Review: WWF/WWE Wrestlemania 5 DVD

May 17, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF Wrestlemania 5 Review:




“The Mega Powers…Explode! Here on Wrestlemaniaaa 5!”Vince McMahon




-WWF Wrestlemania 5 took place on Sunday, April the 2nd, 1989 at the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, New Jersey in front of 18,946 fans.

-This was the 5th Annual WWF Wrestlemania event.

-Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse “The Body” Ventura did commentary for this edition of Wrestlemania.

-The main feud heading into WrestleMania 5 was between WWF Champion Randy Savage and Challenger- Hulk Hogan, with the two battling over the WWF Championship. At WrestleMania IV in March 1988, Savage defeated Ted DiBiase in a tournament final to win the vacant WWF Championship with help from Hogan. As a result, the duo formed a tag team known as The Mega Powers. They feuded with many heel tag teams throughout the entire year and were a successful team. Mega Powers ruled and dominated the WWF for 16 months. However, their domination and tag team began to breakup in early 1989. This all began on January 7, 1989 at Saturday Night’s Main Event, Hogan was mercilessly beaten by The Twin Towers after his match with Akeem. Savage came out and cleared the ring with a steel chair. Elizabeth took Hogan to the backstage which angered Savage. He thought that he was a third wheel and this was the beginning of the breakup of Mega Powers as Savage was angry that why his wife Miss Elizabeth was used by Hogan as his manager. He confronted her about the issue but she took Hogan to the backstage. Problems increased further in the Royal Rumble match in 1989 where Hogan accidentally eliminated Savage as he was trying to eliminate Bad News Brown. On February 3 at The Main Event, Hogan and Savage faced The Twin Towers (Akeem and The Big Boss Man) in a tag team match, filled with controversy. During the climax of the match, Akeem threw Savage and Hogan did not help Savage. Instead, when Akeem began taunting Elizabeth, Hogan came out to help her. Savage questioned what was happening but Hogan did not reply. Hogan picked and took her to the backstage. He was caring about Elizabeth while Savage was alone handling Twin Towers. When Hogan came back, Savage slapped him in the face and took the belt in his hand and turned heel by abandoning Hogan. Despite this, Hogan managed to pick up the win. This began a feud between the two. Hogan challenged Savage to a match for the WWF Championship at WrestleMania, which Savage accepted.

-On this show there was a memorable Piper’s Pit segment that I wont bother reviewing in the actual match reviews so I’ll run down what happened here. Brother Love comes out and does his “Rowdy” Roddy Piper impression. Morton Downey Jr. comes down and makes fun of both of them. Finally, Piper himself walks down and rips off Brother Love’s kilt. Downey then makes himself good and annoying by blowing smoke in Piper’s face. Piper gets sick of that and sprays Downey with a fire extinguisher after a lot of back and forth dialogue that wasn’t very entertaining but back then I guess it was seen as PRETTY GOOD for secondary entertainment to Wrestling.

-Run-DMC performed a WrestleMania Rap for the audience.

-Celebrity guests in attendance for Mania included Morton Downey, Jr. and Donald Trump. (who once again sat front row)

-More seats were actually added to the Trump Plaza to increase the attendance from the prior WrestleMania which was also held there.

-WrestleMania IV and V are the only two WrestleMania’s to be held at the same venue for two consecutive years.

-Rockin Robin sang the anthem…(Jesse Ventura made fun of her afterwards which made it worth the time)

-Now onto the PPV……………












1) Opening Contest- Hercules vs King Haku (w/Bobby “The Brain” Heenan)

What’s this?

Hercules Hernandez in another decent Wrestlemania match? I’ve frequently called him an underrated performer at Mania and as each card passes the statement becomes more and more true.

Not many people even know he passed away or even WHO HE WAS for that matter, which is sad. I’ll admit, the guy was nothing great but he was still a wrestler and a consistent performer that was apart of a lot of big shows early on.

A pretty good way to open the show with a solid single’s match like this. Decently paced given the time and competitor’s and the length was good for the match’s case as well.

Hercules was in the ring taking off his chains and from behind out of no where King Haku attacked him dropping a blow with a standing (or running I should say) double axehandle up high. Monsoon and Ventura were talking about the 3 on 2 tag title match later on in the night and this sneak attack even caught them off guard.

King Haku proceeded to attack Hercules while he hadn’t even had taken off his entrance chains off. King Haku hammered relentlessly at Herc with a kick to the back followed by some stinging forearms into the upper back and head-region of The Mighty Hercules. The crowd gets settled in for the night’s action.

King Haku had Hercules in the corner and gave him a few chops and then backed him off to another corner and continued the offense with a series of chops and shots, an irish-whip by Haku was reversed by Hercules off the ropes and he caught him with a beutiful hiptoss. Off the ropes Haku thought he was going to be able to elevate Hercules in the air with a backdrop attempt but Hercules turned it into a face press right into the mat. Hercules then clotheslined Haku right over the top rope to the outside!

Ventura states this isn’t a good start for Bobby “The Brain” Heenan! King Haku tried to re-group on the outside after his Pearl Harbour job kind of failed from the beginning. King Haku back on the outside of the ring apron and Hercules caught him from inside the ring and attempted to hook onto King Haku’s rights to suplex him over the ropes and back into the ring from where King Haku was on the outside ring apron. Hercules grabbed a hold of Haku from the outside and proceeded to suplex him over the top rope and Haku lands back first. Herc ran from the corner and landed a well executed elbow drop, and then a second one off the ropes. Hercules measuring the King relatively easy. Hercules then pointed at Heenan as Bobby The Brain was going to jump into the ring.

Ventura claims this was stupid by Hercules because Haku had bought himself time. Infact he did. King Haku followed Hercules on the outside of the ring as Herc turned around and ran right into a clothesline by Haku. Haku then pushed Hercules back first into the ring apron twice. King Haku threw Hercules back into the ring area.

King Haku then had Hercules where he wanted him after his manager gave him some time to recover and back inside the ring Haku hit a well executed back breaker. Haku then held Hercules to show strength before the second back breaker then applied it nicely. Unable to hold him down for the three, Hercules got out of there. Bearhug slapped on by Haku to wear down the powerful/mighty Hercules. A weardown hold by King Haku to rob Hercules of the oxygen his muscles needed. Haku kept the beasrhug in and Atlantic City got noisy in attempt to help out Hercules a tad while he kept swinging away but was unable to break the hold.

A good pace before this bearhug, this was the only real slow sequence of the match but it was logical to the story the match was telling.

The fans appreciated Hercules breaking it but he left himself wide open, the martial arts coming into play when the experience of King Haku was shown after a thrust kick to the Mighty Hercules and then a choke on the middle rope. Haku irishwhipped Hercules to the ropes, he ducked and came off with a high cross-body and the King kicked out at about two and a half. An elbow to the head of Hercules, a reversal by Hercules throwing Haku to the ropes, he jumped off the rope and Hercules ducked off Haku’s cross body attempt up high. Both men up at the same time.

Hercules delivered right hands to the head of Haku and threw him to the ropes and came off with a strong right hand to the gut, followed by a sequence of clothesline’s! Haku is in trouble as an irishwhip gave Hercules a beautiful powerslam, but Haku kicked out.

Somehow King Haku managed out and Hercules went to the top! Hercules with a high risk jump but he caught a huge kick by Haku in mid-air. King Haku followed it up with a high risk splash but Hercules moved out of the way! Hercules ducked a clothesline and hit a suplex to Haku and bridged him for the win! Hercules wins.

In the end Hercules pinned Haku following a Belly to Back Suplex with a Bridge at 6:57 to get the win. Atlantic City is pleased with this result.

To sum this one up, it was good to great. Nothing overly special but definately pretty good.

