First In-Store ‘Road to WrestleMania’ WWE DVD Sale Begins – Details

March 6, 2014 by Daniel Bee

Thanks to Jason McGinnis for contributing to this article.

Walmart WWE DVD Sale - Road to WrestleMania

As mentioned, there are “Road to WrestleMania” WWE DVD promotions planned to hit stores this month. A new sale is beginning now at participating Walmart stores.

This first one at Walmart is in essence a $9.96 sale on various WWE DVD titles, along with two new types of exclusive packs. Tagged along also are the new WCW Greatest PPV Matches DVD and The Best of RAW and Smackdown 2013 at the usual pricing of $19.96.

Walmart WWE DVD Sale - Road to WrestleMania

The $9.96 deals include selected WrestleMania DVDs.

On top of that, there are new “WrestleMania XXX Value Packs” too, which are also priced at $9.96. These are the double packs pictured above and below.

Walmart WWE DVD Sale - Road to WrestleMania

There are also new DVD packs with a bundled WWE T-Shirt. So far there’s Top 100 Raw Moments, WCW War Games, WCW Nitro Vol. 2, and The Attitude Era.

Walmart WWE DVD Sale - Road to WrestleMania

YouTube personality “Gemni888” uploaded this discussion video in which he debates whether or not the magic of WWE DVD and Blu-ray collecting has now been lost with the launch of the WWE Network. In particular, the new WCW Greatest Pay-Per-Views Matches DVD is a talking point here since the Network has all WCW PPV events available to stream.

Has the magic of your WWE DVD collecting been lost by the launch of the Network?

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Speaking of the WWE Network, the latest “WrestleMania Rewind” episode now has an extra segment. It was uploaded to WWE’s YouTube channel and features new interview footage with Hulk Hogan talking about Andre the Giant’s life and career.

WDN reader Skeet Ramsey sends word that he’s auctioning off all of these rare, out-of-print WWF DVDs pictured below. They are listed individually here on and have opening bids of only $0.99 each. “Undertaker – The Phenom” is one to pay attention to!

Collection of Rare WWF Wrestling DVDs

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Corey Rice says:

    Anyone see that wm23 tin I’ll have to get that have the limited edition without the tin

  2. R&REXPRESS#1 says:

    I understand the new wcw set will be priced around $20 but the thing is, its in one of the pics above which means its obviously been released early somewhere. My question is will every participating wall mart have it?

  3. thomasj61 says:

    Today I saw, a single disc and 3 disc “Greatest stars of the 90s” dvd in the miscellaneous $5 bin

  4. MrHesse says:

    I have two Wal-Marts in my town, and neither one of them had the $5 sale a couple months ago, so I doubt they’ll have this. I already have all the ones listed and am passing on the new WCW set because of the very reason they quoted.

    • Bandit says:

      My local Wal-Mart had that $5 sale a couple of months ago – unfortunately by the time I got there – like a week and a half later than I wanted to – it was slim pickings – only was able to pick up a couple of DVDs – Best Of Saturday Nights Main Event and the Ricky Steamboat one.

  5. R&REXPRESS#1 says:

    Ok so the new wcw ppv DVD is in on this as well? I don’t see how unless it was given permission to be released early …..anyway, I’m definitely gonna check my lousy-ass wal-mart & see if I can snag it early on.

    • Bandit says:

      No the new WCW PPV one isn’t on sale – its priced at $19.96 – it just will be on the same shelf as the DVDs/Blu-Rays that are on sale in this WM promotion. The WCW ones that are pictured and that are on sale are Wargames and WCW Best of Monday Night Nitro – Vol.1 – for $14.96 with a T-Shirt included.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wouldn’t say the magic’s gone out of collecting, but that the Network’s helped me to become a more discerning collector. I had a lot of, to be quite honest, crap cluttering up my collection, and with some of that available on the Network, I don’t really have a reason to keep those DVDs around anymore.

