Review: WWF/WWE Wrestlemania 9 DVD

May 18, 2010 by Brett Mix

BrettMix’s- WWF  Wrestlemania 9 Review:



“Hulk Hogan has won the title! One more time! I can’t believe it!”Jim Ross





-WWF Wrestlemania 9 took place on Sunday, April the 4th at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada in front of 16,891 fans,

-This was the 9th Annual WWF Wrestlemania event.

-This was the first WrestleMania to be held outside, the WWE wouldn`t do this until WM 24 in 2008 some 15 years later for a Wrestlemania event.

-Hulk Hogan’s visibly damaged eye was explained in the storyline as the result of Ted DiBiase hiring a group of men to attack Hogan before the match. In reality, the cause of injury has been open to debate. One theory is that Randy Savage believed that Elizabeth Hulette had an affair with Hogan while Savage and Hulette were married (the couple divorced in 1992). WWF officials claimed that the injury was the result of a Jet Ski accident.

-Orginally A match was scheduled between Bam Bam Bigelow and Kamala, but it was canceled without explanation before the event began.

-The event was attended by 16,891 fans, who paid a total of $1,100,000 in admission fees. This represents less than one-third of the number of fans at WrestleMania VIII, which had an attendance of 62,167. The pay-per-view drew a 2.3 buyrate, which was lower than the previous year’s 2.8 buyrate. It was higher, however, than the buyrates for any of the following four WrestleMania`s.

-Jim Ross (in his WWF PPV Debut), Bobby Heenan and Guest Macho Man Randy Savage did the commentary.

-In a Dark Match before the show, Tito Santana defeated Papa Shango at 8:00.

-Now onto the PPV……………











1) Opening Contest- “The HeartBreak Kid” Shawn Michaels (With Luna Vachon) vs Tatanka (c) (With Sensational Sherri) for the World Wrestling Federation InterContinental Championship

Jim Ross’s first PPV call in the WWF is appropriately a Wrestlemania match involving Shawn Michaels.

Shawn opening Mania for the third straight year.

Shawn Michaels was truely coming into his own here and now he was managed by Luna of all people. This bout was for the IC title and the story here was this:

Tatanka and the reigning WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels had a bit of a history coming into this one. Tatanka was in the midst of an undefeated streak and had wrestled Michaels twice in the months leading up to WrestleMania IX.

Tatanka pinned Michaels in a singles match on the February 13th, 1993 episode of WWF Superstars of Wrestling and later teamed with The Nasty Boys in a six-man match against Michaels and the Beverly Brothers; Tatanka pinned Michaels to win this match as well gaining some momentum against the Champ. Michaels was also feuding with Sensational Sherri, who stood in Tatanka’s corner during the match. Sherri had been Michaels’ valet. When Marty Jannetty tried to hit Michaels with a mirror, however, Michaels pulled Sherri in front of him to protect himself. Sherri’s anger at getting hit over the head with a mirror caused her to turn on him at Royal Rumble 1993 in Michaels match with former Rocker-Partner, Marty Jannetty.

Now that the history lesson is over, we can get underway.

The story for this match was simple: Tatanka who was on a roll was in Michaels`s head as he could beat him, but would he tonight for the IC title, was the question.

Randy Savage, Bobby Heenan and Jim Ross do an excellent job keeping up with the action in this fast paced opening contest which deals with a fair amount of psychology, blended with superb storytelling.

Luna was debuting as Shawn’s manager here in this one. Of course it wouldn’t last long before she left for Bam Bam and was replaced by Diesel as Shawn’s new manager.

Here we go, Ta-Ta-Tatanka as Heenan would call him up against HBK for the IC Gold. I remember this being good. Tatanka of course runs to the ring.

Now we have Sherri walk down not with Tatanka but seemingly as she follows him out there and watches her old man, Shawn in the ring here.

It’s quite windy outside for this opener in paticular. A bit dark as well as some of the ring is shaded, it kind of effects how the match comes across but not overly.

The bell rings.

Shawn Michaels took his time taking off his attire as Vegas booed. Shawn Michaels in the corner was taking too much time and Tatana was wanting to get this going. He had proven he could take on Michaels and beat him.

A single leg takedown by Michaels and Tatanka went for one as well and both guys backed off and circled around each other before tying up again, A go-behind waistlock by Shawn Michaels and then Tatanka applies one and slaps on a hammerlock, Michaels reverses it into an overhead wristlock that takes down Tatanka to the mat, but his strength fought out of it and it backed Shawn Michaels off and he flipped over to the corner.

Good chain wrestling to start.

Tatanka caught in a side headlock by Shawn and he maintained it and then jumped up to the top turnbuckle for leverage and hit a side headlock takedown, into a pinning combination getting a two. Tatanka then lifted up Michaels and hit a backbody drop from the corner, a tremendous suplex. A chop in the corner and an irishwhip to Shawn into the corner. Shawn moved out of the way as he charged towards him but Tatanka hit two arm-drag takedowns on Michaels, then a dropkick.

What action.

Tatanka elevated Michaels into the corner, what velocity screams Ross as Shawn flips upside down and bumps like crazy to the outside. The crowd goes crazy.

Sherri and Luna have words.

What a start here.

Tatanka awaited HBK to get back in and then gave him a hard chop on the apron twice, not allowing Shawn to get back in. This could harm him if Shawn gets counted out because he wouldn’t get the title. Possible foreshadowing here.

