Review: WWF/WWE Wrestlemania 4 DVD

May 17, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s “WWF Wrestlemania 4” Review:




“Hulk Hogan is a cheated man, and not a defeated man. Infact Hogan has never been defeated, not by me, you, DiBiase, or Andre! You understand YEAAA? I’ve had the blessing of the Mania all along and I’m figuring and thinking that nothing is going to stop Macho Man Randy Savage now! The Madness yeah, and mulitiplied by the momentum of Hulkamania! Nothing is going to stop one half of the Mega Powers taking it all, YEAH! Elizabeth, I’m taking it all! ALL THE WAAAAY, YEAAAH, DOOOIN IT, YEAAAH!” -Randy “Macho Man” Savage

-Wrestlemania 4 was Live on PPV Sunday, March 27th 1988 from the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, New Jersey in front of 19,199 fans. The Donald himself enjoyed the show with the best seats in the house. (along with Ivana and a friend)

-This was the 4th Annual WWF Wrestlemania event.

-This WrestleMania featured 16 matches, that is a record for more matches then any other PPV in the history of Pro-Wrestling.

-The main feud heading into WrestleMania 4 was between Hulk Hogan and André the Giant. Their rematch took place on the first-ever edition of The Main Event in February, where André controversially won the title from Hogan. André became the shortest reigning WWF Champion with a reign of only 47 seconds as he sold the title to Ted DiBiase and received a large sum of money. WWF President Jack Tunney, however, vacated the title and ordered it to be decided in a 14-man tournament at WrestleMania IV.

-This event was called “What the World is Watching” as a tagline, likely because this show took place the same night as Clash of the Champions in the NWA, where the classic one hour Sting-Ric Flair match took place and McMahon wanted to say his show was the BIG ONE in so many words.

-Some consider this show to be called SavageMania since Vince was so impressed with him in 1987 he decided to give him the ball and run with it for the whole year, competing and winning all four matches he took place in on this night after competing in perhaps the greatest match of all time the year before.

-WrestleMania IV and V are the only two WrestleManias to be held at the same venue for two consecutive years.

-Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant went to a draw by double disqualification in this event. This would be Hogan’s first WrestleMania match in which a disqualification occurred. This was Hogan’s first and only time going to a draw at WrestleMania. Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant also have the distinction of being the first two wrestlers in the history of the event to have a WrestleMania rematch. They had wrestled each other the previous year at WrestleMania III in what many deem the most famous wrestling contest of all time and if you ask me it most certainly is.

-The tradition continued on March 27, 1988, under the Trump Plaza banner, before a sellout crowd of over 19,000 at the Atlantic City Convention Center. WrestleMania IV was available in more than 165 closed-circut venues coast to coast, and in more than 10 million pay-per-view cable households, then the largest pay-per-view universe in history. Unique to WrestleMania IV was the first “WrestleMania Festival”, sponsored by Trump Plaza.

-Gladys Knight sang a rendition of “America the Beautiful” before the show. The other celebrity guests in attendance included Bob Uecker, Vanna White, Robin Leach, Donald Trump, Ivana Trump, and Sugar Ray Leonard.

-Jesse “THE BODY” Ventura (who is just tremendous as always) does broadcasting with Gorilla Monsoon. (Once again this is my favourite broadcast tandem of all time.)

-Now onto the PPV……………

1) Opening Contest: Bad News Brown vs Boris Zhukov vs Bret Hart vs Brian Blair vs Danny Davis vs George Steele vs Harley Race vs Hillbilly Jim vs Jacques Rougeau vs Jim Brunzell vs Jim Neidhart vs Jim Powers vs Junkyard Dog vs Ken Patera vs Nikolai Volkoff vs Paul Roma vs Raymond Rougeau vs Ron Bass vs Sam Houston vs Sika in a 20 Ma n Battle Royal

This happened just two months after the first ever ROYAL RUMBLE so they likely wanted to feed off of the success of that match as well as get more guys on the BIG EVENT! (Sort of like they do before Mania’s as of late with the SD vs Raw Battle Royal’s before WrestleMania begins in a dark match)

Bret Hart was the first person ever in a Rumble match with Tito Santana and here, the same year he is the first person announced in the ring during this Battle Royalé

Bret also made the FINAL three in a Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 2 before being thrown out with Neidhart by The Giant.

The winner of this Battle Royal got a trophy and bragging right`s I guess.

There was relatively slow action to start but bodies were thrown left and right once it got going and then the action started to really pick up.

There were exchanges of right`s and left hands everywhere by all of the participants. Bret with a double noggen knocker then quickly goes to team with the Anvil.

Bret was in the middle of the ring and put out his hands as if there was not enough action for him.

Sam Houston is the first guy over. Dangerous Danny Davis was atomic dropped and the JYD almost had Volkoff out and Sika is the next man eliminated.

Ventura question’s why Animal Steele is outside the ring and Monsoon claims he had never gotten in the ring.

Rougeau’s, Killer Bee’s, Volkoff and company were all in the ring as was The Hart Foundation. Neidhart eyed Steele and then The Animal pulled Neidhart from the outside. Now Monsoon is saying Steele is gone and shouldn’t be there? Either way George Steele stood outside the ring.

The Killer Bee’s are gone, and one of the Rougeau’s is gone. Bret with a back breaker and Dangerous Danny was still in surprisingly.

Davis thrown out after a Fireman’s carry. Harley Race and JYD going at it and they met at Wrestlemania 3. Volkoff thrown out and then Patera threw out the Sheik. Volkoff grabbed onto him and he was gone. Bad News Brown, Harley Race, JYD, Paul Roma and Bret is left.

Race was then thrown out!

Final four as Paul Roma is backdropped out by Bad News Brown.

In the end The final three were the JYD, Bad News Brown and Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

Bad News Brown and The Hitman united to eliminate The Junkyard Dog.

Fans booed as Bret and Bad News Brown were the final two men. Bad News kicked Bret right in the head and Monsoon calls it a Pearl Harbor job. Bad News Brown irishwhipped The Hitman into the corner sternum first.

Bad News then won the Battle Royal by tossing him over the top rope to the outside.

So Bad News then elimina ted Bret Hart to win the battle royal at 10:40 after attacking Bret Hart from behind with a ghetto blaster which started his attack.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart then attacked Bad News Brown and broke the trophy that was awarded to him. A “BABYFACE” turn for the Hitman in what was a decent Battle Royal at best.

Interesting way to open the show with a memorable allignment switch.

This match was what you get when you throw a basic battle royal together with pretty much no story telling at all.





2)  WWF Title Tournament First Round: “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase (w/Virgil and André the Giant) vs “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan


This was a main event match in Mid-South. A source told me “In fact, you could make the argument based on ratings and attendance that these two were bigger draws than Hulk Hogan at that point in time.”

Very interesting and just another reason DiBiase was so wonderful. That`s pretty amazing actually if true.

This match wasn’t anything great but it wasn’t bad either and especially for the amount of time it recieved.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan usually resorted to the typical brawling while DiBiase could do the dirty work, the mat work, the bumping, the selling, and just about everything so that`s what makes his matches always watchable at least.

Ted DiBiase circles around Duggan. Million Dollar Man was well schooled as Ventura pointed out going after a brawler, a tie-up and a clean break by DiBiase surprising Duggan. Duggan caught him with a few right hands after another break as he blocked DiBiase’s right’s.

Ted DiBiase got caught in the corner and hit with an atomic drop letting Ted DiBiase meett the floor. A hard chop by DiBiase and then back in the ring Monsoon said clothesline city, DiBiase irishwhipped Duggan to the corner and lifted the boor as went charging after him once in the corner. Duggan slammed down. Ted DiBiase then dropped the elbow to the face of Hacksaw and leaped from the second rope and got a two count. Duggan hit a sunset flip and got a two count.

