Review: WWF/WWE Royal Rumble 1989 DVD

May 7, 2010 by Brett Mix


Brett Mix’s- WWF Royal Rumble 1989 Review:



“No GENE, it’s gonna be MEGA POWERS FOREVER AND EVER YEAAAHHH!!!”  -Macho Man Randy Savage




1)  Opening Contest- “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and The Hart Foundation (Bret `Hitman` Hart and Jim `The Anvil` Neidhart) VS Dino Bravo and The Fabulous Rougeaus (Jacques and Raymond) (w/Frenchy Martin and Jimmy Hart) in a Two out of Three falls match


The Hart Foundation get a tremendous pop when coming out with Duggan and the crowd is just flat out ready to go for this event!

Bret and Jim move around good like they always do in this match and it’s a 6 man tag. Some alright action to begin but it never really picks up enough for my liking although the crowd was hot the entire duration. The Anvil started out with Bravo and and tried a couple tests of strength. Dino Bravo with a side headlock to The Anvil then he came off the ropes and hit a shoulder block but both men stood still and then that spot repeated. The Anvil hit a nice clothesline, then Bravo missed an elbow drop to Neidhart and then he tagged in Duggan. When Jim Duggan gets tagged in you’d think Bret Hart just made a come back to the WWE in Montreal, Canada. Hacksaw comes in and then Bravo tags in Raymond Rougeau and he ducked over two nice moves but Hacksaw caught Raymond Rougeau with a scoop slam and then dropped a blow right in the sternum of Raymond Rougeau. Bret Hart gets tagged in by Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Bret cradles Raymond Rougeau but only got a two and then hit a sunset flip and again got a two, then Bret got a nice crossbody but only a two due to Raymond Rougeau being right by the ropes.

Raymond Rougeau tagged in his partner Jacques and he got caught in the corner then all six men hammer away the three heels in the corner and the crowd just ate it right up. Ventura puts over Bret as the most mechanically sound wrestler in the game, and Monsoon agrees calling him the “EXCELLENCE OF EXECUTION.“ Raymond Rougeau with an intelligent move dropping the top rope as Bret fell to the outside after a irish-whip by Bravo. Dino Bravo then hit The Hitman with a side suplex inside the ring then Raymond Rougeau then jumped from the top and hit a double team move with Jacques. Raymond Rougeau pinned Bret Hart after the Bombe de Rougeau at 4:22 for the first fall. The Rougeau`s and Bravo take a fall on the Hitman and the fans boo as the heels celebrate on there side of the ring. The Hitman has to start the next fall as that was the rules in 2 out of 3 falls matches back then. Not sure if it still is. Raymond Rougeau hit a gut buster and then got a two, and Raymond Rougeau tagged in Jacques and he hit a nice reverse elbow on the Hitman after he was irish-whipped to the side of the ropes.

Jacques then with great impact irish-whipped Bret hard into the turnbuckle, Hart hitting sternum first and he always sold those corner blows so well. Raymond Rougeau got tagged in and he was giving Bret Hart more punishment, but Monsoon and Ventura talk about how Bret could take a lot of punishment. The Heels in full control as Raymond Rougeau tags in Dino Bravo and he hits a bearhug. The crowd CHANT USA and Jesse The Body Ventura says he doesen`t understand it because The Hitman comes from Calgary, Alberta Canada. Owned. Well at least it`s not as bad as the fans chanting USA in the match between La Resistance vs Benoit and Tajiri in 2004.

Jacques Rougeau beat on the hitman as he was tagged in by Bravo and he stomped on Bret and then locked in a camel clutch. He tugged on Bret`s hair and Bret had been in there ever since the first fall and needed to get out of the ring in a bad way. The Rougeau`s did the right thing by making frequent tags as they isolated The Hitman and Dino Bravo got tagged in by Jacques, then Bravo stomped on The Hitman until he tagged back in Jacques who locked on a Boston Crab in the corner of The HEELS. The crowd chants USA some more as Bret is in trouble (Because that will motivate him) and Frenchie waves the Flag of Quebec. Bret tagged in The Anvil but the ref didn`t see it and The Anvil gets pissed. Bret was worked on by Raymond Rougeau back in the corner of the heels and he locks on an Abdominal Stretch. Raymond Rougeau pulls on the ropes for more leverage while Bravo distracted referee Joey Marella.

