Review: WWF/WWE Wrestlemania 8 DVD

May 18, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF Wrestlemania 8 Review:



“What we have right now…is a man that is going to walk around town tonight, claiming to be…the new World`s Heavyweight Champion! Like I said before Savage, it might be tommorow, it might be the day after, and every time I see your sweet lady, I`m gonna kiss her on her moist lips…Wooo!”Nature Boy Ric Flair

“I pulled the tights, do I really care, I don`t even care. Flair this title is what makes you tick! This is what makes you tick! yeah…, and I just took a piece! I want the whole Flair package, yeah! OOOOO YEAAAAAH….”Macho Man Randy Savage

-WWF Wrestlemania 8 took place on April the 5th, 1992 at the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis, Indiana in front of a groundbreaking 62,167 fans.

-This was the 8th Annual Wrestlemania event.

-This was the last WrestleMania to be held in a stadium until WrestleMania X-Seven which took place nine years after this event.

-The Theme Song of this event is called “Worldwide Spectacle” by Jim Johnston.

-A scheduled match between The British Bulldog and The Berzerker did not take place due to time restraints.

-The Ultimate Warrior returned to the Federation on this nigh after almost one year of being away, this was after he held up Vince McMahon at Summerslam 1991 for money before being fired.

-Rumor has it, due to Ric Flair being caught blading in his match with Randy Savage at this event, he was fined thousands of dollars for this move.

-The WWF were planning on having Randy Savage and Jake Roberts wrestle at this event as they were in a mega-hot feud at the time, however after Hogan-Flair was scrapped, they made Savage feud with Flair, and gave Jake Roberts to the Undertaker making him his second Wrestlemania victim, of many more to come.

-Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan did commentary and they were on there A Game all night as usual. This was Monsoon`s eighth Mania in a row doing play by play and his very last.

-Lex Luger who was being billed as the character “The Narccisist“ was interviewed during this show, but he wouldn`t make his WWF debut for months after this.

-Reba McEntire sang a rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” before the show. The late Family Feud host Ray Combs was a special guest ring announcer for the eight-man tag match.

-The Legion of Doom were originally supposed to be the challengers for the Tag Team Championships but left the WWF briefly before returning at WrestleMania, therefore they were just interviewed with there old time manager Paul Ellering.

-In a Dark Match before the event The Bushwhackers (Luke Williams and Butch Miller) defeated The Beverly Brothers (Blake and Beau) in a ten minute tag team contest.

-Now onto the PPV……………








1) Opening Contest- “The HeartBreak Kid” Shawn Michaels (With Sensational Sherri) vs El Matador Tito Santana

Shawn had already been in some Mania openers, this was his first single`s opener at a show where his resume is absolutely unmatched. His Superstar of the 90`s gimmick arguably started around this time, infact Heenan claims he is just that after this match ends, and his natural charisma you could see surely translated in his matches and was quite evident on screen, you saw the potential there just waiting to break out. The kid could move, he could bump, he could do it all.

He goes up here against a very solid worker in Tito Santana who although was a bit past his prime, could still go and as I`ve said in multiple Mania reviews, he has an underrated Wrestlemania resume. Tito either on his own or with Strike Force was always putting on a good match at this event, this opening bout with Michaels was certainly no exception.

HBK came out as arrogant as ever, dancing his way down the dome Entrance. Tito got a good clean babyface ovation, in the days where squeeky clean good guys were still universally accepted by audiences everywhere.

Shawn Michaels started out not phased by anything, he was still young but he had confidence, but more then anything his character portrayed arrogance.

Michaels layed a Kiss on Sherri and told her not to move until he told him. The cocky Shawn got in the face of the typical babyface in Santana and then faked an attack towards him before backing off.

Tito Santana pushed Shawn and Michaels went for a right, a block by Tito and a righthand to Shawn, he ducked a clothesline and hit a high crossbody, two count only and the two engage in a pushing war. Santana with a side headlock on Shawn Michaels and takes him down to the canvas applying the hold in a bit harder. Micahels got to a vertical base and off the ropes he gives Tito a shot in the gut followed by two righthands to the temple, an irishwhip, a leapfrog by Tito until he clotheslined Shawn Michaels over the top rope to the outside.

Sherri didn’t waste any time running after Shawn and checking on him. A loud lady in the crowd told Shawn he got what he deserved and to go home, by this point everybody listening felt the same way about her.