Jesse Ventura said it’d be a disgrace if Duggan won the title which is absolutely hilarious. You’ve gotta love the Body with his natural with and timing. Ted DiBiase has been in control for the majority of the match, dropping a single knee once more on the head of Duggan.

DiBiase suplexed Duggan. Ted DiBiase leaped off the top but Duggan caught him with a shot in the stomach with a formation of a double axehandle. Ted DiBiase clotheslined by Duggan now as a desperation move, and had him down momentarily but then The Giant grabbed the leg of Duggan behind the official’s back.

Ted DiBiase then went crashing into Hacksaw driving his knee into his spine as he hit belly first into the ropes. Hacksaw fell on his back and Ted DiBiase got the pinfall.

So in the end The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase pinned Duggan following a Fist Drop after Andre tripped up Duggan and then clocked him at 4:54.

DiBiase was rather limited, it was Hacksaw in there with him, after all in the WWF here but this was a fast paced five minute match so it was actually pretty decent for sure.

Solid. Nicely played DiBiase. This was a pretty basic tournament opener that demonstrated “Heel versus Babyface” in every which way.



* 3/4




3) WWF Title Tournament First Round: Don “The Rock” Muraco (w/”Superstar” Billy Graham) vs “Canada’s Strongest Man” Dino Bravo (w/Frenchy Martin)

The man who eats T-Bone steaks is out here to represent The Rock. Of coursee this is the 80’s so I don’t mean Dwayne Johnson, I mean Don Muraco.

Ventura is mad they don’t announce the late Bravo as the World’s Strongest Man, and just Canada’s strongest man.

DiBiase watching this closely as he meets the winner.

Overall there is nothing very important to report from this average at best match.

It appeared about as fun as it looked on paper. Take that however you want.

Don Muraco was actually a babyface now for the first time at WrestleMania after being a HEEL at Wrestlemania 2 and 3 and of course Bravo got natural heel heat.

Don Muraco tied up in the middle of the rng with Bravo and the two just shrugged it off after neither one of them could win the test of power to begin.

Don Muraco then tied up with Dino in the middle of the ring once more and this time Bravo just over powered him (He’s supposed to be the strongest guy since Jesus right?) and sent The Rock (the original one in the WWF anyway) to the corner of the ring. Dino Bravo then took that momentum from the corner shove to Muraco and speared him in the gut before three vicious right hands and then Don Muraco reversed an irishwhip to Bravo and hit a thunderous clothesline before a powerslam and then dropped the body off the top to Bravo and got a two. Bravo up and backdropped Don Muraco before landing two elbow’s.

Dino Bravo with a nice gutwrench suplex out on The Rock before a couple of kicks to the back of him in the middle of the ring. Dino Bravo sent Muraco’s head to the top buckle before an irishwhip to the corner. Dino then landed a boot in the middle of Muraco and irishwhipped him to the other corner and missed when charging towards Don Muraco he moved. Don Muraco capitalized by snapping the leg of Bravo over and then another kick to the leg he had just snapped taking Bravo off his vertical base. Frenchie got chased by Graham as Muraco went for a leglock to Bravo. Dino bought himself time and kicked Muraco off but that didn’t stop him from slapping on a leglock putting tork on Bravo’s left injured leg. Don went for a full lock and then Dino kicked him off and Muraco’s head landed in the ropes.

Dino Bravo got him out landed a couple of hard shots and scooped him up landing a hard piledriver. Dino with just a two and then he kicked Muraco a couple of times hard in the upperback before setting him up for a powerbomb attempt that Don Muraco reverses into a back bodydrop. Don Muraco ducks a clothesline then both men run off the ropes with momentum and land a clothesline each other, officially a double clothesline.

Both men up and Don Muraco landed right hand’s to Bravo. Don Muraco with speed landed a flying forearm to Bravo by The Rock and then a scoop slam.

In the end Dino Bravo was disqualified for pulling the referee in front of him to avoid a forearm from Muraco at 4:53 to move on.

So Muraco advances to meet DiBiase in the second round.

It ended very abruptly but the action was solid for sure, it didn’t need to tell much of a story seeing the time it got but for 1988 in the Federation, I’m not going to complain.

The Workrate was good, the match was decent, the ending was something that should be expected in this time period.



* 1/2




4) WWF Title Tournament First Round: Greg “The Hammer” Valentine vs Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

Winner of this match meets the winner of the next- Macho Man vs Butch Reed Match.

It has to be said, I LOVE this match!

THIS is one of the most underrated matches in the history of “Wrestlemania”.

That says a lot obviously. Both former IC Champion’s getting it on here, Ventura is a good eye for talent and he knows the potential of this match. I love both men so my bias mixed with the awesomeness they bring will only be good.

Greg valentine shoved off Ricky Steamboat before a side headlock and then Steamboat leaped over him twice before a duck and then a trademark series of armdrag’s by the Dragon. Just as you’d expect, nobody slaps those on better in the biz. Ricky Steamboat got deep under Valentine and excellently applied those as usual. Ricky Steamboat then with an arm ringer to Valentine and continued the arm pressure before a heel kick to the abdomen and a chop. Ricky Steamboat with a nearfall!

Great early stuff.

The Hammer then as a comeback attempt, Gret Valentine irishwhipped Ricky Steamboat and he came off with a shoulder block, a nearfall, a shoulder block and then another one trying to weardown the quicker Dragon. Ventura said you’re not going to get him that easy, The Hammer is tough.

Valentine shoved Steamboat out of the ring but he flipped up and came back at him and grabbed Valentine’s arm! Ricky Steamboat twisted the arm while Valentine sold it well until getting out of the hold with a knee tot he gut. Valentine then knocks Steamboat’s head down with a knee shot to the head. Valentine who was a stiff worker dropped the elbow on Ricky’s head before choking him out at the side of the ring under the bottom rope. Greg Valentine then gave Ricky Steamboat a breather and then elevated his legs and dropped The Dragon back and head first on the canvas hard.

Valentine with a hard forearm shot off the ropes for leverage to the chest and a nearfall. Somehow the Dragon kicked out. Ricky Steamboat with a backflip after Valentine backdropped him or attempted to, The Dragon then pushed Valentine to the corner.

See, that is what was so great about Ricky Steamboat was that he could not only counter a move in beautiful fashion but he could also follow it up with a unique offensive move no matter where his environment looked like, and he did is so crisp! Steamboat goes back to work on the left arm of Valentine in the middle of the ring after he had shoved him to the corner. Steamboat then continued to drag the arm of Valentine and went for an armbar and The Hammer got out of it with an inverted atomic drop and a clothesline. Off the ropes for leverage The Hammer dropped an elbow to the head of Ricky Steamboat. Valentine with his rough and tough attitude dragged Ricky Steamboat to the side of the ring measuring him up. Valentine dropped an elbow to the larynx of Steamboat. Nice move there with a playback to history.

Ricky Steamboat groggy caught some stiff shots by Valentine. Ricky Steamboat desperately needed a comeback and hit reverse chops which got him a two. A cross-body in mid-air by the Hammer who counted a move by the Dragon. Valentine went for a suplex looking move but turned it into a knee drop to Ricky Steamboat’s chest.

Figure Four by Valentine was coming up but instead he dropped his head into the groin of Ricky Steamboat and stretched the hamstrings. Ricky Steamboat got out of this predicament by sending him into the corner and then a slugfest came out. Valentine with a solid forearm and Steaboat came back with a chop and then drove The Hammer face first into the mat before he got a two count. Both men to there feet and Greg Valentine scooped up Ricky Steamboat and went for a shoulder breaker and hit it and got ust a two. Valentine was frustrated, as The Mouth of the South was not happy and neither was Valentine who came off with a high risk move, an elbow drop to the head.