Tatanka then grabbed by Michaels from outside the apron with a desperate heel tactic, a thumb to the eye. Michaels from the top back into the ring with a sunsetflip gets a two count from the turnbuckle. Shawn hits an elbow, but a reverse irishwhip sends both guys to the ride, a leapfrog by Michaels but he’s caught on the second run and a reverse atomic drop by Tatanka. A hard chop and then he ducks a clothesline and lands a ddt to Michaels in mid-ring. Pace quickened and Tatanka is making the left shoulder sore.

Tatanka used some good strategic wrestling now after the fast pace, wearing down Michaels and his left shoulder. Tatanka slaps on an armbar to Shawn Michaels. Tatanka back to his feet chops Shawn on the shoulder twice. Tatanka kept an armbar locked on in a vertical position. Michaels grabbed a hair of Tatanka then let go when the official looked on, quite brilliantly. Tatanka with his hair pulled got tossed to the ropes and Shawn went for a offensive clothesline but sold his shoulder in the process.

Tatanka brilliantly with an arm-ringer and then dropped his leg onto Michaels. Tatanka stretched out the left arm of Michaels adding more tork to his injured shoulder. Nicely done. Tatanka then focusing more on the shoulder stomping down on the mat punishing Michaels in a variety of ways, one at this point had to wonder how Michaels would get out of this predicament. Michaels backs Tatanka into the corner and then he delivers a shot to Tatanka with his right hand, and a overhead elbow to Tatanka. Michaels irishwhips Tatanka into the corner hard, and then when he charged towards Tatanka in the corner he jams his left shoulder which was already hurt into the ring post.

Tatanka then slaps on another armbar hurting the shoulder some more. Brilliant psychology in this match.

Just unbelievable, and nicely paced. Shawn hammered away at Tatanka with rights but he got out of it, Tatanka sent Shawn to the corner and then scooped him up hitting a shoulder breaker, conveniently seeing as it was the hurt shoulder. A legdrop to Michaels.

Tatanka hit a chop from the top.

A second time Tatanka went to the top and came off with another chop attempt, but Michaels hit his super/thrust kick out of desperation dropping Tatanka.

Shawn then got Tatanka up and he tossed him over the top rope to the outside as he continued to sell the shoulder, this gave Shawn time to re-group.

Sherri and Luna continue to argue on the outside.

Shawn slams Tatanka head first into the apron of the ring. Shawn got back on the ring apron and leaped up with a high risk move, and a bad shoulder he hit a big clothesline with the right arm (which was the good one) on Tatanka onto the floor.

Savage claims Shawn went for this because it was Wrestlemania 9.

Shawn kicking at Tatanka from inside the ring making sure he stayed on the outside, he kept this up for a few instances. Tatanka watched Shawn do a little taunting and pointing towards Sherri. Shawn irishwhipped Tatanka and hit a righthand deep in the mid-section and off the ropes he hits Tatanka with a swinging neckbreaker, as Tatanka kicks out at two and a half.

A beautiful standing dropkick by the Champ to Tatanka and another nearfall. Shawn grabbed Tatanka by the hair and then went into a reverse chinlock, trying to weardown the redhot Tatanka who had spent the majority of the match taking Michaels’s left shoulder apart. This was a desperation hold by the IC Champion.

What a match here.

Tatanka tried to power out with the help from Caesar’s Palace. Tatanka elbowed Michaels to the corner, hit a strong forearm and then Michaels came back with jabs and a righthand to Tatanka in the corner. Tatanka caught Michaels in the corner but Shawn flipped him over with a modified flip, a unique move with a bad shoulder and Tatanka’s back on the mat gave Shawn a two. Another big time right by Shawn, as Michaels from the top was on top of Tatanka as he hesitated Tatanka showed great strength and dropped back with a fallaway slam as Michaels hesitation was a big mistake.

Tatanka was back in it. Tatanka took his time, which proved to be costly as Shawn kicked out. Tatanka running off the ropes missed an elbow drop as Michaels was able to avoid the contact. Shawn from the second rope leaped off and dropped the double axehandle to Tatanka who then started to Hulk up shall I say, and another high double axehandle didn’t phase him. The master of the move Randy Savage looked on.

Tatanka chopped Shawn a few times and he gained some momentum. Irishwhip to Shawn and a big chop to Shawn.

Tatanka from up top hits a nice crossbody to Michaels in mid-ring.

Just a two count!

An unbelievable ride this one was.

Tatanka had done everything in the match, but win the title. Dominate the left shoulder, fight back, but still could not put the Champion away.

Michaels reversed an irishwhip to Tatanka in the corner but Michaels got caught going for a dropkick and Tatanka catapolted him into the post hitting his bad shoulder, Tatanka rolled up Shawn and just got a two count!


Shawn rolled up Tatanka out of desperation which got a two.

Back and forth here nearing the climax, a long match indeed.

Shawn goes up to the top with a high risk move, and a bad shoulder to boot, he got caught into a powerslam by Tatanka and STILL just a two count! Fans are into this big time now. Tatanka thrown to the outside by Shawn.

Crowd chant for Sherri as Shawn hits Tatanka with a righthand. Tatanka on the floor and Michaels goes for a crossbody and Tatanka moves, Shawn hits the steps and apron.

Tatanka got back in the ring. Tatanka watched as Shawn threw the official out and got back in. Shawn sent Tatanka to the ropes and Tatanka scooped up Shawn with a fall away slam but the official called for the bell.

