Review: WWF/WWE Wrestlemania 2 DVD

May 16, 2010 by Brett Mix


-Brett Mix’s- WWF Wrestlemania 2 Review:



“Hello everyone. Welcome to the Greatest Sports Entertainment Spectacular of all time, Welcome to Wrestlemania!” -Vince McMahon

-WWF Wrestlemania 2 took place on Monday, April 7th, 1986 at the Nassau Coliseum Rosemont Horizon and L.A. Sports Arena in front of a combined 40, 085 fans.

-This is the only Wrestlemania to take in place in three different venues, Long Island, Chicago and LA.

-This was the 2nd Annual WWF Wrestlemania event.

-Vince McMahon had a vision of doing this show from three different venus in different time zones. After the success of Wrestlemania the year before he wanted to try this and once again, it worked despite people thinking he was crazy for the risk, but it payed off, setting the stage for the Biggest Mania ever the following year.

-Each Venue for Wrestlemania 2 had one main event match with a large undercard. As with the first WrestleMania, the matches were shown on closed-circuit television across North America.

-This was the first WrestleMania to use cardinal numbers (Arabic numerals).

-The commentating teams consisted of Vince McMahon and Susan Saint James in New York, Gorilla Monsoon, Gene Okerlund, and Cathy Lee Crosby in Chicago and Jesse Ventura, Lord Alfred Hayes, and Elvira in Los Angeles. The ring announcers were Howard Finkel (New York), Chet Coppock (Chicago), and Lee Marshall. (Los Angeles)

-The main feud heading into WrestleMania 2 was between Hulk Hogan and King Kong Bundy, with the two battling over the WWF Championship. It is heavily rumored that McMahon wanted Randy Savage to main event Wrestlemania 2 with Hogan but Hulk insisted on Bundy being his challenger because it would make him look stronger to beat a Giant.

-Ray Charles sang a rendition of “America the Beautiful” before the show.

-According to, this was indeed the first WrestleMania to be shown on pay-per-view.

-Celebrity guests in attendance for the New York portion of WrestleMania 2 included Cab Calloway, Darryl Dawkins, G. Gordon Liddy, Joan Rivers, Joe Frazier, Lou Duva, Mr. T, Ray Charles, Herb and Susan Saint James.

-Celebrity guests in attendance for the Chicago portion of WrestleMania 2 included Clara Peller, Dick Butkus, Ed Jones, Ozzy Osbourne, Bill Fralic, Ernie Holmes, Harvey Martin, Jim Covert, Russ Francis, William Perry, and Cathy Lee Crosby.

-Celebrity guests in attendance for the Los Angeles portion of WrestleMania 2 included Ricky Schroder, Robert Conrad, Tommy Lasorda, and Elvira.

-WrestleMania XX, WrestleMania 21, and WrestleMania 22 all took place from the three locations that hosted WrestleMania 2 (WrestleMania XX from New York, WrestleMania 21 from Los Angeles, and WrestleMania 22 from Chicago).

-WrestleMania 2 is the first and only WrestleMania to have taken place on a Monday.

-This was the only WrestleMania to feature a traditional “Cage Match.” At WrestleMania XV, The Undertaker defeated The Big Bossman in a “Hell in a Cell” match.

-Now onto the PPV……………

Part 1: -Uniondale, New York-



1) Opening Contest- “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff vs “The Magnificent” Don Muraco (w/Mr. Fuji)

“Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff was a babyface here which is interesting to see. Something different from the last year.

Fuji always got such great heel heat, and a little surprising to see Orndorff with a very racist joke before the match making fun of the Hall of Fame Manager, Mr. Fuji. (Spreading his eyes wide)

The two went back and forth but a real good, steady pace didn’t get developed at all really, which is something to be expected from this time period.

Paul Orndorff and Don Muraco hook up in the beginning and Paul Orndorff was scooped and slammed by Muraco but he kicked him off and scooped him up and slammed him down while the fans loved it.

They locked up again and Muraco cornered Paul Orndorff who reversed him for the ride to the corner and hit a backbody drop and then an armdrag takedown, a stepover toehold. Paul Orndorff slaps on an armbar on Muraco. Don Muraco with a great counter by using his legs for leverage on the top of the corner to get out of the move and he hit an armdrag takedown but Paul Orndorff kept the armbar locked on, working on the arm and shoulder and Don Muraco was sweating. Muraco down on his knees while Paul Orndorff hit an armringer.

Muraco back to his feet and grabbed Paul Orndorff by the hair and he tried to set him up but Paul Orndorff with a reversal. Paul Orndorff then went from an armbar into a wristlock while Muraco was down on the mat. Paul Orndorff twisted the wrist, and then Muraco hit a Fall away slam to get out of it, nicely done. Muraco landed a right hand to Paul Orndorff and then he slammed his head into the top turnbuckle. Paul Orndorff fired back at him with right hands and an elbow to head of Muraco.

Each men took each other over the ropes and they brawled into the outside on the concrete floor.

The bell rang and the fans booed.

The two battled it out in the corner until both men tumble to the outside and brawl to a dissapointing ending which was a double-countout at 4:30.

Pretty idiotic way to start a big show like this and the fans even chanted “Bullshit!” to which Vince said “Fans certainly not liking the outcome of this one.”

It was good until the finish.




2) Randy “Macho Man” Savage (c) (w/Miss Elizabeth) vs George “The Aninmal” Steele for the WWF Intercontinental Championship

The debut of Mr. Madness and his lovely Valet at an event where he made history. It’s always good to see Savage and here was no exception.

Randy was one of the first wrestlers at this event to ever use theme music so you felt his entrance was special coming out in a robe with Liz with that great theme playing and all the heat he was attracting.