Back in the ring Santana slapped on another standing side headlock in the center of the ring. With a lot of tork, Tito kept it slapped on until Shawn Michaels backed him into a corner and then hit a shoulder block to the lower abdomen of Michaels. A hard shot to Tito in the corner followed by an elbow drop. Irishwhip, and a reversal by Tito to Shawn in the corner and then he sent Shawn to the corner and he reversed it by swinging back but Tito stayed grounded and got back in control. A side headlock takedown by Santana to Michaels in the middle of the ring, a quick Shawn Michaels rolled Santana’s back on the mat and got a two. This spot happened a coupl of times while Tito had the side headlock slapped on.

Shawn in a bit of trouble as Santana tried to slow down the pace because of Shawn’s strength being his quickness.

Tito Santana is usually the quicker of the two wrestler’s in most matches so this was certainly an interesting approach to take in the match and was a nice change of pace.

Michaels sent Santana to the ropes out of the headlock, and then got a small package but a two. Santana put him back in the headlock and this seemed to drag.

Shawn then was grabbed by Santana but Shawn Michaels reversed it in mid-move and elevated Tito Santana to the outside through the ropes hitting the floor. This bought Michaels some time to retaliate after he had earlier HAD the air sucked right out of him by Tito’s headlock.

Shawn with a cheap shot knocking Santana down on the apron. An irish-whip into a back breaker, well executed by Shawn which gets him a two count. Michaels now slaps on a reverse chinlock to Santana to even up the score. A weardown move in this type of match was expected by now, and he leaned forward cutting off the air supply.

Santana fought out with shots but off the ropes Michaels hit his super “thrust” kick in mid-ring to Santana.

Michaels went for a side suplex and then missed a flying forearm shooting Michaels out of the ring. Tito chases Michaels and he hits his face on the steps before rolling him into the ring.

Tito launching himself, using the top rope as a slingshot. Tito with a kneelift, and an inverted atomic drop. Santana levelled him out with a clubbing forearm. Michaels rolls out of the ring. Michaels counters a scoop slam and uses his body weight to defeat Santana.

In the end Shawn Michaels puts away Tito Santana at 10:23.

Good enough.



** 1/2





2) Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer)

Undertaker entered this match 1-0 at the Grandest Spectacle, going for Win number two here.

The Snake came out first and was playing mindgames already, as he sits in the corner of the ring and just smirks at the camera, Roberts is just money anyway you slice it, unless he’s begging for it on the street.

The Undertaker had an intimidating presence even then. He was already a former WWF Champion and this time had the fans by his side.

Monsoon points out the Snake had the edge with speed and he gave a shot to Taker. The Undertaker cornered the Snake but he sneaked out and delivered an uppercut to the Zombie who kept following him. More righthands and then one lands to Taker’s head, he does a full 360 over the top but lands on his feet. when the Snake gets on the outside he is irishwhipped into the ring post.

Taker took his time coming back into the ring and once back in the Snake hit a high knee followed by more shots. Irishwhip by Roberts to Taker into the corner. Another right by Jake doesen’t put Taker down. Heenan really put over how you can’t hurt a deadman here.

Jake gets sent into the corner and Taker choked him out there, he relied a lot more on his Deadman gimmick back then, then he would now. Taker choked out Roberts then sent him to the other corner, grabbed him by the throat and in this corner did more of the same. Taker spotted Roberts dropping to his knee after another corner shot but proceed to grab Jake by the throat choking him out on the canvas.

Undertaker in control of the Snake who was down on the canvas, The Deadman was beginning to get his Creatures of the Night` as his support from audiences, as they began growing during his first push as a babyface3 here. Making him the loveable zombie. He`d become more loveable when he participated in great matches further down the line in his career when they actually allowed Mark to move around during his matches, unlike here.

Taker drops an elbow to the Snake and Jake was in big trouble.

The Undertaker sent Roberts to the ropes and hit an impressive flying clothesline showing some agility.

Jake out of no where and out of desperation hit a DDT on The Undertaker. Jake then pointed to the sky but The Undertaker sat up. Roberts and Heenan were shocked. Taker grabbed the Snake by the throat and then Roberts gave the Deadman a high knee and a sharp clothesline but once again The Undertaker sat up. Jake went for a 2nd DDT.

He got it! Jake the Snake hit his second DDT on The Undertaker which no one has ever gotten up from. Jake went after Paul Bearer on the outside but Taker hit a tombstone to Roberts on the outside floor.

In the end Undertaker put the Snake away at 6:36 after rolling him back in the ring and finishing him off after a Tombstone on the floor.