So we get did recieve a SOLID opener here at Wrestlemania 5.



** 1/4



2) The Twin Towers (Akeem “The African Dream” and The Big Boss Man) (w/ “The Doctor of Style” Slick) vs The Rockers (Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty)

This was actually an even better match then the opener!

This was also the Wrestlemania debut for “Mr. Wrestlemania.”

The Rockers cut a DECENT at best and very 80’s promo with Mean Gene before the tag attraction, but in the ring there’s no doubt, they were always such a treat.

They moved around so great and were so fast that it was a good contrast in style’s to be placed with the big Tower’s here.

This added to what the eventual story of this match would be and while The Rockers got some offense in early, it didn’t last as the Towers took over and dominated most of this match.

A lot of powermoves and resthold’s by the big men to wear down The Rocker’s speed here as you’d expect.

Still, this was A VERY good if not great wrestling match and the crowd was into it in a major way, getting behind The Rocker’s every chance they got.

The match begun when The Twin Towers chased The Rockers who were still posing out of the ring.

The Big Bossman started off with Shawn Michaels when things got settled down underway. Shawn Michaels elbowed Bossman on the ring apron to begin and the fans “Oooh’d”. Michaels getting set to sqaure off with Traylor.

The The Towers wanted to end this match as soon as possible, while the longer it goes it favored the well conditioned Rockers.

Bossman grabbed Shawn and elevated him up on the turnbuckle.

Bossman then slapped at Shawn a few times on the top to get his attention. Well he got it as Shawn Michaels leaped off the top and dropkicked Bossman from behind and the fans roared.

Shawn got down and had The Big Bossman against the ropes due to that quick dropkick from the top and then Shawn Michaels landed forearms to Traylor before he reversed an irishwhip, Shawn Michaels leapfrogged Bossman and then nailed Akeem on the apron. Bossman then looked around and was frustrated with Michaels quickmess and had a few words with Slick.

Absolutely hillarious when Monsoon says that Shawn’s work there was innovative, and Jesse Ventura looking to outsmart him as always follows that up in a sarcastic tone. “Punching a guy who isn’t LEGALLY in the match as of right now is INNOVATIVE, Monsoon?!” Ventura owns.

Akeem “The African” Dream got tagged in by Bossman and did his usual hand waving taunt that looked pretty ridiculous but at the same time hysterical. Akeem getting set to try and take over the power game for The Twin Towers in there with the speed Shawn Michaels who had just hit him moments earlier, so now what would happen?

Shawn Michaels then mocked him with a moonwalk and ducked underneath as clothesline attempt by The African Dream. Michaels with an armringer and tagged in Jannetty who kept on the left arm of Akeem in the armringer as well, Shawn Michaels went to the top rope while Marty Jannetty held Akeem and then dropped the axehandel. Michaels twisted the arm and Jannett flied in. Continuity by The Rockers as they worked over Akeem, rolled over to Bossman and hit him on the apron!

Shawn Michaels ringed the sore arm of Akeem in the middle of the ring, The Rockers showing quick and innovative offense here with a powerful tag team. Shawn Michaels twisted Akeem’s arm and then Akeem used his power to throw him to the buckle. Akeem charged in half a second to late as Shawn Michaels moved from the corner and Akeem hit no one! Shawn Michaels continued on the arm of Akeem and tagged in partner Marty Jannetty.

Jannetty then came in while Shawn Michaels still held onto Akeem’s arm and contineud the offensive onslaught to the Towers by coming in and twisting the arm himself and ringing it by stomping on the canvas. The Rocker’s have been smart by taking the body apart of Akeem, however he attempted a scoopslam, and then Marty landed. Bossman came in, and Marty leapfrogged over Akeem and ran right into the Bossman who had already tagged in behind him.

Bossman showing his weight advantage by slamming Marty down, hitting the knee into his back on the ropes. Traylor tagged in Akeem. This was the double teaming Rockers had to avoid but the didn’t. Twin Towers cut the ring in half. Akeem came in and roughed up Marty, then Bossman, now back to Akeem. Akeem threw Bossman into Marty in the corner for a double avalanche as Bossman charged in twice. Marty Jannetty was down and out after the continued double teams. Akeem now with a methodical pace with Bossman and the two tagged in over and over tearing apart Marty Jannetty keeping him in there corner.

Marty attempted a righthand, but not enough force as Bossman dropped a double axehandle followed by a knee to the face. Marty kept firing with shots but no power behind them. Akeem came back in and then went to hit Marty but he ducked and hit Bossman off the apron. Marty ducked under Akeem and tagged in Shawn Michaels. Michaels flew over and dropkicked Akeem! Shawn Michaels got Akeem to the corner!

Michaels up top hammered away on Akeem as the crowd counted along with his shots to the head of the big man.

Shawn Michaels tagged in Marty and the two threw Akeem in to the corner and Shawn Michaels hit a flying elbow drop and got a two.

Shawn Michaels back in and then got caught with a thunderous clothesline by Akeem!

Amazing clothesline by Akeem to Shawn!

Bossman tagged in and went to work by going to the top rope with his “400 pounds plus” says Monsoon. Bombs away fails, Shawn Michaels moves and lands on Bossman with a two count. Shawn Michaels leaped on top of Bossman, went for a leg scissors couldn’t get it, Bossman was going to powerslam him but Jannetty tagged in and then ducked underneath so Bossman fell back down.

More double team moves by the Rockers! Akeem threw Marty over the top rope. Shawn Michaels then from the top went for a hurricanrauna to Bossman but he caught him in mid-air with a powerslam. Akeem was tagged in and dropped his weight onto Shawn Michaels and forget about it, it’s over!

In the end it was Akeem “The African Dream” who ended up pinning Shawn Michaels after a 747 Splash at 8:02 of the match to get the Towers the victory here in this Wrestlemania tag team match.

Therefore The Twin Towers win the tag match and the fans aren’t happy with the result of the match this time around.

However, it certainly was a solid tag team contest that followed a pretty decent single’s match just before it.

The highlight of the match is how well The Rocker’s moved and bumped around the ring. Just a very good late 80’s tag team pace.

This show is starting off well.

** 1/4





3) Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake vs “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase (w/Virgil)

Virgil was still Dibiase’s slave at this point and he’d remain that way for a couple of years which is why it was such a big deal when he eventually broke free.

I’ve gone over my dislike for Brutus enough but in the ring with the right guy (DiBiase is your man) then he can provide some alright material.

DiBiase cuts a promo backstage with Virgil before the match and when he appears doesen’t have an entrance theme.

This match like the first two had a pretty good flow to it.

DiBiase was scared of Beefcake at the beginning as he wanted to call a timeout time and time again outside of the ring. DiBiase had his beautiful Million Dollar Title and Bruti was struttin and cuttin with his scissors which he put in his cutting bag.

Which man had the better sleeper? We’re about to find out!

Ted DiBiase who caught the cheapshot by Beefcake early as Ventura called it. A hiplock and two backdrop’s planted Ted DiBiase on his back and he went for a walk attempting to break the momentum.

Ted DiBiase going for a walk looking to build back his confidence and get in there with Brutus Beefcake who had already gotten the upperhand on him. Of course, “The Body” stood up for Ted DiBiase’s actions here as he mentioned it’s like a Football player going out of bounds. Nothing wrong with it.

Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake waited inside the ring for Ted DiBiase to come back in. Ted DiBiase back in and Brutus and DiBiase both flexed a bit and Ted DiBiase drove the knee into Beefcake and got the upperhand. The walk on the outside payed off. Ted DiBiase in control momentarily until Beefcake slammed him after reversing an irishwhip. Beefcake with two slam’s and then a clothesline to Ted DiBiase over the top to the outside. Beefcake taunts in the ring.

