Rumored 2015 WWE DVD, Latest on Randy Savage Story, ‘True Giants’ Changed

October 29, 2014 by Daniel Bee

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The latest word on “Macho Man: The Randy Savage Story” next month is that the total runtime of the DVD content will be approximately 6 hours and 12 minutes. On top of that, the Blu-ray edition will have approximately 1 hour and 14 minutes of extras.

Get a reminder of the full content listing for the DVD/Blu-ray at this link:
Complete Match Listing for WWE ‘Macho Man: The Randy Savage Story’ DVD.

As previously reported, the documentary feature on the set runs 1 hour and 34 minutes.

WWE Macho Man - The Randy Savage Story DVD Screenshots

We’re now hearing that the format of the upcoming “True Giants” WWE DVD has changed. Instead of individual bios on each of the “giants” featured, there will now be more of a straight up documentary piece on the set, accompanied by bonus matches in the extras.

You can already pre-order the “True Giants” DVD or Blu-ray by clicking here. It’s scheduled for release to both North America and UK/Europe in December, then to Australia in January.

WWE Macho Man - The Randy Savage Story DVD Screenshots

We’re also hearing rumblings of special 2015 WWE DVD or Blu-ray release planned for fans in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe early in the new year.

Possibilities for what that might be include an exclusive Blu-ray version of “Best of RAW & Smackdown 2014” (releasing only on DVD format elsewhere), or an exclusive “Best PPV Matches 2014” DVD and Blu-ray (the series reportedly cancelled in the United States).

Please consider this unconfirmed until make an announcement.

WWE Home Video 2015 Logo

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  1. I know its just an early rumour, but I REALLY hope in the UK we get Best PPV Matches 2014.
    It and The Best Of Raw And Smackdown DVD’s are currently my only link to the modern product and they contain some GREAT moments.
    I recently re-watched Raw/SD 2011 and damn there was some fine stuff on that set.

  2. Sean says:

    Believe it or not I did not see myself winning coming lol i literally coughed and i jumped for joy! haha thanks!

  3. atitude.era.4life says:

    hell.. let’s get back to shoot everything in 8 mm and watch on a “tiatron” made out of toilet paper.. sure as hell way better than Bluray and 3D Bluray…right! LOL

  4. Todd Cash says:

    Jakki Steal you need some glasses bro blu ray looks better than dvds ever could…

    • Jakki Steal says:

      I can see perfectly fine Todd, that’s why I prefer the excellent quality of DVD’s over the weak low fi unquality of Blu Ray.

      I’m just sick of people on the internet claiming that blu ray is good quality when it is clearly not.
      Every single person I’ve ever met/known in real life hates blu ray.
      I work at goodwill & half the time we just throw away blu ray players & disc because they just don’t sell.
      Nobody wants them.
      The only times we keep them is if they are in the original packaging & even then they sit on the shelves for months & months, all the while only being priced at $4.99 at the most.

      Blu ray is just not very good at all.
      Every friend/relative/associate/whoever I know just laughs hysterically at how bad the quality of blu ray is.
      Like I said before, only people on the internet think that blu rays look good.
      I’m personally in contact w/regular everyday people constantly every single day & repeatedly I ask all of the people who just give away their blu ray players/discs why.
      & they all say that blu ray is a complete waste of money.
      Every single day we get at least 25 blu ray players/discs & I make sure to ask every single person why they don’t want them & they all say the same thing…that the quality sucks…that DVD’s are much better.
      Never once has a customer said they prefer blu rays over DVD’s.
      I’m not exaggerating or anything, I have no need to.
      It’s a long running joke w/everybody I work w/how unwanted/hated blu rays are.
      Again, the only times I ever hear positive things about blu rays are from people on the internet.
      Never in real life, any time blu ray comes up in a conversation it is always followed w/laughter.

      • LP1 says:

        I agree completely. I also feel like VHS is way better than DVD. I feel sorry for the people who started buying DVDs instead of tapes. Silly people! lol

      • Vincenzzzzzo says:

        @Jakki Steal

        Lol, your post is just too over the top to be true. Definite troll.

        • Jakki Steal says:

          Sorry to bring your hopes up but nothing troll about me.
          VHS is bad quality.
          LP1 is acting like a troll, I am being serious.
          Obviously blu ray is awful.
          DVD’s are perfect, no need for sub par blu ray discs.
          Nothing I’m saying is over the top.
          I’m just being honest.
          It’s not my fault, if you guys are gullible enough to think that blu ray is somehow better than DVD’s.
          I have no control over that.
          I understand that the truth is sometimes shocking, I am all about reality. I’m just being honest.