In the end Tatanka was ruled as the winner as he defeated Shawn Michaels by DQ at 18:13 (actually felt longer but in a good way) but of course as a result of a countout, the title could not switch hands that way.

This opener was fantastic.

Michaels did a fantastic job with Tatanka here, both these mid-carders who were the perfect pick to open a show like this. I loved the pace, as for the ending, hey it was back in 1993 and it kept both looking strong.

All I care about here is they entertained the hell out of me. Awesome workrate and pacing with a faulty finish.

If not for the finish it’d be a lot higher.

This one actually blew me away in comparison to the last time I watched it. It was a lot more then a “Wrestling Match”, it told an highly compelling story, the pacing was exciting, the bumping was well, the psychology was ace.

Just excellent.


*** 3/4





2) The Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott) vs The Headshrinkers (Samu and Fatu) (with Afa)

Ready for some great tag wrestling… well look no further.

This match is extremely fast and nothing but a fun ride.

You’ve just got to love the Steiner Brothers entrance theme, it’s an 80’s feel melody in the 90’s.

Savage was right when he said this was going to be a great match, maybe better then the last one.

Ross calls this one a Slobberknocker, the first time he used it for a match in the WWF, in just his second match. Heenan makes a funny remark after Ross says it.

The Headshrinkers had kendo sticks, long ones and then put them on the outside with Afa who looked on at the crowd quite furiously.

Scott Steiner began in the ring awaiting Fatu to start it out, the bell rang and the match was on.

Scott Steiner circled around the ring, this was when he was actually a great worker. Scott Steiner with a great armdrag takedown to Fatu and then he gets up and pushes Steiner until he tackles Fatu, who’d soon be known as the Sultan or Rikishi Phatu down. Fatu worked over Scott Steiner in the corner until he hits a hiplock to the bigger man.

A shoving war once more, a chop by Fatu and hard righthands by Steiner, a big slugfest came out, and Scott Steiner with a running clothesline off the ropes turned him inside out. High impact turning Fatu inside out. Scott Steiner caught a thumb to the eye from Fatu which was effective as he tagged in Samu. Double teaming by the Shrinkers to Scott Steiner, Rick tried to come in but Samu knocked down Rick and tossed him to the outside of the ring.

Scott and Rick climb to the top after both getting tossed to the outside, Afa distracted Samu and Fatu and from the top the Steiner’s came back in the match hitting a double Steinerline to the Shrinkers! Awesome move.

The Headshrinkers took a moment to re-group on the outside.

Fatu came in to join Scott once more. A tie-up and an arm-ringe by Scott who tags in a barking Rick, who gets the crowd to bark as a result in union. Samu with a chop to Rick, Samu pounded on Rick in the corner, an irish-whip to the corner before a splash in the corner using his weight to his advantage, another irishwhip to Rick but he came charging off with a clothesline. Rick sent Samu into the post hitting headfirst. Rick grabbed ahold of Samu and tagged back in Scott Steiner.

Scott suplexed Samu with a lot of velocity. Samu reversed an irishwhip to Scott and he elevated him up and dropped him over the top rope as Fatu dropped the bottom rope.

Amazing bump. Wow.

And on the outside Afa and Fatu took advantage of Scott on the floor smacking a stick over his body. They continued to batter Scott on the outside as Fatu clammed him on the mat. Scott Steiner tossed back in the ring and Samu headbutts him. Samu drops a bunch of fists to the lower back of Scott Steiner obviously taking advantage of his weakness after those big bumps.

Incredible teamwork by the Headshrinkers.

Samu tagged in Fatu and he dropped a standing double axehandle to the injured lowerback of Scott Steiner. Fatu with a back breaker, crisply applied. Fatu then goes up to the top and hits a headbutt off the second rope, tremendous elevation, a latteral press and Dog Face Rick Steiner interupted the count, saving his vulnerable partner Scott Steiner.

A spinning thrust kick by Fatu to an beaten down Scott Steiner. Scott used the ropes to pull himself up. Fatu with an irishwhip to Scott but he got the boot up. Fatu though charged with a running high knee to Scott down on his knees still selling the lowerback. Fatu in control once more tossing Scott Steiner to the outside. Rick came in and with the official distracted Samu drove Scott Steiner into the ringpost shoulder first on the outside of the ring. Rick helped his brother get back up Samu stood on the top rope looking on.

No offense by Scott Steiner for the last five minutes as a result of the isolation by the Shrinkers. Scott Steiner back in the ring tried to fight back, but an amazing thrust kick by Fatu showing great athleticism kicked Steiner down. Fatu with a chinlock holding Steiner back and ropped the bodyweight onto Scott.

Scott Steiner needed the hottag to Rick in a bad way. Samu got a shot by Scott Steiner as he fought back but he got poked back in the eye again by Fatu just as he was gaining momentum. Fans chanting for Scott Steiner but he was double-teamed by the Headshrinkers as Fatu held Steiner on his knee and Samu dropped a chop from the corner. A knee drop and a choke by Fatu on the mat to Scott Steiner. Steiner was not only hurt but was being choked out in the wrong half of the ring, that of the Shrinkers.

What a tag match, by this point it had the basic isolation strategy where they cut the ring in-half, but it was such a quick back and forth paced match with awesome moves in the first half, which was a nice change.