Jacques Rougeau then got tagged in by Raymond and he locked an Abdominal Stretch this time, while The Mouth of the South on the outside keeps begging the ref to ask him if he quit. Raymond Rougeau with a lot of confidence drops an elbow to Bret but only got a two count. Raymond Rougeau then went to slam Bret but he landed on top of Raymond Rougeau and the fans cheered however Bret didn`t get control as Raymond Rougeau slammed Bret`s head to the top of the buckle. Raymond Rougeau irish whipped The Hitman to the corner and then jumped up but the Hitman blocked the monkey flip and countered it into an inverted atomic drop and the crowd went apeshit! Literally ape shit! Bret then tagged out for the first time in probably 8 minutes and in comes Duggan who drops Raymond Rougeau and Dino Bravo who were in the ring with right hands. (What else could Hacksaw do)The Anvil got tagged in and he got catapolted in and slammed on top of Raymond Rougeau, then he catapolted Bret over the top rope and he landed on Raymond Rougeau and the fans cheered. Duggan got tagged in and then he got the pinfall! In the end of the second fall, Duggan pinned Raymond after an elbow drop at 11:46 for the second fall to tie up the score at 1 for both teams. Ventura says we can throw out the first two falls, as it`s all down to this one now. Hacksaw Jim Duggan starting the third fall with Raymond Rougeau who lost in the 2nd fall. Ventura points out how the tables have turned now. Hacksaw Jim Duggan then went up and the fans counted to ten as Duggan hit Raymond Rougeau on the top of the head. Hacksaw missed Raymond Rougeau and he got to tag in Dino Bravo. Bravo then with hard right hands and irish whipped Hacksaw and then Dino Bravo caught Hacksaw with a kick to the stomach. Raymond Rougeau and Jacques double teamed Hacksaw on the middle rope by choking him, it`s always great to hear Jesse Ventura ripping on Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

Bravo then slammed Hacksaw`s head into the top of the buckle until he tagged in Jacques who gave Hacksaw a dropkick right in the Kisser as Monsoon says. Raymond Rougeau and Jacques with tremendous tag team ability due to there bond from being brothers. The Hitman and The Anvil tried to get in and help Hacksaw when Bravo pounded on Duggan in the corner. Bravo then slammed Duggan to th canvas and dropped a hard elbow. Duggan sat up but Bravo then scooped up Duggan and hit an atomic drop. Bret Hart then tagged in Duggan. Bret took down Bravo, then he took down Raymond Rougeau who ran in the ring with an atomic drop. The Hitman then unloaded on Bravo with hard right hands and then a side suplex into a back breaker using his knee to Bravo`s back! Excellently executed! Bravo then went to scoop up Bret but he got out of the predicament and behind the official`s back Hacksaw Jim Duggan clobbered Bravo with his 2 X 4. In the end Bret “The Hitman” Hart pinned Dino Bravo after “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan knocked Bravo out with his 2×4 at 15:42 for the third and deciding fall to win it for there team. Place goes wild in Houston!

Solid story telling for a two out of the falls match and it was executed quite well. The beatdown of Bret in this match reminded me of The Demolition-Hart Foundation matches from Summerslam`s around this time.

Pretty good opener here!





2)  Rockin’ Robin (c) VS Judy Martin for the WWF Women’s Championship


The only thing worse then watching these two ladies wrestle would be to hear Sensational Sherri’s vocal’s on commentary during it.

And for the match too be THIS long…uh-oh….Sherri says and I quote “Look at this, will you look at this.. Martin is so overrated….she, she has no right to be in there, Rockin` Robin is so overrated she is so skinny, she looks like a bird.” Ugh.  Nice one Sherri. I don`t like ripping on the dead and Sherri was pretty awesome for a lot of what she did and I don`t think it was right for the WWE to not even mention that she died on their programming but her commentary was horrible here. Think Owen Hart King of the Ring 96, and the opposite of that. But not as bad as Art Donovan at King of the Ring 94.

Anyways Sherri sent a note to challenge the winner of the match. Some sloppy wrestling here. Sherri calls Rockin` Robin a termite. Wow.

These two definitely did not have good chemistry. A Crossbody by Robin looked terrible as did he forearms and clotheslines, however her Boston Crab was decent. A Roll-Up to Martin and she nearly retained the title. Martin kicked Robin off in the corner and then slowly stalked her and then looked as if she was going to snap a vertical suplex on her but she got a roll-up and just a two. Judy Martin with a nice counter as she held onto the top rope for leverage and Rockin` Robin just fell flat in the middle of the canvas. The challenger dominating the Champion and irishwhipped Robin and caught her with a clothesline that looked sloppy as all hell, and then got a two count.