It was short and to the point. Could of been better but one has to remember this took place during a time where Taker never had watchable matches, Jake was a bit different here and the contrast was interesting at this time, but the match wasn`t exactly top notch stuff.

Still though, there`s something that I`ve always felt a tad compelling about these two in the ring together, hence a semi-decent rating as this was by no means a GOOD match, just more of a guilty pleasure.



* 1/2




3) Bret “Hitman” Hart vs “Rowdy” Roddy Piper (c) for the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship

Now here is a gem that is at the same time extremely memorable. What a ride this war was. It also helped this took place right after a slower match.

This match, from story-telling to crisp translation, this brawl and wrestling match had it all. What an exciting, full throttle attraction this was.

Piper showed why he is arguably the greatest mic personality of all time before the match in an interview with him, Okerlund and Bret, while the Hitman remained calm and cool. It was strictly business, both men meant it. Humor was there but the storytelling was top notch.

The workrate would be even better, when both men entered the ring.

Bret and Piper both recieved tremendous ovations from Indiana and this Classic IC title match was underway, quick note: this was for some reason neglected from the recent IC title DVD which is a huge question mark from where I stand. The story told here was so enthralling, both guys had respect for one another and the business, and you had to question whether both men would snap or keep it together for the duration of the match. Both men’s facial expressions and body language said it all.

The opening bell rings.

Roddy Piper was from the old school and he was going up against the new school, who would teach who a lesson.

It`s on and the crowd was jacked and ready to go.

Roddy Piper came out with the only piece of gold he ever had in the Federation but wore it proudly for in his mind at the time might be he last time.

Monsoon and Heenan talked up this match as if it’d be a big fight, but the reality was it had a bit of everything at such a quick pace.

Bret Hart leaned back on the ropes to stretch while Piper put his hands on his waist, the two guys go eye to eye, nose to nose with an intense staredown with no words. Bret backs up as does Piper into there respective corners and it was OFFICIALLY on.

Roddy Piper ties up with Bret and Heenan’s commentary while a bit distracting was hilarious during the bout.

Bret gets the best of Piper at first hitting an armdrag takedown. Piper then goes to lock up with The Hitman again and once it happens The Hitman hits another hiplock to Piper and the crowd are supporting the Hitman more here judging by the reacions after those moves.

Piper hits a drop toehold, a single leg takedown, riding Bret on the mat, some amateur wrestling and Bret was upset and he was elevated to the outside. Bret then came back in and shook his head. Piper put up his hands and Bret agreed to the test of strength and Piper seemed to be winning at first. Piper hit an armringer, The Hitman reversed it and hit two arm ringers, worked a bit on Piper’s arm with a hard shot but a chop by Piper followed by a few slaps to the chest of Bret.

Bret kept a wristlock on but Roddy Piper slammed Bret’s head into the top turnbuckle. Piper hit a chop on Bret and then the Hitman grounded Piper and went for a hammerlock from his wristlock. With the Hot Rod back to his vertical base he sent Bret to the ropes, he ducked a clothesline and Bret hit a nice dropkick.

Hart sold the shoulder on the way down. Roddy Piper then stood stunned and Bret then used a small package as he fooled Piper, put one past him and got a two. Piper then resorted to a dirty tactic with a thumb to the eye, both men know wach other threw moral`s out the window and Bret and Piper push each other.

A sloppy exchange when both men went over the ropes, but everything had been picture perfect till that minor-slip up so it`s really not a big deal. Piper invited Bret back into the ring.

Roddy Piper held down the middle rope allowing Bret back in.

Bret took his time now knowing if he could trust Roddy Piper, awesome storytelling. The fans give Piper a standing ovation for being a sport, but then he hit a sucker shot at Bret, both men doing it all to get the gold.

Both men in the center of the ring after Piper hit a cheapshot and stomped on Bret before sending him headfirst into the buckle. A hard slap to Bret and then a running bulldog by The Hot Rod gets him a two but the Hitman had none of that, Piper argued the count being too slow.

Piper in the corner acting like a desperate man sends The Hitman hard back first into the turnbuckle, and we all know how well Bret bumps in that area. Roddy Piper gets another two after a standing dropkick. Piper raked the face of Bret yet again as he is busted wide open, a sunset flip out of no where by Bret as he hooks the shoulders but Roddy Piper got out and unloaded on Bret Hart by dropping him.