Scott Steiner off the ropes bought himself time hitting a desperation clothesline but Samu got tagged in, dropped a kick into the lower abdomen of Steiner as he lifted the legs. A chop by Samu and another to the hurt back. Samu testing Steiner some more and delivered another headbutt. Again, the Shrinkers with great strategy keeping Scott on there side of the ring. Samu then climbed to the top and missed a flying headbutt hitting the canvas.

Scott Steiner needed that in a big way. Scott crawled to Rick but Samu tagged in Fatu. Scott Steiner FINALLY tagged in Rick and it was on, the place pops!

Rick with a backdrop to Fatu, a hard running clothesline to Fatu. A Steinerline and Rick slammed both Shrinkers head together. The Shrinkers got up and went for a double team move and hit a reverse russian legsweep to Rick slamming him headfirst into the mat. Fatu elevated up Rick and from the top Samu went for a clothesline but in mid-air Rick countered and lancded on Fatu, and got a nearfall! Amazing counter.

Scott Steiner got the tag. Samu reverse irishwhipped by Scott Steiner the master of the belly to belly suplex. Fatu came in and hit another thrustkick to Scott Steiner. A powerslam by Fatu to Scott Steiner. Fatu then reversed irishwhipped to the side ropes and Steiner came off with a Frankensteiner out of no where! Amazing. Vegas pops.

In the end The Steiner Brothers put away the Headshrinkers at 14:22 when Scott pinned Fatu after a desperation Frankensteiner.

What a match!

Scott Steiner was clearly the MVP of the match but both teams with nice double-team variations throughout.

This match indeed was a great tagteam contest, full of athleticism from both teams, one of the more underrated matches, let alone tag matches in the history of Wrestlemania and a contender for Match of the Night.

Two long superb matches, this show was on a roll.

*** 1/2





3) Doink The Clown vs Crush

The late Bryan Adams came out as Crush here, the Hawian powerhouse was set to take on the Evil Clown known as Doink.

This match actually had a pre-video package, as Mean Gene Okerlund interviewed the Heel Doink after he watched clips of him attacking Crush over and over again in weeks previous.

I loved haring Ross refer to Doink as a “Sick Human Being”.

Crush got a good pop, Doink was evil and the fans were scared of him. In other words, he owned.

Doink The Clown wasted no time as he was up to his tricks as he squirted Crush from his jacket. Crush chased Doink around the ring and he headbutted Doink The Clown on the outside before slamming him on the floor. A hard right by Crush and then he slammed Doink head into the post.

It’s funny hearing Savage rooting on Crush, as this was months before Crush turned on the Macho Man which set up there match at the following Wrestlemania. Crush in the ring slammed Doink The Clown into the post back first and then he choked Crush in the corner before elevating him up by the throat showing his strength. Crush sent Doink into the corner with a hard irish-whip, the velocity of Crush shook the ring.

Doink on the outside grabbed the leg of Crush forcing him outside, and his righthands didn’t phase Crush.

Crush had one objection, to dominate Doink and he was doing just that, giving the Clown all he could handle and more. Doink would need to pull a trick out of his sleeve to say the least to win here. Would he?

A Snapmare by Crush to Doink and another, as he stomped on Doink’s face. Crush showing dominance to The Clown and then he leaped over the top rope snapping Doink’s head on the top rope, one of Savage’s favourite offensive moves and he echoes that statement saying he loves it.

A nie back breaker by Crush to the Clown in mid-ring. Crisp moves thus far. Crush showing a variety of moves at a quick pace, he held Doink on the apron and pounded at his sternum, and a resourceful move by Doink slingshotting Crush’s throat on the top rope. Doink from the top drops two shots to Crush from the top.

Ross points out Doink could wrestle, and he could. Better as a heel like in this match. Doink came from the top again landing on Crush.

Doink The Clown then applied a nice standing piledriver to Crush. Doink The Clown sent Crush into the post and he was being brought back into the ring by Doink, once back in Doink The Clown scooped up a 300 pounder and slammed him. Once more, Doink The Clown with an aerial come down but Crush got the foot up on the Clown. Doink slammed Crush into the ring post headfirst as the Clown was surprisingly the aggressor here. Doink The Clown from the top was caught in mid-air and Crush hit a powerslam to Doink as the fans got on his side.

Crush with a clothesline to Doink that took him up and over.

Doink The Clown then climbed under the ring apron, Crush caught him. Doink was pushed back in the ring, and Crush showed his strength hitting a Millitary press and he flexed signalling the end of Doink. Crush hit a hold but was backed into the official.

Doink The Clown resorted to going back underneath the ring with the ref down. Crush stopped him and hit an uppercut before throwing him back in, rememeber the ref was still out.

Crush then with a spinning kick to Doink. Doink sat up and Crush then applied both claws to the head of Doink squeezing him in a vice like hold.

Another Doink hit Crush from behind with a Cast.

Heenan called it an illusion, both Doinks worked over Crush.

Heenan says this is one of the best tricks he’s ever seen/

Matt was seeing double!

It was an awesome moment for Heel Doink.

In the end Doink The Clown got the victory over Crush at 8:28 after the official got up with the cast beatdown.

This match was actually quite good, Matt Borne and Crush worked well together.

Fun stuff.



** 3/4





4) Bob Backlund vs “The Bad Guy” Razor Ramon

The Bad Guy was now being pushed as a babyface after several months as a heel since joining the WWF in 1992.

He was taking on WWF Legend Bob Backlund who was already in his 40`s here at age 43, meaning he’s around his 60’s now, the same age as Randy Savage I’d imagine.