DiBiase on the outside selling his back injury from the slam’s, and now The Million Dollar Man asked for a timeout! Ventura claimed he had never seen Ted DiBiase start this slow.

DiBiase came back in the ring. Both men circled around the other and then tied up again. Ted DiBiase with a big righthand, Bruti answered right back. Round house rights by both men in a slugfest. DiBiase selling the shots big time. Brutus taking full advantage of the match, Virgil grabbed the Barber from the outside and the official didn’t see. DiBiase then came back in the match because of the actions from Virgil and choked out Brutus, Ventura said this is why he had a bodygaurd. DiBiase slammed Beefcake’s head into the top turnbuckle and then gave him a couple of shots and rakes to the face. Million Dollar Man with a reverse elbow to Beefcake off the ropes, then a lot of leverage dropping the first into the Esophagus area of Bruti on the ground and got a nearfall. Ted DiBiase with an irishwhip to Beefcake and got a clothesline. DiBiase off the top rope was going for a high risk move and waited for Beefcake to get up, after measuring him he nailed him him with a double axehandel. Monsoon wondered why Ted DiBiase didn’t go for the Milion Dollar Dream there? DiBiase with more heavy shots, dropped the knee and got a two.

Beefcake on his knees in pain got caught again by Ted DiBiase who was a thinking wrestler, always had something on the go, irish-whipped Brutus to the ropes and then Beefcake hit a small package out of no where! Ted DiBiase kicked out and got back in control. Ted DiBiase went for a suplex, but Brutus countered it as the power came to play and Brutus Beefcake hit a suplex. DiBiase grabbed Beefcake by the hair, sent him to the ropes, Beefcake ducked a clothesline and both men hit each other with a double clothesline, both men thinking the same thing. Brutus looked to have gotten the worst of it as Ted DiBiase was back on his feet first. Well executed snapshot vertical suplex by the Million Dollar Man. Virgil applauded on the outside as he liked what he saw. Million Dollar Dream then locked on!

Beefcake was caught! The Million Dollar Dream!

Million Dollar Man had it in and Beefcake tried to get out of it with everything he had, and he reached the ropes to break the hold, Ted DiBiase held on viciously till the 4 count. Beefcake had a powerful upper body which helped him get out. Ted DiBiase chose not to slap it on agai, hesitated and then Beefcake slammed Ted DiBiase’s head into the top turnbuckle twice. DiBiase hit right hands to Beefcake and then continued his desperation game and slammed Ted DiBiase’s head 10 times into the buckle! Beefcake signalled for a sleeper! Brutus then irishwhipped Ted DiBiase and caught him!

Beefcake slaps it on this time!

Virgil interupted it and Beefcake got wacked in the kidney area and Virgil took it to Beefcake on the outside.

Bruti intense after Virgil on the outside and tried taking shots at him but from behind The Million Dollar Man clobbered Beefcake. Both men brawled on the outside and the ref counted and then rang the bell.

In the end of this lengthy match, both men battled to the outside to a double count out at 10:01.

Fans don’t like the decision obviously, but neither man wanted to lose here and in the end neither did as a straight up loss anyway.

It’s a draw.

Once again this is yet another match that is at least over the two star mark as it was a solid match. Good pace to this event early at Wrestlemania 5.

So far nothing on this show has JUMPED out at you, but nothing to this point was bad at all and almost everything was enjoyable.

Which is exactly what you want after Wrestlemania 4 when most matches on the night were mediocre at best.

When the offense was there in this match, I loved it though.



** 3/4




4) The Bushwackers (Luke Williams and Butch Miller) vs The Fabulous Rougeaus (Jacques and Raymond) (w/Jimmy Hart)

This tag team match had potential until the Bushwackers showed up.

Joking, they COULD BE pretty entertaining….I guess.

Funny story that has nothing to do with the match: I went to an ECCW show back in 2000 (That’s Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling) and the Bushwackers fought a random tag team in a falls count anywhere match, I had just put my half full pepsi bottle in the garbage and when one member of that team hit Bushwacker Luke over the head with it, my Pepsi ran all down his back. Hillarious, right?

Here we go, things get underway and the bell rings. Butch almost tripped during the long entrance at wrestlemania 5 which was humerous.

Bushwacker Luke had Jimmy Hart’s coat and Ventura said that he was probably going to eat it.

Bushwacker Luke and Butch both got attacked by the Rougeau’s when they tried to tear the jacket apart. Jimmy Hart then came in and Bushwacker’s threw him to the outside. The Wackers then taunted around the ring, things get going here.

Butch started off with Ray Rougeau and then ducked a leapdrog, jumped high, Jacques then tripped up Butch, tagged in himself. Luke gave him a shot at the apron. Butch rubbed Luke’s head and drove him into the Rougeau’s in the corner. Strange offense here. Jacques Rougeau then dodged a move and took some time to re-group on the outside of the ring.

Ventura said “Now we’ll see some Wrestling” when The Rougeau’s slapped on a Boston Crab. (Thank god)

Ventura said he has never seen a Bushwacker use a wrestling hold, hillarious. Ray Rougeau scooped up Butch after throwing him in the corner and slammed him. Rougeau dropped with a double axehandel to Butch from the top. Jacques came in and kicked at Butch. Jacques hit a reverse elbow to Butch and then pushed Luke down on the apron. Both Rougeau’s threw Butch to the side ropes and hit a double chop to the Sternum of Butch. This was infact Butch despite Ventura thinking it was Luke, but I think he was ribbing them on purpose due to the things he was saying during the bout. An abdominal stretch by Jacques Rougeau. Ray flipped in and then taunted the crowd and hit a big thrust kick to Butch while Jacques held him. Rougeau’s then celebrated early and Bushwackers hit a double stomach breaker to Ray Rougeau.

A pinfall!

In the end Bushwacker Luke finally pinned Raymond after a Double Stomach Breaker at 9:10.

This could of been about five minutes shorter, it was too long and the worst match so far of the four, but still not terrible by any means.




5) Mr. Perfect (Curt Hennig) vs The Blue Blazer (Owen Hart)

Terrific way to follow a DULL tag match.

Jesse the Body said this would be a classic and if it was given more time it very well could of even been better then what it was and it was still great.

Actually for the time it got this was absolutely unreal. I remember watching this event on May 24th 1999 (the day after Owen’s death) and I just seemed to shiver seeing him come down the aisle on this event in the gimmick he died in the night before.

They should have definitely given this match half of the last matches time and it could of been over four stars.

Both men moved around the ring so well and Perfect definately has chemistry with both Hart brothers when it comes to in the ring performances.

Perfect was already an established former AWA Champion and had a lot of credibility upon arriving in the WWF, especially with his gimmick. A natural heel.

Owen had crediblity already for being in a legendary family and being one of the best high flyer’s in all of Wrestling in the late 1980’s.

The Blue Blazer and Mr. Perfect both have tremendous aerial offense as the broadcasters ellude to, and now the match is on.

Perfect ties up with Owen in the middle of the ring and slaps on a side headlock early. Mr. Perfect with Owen being thrown to the ropes and came off with a nice hiptoss grabbing the mask of Owen to elevate him. Speed, agility and knowledge all in there. All the ingredients neccessary for a classic tilt.

Perfect slapped Owen in the corner, and Owen hit a nice drop toehold and slapped him back!

Perfect and Owen stared each other down, this match had a PURO feeling to it for some reason. Hennig with a chop to Owen and then an irishwhip sending him to the ropes, Owen was about to be armdragged by Hennig or perhaps a potential hiptoss but The Blue Blazer reversed the move in incredible fashion!