Only gets a two count does the Hot Rod, as there was a lot of fight in the Hitman. A bloodied Bret slugged it out with Piper and Bret momentarily got the best of Piper as he hit a hard running clothesline which sent Roddy Piper through the middle ropes. Piper back in got hit with an inverted atomic drop followed by a crisp vertical suplex. Out of no where Bret hits a neckbreaker, all this while Bret was bleeding quite bad.

Bret hits a backbreaker followed by a slam. The Hitman goes to drop the elbow on Roddy Piper but he lifted his boot dropping Bret.

Both men desperate slugging it out from there knees. Piper with a side headlock which spelled trouble for Bret as he was pushed into an official. On the outside Piper threw Bret back in the ring and Roddy Piper grabbed the ring bell.

The Hitman who was a bloody mess on his knees awaiting a shot, Piper kept looking for responses which were all negative. Piper then with the outside ringbell picked it up and then he threw it away after moments of hesitation. Great Drama!

A sleeper by Roddy Piper to Bret and he kicks off the turnbuckle landing on Roddy Piper. History has been made!

In the end Bret rolled up Piper at 13:50 out of the corner in an epic finish to get the three count, the place goes wild. I truely have no idea how this one missed the cut on Bret`s DVD, but I hope this one makes a potential second set for the Hitman.

Another defining classic in Bret`s career, he was gaining a ton of momentum with great matches at the time with Davey Boy, Flair, DiBiase, Roberts, Savage, Hennig, Michaels, Shawn and now Piper. Bret was becoming the man and the crowd accepted his IC title reign with open arms, his world title push was not far off.

One of the greatest Wrestlemania matches ever from a storytelling standpoint, the epic crowd helped things, and the greatest match in the legendary career of the Hot Rod.

Perhaps the greatest four star match of all time.








4) The Big Boss Man, Virgil, Sgt. Slaughter, and “Hacksaw“ Jim Duggan vs The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags), Repo Man, and The Mountie (with Jimmy Hart) in an Eight Man Tag Match

Ray Combs tried his best to get at the Heels with childish insults, Family Feud style. It might of been funny…for the kids…in 1992. Anyway, Combs offed himself I believe not many years after this which is unfortunate.

There is a spot in this match, Heenan says `I just got word, Shawn Michaels has left the building.` The Way Monsoon yells out “WHO CARREEES!“ at that random comment by Heenan was priceless. A gold tandem for sure, this was just beyond hilarious. I always chuckle when this happens, it happened again at Summerslam 92 I believe but this was the best right here for me.

Onto this match.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan starts with one half of the Nasty Boys, as he clobbers him from behind, a leapfrog by Duggan and then a backslide and The Big Boss Man gives him a shot from the apron. Slaughter is tagged in and he is worked over by another Nasty in the corner. It doesen`t take long for Slaughter to regain momentum as he elbows him in the abdomen, a tag to The Big Boss Man who delivers a big boot followed by an uppercut. Bossman with shots to the Nasty Boy in the corner, The Big Boss Man charged to the corner but hit no one.

Repo Man tagged in works over Bossman in the corner, but the The Big Boss Man ducked a clothesline and hit a shoulder block, but missed a powerslam. Repo Man dropped his bodyweight on top of The Big Boss Man, but Bossman hit a lowblow and Monsoon says Repo Man will be singing a little higher in the shower. Virgil tagged in and with a broken nose he hits Repo with a high shot and a flying crossbody from the top. Mountie behind the official attacks Virgil and Repo Man takes advantage of the situation hitting Virgil with with a side suplex.

Nasty`s come in and work over Virgil, The Big Boss Man evens the odds, Danny Davis having a hard time controlling the eight man tag. One of the Nasty`s works over Virgil in mid ring and he hits a gutwrench suplex and got a nearfall.

Mountie with his first official tag in jumps from the top but Bossman who tagged in hits a spinebuster on him from the top and he cleans house. Everybody comes in and hits away on one another. No control, Mountie slams Slaughter into the ring post on the outside.

Nasty`s screw up and hit each other as Virgil ducks and then covers the other Nasty and gets the three.

In the end at 5:22 the team of Bossman, Virgil, Slaughter and Duggan won the match when Virgil got the three.

This was pretty standard stuff, basically filler to get these mid-card names on the show.



* 3/4






5) “Macho Man” Randy Savage (W/Miss Elizabeth) vs “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (c) (With his Executive Consultant Mr. Perfect) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship

The Hoosier Dome was ready between for a battle between two legend`s for the WWF title. Monsoon before the match gives Heenan a hilarious `WILL YOU STOP!` when Heenan talks about being Fair to Flair. He over-did that line but then again, that`s what made it so great.