Martin with a scoop Slam on Robin but only a two count once again. Sherri says both ladies look under the weather and they did. Robin hit a DDT out of no where and then missed an elbow drop and then Martin missed an elbow drop. Robin then up first and the fans cheer and she grabs Martin and scoops her up or attempted to anyway, and Martin turns the tables and slams Robin down but only got a two count. Backslide by Martin but only a two. Irish whip by Martin then Robin came off with a boot to the throat. Rockin` Robin with a small package out of no where and then she hit some right hands to Martin and then an irish whip to the turnbuckle, she jumped off the other side and hit a crossbody from the top rope.
Sherri screams “NOOO!” In the end (THANK GOD) Robin pinned Martin after a flying crossbody from the second rope at 16:24. Yes….16:24, the match went far too long for a match that no one really cared about.

Sherri`s repetitive commentary mixed with lame putdown`s and the fact it seemed like it lasted an eternity echo’ing her annoying voice didn`t help matters much.

A lot of the action was sloppy, it wasn`t booked well but SOME spots were decent, some moves were hit well and you could tell the ladies tried. Giving them some effort points here if nothing else.


* 1/4




3) King Haku (w/Bobby “The Brain” Heenan) VS “The Former King” Harley Race (w/Bobby “The Brain” Heenan)


Jesse Ventura sits in the chair by the entrance stage as he sends things to the Fink!

Not King Booker, Not King of Kings Triple H, Not the Macho King or Jerry The King Lawler. Not The King of Harts or King Mabel, Hell not even Ready 2 Rumble`s JIMMY THE KING!

But that was kind of the theme in this one.

There was a chair set up by the entrance (Just like KOTR PPV`s in the 90`s) and Ventura says that one person will sit in there (he was sitting in the chair) and he said he was kind of Comfy there. King Haku then came out with Bobby Heenan.

Thank god Jesse The Body Ventura is absolutely hilarious as well as intelligent so Haku`s 10 minute entrance wasn`t so boring.

Race was the babyface here and then pushed Haku off his thrown and he came out to the same entrance them. (The normal KING theme that Jerry Lawler currently uses)

Bell goes and Race hits Haku with a high knee to the head.

Harley Race then with a vertical suplex. King Haku caught a vicious blow when Harley Race hit him with a forearm and he fell to the outside. Bobby Heenan was managing both guys so he won either way as Ventura pointed out. Heenan only came out with Haku though because he was the reigning King so that was hilarious.

Heenan then jumped on Haku`s bandwagon when he hit an offensive move with a chop on the outside. The momentum doesen`t last as Race drops elbow`s to the head of Haku. Haku though fought back with some kicks and then shoulder blocks into the stomach in the corner. Haku then irish whips the Former King Harley Race into the other corner and falls to the outside. Haku looking for an ovation on the top with a pose but he gets boo`s. Haku flips Race over the ropes back into the ring. Monsoon says 360 when it was 180, and I believe he`s made that mistake before. Haku then with a hard blow to the top of Race. Haku with a blow but Harley headbutts him back. Both men head to head then Haku caught Race with a head butt, then Race cought him with a blow to the chin. Race irish-whipped Haku and caught him with a stiff clothesline.

Race then hit a huge piledriver to Haku but only got a two, While Heenan was chanting `Come On HARLEY!` as the Brain rotated back and forth. Haku and Race collide face to face and Race falls out of the ring in hillarious fashion and you can even hear the crowd laugh at it. Kind of like Eddie at WM 17 (if you don`t watch the editted Anthology version anyway) but not as much of a slip up.

Haku with a slam but Race comes back with an elbow, back and forth match but pretty slow. Race with a vicious left hand right on the chin of King Haku. Harley Race then with a standing vertical suplex. Harley Race throws King Haku through the middle ropes to the outside. Harley Race then goes to piledrive Haku on the floor but he hits a back bodydrop on the mat, gotta give credit to Harley for taking that bump at his age.

Haku pushed Race`s back into the ring apron and then he kept doing it repeatedly to hurt his back to the previous move of Race being backdropped onto the outside mat. Race somehow fights back and hits Haku with a piledriver onto the mat on the outside. Harley Race then with a nice reverse neck braker and only got a two because he didn`t hook the leg. Harley Race then with an elbow to the head of Haku. The two continued to trade blows back and forth, Race hit some right hands, Haku hit some chops, then King Haku planted Harley Race with a scoop slam. Haku goes to the top rope as he goes for a big splash but Harley Race moved out of the way and Haku hit the mat as the fans cheered.

