wrestlemania, afterall…

Bam Bam Bigelow drops a headbutt to LT from the top rope, and somehow LT kicks out. LT spots Bam Bam in the corner and he jams a series of forearm shots and he spears Bam Bam twice. A flying forearm by LT catches Bam Bam in the chin, not once but twice.

LT with momentum goes up to the top rope after those two shots and from the top he flies off with a final third flying forearm. That’s it.

In the end LT put away Bam Bam at 11:42 after the third flying forearm, this time from the top.

This match was about as good as it ever was going to be. Some claim it to be the Worst Main Event in history for Mania, I would not buy that for a second. These two actually tried and it was solid. Plus I just re-watched the Malone and Page vs Hogan-Rodman match from the 98 Bash last night and this looks like Flair-Steamboat in comparison.

Hogan-Sid, Bret-Yoko 1, Sid-Taker, were MUCH worse.

Good way to end a bad show.






Final Rating for WWF Wrestlemania 11 = 2.5/10

This is the worst Wrestlemania of all time.

Having only seven matches and one of them being long, nothing but average matches and stinkers all throughout the night solidifed that fact. This felt like an average episode of Monday Night Raw and they played it off as the biggest show of the year. No wonder the ratings would start to turn to the promotion of Ted Turner, and despite the fact the WWF would then rip on Hogan and Savage, that is exactly who the public turned towards, oh the irony…

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    This WrestleMania was the worst. Awful.

  2. Deepthroat Ghoul says:

    Here’s what the card for WrestleMania 11 SHOULD’VE been, using the roster and feuds at the time:

    1.The New Headshrinkers (with Capt. Lou Albano & Afa) vs. The Blu Brothers (with Uncle Zebekiah)
    [These two teams had a brief feud on a couple episodes of Raw and Wrestling Challenge in February and March, so it makes sense for them to get on this card for a quick PPV payday, with the Blu’s getting the win.]

    2.Jeff Jarrett (with The Roadie) vs. Razor Ramon (with The 1-2-3 Kid) for the WWF Intercontinental Championship
    [We’re keeping this match in, and you can still have Razor win by DQ.]

    3.Davey Boy Smith & The Smoking Gunns vs. Irwin R. Schyster, King Kong Bundy, & Nikolai Volkoff (with Ted DiBiase)
    [Just get six guys on the card, and Bulldog and the Gunns get the win when Bulldog pins Volkoff with the running powerslam; Charles Wright still makes his WWF return, but as Papa Shango instead of Kama the Supreme Fighting Machine, and he can still feud with Taker throughout the spring and summer of 1995, culminating in their casket match at SummerSlam that year as Taker vs. Shango instead of Taker vs. Kama; imagine the back-and-forth mind games between these two.]

    4.Bull Nakano vs. Alundra Blayze for the WWF Women’s Championship
    [This match was held on Raw the night after, but it would make more sense to have it take place at WrestleMania with Alundra winning back the title, and then you can have Bertha Faye make her debut the next night on Raw by attacking Alundra during an interview.]

    5.Lex Luger vs. Tatanka (with Ted DiBiase) in a steel cage match
    [This feud had been building since SummerSlam and Survivor Series in 1994, so the blow-off should happen here, and after the match, DiBiase berates Tatanka, who tries to attack him, only for Luger to return to the ring, beat down Tatanka, and shake hands with DiBiase, thus cementing Luger’s heel turn so he can feud with Diesel, Shawn, Bret, and Taker.]

    6.The 1-2-3 Kid & Bob Holly vs. Hakushi & Yokozuna (with Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji) for the WWF Tag-Team Championship
    [Kid and Holly should’ve had a longer title reign, and Hakushi would’ve also been a suitable partner for Yoko; that way, Kid and Hakushi can exchange high-flying moves, while Holly and Yoko exchange stiff punches, kicks, and chops; we can still have Hakushi and Yoko win the titles here, and then go on to In Your House #1 to defend against the Gunns.]

    7.The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) vs. Bam Bam Bigelow (with Ted DiBiase)
    [Since Taker is feuding with the Million Dollar Corporation, it makes sense for him to battle their crown jewel, who would obviously be Bigelow.]

    8.Diesel (with Lawrence Taylor) vs. Shawn Michaels (with Sycho Sid) for the WWF World Championship
    [Instead of wrestling Bigelow, L.T. can be in Diesel’s corner to counter Sid.]

    9.Adam Bomb vs. Kwang (with Harvey Wippleman)
    [Just a quick toilet break match to cool down the crowd between Diesel vs. HBK and Bret vs. Owen, and allow Bomb to get the win so Kwang can disappear off TV and come back as Savio Vega at In Your House #1.]

    10.Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart (with Bob Backlund) in a No DQ match with Roddy Piper as the guest referee
    [I know that this match was held on the Raw prior to the PPV, but it should’ve occured here, and the finish could involve Backlund trying to interfere, only for Piper to knock him the holy hell out, and Bret manages to make Owen submit to the Sharpshooter, thus bringing an end to their year-long feud.]

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