Review: WWF/WWE Wrestlemania 7 DVD

May 18, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF Wrestlemania 7 Review:



“A MOMENT…..IN HISTORY…WHAT A WOMAN…AND WHAT A MAN!!!!”Gorilla Monsoon (On the reunion of Savage and Liz)







-WWF Wrestlemania 7 took place on Sunday, March the 24th, 1991 at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena in Los Angeles, California in front if 16,148 fans.

-This was the 7th Annual WWF Wrestlemania event.

-The Donald made his third WM appearance to date at this time, sitting front row and watching most of the night’s matches.

-The event marked The Undertaker’s WrestleMania debut. As of 2009, The Undertaker has never lost a match at WrestleMania going 17-0. That Number would possibly be higher if he wrestled at Wrestlemania 10 and 16 but was injured both years.

-WrestleMania VII was originally supposed to be held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, but it was decided to move the event to the adjacent Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. The World Wrestling Federation’s stated reason for the venue change was that a threat had been issued towards the company in the wake of Sgt. Slaughter’s portrayal of an Iraqi sympathizer; others have cited slow ticket sales. The pay-per-view buyrate was the lowest for any of the first seven Wrestlemania events.

-The tagline for the event was “Superstars and Stripes Forever,” and is remembered for its theme of American patriotism. American flags were hung all over the arena and the ring apron and banners were colored red, white, and blue, which was the basis for the main event between Hulk Hogan and Sgt. Slaughter for the WWF Championship. WrestleMania VII is remembered for the emotional reunion between “Macho Man” Randy Savage and his manager, Miss Elizabeth, which occurred following Savage losing a “Retirement Match” to The Ultimate Warrior. The theme song to this event, “Worldwide Spectacle”, was written by WWF’s internal composer, Jim Johnston.

-This event marked the final appearance to one of the greatest of all time Andre The Giant, at a Wrestlemania.

-This was the first WrestleMania not to feature Jesse Ventura as a color commentator. Gorilla Monsoon hosted the event with Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. When Heenan had to manage at ringside, Monsoon was joined on the commentary by Jim Duggan, and later “Lord” Alfred Hayes. In addition, Regis Philbin helped with commentary on the main event.

-Willie Nelson sang a rendition of “America the Beautiful” before the show. Other celebrity guests in attendance for WrestleMania VII included Regis Philbin, Alex Trebek and Marla Maples (as backstage announcers), George Steinbrenner, Paul Maguire, Macaulay Culkin, Donald Trump, Lou Ferrigno, Chuck Norris, and Henry Winkler.

-Koko B. Ware defeated The Brooklyn Brawler in a Dark Match before the event. (Just what all Hall of Famers ought to be doing…)

-Now onto the PPV……………









1) Opening Contest- The Rockers (Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty) vs The Barbarian and Haku (with Bobby Heenan)

Wrestlemania 7 begins with a hot tag match. When I say hot tag I am of course obviously referring to The Rockers being involved. It’s inevitable that since they were going up against a stronger team the way they did at Wrestlemania 5 and 6 as well (versus the towers and orient express respectively) that they would be picked apart. Isolated/Disected, whatever other tag team terminology you’d like to use. Then of course we’d be treated to a hot tag where one of Jannetty or Michaels (whoever was beaten down the most) makes that hot tag that gets the crowd punmped up and then we see a combination of double team moves by the Rockers.

Hey, it was predictable but it worked. It was fun/entertaining and this routine spot by The Rockers is a big reason they were one of the top teams of the 80’s and early 90’s for that matter.

The Rockers get a good pop, Heenan’s boys don’t. What a shock.

Haku and the Barbarian would later go on in Turner’s promotion to become The Faces of Fear but they weren’t yet obviously here in McMahon land but still had a bit of credibility as a powerhouse team.

The bell rings.

Shawn Michaels begins the tag contest with Haku, formally King Haku who opened Wrestlemania 5 just a couple of years ago against Hercules. A curtain jerker two out of three years at a show like Mania isn’t always a bad thing.

Michaels looks more muscular here then he did in his days of doing lines that would soon follow this, I guess that’s common.

Shawn Michaels was better conditioned then Haku but he got hit with a knee to the gut and a side headlock by Haku, off the ropes by Shawn a leapfrog by Haku and he caught Shawn with a bearhug and threw him in the corner, an irishwhip to the corner. Haku charged to Shawn and he leaped up in mid-air, leaped over Haku twice and then hit a shoulder block before throwing rights. An armringer by Michaels to Haku a couple of times and then Haku poked Shawn in the face behind hte official’s back. A headbutt by Haku twice. Shawn was able to tag and a double hiplock by The Rockers to Haku and they both kick up and superkick The Barbarian.

Both Rockers duck and a kick to Haku this time. Tremendous teamwork by Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty and the fans are on there side.

Bobby Heenan on the outside tries to get Haku and Barbarian to re-group now. The Barbarian and Marty Jannetty this time ready to get it on. Jannetty locked up with Barbarian and he chopped Jannetty hard with a couple of hard chops and then a headbutt. Barbarian driving the knee to Jannetty and then with awesome power a right hand to Jannetty, he slid under the bottom rope and then a reverse irishwhip by Barbarian, a sunset flip and then Barbarian tried to drop his body weight to Marty but he moved. He elevated Marty but Shawn came in and dropkicked Barbarian’s back and Marty hit a hurricanrauna and he couldn’t cover him.

Back in the middle of the ring Barbarian poked the eye of Marty and he tagged in Haku.

Duggan on commentary sounds quite normal, it’s strange.

A chop by Haku to Jannetty, he ducked a charge and then up in the air Barbarian dragged Marty’s head over the top rope with a sling shot and a nice leverage-double team move by the heels here. Haku irishwhipped Jannetty and hit a nice reverse elbow which found the mark on Marty Jannetty. Fans applaud as they want Marty to make the hot tag. A double thrust kick by the future WCW group. Barbarian with a big press slam to a desperate Jannetty who needed to tag out in a bad way, looking for that cliche’d hot tag I elluded to earlier.

More Double Team work by Haku and Barbarian behind the official as the Brain distracted them. Jannetty pressed into the corner, attempted a reverse crossbody off the ropes but Haku slammed him down and then elevated Jannetty hard into the corner. Haku lifted up Marty and hit a beautiful back breaker, not once but twice.

Haku in control tagged in The Barbarian, The Brain yelling for them to take him out. Barbarian with a head full of hair on Marty Jannetty irishwhipped him to the ropes and he caught a big clothesline to Marty Jannetty knocking down an injured Rocker. A dazed Jannetty in a bad way now was being worn down with a bearhug by the bigger Barbarian.

The crowd stayed hot and clapped and Marty Jannetty slowly started to power out. Jannetty rammed hard into the turnbuckle, a reversal of the arm ringer sent Marty into the corner twice. Jannetty was able to use the ropes for leverage to get his boot up high into the head of Barbarian buying him some time. This didn’t phase him as he hit Marty with a power slam! Barbarian going to unfamiliar territory up top and missed a leg drop.