Greg valentine went for the figure four leglock and Steamboast caught him with a handful of hair and then a big right hand to The Hammer’s head. Steamboat rammed Valentine face first into the canvas twice. Steamboat then irishwhipped Valentine and caught him with a running elbow. Valentine down, Steamboat now up and in control with the crowd behind him. The high flyer and 09 HOFER landed a elbow from the top perhaps for revenge from all the time’s the Hammer did this in the current match. A nearfall and then Steamboat rammed Valentine’s head into the top turnbuckle ten times before the official stepped in and had a word with him. Valentine was down in the ring and Ricky Steamboat flew from the top with an aerial move, the flying crossbody, but The Hammer turned it over!

Valentine rolled on top of Steamboat the same way Steamboat rolled over Savage the year before to win the match at Wrestlemania!

What a back and forth war, exciting, stiff and it also included some aerial action from the dragon. Everything slapped on pretty perfectly here.

In the end Greg Valentine pinned Steamboat with a roll-through on a Flying Crossbody at 9:12 to move on.

A little dissapointed a Savage-Steamboat re-match couldn’t of happened but at the end of the day it was a nice move giving the Hammer the rub here.

Absolutely Fantastic! The match of the night.



*** 1/2




5) WWF Title Tournament First Round: Randy “Macho Man” Savage (w/Miss Elizabeth) vs “The Natural” Butch Reed (w/Slick)

I’ve always thought that “The Natural” Butch Reed was underrated. I said that in my last Mania review when he took on Koko B. Ware but like that match, this one wasn’t very great which is surprising because he went up against a great worker like Savage but the match wasn’t bad by any means either.

Just nothing you`d expect normally but I guess in McMahon land they were rather limited and couldn`t go off like they usually would in other territories. This match’s booking also had a lot to do with how many matches there would be on the night of course.

OOOO YEAH. Macho Man returns to the grandest stage of them all where he shined greater then Anbody in the Federation for its first twenty years arguably until Michaels officially took the Mr. Mania role.

Randy Savage thus far had carried Steele to a pretty decent match at Wrestlemania two, and put on a five star match the year before against the Dragon.

This was the start of his quest for the Gold that had elluded him his entire career to this point.

Ventura says Macho needs to use his aerial tactics here.

Macho Man shook his arm and hand after Reed kissed his own biceps. Reed forced Savage to the ropes and then Savage got out of that predicament, went for a go-behind but the Natural used his weight advtange backing Macho Man into the corner and then Reed dropped some elbow shows to Savage and rammed him up high into the corner of the buckle hard. Savage stopped Reed this time and hit a knee drop up high. Randy was over in Atlantic City!

Savage went for a suplex, but Reed reversed it into one of his own. The power game is evident from Reed here.

A two count only and Butch Reed goes crazy on Savage (if that’s possible?) and continued the onslaught of right hands to the side of the head of Randy “Macho Man” Savage. Randy outside on the apron gets slammed throat first on the top rope by “The Natural” Butch Reed who really had been taking it to Macho Man in this contest fro a power standpoint. Slick gave Reed a high five and the fans booed.

Savage came in but Reed stayed on the attack dropping the boot on him. Savage back first on the apron was kicked at by Reed who aggressively stayed on The Macho Man.

Who ever wins this whole thing needs to wrestle four times, the next one vs The Hammer of all people. No easy task. (Hulk and Andre would have to wrestle 3 in total if they were to win cause of the bye but like Ventura said that match in itself is like two whole matches)

Butch Reed dropped the elbow from the middle rope and then grabbed Savage by the hair and irishwhipped Macho Man from the side of the ropes to the other side and Randy Savage came off the ropes desperate for an offensive move due to the punishment inflicted to him already by the Natural.

He eventually does hit Reed in the abdomen and that’s followed by an onslaught of some fast offensive moves by Randy Savage in an attempt to get back in the match, Atlantic City is behind him strongly!

Savage had to battle back hard, hit a few more moves and then capped it off with his awesome elbow drop!

In the end Randy “Macho Man” Savage pinned Reed after a Flying Elbow Drop at 5:07 to move on. His entrance music would play a total of eight times on the night, both before his matches and after. At least it`s a classic theme song unlike Savio Vega`s which we heard just as many times at the god awful KOTR 95.

Victory number one for the Macho Man on the night and the crowd can dig it.


* 1/2



6) WWF Title Tournament First Round: The One Man Gang (w/Slick) vs Bam Bam Bigelow (w/Oliver Humperdink)

So it’s a Big Man match here and it wasn’t one of the best in this category.

It was short though. We were bound for a poor match at the rate we we’re getting the relatively good ones anyway, and as mentioned on a 16 match card its very hard to keep up all the time with classic’s.

Not a whole lot to say here….it even had a bad ending, but at least it was kept to under a few minutes to save us any pain if it were perhaps longer.

Bam Bam Bigelow gets a double axehandle dropped on him and Bam Bam had made a mistake as he was doing warm-up’s and Gang found it rather easy to come along and just level him.

Gang followed up with shots and then sent Bam Bam Bigelow belly first to the corner. One Man Gang sent him back first to the corner. Bam Bam knocked him down, did a cartwheel and hit a splash. Bam Bam with a high cross-body and not enough to hold Gang down. Bam Bam with a forearm hitting The OMG in the head. (OMG stands for his name not the usual obviously) thought I’d clear that up.

Bam Bam nailed him right behind the ear on there feet and then a headbutt. Bigelow with a heavy clothesline to the heavy OMG. Bam Bam Bigelow then grabbed OMG and dropped an elbow into his head followed by a forearm and a headbutt. Bam Bam Bigelow off the ropes and he dropped a beautiful headbutt off the ropes. Bam Bam Bigelow came off the ropes and Slick pulled the top rope down that sent Bam Bam to the outside!

Bam Bam Bigelow was hit by One Man Gang on the apron and he didn’t get back in.

In the end Bam Bam Bigelow was counted out after being low-bridged by Slick at 2:56.

Bad ending, decent match for what it was, Bam Bam’s offense was fun.






7) WWF Title Tournament First Round: “Ravishing” Rick Rude (w/Bobby “The Brain” Heenan) vs Jake “The Snake” Roberts

This is the type of match that is not for everybody. I personally love it. It`s extremely slow and there`s even boring chants in 1988! However I loved how they paced this due to the ending it had and Rude and Roberts worked so well together, there natural chemistry just made this so fun to watch.

Rude cuts a heel promo before the start of the match. His tights are always a laugh riot as seen at this Mania and the next one from the Trump Plaza at Wrestlemania 5. He has a ladies face on the back of his tights. (I believe it is Jake the Snake’s girlfriend if I remember correctly)

The two had some good moves back and forth but most of this match consisted of Rude slapping a headlock on the Snake while the two waited for time to dissapear. It worked rather effectively as it played into the story of both men just trying to wear the other man down until he couldn`t take anymore. It was a nice shock to see the result the way it was as well, it`s good to spice things up a bit at times.

Jake Roberts tied up with Rude after he posed and it looked like Ravishing Rick Rude was mashed face first into the canvas by the Snake.

Jake Roberts scoop slammed by Rude who unloaded with two right hand’s and slammed him to the canvas. A big uppercut by Rude and then The Snake with a turn around and scoop slammed him twice, well executed! Rude was smart to buy himself time getting to the corner but caught a righthand by Roberts. Roberts hit a right hand and then an armringer to Rude. Rude went for a shot, Roberts ducked a clothesline and kept ont he left arm, dodged another shot and then kept the arm twisting on Rick Rude who sold it wonderfully and then was brought to his knees and the crowd just ate it up!