Macho Man Randy Savage ran to the ring, it was a big match coming up but this one was not only for the title, it was nice and personal of course.

Savage gets a great pop here at Wrestlemania.

Ric Flair gets attacked by Savage at ringside. Mr. Perfect grabbed ahold of Macho Man by the hair and swung him back to the mat. This through Macho off his attack and Flair got back in the ring and was back to strutting in no time. Flair chopped Macho at the side ropes but Savage ducked a clothesline and landed one of his own. A knee to the back sent Flair to the corner and Macho hit righthands to Naitch. Savage with righthands up high but Flair went for an atomic drop, Savage hit a counter then a clothesline. Macho sent Flair to the corner and then hit a reverse elbow shot. Savage rakes Flair`s face and at the sideropes he held the official back which gained Ric Flair a moment to re-group and he backdropped the Challenger over the top rope to the floor.

Ric Flair then slid under the bottom rope and grabbed ahold of Savage hitting him with a hard chop. Flair dropped Savage with an atomic drop hitting him face first to the ring apron. Naitch then with more pain inflicted to the lower back of Savage. Flair got back in the ring, Savage climbed underneath the bottom rope, Flair stopped him and stomped into the lower back of Savage which was by now sore.

Randy Savage down on his stomach was continuing to lay in agony while Flair stomped on his back. Ric Flair chopped Macho Man in the sternum area and then Flair went for a vertical suplex and he held Savage up in the air for a good few seconds before inevitably dropping him hard to the mat, which scored him a two. Flair with a handful of hair then picked up Savage and hit a nice side suplex, nicely executed by the Nature Boy. Ric Flair then patiently, and somewhat methodically took apart his Challenger, Randy Savage. As Macho Man got to his vertical base, Flair had him in the corner and hit a stiff chop. Macho got irishwhipped back first into the corner, not once but twice as Naitch was measuring Macho Man`s injured back, and a hard chop in mid-ring. Flair got a nearfall and then dropped his forearm to Randy Savage in the throat area.

Macho Man bought himself a little time underneath the turnbuckle, but Flair kicked at his sore lower back and sent him to the outside of the ring. Ric Flair on the outside did further damage to the kidney area by dropping Macho Man back first on the outside of the ring apron. Flair got back in the ring.

Macho Man barely got up in time but was dragged back inside by the Champion, Flair went for a vertical suplex from the outside apron to the inside over the top rope, and he hit it. The Pontiac Silverdome got darker by this point in the night (appropriately during the title match in mid-show) and Flair sent Macho`s sore back hard to the corner yet again. Naitch with a couple of hard shots to Savage some more, he hit a hard uppercut as Savage had absorbed all kinds of punishment despite Flair kicking away at him in the bottom corner of the ring. Flair with a hard chop in the corner and Savage showed some life exploding with a righthand, the fans awake and the roar from the crowd is loud. Savage slowly but surely turned the tide in his favor, hitting a reverse swinging neckbreaker off the ropes in counter-fashion buying him such much needed time to re-group.

Randy Savage was slowed down and he blocked a shot from Flair off the ropes landing right hands, but Flair raked his face in the corner. Flair went up high and he gets caught like he always did up top and Macho Man powerslammed him from the top rope, Flair landed in mid-ring, the crowd loved it.

Flair begged for Savage to back off but he rakes his face and sent Flair back first to the corner before a big back-drop mid-ring, and another two hard clothesline shots.

Savage had Flair on his knees and he begged while Macho got the full support from the Hoosier Silverdome as he was in complete control now.

Savage followed it up with an irish-whip that sent Flair upside down, and then when Flair attempted to fly off the top Savage just stood still and caught him with a clothesline and he got a two-count only. The fans literally thought it was three, and the fans gave this decision major heat when i was told just a two.

Hennig was sweating.

Flair missed a clothesline and Macho tossed Naitch over the top ropes and this still remains as one of the funniest Wrestling-Photo’s of all time. They even put it in the Cover Art inside the Randy Savage DVD. (Macho Madness)

Macho then dropped the double axehandle to Flair from the outside ring apron to the floor, which of course was one of his favourite aerial attacks.

He sent Flair head first to the steel steps.

Macho Man then slammed Flair into the ring post which busted the Champion open, Flair bladed pretty deep here.

Savage suplexed Flair on the concrete.

An all-out war here, Monsoon yells “What a match!”