Now Race went up and King Haku moved out of the way.

Both men slowly to there feet and Race hit Haku with a high knee, Haku ducked a clothesline and then hit Harley Race with a reverse thrust kick.

A pretty slow match that wasn’t really THAT bad, not by any means at all actually, especially when you got Race in there (although past his prime) things are still decent at best. The night just seemed to drag up to the rumble match for me…Haku pinned Race after a reverse thrust kick at 9:01 to win in the end.

I liked how each man tried to one up the other, it`s just the pacing would never see the light of DAY in today`s WWE.

I enjoyed parts of this but it could of been a tad shorter.


* 3/4





4)  Main Event- The 1989 30 Man Royal Rumble Match



Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake cuts the worst promo of all time before the match. Well, the corniest promo of all time anyway. Terrible character even if it was the 80`s.
Greg Valentine cuts a Dean Malenko like promo before the match but they both excel in what they do.

Perfect does a nice job with his as you’d expect.

Fuji does what you`d expect with Power and Glory.

Big John Studd`s was just bleh. (And he ends up winning)

Randy Savage`s was AWESOME as you might expect as he was the WWF Champion at the time and he said started it with his trademark “FREAK OUT! FREAK OUT!”

There were some other ones earlier but they then show those few then Ventura and Monsoon go over the rules.

Then Mean gene cuts a last minute interview with The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase who was laughing like only he could.

Dibiase then said when asked by Mean Gene that when you got the money he did, you can get as LUCKY as you want. (More or less saying he bought his entrance number)

The Heenan Family then cut a promo, Heenan, Andre and Tully says its a pleasure to be in the Rumble as Arn nods as well.

Hogan then cuts a jacked up promo with Mean Gene and he discusses The Bossman and he can give him a life long sentance of Hulkamania. Mean Gene said what if Randy Savage and Hogan collide, then Hogan said Savage would find out real quick that Savage had never been beaten and he is still the Champion to all his Hulkamaniacs.

It`s now time for the Rumble match, good stuff.

The fans popped big time when Fink announced this and I`m glad the fans participated during Rumble matches because that plays a big part during a Rumble match in my opinion and the fact that the old school crowd reacts to basically every near elimination sure helps the match.
The match started when Demolition`s AWESOME entrance theme that was editted out of the WM Anthology but not the Rumble Anthology (thank god) and Ax came out as number 1.

Smash then came out as number two and Gorilla Monsoon says he can`t believe it!
The WWF Tag Team Champion`s are going to start the 1989 Royal Rumble Match!

Partner against partner as one of the best WWF Tag Team Champion`s of all time go at it as they were really over and had a tremendous power game. Some solid back and forth stuff, nothing overly special but nothing bad either. Smash almost eliminated Ax as he went over the top but his feet didn`t go to the floor, both these two guys didn`t hold anything back from the other and now as the next entrant came out.

Number 3 is NONE other then Andre The Giant who comes out with his manager Bobby The Brain Heenan. Such an intimidating presence whenever seen! Ax and Smash then team up for a double clothesline and The Giant is dropped! Both guys attack The Giant obviously as he is down and choke him out with there boot and the fans eat it right up. Andre is the size of two men but Jesse Ventura wasn`t even sure if HE could stand up against Demolition. Monsoon points out Andre had won more battle royal`s then anyone in the history of Professional Wrestling, and Jesse says he`s up on him by one or two…golden. Both Ax and Smash isolated Andre to a corner and worked him over with power moves, they really put over how exciting it is to not know who is coming out next. Andre hits both Axe and Smash`s head together in the corner of the ring, the same corner he was earlier being dominated in.

The Buzzer rang and out came Number four. It`s Mr. Perfect. Hennig worked on everybody in the ring and he was pretty new at the time but his success in the AWA wasn`t ignored by McMahon and they gave him a good gimmick here up north. Andre eliminated Smash by throwing him over the top rope rather easily. Now Ax, Hennig (not to confuse Curt with his father) and Andre remain. Ax with a hard irish-whip to Hennig right to the turnbuckle! Andre then chokes out Ax and then headbutts Perfect! Giant with a thumb to the eye of both Hennig and Ax.
Ronnie Garvin comes out next as the fifth entrant.

He was a GREAT worker in the 80`s all over. Garvin tied up Andre in the ropes while Axe worked over Hennig. Andre then began to clean house not by elimination but he worked over Axe, Garvin and Hennig, while the three of them tried to attack The Giant to weaken him.