George Steele and Randy Savage circle around one another before things get going here.

Randy “Macho Man” Savage the reigning Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion of the world, headband and all with the yellow boots and orange Macho Man trunks runs away from “The Animal” who waves his hairy arms in the air and Macho Man left ringside. This is one of the great things about Savage was his natural ability to act like a HEEL, but he could also do the BABYFACE role well too.

Savage on the outside afraid of the Animal but at the same time wanted to have a go at him due to his love for Liz.

Randy Savage gave his headband to Elizabeth on the outside and told her to leave, before jumping on the top rope with one arm in the air, Long Island then booed Savage’s heel tactics but loved to do so, certainly.

Savage back in the ring crawled in and then looked eye to eye with George “The Animal” Steele.

Macho Man fakes a jab and the fans booed. Steele turned his head as if he was Michael Myers from Halloween and then once again The Macho Man leaps from the ring to stay away from Steele. Savage hopped back in again and then went to tie up but again he left to gain heel heat. This time George Steele went after him and this was a smart gameplan by Savage.

Why? Well for one Randy’s cardiovascular conditioning was miles ahead of George Steele’s and by running around not only was he drawing great heel heat but at the same time he was making George Steele fatigued.

Eventually though, George Steele caught Savage and started to bite LIKE A SAVAGE on the heel of a HEEL Randy Savage. A lot of play on words in that sentance. Fans went wild as The Animal bit Savage.

The Macho Man Randy Savage tried to get out of this predicament and then he rolled in and limped once back in the ring. This was smart because George Steele could then catch Randy in the ring and he’d have no where to run with a hurt leg. He limped but once George Steele got in Savage did whatever he could to sustain some momentum and cornered George Steele and delivered some blows.

Macho Man though got elevated up by the strength of George Steele as he choked him out and dropped him. Macho Man took a big right hand from Steele, Savage was great on defense. Savage caught George Steele looking at Liz and hung him up on the ropes and this is what caught an opening for Savage. George Steele was stomped on by Savage and then once Steele was down George Steele caught a cross-body from Macho Man who leaped up from the top and got a nearfall. George Steele pushed Savage out of the ring and Elizabeth went to check on him. George Steele goes back to work on Savage in the ring throwing him a couple of shots into the corner and then throwing Savage between the ropes out of the ring.

Savage outsmarted Steele as he hid and then came from behind to attack George Steele. Macho Man reached for the hair of Steele when he grabbed Savage but he had none. Randy Savage raked the eyes of George Steele and Savage went out to grab some flowers some fan had for Liz and he smacked it across the face of Steele. Macho Man then whipped to the buckle by Steele as he then rubbed the flowers into the face of Savage. Steele irishwhipped Savage into the corner of the ring. Savage waited as Steele bit a buckle and then Steele gave Savage a taste of the stuffing in the turnbuckle as it spread across the ring and the fans cheered. Macho Man had his face rakes by Steele and he dropped to the canvas.

Savage went for a walk around the ring to catch a breather but George Steele followed him. George Steele talked to Liz outside the ring while Savage sneaked in, climbed to the top and dropped down to the outside of the ring apron and dropped a bomb on George Steele.

Randy dropped the double axehandle to Steele from the outside ring apron onto the floor from behind him.

Macho Man then rolled George Steele back into the ring.

Savage scooped up the big man Steele and slammed him in the middle of the ring.

If he gets up and drops the elbow, it’s over!

Savage hits the flying elbow drop!

It’s over!

No it’s not! George Steele kicks out.

Savage can’t believe it and McMahon says this is the first time anyone has EVER kicked out of the Macho Man Elbow drop.

George Steele caught Savage by grabbing his face and sending him head first into the padding of the turnbuckle. Steele with stuffing on his hairy back went towards Savage but he lifted the legs of George Steele off the mat and then used the ropes for leverage to win the match.

In the end Savage retained the Intercontinental title and would go on to hold it for another year after defeating Steele when he used ropes for leverage after a cradle to Steele at 5:10 in typical heel fashion. Savage always stole victories, just as he had
stole the IC title from Tito Santana in Boston the month before.

The match was pretty fun for just over five minutes, a good story told by two guys who were feuding at the time.

It could of used more substance but it definitely wasn’t bad considering the chemistry and rivalry between the two, the crowd was hot the entire time as Macho Man retains.






3) Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs George Wells

Wells a Canadian great, one of the forgotten Canadian workers.

Of course following the recent annoyance of Miss Susan St. James on color in the last match, we just HAD to get a guy named George that had to be in this match and Susan can cheer him on also, I heard way more then I should of the last match.

In any event, Jake Roberts was still a Heel at this point, and by the end of the match you can certainly see why which makes up for the annoyance of St. James during this match somewhat.

Jake could put on a facial expression and just by looking at his cold eyes you could immediately know he was evil. One of the best story tellers ever just by his body language alone, without mentioning his overall psychology all around as he could intimidate his opponents quite easily.

George Wells knew if he were to stand any chance in this match he’d have to strike early and often and that is exactly what he did to begin the match.

The bell rang when Wells attacked Roberts who left his Snake bag in the ring.
Jake Roberts sent to the ropes and George Wells hit a backdrop, and then a forearm uppercut on Roberts but Jake Roberts slithered to the outside after throwing him out of the ring. Back to the ropes Wells is leapfrogged by Roberts but still hits a shoulder block, shades of his CFL (Canadian Football League) career. A headbutt by Wells and an irishwhip to the corner.

Fast moving match. Jake Roberts gets hit by a headscissors while The Snake wanted a timeout. Wells with a scoop up body slam to Jake Roberts who had no momentum at the time. A shot to the throat area by George Wells who then drove his knee to the head of Roberts with a knee lift. George Wells with a powerslam off the ropes, a cradle but just a two.