Truely awesome and a sight to see as Owen counters Perfect’s hiptoss attempt, and reverses it into one of his own as he flips over while holding the arm of Hennig to not only get out of the predicament, but to force a pro like Curt Hennig into one which the fans reacted to accordingly. There was a reason Owen was on fire in this time period and I’m glad the WWF fans got to see this.

The Blue Blazer with the hiptoss counter and then slammed Hennig down on the mat. Owen slammed him three times and ventura said “I don’t even know what you call that!” The Blue Blazer dropkicked Hennig out of the ring with a beautiful standing dropkick. The Blue Blazer flew out to the outside connecting with Hennig.

Ventura said we could have a major upset.

Owen with an armringer and a nice chop into an armbar. Owen held on and Perfect grabbed The Blue Blazer and forced him to the corner. Mr. Pefect undefeated hit a chop to Owen and then blocked the hiplock that was coming by Owen.

This is a fantastic sequence right here!

It’s so fast and the fans in 1989 show great appreciation for how it went down.

Perfect attempted to flip him over, Owen flipped over and got the hiplock he orgiinally wanted. owen then with another standing dropkick and a back breaker! Hennig kicked out. Owen with another armringer and a beautiful belly to bell suplex, followed by a vertical suplex. Owen went up high where he excelled and Owen came off with a splash attempt but Mr. Perfect brought the knees up at the last second that caught The Blue Blazer. Perfect with a slap and a couple of hard shots to the abdomen of The Blue Blazer.

Perfect dropped his body weight onto Owen and then drove his knees to the back to ground him for a submission hold.

Mr. Perfect slapped a Camel Clutch/Reverse Chinlock on Owen Hart.

Perfect then trying to weardown the high flyer which was only logical given the fact The Blue Blazer was very quick in there with aerial moves among other offensive manuevers which caught him offgaurd.

Speaking of coming offgaurd, Hennig caught a knee up by the The Blue Blazer when he charged into the corner at him.

An irishwhip by Owen to the turnbuckle, hit a belly to belly and scored a two count. Owen with two hard shots and then Mr. Perfect sent Owen to the corner but he bounced back with a Crucifix, an awesome pinning combination that Owen used the corner for to apply.

The Blazer questioend the official about the count, Mr. Perfect saw the opening and levelled him down with a vicious forearm.

The Perfectplex applied perfectly which ultimately did the job, an awesome bridge to boot.

So in the end Mr. Perfect (Curt Hennig) pinned The Blue Blazer (Owen Hart) with a Perfectplex at 5:38 to remain “Perfect.”

This was also Owen’s debut at Mania as well as Hennig’s.

I miss both of them.


Best of the night so far, I remember reading hearing a certain opinion saying this match was as good as a match can get in six minutes.

He was right.



*** 1/4


 6) Demolition (Ax and Smash) (c) vs The Powers of Pain (The Warlord and The Barbarian) and Mr. Fuji in a Handicap “3 on 2” Match for the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship

Interesting rules here as it was a 3 on 2 with the tag titles on the line.

The great heel manager and now hall of famer Mr. Fuji played a good role in this match distracting both Ax and Smash from time to time while not in the ring but remember he was still competing as a wrestler in this paticular match.

The Barbarian and The Warlord teamed up as the Powers of Pain with Mr. Fuji and were ready to take on Ax and Smash, Demolition for the tag titles.

Mr. Fuji trained hard for this match and the show him in a race, fun stuff.

The Warlord started this match with Ax from Demolition!

The Warlord and Ax were two powerhouses and they locked up mid-ring to begin as the match was officially started. The Warlord now with Ax in the center of the ring dropped some forearm’s onto Ax, but out of the corner Ax dropped some of his own on Warlord. Not often you see Warlord down said Ventura and Demolition was quicker and perhaps more powerful. Ax tagged in Smash and he smashed him down and applied a chinlock while raking the face of Warlord. More shots from Smash to Warlord.

Smash then with a front facelock and dragged him to the Demolition corner before tagging in Ax. Ax snapped him down. Great powerful wrestling and continuity by Demolition. Ax with a front facelock tagged in Smash. Smash then dropped his weight onto Warlord and went for a front facelock, but Warlord elevated him up to the corner and all three men on the POP team hit Smash. Smash got his boot up to Barbarian who was tagged in. Smash unloaded on Barbarian and hit him with a hard shot, a front facelock and a tag to Ax.

Ax with a clothesline to Barbarian as Demolition was dictating the pace here. Smash tagged in after a bodyslam by Ax to Barbarian and he caught him with a reverse elbow. AGAIN another tag to Ax and a double elbow to the sternum of Barbarian. Ax with a snap take over into a chinlock. Ax again with a front facelock into a tag. Smash levelled Barbarian and then he caught him up high with a shot and a reverse chop. The Warlord tagged in and Barbaian held him down so he unloloaded a double axehandel to Smash. Smash though hit Warlord quickly and applied a facelock and tagged in Ax. Ax went after Fuji which was a mistake as Barbarian waited for him and all three POP members choked out Ax in the corner of the ring.

Ax down in the corner was being taken apart by The Warlord. Fuji tagged in.

Mr. Fuji hit a big chop to Ax. Fuji at one time a dangerous man. He wouldn’t be the only manager in action this night. Fuji tagged in Barbarian and he came off the ropes and dropped a chop off the ropes for leverage to the back of Ax. The Barbarian hit a reverse elbow to Ax off the ropes. Powers of Pain in control of Demoltion now in this back and forth test of power, tag title match.

The Barbarian measured Ax and ran off the ropes catching Ax getting to his feet with a hard shoulder block. The Barbarian tagged in The Warlord and both Powers of Pain grounded Ax as the both unloaded powerful shots. Ax with a front facelock applied to him by Warlord as he tagged in The Barbarian. Interesting play on what Demolition did earlier with the front facelock into the tag sequence. Good stuff by Powers of Pain. Fuji tagged in.

Fuji with a high risk move from the top but Ax moved! Fuji made the tag to Warlord. Warlord came in and Ax ducked a clothesline and caught Warlord with one! Smash in!

Smash dropped the double axehandle to Warlord. Smash then took apart both The Barbarian and The Warlord with slam after slam. The place erupts as he takes everybody apart. Smash then scooped up Warlord and Ax on the outside helped drop him face first on the ropes. The Barbarian made the save out of the two count at the last second. All four men in the ring, including Fuji for a fifth guy!

Fuji into his tight’s grabbed Salt and Smash ducked as he put it into the eyes of his own partner. Smash clotheslined Fuji! Smash set Fuji up and Ax from the top with the crowd behind him dropped the elbow, it’s over!

The Demolition Decapitation hit!

In the end Demolition remainded strong and retained there titles in the end when Ax pinned Mr. Fuji following a Demolition Decapitation at 8:20.

Demolition was mega over and they go to the back with there belts and remain unstoppable at the time.

Very solid stuff from Demolition as usual. I really wonder are they going to get inducted in the Hall as well?

Oh well I guess it’s not a crime seeing as the Road Warriors aren’t even inducted yet as of this writing.

I absolutely loved Demolition’s continuous tags back and forth and the way they controlled a match, especially against another powerful team. What a match this was from that standpoint.

Great, great stuff.




7) “Canada’s Strongest Man” Dino Bravo (w/Frenchy Martin) vs “Rugged” Ronnie Garvin

A short singles match inbetween a couple of tag matches that no one really cared about and one of those matches slapped onto a card that already had more then enough matches on it.

Garvin would have a lot of great matches in his career but this surely wasn’t one of them.

My favourite Ronnie Garvin moment was when he EXPOSED Randy Savage in the mid 1980’s as being Randy Poffo! An angle unheard of at the time from Memphis wrestling!