The buzzer rings and out comes Greg “THE HAMMER” Valentine who is a personal favourite of mine, such a great worker. He runs out with Jimmy Hart and just as most guys are trying to eliminate Andre, Valentine comes to his aid. Andre The Giant clotheslines Ronnie Garvin and then hiplocks him over the top rope. Perfect slammed Ax. Valentine and Perfect chopped on Andre in the corner and then Andre chokes out Valentine in the corner of the ring. Andre then chokes out Ax in the corner but Perfect grabs out and gets a head of hair.

Jake the Snake Roberts comes out as the 7th entrant to a huge pop. Roberts came out in 1988 as an early entrant and he is once again this year and right when he hit the ring he went after Andre obviously due to the feud and the terrible WM 5 match they`d have a couple months after this match. Andre chokes out Roberts in the corner and Valentine and Axe are exchanging blows while Hennig then grabbed Axe so Greg Valentine could give him a big chop. Only a couple of eliminations thus far and Andre with a spear to the gut of Roberts. Andre then headbutts Valentine and pounds on Roberts, as Ax spears Hennig. Andre chokes out Roberts.

The 8th Entrant is Outlaw Ron Bass and he went after Mr. Perfect. Andre The Giant with ANOTHER elimination as he tossed out his rival Jake the Snake Roberts as he just tossed him out over the top rope to the floor. Jake Roberts had sustained a lot of punishment thus far by Andre. The members left in the Rumble match here before the ninth entrant was a guy who started the match in Ax, Andre, Outlaw, Perfect, Valentine and now we get another man to join the match.

Shawn Michaels makes his Royal Rumble debut as the ladies scream. Mr. Perfect then eliminated the last member of Demolition in Ax.  Andre choked out Outlaw in the corner, Hennig rested in the corner, The Hammer pounded on Michaels. Those were the five men in the match presently, Michaels skins the cat and dropkicks Perfect.

Then we have our tenth entrant as the fans in Houston counted it down and it`s Bushwhacker Butch! Butch comes in the ring and then beats on Outlaw Bass but Jake Roberts comes back out of no where with Damien and then Jake eliminated Andre as Andre eliminated himself as he was scared of his snake. Ventura is anrgy because it`s illegal as Roberts had already earlier been eliminated by Andre. The fans go ecstatic and Greg Valentine works over Bushwhacker Butch, while Outlaw slammed Michaels head into the top shelf and Curt Hennig buys himself some time and saves his energy as he doesen`t want to go out and waste energy for no reason, great strategy by a great wrestling mind in Curt Hennig. Michaels though came off the top and hit a double axehandle to Hennig`s head.

The Honkytonk Man comes out with Jimmy Hart to a chorus of boo`s and then he leaped in the ring and went for Butch right away. Mr. Perfect then went after Honkytonk man and Monsoon said we wouldn`t of expected that due to them both being heels, although of course he DIDN`T refer to them as Heels. Honkytonk almost eliminated by Hennig as the fans cheered.

Tito Santana comes out as Number 12. Mr. Perfect and him go at it right away. Exciting match here with the ring filling up and the crowd being very vocal. Shawn, Valentine, Butch, Santana, Bass, Perfect, Honkytonk man were the men remaining. Tito avoided a potential elimination from Greg Valentine. Shawn Michaels almost eliminated by Butch and Bass.

Lucky Number 13 is BAD NEWS. Literally. Bad News Brown comes out and he was the arrogant heel at this time so he got a great ton of heel heat of course and he went for everybody in the ring because everyone knew he had no friends. Honkytonk man got eliminated by Butch. Santana worked over the Hammer, then Bad News Brown with a series of headbutt`s on The Outlaw Ron Bass. Mr. Perfect then punched away on Butch while Shawn Michaels got choked out in the corner by Bad News Brown.

Marty Jannetty comes running out and now both Rockers are in the match. The Rockers went to work on Outlaw Ron Bass as they irish whip him and drop him with a double reverse elbow shot and then a double dropkick to Outlaw Ron Bass and he is gone. The Rockers then kept there momentum going and Jannetty slammed Greg Valentine and Mr. Perfect`s head together, a double-noggen-knocker! Santana with a flying forearm to Valentine, awesome offense. Santana tried to eliminate Valentine but couldn`t do it, even with the help of Butch. Michaels being worked over by Hennig as he dropped him groin first on the top rope.

