Exclusive: Closer Look at WWE Royal Rumble 2012 DVD/BD Cover Art

February 2, 2012 by Daniel Bee

The planned cover for WWE Royal Rumble 2012 on DVD and Blu-ray was revealed yesterday, and now it’s time for an exclusive closer look at the artwork.

Both formats will be released to the United States later this month on February 28th. Get your hands on them in UK/Europe come April when pre-ordering now with Silvervision.co.uk.

Triple Threat Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show vs. Mark Henry

Beth Phoenix, Natalya & The Bella Twins vs. Kelly Kelly, Eve, Alicia Fox & Tamina

John Cena vs. Kane

Brodus Clay vs. Drew McIntyre

WWE Championship Match
CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler

30-Man Royal Rumble Match
— DVD and Blu-ray extras are soon to be revealed!

Get your copy of Royal Rumble 2012 DVD/BD for February 28th.

Fans in the UK can pre-order it on DVD or Blu-ray from just ยฃ10.99, by clicking here.

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  1. yourmom says:

    blue rays always look better

  2. Bill says:

    One question though, why are wrestlers who weren’t in the Rumble on the cover?

  3. Vincenzzzzzo says:


    then you were never a fan to begin with.

  4. Jamie says:

    Sweet badass cover

  5. Isrs4life says:

    Thats a lot better then the worst WWE Poster of all time in Santino Marella.

  6. alvaro says:

    Cool cover to bad the ppv sucked I wont buy the DVD. I will be 25 soon so im retiring from wztching wrestling after wm28 time to move on I guess wwe is too PG now. Im embarrased to watch raw this days I watch when my family is not around thats sad. So wm28 will be my last event to watch it was a good ran from 1991- 4/2012.

  7. Dave says:

    @ New Dawn

    Yes, the Blu-ray will be available in North America along with Wrestlemania. The rest will be exclusive to the UK.

  8. Daniel Bee says:

    LOL, so it is! Almost looks like a face. Sgt. Slaughter? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Anonymous says:

    @ daniel bee
    I think its John Cena’s ear

  10. Daniel Bee says:

    Who’s behind R-Truth?

  11. XxmadforwwexX says:


  12. NEW DAWN says:

    So the Blu-Ray will finally be released in North America once again?

  13. neverAcquiesce says:

    At least Danielson gets both of his eyes shown. Poor Mark Henry is peeking out behind Miz’s head.

  14. SRB says:

    Is that Bryan back there squeezed between Kofi and Orton? haha

  15. Mark D says:

    24th Anniversary… 25th Annual!!!

  16. Geolink says:

    I like how they finally figured out another way to hide Punk’s Pepsi tattoo. Instead of him having a complete, random spot on his arm without any ink, they just made a complete bland circle tattoo. That’s better than nothing.

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