Review: WWF/WWE Wrestlemania 6 DVD

May 17, 2010 by Brett Mix
Brett Mix’s- WWF Wrestlemania 6 Review:
 “Ya Listen to me….ya go to the top! Ya don’t listen to me…’re never heard from again!” -Bobby “The Brain” Heenan 
  -WWF Wrestlemania 6 took place on Sunday, April 1st, 1990 at the SkyDome in Toronto, Ontario Canada with an announced attendance of 67,678 fans.


-This is the first of two Wrestlemania events to take place in Canada. (The other being WM X8 from the same venue) This was also the first WWE PPV event held outside the United States.

-This was the 6th Annual WWF Wrestlemania event.

-This marked the final Wrestlemania for Jesse “THE BODY” Ventura as a color commentator. He had done every single Wrestlemania to this point. Gorilla Monsoon and The Body call the action for the evening.

-The main feud heading into WrestleMania 2 was between Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior.

-The tagline to this event was THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE.

-Robert Goulet sang a rendition of “O Canada” before the show.

Other celebrity guests in attendance included Steve Allen, Rona Barrett, and Mary Tyler Moore.

-This was the first and only time in Mania history the Main Event was title for title.

-Demolition won the World Tag Team Championship from Haku and Andre the Giant at WrestleMania VI, becoming just the second team in WWE history to have three reigns as tag champs. The first team was the 70s combination of Mr. Fuji and Prof. Tanaka.

-WrestleMania VI featured the first mixed tag match in WrestleMania history, when Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire took on Randy Savage and Sensational Sherri.

-Ten years before he and Christian captured the World Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania 2000, Edge sat ringside at WrestleMania VI, proudly wearing a Hogan T-shirt.

-Hogan’s loss in the main event of WrestleMania VI was only his first WrestleMania loss ever.

-Andre the Giant ended his three-year association with manager Bobby “The Brain” Heenan at WrestleMania VI, much to the delight of the fans on hand.

-In a dark match before the PPV Paul Roma defeated The Brooklyn Brawler.

-Now onto the PPV……………










1) Opening Contest- “The Model” Rick Martel vs Koko B. Ware

If you were going to ask me which guy back in 1990 would of been in the Class of 2009 Hall of Fame with both men not being apart of it, I’d definitely guess The Model.

Okay, enough B. Ware bashing…(for now)

Wrestlemania 6 begins with a standard match but the SkyDome in Toronto was jampacked and ready to go.

Rick Martel was your every day heel who came off arrogant but could he outwrestle the popular birdman was the story of this match.

Jesse Ventura and Monsoon called the action here for the last time at Wrestlemania together and this was my favourite tandem of all time so that is never good news, thankfully the Brain was always good for a laugh when he joined the booth with Monsoon or the next few Mania events.

Rick Martel attacked Koko early in the corner with a bunch of rights and left hands. Rick Martel got kicked by Koko in the corner and then he irishwhipped the birdman but he jumped off the top with a high crossbody and a two count. Two nice standing dropkicks by Koko and a backdrop to Rick Martel off the ropes. Koko B. Ware then clotheslined Rick Martel outside of the ring through the middle of the ropes.

The Model came in cocky but Koko had taken advantage of him and then he slingshotted him over the top rope. Koko with a shoulder block. Rick Martel got up and then threw Koko over the top to the outside and he hit hard to the blue mat. Martel posed and Toronto booed.

Koko on the ring apron and Rick Martel gave him a boot to the head. Martel pushed Koko to the ring apron hitting back first. Rick Martel waiting on Koko B. Ware to get back in the ring, he did and Rick Martel beat on his back. Martel with a couple of boots to the lower abdomen of B Ware and then a nice standing vertical suplex which scores him a nearfall. Koko B. Ware gets hit with more kicks by Rick Martel and then he proceeded to stick with the lower back shots and gave two hard forearm shots to the lower back. Rick Martel from the inside of the second turnbuckle dropped the double axehandel and then picked up Koko and dropped him with a back breaker.

Rick Martel disecting the back of Koko B. Ware.

Rick Martel then attempted to slap on the Boston Crab which would further damage the back but he reached the apron. Rick Martel though slammed Koko into the top turnbuckle twice and B Ware blocked the last shot and sent Martel head first into the corner.

Koko B. Ware shot back with a series of rights, Martel irishwhipped B Ware to the ropes, Rick Martel put his head down and he caught a kick by B Ware, a headbutt, and then a shoulder block. Koko got a two count.

Back and forth now but the damage had been done to Koko and his back. Rick Martel reversed an irishwhip sending B Ware to the top, he tried a crossbody which he had originally been successful with earlier in the bout and this time he caught nobody.

This proved to be the downfall for Koko B. Ware because with the missed crossbody from the top, Rick Martel was able to then get to his feet and slap on the Boston Crab to damage the injured back of Koko B. Ware.

Nice strategic wrestling by the Model picks him up the victory.

In the end The Model got the victory over Koko B. Ware when he made him submit to the Boston Crab at 3:51.

This opener was very well done, simple and to the point.

There was an evident gameplan by Rick Martel, it never dragged and most importantly there was bang for your buck despite the heel (Rick Martel) picking up the victory in an opener which is usually a questionable decision.

The now Hall of Famer Koko B. Ware was incredibally over to which helped the opening match due to the energy from the Toronto crowd whenever he was on the offense.



** 1/4





2) Demolition (Ax and Smash) vs The Colossal Connection (André the Giant and Haku) (c) (with Bobby Heenan) for the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship

Some intense promo’s from both teams before the match as expected at WRESTLEMANIAAAA.

Monsoon says Demolition could 3peat and become 3 time Champions which was something, rarely done in the Federation.

Haku and André the Giant got a lot of heel heat as they were already waiting in the ring.

Demolition gets a tremendous ovation as expected in 1990 but there awesome theme song was editted off the WM Anthology. Enough people complained and the WWE took note and included there great theme on the Rumble and Summerslam (and likely Survivor Series) Anthologies to make up for it.