Speaking of Macho Man, just before this match the showed him freaking out backstage, I guess One half of the Mega Powers had already exploded.

Anyways, here we go!

“Rugged” Ronnie Garvin was a tough guy with wrestling skill against a tough man in Bravo with a lot of potential says Ventura.

Superfly Jimmy Snuka came out to a pretty nice ovation before the bell rang.

Dino Bravo attacked Ronnie Garvin from behind. Ronnie Garvin made a big mistake by worrying about where he was going to put his towel says Ventura. Bravo with a hard shot off the ropes for leverage then followed it up by pushing Garvin into the ropes and forearm shots to the back, followed by a solid righthand shot to the cranium. Bravo looking powerful and strong, irishwhipped Ronnie Garvin to the ropes and picked him up with a bearhug. Bravo crashed Garvin back first into the corner of the ring. Bravo with an irishwhip to Ronnie Garvin and then a shoulder block. Bravo posed and it got boo’s.

Ronnie Garvin off the ropes runs right into Bravo.

Ronnie Garvin down but kicked out after Bravo covered him with a boot and then posed. A boot to the chest was the pinfall as Ronnie Garvin kicked out easily, since Bravo was cocky.

Ronnie Garvin exploded out of the air and landed on Bravo. Ronnie Garvin reached back and landed a right hand to Dino Bravo.

Bravo took some shots by Ronnie Garvin and then Garvin slammed his head into the turnbuckle six times. Ronnie Garvin with another right hand and a beautiful rolling cradle which got a two count. Bravo to the ropes caught in a sleeper by Ronnie Garvin in the middle of the ring. Dino Bravo got to the ropes to break the hold. Ronnie Garvin kicked him in the mid-section and set him up for a piledriver and Bravo powered out and reversed it into a backdrop, but Ronnie Garvin held on and cradled Bravo but Dino kicked out as Ronnie Garvin only had one shoulder. Dino Bravo got chops by Ronnie Garvin who ventura said was a traditional slow starter. Bravo hit Ronnie Garvin down. Dino in control temporarily and hit a side suplex out of what looked like a back breaker originally.

So in the end it was the late Dino Bravo pinned Garvin following a Sidewalk Slam at 3:06. I swear half the people on this show must be dead by now.

After the match Garvin attacked Frenchy Martin afterwards and gave him the Garvin Stomp.

Not the best match after two *** plus matches. However it’s filler so it wasn’t a big deal seeing as it wasn’t very long.

Some good quality in parts for the time it did get though.



* 1/4




8 ) The Brain Busters (Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard) (w/ Bobby Heenan) vs Strike Force (Rick Martel and Tito Santana)

Now here we go!

What a great tag team contest this was. One of the best in Wrestlemania history. Another underrated match at Mania 5.

Back and forth, smart wrestling and both teams never let up for a single second which made the pace incredible and enthralling.

This was why tag team wrestling in the late 80’s can never be matched. It was terrific almost everywhere.

Strike Force (Santana and Martel) had been a great team and this is the first time they had teamed up in awhile so the worry that there was rust was still there. However they had great chemistry in the past and came out to a good ovation, the Buster’s were already in the ring waiting for them!

Ventura puts over how great the Brainbuster’s were (and to this point in the NWA they had been absolutely fantastic) and coming to the Federation was like a dream for any Tag Team fan let alone Wrestling fan.

All these dream matches could now take place, and Monsoon points out Strike Force were former Champion’s!

Rick Martel gets things underway with Tully Blanchard!

Tully Blanchard ties up with him and puts him in a side headlock, out of it into a head scissors by Martel and then right back up quickly, a sign of great things to come from this match. Martel moves over and he is on the side of The Buster’s which is a mistake as Arn drives his knee from the ring apron into the back of Martel! Rick Martel has none of that and punches at both Buster’s both outside and inside the ring as the place pops! Referee Joey Marells encourages that it goes back to one on one.

Martel has Tully Blanchard inside the ring and after the series of lefts and right’s, all four of them came in to brawl and Monsoon lets out a hillarious “Holy Moses!” off the ropes, Strike Force gave the Brain Buster’s a double dropkick. Bobby “The Brain” with a lot on his mind didn’t look happy.

Arn came in and attempted a backdrop to Martel but he drove Anderson’s face head first into the mat after stopping off the ropes. A test of strength by Martel to Anderson who kicked out with his back on the mat. Looking to fight out of it was Double A and with his back down, Martel got over top of him still with the hands locked. Martel got caught!

Double A caught Martel with his legs and a body scissors. Somehow, Rick Martel countered out of it into a Boston Crab!

Fans cheer but Blanchard hit a thumb to the eye. Blanchard in and never saw a tag coming, Tito Santana tagged in!

Figure Four by both Martel and Santana to both men once the Buster’s ran into the ring.

A side headlock, followed by a head scissors, into a bridge by Santana to Blanchard, backslide upcoming but Arn made the save. Both Buster’s irishwhipped Tito Santana and he hit a small package to Blanchard, ref stopped counting as Arn as in there. Blind tag and Tito Santana accidentally clashed into Martel.

Blanchard then dropkicked Tito Santana. Tully tags in Arn.


What action, unbelievable to this point, now the Buster’s in control as Martel was mad on the outside after Tito Santana accidentally collided with him.

Arn worked over Tito Santana until Tully was tagged in. Tito Santana rammed Blanchard into the corner which bought him some time but he was able to tag Arn in and then he went back to work on Tito Santana. Tito Santana attempted a sunset flip and got it, but Arn tagged in Blanchard since they were close to the ropes.

The Buster’s worked like a well built machine. Blanchard got a cross-body by Tito Santana off the ropes since he was desperate but again, Tully was able to tag in Arn! A weardown hold by Arn Anderson, the camel clutch and then both men to there feet levelled away at one another. Arn drove his knee into Santana coming charging towards him. Double A goes to the top rope but Tito Santana caught him in mid-air and then press slammed him from the top to by himself some time.

Tito Santana can’t tag in Martel as he acted hurt on the apron and refused the tag and the fans boo. Tully Blanchard then worked over Tito Santana. Fans were smart back then as they saw him ignoring his partner.

Rick Martel walked to the back and the fans booed.

Tully Blanchard dropped an elbow to Tito Santana. Tully smiled and now the Busters looked to take an advantage on Tito Santana all on his own. Arn in and Anderson stomped at the sore back of Tito Santana viciously in the corner of the ring. Arn Anderson dropped hid bodyweight onto Tito Santana and then raked the face after choking him out on the ropes. Double A irishwhipped Tito Santana and hit a Double A Spinebuster! Arn tags in Tully.

Blanchard senses victory and drives Santana’s bad back into the ring post. Somehow Tito Santana fought out with some right hands and Blanchard sent into the corner, Tito Santana went for a monkey flip but Tully was able to hold on and tag in Arn.

The difference was the Brainbuster’s could get a fresh man in the ring, Tito Santana couldn’t due to Martel walking out.

Spike piledriver from Blanchard up high as Anderson drove Tito Santana into the mat.

That’s it!

In the end Arn Anderson pinned Tito Santana after a Spike Piledrive at 9:17 of this borderline classic tag attraction.

Rick Martel walked out on Tito Santana during the match and then cut a heel promo afterwards as he began his “Model” persona shortly afterwards.

What an awesome tag match. Another team that the Hall is waiting for in The Brain Busters. Martel called Tito Santana a LOSER.

Just incredible material.

I found the tag amazing from the beginning to the middle. Both teams with amazingly quick offense until the Busters took over on an all alone Tito Santana and even that was done extremely well.

Completely enjoyable for any fan of Wrestling.

One of the most underrated tags in Mania history!







9) Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs André the Giant (w/Bobby “The Brain” Heenan) (w/ Big John Studd as special guest referee)

Two words.