Loved it.

Rude was in agony as The Snake injured him pretty bad until Rude out of desperation landed a couple of rigth hand’s to Roberts. Jake Roberts still maintained control of a wristlock by Roberts who held the hold incredibally well on the mat. Rude was brought down to his back by the force of Roberts.

One of the many reasons I think I like this match more then others is because, normally if a match ends in a fifteen minute draw they pace the beginning slow.

Not this match, as I just pointed out.

Rude cornered Roberts and hit a spear as he was forced into the corner, ref pushed him back and Jake Roberts hit the knee up high on Rude!

Jake gave the sign for the DDT and Rude sneaked out of the ring and Heenan gave him a hug and a few words of encouragment.

Back in the ring as Rude bought him time, Roberts slapped on an armbar to the weakened leftarm of Rude. Rick irishwhipped Roberts, a criss-cross, Snake down and then up to his feet caught Rude in mid-air and planted him to the canvas. Roberts measured Rude and went for a high kneelift but Rude elevated him to the corner and stomped on him. Rude irishwhipped Jake Roberts and clotheslined him and did his pose which “Wasted” time according to Heenan. He posed and the fans booed.

With Roberts down, Rude went for the first of many weardown holds, but I don’t mind it as the pace was fine to this point.

A reverse chinlock from Rude to Roberts. Ventura foreshadow’s the ending reminding people of the time limit of the match rigth when Rude slapped the hold on. Roberts to his feet and then tried to get out of the chinlock, and Roberts went for a wristlock to the injured same left arm, but Rude saw the opening, grabbed the hair and got Jake Roberts right back down and got ahold of the Snake once more. Roberts eventually up hit a desperation hiptoss and the fans pop. Rude off the top rope hit a driving elbow to the head of Roberts! Heenan yelling up at Rude saying, “let’s go, let’s go!” Obviously concerned about the time.

Roberts off the ropes caught a clothesline by “Ravishing” Rick Rude. Roberts caught in another reverse chinlock by Rude.

Jake Roberts got out of the hold and then was pushed straight up into the air, elevated high by The Ravishing One straight back to the mat. An Aerial move by Rude and landed an elbow and waited for a pin, and because of that Jake Roberts had boughten himself time and kicked out.

Because of Rude’s cocky attitude he didn’t capitalize on his oppurtunities to advance and therefore resorted to weardown holds.

Another reverse chinlock. Brain was concerned due to him wasting time. Jake Roberts with a nice side suplex but even still Rude kept the chinlock on! Jake didn’t get all of the hold. Rude viciously got up and stomped away at Jake Roberts’s mid-section. Rude dropped an elbow to the top of Roberts’s head. A two count followed by a sleeper by Rude and the fans get on Rude for how many times he’s done this move in this paticular match!

Still a very good one though.

The Reverse chinlock had been done so throughly that Roberts was still IN THE MATCH and that in itself was pretty amazing. The Snake grabbed some hair himself and Ventura called Monsoon out on how it’s okay when a BABYFACE does it, it’s fine. (Brilliant yet of course they didn’t use BABYFACE as a term on the air) Jesse also with a shot on Vince McMahon which is hilarious.

Rude still with the chinlock and Jake Roberts said NO! Fans cheered.

Rick Rude kept it on viciously and then Jake Roberts got to his feet and hit a reverse jawbreaker and Rude went to the corner. Both men on there feet and Jake Roberts exploded with desperation lefts and right’s! Roberts backdropped Rude as he sent him to the ropes. Fans chanting for the DDT. Jake Roberts with an armringer and then a short clothesline.

Jake Roberts signalled for the DDT! The crowd wanted to see it! Jake Roberts had Rude up but he sent him back first to the corner having that move well scouted, he’s dodged it on instinct many times. Jake Roberts in the corner lifted the boot when Rude charged to him and then he dropped him abdominally into his knees and got a two count. Jake Roberts slow to his feet got back suplexed by Rick Rude! Rude had Roberts down and then went for a cover and got a two count.

Jake Roberts up to his feet missed a clothesline, and then both guys met each other with a double clothesline and the fans groaned a little as Roberts was looking for a possible DDT that had yet to come. Both men tried to pin the other on there back, didn’t work out. Roberts pulled by Rude down and used his feet for leverage with a pinfall. The bell rang before Rude covered Roberts illegally anyway.

Heenan and Rude though Rick had won.

Damien unleashed by the Snake which shut up the boo’s.

Roberts and Rude are both gone!

One Man Gang gets a bye! Well rested to the semi’s would be the Gang!

In the end as said, the match ended up going to a time limit draw at 15:00 exactly so both men were eliminated from the tournament.

The fans weren’t very happy with this decision after what was a slower, methodical match and now both guys were gone as a result which was big since they were two big names who could of legitimately been WWF Champion by the end of this Tournament.

You`ve gotta love the Donald having a SMILE on his face front row, while Rude has Roberts in a headlock for about 45 minutes!

Seriously though, this match is not loved by everybody but was better on this viewing then any of the other ten times I’ve seen it. I love this match and it told a better story then I even remembered.

I’d go higher before lower on this. Good stuff.


** 1/2




8) The Ultimate Warrior vs Hercules (w/Bobby “The Brain” Heenan)

First match of the night since the opener that wasn’t a tournament match, this was nice for a breather, the tournament added to the enjoyment of the show but it’s good there was a variety and not just the tournament alone.

The Ultimate Warrior`s debut at Wrestlemania. An event he`d make an appearance at during this one, WM 5, WM 6 and 7 (arguably his two best ever), Wm 8 (his return) and then one final time at WM 12 in a squash over Hunter.

This was before The Warrior got mega over as a face. However the fans in Atlantic City still gave him a good ovation.

Not a whole lot happened in this match and it was pretty standard to say the least until the final few moments.

The late Hercules Hernandez with yet another Wrestlemania performance, pretty underrated at Wrestlemania as a whole as he was consistently pretty good in the first chapter on this Anthology set.

The Ultimate Warrior shoved Hercules and the fans were starting to get more and more into Warrior. Both men off the ropes hit a double shoulder block of the side ropes bouncing into each other. Hercules posed and then Warrior shoved him off and flexed and then the two power houses locked up again and then both guys who did not like each other continued to tie up, Warrior had Hercules in the corner. Was told to back off but The Ultimate Warrior unloaded on reverse chops.

Warrior ducked a clothesline and caught two by Hercules and stood up, fans were in shock due to the power of the Warrior. Hercules needed a third one to finally get him down!

Hercules took his time for a fourth one but this time Warrior landed one! Then the Warrior with a right hand.

Warrior slammed Hercules up high on the top rope, irishwhipped him and chopped Hercules and went for another shot but Hercules backdropped Warrior out to the floor. Both guys slugged it out on the concrete. Warrior with right hand’s and then slammed Hercules head first into the steps.

Heenan had his hand in his pocket, up to something. Warrior in the corner and caught right hand’s by Hercules. Herc with a elbow shot to the head of Warrior. Warrior with a couple more right hand’s back at Hercules in a back and forth, powerful grudge match. Warrior pounding away on Hercules with right’s and lefts and the crowd chanted along with him. Hercules with a powerful atomic drop from the corner, a reversal move after taking ten shots to the head by the Mighty Hercules. Herc then slammed Warrior’s head in the corner and Warrior reversed an iriswhip but Hercules moved and Warrior hit the buckle.

Heenan yelled at Herc to slap a full nelson on Warrior. Hercules couldn’t get the fingers locked and Warrior kicked from the corner, both men’s shoulders were down but the official awards the match to Warrior and the place pops.

So in the end the Warrior pinned Hernandez when Hernandez applied a half nelson suplex and Warrior got his shoulder up first at 4:29.