Either way Ax and Smash make there final Wrestlemania appearance together here because by Wrestlemania 7, only one of them (Smash) remained in the WWF teaming with the late Bryan Adams. (Crush)

André the Giant right away attacked Smash.

The Colossal Connection meant business.

Smash came in the ring and hit Haku with a bunch of rights before a snapmare takedown and a head tilt. Ax tags in and they go toe to toe with one another, Haku drops to his knee.

Great continuity between Demolition like always and Haku irishwhipped Smash and then Smash blocked a hiplock attempt, he went for a backslide and now a test of strength between two men with both opponents arms locked. Smash down to one knee, and André the Giant came in and gave Smash a kick which gained heel heat.

Ax tagged in, quick transition and Ax got a thrust shot to the throat by Haku and the official missed it as it was illegal. Haku then picked up Ax the bigger man and hit a back breaker. Haku cut the ring in half as he kept Ax on the André the Giant side of the ring which was smart.

A high thrust kick from Haku to Ax. Haku dropped the boot to the groin of Ax. André the Giant had yet to be tagged into this match and was watching Haku choke out Ax on the outside bottom rope. Heenan gave him a slap behind the official. André the Giant with a headbutt from the apron. Haku covered Ax but the official was late to count and he got just a two to the dislike of Bobby Heenan.

Gutshots by Haku to Ax, and Ax remained in there half of the ring. Haku slammed the head of Ax into the forehead of André the Giant. Smash came in and broke up the count and the Skydome loved that.

Haku completely wearing down Ax, doing a tremendous job wearing down the bigger man and choking him out on there side of the ring. Textbook, strategic tag wrestling by the Champions.

Ax with a shot to the head of Haku but he delivered a thumb to the eye of Ax. A snapmare takeover from Haku to Ax and then a T****zius hold by Haku to Ax which would of course decrease the blood flow to the brain of Ax, wearing him down more. Smash tried to break it up. André the Giant from the ring apron choked Ax out with the tag rope.

Smash came in and the official was distracted. Haku had Ax still right where he wanted him for at least a good five minutes now. Ax with a ton of adrenaline came fighting back with rights but Haku dropped him with a chop, and some more stomps. Haku scooped up Ax and hit a shoulder breaker to the big man but he kicked out, Haku complained about the count. Irishwhip to the far side but Ax levelled him with a boot to the face, the size 15 says Monsoon.

The fans get loud as Ax FINALLY makes the hot tag to Smash.

Smash with a reverse elbow off the ropes to Haku. Smash irishwhipped Haku to the ropes and hit a beautiful back bodydrop. Haku in trouble as Smash hit a double axehandle and then André the Giant came in momentarily to try and take down Smash but he caught a shot and then Smash sent Haku to the ropes he jumped over Smash, a double team move to Haku and then a double team shot to André the Giant to the corner. Both men continue to take down Haku with a double clothesline. André the Giant finally inside the ring.

André the Giant held up Smash and Haku gave André the Giant a thrust kick as Smash ducked and the fans went crazy.

A double clothesline by Demolition to Haku!

Everyone cheering, and now Demolition hit there signature leg drop from the corner and we got new Champions! Everyone in T Dot marks out.

In the end Demolition got the victory to become the New Tag Team Champions at 9:30 when Smash pinned Haku.

André the Giant barely got involved here as Haku did all the work.

Haku wore down Ax, he made the hot tag to Smash, Smash and Ax double teamed both guys and then André the Giant recieved a thrust kick by Haku basically when Smash ducked.

After the match Bobby Heenan gave it to André the Giant.

André the Giant was already mad at the fact Haku kicked him down and now he got a slap from Heenan!

André the Giant then grabbed a hold of Heenan and he pointed at him as the fans loved it.

André the Giant slapped Heenan a couple of times and he was done with the Brain as he got kicked out of the ring by the Giant. André the Giant then gave chops to Haku as this team was over, and then he headbutted him out of the ring breaking up this team.

André the Giant left Skydome as a Babyface, one of the more underrated-feel good Mania moments of all time.

This one was a lot of fun.

Nice story, crowd was hot, and Haku was a workhorse here. I give extra points for the significance of the ending with Demolition and André the Giant and his moment at SkyDome.




** 1/2





3) Earthquake (with Jimmy Hart) vs Hercules

Another Wrestlemania performance by Hercules Hernandez.

Earthquake goes to the outside after Hercules catches him with a few early shots.

I am not really certain who Earthquake thinks he is impressing by stomping on the canvas but whatever.

John Tenta (the late Earthquake) was a tremendous person but I never cared for him as Earthquake or Golga.

The two tie-up and for some reason SkyDome remains loud.

A hard forearm by Earthquake to Hercules and the methodical attack to Herc begins. Jimmy Hart encourages Earthquake to stay on him.

This match is essentially just here in the mid-card to make Earthquake look as strong as possible, literally, and for reassurance Earthquake flexes his biceps to a chorus of boos from SkyDome. Earthquake with an irishwhip and he puts his head down and Hercules hits Earthquake with a forearm, tries two running shoulder blocks, a clotheslines almost got him off his feet, then another and Earthquake still did not go down. Hercules with one more and Earthquake got sent to the ropes and down to one knee.

Hercules signalled for a Full Nelson. Herc tried to scoop up Earthquake for a back breaker, not sure why considering the weight differece. Earthquake dropped an elbow to his head, and then an elbow drop. Earthquake flexed again and now the momentum was back in his favor, he was in back in the drivers seat as they say. Earthquake with a splash off the ropes and this one is over.

In the end Earthquake drops a few elbows and finishes Hercules with the running vertical splash at 4:53. And then another one for good measure because he means business. The After Shock.

Earthquake remains undefeated in the WWF. It is what it is. May both men RIP.






4) Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake vs Mr. Perfect (with The Genius)

The Brother of Randy Savage, (Lanny Poffo) aka The Genius introduces Mr. Perfect who was one of the most impressive talents in the Federation for the past year after he came out of the AWA in the 1980s.

Brutus Beefcake came out to a pretty good ovation, not sure why. He also cuts one of the worst-cheesiest interviews with Sean Mooney backstage before the match. He is talking about how no one is REALLY perfect and how everyone has flaws. Well, he sure does.