Skip this.

That is all. You’ll be happy you did. Why? Well here we go, lets go over this match!

André The Giant by this point wasn’t the best worker, but still a draw and an attraction everywhere he went. Roberts was as well but in the ring with André The Giant wasn’t the best either to say the least.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts got driven into the the top turnbuckle early but the buckle pad was missing. Jake then fired back with lefts and right’s but André The Giant slapped on a sleeper. André The Giant then backed into the corner where Roberts was standing to press his weight. André The Giant eyed down the guy he met at the original Wrestlemania, Big John Studd. Studd counted as André The Giant choked out The Snake in the corner. More choking by André The Giant, I’m sensing a pattern.

Just a dreadful pace with André The Giant controlling it and Roberts with virtually no offense other then a few kicks and punches and then he clotheslined André The Giant into the ropes and he became hooked in a familiar spot which looked a bit corny seeing as the camera angle showed he deliberately tried to get hooked.

André The Giant was still there, Jake pointed at Damien and this got the crowd noisy for the ONLY time in the match. Heenan gets André The Giant’s arms loose and then he drills Roberts with a headbutt. André The Giant goes to work on the Trapezius muscle and delivers a headbutt followed by a chop. André The Giant backs Roberts into the corner and spears him in the corner. André The Giant falls to his one leg. Jake kicks at The Giant and then André The Giant right away rakes Robert’s eyes and chops him through the ropes and out. Studd counts.

André The Giant uses his body and hits Roberts off the apron.

In an instant where bringing in Roberts could of been rather exciting, it doesen’t happen but we see André The Giant knock Roberts off.

Jake went for Damien, André The Giant pushed Studd, he returned the favor inside the ring.

From the outside DiBiase and Virgil attacked Jake Roberts. Jake ran after him and then André The Giant applied a sleeper on Studd. Jake got Damien back from DiBiase while in the ring André The Giant choked out Big John Studd.

Jake threw the Snake in the ring and André The Giant left. The bell rang, Studd gave it to Roberts.

Slow, pointless and all around terrible.

In the end André was disqualified after attacking Studd, giving Roberts the win at a very, very long 9 minutes and 44 seconds.

As mentioned, during the match, Ted DiBiase came ringside and stole Roberts’ snake, Damien setting up there nice feud.

What a way to follow up a Classic Tag Match. (And the Piper’s Pit that was placed just before this disaster)





10) The Hart Foundation (Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Jim Neidhart) vs The HonkyTonk Man and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine (w/”The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart)

The HonkyTonk Man tied up with the Hitman and he exchanged blows with him until, Bret leaped behind The HonkyTonk Man and hit a bridge into a rolling cradle and got a two. The HonkyTonk Man swung but Bret ducked and hit an atomic drop, The HonkyTonk Man tagged in the Hammer and he also got an atomic drop by Bret and then a nice standing dropkick.

Bret’s quick moves are amazing. A few shots from the Hitman and he sprung Neidhard in from the outside using the top ropes for leverage. The Anvil flies in with a shoulder block and a two count, Ventura accuses Neidhart of biting him. Bret tries his great backbreaker, and then gets an elbow from Valentine and an irishwhip to the turnbuckle. The HonkyTonk Man tagged in and went to work with a Stiff (inside the ring) Greg Valentine on Bret in the corner. Bret was being choked out by Greg Valentine in the corner of the ring while Neidhart was furious on the other side. The HonkyTonk Man snapped Bret over and down tot he mat. The HonkyTonk Man with shots up high to Bret. The HonkyTonk Man with a fireman’s carry into a half suplex and a nice elbow drop. The HonkyTonk Man with another elbow drop, tags in Greg Valentine. The HonkyTonk Man holds up Bret and Valentine drops the elbow to Bret’s head from the top of the turnbuckle. Valentine kicks Bret up high and then off the ropes he levels him with a forearm on the back of the neck. Valentine with an atomic drop!

Valentine drops the head to the mid-section of Bret. The HonkyTonk Man tagged in and went to work on a beaten down Bret Hart. The HonkyTonk Man hits the Shake, Rattle and Roll and instead of a cover he tagged in Valentine who went for a figure four but Bret countered out and pushed him off. Valentine gets the Anvil angry on the apron. Greg Valentine picked Bret up and drove him sternum first into the knee, sort of a reverse back breaker. Valentine with a hard shot to the back and tag to The HonkyTonk Man. Bret flew off the ropes with a high-cross body to The HonkyTonk Man. Honky gets back on top of him and throws him down before tagging in The Hammer.

Greg Valentine irishwhipped Bret, a go-behind and he rushed him to the ropes going for a cradle pin, Valentine hung onto the ropes. Bret tagged in The rested Anvil. A dropkick to both Valentine and The HonkyTonk Man. A shoulder block, then The HonkyTonk Man interupted the count from The Anvil on Valentine. A big clothesline by Neidhart to Valentine and again The HonkyTonk Man interupted the count. Valentine with a thumb to the eye, and a tag. The HonkyTonk Man came in but The Anvil wasn`t phased and slammed The HonkyTonk Man down. Anvil tags in Bret who slams him and then a high elbow drop from Bret to The HonkyTonk Man. Bret then sets up The HonkyTonk Man for a snapshot vertical suplex and he executes it well, the Hammer is in to make the save.

Bret Hart gets a Mega Phone handed to him by the Anvil and he hammers The HonkyTonk Man with it and Bret gets the three count even though Valentine tried to break it up and hit Bret right at the three. Pinfall counts.

In the end Bret Hart pinned The HonkyTonk Man after hitting him with a Megaphone at 7:40. Fans are pleased with this result.

Fun stuff, textbook tag wrestling with perfectly applied moves from the likes of Hart and Valentine.

Great match.


** 3/4




11) The Ultimate Warrior (c) vs “Ravishing” Rick Rude (w/Bobby “The Brain” Heenan) for the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship

The Brain was a busy man on this night, appearing multiple times, including in a match later.

Warrior doesen`t take his belt off, goes for a running clothesline and misses as Rude ducks, The Ultimate Warrior then lands a shot after coming off the other side of the ring to Rude. The Ultimate Warrior stands and feels the power, takes off the gold, the bell rings and he explodes on Rick Rude with another shot to the back a few times. Rude sells the back like a pro and helps make Warrior look unstoppable. The Ultimate Warrior following up the back work by overpowering Rick Rude and shoving him into the turnbuckle a few times. Warrior with a hard irishwhip to the other buckle, which also hurts the back. He does it again to the opposite side where he started. AGAIN to the other side, this time Rude collapses.

Some solid strategic powermoves from Warrior. Ultimate Warrior picks up a bearhug on Rude, Ventura said if it was anyone else then Warrior could of got a submission but with the abdominal strength of Rude (who had Warrior`s face on his tight`s by the way) then he figured he`d get out of it.

Rude fading fast and Warrior squeezing the life out of Rude as he continues the bearhug which slows the quick pace that the match started with down but it still was logical. Rude uses two fingers to rake the eyes. Rude up high delivers a flying dropkick, a cover and not even a one count. Warrior scoops up Rude and slammed him down to the canvas, Rude actually bounced off the mat as he hit the mat hard. Rude went up again and The Ultimate Warrior planted Rick down and then flexed some more to pose to the crowd. The Ultimate Warrior was amazingly over here by the way. Back to the bearhug by Warrior.

So far in this match, Rude`s back had been torn apart, some minor offense inbetween the offense shown by Warrior to Rude`s back, but most of all it was The Ultimate Warrior in complete control taking Rude`s back apart. Rude tried to rake The Ultimate Warrior`s face once again. Warrior started to bite Rude when he tried to break the hold for the second time and it is broken, but Ventura freaks out as he doesen`t feel the biting as being justified. The Ultimate Warrior with an irishwhip and a big backdrop. So far every move has hurt Rude`s back, you`ve got to give it to Warrior. The Ultimate Warrior ran from rope to rope and then went for a splash. Rude put his knees up to buy him some time.