WWF Champion MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE then comes out to a giant pop (the biggest of the night).  He doesen`t even bother take his sunglasses off, the biggest ovation of the night by far as the place began shaking. Macho Man attacked Bad News Brown, then he got clobbered by the Hammer from behind. Savage, definitely a favourite to win this match. Mr. Perfect`s endurance is then pointed out by The Body and Savage is already being ALMOST eliminated by The Hammer. Santana held Valentine and Savage came off with a double axehandle drop. Savage then went back and forth with Perfect in the corner, Hennig with a blow to Macho`s back, then Savage came back with a reverse elbow to Hennig`s face. Savage then throws Bad News Brown`s head into the turnbuckle. Eight men currently in the ring.

Arn Anderson comes out as a part of the Brain Buster`s. Macho Man Randy Savage throws out Greg The Hammer Valentine. Macho Man and Bad News Brown go at it again. Savage then teams with Arn Anderson (Nice pairing there) and they both eliminate Shawn Michaels with a double reverse elbow shot to Michaels and he goes over the top rope. Savage goes back to work on Bad News Brown in the corner of the ring. Marty Jannetty then worked on Arn Anderson in the corner. Butch surprisingly still in there as is Perfect and Sanatana!

The next entrant is none other then the other Brain Buster, Tully Blanchard. Both Brain Buster`s in the ring, the 2nd time in this Rumble match two tag team partner`s came out one after the other. Hmmmm. Either way we got a ton of great workers in the ring. Santana, Savage, Hennig, Anderson, Blanchard, Jannetty, Bad News, that`s agreat crop right there. Bushwhacker Butch was in there as well but yeah, putting him in the same category as the others would be kind of wrong. The Brainbusters just go to town now! Brain Buster`s go nuts with double team moves, elbow`s to Jannetty and Arn hits a hard SPINE BUSTER! Amazing. Brain Buster`s tried there hardest to throw out Jannetty and he was hooked by his toes and then he falls out of the ring and Jannetty is gone.

Hulk Hogan comes out at Number 18 and he gets an amazing ovation and I swear to god though, Savage got the reaction of the night. Hogan`s reaction here wasn`t as big as Savage`s which is shocking to even ME, a Giant Savage mark. Anyways Hogan saved Savage from being eliminated and threw out Mr. Perfect as he set a new Rumble Record nearing a half an hour. Sanatana got eliminated by the Busters. Savage threw Blanchard into the corner. Bad News Brown set Hogan up on the top and almost eliminated Hogan and then Macho Man hit a double axehandel to Butch. Savage then dropped Bushwhacker Butch as Bad News kicked him in the mid-section and now Bushwhacker Luke comes out.

Bushwhacker Luke comes to the ring and now the Whackers are both in the ring. Both Brain Busters are in the ring. The Mega Powers are in the ring. And the only other guy is Bad News Brown. Bushwhacker Butch finally eliminated by Bad News Brown. Arn Anderson kicked at Hogan in the corner and then Bad News Brown and Randy Savage exchanged lefts and right`s. Bad News caught Savage with a boot to the face. Hogan tried to throw out Tully Blanchard and then Bad News continued to work over the WWF Champion, The Macho Man Randy Savage. Arn held Savage while Bad News hit some forearms on him. Hogan then threw Blanchard and Bad News Brown`s heads together.

KOKO B WARE comes out next as the 20th entrant in the Royal Rumble match. Savage almost eliminated by Bad News Brown, Blanchard on top of Hogan in the corner. KOKO then with a couple of headbutt`s to Luke. Arn Anderson twists the arm of Hulk and went to the outside but Hogan caught him and instead of throwing him outside the ring he threw him in the ring. (Dumb move) Hogan then got headbutted by Koko B Ware in the corner. Hogan raked the eyes of KOKO and Blanchard at the same time and he clotheslines KOKO over the top to the outside. Luke then gets backdropped by Hogan over the top rope. Arn and Tully then work on Hogan in the corner, as Savage continues to take a lot of punishment by Bad News Brown. Arn almost eliminats Hogan but he finds a way to stay in the match. That Koko sure deserves the hall of fame doesen’t he…….-_-

The Warlord comes out next, then Hogan eliminated both Brain Busters! Fans explode. Warlord comes in and gets clotheslined by Hogan out of the ring. Shortest elimination in Rumble history! All of the sudden with Bad News Brown and Macho Man Randy Savage still going at it by the ropes, Hogan with a lot of momentum came up from behind and scooped both guys over the top rope to the outside and Hulk Hogan stood alone in the ring! Savage was hot though said Ventura and Savage came back in the ring to argue with his THEN partner Hulk Hogan. The Mega Powers were about to explode!