Anyway onto the match.

Despite my dislike for Bruti, this one at least had potential inside the squared circle due to the pretty decent talent of Beefcake, and of course the amazing talent of Hennig.

Curt Hennig defeated Owen Hart at Wrestlemania 5 in a tremendous short match the year before.

Brutus Beefcake attacked Hennig straight away and he shot back in the corner with more of his own. Brutus then fired back with a round house right and a 360 over the top sent Hennig all the way to the top and to the outside. Brutus Beefcake irishwhipped to the corner and he lifted a boot to Hennig as he bent down. A not so perfect mistake. An atomic drop by Brutus Beefcake to Perfect and it sent Hennig to the outside again and he had another word with the Genius while we are forced to watch Brutus strut in the ring.


Perfect back in, thank god.

Mr. Perfect then watches Brutus Beefcake clap both hands together and the SkyDome follows his lead, and again I have no idea why. Sure Kayfabe still existed (somewhat) but Hennig was the MAN.

A nice reversal by Brutus Beefcake on a hiplock attempt by Perfect and he tossed Perfect into the corner, and then Brutus Beefcake bodyslammed Perfect working over his back. A chop to Hennig in the corner and then a clothesline to Mr. Perfect.

Curt Hennig doing a fabulous bumping job during this match, looking a lot like Shawn Michaels who also used to wrestle in the AWA not long before this.

Genius distracted the official and Beefcake momentarily which bought an oppurtunity for Perfect to level Brutus Beefcake with a weapon, it looked like a metal box. Hennig stomped on Beefcake four times and then did a rolling snapmare, perfectly.

Mr. Perfect gets just a two count and he looks at Joey Marella. Perfect kicked at Brutus Beefcake in the bread basket says Monsoon. Brutus down on the mat and Hennig dropped his bodyweight twice on top of Brutus Beefcake.

We hear Ventura outsmart Monsoon, correcting him on what a 180 compared to a 360 is.

A big chop by Hennig to Beefcake dropping him down. Hennig with a beautiful high knee lift to the head of Brutus Beefcake. Hennig who was being dominated early on by Brutus Beefcake was in control after that cheap shot with the ref distracted and had Brutus Beefcake where he wanted him momenatrily. Brutus Beefcake on his knees got hit with a succession of right hands by Curt Hennig who had his way with Beefcake. Hennig shoved Beefcake down and seemed to take his time with him. Hennig hit Beefcake with a clothesline, just measuring him and seeming to be very patient.

Curt Hennig grabbed Brutus Beefcake by the hair and trashtalked him in the face. Brutus Beefcake then with a double leg takedown, sling shotted Perfect up and he hit head first into the top ring post. Brutus Beefcake pinned him and got the three! The place pops.

In the end Brutus Beefcake defeated Mr. Perfect at 7:48 when he slingshotted Curt Hennig into the ring post after a double leg takedown.

The Genius saved Hennig from getting clipped by Brutus Beefcake. Heenan would be handpicked by Curt Hennig not long after Wrestlemania 6 to be his new Manager.

This was a pretty slow match outside of the beginning stages where Hennig and his bumping skills made the match roll.

Not the best work from either man but not bad at all.







5) “Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs Bad News Brown

The Hot Rod painted his body half black for this one. Oh the irony.

The Late Bad News Brown had a heated rivalry with The Hot Rod dating all the way back before the new year, so by the time they got to Wrestlemania 6 this one was anticipated.

Piper got a tremendous ovation as he was arguably the first mega babyface star to come out all night.

A sign said Piper for PM. Which means Prime Minister (President of Canada) and I guess Piper is a Canadian Citizen technically so it works.

Bad News Brown and The Hot Rod do not take there eyes off of each other.

Bell rings and this one is expected to be a big brawl, neither men known for there catch as catch can in-ring skills.

Monsoon says his regular THIS IS THE BEST MANIA yet line.

Piper does a little disco dancing inside the ring once he rips off his shirt to reveal half his body painted black for racial unity of sorts.

Piper in the corner ties up with Bad News Brown and he takes Piper down on the mat and the two men roll around on the canvas. Piper then gets pushed back to the corner by Dangerous Danny Davis who competed at Wrestlemania before. Piper hits Bad News Brown with a series of right hands and then gets seperated from Bad News again and that allowed Bad News Brown to take advantage and hit Piper with two right hands followd by a headbutt and then Piper fell back on his back. Bad News Brown slammed Piper head first into the top turnbuckle and then a chop across the chest.

A traps hold by Bad News Brown to Piper to wear down Piper and his aggressive brawling nature so I assume it is not a bad strategy. It does not last a long while as Piper gets out and the two brawl some more before Bad News Brown hits a headbutt to Piper then a scoop slam and an elbow drop off the ropes, right on the mark which gets him a two count. Hot Rod with a thumb to the eye and Bad News Brown was trapped in the corner and he raked the eyes of Piper. Piper was momentarily blinded. Bad News Brown exposed the steel under the turnbuckle padding and irishwhipped Piper but he reversed it and sent Bad News Brown sternum first into the steel in the corner.

Bad News Brown down on the canvas in pain, Piper grabbed a glove out of his tights and Ventura called it a Michael Jackson glove. Piper levelled Bad News Brown with a glove a few times and Danny Davis let these shots go, it must be legal. A big shot from the top from Piper to Bad News. Piper with a big slap to Bad News which sent him to the outside. Piper dragged out by Bad News though and the two brawl outside the ring, Piper dodged a shot by Bad News as he hit the ring post. Bad News Brown dodged a chairshot from Piper. The bell rang.

In the end Roddy Piper and Bad News Brown fought to a double countout at 6:48.

Talk about a whole lot of buildup for a payoff like this at Mania.

If such an ending happened today it would of been absolutely rejected by the audience.

Not a lot of fun…not at all.





6) The Hart Foundation vs Boris Zookoff and Nikolai Volkoff

The fans were of course asked to rise for the Soviet National Anthem, and Monsoon elected not to rise.