Ventura with the quote of the match or night perhaps, “It doesen`t take much to confuse the Warrior with the brain of a Pea.“

I don`t think even Jesse knew how true those words were at the time.

Rick Rude who bought him some time from lifting the knees on Warrior`s splash attempt hits a piledriver.

Rude after a piledriver with a jawbreaker. Rude irishwhipped The Ultimate Warrior and off the ropes he recieved a clothesline and then with Rude covering him he got a two, when the official Marella made sure he knew it was two, Rude flipped. Rude stood still and had Warrior by the hair and then a beatifully executed neckbreaker. Rick Rude behind Warrior stretches his arms to both sides while he is over top of him, to wear down the powerful Warrior and his giant arms. The crowd willing on The Ultimate Warrior and he shakes the ropes with both hands and Warrior has enough power to hold onto the top ropes for leverage and shake Rude off of him. The Ultimate Warrior goes for a clothesline, Rude ducks but off the other side a flying tackle-shoulder block. The Ultimate Warrior planted Rude face first twice to the mat and he was down. Warrior hits another running clothesline.

The fans cheer as The Ultimate Warrior is back in control and then followed up the backwork on Rude as he hit a back breaker. Ya know, with the good psychology Warrior was shown I was impressed. All of the sudden he botches a move as he has Rude in his hands, he drops him and now I think to myself, `Typical Warrior.`

So I guess you have to prove yourself harder.

Rude dodges a charge by the Warrior to the corner and he turns The Ultimate Warrior over for the Rude Awakening but the Warrior got his hands locked up and powered out of the hold! Rude then recieved a clothesline. Rude needed a breather on the outside.

The Ultimate Warrior threw Rude right back in the ring and shook the ropes. Rude then cloitheslined over the top rope and Warrior was in control, Heenan looked worried. The Ultimate Warrior went for a suplex on the outside but Rude landed on Warrior out of no where. Heenan holds down The Ultimate Warrior`s legs as Rude steals the title.

Now in this next spot, you might see them talk about it on Warrior`s DVD, The Ultimate Warrior picked up Heenan and dropped him the wrong way, as a careless move.

So in the end Rick Rude pinned Warrior by reversing a suplex into a lateral press and with Bobby Heenan holding the Warrior’s legs down at 9:36.

Hardly anyone could believe The Warrior lost the title and it was nice to see a hard working heel like Rude win a title at Wrestlemania 5.

Some botches, but some nice power work, Rude also made Warrior look great with his selling and bumping, the fans were into it, not to mention the fact that Warrior actually showed strategy in this one.

A very good match here just nothing on there Summerslam re-match from the same year.



** 3/4



12) “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs Bad News Brown

Can`t wait for this one! Can you feel my excitement,….no…yeah, it`s not really there.

No real point to this match here, a lot like the Garvin vs Bravo match much earlier on the card.

Just filler material that made people look forward to the Mega Powers about to explode in the main event.

Duggan brought an American flag.

Bad News Brown hit Duggan down.

Bad News controlled until Duggan hit him back and then Bad News Brown went for a walk.

The late Bad News Brown was swung over the top by Duggan and back into the ring where he caught forerarms and after an irishwhip by Duggan he dropped the arm to Hacksaw`s back. Bad News Brown slammed Duggan head first into the top turnbuckle. Duggan gets a headbutt. Duggan misses a swing and then Bad News hit a right and slammed his head into the turnbuckle twice.

Hacksaw walked around the ring “`Hoo`ing“.

Bad News with a few gut shots and then Duggan turned him into the corner and speared him.

Ventura said we`d see no wrestling holds in this one, he was right.

Bad News Brown then a rough, heel brawler gives Duggan a headbutt.

Bad News Brown threw Duggan head first into the steel ringpost. Bad News Brown drops a shot to the abdomen and threw Duggan back in the ring. Bad News drops the elbow to Duggan and then picked him up before running to the ropes and missed the Ghetto Blaster, Hacksaw then charged into Bad News Brown and hit him down with an awkward looking clothesline. Bad News Brown grabbed a steelchair and came back in the ring. Bad News Brownhad the chair in hand and Hacksaw picks up the 2X4 and the two hit each other at the same time, the bell rings. An atomic drop by Hacksaw followed by a clothesline with the stick to make sure there`s cheering.

The final ruling in the end was that both men were disqualified for using illegal objects at 3:49.




13) The Red Rooster vs Bobby “The Brain” Heenan (w/The Brooklyn Brawler)

Again this was just filler that helped build anticpiation for the mega powers about to explode in the main event.

No but that is exactly why these two matches were placed right here.

The Red Rooster is one of the worst gimmicks of all time no question. I would say poor Terry Taylor, but I’ll also state I never liked the guy and thank god he didn’t get the Mr. Perfect gimmick that they were thinking of giving him.

Heenan did sell the back because Warrior had beat on him earlier in the night. Props to Heenan for being such a BIG part of the last 3 Mania’s I’ve reviewed.

However this is the 2nd DUD of the night, thank god there was a lot of good matches or this event would be pretty poor due to the length.

Bobby Heenan gets to wrestle after such a busy night where he even was beaten on. Red Rooster aka Terry Taylor has the worst gimmick in the history of Professional Wrestling. I love Foley making fun of it on Hennig`s DVD during a match with Hennig and Taylor. (in WCCW maybe)

The Red Rooster slammed Heenan into the buckle, an irishwhip to the other buckle with a few right hand`s. Heenan reverses it and throws Rooster into the corner, Heenan charges to Rooster into the corner but Rooster moves, Heenan hits the post, Rooster covers and gets the three.

So Rooster pinned Heenan after a whip to the corner in the end at 0:32. After the match, the Brooklyn Brawler attacked The Rooster…..yawn.









14) Main Event- “The Mega Power’s Explode!”: Randy “Macho Man” Savage (c) (W/Miss Elizabeth in a Neutral Corner) vs Hulk Hogan for the World Wrestling Federation Championship

Here we go! This is what we came for and on the 14th match of the night it was finally here.

There had been some great action and some matches that made you wish you weren’t watching the event but by the time this match arrived you were no doubt ready for the peak of the era.

It was show time.

The bell rang and it was on.

It don`t get no bigger then this.

Randy Savage posed with his shades on, with one hand lifting the WWF title in the air and the fan`s boo. Brilliant. Love it, that looked great. Savage tried to get at Hogan early by making faces, shaking his hands as usual. Hogan tugs the top rope to warm up. Savage faked out Hulk as he went to run at him and then they circled each other and as Hulk got close Savage left the ring and went for a quick walk. Leaped up and posed to more boo`s. Savage elevated himself over the top rope on the ring apron and back into the ring. Savage played mindgames with Hulk Hogan and then the two finally tie up. Hulk Hogan pushed Macho Man off of him with the first test of power going to the Hulkster. Fans cheered and chanted Hogan while he said “`bring it on“ to Macho who looked furious and went to the apron and back inside. Ventura said he expected it since Hogan out weighed him. Savage going to wrestling puts a side headlock, and then off the ropes as Hogan pushed him received a reverse elbow to Macho Man. Savage went for a quick walk to re-group like DiBiase did earlier in the night. Back in the ring a side headlock was placed on Hulk by Savage and he kept it held in tight wearing down Hulk who got out of it by pushing Macho to the ropes and he went underneath the bottom rope, and ran around the ring. Hogan chased Savage until he put Liz in front of him. Savage was doing everything he could to make sure Hulk Hogan looked amazing, and proving Savage was indeed a big time heel. Macho Man was back in the ring calling on Hogan. Both men back inside and circling around one another, Hogan with a nice wrestling move a sideheadlock, into a droptoe hold, back into a front facelock. With Hogan`s additional bodyweight this worked well. Hogan with a side headlock. Macho brings Hogan up to his feet and hits a big suplex. Nice move of power by Macho Man. Savage ran to the ropes, dropped an elbow but Hulk moved and landed some right hand`s sending the Champ to the canvas. Hulk hooked the arm, armringer by the Challenger but the Champ, Macho raked the eyes and kicked him in the gut. Savage went up high where Ventura said he was best and Macho Man dropped a double axehandle and bombs away, he hit it. A two count, and Macho Man went into an armbar, into an armringer.