Jake Roberts with a poke to the eye of Wells and then Roberts begged Wells to back off and he slid to the outside, Jake Roberts outsmarted Wells off balance and hit a desperation kneelift to Wells. Jake then set him up for the DDT and got him.
In the end Jake Roberts defeated George Wells when he put him away at 3:04 with the DDT.

Evil Damien goes around Wells neck to makes him suffer.

Pretty awesome spot.

If not for the short ending and unbelievable finish it could of been a rating of * 3/4 on its pace alone. Unfortunately it ended rather abruptly. It was a good match but Wells dominated at a fast pace until Roberts gained an advantage with his kneelift into the DDT.

Roberts got the best of him in little time.



* 1/4



4) New York Main Event- Mr. T (w/Joe Frazier and “Cowboy” Bob Orton) vs “Rowdy” Roddy Piper (w/Cowboy Bob Orton and Lou Duva) in a Boxing Match

Piper said in a pre-taped interview before the first match even started that “If Mr. T can knock me out tonight, I will quit dating girls, I will retire from Wrestling. Never will I shave my head like an Indian and paint myself black.”

Apparently Piper forgot about this by the time Wrestlemania 6 rolled around and he DID paint himself black. Hilarious and Ironic.

Okay, so here is the deal.

This match was BIG and it headlined the Uniondale, New York portion of Mania 2. A great build up, over a year in the making for this one so the expectations were pretty high.

However, it did not come across very great for many fans and I will ellude to that in this review of the first Main Event.
These two had bad blood dating from back before the last Mania and that big, memorable slap to start that main event tag match. These two are entertaining for sure but this Boxing match isn’t.

This one was relatively slow because its boring with an un-needed stretched out pace, and to say it dragged would be an understatement.

The fans were booing inbetween rounds until a very attractive “Sign lady” comes in which the male fans greeted nicely of course.

Piper introduced and came out with his gang, and T came out to a great ovation with his group.

Round 1 begins:

Roddy Piper avoids some shots by Piper and then T went downstairs in the mid-section, inside Piper is told to break as he got closer to T.

Mr. T gave some short shots to Piper and he was told to back off, Piper told him to stick it and the fans booed. T moved in and lanced a few shots but nothing noteworthy due to shots not landing on the face.

FINALLY Mr. T lands one.

T lands a Shot on Piper!

Roddy Piper wore himself out by trying to back T into the ropes or the corner of the ring but he was constantly told to back off to the point it got boring after awhile.

It dragged on and on and on. 30 Seconds left in round one and T corners The Hot Rod. Both men brawl more then anything and piper lands barely a shot to the head of T.

That’s the end of round 1 and the place boo’s but both men keep going at it, and when I say both going at it, I mean trying to hit each other like girls. I like both guys, well PIPER anyway so I won’t be harsh, but hey, even Frank Sinatra had to clear his lungs from time to time.
Both guys get a breather.

Round 2 begins:

More of the same work here.

Roddy Piper had T against the ropes but T fought back until he was told to back off. Both guys trash talk especially Piper as he’s good at that sort of thing and they tie up again. Boring action here.

Very boring, the fans stood and waited for something to happen but it never did. T fought back when in trouble but nothing significant happened. Piper got the better of Mr. T here though. Mr. T kept having shots delivered to the head from Piper and then T went down with 57 seconds to go in round two. Piper kicked him down.

Piper backed off and Roddy got some points here you’d imagine. T took his time to get back up. Once Mr. T gets up, Piper continues with a series of right’s and left’s and T gives a shot back before falling down and Round two is over. Piper with a cheapshot after that round.

Round 3 begins:

So to this point Piper had been getting the best of T mostly with cheap shots and did I mention that it was extremely boring?

Well here Mr. T got the best of Piper in the corner but still it wasn’t the most exciting sight to see. The left handed T hit some shots in the corner to The Hot Rod who now knew he had to do something desperate to win this match.

Piper was angry.

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper knocked out of the ring then by Mr. T.

T had about 25 seconds to get him down and then in the final moments of round three and he did so.

Round 4 begins:

Piper landing some good shots now but T traded some with him. Piper started to get a bit vicious which was entertaining here but it only took 10 plus minuts to do so. Piper did finally catch T with a big right.

When Mr. T was getting the best of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper he lost his temper and body slammed him. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper wasn’t allowed to use a wrestling move so it was over.

Poor New York, THIS WAS THERE MAIN EVENT OF Wrestlemania. T wins by DQ but “Rowdy” Roddy Piper went back on top of him.

In the end Piper was disqualified for body-slamming T at 1:15 in the 4th round and 13:14 in official time. Mr. T wins by DQ.
I would have chanted refund if I was there but then again perhaps the event did have it’s bright spots in Uniondale.
Overall it lacked what was needed and that special X-Factor that usually gets delivered in Special Mania moments. Not exactly a Lesnar-Goldberg type Mania disaster but this just didn’t seem to work very well, however at the time some accepted it. Now, looking back it definitely doesen’t even hold up as watchable for the most part.





Part 2: -Chicago Uniondale

Gorilla Monsoon and Mean Gene took it from Chicago and the fans were ready.

The ring looked a lot smaller in this building, the same venue that would see WM 13’s Austin-Bret classic.





5) The Fabulous Moolah (c) vs Velvet McIntyre for the WWF Women’s Championionship

Only one match has cracked two stars to this point, this wouldn’t either.

It doesen’t help that this match is only 85 seconds long but for 85 seconds it was fast and as good as you could get that is key.