Macho Man took everything the Champion could dish out and more, it was now payback time for Savage on Mr. Flair. Savage dished out some more punishment to Flair and then Savage from the outside, up high dropped the double axehandle to the bloodied head of Flair.

Once again Savage got a two that the crowd thought was three, which got a ton of boo`s, once again. Savage slammed Flair backfirst to the mat. Randy Savage from up high in the corner of the ring dropped the flying elbow, and he got just a two count as Hennig dragged Savage out behind the official. He knew what was up.

Hennig takes off the jacket and Savage grabbed ahold of him. Flair all bloodied looked on at Savage and Hennig battling it out, tugging at one another. Hennig tosses a weapon to Flair. Savage did not know it.

The Nature Boy hits Savage with the object, and he passed it back outside the ring. Flair pinned Savage in mid-ring and despite being out, he kicked out and the crowd exploded.

Flair with vicious righthands to Savage at mid-ring. Flair then choked out Macho who the crowd started chanting for. Perfect grabbed a steel chair and hit the lower back of Savage which had been worked over, all throughout the match.

Miss Elizabeth then ran to the ring in a nice purple dress, she looked amazing here for the record. But She had seen enough, her man had the odds stacked against him enough.

She looked here as good as she ever did.

Flair then dropped his bodyweight onto Savage, everyone was making noise by this point, all on there feet. Flair kicked at his damaged leg.

The WWF Champion, a bloody mess in control once again and Macho was fighting off everything he could stand. Flair hit a a knee-breaker on Savage before slapping on his figure-four.

Savage was in trouble, Elizabeth looked on concerned.

Savage`s back was flat on the mat for a couple of seconds and the official counted, Savage fought out of it. Hennig gave Flair some more power as he held on for leverage in the Figure Four behind the back of the official.

Ric Flair tried to make Savage tapout but he didn`t. Hebner kicked at Perfect`s arm when he grabbed Flair`s hand again for more leverage.

A small package by Savage to Flair out of no where after he got out of the Figure-Four and he kicks out.

Flair beat up Savage in the corner and Flair said this was for her. Flair hit a couple of hard chops to Savage and then another knee-breaker. Savage`s leg was held by Flair who wooed, went for a right, Savage blocked it and pulled the tights and got a three count. We have a new champion!

“This has been Unbelievable! With his bride by his side, Randy Savage is once again on top of the World Wrestling Federation!” -Gorilla Monsoon

In the end Macho Man Randy Savage regained the World Wrestling Federation Championship after pulling the tights (something babyfaces don’t do often) to win at 18:05.

The Promo’s before and after this match by both men, Heenan, Perfect and company remain memorable still to this day and help the aftermath of this epic encounter.

This Match? Just another Classic in Randy Savage’s Amazing Wrestlemania Resume.





**** 1/2







6) “The Native American” Tatanka vs Rick “The Model” Martel

Tatanka was over in a big way at this point. He`d actually look very strong in the mid-card for the next couple of years, he was always a mid-carder they booked very carefully from memory.

Tatanka cornered by The Model and he gets a reverse whip to the corner and a hiplock followed by two powerslam by the Native American and then a hard chop. Martel seemingly had enough as he doesen`t want to get back in the ring.

Heenan and Monsoon sound like they want to kill each other, Heenan says “Put em up!“ and Monsoon says the Brain has lost it.

Back in the ring a slugfest breaks out, Martel charged in the corner where Tatanka was and he moved, grabbed onto the arm and then blocked a hiplock from Martel but he grabbed Tatanka by the throat and drove him back first to the canvas.

Martel sends Tatanka outside the ring hitting the floor hard. Martel threw Tatanka back in the ring and he kicked away at him. Martel had the upperhand here and drove Tatanka`s mid-section into his knee as he bent one down, having him where he wanted him.

Martel from the top lost his balance as Tatanka shook the ropes and he landed hard in the ring. Tatanka landed chops, sends him to the corner and he hits a backdrop followed by two chops, and Tatanka sends the Model to the ropes and he comes off with a high kick to the head of Tatanka.

Martel with a scoopslam to Tatanka. Martel kicked at Tatanka again and out of no where he came off with a crossbody and got the victory.

In the end Tatanka defeated Rick Martel at 4:33.

A basic single`s match to let the crowd get settled back into the night`s action after such an epic and emotional encounter before it.

This was sloppy in a number of ways, the finish came out of no where and the crowd didn`t care.

The commentary is worth watching this, if only for that.