            How about you need a Slap in the face to wake up to reality cause it doesnt matter what you think you can take your lame invalid opinion turn it sideways and stick straight up your candy roody poo ass.. now believe that…

            • Jakki Steal says:

              Very sophisticated & adult response!

              At the end of the day…who cares!
              Your opinion is just as invalid as mine.
              Everybody’s is, we are all just expressing ourselves.
              If you honestly prefer sub par blu rays that’s fine, rock on w/your bad self.

              I’m just stating the obvious, only people on the internet have praise for low quality blu rays.
              Never since the “invention” of blu rays have I ever met or been in contact w/anybody who has something positive to say about blu rays.

              It’s like the Twilight Zone here.
              It’s bizarre how people on the internet claim to love blu rays but people in real life can’t stand them.
              All I’ve ever personally experienced is hatred/distaste for blu rays.

              Buy all the blu rays you guys want.
              I’ll stick w/the far superior quality of DVD’s.

              • LP1 says:

                All kidding aside. What you’re saying is NOT an opinion. An opinion is “I’m not a fan of Blu-ray.” That’s fine. That would be an opinion. What you’re saying is absolutely false and not an opinion. You’re saying that DVDs are a far superior product than blu-rays. That is factually false. That’s not an opinion. Someone can say “In my opinion the planet is not round, it is triangle shaped.” That is a factually false. Not an opinion. It is a proven fact, FACT, that blu-rays are far superior in audio and video quality than DVDs. There is no debate over this.

                The only thing I can think of is maybe you watched blu-rays on an old non-HD TV or you hooked it up through component(red, yellow, white) wires where you wouldn’t see a difference anyway. Other than that you’re coming across as someone who is either trolling or just trying to get attention on themselves.

              • caesaronline says:

                So, every man you met is saying blu-ray sucks and the only positive respond you found is on the internet? Well, that leaves it to my question.
                How long you have been in jail?
                Instead of throwing the 25 players/discs away every day (and i’m laughing hysterically when i read such bull***t) and listen to the comments of the inmates maybe once…just once…connect a player to a HD TV and play a blu-ray! Sorry, i can handle stupidity only to a certain level. The only “honest” thing you wrote is that you definitely “have no control”.

  5. Duuh says:

    including zero classic Macho vignettes and/or promos on this set when there is just hours of free disc space begging to be filled is just inexcusable. Why would a Macho Man set include only matches and none of his promos? Where is the logic there?

  6. SavagesSon says:

    On the savage bluray extras they put that savage/sting v blue bloods match but cut out the entrances????? Then what exactly is the point of the match? The reason that match was unique and possibly warranted inclusion as a novelty was that sting came to the ring dressed in Macho’s garb. Who puts these things together? They have hours and hours of extra space on these DVDs/Blurays and they cut entrances? Why? It’s disappointing, to say the least.

  7. SRB says:

    I thought it was odd that we didn’t have the content yet for “True Giants.” The new format is likely the reason.

    Savage’s set is only 7 hours and 26 minutes for the Blu-Ray? They could have easily filled this with more content. What a disgrace!

    • attitude.era.4life says:

      I know, that high quality can not be measured by how long runningtime a dvd/bluray is determined by the content, and how it is presented..

      but..THIS along with the AE vol. 2 release, is truly a sign of how wwe is doing screwjobs on dvd/bluray collectors..

      if this is some weird way to make me wanna hook up on the Network, cos it would seem like I would get more for my money, then I am sorry to say, that this is in NOT the approach that they should use to try get me to subscribe.

      If they do so little with a long awaited profile release for Savage, and their most populare, intense and excited era: Attitude Era… then, I am actually getting worried bout the Undertaker doc, that has to come within 2015, which should at least be a 3 discs bluray set like with Austins.

    • Richard says:

      Part of the reason the doc is “only” 94 minutes long is the lack of interview with Savage himself. Imagine how long the Foley, Triple h, Punk or Heyman docs would have been if they didn’t have a featured interview with the main person. The fact that they can’t have a new, extensive interview with Savage is likely what shortens the length of this doc by 20-25 minutes.