Apparently The Foundation weren’t fans of the Anthem as the Anvil attacked Nikolai from behind.

Bret gave Zookoff a shot, the Anvil lifted him up and Bret came off with a clothesline, and counted the three into the camera.

In the end The Hart Foundation picked up the victory when Bret got the three count at 19 seconds.

The only thing keeping this one from DUD status is the fact it gave Toronto something to be thrilled with and helped the Foundation come off strong in the home country of the Hitman.







7) The Barbarian (with Bobby Heenan) vs Tito Santana

Tito Santana had been at every Mania to this point, and here he was in another match against Heenan’s monster- The Barbarian.

Santana was essentially used as a babyface mechanic to put over a destructive force in the Heenan family.

The bell rings and this single’s match is underway.

The Barbarian ties up with Tito and he is shoved back first to the ropes as he loses the first test of strength, another tie-up and Santana backed into a corner, The Barbarian missed a shot and Santana fired with rights and lefts to The Barbarian in the corner.

The Barbarian doesen’t like this and goes for a breather and re-groups near the Brain.

Back in The Barbarian fired with a couple of hard strikes, and then a shoulder block off the ropes to Santana. Santana kicks at Barbarian, ducks a clothesline and scored a sloppy looking crossbody. A side headlock applied by Tito Santana to The Barbarian. Santana rakes the face and slaps another side headlock to wear down the big man some more.

A hiplock off the ropes by The Barbarian, but Santana charges back, he gets caught in mid-air by The Barbarian in a bearhug, but fires down with right and left hand shots. Nearfall for Santana and back into a side headlock. Off the ropes Santana runs into the The Barbarian and he hits a shoulder block, then drops the forearm before a shoulder breaker.

The Barbarian from the inside misses an elbow drop off the second turnbuckle. Santana caught The Barbarian out of no where with an atmoic drop, The Barbarian missed a charge in the corner and hit the turnbuckle sternum first.

Tito Santana connects with two standing dropkick’s and then a flying forearm with momentum off the ropes but gets just a two since Heenan put The Barbarian’s foot on the ropes.

In the end The Barbarian got the victory at 4:33 when he proved to a little bit much for Santana I guess.










8) “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire (with Miss Elizabeth) vs “Macho King” Randy Savage and Sensational Queen Sherri

The first Mixed Tag match in Wrestlemania history.

This is not one of the better matches at Mania for Mr. Savage however it was still decent.

This feud should of probably delivered a better match much like Piper vs Bad News earlier in the night.

However a story was still told here.

This marks the only appearance of the American Dream at Mania in a wrestling role, yet he is considered a legend of this event in the latest Legends of Mania Video Game. Hmmm, I think they might of got the wrong guy.

Either way this one got underway and Toronto was ready for it.

Dusty Rhodes introduced Elizabeth before the match, calling her the crown jewel and Macho King wasn’t pleased.

Savage ran off the ropes and pointed to Dusty Rhodes trying to intimidate him telling him not to try anything.

Haven’t seen that before.

Dusty Rhodes caught Randy with a reverse elbow off the ropes and then he slowly struck him down and then mocked Savage. Sherri hit Dusty from behind and then Sapphire grabbed her by the hair, Savage then went for Sapphire, and we got an angle behind Sapphire and Ventura hilariously says “Any angle but that one!”

Dream tagged in Sapphire and Sherri was in as well. Sapphire threw Sherri into the corner and Savage was mad on the outside. Sapphire hitting Sherri with her hips a couple of times and Jesse pokes fun at her weight again, and then she delivers an airplane spin and gets a one count. Sherri shoves her down and the fans boo. Sapphire’s weight falls down on Sherri and she gets a two. Rhodes comes back in.

Savage wanted back in as well and then once in Dusty Rhodes clotheslines the Macho King. Dusty Rhodes held Savage and Sapphire slapped him from the ring apron.

Randy Savage was pretty much made to look like a bitch here.

Dusty then shoved Sherri to the corner to no reaction and Savage shoved him to the turnbuckle and to the outside, Savage leaped over the ropes to the outside and the Macho King unloaded on the dream with thunderous right hands as Ross would call it, if only he was calling it.

Macho King went to the top where he was awesome and dropped the double axe handle to the head of the Dream.

What’s this? Smarks in 1990? I guess it is Canada.

Some fans were cheering Savage’s offense despite him being the obvious HEEL and that didn’t happen very often back then.

Macho King drops the double axe handle again and he gets some more cheers.

A third attempt by Savage from the top and Sapphire stood in his way, Savage being a bigger man didn’t elect to jump from the top but instead went down and shoved Sapphire to the floor which got a mix of boo’s and laughs. I laughed.

Macho King unloaded on the Dream inside the ring. Savage scooped up Rhodes and delivered a nice suplex to the big man but a two count only.

Randy Savage had grabbed the royal tool and levelled Dusty Rhodes behind the official and then he taunted him.

Sherri leaped off the top onto Rhodes and then Dusty Rhodes got back up out of no where and delivered a blow from Savage’s head to the head of Sherri as well. Rhodes dropped a big elbow onto the head of Savage. Sherri leaped onto Rhodes and choked him out. Sapphire then grabbed Sherri and got a two as there must have been a tag from the ladies.

Sensational Queen Sherri slapped Sapphire and they tugged on each other’s hair. Sapphire won the power war, Elizabeth got involved as she threw Sherri back inside and Sapphire gave Sherri a blow, covered her until Savage took her off. Rhodes worked on Savage in the corner. Liz pushed Sherri over as Sapphire was bent down and it knocked the wind out of her.

In the end Rhodes and Sapphire got the victory at 7:52.

Simple formula, and it worked.








9) The Orient Express (Sato and Tanaka) (with Mr. Fuji) vs The Rockers (Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty)

Jannetty started in the ring and against the ropes by Tanaka had caught a kick, followed by an elbow by Sato once tagged in. A double hiplock as Shawn Michaels came to the rescue, both of them kicked up and forced the Express to the outside.

Both Rockers had innovative offense at the time as they leaped over the top rope at the same time on top of the Orient Express, the fans were impressed as you could hear.