Razor Ramon came out to a pretty good ovation here.

Razor Ramon got a good theme, Backlund however didn’t get music.

Bob Backlund was here to put over Ramon and nothing more, the firs three matches went about 40 minutes so this was kept short, the bell rang.

Razor had chants from Caesar’s Palace which was a strong sign. Hall pushed Backlund to the corner. Bob Backlund ties up with Razor and was pushed once again into the corner. Razor slaps his chest once more and with a cocky smirk looks on at Backlund who this time on the third attempt sent Hall into the corner, and then he took Razor off his feet twice and then he jumps around all proudly as he got the best of Razor.

Razor though hits a scoop slam and stomp, followed by another scoop slam and a stomp by Hall.

Hall stomped some more on Backlund and gave him a kick to the head.

Razor worked over Backlund some more with nothing but a series of kicks to Backlund on his back and on his knees. Razor got Bob in the corner and hit a slap, Bob hit a slap back and reversed Hall into the corner, hit a hiplock, and another hiplock out of the corner. Backlund missed a dropkick but scored with a shott off the ropes.

Backlund then went for a overhead suplex to Hall hooking the arms, nicely done. Razor missed a right and Backlund scooped up Hall and then hit a sloppy atomic drop but he did hold up a bigger man for a period of time. Backlund sprung Hall back in over the ropes.

But back in Hall hit an inside cradle out of no where and The Chico was declared the winner.

In the end at Ramon got the victory over Backlund at 3:45 after the small package.

This one was no where near as good as it could have been and it was kept short thankfully.

This one was basically filler to put over Hall.






5) Money Inc. (Ted DiBiase and Irwin R. Schyster) (c) vs The Mega-Maniacs (Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake) (with Jimmy Hart) for the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship

Here we got a great match for the tag straps. This is another match at Wrestlemania 9 that got a long time to work just like the firs two, this was the longest match of the night.

Hogan and Brutus Beefcake (making his final WM appearance after several) teamed up as they were longtime friends on and off screen went up against the Champs here.

They showed a good video package before this mtch.

Starting out in the ring was DiBiase as he attacked Hogan before he even took off his gear as his theme played while the Mega Maniac’s tossed both members of Money Inc over the top rope to the outside of the ring, Real American still hilariously was playing while all of this was going down.

Hogan with a bad eye (as Savage ironically points out) looks on at DiBiase as he had enthusiasm to take it to Money Inc.

Brutus Beefcake in his final Wrestlemania appearance (and he was in many) started in the ring with a strange mask. He and Irwin started it out and IRS rammed him into the buckle, immediately the Champs relied on the typical heel strategy by cutting off the ring, tagging in Ted DiBiase and the Million Dollar Man hit chops to Beefcake. An elbow to Beefcake by DiBiase off the ropes. Ted DiBiase then joined IRS with an illegal doubleteam slamming Bruti to the corner behind the official’s back.

IRS worked over Beefcake and then tagged in Ted DiBiase again and he kicked to the mid-section of Brutus and then dropped the double axehandle, Brutus shot at DiBiase who hurt his knee, and Beefcake hit IRS. Beefcake slammed the Champs both by the head together and then Ted DiBiase regrouped slamming Beefcake into the corner twice. This only fired Brutus up some more and he proceeded to slam Ted DiBiase into the post ten times, then slamming him headfirst to the boot of Hulk.

The crowd was fired up as Hogan got in and up top he delivered a ton ig right’s to Hogan and got to ten.

DiBiase had twenty shots consecutively between both and he does a flop. Hogan gives him ten more shots, making it thirty.

Hogan irishwhips DiBiase to the ropes and catches him with a clothesline. Million Dollar Man in a lot of trouble as Hogan unleashed a ton of righthands. Hogan with a tag to Beefcake and a double team boot to the head of DiBiase.

Brutus Beefcake stomps on the chest of DiBiase and hits a powerslam. Another frequent tag to Hogan and he drops a double axehandle to the head of the Million Dollar Man, arguably the top heel of this era or perhaps of all time in there with arguably the biggest babyface ever. Hogan scores with a right and Ted DiBiase in big trouble again as he turned into another shot by Beefcake on the apron. A clothesline to Ted DiBiase by Hulk over the top and IRS catches a shot coming in and Hulk tosses him over to the outside.

Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake clean house and celebrate in mid-ring posing and the fans go wild.

Money Inc had about enough and decided to walk to the back.

All of the sudden The Fink announces that the official declared that if Money Inc didn’t get back to the ring by the count of ten, they’d lose the match and the titles as well. Heenan questions why they could change the rules as they go, a fair point.

DiBiase makes it back in time and stands toe to toe with the Hulkster. Hulk Hogan and Ted DiBiase take awhile to get back going as they circle around each other but this time The Million Dollar man hits an offensive move as the break benefitted them, a thumb to the eye and a shot to the throat. He followed that up by choking him on the bottom rope. IRS from hte outside choked out Hulk. Ted DiBiase with a piece of the tag rope choked out Hogan some more in the corner. Beefcake was irate on the outside apron yelling at Hebner who was distracted. DiBiase choked out Hulk some more with the rope behind the official and then hung him over the top while IRS paced in the ring taking Hebner’s eyes off of DiBiase, a masterful plan.

Hogan on his stomach and Ted DiBiase posed as if he was a God. DiBiase wearing down Hulk on his knees and then Ted DiBiase locked on the Million Dollar Dream!