After the match, Hercules tries to strangle Warrior with his chain, but Warrior makes his own save.

This match wasn`t bad, neither men sold but power was there key and did Warrior ever really, to be honest here.




9) WWF Title Tournament Quarter-Final: Hulk Hogan vs André the Giant (w/Ted DiBiase and Virgil)

Pretty hyped for good reason.

2nd Round begins!

Hulk Hogan cut an awesome promo before this one, that’s for sure.

DiBiase and Virgil accompany The Giant to the ring to a chorus of boo`s from Trump Plaza.

They look confident and the pre-match video to this feud-rivalry and match was amazingly done for this time period from the WWF production team but I guess they had a lot of good footage to choose from given who was involved.

Hogan got an amazing ovation of course and stood toe to toe with Andre the fans ate it up of course!

This was the first 2nd round match as noted and both guys got a bye into the 2nd round as shown why earlier in the pre-video.

While Hogan took it to Andre often and early at the start it was Andre who dominated most of this match throwing his weight at the Hulkster quite often like at Wrestlemania 3. However Hulk got his momentum back at the end like he always does.

Hogan though did get attacked early while his music was still playing as André the Giant wasted no time. He didn`t want to make the same mistakes he had in the past and went for the Hulkster early.

André the Giant took it to The Incredible Hulk who everyone and there Grandmother was behind at the time. Hogan was no doubt about it the clear favourite to win this tournament, and if not him then Dibiase, André the Giant or Randy Savage with a few others having outside chances.

The Giant had Hulk and he raked the face and a big headbutt followed by a ram from André the Giant to Hulk in the top turnbuckle. ventura claims he`s going for the big win quick! André the Giant looked awesome, quick moves surprisingly, big chops and another headbutt.

Fans into this!

Hulk with a flying forearm twice and André the Giant drove to the ropes and Hogan grabbed DiBiase ont he apron and then he slammed both DiBiase and André the Giants heads into each other and the place was going crazy. Hogan still with his shirt on ripped it off after chopping André the Giant into the ropes and was all tied up! André the Giant in a predicament and then the fans behind Hogan, as Hulk hits him again a few more times with a big right hand. Hogan off the ropes levelled André the Giant with a hard right hand. Hogan then knocked André the Giant to one knee and the fans loved it. Hogan in the corner dropped two elbow`s and then one more and got a nearfall but André the Giant caught him on his back and went to an immediate chokehold. André the Giant then choked to four but didn`t get DQ`d with a five count. André the Giant with a headbutt to the sternum of Hogan.

André the Giant walked off the punches Hogan threw at him earlier. André the Giant up and grabbed Hulk and slapped on a chokehold and a big bearhug.

Hulkster fading down to one knee.

Trapezius muscle in danger as André the Giant really applied that downward pressure to Hogan.

The good news is there was fast action BEFORE this hold by André the Giant.

André the Giant had his move held on but the explosion erupted in Trump Plaza as Hulk got to his feet and pulled the big arms off André the Giant. Hogan with big right hand`s and André the Giant got clotheslined into the corner.

André the Giant was about to get slammed by DiBiase came in and hit him with a chair! Hogan then grabbed a chair and went to hit André the Giant and did. The official Joey Marella watched as André the Giant lowered the boom on Hulk.

The bell rang. Hulk still had the chair and drove it into André the Giant.

Hogan suplexed Virgil outside on the floor in the entrance way!

Both guys are gone!

So in the end both Hulk Hogan and Andre were disqualified for using chairs on each other at 5:05. (Hulk Hogan used it first which is surprising considering he was a babyface but it was still logical)

Lame ending to a pretty decent match but at least the Hulkster made the crowd happy by posing for them for I don’t know 20 minutes? It was seriously double the length of the match but the fans wanted it so they got it.

Hogan gives the fans what they wanted to see and the Donald and millions more smile on.

The match however was actually more exciting then remembered. It was nice to see Hogan out of the picture for a change moving forward for Savage`s chance to shine. But this wouldn`t be the last of Hogan on the night.

Hogan even slammed André the Giant after the match!!!



* 1/4




10) WWF Title Tournament Quarter-Final: “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase vs Don “The Rock” Muraco (w/Superstar Billy Graham)

Winner of this match advances to the finals of the whole tournament to meet the winners of many more matches involving Savage, Valentine and I believe The One Man Gang.

Muraco and DiBiase should be able to put something together relatively decent despite it being the 2nd bout of the night for both men.

Don Muraco wasted no time here grabbing DiBiase. Ted DiBiase hair was then grabbed by The Rock and the fans loved it.

The Rock then proceeded to take Ted DiBiase by the head as he slammed The Million Dollar Man into both turnbuckle pads from inside the ring while DiBiase was still on the outside apron and the fans loved it! DiBiase was dazed.

Good beginning here.

Ted DiBiase then got slammed and elbowed by Muraco and then a scoop powerslam gets him a nearfall. Muraco with a shot to the gut and then a hard forearm followed by an irishwhip to Ted DiBiase and a reverse elbow. Don The Rock Muraco with a big forearm in the throat and with a weak pinning attempt did not get Ted DiBiase. Ted DiBiase got driven head first into the post and then a double snap takedown.

All Muraco here.

Muraco grabbed Ted DiBiase by the legs and slammed him down on the back and then a standing dropkick nicely applied and Ted DiBiase needed to buy himself some time, big time. Ted DiBiase went to the outside for a breather, Billy Graham threatened to hit him with a cane. Ted DiBiase back in the ring nailed by Muraco and he whipped him hard in the corner hitting back first.

This is complete domination.

Ted DiBiase hung onto the ropes and slingshotted Muraco into the corner. That turned the tables momentarily and for the first time in the entire match Ted DiBiase hit an offensive move and proceeded to choke out Muraco in the corner. Ted DiBiase with right hands to Muraco down on the canvas. The Million Dollar Man with another stomp to The Rock and then grabbed him by the hair and slammed him head first into the top turnbuckle.

Ted DiBiase irishwhipped Muraco and hit him with a nice clothesline. DiBiase is fatigued but is laying it on Muraco because he knew he had to, out of desperation. Ted DiBiase lands a standing elbow drop to the head of Muraco twice. Ted DiBiase covered Don Muraco but he had his feet on the ropes. Ted DiBiase choked out Muraco at the side of the ring. The Million Dollar Man choked him out and then hit a chop to Muraco at the side of the ropes a few times and then irishwhipped him but Muraco caught him with a kick to the head as Ted DiBiase dropped his head going for a backdrop, he payed for it.

Somehow though, Ted DiBiase still landed a power slam as Muraco could not capitalize. Ted DiBiase missed an elbow drop and Muraco now has momentum and lands some right hands to Ted DiBiase. Muraco with an irishwhip to Ted DiBiase into the corner and a clothesline in mid-ring. Don Muraco going for Ted DiBiase and he begged for him to let him be. A side headlock by Ted DiBiase and then Muraco off the ropes hit a shoulder block. Ted DiBiase with a Stun Gun to Muraco on the ropes this time and he got him!

In the end Ted DiBiase pinned The Rock following a Hot Shot at 5:40 to move onto the finals in what was a pretty solid contest considering both guys had wrestled already once before on the night each.

A solid hard hitting contest here between two good workers, a refreshing change of pace after the last match.

Dibiase advances to the finals due to the bye! Great stuff!

The Million Dollar Man is almost the World Wrestling Federation Champion!



** 1/2



11) WWF Title Tournament Quarter-Final: Randy “Macho Man” Savage (w/Miss Elizabeth) vs Greg “The Hammer” Valentine

Two of my all time favourites getting it on in the 2nd round.