Marty bought himself time, but he needed to get to Shawn Michaels. He was almost there. Haku was tagged in and finally Shawn Michaels was in! Michaels with left and rights and a spinning heel kick to Haku after an irishwhip to the ropes. Shawn Michaels with a ton of right hands with the fans counting to six, he jumped off with a cross-body to Barbarian coming from behind. A takedown to Haku, but he got a thumb to the eye on Shawn.

Back and forth.

Off the ropes Shawn hit a sunset flip, Jannetty clotheslined Haku, Shawn rolled him but just a two as Barbarian interfered. Rockers took him out of the ring. A double clothesline to Haku by The Rockers. A dropkick by Marty to Haku from one corner, and a crossbody by Shawn to Haku and they get the three!

In the end The Rockers defeated The Barbarian and Haku at 10:41 after Michaels got the count on Haku.

The place popped.

This opener is underrated and a ton of fun. Nice and quick, great story told.

Great stuff, which is a tone for the rest of the night.









2) The Texas Tornado vs Dino Bravo (with Jimmy Hart)

The late Kerry Von Erich of the now Hall of Fame Von Erich Dynasty, known here as The Texas Tornado.

Both these guys infact would be dead in the next couple of years. Kerry killed himself and Bravo was shot in his home country of Canada.

The Texas Tornado gets attacked by Bravo as he guns away at Von Erich. (Jeesh, there is a bad pun there from both sides no matter which way you cut it)

The typical quick heel beat down out of desperation and most often given as advice from the Manager (Jimmy Hart) as a way of beating the superior babyface.

These don’t last long.

Bravo then with The Texas Tornado on the ropes and he proceeded to clothesline over the top rope to the floor and then had his head slammed up against the apron. Heenan with his first wise crack at the booth as a color guy at a Mania, saying the Tornado deosen’t look like such a tough storm now. Heenan also makes excuses for his team losing.

Dino Bravo with a chop, a double leg sweep to Kerry and an elbow drop. Bravo rolls him over and gets a close two count. Dino tries to ground Kerry, irishwhips him and he ducks two clotheslines but walks into a sidewalk slam which Monsoon calls a side suplex. Is that all? Close but no Cigar says the late Gorilla.

Bravo with a forearm to the head of The Tornado. Bravo elevated himself to the second turnbuckle but gets caught in the famous Von Erich Claw.

The Texas Tornado slapped it on and the fans get behind Von Erich. Then a spinning tornado blast to the head of Bravo out of his claw and that’s it.

In the end Von Erich won at 3:11 after he hit his two signature moves.

This was filler, but thankfully kept short and to the point. Bravo essentially works over Kerry Von Erich until he hits his two big moves to pick up the victory and keep rolling, he’d win the IC title later that year.

Kerry Von Erich’s only WM appearance and the last for Bravo as well.







3) The British Bulldog vs The Warlord (w/Slick)

The Warlord looks like Mega Man mixed with Wolverine in his pre-match promo, and Slick talks like Carlton Banks on Crack.

We see Davey Boy with Winston his new Bulldog and I thought the Warlord’s promo was bad. Oh well here we go.

The British Bulldog gets a good ovation, they were trying to build Warlord up as a credible threat so this was a relatively interesting single’s match here unlike the last one.

The Warlord ties up with Bulldog and shows his upper body strength by shoving a big man in Davey Boy to the corner. An elbow drop to the head, a shoulder block Bulldog doesen’t budge a series of times and eventually The British Bulldog won the breif battle with a shoulder block.

Warlord was upset, came back in and dropped the double axe handle to the back, a duck underneath by Bulldog and a crucifix but Warlord countered it and dropped Bulldog on his back. Warlord then plants the elbow into Bulldog three times in a row which gains him a nearfall. Warlord with two hard forearms to the sternum. Warlord sends Bulldog into the corner and into a bearhug.

LA gives The British Bulldog applause to try and gain strength to get out of the middle of the ring bearhug. He does but he gets caught by Warlord and clotheslined by the top rope all the way down, Warlord with a two count. The Warlord and Davey Boy engage in a fist fight until The Warlord hit a belly to belly gutwrench suplex. Warlord with a reverse chinlock to wear down Davey Boy with a power hold, not a bad idea as it was now a double chinlock.

Things got slow here but FINALLY Bulldog gets out and dropkicks Warlord to the corner and he proceeded to ram his head into the turnbuckle corner. Davey Boy from up high hits a forearm off the top and a crossbody gets him a one count. Not sure what went wrong there.

Bulldog kicked Warlord in the face when he bent down off the ropes in a routine spot, Bulldog sunset flips Warlord but he drops on Bulldog with his power, a double underhook by Bulldog with a roll-up and another two.

Good back and forth portion here. Davey Boy Smith irishwhipped Warlord to the corner but he got the big boot up to the head of The British Bulldog.

Fans behind Bulldog and he worked his way up slowly but surely and Warlord slapped on another powerhold, a Full Nelson.

Fingers weren’t locked fully for the Warlord which was to The British Bulldog’s advantage of course but if he could sustain this type of punishment on top of everything else was the question as of now. Bulldog battled out eventually, this was another one of those minute holds by the Warlord.

I’m a little shocked the crowd wasn’t dead, good thing this was placed early in the card. Bulldog reversed the hold, and went over top of Warlord who tried to overpower him and he hit his Power Slam.

In the end Davey Boy Smith got the victory at 8:15 with his Powerslam.

Yeah this could of been a bit shorter.

Overall this one was a big deal for Davey Boy as a single’s star at the time since Warlord had some solid credibility as a monster type heel, so a clean victory at Wrestlemania put Davey Boy over strong and the fans were pleased with the result.

An okay tilt that has its moments.

* 3/4




4) The Nasty Boys (Jerry Sags and Brian Knobbs) (w/Jimmy Hart) vs The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart) (c) for the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship

Any time Bret Hart hand picks a match to be on his career DVD you know it’s special for one reason or another.

You’ve got to love Neidhart’s charisma and the energy levels of both Nasty Boys in the pre-match interviews.

I also love Bret calling The Nasty Boys SCUM.

Bret said they needed HEART and that’s what was needed to take the titles, theyd didn’t have it.

Would an upset be in the making?

Oh the drama, the intensity. Wrestlemania 7’s first title match as underway. The kid from HOME ALONE is shown, ya all know the name, I do as well but I hardly feel like spelling Culkin’s name out.

The Hart Foundation were such an incredible tag team in the ring. They were mega over and arguably the best team in the entire world. They worked a methodical pace, a perfect contrast in style’s and that is why they were Champions. By this time they had done it all in the WWF and were mega credible so the Nasty’s had an oppurtunity of a life time.

That is what made this one compelling.

Bret started the bout out with a tie-up into the corner and Nasty Boy Jerry Sags took it to the Hitman with quite the nasty arsenal of offense. Bret off the ropes hit a Lou Thesz press followed by right hands, an atomic drop to another Nasty and then slingshotted the original Nasty back into the ring.