This match saw a preview of much better things to come between the years, including the classic at the Rumble in 91.

The feeling out stage is over, Jannetty with a side headlock to Tanaka, a leap frog and off the ropes, Fuji hooked the middle rope with the cane, a brilliant heel manager move. Jannetty fell to the outside, if that wasn’t enough he got a cane to the back and pushed into the ring post. Ventura was comical as he figured all of it was perfectly legal.

Tanaka unloaded some punishment to a beaten down Marty Jannetty who by all means likely wanted a hot tag. Sato tagged in and both Orient Express members began wearing down Jannetty with striking blows. A chop by Sato and then an irishwhip, a backdrop attempt but Marty landed on his feet and tagged in Shawn Michaels and both men hit a superkick. Michaels irishwhipped Sato and hit a standard backdrop. Sato caught a reverse swinging neck breaker by Shawn Michaels off the ropes, then he reversed an irishwhip and Tanaka kicked at Michaels back from the apron as he caught him against the ropes.

A gutwrench into an abdominal breaker by Sato, followed by a crossbody to the head of Michaels. Sato drove his knee into the head of Michaels and the official counts three but the match continues. Okay?

Sato goes after the traps muscles of Michaels.

A tag to Tanaka and a kick to the abdominal section of Shawn Michaels. Orient Express cut the ring in half here and Michaels elevated Tanaka in the air and he stood up and got clotheslined by Shawn Michaels. Jannetty in and took down both members of the Express. A flying elbow from Jannetty to Tanaka and then he took Sato by the head and nailed his head to the head of Tanaka, and he got a two count. Sato went to drop the elbow on Jannetty but he moved and he landed on Tanaka! A backdrop by the Rockers to Sato!

Both Rockers got on opposite corners, Fuji caught Jannetty and he had enough of him so he leaped down, picked up the cane and went for Fuji. Sato caught Jannetty on the outside and he threw salt in his eyes. Orient Express remained in the ring and Michaels then went after Fuji on the outside and because of this the Rockers were counted out.

In the end The Orient Express defeated The Rockers by countout at 7:38.

This match was pretty good for sure, a great pace but nothing near what the two teams would be capable of as proved by later matches from the UK and the Rumble in 1991.

It was enjoyable but it had a bad ending.



** 1/4




10) “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs Dino Bravo (with Jimmy Hart and Earthquake)

Duggan carried an American flag out as a babyface in Canada. No wonder this was booed, glad Ventura called him out on it making him look like a bigger idiot if it was even possible.

Jim Duggan’s offense in the World Wrestling Federation was so minimal it was embarassing.

Punches and Kicks, and HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, and the odd marching with a 2X4.

It worked though.

He does hit an atomic drop on Bravo in the match and hit his usual right hands on the top so the crowd could count to ten. I guess I can give him that.

Bravo working over Duggan mid-match was pretty close to the only interesting element here for me.

He also hit an atomic drop to Bravo. A big choke hold mid-ring.

Ventura says he plain doesen’t look Hacksaw because he’s so ugly. Hilarious, I love Jess.

An elbow splash to the stermun doesen’t put Duggan away unfortunately and he gets his head rammed to the turnbuckle a couple of times.

Bravo got caught on the charge with a boot and a clothesline by Duggan a few times grounded Bravo, and Jimmy Hart looked on concerned.

Duggan then gets distracted by the Earthquake who tried to come in. Hacksaw hit his wood on Bravo’s back and he picks up the victory.

Jim Duggan defeated Dino Bravo at 6:38.



11) “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase (c) (with Virgil) vs Jake “The Snake” Roberts


Jake Roberts:  “Well, Well…the Million Dollar Man. Ted DiBiase. Here we are at Wrestlemania and it’s the biggest match of YOUR career. Why? Because everything YOU STAND for is on the line, namely the Million Dollar Belt. Oh yeah, it can be yours once again. You see ALL you have to do to get it back, is go through Damien….and me. But you see Damien and I don’t forget, we remember all the times you made people beg for your money. These were people far less fortunate then you. People WHO COULD USE your money for essentials, and what did you do? You made fun of them. You humbled them and you humiliated them! Well now its my turn! I’m going to make you beg DiBiase…. you are going to get down on your hands and knees. This time you’ll be the one that’s humbled, this time you’ll be the one who is humiliated. This time you’ll be the one who begs for the money… and how appropriate…that the money you beg for is your very own. A victim of your own greed… wallowing in the muck of avarice…”

Amazing words from Jake, you can see clips of this promo from the mainstream Documentary- Beyond the Mat.

It should be noted that during this match Toronto did the WAVE (where each person raises there arms up in order to form a wave like motion) and it was not out of disrespect.

This is done a lot at Canadian sporting events and it also happened during The Undertaker vs JBL match at Summerslam 2004 at the Air Canada Center in the same city of Toronto.

This was actually a good match.

Even though this was the Sixth Wrestlemania event, these two by this time were already veterans in Pro-Wrestling.

They were comparable for the fact they were both great workers from territories who came to the WWF after they were already established as Pro-Wrestlers. They were both certainly great on the stick and in the ring, I think DiBiase edges out Roberts overall as a total package but personal preference will always matter most in that argument.

They both as of this writing have yet to enter the Hall of Fame but one would assume they are locks for it one day.

Roberts never won a single title in the WWF which is quite shocking, and DiBiase of course never won the big one which is also shocking.

Anyway, this one is quite good and so was the rivalry of course, the writing back then was always something to see on television as they almost always booked things properly, glancing back on it is like a breath of fresh air.

Here we go now, everyone is ready, SkyDome, Monsoon and Ventura, everyone watching at home, both competitors, yours truely and if you’re reading the review to this match, obviously you are as well.

Ted DiBiase missed an armringer and sent Roberts to the ropes he hit a shoulder block, a forearm off the ropes and went for a DDT right off the get-go and DiBiase went to the outside for a breather like most heels did in this time. A smart move after Roberts one upped him in the feeling out process.