So we didn’t get Savage vs Steamboat but WE DID get Savage vs Valentine which was just great.

The Hammer puts on his second great match of the night this time with Savage. It’s unfortunate that this couldn’t go longer but Valentine had already wrestled a 9 minute match, and don’t forget this night had 16 Matches!

Randy Savage had a different outfit on and so did Liz and they matches, it looked pretty decent.

I was sure Liz could not look better then she did in blue, but she does here in PINK. Savage had a pink and gold robe and gets a great ovation once again.

It is all about the title!

Two former IC Champions are going at it looking to advance to the Semi Finals to face the Gang!

Greg Valentine grabbed Savage by the head and slammed him head first to the Macho Man and hit a series of forearms. Macho Man answered with an elbow of his own, irishwhip face first to the buckle, a snap takedown by Macho Man and then a beautiful leg drop and a nearfall. Valentine with a stiff forearm and then went up top and dropped an elbow from the top rope, the ref got inbetween the two which bought The Hammer some time to go on the offense.

The Hammer off the ropes for leverage dropped an elbow onto the head of Savage. Valentine lifts Savage up and hits a shoulder breaker to Randy Savage and gets a nearfall. Valentine dropped an elbow to the shoulder of Savage. Valentine threw Randy outside of the ring to the floor. The Hammer from the ring apron dropped the elbow to Macho Man from the apron.

Ventura with a clever remark about how Valentine is giving Macho a tase of his own medicine, this is what Macho usually does.

Liz looks worried as Valentine slammed Macho in the throat on the guardrail. Valentine dropped an elbow to this throat. Savage was in a ton of pain.

Valentine stomped on Savage.

They made it seem as if Savage had absolutely no chance of advancing here and Monsoon and Ventura backed it up.

Valentine with hard elbow drops to Savage in the throat-esophagus region very hard. Savage sold it well.

The Hammer went to work on the Quads of Savage and then set up for a Figure Four but Savage got to the ropes. Savage not on his A game as said by Ventura. The Hammer in the middle of the ring hit a snap suplex to Savage and got a two count.

Macho Man Randy Savage caught Valentine comign in with a kick to the mid-section. All of the sudden Savage exploded with a scoop slam! A double axehandle to Valentine and got a two. Jimmy Hart went on the apron and The Hammer levelled Macho Man and caught him with a reverse elbow after an irishwhip.

Savage reversed a suplex to Valentine who went for one. Savage to the top again going for a double axehandle but the Hammer nailed him in the gut. Both men hurt bad enough to follow up, Savage hurt himself as he came down. Savage ran to the ropes to level Valentine down but he moved and Savage fell. Crowd reacts appropriately.

Valentine went for a Figure Four, Savage reverses it into a SMALL PACKAGE! What a move! Out of no where! He got him, the place explodes!

So in the end Randy Savage pinned Valentine by roll-up after countering his Figure Four leglock at 6:06 as Savage is off to the Semi`s!

This match was pretty great. It was completely rough by Valentine, mid-match Macho fought back hard from adrenaline alone and then the ending sequence was very well done between these two great workers.

Two very good matches in a row, which is nice.



** 1/2



12) Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake vs The HonkyTonk Man (c) (w/Jimmy Hart) for the WWF Intercontinental Championship

“Bruti” is overplayed as a character. Period. As I have elluded to countless times but it needs to be stressed as much as possible, I have no idea how he made it as long as he did and was popular at all for that matter.

Sure, I’ve said that many times before but my god, he is the most annoying character to me in the history of Pro-Wrestling which says A LOT. Seeing how much I always despised Eugene (even from the start) that is a big statement.

Oh well moving onto this match.

Peggy Sue at this point was Sherri Martel just to point that out.

The HonkyTonk Man was aiming to retain the title but had a tough test here against Brutus Beefcake.

Brutus Beefcake came out to no MUSIC (thank god) and just clipped those giant scissors with a strange look in his eyes and a terrible mullet. He looked like former LA Kings Coach Barry Melrose.

He cut one of the worst promos ever earlier in the night.

The HonkyTonk Man looked a bit worried as Bruti took off his tie.

Brutus tugged on ropes to warm up as the bell rings, ventura does his usual-annual hello to Terry, Tyrell and Jade watching at home.

The HonkyTonk Man is hopefully getting ready to put an end to this very questionable looking Beefcake. Wont even bother making a comment on his tights. The HonkyTonk Man with knees to the gut, missed a clothesline and then Brutus caught his leg and wound up, spinned him and hit a huge atomic drop as he did a full spin with The HonkyTonk Man in the air. Brutus grabbed him by the hair and rubbed his hair because that must hurt!


The HonkyTonk Man bought himself time while Brutus bopped his head like a retard on the inside. Brutus wound up and grabbed The HonkyTonk Man by the hair and then he was kicked at by The HonkyTonk Man. Both guys tied up again and The HonkyTonk Man raked Brutus in the face and Brutus still grabbed The HonkyTonk Man by the head and slammed him TEN times head first into the buckle and this takes him down.

Bruti gave the sign of the haircut, a leapfrog by Brutus and then a high knee to The HonkyTonk Man but he slid out to re-group, smart move by the IC Champion. Brutus grabbed him by the hair and then flipped him back in the ring. Beefcake irishwhipped The HonkyTonk Man and then hit a knee to the gut of Honkytonk Man.

The HonkyTonk Man kicks Brutus down on the canvas and kicks at his back hard. Brutus shakes his head and then to his feet caught a hard righthand by The HonkyTonk Man. The HonkyTonk Man with hard shots and a snap over and then posed for the crowd and Brutus looked crosseyed. The HonkyTonk Man grabbed him by the hair and hit an uppercut before a Shake, Rattle and ROll attempt. Jimmy Hart choked out Beefcake behind the official. The HonkyTonk Man then had Beefcake down and he kicked at him in the side of the squared circle.

The HonkyTonk Man went for the finisher but chose not to do it at the last second for another short to try and wear him down some more. The HonkyTonk Man set him up again and shaked him but Beefcake held onto the rope. Beefcake with a big shot to the gut and then he irishwhipped The HonkyTonk Man and backdropped him. The HonkyTonk Man begged for Beefcake to ease up but Beefcake irishwhipped him and caught him in the Sleeper! Beefcake had it locked in, The HonkyTonk Man was fading and we might have a NEW IC Champion.

Jimmy Hart levelled the Ref then!

He saw The HonkyTonk Man going out with the Sleeper and he took down the ref to save The HonkyTonk Man and his championship. Hillarious.

So in the end HonkyTonk Man was disqualified after Hart hit the referee with a Megaphone, as a result he retained the Title as they always do in these situations at 6:30.

It’s interesting to note that the referee was legitimately injured by the blow from the megaphone and needed to be helped out of the ring.



* 1/4




13) The Islanders (Haku and Tama) and Bobby Heenan vs The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith and The Dynamite Kid) and Koko B. Ware

Now this was the surprise of the night. Very entertaining.

We all know the Bulldogs and Islanders can put on good in-ring matches but with the addition of Heenan and his suit made it comical as well as great.

Very good pace to the tag contest helped things later on in the show, perfectly booked match here.

The Dynamite Kid started the match quickly with a snap takeover on Tama.

Dynamite then with his quick offense went to work as this one started pretty immediately. Dynamite off the ropes hit a shoulder block and then a hip toss. A slingshot over the top by Dynamite to Tama and he went to the outside. The Dynamite Kid tagged in Davey Boy Smith who slammed him but nobody home.