An armringer by Bret and then he grabbed the boot of Sags and with a single leg takedown sweeped him to the mat. He lifted the legs and kicked at the groin of Sags.

Bret’s moves were so crisp, what a pleasure to watch.

The Hitman tagged int he Anvil when Knobbs taunted him.

Neidhart and Kobbs duked it out in the corner with Brian Knobbs getting the majority of shots in on him. The Anvil then took him to the corner drove his back against the corner, an irishwhip and a hiplock and it elevated the Nasty’s (both of them as other Nasty ran in) to the outside.

Crowd WHITE hot here.

Anvil swung Knobbs all the way around with a spinning armringer and then an armbar. Neidhart gets drove into the corner and Sags was tagged in as The Nasty Boys trapped the Anvil. This was the Foundation’s danger if Bret wasn’t in the ring. Off the ropes Neidhart was able to hit a clothesline and Bret was back in to the crowd’s delight. The Hitman with striking blows and a head fist shot to Sags by Bret.

The Hitman pulling out all the stops, knowing what’s on the line and hit the ten routine punches on top with the crowd counting along. Bret with signature mid-match moves to weardown the bigger Nasty Boy in sags.

A routine side russian leg sweep, and second rope elbow drop by Bret. He takes out Knobbs who runs in but that distracts Bret and it allows Sags time to get up and clothesline Bret to the outside. The Anvil was told to leave by official Hebner and The Nasty Boys attacked Bret behind here back beside the steps and ring post.

Bret now being punished, will likely need a hot tag soon. You have to love/respect/appreciate (whatever) Bret’s bumping and selling.

The Hitman sent hard back first into the turnbuckle, and a back breaker by Sags and it gets him a two count. A hard forearm to the back of the head of Bret by Sags. The Hitman in a ton of trouble as Nasty Boy Sags slaps on the Camel Clutch.

Bret was being worn down but at the same time to this point his offense with The Anvil had been crisp, the crowd remained hot and now Bret was taking a beating. Knobbs tagged in as the Nasty’s showed tag team continuity and hit a reverse double chinlock sitting on the injured lower back of Bret wearing him down further. Another tag to Sags who drops an elbow to a Hitman character seemingly down and out, and fatigued.

Bret Hart is hit with a neckbreaker by Sags and just a two surprisingly. The Champion’s didn’t want out just yet at Wrestlemania! Sags kept the chinlock held onto Bret in mid-ring and Neidhart was jumpy on the ring apron.

SOMEHOW out of desperation The Hitman hit a neck breaker of his own. Knobbs came in and hit Neidhart aggrivating him on the apron. Three elbows by Knobbs onto Bret, he was tagged back in and another double chinlock to Bret. This time Hart had boughten himself time to power out of it, elevating himself up and dropping Knobbs down on his back, back first to the canvas. Knobbs sent bret to the corner, he went for a big splash and Bret moved and he hit the corner.

LA pops.

Bret made the hot tag to The Anvil but it was a routine blind tag spot, the official didn’t see it.

Knobbs had the mega phone and he hit his own partner by accident. Anvil tagged in legally scooped up Knobbs and slammed hom to Sags. Double clothesline! Irishwhip and a power slam by Neidhart who has done tremendous here, Heenan puts this over as an outstanding match. Anvil gets a two.

Bret chases Sags on the outside. Anvil set up Knobbs and Bret came off and hit the signature clothesline. Jimmy Hart threw Sags a mega phone who clobbered the Anvil and Knobbs covered him and we have new Champion’s. Bret couldn’t do anything about it.

Huge upset.

Nasty’s celebrate in a career win for them for sure.

Shocking and dissapointing but overall this was one of The Anvil’s best matches, a good story was told. Very well executed tag here between two different teams.

So in the end the Nasty Boys won the tag team titles shocking the Wrestling World in the process at 12:10.

This was pretty excellent.

*** 1/2





5) Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs “The Model” Rick Martel in a Blindfold Match

So yeah, its best to through common sense out the window for this one. (It is Pro Wrestling afterall right? Shouldn’t be hard.)

Live in Kayfabe mode here and it’s a lot better.

Both men did a very good job and the fans couldn’t of been better for this type of match, reacting to everything. Throwing a good in-ring psychologist like Jake Roberts in a situation like this is just money, no wonder it came off well.

Basically a history package was shown between Jake “the Snake” Roberts and “The Model” Rick Martel. Rick Martel sprayed Jake in the eyes with his arrogance, and Jake was blinded setting up the match.

Jake The Snake was of course crazy over and out on a mission here. You literally feared him if not for his pre-match words, then for the look, that bone chilling stare he’d give his opponent, in this case Martel who he despised in an underrated feud. It’s a good thing Martel had to wear a blindfold through Kayfabe where he couldn’t see that cold look by The Snake.

Both men are “blindfolded.”

This one was underway.

The Crowd as enthusiastic as they were for the last match they really believed this and if they didn’t, they had a fun time going with the flow.

Jake The Snake pointed his finger and the crowd would say NO, or YES and Heenan was outraged claiming it wasn’t fair.

It was humerous to see spots like Martel getting ready to hit Roberts and him moving out of the way at the last second to which the crowd responded to great.

Both men pointed to each other and then met back to back. Both men dodged each other, Martel ran to the ropes and the fans laughed.

See, you need to credit both these guys for working this match in believable fashion despite all of us knowing they could see. Roberts goes to the corner where Martel moved out of and missed him.

Jake The Snake on the right track. Martel scooped up The Snake slammed him and then went for an elbow drop and Jake The Snake moved. The fans applauded and laughed as Rick Martel dropped his elbow on no one.


Roberts grabbed the middle rope and pointed to Martel, or the direction he thought he was in. Both guys were getting warmer and warmer, the Snake crawling on the canvas and Martel charged towards the official and he felt his shirt and knowing it wasn’t Jake The Snake he backed off.

It’s interesting how only the HEEL makes these mistakes.


Martel crawling now on his knees, Roberts behind him standing up not sure where Martel was exactly. Jake clapped wanting Martel to listen and react. Jake brilliant as a mastermind inside the ring as he was from a psycholody standpoint had the ability and ring sense to sneak behind Martel and know where he was. He slapped on a waistlock and couldn’t get anything further as Martel moved.

Roberts aware Martel grabbed Damien and then backed off as you heard screams.


Things like that (moments) MADE this match.

Roberts then pointed to Martel again and got near him in the middle of the ring and held a side headlock, but Martel then tossed him through the middle of the ropes to the outside floor. Martel went outside the ring after Jake with a chair in hand. He held a chair looking for the Snake and couldn’t catch him. More comedy from Martel.

He then hit the ring post with the chair, more funny stuff.

Inside the ring Martel scooped up Jake and hit a back breaker blindfolded. Martel looking for a second straight victory at Mania with the Boston Crab as he defeated Koko the year before in the WM 6 opener.

Roberts was able to get out of it and then hit the DDT as Martel turned around!