Jake the Snake then got a knee to the gut and Ted DiBiase had a side headlock, pushed off the ropes and a hiplock from Roberts, he missed two elbow drops as Ted DiBiase moved quickly. Roberts missed Jake the Snake and Ted DiBiase slid under the bottom rope slapping his hands on the ring apron in frustration as he couldn’t get DiBiase down where he wanted him. Roberts eleveated DiBiase up with a wristlock, a leverage move with an armringer, into a hammerlock, and now down to the mat Jake showed some mat skills driving the knee into the left shoulder of Ted DiBiase.

The Snake with a Hammerlock down on the mat wearing down the Million Dollar Man. He turns the Hammerlock into a chicken wing, a little slow here but it flows well because it tells a nice story.

Million Dollar Man got up but a Hammerlock was still applied by Jake Roberts. Ted DiBiase tried to get out of the Hammerlock and then the Snake used his own momentum to throw Ted DiBiase out of the ring, back in the ring Ted DiBiase leapfrogged Roberts and then Million Dollar Man drops an elbow to Roberts, throws him hard to the buckle, in the corner ROberts drove the knee into Ted DiBiase as he charged towards him. Jake the Snake went for a high knee to Ted DiBiase and then he missed it hitting the turnbuckle pad. Million Dollar Man cocky now, rolled Roberts over on the canvas and proceeded to drive his knee into the throat of Roberts. Ted DiBiase then drove his elbow into the head of Roberts.

This is where the crowd goes for the Wave and Ted DiBiase looked to the crowd as he thought he was gaining heel heat from his beatdown to Roberts on the mat. Ted DiBiase with a front facelock flat on the canvas to Jake the Snake. When the Wave took place Jesse Ventura pointed it out saying this is what it’s all about and the camera man did a great job. Nice improvisation to exploit something like that, rather then ignore it.

Jake is feeling the wave of the Million Dollar Man says Ventura.

DiBiase meanwhile on the outside of the ring working over Roberts as his bodygaurd/slave Virgil watched on. DiBiase threw Roberts back in the ring and Ted DiBiase trashtalked the Million Dollar Man.

Roberts layed flat down back first on the mat. Ted DiBiase lifted up Jake Roberts and hit a textbook sitdown piledriver, and a mistake by DiBiase as he didn’t go for the cover, he taunted the Snake which bought him time to reverse the rollup and he got a two count. DiBiase drove his knee into the weak shoulder of Roberts. Ted DiBiase signals this is hit. Ted DiBiase looks to be in full control, while the SkyDome comes alive for Roberts.

This is great stuff here.

Jake down and Ted DiBiase signalling for the Million Dollar Dream, he’s got it!

This could be it, Roberts in the middle of the ring in DiBiase’s finisher. Roberts looking for anything but he was fading, he neared the ropes a few times but then fell down to one knee and eventually to his back, and then somehow got to the ropes with his leg, Ted DiBiase covered him and once again the Snake got his foot on the ropes to break the count from the Million Dollasr Man, Ted DiBiase in control tried another count and got a two yet again. He slammed his hands on the mat in frustration.

Ted DiBiase goes to the top for a double axe handle and Roberts caught him in the air with a shot to the abdomen, followed by a clothesline once he was up. Roberts built some desperation momentum from adrenaline, he hits an atomic drop and then a clothesline. An Irishwhip and a back body drop. Crowd chanting for the DDT.

Roberts with an armringer and a sharp clothesline to Ted DiBiase.

The Snake now in control and figures this is it, he`s amazingly over with the crowd on his side chanting for the DDT the last five minutes. Virgil from the outside pulled Virgil outside, and the Snake slammed him hard to the mat.

The Million Dollar Dream slapped on Jake Roberts on the outside, Virgil throws Ted DiBiase inside the ring at the last second and The Million Dollar man was victorious. Virgil saves Ted DiBiase, it wouldn`t be like this by the next Mania, when number 7 comes around.

In the end Ted DiBiase defeated Jake Roberts by countout at 11:50 to retain his Million Dollar Title.

A technically sound match, I loved the pace personally despite the wave distraction.

One of the better matches of the night, this was pretty great! A lot better then remembered, it stands the rest of time, the two obviously have some serious chemistry together and they really worked a back and forth style extremely effectively.

What a showing.





12) The Big Boss Man vs Akeem (with Slick)

It is a Twin Tower explosion!

Excited, are you…hey, it`s a legitimate question I guess, after all they were tag partners.

DiBiase clotheslines the new babyface in Bossman before the match weakening him for Akeem.

The bell rings.

Here we go.

Akeem the African Annoyance, or Dream. I hate him. Don`t think he was good in anyway personally.

The Big Bossman was getting his clock cleaned apparently shoved in the corner by the big man Akeem who goes to the rop and punches The Big Bossman and then he used his power to lift Akeem up and drop him followed by a kick.

Bossman slams Akeem into the turnbuckle head first

The Big Bossman with a second wind, went turnbuckle to turnbuckle slamming Akeem head first and then a clothesline.

The Big Bossman with a few right hands and then when Akeem ducks a clothesline he hits a sidewalk slam and he got him.

In the end The Big Boss Man defeated Akeem at 1:49.

Pointless but it wasn`t one of the worst matches ever due to the length and the fact nothing was sloppy, or the fact the feud had a meaning and it wasn`t jobber vs jobber thus, Wrestlemania 6 remains DUDless.






13) “Ravishing” Rick Rude (with Bobby Heenan) vs “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka

You`ve gotta love “Ravishing” Rick Rude.

He did have it all.

This match though, unfortunately was just a short filler match to set our self up for the explosion which would be the main event of course that would be one of the most important matches ever.

Snuka was never a great wrestler in my eyes, not in the Federation anyway but he certainly has a history. At this point he was basically a jobber and Rude was stuck getting wins over guys like this at this point after his 2 year feud with the guy who was now main eventing this show int he Warrior.

So I was never a fan of Superfly, hell the match he`s most known for doesen`t even crack over a ** 1/2 rating where I sit.

Ravishing Rick Rude meant business and wanted to make a statement here tonight against Snuka.