Fabulous Moolah delivered an amazing pace in this one with nothing but offense here on Velvet.

Fabulous Moolah attacked Velvet McIntyre (Wonder if she’s related to Drew?) straight away, Moolah meant business, she held the belt longer then most people were alive. A quick snapmare takedown to Velvet followed by a pull by the hair that slams McIntyre time and time again with a hard chop. Velvet into the ropes and she ducked a clothesline and then a leapfrog to Moolah. Velvet with a dropkick and then a reverse elbow.

Velvet slammed Moolash down. Velvet missed a drop from the top and Moolah got on top of her and got her despite Velvet’s leg perhaps being on the ropes.
In the end The Fabulous Moolah pinned McIntyre after a splash at 1:25 to keep the WWF Ladie’s title. May she rest in peace. A true legend is Moolah.

I would have a hard time rating this under a star considering the greatness Moolah and Velvet delivered in just a minute and a half. Quality over Quantity.

That’s why this great and extremely quick match earns at least a star. Good stuff, would of liked to have seen a few more minutes though.






6) Corporal Kirschner vs Nikolai Volkoff (w/Classy Freddie Blassie) in a Flag Match

This is the guy (Corporal Kirschner) that the WWE reported dead four years ago and he came out and said “Actually I’m still living but thanks anyway.” Hilarious.

Corporal Kirschner alive and well in 1986 just as he is in 2010 (for the time being anyway) gets kicked by Volkoff immediately and tossed to the outside to the concrete. Rammed right into the steel post by Volkoff. Volkoff bit Corporal Kirschner in the face on the outside of the ring and once again forehead first rammed him into the steel post. Freddie Blassie taunted him on the outside. A bunch of shots from Corporal Kirschner to Volkoff in the corner but the referee was knocked down. Corporal Kirschner slugged away at
Volkoff and hit him with the Cane, he got him!

So in the end “Classy” Freddie Blassie tries to toss the cane in the ring, but Kirschner intercepts and BLASTS Volkoff with it for the win at 1:35.

Well…at least this match was 10 seconds longer then the last one….at least there’s that.

A lot of short matches at this event to put it light.

For what it was though, it actually was actually pretty entertaining in the whole 95 seconds it got.







7) NFL & WWF 20 Man Battle Royal- André the Giant vs Jimbo Covert (NFL Star – Chicago Bears) vs Pedro Morales vs Tony Atlas vs Ted Arcidi vs Harvey Martin (Former NFL Star – Dallas Cowboys) vs Danny Spivey vs Hillbilly Jim vs King Tonga vs The Iron Sheik vs Ernie Holmes (Former NFL Star – Pittsburgh Steelers) vs B. Brian Blair vs Jim Brunzell vs Big John Studd vs Bill Fralic (NFL Star – Atlanta Falcons) vs Bret Hart vs Jim Neidhart vs Russ Francis (NFL Star – San Francisco 49ers) vs Bruno Sammartino vs William “Refrigerator” Perry (NFL Star – Chicago Bears)
The participants were introduced in this order: Jimbo Covert (NFL Star – Chicago Bears), Pedro Morales, Tony Atlas, Ted Arcidi, Harvey Martin (Former NFL Star – Dallas Cowboys), Danny Spivey, Hillbilly Jim, King Tonga, The Iron Sheik, Ernie Holmes (Former NFL Star – Pittsburgh Steelers), B. Brian Blair, Jim Brunzell, Big John Studd, Bill Fralic (NFL Star – Atlanta Falcons), Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart, Russ Francis (NFL Star – San Francisco 49ers), Bruno Sammartino, and William “Refrigerator” Perry (NFL Star – Chicago Bears)

A lot of big names in this one, and a lot of big participants including André the Giant and Big John Studd who met the year before at Mania, just to name a few.

Bret Hart makes his Wrestlemania debut here and delivers a good showing. Vince recalled on a Raw in 2010 remembering this event knowing what he had in Bret was the future of the business.

Bruno is even in the match and gets a great pop as expected.
All stars are battling in the ring, what a moment!

Action all around.

A few eliminations every now and again but a lot of brawling for the most part.

Tony Atlas it out.

The Fridge attacks Studd just after André the Giant was working him over, then two or three guys went for André the Giant.

It’s a sight to see Bruno Sammartino battle with Bret Hart!

Pedro Morales is out.

André the Giant looks incredibally huge as expected with all of the other guys. The living legend Bruno Sammartino just stood in the middle.

Many Football players were tossed out, The Golden boy looked like a young Steve Austin and Barry Windham mixed.

Hillbilly Jim is gone.

Sheik, Foundation, Bruno, Studd, André the Giant among others are still in as more Football players get eliminated.

Bruno throws out The Sheik.

Then Bruno Sammartino is gone, and he would never appear at another Mania after this sadly. (There’s always hope for the HOF but it’s doubtful due to him not wanting in)

The Fridge unloads on The Hart Foundation and the place loves it!

The Fridge charged towards Studd and he elevated him out with a backdrop and the place booed.

The Future HOFer (20 years later) in the Celebrity Wing (06), the hall of fame Fridgerator Perry is out.

Fridge is gone and he wanted a handshake with Studd and he pulled him out and Chicago loved there hometown hero getting out Studd.
André the Giant is the winner of more battle royals then anyone in Wrestling.

The Hart Foundation work on Russ Francis as the final four are in, and Russ is out.

It’s down to the Foundation (in blue) against André the Giant.

Both members of the Foundation work him over in the corner with double team moves and the fans chant for André. André the Giant kicked out of there prssure in the corner and lifted a boot up to Bret when The Anvil slingshotted him into the corner.

The Anvil took a terrible boot and he was gone, The Hitman caught by André the Giant and he threw him over.