Behind the official`s back Savage grabbed the hair of Hulk to get him down and slapped back on the armbar. Hogan chants were heard all over Atlantic city. Hulk got to his feet and then he shook his arm but Savage grabbed the hair behind the official again. Randy Savage kept the armbar on in a big way, as Hulk pushed him off with his palm. Both men wanted victory badly here as it was quite obvious. Savage with an armbar, drove the knee into the chest of The Hulkster, who temporarily got to his feet until Macho Man grabbed his hair, then Savage twisted his arm and Hogan pulled Savage`s tights for a leverage move to elevate Savage out of the ring to the outside.

Both men cheating.

Hogan threw Savage back in the ring. Hogan then slammed Savage`s head into the top turnbuckle and then he rammed his head into the other.

Hogan hit a clothesline to Savage, the champ was down and Hulk Hogan dropped two elbow`s before he raked Macho`s eyes with his boots. Hulk Hogan then irishwhipped Savage to the other side and put his head down but Savage kicked him up high and landed a nice clothesline. Some fans cheered for Savage and Ventura said Macho Madness was alive!

I love it.

Savage slapped on a sleeper on Hogan who had blood coming out of his left eye likely from Savage`s kick to Hogan while he bent forward earlier. Savage kept the headlock on and then grounded him to the canvas to wear him down.

Hogan eventually got out of it, Savage went for a kick, he caught him in mid-air shoved him down and an atomic drop by Savage out of desperation. Savage drove Hogan head first into the buckle, hooked the tight`s and got a two count! Macho Man then grabbed Hogan and slammed him by the head into the top turnbuckle. Savage whipped Hogan hard back first into the corner. Hogan down and Savage asking “`Where is Hulkamania now!“

Savage smart, going after the busted open eye with shots. Savage grabbed Hulk by the hair and then threw him back first to the corner again.

Savage cocky and confident posed as WWF Champion as the crowd reacts, he was in control. Macho slapped and stomped at Hulk followed by a shot.

A fatigued Randy Savage dished out right hands to attempt at stopping the force of Hulkamania.

Hulk then stood up and the fans cheered!

Hogan slammed Savage`s head to the buckle a few times and landed some right hands!

Hogan clotheslined Savage in the corner of the ring! Hulk Hogan now on guts scooped up Macho Man and slammed him right over the top! Wow.

Pretty big spot for back then.

Liz checked on Savage on the outside who had just been bodyslammed over the top! Macho Man turned on her and almost hit her as the fans “ooooohhhhhh`d.“

Savage went after the cut eye which was a smart move when Hogan went to save Liz. Savage went to plant Hogan into the gaurdrail. Savage raked his face, and then Hogan reversed a faceplant into the apron and hit Macho Man. Hogan picked up Savage and went to slam him but Liz said no. Hogan`s hesitation there was his own downfall as Savage pushed Hogan into the ring post!

Amazing storytelling here.

Savage then talked to Liz again on the outside in a violent manner.

Macho Man shoved Liz back away from ringside, and the ref told Liz to leave as he also told Macho to get back.

Behind the official Savage kicked at Hogan`s head and got back in the ring. This is what made Savage an awesome heel, he did everything cheap while he could. Brilliant. Macho then went to the very top and dropped the double axehandle onto Hogan into the steel gaurdrail.

Hogan having trouble breathing forgot about the eye injury as his throat was hurt. Savage with great psychology dropped Hogan head first on the top rope. Savage went running with Hogan by the hair and slammed his throat over the top rope while he jumped over. Savage posed again. Savage with a slam.

Randy Savage hit a knee drop to the injured throat, and injured eye. The Official might stop this. Savage grabbed his own tape off his wrists, wrapped it around the throat! Hogan couldn`t get oxygen due to Savage`s heel tactics, and he threw out the tape before the ref could look.

Hulkster back to his feet but Savage kept the choke on and Hogan fell back first to the mat while Savage relentlessly choked out a bloodied Hulk Hogan!

Savage went to the top!

If he hits it, it`s over!

He got him!

He got him!

Randy Savage hit his elbow drop from the top after complete domination in the last five minutes of the match!

When Hogan kicks out of Savage’s famous elbow drop from the top, Ventura claims it’s the first time it’s ever happened.

(It actually HAD happened numerous times and even at WM 2) I guess that’s just a wrestling cliche used by broadcasters (*cough* Michael Cole, *cough*) “I swear to god, I’ve never seen that before!” over and over…and over. Besides Jesse Ventura is the best color guy ever in my books so all is forgiven.

So the crowd was ecstatic Hogan could kick out after all the punishment Macho Man had put him through.

Hulk Hogan was feeling it.

A bloodied Hogan asked for the Hulkamaniac`s help and the adrenaline was starting to flow.

Savage kept giving Hogan shots but it didn`t phase Hogan! Savage said cut it out. Hillarious.

Savage kept hitting Hulk but the fans erupted when they realized Hogan was coming back to life.

Hogan shook his head despite taking the shots and started to Hulk Up!

Hogan drops the leg after slamming Macho Man!

Atlantic City erupts.

When all was said and done Hogan pinned Savage with his famous leg drop after hulking up at 17:54 to become the new WWF Champion.

Hogan poses with his gold to “Real American” as Donald Trump among others clap at ringside.

Savage walks to the back dissapointed.

Fantastic match, the best match these two have ever had together and one of Wrestlemania’s Greatest Main Events ever.

What I liked most about this match was the storytelling.

Obviously the feud between the Mega Power`s going in helped it a great deal but it was Savage`s psychology and Hulk`s wrestling as well, along with the story of Liz and so many great spots that make this match pretty incredible.

A defining classic of the 1980`s!

**** 1/4


Final Rating for Wrestlemania 5 = 7.5/10

This was definitely the second best Wrestlemania show they had put out to this point in time only behind #3. It is such a feel good event all the way through (despite it being lengthy) and is capped off by the Mega Power’s producing a wonderful Main Event. An enjoyable match after enjoyable match kept the entertainment value consistent and with how many standout matches that are pretty underrated at this show, it’s definitely a keeper. Sure, having two DUD’s does hurt it slightly but this was a 14 match card and the peak of the 80’s boom with Savage/Hogan meeting at Mania, much like it was the peak of the Attitude Era when Austin met The Rock in 2001 at Wrestlemania X-7. So again an underrated Mania and one that should be viewed by all if not already owned.

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  1. Brett Mix says:

    Not only was this show great, it did an amazing buyrate. The Savage-Hogan feud was a brilliant draw. Best drawing Mania I believe since until the attitude era.

  2. Bryan says:

    clearly the Wrestling Observer is out of touch

  3. Bryan says:

    yeah Brett I find it ironic that the Wrestling Observer named this the worst major wrestling show of the year for 1989

  4. Brett Mix says:

    One of the more underrated Manias ever. I reflect just why by the star ratings alone. Another solid re-watch