Kind of a cheap shot taken by Hogan before the match saying his fans still consider HIM the Champion, despite Randy Savage being a babyface. Hmmmm…. The Body delivers legit verbal shots on Hogan. I love it.
Savage and Hogan argue since Hogan is all on his own. Miss Elizabeth runs into the ring and then breaks off Hogan and Savage arguing. Savage slapped Hogan as the two point at each other and the fans didn`t know what to do wbut everyone was standing, just an epic moment-feeling. Liz didn`t know who to comfort and then Savage went to shake hands with Hogan. Hogan shook his hands and the two hugged as the fans cheered. Savage then got along with Hogan and the fans loved it!

The Big Bossman came out next and Savage and Liz go to the back. Hogan and Bossman go face to face here as the fans chant for Hogan as this was a pretty big feud back then during this time. The Hulkster retaliated quickly and hit big rights followed by a clothesline to Bossman and then shook the hell out of Traylor on the ground. Hogan slammed Bossman down to the canvas. Hogan`s stength sometimes is overlooked. Bossman though counters and throws Hogan to the buckle and follows that up with a big avalanche in the corner and then he hit Hogan with a big piledriver and the fans go silent. Bossman slaps at Hogan and the fans chant for Hogan. Bossman then scoops up Hulk Hogan and slams him down to the canvas. Bossman went for a splash but Hogan dodged it.

Akeem The African Dream comes out and for the THIRD time in third time in this match, a tag team comes out at back to back numbers which is NOT a very realistic scenario to do but it was fun to watch. The Twin Towers went to work on Hogan but he gave Bossman and Akeem a double noggen knocker according to Monsoon. Akeem got back in control and then he irish whipped Hogan to the corner and then splashed Bossman into Hogan in the corner. Both Twin Towers eliminated Hulk Hogan together and the fans BOO. Hogan threw the Bossman out. Akeem left the ring to beat on Hogan.

All of the sudden Brutus Beefcake comes out to a bog pop (god knows why) and he helps his good Mega Maniac Buddy Hulk Hogan beat on the Twin Towers on the outside. Hogan has to leave and now Brutus is left alone with the Twin Towers. Brutus fights back against Akeem in the middle of the ring while Hogan dragged Bossman out of the ring and slams his head on the stes and battles with him in the entrance way. Hogan then slammed a Trash Can to Bossman and it is safe to say he is out of this match. Akeem then tries to eliminate Brutus and they are the last two in the ring.

The 25th entrant is The Red Rooster. Terry Taylor comes to the aid of Brutus and pounds on Akeem until he body slams him. Akeem went for Brutus in the corner until he jumped off the top and caught Akeem with a double axehandel. Brutus and Taylor go to both eliminate Akeem. Red Rooster got Akeem tied up in the middle of the ropes and him and Brutus took advantage of the situation and kicked at Akeem. Both men tried to both eliminate Akeem out and then the buzzer rang.

Out comes the Barbarian. There were three men in the ring, Brutus and Red Rooster trying to eliminate Akeem and now The Barbarian was the fourth man in the ring. A few more men to still join the match and Brutus took a pounding in the corner by The Barbarian. Akeem with a big splash to the Rooster. The Barbarian then threw Brutus into the corner.

The 27th entrant is Big John Studd. He takes his time getting to the ring and comes out to no reaction. Big John Studd threw the Rooster out of the way to attack Akeem in the corner and THAT gets a reaction for sure. Big John Studd looks huge in there next to Akeem and the two men exchange power moves and he hits him with a big elbow. Not many would have predicted both the WWF Champion Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan to have been eliminated by now, let alone others like Andre and Jake Roberts. Brutus chokes out The Barbarian on the top rope while the Rooster and Big John Studd work over Akeem.

Buzzer rings and it is Hercules. The luck of the draw is so important stated Jesse The Body. We have two more entrants and one of them is Dibiase. Studd pounds on Akeem, Rooster tries to eliminate Hercules, Brutus and Barbarian go at it in the other corner. Six men in the ring, two remain. Brutus punches The Barbarian in the top of the corner of the ring and the fans count to ten. Hercules hits at John Studd and no luck as he hits back.