      As for additional content – many of Savage’s best matches have already been released on DVD, with the exception of his Mid-Southern matches and the ICW stuff he did for his father. Those may be added to another Savage bluray set down the road. They did this with the last Hulk Hogan set, including many rarely seen matches.

      Its not a disgrace. Its just business.

      • SRB says:

        My complaint does have to do with the matches. I understand a 94 minute documentary completely because Savage is not necessarily in the main picture and cannot be interviewed. However, the set could have easily been filled with matches in WCW against Hogan and others. Not every match on the set needs to be his “best” since the term is subjective anyways.

        • Jakki Steal says:

          I think it’s very stupid to produce a disc that’s only a half a hour long.
          They could have easily added 2 or 3 more matches at least.
          & yes they don’t have to be everybody’s favorites because it is all subjective.
          Not everybody loves the same things.

          …& Blu Ray is awful.
          Why people pay more money for a Blu ray picture that looks just like any DVD is beyond me.
          I know they have special features not available on DVD but 90% of the time the special features are weak.
          Blu Ray is nothing special.
          I Feel sorry for people who fell for the Blu Ray schtick.
          All off my friends are pissed off that they wasted their money on awful quality Blu Ray Cr@p.
          They all called me crazy but now they all are quickly trying to sell their old lame Blu Rays like they are cancer.
          They treat their Blu Ray discs like garbage (rightfully so).
          I’m so sick of everybody complaining about how Blu Ray is worse than DVD’s.
          I already knew that.
          Tell me something I don’t know.
          Blu ray is just a regular DVD w/a new brand for the man to milk more money out of fools.
          I work at Goodwill & people donate Blu Rays & Blu Ray players more than they do DVD players or DVD’s.
          The simple fact that people will gladly/.freely just give away Blu Ray players/discs is very telling as to how much the average person hates Blu Ray.
          I always ask the people who discard their crappy Blu ray players why & every single time they comment how it looked exactly like all of their DVD’s.
          The angry looks on peoples faces always cracks me up.
          Obviously, any idiot can see, Blu Ray is a sham.
          It’s just like Laserdisc except people fell for it this time.
          People are such gullible sheep.
          So pathetic.

            • Jakki Steal says:

              I’m sorry honey but you are the clown if you think Blu Ray is better than DVD.
              Blu Ray is just plain awful!
              You only think it looks good because it is new & for that I feel sorry for you.
              I’m glad I can easily think for myself & can clearly tell which product is better.
              Blu Ray=Laser Disc (Say hello to a failed 1990’s product)

          • Duuh says:

            If you truly cannot tell the difference when viewing a blu ray compared to a dvd, then your eyes suck. I feel bad for you, and suggest that you may want to look into corrective lenses. But then again, ypu are probably the type of person you stretches a 4:3 image to fill your 16:9 television and thinks it looks “better” that way.

            • Jakki Steal says:

              I’ve never ever stretched my screen out like you are implying!
              I like quality images on my TV, that’s why I steer clear of awful Blu Ray stuff.
              I like having a great quality picture (DVD’s all the way baby).
              It’s not my fault that Blu Ray sucks, if you somehow think it looks good (for whatever reason, more power to you).
              I’ve just never seen or personally met anybody that thought Blu Ray was of good quality.
              Only people on the internet seem to like the awful quality of Blu Ray.
              No offense to you or anybody else w/bad vision.
              I simply prefer top notch quality DVD’s over sub par Blu Rays.
              That’s it, that’s all…no more no less.
              To each his own.

              DVD’s are just far superior to low quality Blu Rays.
              Not my fault, I have nothing to do w/the poor quality of Blu Ray discs.
              Blu Ray is just an embarrassing failure compared to DVD’s.
              I’m just lucky that I wasn’t stupid enough to fall for the Blu Ray scam.
              That’s all!

              • LP1 says:

                Looks like we have a blu-ray version of King1234 now. Troll on.

                • Jakki Steal says:

                  Just cause I can honestly tell the obvious difference between DVD & Blu Ray in no way makes me a troll. That’s a very dumb way of thinking. Why is it that wrestling fans think if somebody doesn’t fawn over the Attitude Era or sub par blu ray discs.
                  That that automatically makes them a troll.
                  Not everybody loves the same things.
                  Why is that so hard to fathom???
                  Very odd if you ask me…A open minded wrestling fan!!!

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