Snuka after this year would go on to face The Undertaker and be his first of 17 victories at Mania. (As of this writing in 2009)

Jimmy got in the ring and Rude meant business from the bell on as Snuka took off his jacket.

Ravishing Rick Rude attacked Snuka from behind with hard forearm shots, what else could we expect from Rude, an elbow to the head.

Rude with Snuka against the ropes…

Snuka held to the ropes and hit a dropkick to Rude.

Snuka taunts Rude with the Val Venis grind and the crowd laugh.

Snuka scoopslams Rude and does the taunt again. Snuka slams Rude to the canvas and sends him to the floor. Ravishing Rick Rude with a shoulder block from the apron, a nice sunset flip over the top but Snuka prevented it somewhat.

Inside the middle of the ring Ravishing Rick Rude suplexed Snuka and delivered a hard forearm to the head of Snuka before driving his head face first to the turnbuckle. A hard shot to Snuka and an irishwhip, a back body drop and Snuka`s back was in pain. Ravishing Rick Rude irishwhips Snuka but he catches him by the head and face first he planted his head right into the mat.

Leapfrog off the ropes by Snuka and right between the eyes he catches rude.

Superfly goes up to the top and Rude ducks his leap, and Snuka still managed a shot, he irishwhipped Rude to the corner hitting back first, smacking his head in mid-ring when he returned before a scoop slam. Snuka goes up again and from the second turnbuckle he missed a splash hitting sternum first. Rude then picks up Snuka and hit the Rude Awakening and it puts him away.

In the end Rude got the victory at 3:59 after the Rude Awakening.

A back and forth match with no story telling but a good pace so it wasn`t very bad, but obviously filler before the Ultimate Challenge.












14) Main Event- Title for Title: Hulk Hogan (c) vs The Ultimate Warrior (c) for the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental and Heavyweight Championship



The Ultimate Challenge!

This match has classic  written all over it from a booking perspective.

It`s one match for the ages that is still talked about today 20 years later.

It`s build was not quite as good as Savage and Hogan the year before, and buyrate for this event wasn`t either but this match here was more memorable then Savage-Hogan from Wrestlemania 5.

The Anticipation for this one match was insane.

Both men were fan favourites.

Both men were Champion`s.

This was 1990 in the WWF. Vince McMahon didn`t just do this back then but he gambled and it was ultimately a success in the long run and still a defining Mania moment.

Toronto was split.

The Warrior came out first and he was the reigning IC Champion and he came to the ring with a lot of energy as always. Ventura claims it is a mistake as he should save his energy.

It`s always sad hearing Ventura call this one seeing as it is his last Mania match he ever called and he was at every one since the beginning, but what a way to go out. He also has a classic call at the end when he yells “The Warrior has won the title!“

Hulk Hogan got a monster pop as expected in Canada, even though his theme was Real American. Hogan is no Duggan, so he`ll STILL get cheered.

Hogan gets in with his WWF title and he kisses it goodbye after bit of taunting and flexing with the crowd. Pictures were taken like they were going out of style.

Wrestlemania Main Events should always look like this.

Two unstoppable forces and Champion`s (fan favourites to boot) face to face and everyone jampacked ready to go. Hogan-Andre, Savage-Hogan, Austin-Rock among others had this type of Main Event Wrestlemania feel.

The two men stare each other down, the atmosphere was electric, every one in the Dome was standing and cheering, you really felt this one was the big one.

Earl Hebner took the GOLD off of Hogan and Warrior remained looking at The Hulkster, his eyes never left the eyes of Hogan until the match began.

The Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan shared a few words as the two Icon`s looked face to face. Warrior oozed charisma and Hogan just shook his head. A shove by the Warrior and Hogan looked surprised. Hogan shoved back up.

Both men tie up and The Ultimate Warrior overpowered Hogan to the corner and flexed with a pose.

Another tie-up and Hulk shoved The Ultimate Warrior to the corner and he posed and a bit more people in the crowd cheered that exchange but it was seriously about 50-50 at SkyDome.

Warrior and Hogan then after a power exchange tried to one-up the other with there hands.

Another feeling out stage soon began.

A battle of power. A test of strength.

Both men holding each others arms, neither man used to this kind of power from the opposition.

This reminds me of what Lesnar and Goldberg were trying to do but never got the chance to, and of course they weren`t motivated. Enough of that.

Back to this classic.

A huge power display by the The Ultimate Warrior as he had Hogan dropped to both his knees and he shook his head saying he would not give up, afterall the Hulkster was undefeated at Wrestlemania. Hogan fought his way back up on the Warrior still with the wrists locked and now both men back on there feet and Hogan overpowered Warrior and now he was down on his knees!

SkyDome was beyond electric by this point as both men were on top at any given time as both men showed awesome power that they had. Hogan with Warrior down in a funny looking way, as he was near Hogan`s pelvis, you can see this picture many times, I elected not to put it in. I don`t like viewing it but you can search it if you wish.

Warrior back on his feet and Hogan sent Warrior to his back on the mat, he dropped an elbow and got a two. Warrior got up and was angry off the ropes with a shoulder block hit Hogan and no one budged. A criss-cross and Hulk Hogan caught The Ultimate Warrior with a scoop slam.

No effect on the Wasrrior, another criss-cross, Hogan leaped over the Warrior and The Ultimate Warrior press slammed Hogan. A Gorilla Press by Warrior was teased and then he elevated Hogan over the top to the outside. Warrior shook the top rope for momentum, the crowd still split.

Hogan`s knee from the fall to the outside seemed to be in jeopardy. Hogan limping and fell to the blue mat on the outside. Warrior didn`t want a countout victory and went to work on Hogan`s leg some more to break the count and injure his opponent at the same time.

Smart straegic wrestling by the IC Champion.

The Ultimate Warrior on the top looking down at an injured Hulk Hogan laying down on the mat. Warrior threw him back inside the ring. Warrior kicked Hogan in the mid-section and more boots to Hogan`s abdominal section. Hogan raked the eyes of Warrior out of desperation despite the bd leg. Warrior hit Hogan and Hebner got in the way, the two have words and it buys Hogan time to strike from behind and he connects with right hands to the Warrior. Hogan with a strong right to Wasrrior and then he climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits him a few times as the crowd counts to eight.