Tama flipped over and made a unique tag to the powerhouse in Haku. Bulldog stopped Haku and his charge and then a high cross-body by Bulldog. A nearfall and then a powerslam and another close fall for Bulldog. A nice crucifix by Davey Boy and then a snap over by Bulldog into a reverse chinlock but Haku counters into a wrist lock and an armringer. Haku tagged in

Tama and he dropped the elbow to Bulldog. Tama keeps on the armringer but Bulldog reversed it and scooped him up showing the power of the needles and he held Tama in the air. A quick tag to Haku by Tama after the slam. Tama quick with those nice desperation tags.

Haku with a couple of shots to Bulldog but a beautifulk back flip, he made the tag to Koko B. Ware. His first time in he dropkicks Haku and then Tama on the apron, The Brain missed it. Both Islanders in the ring but a double headlock to Koko and he counters with a double leg scissors by Koko. The Dynamite Kid tagged in and he chopped Haku irishwhipped him and came off with a hard clothesline. Heenan looked worried on the outside. Haku with a big thrust kick to the head of The Dynamite Kid. Haku dropped a shot and Heenan tagged in now.

Bobby Heenan stomped on The Dynamite Kid and the place booed. Heenan grabbing the top rope for leverage and stomped on Dynamite. Heenan then got elbowed by The Dynamite Kid and he tagged in Tama who backdropped The Dynamite Kid after an irishwhip to the ropes. The Dynamite Kid down and Tama posed. Tama then stomped The Dynamite Kid and scoop slammed him and went up to the top and dropped his body down and The Dynamite Kid got his knees up and Tama rolled the wrong way. The Dynamite Kid tagged in Koko. B Ware who slingshotted Tama and hit another backdrop. Koko then sent both Islanders into one another and Koko the legal man got knocked down by the now legal Haku.

Haku irishwhipped Koko and hit a clothesline to Koko. Matilda the Bulldog on the outside was shown and Ventura made fun of how the dog looked. Haku then dropped Koko B. Ware on the canvas. Tama then dropped the high elbow to Koko and the Brain comes in for the second time. Bobby Heenan nothing but offense as the Brain hit Koko with nothing but a knee lift and kicks and then a forearm. Koko then grabbed Heenan and punched at the big jacket he had on. Koko B. Ware with a round house right stopped the Brain in his tracks and sent him tot he corner hard, Heenan then sent into the post and the crowd loved it. Koko and Heenan is a considerably slower pace then The Bulldogs and Islanders.

All six men in the ring as The Islanders attacked Koko attacking Heenan, then Bulldogs came in to attack the Ialanders. The Islanders splashed Heenan down on KOKO!

In the end Heenan surprisingly pinned Koko B. Ware after he was picked up by The Islanders and dropped on top of Koko at 7:30.

Not the best way to end what was a pretty good match, but it was very fun overall, regardless of the outcome.

The Sleeper of the night!


** 3/4

-Jesse The BODY Ventura then is announced by The Fink and is then posing at the top of the broadcast booth and he poses which gets a great ovation.

The Body owned, he was the man.



14) WWF Title Tournament Semi-Final: Randy “Macho Man” Savage (w/Miss Elizabeth) vs The One Man Gang (w/Slick)

Fink announced DiBiase is in the finals and meets the winner of this match as the crowd boo.

Out comes the Gang with Slick!

Now out comes The Macho Man!

Randy Savage enters with Elizabeth…again. It’s almost like watching the movie “Groundhog Day” at this point. But like that movie, it is still good because it is Savage. Only in that film it was Bill Murray which is also great.

Jesse and Gorilla heavily favored the Gang as he got a bye to the semi’s and Savage had already wrestled twice. Also of course there was the BIG MAN factor as they were making Savage out to be a major underdog due to him not being as big and more fatigued despite his skill level.

Macho is in dark now as is Liz and Macho has got different attire again.

Ventura says Ivana Trump is looking at Liz and her outfits, well I am anyway.

The One Man was well rested and they tried putting over that Savage was fatigued and hurt from the stiff match with valentine and Reed.

Plus The One Man Gang had a weight advantage. The One Man Gang pushed Macho Man into the corner and then hit a nice elbow in the corner to Gang.

Savage slapped a headlock on the Gang in an attempt to wear the big man down!

Savage then clotheslined The Gang over the top rope and then once back inside the ring The One Man Gang levelled Savage with a few hard shots to the Esophagus that was worked on earlier by Valentine and that took out some oxygen from Macho Man.

The One Man Gang dropped a hard shot to Savage in the corner in the throat region, and Savage who looked to be in a ton of pain was getting groggy. The One Man Gang splashed him in the corner.

The One Man Gang stomped on Savage in the corner and choked him out with the big boot. The One Man Gang grabbed The Macho Man and dropped an elbow to the back of Savage and Elizabeth looked concerned again. The One Man Gang slammed Savage down on the mat but he put his foot on the ropes. Gang drove an elbow to Savage and he kicked out and then Gang hit a scoop slam. Missed a big splash no one home.

The One Man Gang charged into the corner and hit no one, Savage with hard shots and an elbow to the throat of Gang. Savage chrged to Gang and he was tied in the ropes. Macho Man jumped from the top and bombs away, he hit the double axehandle to The One Man Gang. Savage with amazing conditioning. Savage then tried to slam The One Man Gang and he grabbed him up and choked Savage and dropped him.

Slick on the outside went after Liz.

The One Man Gang was distracted this bought Savage time, Gang missed an elbow drop. Gang hit Savage with the Cane and then went to hit Savage again and kept missing him, the official finally spots it and awards the match to Savage.

Macho won but The One Man Gang broke the cane over Savage hurting him in the finals.

So in the end The One Man Gang was disqualified after attempting to strike Savage with Slick’s cane at 4:05, which entered Savage to the finals to meet Dibiase. Down to two!

This was nothing good, however we now knew there`d be a great match set up for the finals! A standard big heel versus a tired and fatigued face who had gone through a ton of pain and got the big break in the long run which made the crowd happy.





15) Demolition (Ax and Smash) (w/Mr. Fuji) vs Strike Force (c) (Rick Martel and Tito Santana) for the WWF Tag Team Championship

Demolition would really come into there own after this contest, this was a major turning point for the legendary soon to be Hall of Famer`s team.

Which is another reason it’s a memorable one. Two great matches to end this long show was probably a good idea.

This tag match went back and forth between two popular teams and it worked out very well.

The match began when Smash lived up to his name and did just that, Smash with a ton of hard shots to the back of Rick Martel wearing the fine worker down. Smash with a ton of power dropped the standing-double axehandle bombs to the back of Martel before an irishwhip sending him to the ropes.

Off the side, Martel ducked a clothesline, then went for a high crossbody and Smash picked him up and Tito Santana came in and dropkicked Smash. Ax came in and double team moves over and over. A double slingshot by Strike Force and Martel then hit Smash. Martel with an armringer and tagged in Tito Santana and he dropped a bomb to Smash who got out of that and tagged in Ax.

An arm drag takedown to Ax by Tito Santana and then he tagged in Martel and kept on the armringer into an armbar. Ax grabbed him by the hair but Martel kept the armbar on until Ax raked him. Smash came in and Tito Santana kicked him in the mid-section.

Strike Force worked well as a team here isolating a man in there corner and keeping frequent tags.

A bearhug by Smash and Ax clotheslined him from the apron!

That is why this match is good, both teams showed what they had to offer.

Demolition now in control.

Ax kept Tito Santana in there corner and worked him over and both guys smashed him into there turnbuckle. Smash with big right hands to Tito Santana and then tagged in Ax again. Tito Santana was being worn down and body slammed by Ax. Ax then kicked Tito Santana in the face and slammed him into the buckle.

Awesome teamwork by Demolition.