André the Giant has done it again! Remains undefeated at Mania.
So in the end, André the Giant last eliminated The team of the Hart Foundation (Bret Hart thrown onto the Anvil who by the way had a terrible “late exit” that came off looking piss poor) at 9:13.

André the Giant wins and is the last man standing.

Pretty memorable and enjoyable compared to most of the material before this on the night.

This match was basically more about fun and originality adding to the Wrestlemania Spectacle then anything else but it did actually have a pretty good pace as there were some nice strategies displayed throughout. Good to see Bret in the final two with André the Giant.

The second half was obvioussly stronger then the first.


Bret Hart mentions in his book he wanted the pay that Davey Boy got from this event and McMahon agreed. This kept Vince in line knowing where his true talent was…




* 1/2





8) Chicago Main Event- The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith and The Dynamite Kid) (w/Ozzy Osbourne and Lou Albano) vs The Dream Team (Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake) (c) (w/Johnny Valiant) for the WWF Tag Team Championship

Here we go!

Great, great wrestling displayed here. Chi Town treated to an incredible tag attraction. This was very worthy of the main event spot for Chicago to say the least as it was without a doubt, the match of the night.

Great pace, solid wrestling, nice holds, some very smart team work here and it was never even slow once, not even close.

Dream Team were ready for Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite.

Davey Boy Smith began with The Hammer.

Both tied up and Bulldog showed his strength and pushed the Hammer over. Valentine met Davey Boy with a right and then an elbow shot to the head. Bulldog took some shots towards Valentine that cornered him and made him hesitate before he took down Bulldog, however Davey Boy got back up and applied an armbar followed by an armringer, before Valentine irishwhipped Bulldog and hit a hiplock before an elbow drop missed and Bulldog slammed him.
The Dynamite Kid now comes in and attacks The hammer with quick offense hitting him head first in the buckle. Dynamite was so amazing and his beautiful suplexes helped make this match.

Bulldog came in but Valentine tried a standing suplex and Davey Boy reversed it into a Power Suplex of his own like only he can do it. Both the Bulldog’s loved the suplexes.

Greg Valentine went for a walk outside the ring while Bulldog waited for him inside the ring.

The Hammer stepped back in with Davey Boy Smith and both men were about to tie up and when they did Valentine gave him forearm shots to the head before Davey boy reversed an irishwhip but Valentine came off the ropes with an elbow shot to the head of Smith and then tagged in Beefcake.

Brutus Beefcake with an armringer to Davey Boy and then twisted the arm of Bulldog. Beefcake’s power didn’t last as Bulldog countered into a press slam!
The Dynamite Kid tagged in and a chop after a clothesline to Beefcake. A Small package out of no where by Beefcake but it didn’t last as Bulldog got tagged back in and hit a perfect plex of sorts with a bridge obviously but Beefcake kicked out. Beefcake in a front facelock being worn down by Davey Boy Smith. The Hammer tagged back in and he hits a well executed suplex on Bulldog. A ton of suplexes in this one.

Valentine slapped a sleeper on Davey Boy Smith in an attempt to wear down the quickness and power that the Bulldog’s had been displaying thus far in the match. The Dynamite Kid tagged in and went to work on Valentine but he exchanged rights with him and both men hit forearm shots, stiff as always by Valentine. Dynamite speared Valentine in the corner and then grabbed him by the head and shoved him head first into the canvas and he flopped as Chicago laughed. The Dynamite Kid got a two count and tagged in Bulldog and they hit a double shoulder block. The British Bulldog tagged back in The Dynamite Kid and Valentine this time got to work on him by irishwhipping him however The Dynamite Kid got a sunset flip and just a two.

Frequent tags made this match extremely fast thus extremely entertaining.

Back breaker by The Dynamite Kid to Valentine and just a two once again. Dynamite dropped his knee to the head of Valentine and then covered him but Valentine kicked out. The Dynamite Kid with a hard shot to the head of Valentine but he gets out of the punishment and picks up The Dynamite Kid for a piledriver and he dropped him in awesome fashion on his head. Somehow The Dynamite Kid kicked out and Chi Town erupted.

The Hammer couldn’t believe The Dynamite Kid kicked out! Valentine with a test of power with The Dynamite Kid’s back on the canvas and then The Hammer got a kick by Bulldog who came in. The Dynamite Kid tagged in and he was able to slam Valentine from one end of the ring. Beefcake came in and Bulldog attacked him. Mayhem broke out. Bulldog elevated The Dynamite Kid with a press slam onto valentine but he moved out of the way.

The Hammer was the workhorse here and he dropped knees to the head of Bulldog who tagged in The Dynamite Kid again, probably the 17th tag by them alone. He works Valentine over before tagging in Bulldog again!

Bulldog hits his powerslam! Frequent tags helping out the Bulldogs cutting off the ring!

It’s still not over as Valentine kicked out!

A huge suplex by Bulldog, amazing. A two count though, as Greg Valentine got up and THEN sent Davey Boy Smith hard shoulder first into the ring post. Valentine stomped on Bulldog and slapped on a hammerlock before tagging in Beefcake. Brutus hit Bulldog from the top with a double axehandle and worked over the injured shoulder. Now it was the Dream Team spotting an oppurtunity to weardown the Bulldogs by isolating Davey Boy Smith and his injured shoulder section.

A snapmare takedown into a press slam by Beefcake to Bulldog and he was down!

Beefcake taking it to Davey Boy Smith now.

Bruti working over the injured shoulder of Davey Boy by shoving him hard into Valentine’s corner. Smart move.

A press slam and stomps injure him more.