  7. Bandit says:

    Looks like Best Buy may have started their WM sale online – some of the DVDs like Wargames – Money In The Bank Anthology – Goldberg are 9.74 – while the Blu-Rays for each are just a $1.50 more at $11.24. Shipping is free over $25.

    Any idea on what the t-shirt is?

  8. Scott says:

    I was getting to the point where I had just about every match/segment I wanted on DVD anyway so my buying of new DVDs had dropped off. I still picked up the RAW 20th box set last week when Amazon got it back in and dropped the price because DAMN IT I just had to have it! And for the record, I will not be selling my collection. Hell, I still have CDs too!

  9. Vintage Simon says:

    Yes, the magic has been lost – mainly because people who’ve never bought a WWE DVD in their life now have access to all the content in my collection with just a few clicks. Seriously, I’ve read more reviews for ‘Wrestling’s Greatest Rivalries: Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart’ since the launch of the Network than I had done for the previous two plus years of its existence. I don’t feel as though I’m a member of an exclusive club anymore, which is a shame.

    All that said, I still highly value my collection and will continue buying Blu Rays as normal. Much like the guy in the YouTube video with his VHS, I’m old school, and will always prefer watching programming on TV. I’ve never been one for watching TV via my laptop, as the screen is smaller, it whirrs, the sound is inferior, and there are multiple playback issues. With the Blu Ray, I can just slip the disc in, and let the player take care of it all for me. Nothing to worry about.

    Also, I don’t trust WWE. They edit and censor their historical footage all the time, and it’s reassuring to be able to own a hard copy that they can’t get their hands on and change.

  10. Micah Ferrin says:

    Walmart needs to start selling dvd’s that they haven’t released in a while. The dvd’s that are on the rack, I’m sure everyone has them. They need to release some of the harder to find releases.

  11. LP1 says:

    The question isn’t whether or not you will still collect DVDs or sell them all. The question is whether or not the “magic”(the excitement, the fun) of collecting DVDs are gone. And for me the answer is absolutely yes. I have no plans to ever sell my collection and I will still buy DVDs/BRs in the future, but without question it isn’t as fun anymore. Take the “Greatest WCW PPV Matches” for example. I’m not as excited to watch that now because I can already watch any WCW PPV match I want on the Network and I don’t have to worry about Jesse Ventura commentary being removed. So in that respect, yes, the magic is gone. It won’t be like that for every release in the future, but for most of them it will be. Especially PPV releases.

    For anyone saying “What if WWE goes out of business?” Their stock price hit an all time high yesterday making the company worth more than $2 billion for the first time in their existence. They would need to completely fall apart at an astronomical level for them to go out of business anytime in the near future.

    As for whether or not the Network will survive, you have to understand that WWE has no choice, but to make sure that the Network survives. There is no ifs, ands or buts. The Network HAS to survive. There is no going back. WWE will do everything in their power to make sure it survives. Hypothetically if WWE gives up on the Network then they will be at the mercy of traditional cable/satellite providers worse than they were before. Before the Network WWE was splitting their PPV revenue with cable/satellite providers 50/50. If they abandon the Network and go back to traditional PPV, the ball will be in the cable/satellite companies’ court. They can easily say “Ok, you want back in? Now it’s a 70/30 in our favor. That’s why WWE HAS to make sure the Network survives. It’s a whole new ball game now.

    • David says:

      So far I’ve had the Network for over a week and I could say the past PPVs and shows are handled MUCH MUCH MUCH better than the DVD/Blu-ray releases. I stopped buying DVDs, but I will still buy the Blu-rays because reality is Blu-ray quality is still superior to HD streaming.

      For example WWE aired the Nitro/RAW simulcast episode on the Network and that is the true definition of “uncut and unedited”. It was practically identical to the TV airing, everything was intact from Benoit/Angle segments, music and they even included the WM17 and XFL tv promos like we were watching it live in 2001. It was the full 1 hour 45 minute compared to the butchered 1 hour 10 minute version on RAW 20th Anniversary.