Could Jake find him? The fans cheered him on and it was over.

Great fun and good revenge.

Something new and exciting.

In the end Jake defeated Martel at 8:34 with the DDT.

Both men played this off quite impressively. Entertaining for its time for sure, and with the right attitude can still be a fun viewing today. Originality is key and it added to the entertainment and spectacle of this Mania event.

Jake put Damien on Martel after the match to everyone’s delight.

** 1/4




6) The Undertaker (W/Paul Bearer) vs “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka

The beginning of a Wrestlemania Dynasty here.

I’m not sure why Vince always had a stiffy for the Superfly but I personally never have and he further illustrates why in every match I see him in.

Remember these days, when Taker would come out and every kid would legitimately think the Boogeyman was going to rip them to shreds. I remember being pretty scared of him back in the day as do so many of you I’m sure, especially back in this time period when he’d put his opponents in body bags.

The Undertaker was dominant but moved around very slow, said very few words and it was that UNKOWN sense by all of us that made Taker captivating. The Undertaker put over by Monsoon. Taker rammed Snuka by the head to the corner and squeezed his head with both gloves. From the corner The Undertaker irishwhipped Snuka and hit a great clothesline to the Esophagus area of the Superfly. A rake of the face to Snuka.

Taker grabbed Snuka by the head on the apron.

Jimmy Snuka was then in trouble. He resorted to an irishwhip to Taker to the corner but as he charged towards the Deadman he simply elevated Snuka to the outside. Taker hooked Snuka on the apron with a front facelock into a suplex up and over. A slow methodical beatdown by Taker. An elbow didn’t find its mark and Snuka tried rights and a headbutt, then a chop or two. Didn’t harm the Deadman. Snuka irishwhipped Snuka and he ducked then leaped up (flied right, that’s his gimmick) and missed Taker falling all the way to the floor. This wasn’t going to help his cause by beating Undertaker. Another headbutt by the Phenom, a sling shot by Snuka to Taker and he came right in and Taker was going to scoop him up but momentarily dropped him to get a better grip.

Now it’s tombstone city according to Monsoon, Paul Bearer nods in agreement.

The Tombstone was hit!

BAW GAWD! Oh, a little early for that saying I guess.

Snuka landed right on his bread-basket! That’s better.

In the end The Undertaker goes 1-0 at Wrestlemania by defeating Superfly with a Tombstone Piledriver at 4:20.











7) Career Threatening Match: “Macho King” Randy Savage (W/Sensational Queen Sherri) vs The Ultimate Warrior

As you can assume these are two colorful personalities.

Both obviously Oozed Charisma and the Crowd really dug both men whether they loved them or hated them. It’s called NATURAL heat in Wrestling both men had due to the Charisma only few others had in the industry during this time or any time period for that matter. Both characters were beyond unique which made for a great mix for this Classic.

Watching these two go at it is like drinking a shot a 5 hour Energy, listening to Metallica’s Enter Sandman, and having your Sports team win a World Championship all in a span of twenty minutes.

Forget listening to pump up music before the gym, throw this match on. Perhaps Jason Statham should watch this match before Crank 3 to stay alive, it’ll surely give him that much needed rush or CRANK he gets the urge for. Better yet, how about he watches Lesnar/Goldberg instead. Those movies blow.

It obviously goes without saying that this match is CLEARLY a dream match for Vince McMahon.

If only Chris Benoit’s spirit was somehow the guest enforcer! What? A little soon? Okay how about if only Jeff Jarrett was the timekeeper! There ya go…

Bobby points out Miss Elizabeth in the crowd before the spectacle gets underway.

It’s Showtime!

Never had Mania or any show for that matter had a match this big in the middle of its card.

You almost felt like this was the Main Event with the anticipation this one had from the build, the entrances and just the spectacle of everything else.

The reason this Masterpiece works so well is because both Warrior and Savage had tremendous chemistry, the feud was top notch, the build-up was tremendous like most back then in high profile situation’s, you felt you were witnessing the end of an era at Wrestlemania so there was so much suspense which added drama.

Add in a match full of nothing but adrenaline and storytelling, top notch booking, it’s an automatic win.

Here we go.

One of these men will leave the city of Angels with there career over! It doesen’t get bigger then this considering both these talents Main Evented Wrestlemania the past three years.

The Macho King came out in all his glory, being carried in on a throne. Macho King and Sherri came to the ring and Liz looked on worried and dissapointed the love of her life was now with Sherri and his career could be over.

You have to love the story telling before the match even begins in this one!

Some fans booed, while a few cheered the always entertaining persona of Randy Savage delivered. Randy Savage did his signature twirl taunt with his hands and he looked confident. Macho King looked at the top of his game considering his career could be over in a matter of minutes.

And when Randy was on his game, he really brought it as we’d see here and then some.

Again, you felt the Classic Tension was upon you from the moment the bell rings, infact I felt it before both men even came out.

If you didn’t before you surely would in moments.

This is what it’s like to have fun viewing a Wrestling match. Watching this one and its a given. Show this to anyone and I’ll be amazed if they don’t have a good time.

This is the type of match the casual fan and the smark would both equally enjoy, it just has that tangible to it which makes it likeable to everybody and that’s another reason this is such a fan favourite.

The Ultimate Warrior gets a tremendous ovation and surprisingly he isn’t sprinting to the ring like he is generally known to do. Warrior does this once he gets to the ring area but not all the way to the ring this time around.

When looking at both The Ultimate Warrior and Macho King Randy Savage and there ring attire, it even came off magical from a presentation standpoint due to there attire alone. Nevermind the fact it was Mania in a high profile match fighting for there career’s!

Tension built and Savage was poised to do everything in his power to stay alive, keep his career going and most importantly get back to the main event and out of mid-card hell where he was stuck under the Macho King title. Things would be very different for Randy Savage after this match, either one way or the other.

So to say this was a defining moment in his career would be an absolute understatement. Same for Warrior. If he didn’t screw up and demand money later in 1991, who knows the marketing machine for Warrior had no limits and this win over Savage (with the epic win over Hogan the year before) made him the biggest star in all of Pro-Wrestling.

Not bad eh?

The bell rung and the fans were more ready, it’s Wrestlemania 7’s Career Threatening Match between two Icon’s and living legends in the history of the WWF. Trump is front row with a smile.

Savage and Warrior weren’t smiling, all buisness from them both.

Macho King Randy Savage then stared down the Warrior and it was a showtime here. One of the most underrated rivalries in the hitory of Professional Wrestling. Savage had enough of Warrior’s posing on all the turnbuckle’s, Savage wanted Warrior to get to business and who could blame him.

Warrior took off his jacket to screams and cheers, bell rang both men cautious. Savage ran to the ropes and tried to psych out Warrior.

Savage playing Mind Games went to the top to pose, got boo’s. Warrior did as well and got cheers.

Both men go face to face and tie-up. Liz is concerned.

Savage is told to break away from Warrior. A facelock by Warrior and a shove down to Savage.