Beefcake tagged back in Valentine and he hit a shoulder breaker, the champs have got to have this one now but no, Davey Boy kicked out! Amazing.

What a match as the pacing has picked up big time.

Valentine picked up Davey Boy Smith by the head and then behind the official’s back The Dynamite Kid jumped off the top or was about to but Davey Boy rammed his head into Dynamite at the top!

Monsoon yells “Holy Moses!” as the finish looked a bit strange.

But this match was incredible.
We got new Champion’s! Chi town erupts!
So at the end of this back and forth tag bout The Dynamite Kid leans in for the tag, then Davey Boy Smith grabs Valentine and rams his head into Dynamite’s head, knocking his own partner off the apron. Davey covers for the win at 12:04 and we got new Tag Team Champions. The place goes “Bannanas.”

You just did not come across these types of quality tag matches in the WWF back in 1986, this was a true GEM. (Maybe outside the Hart Foundation matches anyway)

A classic, the first CLASSIC in Wrestlemania history if you want to go by star ratings anyway. This was by far the greatest match in Wrestlemania history to its point and would be that way until the IC title match at the following Wrestlemania.

Tons of fun.










Part 3: -LA-



9) Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs Hercules Hernandez

Here we get a pretty good opener in LA as Steamboat as I said in the first Mania review can carry anyone. Hercules wasn’t paticularly bad but Steamboat did carry him in this contest a bit and he certainly benefitted being in there with Steamer as does anyone.

Ricky Steamboat defeated Matt Borne (aka Doink The Clown) in the original Wrestlemania and lets just say the next time Ricky Steamboat competed at a Mania his match was pretty good…to say the least….more on that next time.

Hercules looked vicious and attacked Ricky Steamboat to start the match and it looked as if fans weren`t even in there seats yet for this LA portion, but most were.

Hercules grabbed Ricky Steamboat by the head and proceeded to slam him head first into the top turnbuckle and then he drove his arnm into Ricky Steamboat`s back.

The Body is broadcasting with Alfred Hayes and Elvira, at least we get Ventura, he just owns. Ricky Steamboat ducked Hercules twice off the ropes, irishwhipped him and hit a chop and the fans loved it before two beautiful arm drag`s!

Unbelievable work by Ricky Steamboat.

Just amazing.

Ricky Steamboat twisted the arm of Hercules after the powerful armdrag takedown`s and then off the ropes ducked a leapfrog and then flipped over Hercules who wanted to slam Ricky Steamboat and he deliverdd a kick up high before another armdrag takedown! Fans loved it, they ate it all up.

Ricky Steamboat used his speed and technique to overpower the mighty Hercules here. Ricky Steamboat in full control working over the left arm of Hercules down on the mat.

The match in complete control of The Dragon who working his regular arm routine did it so great that it never got redundant, ever. Ricky Steamboat was so fast in his work that it didn`t matter if it seemed `routine` like seeing as every wrestler is routine like. Michaels will fly, Flair will flop and chop, Benoit will do the same, Angle will hit random suplexes, Savage will run around everywhere, Bret will take apart a body part, HHH will do the same, Austin will brawl or take apart a body part. Everyone is known for there own little something. But Ricky Steamboat did it so well, he was unpredictable even in the most predictable times which is what made him so unique and so great.

Hercules thinking he has Steamboat where he wants him all of the sudden irishwhips him to the ropes and hits a reverse elbow shot to Steamboat before driving the elbow into the larynx of Steamboat a couple of times and only got a two count to which the crowd cheers.

Ricky Steamboat got to his feet and fought back and LA loved this as Steamboat hit chops.

Hercules though powered out and went for a high flying splash off the top but Steamboat got his knees up.

Steamboat went up this time with a high risk move and he got him!

In the end Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat went up and delivered a crossbody press to Hercules for the win at 7:34 of the match.

I’m glad this one got some time to develop a story here for the LA opener.

This match was pretty excellent.

The sleeper of the night. (Not in a boring sense of course, but the shock of the night for how good it was)
I`ve seen this event (WM 2) maybe seven times, and I knew this match was okay from previous viewings, but this time around I have grown to appreciate it much, much more.

An underrated match here on this show, very well done by The Dragon. Told a great story and was incredibally enthralling for a match in the mid-card and an opener in LA.

Hercules was carried a bit but he also did a nice job here.

Another awesome showing by the Dragon.






10) “Adorable” Adrian Adonis (w/Jimmy Hart) vs Uncle Elmer

Well we just came off two great matches and now we get this.

Adonis was a good worker no doubt and it’s really too bad he passed on so soon in that accident but for god sakes.

Your sexuality would immediately be questioned if you were watching this match and a friend or stranger came in the room and saw what you were watching.

Definitely doesen’t bring the quality of this event up at all.

Uncle Elmer with a cheapshot to “Totally not Adorable” (don`t mean to sound like Edge) Adrian Adonis.

Elmer slammed Adonis into the buckle, and irishwhipped Adrian Adonis into the buckle and he flipped which he should be creditted for doing so due to his size.

The Mouth of the South tried to get Adrian Adonis to re-group. Elmer slammed him down by the steps.

Adrian Adonis off to a slow start to say the least and he kills time on the outside. What the hell is this anyway, it sure looks like it is bound to be in the Wrestlecrap Hall of Fame if it isn`t already, excuse my ignorance.

Adrian Adonis tied up in the ropes and Elmer drops some right hands to him. Adrian Adonis sent to the corner and an Avalanche splash by Elmer. Elmer missed a legdrop off the side ropes and Adrian Adonis who was half naked went to the top and dropped an headbutt and got him.
In the end Adonis pinned Elmer after a Flying Headbutt at 3:01.