Rick Martel then comes in at #29. Martel then goes for Akeem but Studd pushed him out of the way just ass he did to the Rooster earlier as he wanted him all to himself. Martel picked up Taylor aka The Rooster with a firemans carry and then he attempted to put him over the top rope but he could NOT get him all the way over. Big John Studd stomped on Akeem in the corner and then The Rooster and Martel go after Brutus, in the other corner Barbarian goes at it with Hercules.

The #30th entrant to no ones surprise is Ted Dibiase with Virgil. Million Dollar Man struts to the ring to a chorus of booès and now all 30 men have entered the ring and eight men remain.

Dibiase with an irish whip to the Rooster but he came off with a flying clothesline. Rooster then grabbed Dibiase by the head and put him in the corner and then Dibiase reversed it and hit chops to Taylor. Dibiase with a hard irish whip to The Rooster and he threw him to the corner and he flipped over to the outside and he is GONE! Hercules then worked on by Dibiase who was fresh and had to be now considered the favourite. Hercules though clotheslined Dibiase. Hercules with a series of clotheslines to Dibiase ad then Hercules with two big punches to Dibiase and then choked him out in the corner of the ring.

Brutus with a shot on Hercules and Big John Studd tries to eliminate Big John Studd. Hercules with a bear hug to Brutus then he jumped on his back and hit a sleeper to Hercules. Dibiase then from behind with the help of The Barbarian eliminate both Hercules and Brutus Beefcake.

The Final five men remained.

Dibiase went for Studd, the Barbarian slammed Martel, and Akeem held Stuff back for Dibiase to pound on him. Barbarian with a high risk move to Martel in the middle of the ring. Martel dropkicked Barbarian over the top rope.


Dibiase worked on Martel, Akeem was worked over by Big John Studd.

Akeem The African Dream with a big cross body eliminated Martel and tossed him over.

Both big men work over Dibiase, but he is the freshest man in the match and he went to the top and came off with a double axehande between the eyes of Studd. Akeem then speared Studd in the corner and hit shoulder blocks into the stomach of Studd. Dibiase then instructed Akeem to hit him with a big power move and Akeem hit Studd with an Avalanche. Big John Studd then eliminated Akeem and the fans went crazy.

We are down to the final two in Dibiase and Studd. Dibiase who bought entrant #30 tried to buy his ay to victory but Studd caught him by the throat and threw him in the corner. Studd then caught Dibiase by the leg!
He turned Dibiase around and gave him a flying forearm followed by a big body slam!

Big John Studd with a nice double arm suplex to Ted Dibiase, apparently the first time he had ever done the move. He then hits a sloppy looking gut wrench suplex and then hammers Dibiase with a clothesline.

Big John Studd then tossed Dibiase over the top rope and he won the Rumble! Virgril though from behind hammered on the back of Studd but John irish whipped Virgil to the ropes and he came off with a shoulder block and then a scoop slam, and then a clothesline. Big John Studd is the winner of the Rumble and then he throws Virgil over the top rope for good measure, icing on the cake as Monsoon says there goes the 31st man!

Studd celebrated a moment that would live with him forever.

After the match Macho Man Randy Savage, the WWF Champion was with Elizabeth and then he told Mean Gene he was eliminated because he was a victim of circumstances and a man in his position could not afford to look that way. Savage says the champion he was he would definately shake Hogans hand. Savage says The Mega Powers on and on and on Forever and ever and ever. Savage then hillariously gets in the face of Gene and poses while saying he should of won the Rumble. Obvioussly the Mega Powers would soon explode but not at the end of this night but it still helped develop the storyline.
In the end Big John Studd won the 1989 Royal Rumble after last eliminating Ted Dibiase at 1:04:53 of the Rumble match. Yeah it was pretty long.
Fantastically booked, just not the best climax with a rather questionable winner to say the least as well as not the best final four. But judging it as a whole, a ton of fun. No wonder they kept the 30 Man formula after this.
One of the more underrated Rumble matches, it was pretty stacked throughout the first 20 or so guys.



*** 1/4





Final Rating for WWF Royal Rumble 1989 = 6/10



At first glance you could probably say this was a generous rating for this event as it was not a great PPV. However this was a Royal Rumble EVENT and it’s very hard for them to dissapoint, especially ones in the Old School.

The Opening match was good, the other two matches weren`t so good but not dissapointing, the posedown was okay live but looking back is just a big waste of time although it DID help expand the feud to Rude-Warrior. The events biggest strength is the Rumble match and that`s what lasted nearly half the show and it was a great one so the show scores a six thanks to that.

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