Warrior dazed and didn`t drop to his feet somehow hanging onto the top rope. Hogan bodyslammed Warrior and then The Ultimate Warrior got dropped by Hulk Hogan with two big elbow`s and it is still not enough to put the Warrior away, with a long two count.

Hulk with a nice small package and Wasrrior still kicked out. A rear chinlock slapped on by the Hulkster. Hogan then with right hands while holding Warrior`s head in a chinlock. Hulk wearing down the Ultimate Warrior who had a ton of athletic prowess so it was a smart strategy. Shots, striking blows, chops by The Hulkster to Warrior. A nice clothesline then by the Federaton Champion Hulk Hogan but again The Ultimate Warrior kicked out!

Nice drama here, a good story beind told in this match. A back breaker by Hogan and another two count.

You got the sense that Hogan was desperate to put The Ultimate Warrior away any possible way he could.

Hulkster with another reverse chinlock slowing down the pace, wearing down the conditioned Warrior which was a logical decision. As Monsoon stated, What a confrontation. Hulk Hogan driving the knee into the back of Warrior which was smart and then he hit a suplex and again got a two.

Since this didn`t work for Hulk Hogan he went back to the strategic reverse chinlock.

Warrior reaching to the heavens and his fans help him gain momentum out of desperation hitting elbows to Hogan three times, Hogan is leapfrogged by Warrior and another criss-cross and both men hit each other down with a double clothesline.

The plot thickens.

The Suspense and crowd participation definitely added to the match in such a big way. Who would win is what everyone wanted to know so desperately. Warrior shaking the ropes for momentum and SkyDome becomes unglued. Warrior blocks a Hogan shot and this was absolutely unseen at the time. It was surreal to see someone hit Hogan at Mania and it being cheered!


Warrior somehow found energy to bounce off the ropes and level The Hulkster with two clotheslnes. An irishwhip to both corners and Warrior was back in control. Both mean sweaty, fatigued but kept on going full throttle.

Warrior this time with a suplex and a two count!

Warrior then squeezed Hogan this time with a bearhug. Earlier in this bout we saw the Hulkster wear Warrior down with a chinlock twice, now after some power moves by The Ultimate Warrior he slapped on a bearhug intelligently in mid-ring. Warrior now with it locked in.

Hulk illegally grabbed the hair, Earl tells him to follow the rules. Earl should of taken his own advice 7 years later in Montreal but that`s neither here nor there.

Warrior still with a squeeze, a resthold giving both men a break and letting the pace slowdown for the Climax that was about to come. In films they have comic relief, well here we have a slow moment-wear down hold to build up the drama for the finale that is about to present itself in one of the biggest matches of all time.

Hogan has one hand go down, two, and on the third he just holds on. Half or a bit over half of the Sky Dome pop when the Hulkster battles out with right hands, Warrior ducks underneath Hogan and he bumps into Hebner. The official is down.

Warrior with a double axehandle off the top, on the top again The Ultimate Warrior drops a second double axe handle to the head of Hogan. The energy still there for Warrior, off the ropes three times, Hulkster took advantage out of no where as he drove the Warrior head first into the mat. Hogan tries to get the three himself but Hebner is down. A suplex by Warrior to Hogan and Hebner still down, Warrior counts his own three but it doesen`t count for him obviously, but it might for Steve Austin at Over the Edge 98, hey he used Vince`s hand and he was the ref, it`s all legal right!

The Ultimate Warrior covered Hogan again and the cliche slow count by Hebner allowed Hulkamania to kick out. Warrior then caught an uppercut from a relatively rested Hogan. A roll-up by Hulk with Hebner way out of position and The Ultimate Warrior kicked out.

Somewhere Edge is watching this saying, one day I`ll have more WWF title`s then these two combined!

Both men pulling out all the stops battling on the outside since the inside wasn`t working out for them due to the kickouts. Hulk and Warrior rammed into the post. So much on the line so they both get back in the ring. The Ultimate Warrior getting more endurance and stamina, reaching for the heavens clotheslines the Champion.

Warrior gorilla pressed Hogan in the air and got a huge pop, landing on Hulk`s back. Somehow, though Hulk kicked out!


Hulk kicks out and Warrior can`t believe it.

Amazing, Warrior now punches Hogan and down on his knees he shakes his head and begins to Hulk up as Toronto pops. The Ultimate Warrior has never seen anything like this. Hogan now strikes right right hands, sends warrior to the ropes with a big boot, he goes for the leg drop and missed!

The Warrior then capitalizes on Hogan`s missed  legdrop!

In the end The Ultimate Warrior was able to defeat the Immortal Hulk Hogan with a Splash at 22:51 to become the New Champion of the Federation!

The Classic was over.

Jesse had epic words to yell out and you may be familiar with them as they are often heard over and over due to replays from the WWE despite them not being on great terms with Mr. Warrior.

Jesse Ventura: “The Warrior has won the title!!!”

A match for the AGES!

I can`t believe how well balanced everything in this bout was, they literally performed and booked everything perfectly.

This is so much better then Hogan-Rock it isn`t even comparable, the crowd made that bout more and besides the crowd being electric for this one, they both performed much better here.

An act of respect as Hogan and Warrior Celebrate together and raise each others hands.

Warrior becomes the first man in WWF history to hold the WWF and IC title at the same time.

I can honestly say this is one of the most enjoyable matches I`ve ever watched. Hulk Hogan`s best match now, I`m convinced. Warrior`s second best.

A Masterpiece for its time and it still holds up very well today, even when you still know what to expect.

**** 1/2




Final Rating for WWF Wrestlemania 6 = 6.5/10

This show was ultimately saved by the epic Main Event of Wrestlemania, it`s one of the biggest matches ever.

You`ll see that the 14 matches as a whole had a lot of filler, but there was a few over two stars and a lot of the show came off pretty enjoyable.

I can by no means give it a seven but I`ll be generous and give it a 6.5 due to how amazing the Main Event was. This is a pretty solid Mania but it wouldn`t crack a top ten list.










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