Sure they hit some okay moves but the overall performance can make you want to puke.


Skip it. The Late Adonis makes up for this brutal showing at Mania 3 with the Hot Rod.






11)  Terry Funk and Hoss Funk (w/Jimmy Hart) vs the Junkyard Dog and Tito Santana

Thank god we get back to good matches, and this sure is great!

Terry Funk`s first of two Wrestlemania`s he appeared in. (Wrestlemania 14 as Chainsaw Charlie as the other one when he was in a tag dumpster match with Foley against the Outlaws)

The Mouth of The South was doing his second straight match here for the heel team. He appeared in many Mania`s as he reminded us during his Hall of Fame speech in 2006.

This was the second best match of the night. Great tag team wrestling shown by the Funks and Santana plus the JYD was in there, nothing bad about this one.

The Funk brothers own and that`s about it.

Tito Santana and The JYD were obviously the babyface team here and they had decent chemistry with different styles, Tito Santana obviously the quicker worker while JYD was the powerful brawler, both guys could get the fans on there sides and when placed up against natural heels like the Funks, you know you`re bound for greatness.
Elvira states she doesen`t want to run into any of these guys in a Dark Alley. Okay.

Hoss Funk ties up with Junkyard Dog and he corners him. Hoss with a couple hard shots before the JYD irishwhips in a spin-o-rama Hoss into Terry who came in the corner. JYD slams Hoss down and Tito Santana makes sure Terry Funk gets out of here.

Jimmy Hart comforts Terry Funk on the outside while JYD waits for Hoss to get back in the ring, when he does the two don`t get it on just yet because Hoss taunts Tito Santana on the ring apron. JYD tags in Tito Santana as a result.

Hoss tags in Terry Funk.

Terry and Tito Santana get set to get it on, this should be good.

They tie up and Terry Funk brings Tito Santana to the ropes and chops him over and over until Tito Santana gets the upperhand and ends up clotheslining Funk over the top rope. Tito Santana cleans house and dropkicks Hoss Funk out of the ring.

Terry once again comforted by Jimmy Hart outside the ring while Tito Santana waited for Funk to get back in the ring. Terry Funk waiting for the JYD who got tagged in by Tito Santana.

Funk throws a shot at JYD and this picture can actually be seen on the cover art on the Mania anthology if you open up Volume 1. Fun fact of the day.

Terry throws shots at JYD but he throws some back and they land on Funk who loves to sell. Funk`s head was drove into the top turnbuckle over and over until he drops down. Hillarious.

Funk owns.

Terry Funk in the corner down and seemingly out gets his head slammed him into the top buckle again by the powerful JYD and he goes for the cover, Hoss breaks it up and Tito Santana retaliates. JYD throws Terry over the top and out. Hoss and Jimmy hart comfort him and he takes a breather. Terry Funk gets back in the ring with the JYD but he tags in Hoss.

Hoss in a side headlock by JYD who tagged in Tito Santana. Tito then with a sleeper on Hoss and Hoss with another uppercut to get out of it. Hoss had Tito Santana down and then when pushed to the ropes, Tito Santana leapfrogged Hoss twice and then came flying off the ropes with a flying forearm that connected to Hoss, but Terry Funk broke up the count. Tito Santana once again waited as for the fifth time in the match a Funk brother went to the outside to re-group.

A nice criss-cross sequence that Hoss Funk beats Tito Santana on as Terry intelligently drove his knee into the back of Tito Santana. Terry in the ring threw Tito Santana out and then Jimmy Hart kicked at him as JYD helped him back up. Terry Funk in control now. Terry Funk wearing down Tito Santana on the outside as the Funks and Hart beat on him behind the official`s back. JYD helped Tito Santana back in but Terry Funk was waiting for him. Terry Funk suplexed Tito Santana and covered him but only got a two count.

Terry threatened to hit the official because he`s awesome like that. Funk went for a vertical suplex on Tito Santana but he reversed it into one of his own which bought him time. Funk brilliantly selling the pain from the suplex on his facial expression. Terry tagged in Hoss and he worked over Tito Santana and hit a beautiful gutwrench suplex. A nearfall as Chico kicked out. Tito Santana was being beaten down badly by Hoss with a forearm into a front facelock. Hoss with a big time uppercut to Tito Santana. Hoss then tagged in Terry Funk and the two Funks double clothesline Tito Santana. Terry hit a leg drop once tagged in and then still only got a two on Tito Santana who refused to lay down here.

Terry Funk missed a leg drop and Santana bought himself time. Funk grabbed Tito Santana by the head but he threw forearm shots to Funk who then eventually headbutted him to slowdown the comeback attempt. Terry Funk went for Tito Santana but in an awesome spot he crawled around and tagged in the JYD!

The place went insane when Dog got tagged in and then once in he irishwhipped Terry Funk to the ropes and hit a clothesline. From behind Funk choked out The Dog with a cord and then JYD backdropped Funk over the top rope. JYD rakes Hoss’s face on the outside.

JYD slammed Terry Funk onto tables with chairs nearby, hardcore!

Funk knocked down Hart as he fell. Terry came back in and limping in the ring. JYD followed this up by kicking the legs of Terry Funk.

Jimmy Hart slipped his mega phone in the ring while JYD eventually had a cradle on Terry but Hoss broke it up. A figure four by Tito Santana to Hoss Funk. From behind Funk hit JYD with the Mega Phone!
So in the end Terry Funk pinned The JYD after hitting him with Hart’s megaphone at 11:42.

Fun contest here for sure!

Old-School tag wrassling with a little bit of Hardcore and a lot of fun.

Just awesome.