Ax and Smash kept working over Santana who desperately needed a tag, they had him in there corner for a good chunk of time. A nicely executed suplex by Smash to Tito Santana and a two count. Smash argued it but he picked up Tito Santana and scooped him up yet again in the middle of the ring, slammed him, missed the elbow drop but Smash kept on him and tagged in Ax. Ax came in and kicked at Tito Santana but off the ropes he hit a desperaton dropkick.

Could Tito Santana tag in Martel, well Smash dragged Tito Santana to his corner intelligently. Ax went to work on Tito Santana but he came off with a flying forerarm and the crowd despite being no doubt dead tired were behind him. Both men down.

Ax tagged in Smash.

Smash had to face Martel as Tito Santana finally tagged out. Martel with a big backdrop. Martel with another dropkick. Rick Martel on fire with chops and then a Boston Crab to Smash! Ax came in to interupt it but Tito Santana made sure he went to the outside and did not interupt. The Boston Crab was still locked in and behind the official Ax came in and nailed Martel across the neck with the Cane. Fuji levelled on the outside by Tito Santana.

The ref counts the fall!

In the end Ax pinned Martel following a cane shot at 12:33 to become the WWF tag team Champions!

Demolition has done it!

Great stuff here, nice work by both teams showing why the tag division in the 80’s was great no matter which company was showcasing a match. There was also a great (and much better) tag contest taking place this very night at NWA Clash of the Champion’s.

But right here, History has been made at Wrestlemania 4!

** 1/2




16) Main Event- WWF Title Tournament Final: Randy “Macho Man” Savage (w/Miss Elizabeth and Hulk Hogan) vs “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase (w/André the Giant) for the vacant WWF Championship




Well we finally got to the finals of this event.

The Macho Man and the Million Dollar Man.

Both men from other promotion`s before Vince`s WWF and neither had been Champion despite both being absolutely awesome in every single way. Who would finally win the big one here was the question now.

Both guys are ready, this is the big one. The Winner of this match is the New World Wrestling Federation Champion in the 1980’s boom. An unbelievable achievment so a lot on the line. Match #16 is underway and the crowd had been waiting over three and a half hours for this. (Not counting the anticipation before Mania 4)

Savage tied up mid-ring with DiBiase and The Giant hooked the leg of Savage, and Monsoon speculated Andre was going to cause a lot of trouble.

All of the sudden the crowd chanted for HOGAN because of the whole Mega Powers vs Mega Bucks storyline going on and everyone stood up including the Donald in the front row, but no one was at the entrance way, not yet anyway.

Randy Savage tied up with Ted DiBiase again and went with a go-behind, three moves into a hammerlock, DiBiase with an armbar, another reversal by Savage into a headlock, into a shoulder block off the ropes, and then The Giant grabbed the leg of Savage again and that’s twice the official hasn’t seen him and Liz for the fourth different time tonight looks concerned.

Awesome story being told with Liz vs The Giant on the outside and chain wrestling in the middle of the ring.

A desperate armringer by Savage to DiBiase in the corner but The Million Dollar Man reversed it and sent Savage flying into the corner.

DiBiase had originally wanted to purchase the WWF title and Savage had a dream of winning it, so this match was incredibally intense for not only the competitors but the fans that were there live to view it.

DiBiase had Savage in the corner and dropped an elbow to the head of The Macho Man catching him in the back of the neck. Savage sent to the ropes and DiBiase clotheslined him and got a two count as Savage kicked out. Macho Man caught a shoulder block by DiBiase who hit a sunset flip right after, couldn’t get him over, Savage hit a clothesline, hooked the leg and a two count only!

Savage and DiBiase staring each other down. DiBiase promised he’d bring the title home. DiBiase got an underhook to the lower abdomen and then hit a hard chop to the Macho Man before laying the boot to the side of Savage’s face. DiBiase with a hard shot to the head of Macho Man with the back of his forearm. DiBiase dropped the elbow to the head of Savage and slammed him head first into the top turnbuckle. Off the ropes Savage ducked a clothesline and hit an elbow to DiBiase and slingshotted his neck on the top rope as he leaped to the outside.

Great move!

Savage then with a high knee sent Million Dollar Man to the outside.

Randy Savage from the top rope wanting to jump onto DiBiase and The Giant dared him to jump so Macho man didn’t. Savage then told Liz to do something and the crowd cheer as they speculate it’s to go get Hogan as the fans chant his name.

DiBiase with a Pearl Harbor job as Monsoon says as he takes down Savage from behind and then a snap takedown into a reverse chinlock. DiBiase held it in and applied pressure, all of the sudden Liz comes back and she’s returning with The Hulkster and the place pops!

Savage was down and Hogan took a steel chair and took a seat to even out the odds as Andre was on the other side.

Randy Savage asking for Hogan’s help these days is about as likely as me writing a review in point form.

Ted DiBiase with a ton of shots to Macho in the corner, Andre choked him out in the corner of the ring, Hogan hit Andre off of him. Macho man with a couple of elbow shots to the head. Rake of the face by Million Dollar man bought him some time and then a clothesline to Macho Man, while Hogan slapped at the canvas encouraging on Macho Man.

DiBiase with a great suplex.

A nearfall and DiBiase thought it was three.

Macho Man down and Ted DiBiase scooped him up again and this time hit a beautiful gutwrench suplex.

DiBiase with a big slam.

Ted DiBiase going to the top took his time bought Macho time to get up and slam him! Savage then from the top (and everyone gets up) Savage missed the flying elbow. He missed it.

Savage then got caught in the Million Dollar Dream and Andre went for Savage and the ref was watching him and Hogan hit The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase with a chair!

Savage’s time!

Macho Man waved and went to the top for an aerial move!

It’s the Macho Man Elbow Drop!

Savage has done it!

We have a new Champion!

In the end “The Macho Man” Randy Savage pinned “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase following a Flying Elbow Drop after DiBiase was struck by a chair swung by Hulk Hogan (as a counter-measure for Andre’s repeated interferences in the match) at 9:27 to become the World Wrestling Federation champion after defeating four men in one night! Atlantic City pops loud as Savage wins the WWF title for the first time!

Savage wins the title but before the tournament started Robin Leach read a special proclamation “sanctioning” the tournament for the WWF Championship at the start of the event and was scheduled to present the belt to the winner, although it was snatched away by Hulk Hogan in celebration of Randy Savage winning.

And what a celebration this was…..Savage, Hogan, and Elizabeth celebrating the win in the peak of the late 80’s wrestling boom. Such a sight to see and one of the best Wrestlemania moments of ALL time that often goes unnoticed for some reason.

This moment and this Mania are not talked about enough, period.

Hogan points out who the MAN is NOW in the end.

What another classic moment for Randy Savage at Wrestlemania, he earned this spot.

The Mega Powers were on top of the Wrestling world!

What a great ending.

Whether you were a Hogan or Savage fan at this point you just had to love this ending! A true mark out moment for me.

It is one that will stand the test of time forever…

THIS is MachoMania!¸






Final Rating for Wrestlemania 4 = 6.5/10

I originally thought this event was average. This is really not the case it just seemed that way on the surface due to all the matches and the length of the show.

This edition is quite underrated actually. Take away how long it is (16 full matches and extra non-match material) and the fact some matches didn`t need to be on the card, you can really appreciate the quality throughout the night you DID get.

The World Wrestling Federation provided us with two solid tag team attractions, a few GREAT tournament matches, A nice Savage story, a good battle royal, a few good entertaining matches for the IC title or the Warrior bout, some pointless filler, the continuation of The Mega Powers vs the Heenan Family among other things.

Overall Vince did a good job going up against Sting vs Flair at Clash of the Champion`s this night, and if anything this Mania just proves once again that History does indeed Beckon the Macho Man. While this Wrestlemania is not top ten material it’s still a fun show for Nostalgia.

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