* 1/2




7) The Natural Disasters (Earthquake and Typhoon) vs Money Inc. (Ted DiBiase and Irwin R. Schyster) (c) (with Jimmy Hart) for the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship

Ted DiBiase`s theme was awesome, FINALLY it is being shown at Mania`s, it took them long enough.

Money Inc, the defending champions were in tough against two monster`s here.

IRS started with John Tenta aka Earthquake.

IRS tagged in Ted DiBiase though right away and he laughed. DiBiase locked up with Earthquake and he shoved Ted DiBiase to the corner to which the crowd applauded, he then flexed. Ted DiBiase locked up again but to no avail, as DiBiase couldn`t match power with Quake and he got shot to the corner three times.

Heenan claimed Ted DiBiase should get him on the mat, not match power. I would agree. Once more Tenta shoves down DiBiase who looked frustrated. Irish-whip by Earthquake to DiBiase and he is hit with a clothesline, Irwin came in but Tenta clotheslined both, and the Natural Disaster`s stood in mid-ring looking dominant and at this point a serious threat to taking the titles.

Jimmy Hart gave Money Inc a talk on the outside.

IRS with an armringer to Earthquake but he reverses it and goes to work on Irwin, a quick tag to Typhoon. A hiplock to IRS off the ropes by Thyphoon. IRS and DiBiase did a good job bumping, and making the challengers, the Disasters look strong. Irwin shoved to the corner, grabbed by the red tie and Typhoon then slammed IRS`s head into the top buckle a number of times.

IRS buys himself time when an avalanche attempt failed by Typhoon. Ted DiBiase tagged in hit a number of chops to Typhoon who then irishwhipped Ted DiBiase back first into the corner. Typhoon and with an irishwhip and Ted DiBiase hung onto the top ropes for leverage, it sort of looked like a botch. Typhoon goes after Ted DiBiase but he ducked and he went over the top rope.

Back in Ted DiBiase kicked away at Typhoon and both IRS and DiBiase doubleteam him in the corner, IRS was tagged in and then he worked over Typhoon for a bit until finally tagging back in Ted DiBiase. Frequent tag by the champs. A double slingshot to Typhoon by DiBiase.

IRS back in applied a front facelock to wear down the bigger Typhoon. DiBiase tags and hits the double axehandle on Typhoon in mid-ring, both men duck a clothesline and both men run into one each. Earthquake finally in with the hot tag to barely an ovation but he hits hard shoulderblocks to IRS, and another one for DiBiase who sneeks in. DiBiase clotheslined up and over by Quake while Typhoon slams IRS and hits the powerslam in in mid-ring.

Earthquake signalled for the end and Jimmy Hart distracted the Avalanche attempt. Dibiase grabs the titles and they leave with Irwin.

In the end The Natural Disasters defeated Money Inc by countout at 8:39, they did not get the straps but they won the match. Titles don`t switch over countout as you should already know.

This one wasn`t bad at all, and it actually flowed pretty decently, just with a dead crowd.







8) “The Rocket” Owen Hart vs “The Alligator Man” Skinner

It`s on just like that.

Owen Hart worked over by Skinner and he goes to hit a swinging neckbreaker but Owen kicked out. Owen recieved a headbutt and then he skins the cat as Hart comes back in. Skinner is rolled up by Owen and he got him.

In the end Owen beat Skinner at 1:11 after he leaned back and held his weight over Skinner.

This one was obviously short filler to get you ready for the Main Event, Owen probably should of gotten to showcase his talent here against an opponent like him inside the ring, rather then a ridiculous gimmick. Either way, not one of his brightest moments and a far cry from his brilliant match with Hennig at Mania just three years before this PPV.








9) Main Event- “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan vs Sid Justice (w/Harvey Wippleman)

Going into this match it was heavily rumored to be the last match for Hogan in the WWF so it immediately got the main event spot. There were a number of reasons why Hogan-Flair didn`t headline the show, a lot of rumors, a lot of critics saying there house shows were drawing dissapointing numbers, etc.

The fact is, this was a brutal main event. It actually came off worse then it looked on paper. Sid actually competed in a BETTER main event at Wrestlemania 13 with the Undertaker, which many think to be one of the most dreadful main events to a Wrestlemania ever.

In a pre-match package McMahon thanks Hogan for all he has done for the Federation if this is indeed his last match.

The Hulkster comes out to of course, an amazing ovation, despite the fact by early 1992 a lot of fans were turning on him at events like Survivor Series 91 vs Taker or even in the Royal Rumble in 1992.