*** 1/2






12) LA Main Event- Hulk Hogan (c) vs King Kong Bundy (W-Bobby Heenan) in a Steel Cage Match for the World Wrestling Federation Championship
The Hulkster had already cut two promo’s on the night before the main event.

He also had injured ribs which was the main focus/story of this match.

Heenan was very cocky as he always in his guy’s chances (in this case Bundy) of winning the WWF Title.

There was some pretty good in ring stuff for a cage match in the mid 80’s but was your typical Hogan vs Big Man routine.

Hulk Hogan came out to an amazing ovation from LA as you’d think he would.

Bundy and Heenan came out to major heat as well.

This, is what the world has come to!

Hulk taped up circled around the Cage with the much bigger King Kong Bundy and Los Angelas was ready for the Main Event!

King Kong Bundy looked at Hogan with a deep stare and he knew he wanted to target the ribs. The two locked up and Hulk landed right hands to Bundy, against the ropes for leverage and another right followed by three hard chops and an irishwhip to King Kong Bundy to the ropes and he landed a boot to the head of Bundy as the crowd roared.

Hogan then choked out Bundy in the corner and grabbed him by the head slamming him head first into the cage. Hulk looked unstoppable for the beginning of this match. Hulk not letting his injury bother him as he chopped at Bundy. Hulk irishwhipped Bundy and then King Kong Bundy caught a big elbow shot to the head. Hulk is ready and he landed right hands and the crowd loved it.

All of the sudden King Kong Bundy blocked Hogan’s attempt at throwing him into the cage. Bundy’s first offense here.

King Kong Bundy targetted Hogan’s injured ribs. Hogan was down and the crowd was worried chanting for the Hulkster! King Kong Bundy proceeded to kick at Hogan’s ribs and then he scooped him up and slammed him down to the canvas which did more to the ribs of Hogan! Hulk down on the mat as Bundy showed his animal instinct. Bundy went to escape the Cage as Heenan opened it to win the title. Hulk Hogan crawled across the ring with everything he had and stomped Bundy.

A refreshed King Kong Bundy scooped up Hulk Hogan and Slammed him RIBS first into the cage horizontal! Hulk still though, somehow, managed to prevent the big King Kong Bundy from leaving.

Bundy took off Hogan’s protective tape on the ribs and proceeded to choke out The Hulkster with it! Bundy then choked Hogan out on the middle ropes. Heenan cheered Bundy on and encouraged him to leave the Cage but still Hulk Hogan managed to get there just in time! Hogan raked the face of Bundy.
Hulk Hogan with three big right hands and then a chop to Bundy in the corner. Hogan seemed to have some momentum back and then delivered another hard shot before he sent Bundy flying off the ropes head first into the Cage. The wrath of Hulkamania was being felt at Wrestlemania in LA.

Hogan was the man here.

Hulk Hogan picked up Bundy who was BLEEDING by this point.
Hulk landed right hands on Bundy and the crowd loved it.
Hogan viciously took shots at Bundy’s busted open face, and the camera angle from the sky was extremely cool looking over the blue cage. Hogan then raked Bundy’s back and face and slammed his bloody head into the side of the Cage!

Hogan not letting up slammed Bundy in again, as Bundy was bleeding non-stop and Hulk Hogan slammed him yet again! Hulk climbed the cage and choked Bundy out with his boot on the top rope! Bundy being worn down needed a move soon to get back momentum and Hogan kept up with rights to the bloody head of King Kong Bundy.

Hogan makes a mistake as he attempted to slam Bundy but with his bad ribs did not have the power to do so. King Kong Bundy lands on Hogan!

As Bundy goes to leave and Heenan grabs on, Hulk grabs the tape that was around his ribs and chokes out a bloodied Bundy. Nice shot. Showing this is a war at Mania. Bundy though fought out with a right hand and raking the face.
Bundy irishwhipped Hogan out of the corner into the other corner hard.

King Kong Bundy hit the Avalanche in the corner before a big splash in the center of the ring and even Elvira screamed.

Fans legtimately thought King Kong Bundy would perhaps leave the Cage area but Hogan caught him. Bundy hit an Avalanche to Hogan but he shook his head and said NO. Hulking up perhaps!?

Hogan bodyslammed King Kong Bundy with bad ribs and all!

Ventura can’t believe it and the fans go wild!

Hogan hits his leg drop!

Hogan climbs the Cage! Bundy chases him up but Hogan kicks him off and The Hulkster made it up and over as the crowd goes wild!

In the end “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan escaped the cage after powerslamming and leg-dropping Bundy at 10:15 to keep the WWF Title.

“Real American” plays to end the show and Hogan gives the Brain a pounding to end the night from LA to make the crowd go home happy.

If this event as taglined, was “What the World was Coming TO” I might of offed myself but thankfully Wrestlemania 3 would be a lot better.

Pretty standard main event to cap off a rather dissapointing Mania when looking back on it now.

Hulkamania lives on in LA!




** 1/4


Final Rating for WWF Wrestlemania 2 = 5/10

This event surprised me. I had always considered this one of the worst Mania`s ever and it might just be but I thought it was a lot worse then it actually came off here this time around.

However I just think overall this card lacked in a big way compared to most Mania’s and it wasn’t exactly the most significant Mania ever although it does have that special feel due to it being brought to us from three different venues. We DID get two great tag team matches, a standard hogan type cage match which was decent and a MEMORABLE if not good battle royal. Savage and Steele put on a pretty decent match, and Hercules and Steamboat put on a great one and those were the only real highlights and that is much more then I remembered there ever being in the first place.

So this show gets a passing grade. Everything else was pretty forgettable or downright embarassing. Still had it’s moments at times so it’s not completely terrible. Not as bad as once thought but still nothing great or even good for that matter.

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