Ted DiBiase had it locked in as IRS clapped on the ring apron, the tag champs in a great way now, and Beefcake tried to get the Hulkamaniac’s back on his side. DiBiase still had the dream locked on for an extended period of time and Hulk dropped to the bottom, but Hulk had his fans chanting his name, the 16,000 plus on hand all chanted in Union but Hogan was still down.

Hulk lifted his arm on the third attempt and Hogan got back up as he fired himself up, Hogan back up to a vertical base. Beefcake slapped a sleeper on DiBiase to allow Hogan some time to re-group, IRS had to get out of the ring as Hebner was distracted.

Ted DiBiase and Hulk Hogan were both out and down, the official excercised his count with both of them down. A critical point of the match here.

DiBiase was able to tag in IRS but Hogan made the hottag to Beefcake just in time to a huge pop. A high knee from Brutus to IRS after righthands. DiBiase missed a roundhouse right and was elevated to the outside. IRS got hit with shots by Beefcake but from behind DiBiase slammd a foreign object to Beefcake’s back against the ropes behind the official’s back.

IRS dropped an elbow to Beefcake and now Money Inc began to isolate Beefcake on there side of the ring. Ted DiBiase tagged back in lowered his boot on Beefcake. Ted DiBiase tried to take off Beefcake’s mask and he elbowed the abdomen of Ted DiBiase but he had none of that, tried to pull the mask off once again but Brutus delivered Ted a shot in the gut. Ted DiBiase choked out Brutus and was finally able to take the mask off. I would of perferred him to leave it on as I can’t stand the sight of Beefcake.

Ted DiBiase held Beefcake as IRS landed a big shot, Brutus fired at no one as he was “blinded.” DiBiase tagged back in landed a right to Beefcake as IRS held him. IRS tagged back in and Hogan on the apron tried to get the fans to encourage Beefcake on. Brutus ducked a double clothesline attempt by Money Inc and came flying off the side ropes with a double clothesline to both members of Money Inc on his own. Beefcake applies a sleeper on IRS fighting through the agony.

DiBiase from behind knocks both IRS and Beefcake down with the official down in the process.

Ted DiBiase and Hulk Hogan looked eye to eye on opposite ends of the apron while IRS and Beefcake were down. IRS and Beefcake both tagged and DiBiase went for a shot on Hulk but he blocked them. Hulk sent DiBiase to the ropes and hit a high boot, catching both members of Money Inc with a weapon. Beefcake and Hogan both get on top of Money Inc but there’s no official there for the count.

Jimmy Hart puts on a referee shirt and counts the three. Both Mega Maniac’s celebrate with the titles as if they had won but another official runs to the ring to let Hebner know what had just transpired and they take the title belts away.

In the end at Money Inc retained the titles after winning by DQ at 18:28. The longest match of the night, but it was another strong tag match on the Card with a hot crowd. You had arguably the best face and best heel in this match from the late 80`s and early 90`s afterall, so that helped matters.

This match overall was extremely well booked.

This was Hogan’s last Mania of the decade but he wasn’t done on the night. The ending to this was a nice touch with Hogan and Beefcake celebrating and giving money to the crowd.



*** 1/4






6) The Narcissist (Lex Luger) vs Mr. Perfect (Curt Hennig)

Luger had a bunch of the ladies in thongs come escort him to ringside and hold up a mirror while he posed in the middle of the ring showing his awesome physique.

Backstage Mean Gene Okerlund got a few words with Curt Hennig.

Mr. Perfect was extremely over as the babyface here by this point and came out to a great pop.

Savage was hilarious asking if these ladies had met the Macho Man once seeing there thongs and entrance into the ring.

The match was on.

Perfect posed to a great pop, and then came down and stared at Lex.

Luger got gum from Perfect as he decided to spit.

Luger with a wristlock, quickly countered by Hennig, into an arm-ringer and Hennig’s back on the mat kicked out of it.

Lex Luger backed into the corner wisely, as Hennig chased him. Both men measured each other out, tying up again, a side headlock into a go-behind a hammerlock and Luger grabbed the ropes breaking the hold.

Nice chain-wrestling by Hennig.

Mr. Perfect got a thumb to the eye and off the ropes Luger caught a hard shot by Hennig to the abdomen and then a high knee lift. a side headlock, a shouler block, a leapfrog and a great dropkick by Mr. Perfect sends Luger outside the ring and he goes for a walk.

Great stuff early on.

Lex Luger took a bit of time getting back in the ring as Perfect had outwrestled him thus far.

Mr. Perfect cornered Lex back in but he raked the eyes of Hennig. Luger threw out another shot to Perfect with heavy impact. Luger with another big righthand as he grabs the hair of Hennig and sends him face first to the turnbuckle. Luger with a high boot to Hennig and he pushed him down. Perfect sent him down. Perfect dropped his bodyweight onto Luger’s leg, a sound strategy to mat wrestle Luger and take a bigger man off his vertical base.

Mr. Perfect with a nice leglock, twisting the knee and adding additional tork to the knee as he wrenched back. Luger beginning to limp as Hennig kicked at the leg of Luger.

Luger was chopped into the corner by a stiff chop from Hennig, not many could provide them as good as Curt. Hennig with a kick to Luger and went for an irishwhip, Luger held on but caught a chop, Luger reversed an irishwhip and Perfect’s back got sent to the corner hard, he selling looked real probably because it was.