Both men extremely cautious. Macho King Randy Savage going downstairs with forearms and right hands to Warrior. Side headlock nicely applied by The Macho King, off the ropes Warrior hit a shoulder block to Savage taking him out of the ring. A distraction from the Queen allowed Savage to come back in and hit a running knee to the Ultimate Warrior, but it didn’t phase him.

Warrior with a power move and an atomic drop, followed by a long powerful atomic drop by The Ultimate Warrior. Sherri can be heard screaming NO on the outside.

Warrior in control early!

The Ultimate Warrior held the Macho King down while Sensational Queen Sherri looked on concerned.

The crowd are into this big time. Macho King is just a riot from the beginning.

Sherri got involved but was elevated to the outside.

Randy Savage caught in the ring ropes, Warrior took a few shots. Savage got a kick off the ropes with a bit of momentum then charged towrds Warrior and hit a beautiful clothesline. Such an execution so superb by Randy Savage.

Bombs away by the Macho King with a crossbody from the top, Warrior showed off his power and caught him and dropped Savage in the process. Heenan says this maybe Savage`s greatest moment.

the Ultimate Warrior intimidating Savage asking what he has? Savage slapped him then threw a steel chair into the ring. The Official moved it out of sight and the Ultimate Warrior hit a forearm to Savage two times levelling him down to the mat. An irishwhip sent Savage back first to the buckle and Warrior with another strong round-house right a couple of times knocking down Macho King who’s career could soon be over. More shots took down Randy, an irishwhip to Savage into the buckle but Macho moved.

Warrior charged into the buckle as Savage moved as said and this was an opening for Randy. Sherri took down Warrior outside of the ring. Savage had time to re-group. Macho King in the ring waiting saw Warrior push down Sherri. Savage shoved Warrior from behind and then rammed Warrior into the post.

Heenan said he followed Savage’s career and he never saw him this intense. He wasn’t far off.

Once again Sherri with the shoe. Warrior chants. Savage in the ring and a scoop slam with a two count. the Ultimate Warrior about to catch a neck breaker from Savage but he hits a back slide to Savage, amazing stuff. Savage backs off to the corner and spits in Warrior’s face before getting out of harms way. Clothesline by Warrior as Macho got caught.

the Ultimate Warrior ran off both ends of the ropes and went for a signasture splash but Randy Savage moved! Macho King rammed Warrior head first to the mat and got two quick two counts.

Savage now with a reverse chinlock, a logical move to do to a powerful athlete such as The Ultimate Warrior.

Amazing, captivating material here.

Savage never wanted anything so bad other then this victory here. Savage kept the chinlock in as the crowd chanted for the Warrior and he shook. Here we go. Nothing but pure adrenaline pumping from this point out.

Testicular Fortitude by the Warrior, a running clothesline! The fans are into this and again that helps its overall presentation and feel.

A running clothesline by Warrior to the Macho King that takes Randy down as well.

With Savage down he waits a few moments, but then after a criss-cross Savage hit a clothesline to Warrior and now both men are down.

What an epic atmosphere, so much on the line is repeated as the fans even feel as if they`re on the ends of there toes.

Savage and Warrior both to there feet at the same time, Savage goes for a powerslam to the Ultimate Warrior and then he rolled up Savage with a small package and the ref was distracted from Sherri and he only got a two count.

the Ultimate Warrior made a costly mistake turning his back to the official arguing over the slow count and Sherri’s interference.

Savage rammed him from behind with a charging knee into the abdomen.

Sherri with a shoe and the ref down nailed Savage by mitake off the top, the crowd gets even louder. Warrior chasing Sherri rather then going after Savage which could be costly as said by Heenan and Monsoon.

Warrior looking to the outside, Savage from NO WHERE with a roll-up and two and a half.

Heenan loses his voice from excitement. Everything is on the line, Savage pulled Warrior by the trunks into the corner. Savage then elevated Warrior up and dropped him throat first onto the top rope. Excellent stuff.

Macho King in control then leaped over the top rope and choked out Warrior, taking the air out of a full throttle tank like Warrior.

Savage slammed him down twice not taking any chances, and a two count.

Both men used up everything imaginable.

Here we go!

The Elbow Drop by the Macho King! Sherri cheers.

1 hit.
2 hit.

He’s going for a third, history is being made, a third hit!

Macho King goes for another, and then yes, another one.

The 5th and last one.

Randy “Macho King” Savage by all means should of put Warrior away.

Five elbow drops didn’t put Warrior away, the place pops. Savage can’t believe it. No one ever came close to taking that kind of punishment from Savage and get out of it.

Savage dropped his signature double axehandle’s and now the adrenaline pumped through the veins of the Warrior as he fought back with forearm shots, a right hand, clothesline after clothesline.

Liz looks concerned for the career of Savage.

Warrior reaches to the heavens. Macho King hoisted up and now the press slam is delivered. Warrior hits the big splash!

It’s over!

Savage kicks out!


Warrior reaches to the heavens and asked if this was his destiny.

Savage down and Warrior asked the Heavens while everyone watched on. Warrior then on the ring apron wasn’t sure what was next. Warrior on the apron took his time and Macho King knocked Warrior off the apron giving himself a chance to come back here.

Savage goes up high where he is often best.

What next?

Heenan yells what a match, what a match!

Savage missed his drop from the top and hit the gaurdrail.

In the ring the Warrior off the ropes hit a big clothesline to Macho King Randy Savage and he did so another time. Two in a row. the Ultimate Warrior in full control in a back and forth climatic match. Then a spear job by Warrior to the Macho King to the floor, Savage might have been saved being out to the floor but Warrior with yet another spear to the Macho King once he was back in the ring.

the Ultimate Warrior with yet another spear!

In dramatic fashion Warrior puts his right boot over the chest of Randy Savage and it’s over!

Heenan yells “Oh my god…no.” Everyone pops, the epic battle/confrontation, magical masterpiece had concluded but the best was yet to come still.

For the second straight Wrestlemania, the Ultimate Warrior put down a powerhouse in the Federation this time in the Macho King in what was a career performance for him.

The Warrior pinned Savage in awesome fashion with a boot on the chest and a finger pointing to the heavens as the place roared in approval.

The pinfall came at 20:48 and the match really flies by for a bout over twenty minutes in length.

Incredibally entertaining throughout with a HOT crowd, one that should always be there for a big time Mania Match. These guys more then delivered.

After the match, it finally sinks in to Sherri what has happened. Sensational Queen Sherri gets in and kicks Macho King Randy Savage for losing. She berates him verbally and kicks him a few more times. All of this prompts The first Lady of Professional Wrestling Miss Elizabeth to jump the gaurdrail and throw Sherri out of the ring to a mega pop. Savage recovers and blames Elizabeth until he sees the refs dragging Sherri back to the dressing room. Liz asks him what it’s going to be.

Savage, after a moment of tense soul-searching, scoops his woman up in his arms in a tearful hug. Liz opens the ropes for Randy, like she always used to do, but Savage refuses and holds the ropes for her. Nice touch for sure there.