      Majority of the PPVs on the Network are just like the live broadcasts.

      But some reason still not sure how WWE are getting away with showing everything unedited from Ventura’s commentary, Michael Buffer’s introduction, majority of themes from Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit. Not complaining but find it odd, unless its different laws with streaming services compared to DVD/Blu-ray releases.

      I hope the Network does succeed because I’m loving it so far. Doesn’t surprise me people are getting rid of their DVD, especially the Anthologies because after watching the network WWE really shafted it us with shoddy DVD releases with way too many edits.

      • Scott says:

        I wish I had known this a week ago when I finally got a copy of the RAW 20th box set! D’oh!

      • Eric Rich says:

        The law is different. Selling a product is not the same thing as sell ACCESS to a product. They could probably still sue and force them to alter it, but they would have to win a whole new lawsuit. The music, specifically though, probably falls under “fair use”. Again, anything can be contested, but it’s the same thing with UFC. Actual entrance music is used on live broadcasts and streams. Anything on a disc is replacement crap.

  12. Jeff says:

    Despite the network I’m still going through my stack of unwatched wrestling DVDs. Not has many techinal issues lol

  13. ekkoes4life says:

    Since I live in Denmark obviously I do not have acces to Network yet; and therefor I do not give up my collection. Should the time come when Network will be possible in the Scandinavia like they stated it would be next year, I still will keep my collection; why?! :

    well, mainly because, not everything is avaliable on the Network: the tagged classics from Silvervision, like Battle Royal at The Royal Albert Hall, UK and US Rampage and others are at least at this moment not to be found.

    And I have to say, even if it’s been in forums a millions times: but, if you as a provider of a service that ppl pay for, state: “Uncut, Unedited…” – then you do NOT f..k your customers over with segments, music and other issues edited.

    And since I’m not a huge fan of the current “Close to be Kindergarden storylines”-product as a whole, a part from few magnificant PPV-matches here and there, I problaly will never take part of the Network, but stick to DVD/Blu-ray collection.

    Imo, as of the last 4-5 years, WWE has lost sight of what they used to be best at: producing entertaining storylines, mixed with REAL wrestling performances.
    Yes, a few rare times they do come up with brilliant story developments (Summer of Punk 2011), (Punk/Jericho alchoholic 2012).

    But, all to often its more about tweeting, trending, app’s, the next WWE produced movie and now…selfie shootings! than it’s about the wrestling product! which, if I’m not mistaken, was and should be the basic for WWE succes!

    I may be (too?) old-school…especially since I’m not on Facebook, Twitter or stuff like that…but, why not stay with what you do best…Wrestling…and develop that…a question from a oldschool fan… and yes, I actually do exist, though I’m not tweeting or liking.. 😉

  14. Kenny says:

    Oh my God! Enough with this melodramatic nonsense of DVD collecting dying because of the Network!

    • Eric Rich says:

      It’s certainly not nonsense. The vast number of people dumping theirs on ebay says so. The forthcoming WCW one is a tough one. I’ve flip-flopped on it several times (currently buying). It is a HARD sell to sell an inferior version of something (I prefer to watch intact PPVs, not select matches) that you can already fully access. Also, I really, really don’t want the new batista BR, and if I’m not to buy THAT, then why should I continue to buy everything else. At the very least, I’m probably not going to buy the PPVs that only get DVD releases. I mean, why the hell would you?

      • @IMDJLUIS says:

        I actually stopped buying the monthly PPVs on DVD 2 years ago because would always package them together early the next year and sell the bundle a lot cheaper than it would cost to buy them month by month. They haven’t done it for the 2013 PPVs yet, but I’m hoping they will soon, or I’ll wait til they’re all sold incredibly cheap.

        • kidglov3s says:

          @IMDJLUIS ,

          I’ve been holding off for the WWEShop PPV DVD sets too, specifically for when they would go on sale in June for $40 or so.