Savage intelligently points out that was the same bad back that kept Mr. Perfect out for a year and a bit. Luger hits a hard chop to Hennig who continued to sell the back, and outside the ring Luger drives Perfect’s bad back into the ring apron.

Perfect holding onto the back as Luger drops blows to Perfect, sending him to the side ropes and throwing a strong forearm over and over again. Lex Luger had a ton of power so those weren’t light shots either. Great stuff.

Luger then with a picture perfect backbreaker to Hennig’s bad back, a latteral press and a nearfall.

Hennig fought back with kicks and a strong righthand. Perfect irishwhipped Luger to the corner and span around into a knee lift from Luger. Lex used his feet on the ropes for leverage but the official spotted it. Luger with a great powerslam off the ropes as Lex hit Hennig hard back first to the mat but only got a two.

Hennig down as Luger pulled him by the hair, off the ropes Perfect hit a sunset flip and then he kicked out. Perfect slapped on a sleeper and then Luger brilliant gets out of it by driving Hennig backwards into the corner which hit him backfirst, adding further damage to the back. Perfect with a hard right to Lex and then another shot.

Perfect fighting back. Luger goes for a backdrop seeing as Hennig had a bad back and he applies a desperation inside cradle out of no where and gets a two. Hennig sends Luger chest first, that massive chest hits the turnbuckle. Luger catapolted into the corner and gets knocked down. Hennig irishwhips Luger to the ropes and he drives a hard forearm to the head of Luger.

Perfect hit an uppercut to Luger. Up on top he took a risk landing right hands, Lex Luger’s power took him down but wisely Perfect landed on his feet and threw a clothesline at him and got a two. Hennig again out of desperation dropped Luger but got just a two. Hennig with another risk up high hit a dropkick from the top but Lex Luger got his foot on the rope at the last moment.

Lex then blocked a sunset flip attempt with his foot on the ropes, and instead he slapped one on Perfect and got the three even though Hennig’s leg was on the ropes.

Luger then knocked out Perfect with a hard forearm/elbow shot to the head.

In the end Luger went over Hennig at at 10:56 after stealing the victory, after a ton of nice back work to Hennig who had real issues with his back.

What a match though, seriously. I am scratching my head right now after all these great matches, how people say this is a bad show. Not only are these matches great, and lengthy with tons of quality, there is psychology galore in all of them. Just awesome material.

So yeah, this match was a very solid bout that told a fabulous story, it added to a night full of great matches, but unfortunately it was all downhill from here. But still given what we had gotten already, you can’t complain very much.





7) The Undertaker (With Paul Bearer) vs Giant Gonzalez (with Harvey Wippleman)

These two began feuding at the 93 Rumble when Gonzalez came out and attacked the Deadman.

Undertaker had a pretty good entrance here outside with the Crow and all, very spooky, it was unique.

Giant Gonzalez, the biggest man in the history of Wrestling at the time, stood toe to toe with a big Undertaker who he made look small.

Giant Gonzalez landed shots on Taker but he fought back with some righthands of his own, but Giant Gonzalez choked out Taker backing him into the corner. Taker from the top had a chokehold on the Giant as he did on him at the same time. A lowblow by Giant Gonzalez to Taker.

Taker with a shot to the back and then walked the top rope, hitting old school at 6’10 to a bigger Giant Gonzalez. Taker had him against the corner and landed high kicks, something Undertaker didn’t do very often back then. Giant Gonzalez clotheslined Taker from the corner and then landed a big shot to the head.

A hiplock by Gonzalez to the Deadman.

Giant Gonzalez held a sleeper on The Undertaker trying to wear the OTHER big man down.

This went on for a couple of minutes which slowed the pace down, a pace that was actually not very terrible up until this boring spot.

Taker fought out of it but got tossed outside the ring where Giant Gonzalez worked him over and rammed him into the steel steps.

Giant Gonzalez got back in the ring, and Taker soon followd when Bearer used the power of the Urn.

Undertaker got to a vertical base but Giant Gonzalez hit a series of headbutts, Taker showed his resilience as the crowd cheered as he kept getting up hitting chops to the throat and high kicks to the ribs of Giant Gonzalez by the Undertaker.

Giant Gonzalez caught an uppercut and a shot to the abdomen by the Deadman, and he got him down to one knee which got a huge pop. Harvey got caught by Taker and on the other side Giant Gonzalez headbutted Bearer. Giant Gonzalez applied a claw on Undertaker and knocked him out with a towel full of a substance with the cloth.

In the end The Undertaker defeated Giant Gonzalez at 7:33 by DQ and went 3-0 at Wrestlemania in the process.

Undertaker eventually came back because he is a DEADMAN and was impervious to pain and hit a flying clothesline to Giant Gonzalez. This feud was far from over says Ross. God help us all.

This match is pretty infamous due to it not exactly being the greatest match in the world. I actually happen to believe it`s not AS bad as most people claim it to be, but it is by all means still a bad wrestling match. That`s for certain.

Could of been a lot shorter which would of made it better.








8) Main Event 1- Bret “Hitman” Hart (c) vs Yokozuna (With Mr. Fuji)

The Main Event was Bret and Yoko for the WWF Championship, as Yokozuna last eliminated Randy Savage to win the 1993 Royal Rumble, thus became the first man to win the Rumble and go on to face the Champion in the main event at Wrestlemania as that rule had just came out this year in 93. This would also be the Main Event the following year at Wrestlemania X where the two would then go on to have a better match, despite it being both men`s second match of the evening, that night. More on that one later.