The Macho Man is back! What a great moment.

Everything is right in the world with his theme playing in the background.

Savage and Liz reunite and everyone cheers, some even brought to tears, actually many were. An emotional moment as the Macho King transformed back into the Macho Man and this time around was going to treat his lady right.

For some reason a forgotten babyface turn which is strange considering the significance, when it happened and how awesome this segment really, really was. Hollywood couldn’t of done that segment  better. Something to be proud of and it definitely doesen’t age, if anything it just gets better as time goes on and as the industry continues to change.

Excellent drama to follow a Classic encounter which was ultimately perfect.

As previously mentioned what Macho did for Liz earlier, Savage’s most memorable romantic gesture was holding down the ropes for Miss Elizabeth in order for her to exit the ring with style, after years of having her do it for him.

If not the greatest moment in the history of this event then it’s most certainly one of the most emotional moments in Wrestlemania History:

Everything about this was done to perfection, (much like the match) Savage even happened to have a theme song where it built up the hug and celebration perfectly. Just magic inside the Sports-Entertainment world.

Oh yeah, the match that took place before this.

This match, REALLY what can you say?

This one had every aspect of Pro-Wrestling required that makes it as great as it REALLY can be. This piece of art really pushed the envelope from a storytelling standpoint.

I contemplated reasons if this match shouldn’t be the full five stars and to be truthful, I really couldn’t come up with one good reason just now after a hard time thinking about it. It’s been a personal favourite for two decades and now I am finally pushing it over the edge to 5 star/elite status.

For my money a top 5 Mania match and a top 15 match ever from this continent. They just DON’T make them like this very often, if at all.

Another awesome element to the bout is that it is probably the best booked match in Wrestlemania History. Which says…quite a lot, and that in itself goes without saying.

Calling it a CLASSIC isn’t even doing it enough justice, because as mentioned it`s one of the Greatest Matches in the history of Wrestlemania, not only that but one of the greatest matches in the history of Professional Wrestling.

It really should be showed and replayed more on highlights of Wrestlemania when the company does there awesome yearly packages, but all one has to do is look at the two men involved here and say “Oh, yeah…”













8) Tenryu and Kitao vs The NEW Demolition (Crush and Smash) (with Mr. Fuji).

How on earth do you follow a five star match half way through your show? You don’t.

However a tag match booked here was pretty logical, but even the Donald was no where to be seen in the front row, it seems many took a piss break/intermission for this match.

However I was intrigued to see what two popular Japanese Talents like Tenryu and Kitao could do against Vince’s new Demolition here.

Tenryu is one of the greatest I’ve ever seen, I just love most things about this guy.

Tenryu in this paticular environment working a WWF style tag in the early 90’s is not paticularly the same but still very good.

Kitao uses the power of sumo to hit a high knee. Fuji hits him with a caneshot behind the ref’s back. Demolition basically dominates with their usual but without the personality and charisma that made them legendary beforehand with the original team. Finally, Kitao counters a charge with a clothesline and tags in the legendary Japanese Sensation Tenryu. Tenryu misses his back elbow on Smash. Crush delivers a backbreaker on Tenryu. Demolition goes for the Decapitation, but Kitao breaks it up. Smash goes after him, so Tenryu delivers the enzuigiri and a stacked powerbomb for the win at 4:44. The Japanese didn’t get to do much, and Demolition had nothing left. In fact, Demolition would be split up immediately after this. Smash (Barry Darsow) move on to the Repo Man gimmick while Crush would disappear before coming back as the Hawaiian Crush.

Did Vince REALLY just put two Japanese Wrestler’s over a team he built at the biggest event of the year? Sure this was the NEW Demolition but they still had credibility. At least Vince had enough courage to do this, I liked this decision.

It was a huge victory and a pretty decent tag match all things considered, but by no means good.

So as mentioned this marked the last Mania appearance of Demolition after showing up at this event since the fourth one.



* 1/4




9) The Big Boss Man (with André the Giant) vs Mr. Perfect (c) (with Bobby Heenan) for the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship

Underrated tilt here.

Sad to say this is the last Wrestlemania appearance of the late great André the Giant, and it was rather forgettable but at least he was a babyface as he went out.

Lord Alfred Hayes replaces The Brain on commentary for this one obviously since he was a major factor in this bout as a Manager for Hennig.

The Greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time- Mr. Perfect defended the IC title in an underrated match here at Wrestlemania 7.

It’s always different seeing Ray Traylor as a Babyface but going up against a natural heel like Hennig, it started to seem well,…natural.

It’s sad to think both these guys are gone as is Andre of course. Even the referee Joey Marella died just a few years after this event. Monsoon is even dead, the guy who is bringing us the match and Heenan at ringside is the only survivor as of now and he is battling health problems as it currently stands.

Unfortunate would be an understatement.

It’s interesting to note Bossman was looking for revenge on Heenan and his family here because Heenan started making fun of Bossman’s mother. I guess this inspired Bossman to make fun of The Big Show’s dead father years later. Ya know, you see cases of bullying start from things like this all the time.

They kept saying it was the largest PPV audience in the history of PPV, not sure why as they’d actually have no idea if it was and it certainly wasn’t anywhere near that. They said throughout the night.

The Big Bossman and Curt Hennig had two different styles and that pasticular contrast made for some entertaining action.

A compelling story came about as the bell rung.

The two exchange with a clap back and forth, and Traylor smiles as Hennig slaps him. The Big Bossman chased Perfect to the outside and gave him an uppercut and then inside the ring The Big Bossman made Perfect go for a ride as he dragged him in a circle by the hair. The Big Bossman all business with more shots and Perfect reversed an irishwhip and The Big Bossman slid out under the ring, back into the ring and Bossman nailed Hennig down then threw him over the top rope.

Hennig was quick but Traylor was quicker and that surprised many people.

Fans chanted “WEASEL” as Heenan helped Hennig re-group on the outside. Back inside the ring Bossman gave Perfect some more right hands followed by a big uppercut that elevated Hennig to the outside. The Big Bossman went after Heenan and this distracted him momentarily and Hennig threw Bossman into the steel steps, it was enough time to capitalize.

Heenan then stomped on Bossman, all of the sudden out comes Andre to a huge pop.

The Brain who felt Andre’s wrath at the previous Mania wanted nothing to do with The Giant. Andre evened the odds here as he remained at ringside. Hennig chopped away at a hurt down Bossman inside the ring. Perfect put Bossman’s head on the middle rope and then when he got up The Big Bossman was shoved to the corner by Perfect. The Big Bossman down and Andre levelled Perfect from the outside behind the official.

Both guys down and Marella doesen’t bother to wonder why Hennig is all of the sudden down AS WELL as The Big Bossman. Bossman to his feet and then feeling wobbly gets attackd by Haku and The Barbarian and the bell rings.

Andre nails Perfect on the outside while The Big Bossman with quickness and power cleans house on Haku and Barbarian until Andre helps him out with a few moves from the outside of the ring.

