Rock vs. Cena WWE DVD Runs 45Mins, Brock Lesnar Blu-ray Extra

July 31, 2012 by Daniel Bee

According to BBFC the runtime of the documentary on the upcoming WWE Rock vs. Cena: Once in a Lifetime DVD is just over 45 minutes. Synopses refer to the main feature as an ‘expanded’ version of that which was shown on television but, given the runtime, it may end up being almost identical. We’ll give the verdict on that when we can.

Including all content (documentary, extras, promos, matches) the 3-Disc DVD runs in total approximately 6 hours and 39 minutes. Blu-ray extra runtimes are not yet out.

There are still problems ordering this one on Amazon, as you can see over here.

Shock Australia recently shared the following about the content we can expect to see on the new Brock Lesnar – Here Comes The Pain DVD and Blu-ray.

We’ve been told that the matches include some from Brock’s first run in WWE, some OVW matches vs. Cena & Batista, and it will also include Brock’s new interviews from his return in April. Brock’s Extreme Rules match with Cena will be a Blu-ray exclusive, making the Blu-ray the only way to own this match in HD, since Extreme Rules was not released on Blu-ray.

In addition to that we know it will contain the documentary from the first Lesnar DVD released in 2003. You can pre-order your copy for October 30th, 2012 by clicking here.

Thanks to DanDaMan619 on Twitter, here’s a pic of the poster given out at FYE stores in the US with pre-orders of the recent Undertaker Streak DVD and Blu-ray release.

The latest WWE DVD and Blu-ray to hit the UK and Europe is Falls Count Anywhere, in stock now at Orders are going out now.

On Wednesday at this link fans in the UK can get the latest Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson DVD for only £8.99 delivered. That’s a 24-hour only deal so take advantage of it.

Did you spot the WWEDVDNews sign at Raw last night? Comment below!

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  1. RabidHeat says:

    Something just hit me: no WAY are we getting Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ in the Rock Concert segment!

  2. Nate says:

    i think this dvd is a dvd that needs to be released later on after they face each other a couple of more times they tagged once and face each other at this years maina, theres not much history here maybe they should have brought out another greatest rivialries stone cold vs the rock now thats a dvd that would be good…

  3. Paul says:

    If the scratch logo is going to be allowed in future releases It will be bittersweet because the last 10 years of releases will feel much less valued to me and if they do another wrestlemania anthology I’ll be pissed that I had to end up buying two different versions with the first one being pretty much worthless. Unless they release a mania blu-ray anthology with tons of extras and film footage converted to HD!

    • RabidHeat says:

      I seriously doubt they will be able to use it in any product that they are making money from. I think it will just be TV broadcasts.

  4. oldschool says:

    Do not see the cena vs rock set listed on yet? Is this set going to be legit? Cm Punk and Brock Lesnar are listed… yet no Cena vs Rock

    • Daniel Bee says:

      It’s on Amazon ( but listed as “currently unavailable”. The cover, release date, content, and runtimes are all out so it’ll happen. Not sure what the delay on Amazon is all about. It’s listed on a few other retail sites I’ve looked at.

  5. LP1 says:

    The original runtime of the Rock-Cena documentary, minus commercials, was just over 43 minutes. And that also includes the “still to come” bumpers. So if you remove those as well it’s about a 42 minute, or under a 42 minute, runtime. So at best this DVD/BR release will have about 3 minutes of new footage.

    As for the music being edited, I can’t see why the Flo Rida and MGK songs would be removed since both have been released on the Rumble 2012 and Mania 28 discs. As for any other song, I’m not sure.

  6. Brad Attitude says:

    the Lesnar dvd/blu-ray sounds interesting … hope to see an early match of Lesnar doing the shooting star press without botching it =P

  7. Anonymous says:

    i saw your sign on RAW

  8. ALK says:

    Bugger me that’s a nice poster! Shame its not the cover….

  9. Anonymous says:

    Might pick up Brock’s now for the OVW stuff and HD Cena vs. Lesnar. I’m a sucker for developmental matches.

  10. Peter says:

    Extreme Rules 2012 is coming out on Blu-Ray hear in the UK 🙂

  11. JFR_WWfE79 says:

    I saw the sign too. In the front row ringside seats were my eyes fooling me but did I see a neon green or neon yellow sign that featured an almost complete WWF “scratch” logo.

  12. Ed says:

    yeppers saw it too…were u guys the one that started the fire so u can get your sign on tv!!! haha just kidding that was cool though to see the sign

  13. juan says:


  14. Anonymous says:

    I bet “expanded” means same length, but “changed”. I.E. all copyrighted music gone. Which will actually kill that documentary.

    Either that or by “expanded” all they meant was all the extra footage on the other two discs from the feud.

  15. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    The Rock vs Cena documentary runtime doesn’t bother me at all. All I wanted was the show we saw on TV originally anyway, so, doesn’t matter. I’m sure the “extra” scenes of the documentary will be blu-ray extras or something…

    And finally… I get to see the blood squirt out of Cena’s head in HD!!!!

  16. nightmare says:

    Darn I wish I would have pre order min blu ray of the streak with FYE instead of Walmart that poster is amazing looking .

  17. Steve says:

    Danielle B have you heard anything about the WWF scratch logo and whether or not WWE is allowed to have it on future release? As I’m sure you already know it was shown prevalent ly on Raw 1000 during the Austin-McMahon video montage.

    • SRB says:

      Danielle. Have you heard anything about this?

      • Dave says:

        It does seem like WWE could show the scratch logo. Even on the recent photo gallery titled “Matches that don’t take place in a ring” they show Owen Hart vs Shamrock Dungeon Match, Dan Severan has the WWF Attitude logo shirt with the logo intact. Here is a picture:

        • Steve G says:

          Good info Dave. I wonder if maybe there was a 10 year statute of limitations on not showing the logo. It was around 10 years ago when we got the “F” out!

    • Daniel Bee says:

      When Danielle hears WWE DVD News, Danielle posts it to WWEDVDNews. Seriously, I rarely sit on information unless I’ve not got time to post that day. Even then my glamorous assistant Mark D might put it up. 😉

      Not heard anything about the scratch logo as relates to DVD but we all know there is something going on. First the blurred block logo on TV, then the scratch one showing up intact. I’m sure we’ll know soon enough.

  18. TheChamp0617 says:

    I saw the sign right when Heath Slater was talking!

  19. Daniel Bee says:

    Holding the sign is Aaron Carnevale, host of WWEDVDNews TV… cheap plug.

  20. SRB says:

    Hahaha I said to myself last night, “On the next article they post I’m gonna let them know a DVD news poster was in the crowd.” They showed it a few times. Who was that by the way? Do we know? Was it Nightmare, LP1, Vincenzzzzo, Simon or Dave? Maybe Brett Mix? haha

    • LP1 says:

      It definitely wasn’t me, but I did see the sign as well and immediately popped for it. Very cool and a big thumbs up to whoever that was.

  21. Ross says:

    I actually marked out when I saw that sign in the crowd . Well played ! Apart from the street fight you were the most entertaining part of the show !

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