          It looks like they’re not going to do that this year, so I guess I’ll be getting the PPV DVDs used from GoHastings when they’re in stock and around $3 or so.

      • Kenny says:

        I can’t put much stock into people selling off their collections on eBay. At this point, I see it more as overreacting to having all of this material available on the Network, and the original promise of having the entire home video library available at launch (which, to this point, has not been delivered). This is also all based on the idea that this stuff will be up for the life of the Network, not taking into account the fact that they will be rotating material in and out over time. What’s here right now may not be available six months from now.

        Until we know for sure how content on the Network is going to be handled (and we won’t know for sure until about a year or so down the road), this is all just a bunch of people overreacting to a situation that we don’t know much about yet.

        How many people have already sold off their collections because they were TOLD the entire home video library would be available on the Network at the launch? Where’s that home video library? You think those guys aren’t kicking themselves for acting too soon? I bet their hind end is pretty sore right now.

      • Kenny says:

        I’m taking what you said to mean that, because you don’t like this one DVD (Batista), you’re not going to buy any other DVDs in the future. Am I understanding you right?

        Honestly I haven’t bought non-WrestleMania PPVs in years. I’ve always picked and chosen on those…and those have been a rarity. I think the last one I bought was the 2011 Money In the Bank show, if that gives you an idea. So the monthly PPV releases aren’t an issue for me, personally, anyway. I don’t know why anybody would buy the PPV DVDs anyway. I’ve always seen them as a waste, with the exception of the Mania releases.

        I’d love to see more Anthology releases too. King of the Ring would be a must-buy for me.

  15. John says:

    Has the magic been lost? Definitely. I don’t plan to buy wwe dvds/blus ever again, and I want to sell most of the dvds/blus that I currently own.

  16. I feel now that wwe network is here i will only buy dvds i really like maybe like wrestlemania because that is one of my favorite pay per viewsi have wrestlemania 11-29. So it wont really stop me from buying only if i really want it and its good i will buy it

  17. @IMDJLUIS says:

    For me, buying WWE DVDs stopped being a huge deal for me, aside from documentaries. I pretty much just buy them now because I couldn’t imagine stopping my collection at this point. I’ve got all, but maybe 5, DVDs and Blu-Rays that WWE has ever released. I wouldn’t want to stop buying them now, because who knows how long the network will last. It could be here forever, it could be here another few weeks. For those that really have those thoughts, they were truly just in it for the entertainment, and that’s cool, because for a long time, I was, too. But at some point, it becomes so much content, and so little time in the day that you don’t get to enjoy it as much as you use to.

    • John says:

      excellent point about not knowing how long the network will last. maybe wwe will go out of business or something.

      • @IMDJLUIS says:

        Well I’m sure they won’t go out of business anytime soon, but I can see them deciding that giving every PPV like they’re going to not being a great idea, then people start losing interest, then becomes too much money to maintain, then just dropping it all together.

      • Kenny says:

        I’m still going to buy the DVDs, even with the Network. The thing that it seems a lot of people aren’t thinking about is that what we have right now; all of the PPVs and such; that stuff is going to get pulled, and other stuff will get put up in its place. I’d like to think the PPVs will be up there for the life of the Network, but it’s not likely. I see it as a continuation of their 24/7 On Demand channel.

        Even if the Network is a total flop, it’ll be at least a year before the plug is pulled. They’ve put way too much time, money, and effort into getting this thing up and running that, if it wasn’t successful, they’d pull it in just a matter of weeks or months. The Network will be around for a year at the very least. After that, who knows?

        As far as WWE going out of business…not anytime in the near future. Lol! As much as I’m not a fan of the current scene, they’re making money hand over fist…and that’s not even with them trying their hardest, creatively speaking.

        • @IMDJLUIS says:

          Exactly. They’re making more money now than ever before, so it’s definitely not going anywhere.

          Although, I do not believe they will pull any content, I think they will continue to add more and more to it, until 1 day, many years later, they will have caught up with its current content and people will be waiting on new recent content to be added.

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