The Champion came out at Caesar’s palace to a giant roar.

Bret had a cool entrance here.

The bell rang and Bret landed a standing dropkick to Yoko in the corner. Bret with a series of rights to Yokozuna in the corner, he shoved The Hitman off of him and hit a big chop to Bret who was coming after him fast and furious. Bret was shoved down by Yokozuna and he rolled to the floor.

The Challenger was starting to take it to the Champion as he kicked Bret to the outside. Yoko went for another kick but Bret tied up Yoko’s leg on the middle rope which knocked down Yokozuna.

Bret always made the most out of any situation and he catapolted over the top dropping his weight down on Yoko. Bret dropped an elbow down to Yoko from the top. Yokozuna got caught with two clotheslines which didn’t take him off his feet, the third attempt failed as the 500 pound Japanese Monster clotheslined him down. Yokozuna scoop slammed Bret down and then hit a running legdrop off the ropes.

Yokozuna choked out Bret on the top rope and started a slow disection, rather methodically.

Yokozuna with a trapezius hold on the Hitman.

Bret Hart tried to battle out and was sent to the ropes, he got his boot up and then took down Yoko with a bulldog from the corner.

Hart walked right into a thrust kick as the fans booed. Yoko slapped on another trapezius submission hold cutting off the air supply to the Hitman.

Out of the corner Bret hit a running bulldog and an elbow drop but was pushed off of Yoko with ease. Yoko was being worked over by Bret who quickened the pace with rights to the head of Yokozuna but he caught him in the turnbuckle and slammed him down hard.

Yokozuna signalled to Fui for something. Yokozuna was then rammed head first into the exposed steel by Bret and Hart applied the Sharpshooter which took him time to lock on.

Fuji then threw Sand in the face of the Hitman as he applied the Sharpshooter on Yokozuna!

Heenan hilariously throws out “another illusion” comment.

Yokozuna hooks the leg resourcefully.

In the end Yokozuna won the WWF title at 8:55 by defeating Bret after the Sand was thrown into his face blinding him.

We had a new Federation Champion and the fans hated it.

Hulk ran to the ring and this was not over.



* 3/4





9) Main Event 2- Yokozuna (c) (With Mr. Fuji) vs Hulk Hogan for the World Wrestling Federation Championship

Savage, Ross and Heenan were all trying to put the pieces together here.

A lot of chaos was taking place inside the ring.

So yeah, Hulk got Bret`s “Permission” to go and challenge Yoko on the script but in real life he was saying “That`s my belt Hulk, this was supposed to be my time now.”

Anyway we all know the story, Hogan goes back with the crowd`s support and the match with Yoko is on.

Yokozuna held Hogan while Legendary Manager Mr. Fuji went for his second salt throw of the night into an opponent`s eyes but it backfired as Hogan ducked and instead it went into the face of the New Champion Yokozuna.

The end result was another new WWF Champion. Yokozuna with the shortest WWF title reign in history lasting only a minute or two.

In the end Hulk Hogan put Yokozuna away with the legdrop at 0:21 and Caesar`s Palace went wild for Hulkamania on top of the WWF for the very last time in the 90`s.

This move by Hogan was frowned upon from critics as he clearly couldn`t handle not being in the spotlight, but the moment was indeed a fun one for the marks at the event and a solid way to close out the show if nothing else, due to the crowd not wanting a Heel to walk out as Champion.

It should of just been Bret but it is what it is. Not long after this at the next PPV Hogan would drop the title back to Yokozuna at the 1993 King of the Ring where Yoko would go onto have the better part of a year title reign, and Hulk was never to be seen in the WWF until 2002 after that as Turner got a dose of Hulkamania.

A bit of a point for the significance and semi-feel good ending or bittersweet to some people. I almost feel like the Verve should be present to play that song as the event ends.







Final Rating for WWF Wrestlemania 9 = 7.5/10

This Mania is incredibally underrated. Sure it has its flaws and the atmosphere isn`t for everybody but the good can`t be ignored. Outside of the fact that it`s a fun rush for nostalgia and the awesome environment at Caesar`s Palace (which is a better place to be in person btw), it featured a ton of QUALITY matches full of workrate.

I`d suggest this is a Mania you should own actually, as there were four or five matches from good to great that often go under the radar when thinking of this event due to the most memorable ones being less then stellar such as the Gonzalez match or the Hogan ending.

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  1. Brad Timms says:

    I love this WrestleMania. It’s easily my favorite. I loved Hogan winning the belt at the end, and just like you mentioned in your article, fans dropped off in WrestleMania buys until Austin got his chance at the belt at WrestleMania XIV. That should say all you need to know about the smarky Bret Hart fans out there.

  2. sameer says:

    that time was owesome

  3. Bryan says:

    it’s a great Mania Brett I just always shut it off after Yoko beats the Hitman because to say I loathe Hulk Hogan is a gross understatement

  4. Brett Mix says:

    One of the most underrated Manias, you can see from this review. I will never understand the hate it gets, sure it had the bad moments at the end and during the Taker match but come on…dont judge it just by that.

  5. Brett Mix says:

    That’s great, keep it up! Thanks

  6. bloodening says:

    Hey Austin101, great to see you found a place for your reviews 😀
    Been watching my way through the anthologies and its good to see I can get some second opinions on alot of these matches

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