In the end The Big Boss Man defeated Mr. Perfect by disqualification at 10:47 and I take nothing off the match because of the finish, it has storyline purposes and back in these days most matches (especially title matches) didn’t end clean. Hennig retained the IC title of course.

I think this match is a gem while it lasted. If it went a bit longer and had a better finish it could of been really great but this definitely worked.



** 3/4





10) Earthquake (with Jimmy Hart) vs Greg “The Hammer” Valentine


Valentine was growing old in his WWF career as a babyface for the first time since earlier in his AWESOME career.

Earthquake manhandles Valentine and powerslams him. Valentine avoids an avalanche.

He gets in a few good elbows and finally knocks Quake down. Valentine goes for the figure-four, but Jimmy distracts him. Quake recovers and delivers the running vertical splash for the pin at 3:14. Valentine at least had a good strategy but it didn’t matter. As a fan favourite of Valentine this is dissapointing to see but expected ultimately.








11) The Legion of Doom (Hawk and Animal) vs Power and Glory (Paul Roma and Hercules) (with Slick)

The WWF finally signed the team they always wanted, Road Warrior Animal and Hawk, the Legion of Doom.They put them over big with a Squash here. Especially since this one was all about Vengeance.

Power and Glory had cost the Road Warriors a match in a tag team battle royal earlier so this was there big return, revenge match.

Power and Glory attack before the bell rings like usual HEEL teams did.

They send Hawk off the ropes but he delivers a double clothesline.

Herc dumps Hawk to the floor while Roma delivers a slam to Animal. Roma comes off the top rope, but Animal turns it into a powerslam.

Road Warrior Animal sets him for the Doomsday Device and Hawk delivers it finishing in just 58 seconds.

Fans pop and that’s really all that matters here.





12) Virgil (with “Rowdy” Roddy Piper) vs “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase


After two quick filler matches we get a good one with a lot of build up.

Remember when the WWF took years to build a storyline? Yeah it was a long time ago but they still did it here and on the undercard to boot. This one had tension built up a long while which was in the bout’s benefit.

Ahhh what once was, was no longer.

The African American Slave was no longer a Slave and was now a MAN. Good to know.

The Hot Rod was pretty much Virgil’s biggest supporter alive and all one needs to do is watch a tape of the 1991 Royal Rumble when Virgil turns on DiBiase to listen to the orgasm Piper has on commentary to see just why.

Piper was injured in a Motorcycle accident a bit before this but still managed Virgil in his career match.

Ted DiBiase loses a fist fight with Virgil early which gets The Hot Rod and the energized Los Angeles crowd happy. DiBiase goes to the outside to avoid his charge, and temporarily avoids the attack but not for long.

Virgil slingshots Dibiase inside and delivers a pair of clotheslines with the latter one elevating The Million Dollar Man out to the floor again. This time Virgil goes after him and sends him inside before delivering a clothesline.

Back elbow from Virgil gets a one count as Dibiase again bails to the floor. A constant theme here.

A go behind takedown from Virgil continues to frustrated Dibiase, who finally takes control with a drop toehold. DiBiase showing his natural veteran mat skill. Doesen`t last long as Virgil gets back up and sends Dibiase into the buckle and chops away at him. Stiff chops to boot. A Back elbow from Dibiase sets up Virgil for a clothesline. Piledriver from Dibiase gets two. Suplex by Dibiase gets him yet another two count.

This time a Gutwrench suplex and a one count this time. Dibiase fires Virgil to the floor, and he follows him out. He delivers a few chops before firing Virgil back inside. He shoves Piper for good measure before heading back inside. Dibiase hits a powerslam, before hitting the ropes. Piper is able to pull the ropes down and Dibiase goes to the floor. He loses track of the count and after fighting with Piper is counted out at 7:49 to finish the match.

Dibiase attacks Virgil after the bell putting him in the Million Dollar Dream.

`Rowdy` Roddy Piper comes in to the rescue nailing Dibiase with his crutch for the save.

Sherri comes in to put a stop to that and Dibiase and Sherri work over Piper’s injured knee.

Virgil eventually makes the save for him now as Sherri leaves with Dibiase this time.

So in the end Virgil got the big payoff and victory but by countout at 7:41.

DiBiase is a true pro.

I understand why the finish was the way it was.

Pretty entertaining material here.



** 1/4




13) The Mountie (with Jimmy Hart) vs Tito Santana

Some filler to get us ready for the Main Event.

This is not one of Chico Santana’s best Mania performances to say the least.

Tito grabs a side headlock off the bat and hits the flying forearm right away, but the Mountie is able to get out of harms way out to the floor area. Tito follows them and delivers a double noggin knocker outside for Jimmy and The Mountie. Back inside and Mountie gets hit with an atomic drop. The ref gets a distraction, which allows The Mountie to shock Tito with the cattleprod and pick up the victory at 1:21.

Another short match that is much too short to bring down the Quality of the event overall.










14) Main Event- “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan vs Sgt. Slaughter (c) (w/General Adnan) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship

The WWF capitalizes here on the patriotism surrounding the on-going Gulf War in 1991 to enlist The Real American, Hulk Hogan, for active duty once again. Since stripping The Ultimate Warrior of the WWF World Title, Sgt. Slaughter has been on a rampage with his manager General Adnon spewing hateful venom against America and extolling the virtues of Iraq. Although Slaughter’s best days are behind him he has commendable slugfest with Hogan.

Sargeant Slaughter was not the most credible WWF Champion ever despite being a pretty strong worker in the 80’s, he still wasn’t seen as a credible title holder in many fans eyes and that gained him additional heel heat he was already gaining for being an Iraqi sympathizer.

Hulk goes HARDCORE here, about as much as he was able to anyway in this paticular environment which made for a compelling main event.

Slaughter and Hogan go to tie-up one another but then both back off.

Both men look at one another in disgust as the match officially gets underway.

Hulk Hogan was desperate to get back on top of the Federation and would stop at nothing to do just that. Fans were furious Warrior lost the title to Slaughter so Hogan winning would be a sigh of relief for many, that was the story here essentially.

However Monsoon talks about retribution as well being on the line.

“Hogan“ chants flooded the building and Slaughter and Hulk both circled around one another.

Hulk Hogan and Slaughter tie-up yet again and Slaughter over powers Hulk nearing the ropes and the corner, but both big bodies. Earl Hebner tried to break it up and the power of both men elevated Hebner down on his back twice. Hulk over powered Slaughter with USA chants behind him.

Hogan was getting a bit stale by this point so they really needed this patriotic angle for it to fully work. Hulk with a side headlock to Slaughter and he kept it locked in controlling the Champ and then off the ropes a shoulder block, Slaughter didn`t go down. Hulk leapfrogged over Slaughter who ducked and then this time Slaughter went down to a big time shoulder black from Hulk.