It was Hulkamania at Wrestlemania though, so you should at least expect somewhat of an ovation. This was a very good one.

Hogan and Sid do the Mania-Main Event staredown. Well, at least Hogan and his entrance never fails…


Hulk Hogan posed and Sid couldn`t take the cheers.

The typical heel beatdown on Hogan had begun, and to make matters worse, this is the MAIN EVENT of Wrestlemania, and it was Sid doing it. Raking the back and such, all in slowmotion.


It literally must have killed Bobby Heenan trying to put this over as he says “This is Wrestlemania at its best“ when the fans started chanting for Hogan.

What is this, now, we have Hogan with a few shots to Sid and the crowd exploded, Sid takes a breather.

Sid comes back in the ring asking for a power of strength and for some reason Hogan talks to the crowd as if they are going to tell him something. Okay.

Both men eventually do have a test of strength after minutes of agony. To think Hogan got payed for this match more then I will make in numerous years is sickening. But Hogan did earn his spot, can`t fault him for getting what he worked for, I am just sickened by the overall effort of this disaster.

Hogan tries to fight out of Sid`s pressure as he holds his wrists down but nope, Sid keeps him down.

I can`t believe the crowd were all chanting for Hogan and not taking a dump on this match. It is by far one of the worst things I`ve ever seen. Literally NOTHING happens, Sid after two minutes still had the hands of Hogan and maintained his power to back Hulk to the corner, irishwhipped back into the other corner out of desperation Hogan, but Sid comes out of no where with a chokeslam.

Finally, a move.

Sid though poses like an idiot rather then going for a cover.

Sid then talks to the camera for a little bit, pretty logical. I mean if I had a chance to put Hogan away in the main event of Wrestlemania, that`s what I`d do, surely…

Sid continues to weardown Hogan, raking the back, a shot to the kidneys with his right-hand. Yawn.

Sid boots Hogan over to the outside. Sid takes about ten years to get over to Hulk Hogan and eventually throws him back in. Hogan reaching for something but now Sid locks on a trapezius hold, to make one of the most boring matches in history, that much more boring.

Good god, enough is enough.

Sid applies this move for an eternity. Hogan elbows out but Sid hits a sidewalk slam. SO much for that. Sid then picks Hogan up and hits a powerbomb.

Oh no, Hulk is hulking up out of no where, Hogan sends Sid to both corners, to the ropes and a big boot.

Hogan says he will slam Sid. Hogan does it, sells the back and Sid kicks out. Confusion occurs.

Bell rings, no one knows what is going on.

Now we get to the infamous screwy ending of an already terrible encounter. The fact this happens in a Main Event at a Wrestlemania of all places is just such a disgrace, and the fact it follows up a DUD is icing on the cake.

The ending botch: The finish to the Justice-Hogan match actually did not occur as planned. The original plan was for Hogan to hit the leg drop on Justice and for Papa Shango to do a run in and break up the pin causing a disqualification. However, Papa Shango missed his cue and was late in getting down to the ring. Justice improvised by kicking out of the leg drop. From there, Earl Hebner would disqualify Justice when his manager, Harvey Wippleman, interfered.

So the final decision by the official in the end of this clusterf*ck, was that Hogan was ruled the winner by DQ at a painful 12:44.

The Worst Main Event in the history of Wrestlemania. It`s unfortunate that Savage-Flair didn`t close the show but it`s understandable given Warrior`s epic return which if nothing else saved the moment from being a complete disaster. The place went nuts for Hogan and Warrior to end the show, at least they ended THAT part on a positive note.






Final Rating for WWF Wrestlemania 8 = 6.5/10

This Mania was A LOT like Wrestlemania 21 in the sense where it had such a strong first half, capped off with a miserable second.

Savage-Flair and Bret-Piper save the show, a couple other gems and everything else was meh. A strange Mania but I liked the envirionment and of course the two classic matches which solidify this Mania at at least “GOOD” if not Great.

It’s definitely watchable…until the main event.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The Savage/Flair match was excellent.

  2. Bryan says:

    They should have had a 4 man tournament Sid/Hogan and Flair/Macho that ended in Hogan facing Flair so it gave everyone what they wanted, that being said WWE would have never done it that way, besides we ended up getting a top 20 WM match of all time with Flair and Macho Man.

  3. Krudley says:

    Just rewatching the manias over the past few weeks and I’ve been enjoying your reviews. Spot on with this one. Of the eight I’ve watched thus far, this has been the worst. The hulking up is just as boring as I remember and here it is even more unwatchable than normal.

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