Hulk with a chop to Slaughter on the outside and then Adnan was going for Hulk so he turned around and went for him to the crowd`s delight. Slaughter with a steel chair hit Hulk and then the adrenaline flowed through his body and he said NO. Slaughter looked worried and Hulk threw him back in the ring. Slaughter begged for Hogan not to hurt him. Slaughter with a thumb to the eye in the mean time.

Sgt. Slaughter rammed Hulk Hogan`s head into the top turnbuckle pad a number of times, irishwhipped Hogan and hit a reverse elbow to his head. Slaughter stomped on Hulk and then gave him a big right hand, followed by Slaughter driving his knee to the head of Hogan. Slaughter then missed an elbow drop and the place popped. Hulk Hogan with right hands, an irish whip and a clothesline by The Hulkster. Adnan nailed off the apron by Hulk. Slaughter charged towards Hogan with a standing double axe handel attempt but Hulk gave him shots to the kisser, sent him to the corner and hit a big time atomic drop to Sgt. Slaughter which gave Hogan a two count.

Back to the outside Hulk raked Slaughter`s back, a move he`d do as a HEEL in the later years as Hollywood Hogan seemingly every big match, if not every match.

Hogan with a high knee to Slaughter and then a rake of the face. Hogan then slammed Slaughter`s head into the tp corner of each side of the ring and the crowd had fun with this spot as he fell backwards to the mat. Hogan irishwhipped Slaughter to the corner and a back bodydrop. Hulk the challenger was asking for more and then he irishwhipped Slaughter face first to the buckle. Hulk with a running knee shot to the spine of Slaughter. Hulk slingshotted Slaughter head first to the corner.

Regis said he`d never seen Hulk so determined. I wonder if he`d ever seen Hulk at all in a match before this night.

Hogan with a number or right hands to Slaughter on the mat and then an iishwhip to the corner followed by a clothesline in the corner drops Slaughter. Up top Hulk landed more right`s to the head of Slaughter. Hogan drove Slaughter`s head to the top turnbuckle and then Hulk went to the second turnbuckle doing his best Randy Savage immitation trying a double axehandle from the top but Slaughter broke it up. Slaughter press slamed Hulk from the top down to the mat giving Slaughter a breather.

Heenan really put over how much Hogan was giving it to Slaughter all match to this point. Slaughter with a clothesline to Hogan over the top to the outside. Slaughter shoved Hogan to the ring post, Slaughter with a couple of chair shots to Hulk outside of the ring so it`s all okay back then. Slaughter then wrapped tv cable`s around Hogan`s neck on the outside trying to weardown the Immortal Hulk.

Slaughter dropped a vicious hard forearm twice into the back of Hogan followed by a double axehandle to the back a few times. Another hard forearm shot to the back of Hogan and a back breaker.

Nice back domination by Slaughter but he gets just a two count after that exchange, Slaughter argued with referee Hebner.

Slaughter then locked on a Boston Crab and Hulk looked like he had been to hell and Back. Adnan cheering on Slaughter as Hulk kept saying no.

Back then the crowd was legitimately scared of Hogan tapping to this hold so they were loud throughout moves like this which helped the match remain entertaining despite it being mid-match.

Slaughter had to let go as Hulk grabbed ahold of the ropes. Slaughter then grounded Hogan with more shots to the back. Slaughter from the top rope dropped a boot into the kidney of Hogan. Slaughter hooked a leg but for some reason he distracted Hebner. Not sure why, makes no sense at all.

Either way Hebner got just a two on Slaughter and his pinning attempt here. Slaughter with yet ANOTHER head shot with the chair to Hogan. That chairshot busted open Hulk Hogan.

Hogan had a rush of adrenaline from seeing his own blood. Slaughter with more forearm shots to the head of Hogan and then locked on the Camel Clutch to a bloodied Hogan.

Slaughter slapped it back on when Hulk temporarily broke it.

Adnan cheering on the outside, Heenan claiming this was a brilliant match and Hogan was in a ton of pain. Regis keeps asking how Hogan could get out of this hold.

Hogan eventually with the power of his Hulkamaniacs gets to both feet but Slaughter pushed him sternum first into the turnbuckle and Hogan layed flat on his back.

Slaughter grabbed the Flag of Iraq and covered it on top of Hulk and then Hogan kicked out.

Hulk Hogan grabbed the flag and ripped it in half as the fans popped. Slaughter with a couple of shots to Hogan and he shook his head. Hogan did his routine comeback but it had that extra appeal this time around covered in blood.

In the end Hulk Hogan regained the WWF title at 20:26 after a long hard fought battle with Slaughter by his legdrop of doom.

New WWF Champion.

He overcame the odds, it’s not just a victory for Hogan, but for the whole country!

Trump smiles for the Hulkster yet again from front row at a Mania.

Hulkster prevails, USA wins. Everyone is happy.

Regis yells about how it was a great comeback!

One of Hogan’s better matches at Wrestlemania really. It`s certainly no classic but just fine as a Main Event at Wrestlemania.

This one really worked as good as it could have, the show ended with a bang and it was a great show overall!





*** 1/4


Final Rating for WWF Wrestlemania 7 = 8.5/10

This show is definitely one of the best Wrestlemania’s ever and it should be in everyone’s collection.

There are so many things that make this one work. One of the flaws was that it featured fourteen matches but back in the early Mania’s they liked stacking as many matches on the show as possible for whatever reason. They got out of that trend the year after this one but the good definitely outweighed the bad during this event. We had gems like the opening Rockers tag, Perfect-Bossman, and DiBiase-Virgil. We had a fun Blindfold match, the start of Taker’s streak, an underrated/feel good Hulk Hogan Main Event and of course who could forget the Ultimate Classic between the Warrior and Randy Savage, which Ultimately (no pun intended) carries the bulk of this event’s rating.

One of the Greatest Wrestlemania’s of all time, especially when looking at it from a pure Nostalgia standpoint. Two thumbs up.




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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The Savage/Warrior match was sensational.

  2. Jordan says:

    I know this is a few years old, but where do you get the info that WM7 had the lowest PPV buyrate of the first seven? Did they lie during the event when they said (to that point) that WM7 was the most watched PPV in the history of PPV? Granted, buys and people watching COULD be different, but they don’t distinguish between those two. If they say the most watched PPV in the history (again, to that point), then they mean it had the highest buyrate of any PPV event in history, including the first six Wrestlemanias.

  3. Brett Mix says:

    Thanks Matt

  4. Matt Phelps says:

    Man, I really enjoyed your review of this ppv. “Nostalgia” is the word for this ppv. you have the two best commentators of all time in Monsoon and Heenan (Heenan was absolutely fantastic.. at one point bret hart took a backbreaker from the nasty boys and heenan says “right into the cervial dervial back area” obviously being sarcastic of monsoons way of being so body specific on moves…. the warrior, savage, hogan, slaugher, a very clever blindfold match, a surprisingly decent bulldog/warlord match, the hart foundation nasty boys match was EXCELLENT in my opinion…. i jus really enjoyed your article and can tell you enjoyed this ppv as much as i did. NOSTALGIA indeed my man. long live the early 90s wwf!

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