Runtime for WWE Best of In Your House DVD, New Double Packs, Cancellations

March 26, 2013 by Daniel Bee

As mentioned, there’s an eBay auction up for the new Mick Foley “For All Mankind” DVD at this link which ends in about 4 day’s time. The winning bid will get the DVD early, ahead of the official street date of April 16th.

Mick Foley himself left some tweets about his new DVD after seeing the pre-release photos at the weekend.

WWE Mick Foley For All Mankind DVD

Get your “For All Mankind” pre-orders in for April 16th at or

WWE Best of WWE In Your House DVD

We have some more information on the upcoming Best of In Your House DVD release. The total runtime for the DVD will be approximately 7 hours and 21 minutes. As previously reported, the Blu-ray exclusive content is slated to run 1 hour and 27 minutes, according to the BBFC.

You can pre-order that now on DVD or Blu-ray format for April 30th by clicking here.

Here is the trailer for Elimination Chamber 2013, released on DVD and Blu-ray this time last week. You can get the DVD over here at Amazon, or the Blu-ray at Best Buy.

[flv: 610 348]

Two WWE Studios DVD double packs have been spotted at Walmart – a “John Cena Film Collection” featuring the Legendary and The Reunion movies, and a “Family Fun Double Feature” containing Knucklehead and Chaperone. Thanks to Shezlak on Twitter for passing along this news and the photo shown below.

WWE DVD John Cena Film Collection

The next WWE DVD and Blu-ray release to hit the UK and Europe is The Best of Raw & Smackdown 2012. You can get your order in for April 8th at

WWE Best of Raw & Smackdown 2012 Blu-ray UK

WWE Best of Raw & Smackdown 2012 Blu-ray UK

WWE Best of Raw & Smackdown 2012 Blu-ray UK

The new Amazon listings for WrestleMania 23 and 25 DVDs that we’ve been reporting about as possible new re-releases are now shown as “unavailable” on the site and pre-orders have been cancelled. It could be that they were removed to keep them exclusive to Walmart, but it is our belief they are simply no longer going ahead.

The recent “2012 DVD Collection” offered by WWEShop for $99.99 is no longer available to purchase. No word at the moment if it will be returning.

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. thejmp187 says:

    Im just like everyone else I want the old single events in DVD from 90 to 2002….. I think ONE day they will….but I don’t wanna wait till I’m 38 to get them lol wtf….. but those single disc wm’s were like a tease haha I wound up getting 8 9 12 13 and 15 nice cover arts too bad the discs were blank and no inserts……

  2. D says:

    I’m glad they are bringing the best of In your house out, But i would love for them to release each individual In Your House pay per view on dvd

  3. Jeff Copeland says:

    Wonder why theres not more double dvd sets like i been saying to many people wwe needs to release old wcw ppvs even just at walmart for 10 bucks or 20 for 2 pack ug et like random ppvs from 96 97 99 98 00 those would sell like fast and furious i mean waiting every year for a wcw dvd is just to long and i think wcw sells more then ecw but thats just me

    • Shane C. Montgomery says:

      I agree. I am thankful for the new Best of Nitros but they could sell more, just look at the success of the WCW over the past 12-18 months.

    • thejmp187 says:

      Wow that would be NICE imagine going to Walmart and getting wcw new blood rising and wcw sin in a two pack or something!!! Near orgasmic LOL

  4. Ronaldo says:

    We want are raw season 1996 and 1997 DVD season please make happen soon wwe DVD news please

  5. Alan Shore says:

    WWE is absolutely shafting it’s fans in terms of running times these day, and as a long time collector and as long as prices remain extortionate I’m not putting up with it. In the words of the great Mr Kimbo Slice “I’m done Gus.”

    • Bill says:

      To be totally fair to the WWE, less run times means less of a chance we see more repeats on DVD sets, I think of it that way, the more content they jam on one DVD, the more repeats we are going to see on DVD sets

      • Alan Shore says:

        If that was the case then the IYH DVD wouldn’t already be full of repeats, I think it just makes it more likely we’ll see a Best of In Your House Volume 2.

    • Bilge says:

      Can someone please mention the 16:9 to 4:3 change so we can put this argument to bed please?

      • Alan Shore says:

        Why would the aspect ratio change be responsible for the paltry running times on these best of sets these days?

        • David says:

          I think he meant that since WWE switched to filming in 16:9, discs take up more space which is why 3 Disc sets dropped from 9hrs to 6.5-7.5hrs.

          • Tony Kegger says:

            But aren’t PPVs filmed in HD and those discs are 2.75 hrs.

            • ChadWWE says:

              And the quality or frames can be knocked down too.

              • Anonymous says:

                No, the frames cannot be knocked down. But, the fact that PPVs are over 2:45 and fit on a DVD is all the proof we need to know that they can, AND SHOULD, put close to 3 hours on a DVD.

          • kidglov3s says:

            They don’t take up more space, they’re of identical resolution (both at the DVD NTSC standard of 720×480), but the newer DVDs have a 16:9 image that is squeezed into the 4:3 720×480 and then unsqueezed (in a 16:9 setup that takes the 720×480 4:3 image and stretches it to fill the width of the screen) or unsqueezed and then zoomed into by your DVD player (in a 4:3 setup). With the content that is 16:9 in nature, this is good because you’re utilizing all of your available resolution toward the image itself and not the image border. With content that is 4:3 in nature, it’s a detriment because they’re taking resolution that would normally be dedicated to the content and spending it on the bars that frame the content on both sides, and is done out of laziness so that they can create a single master for the Blu Ray and make DVDs from the same down-converted master. Either way all NTSC DVDs have the same resolution (720×480) and if anything the newer 16:9 DVDs of 4:3 material that allocate less resolution to the actual image content would be able to accommodate more video because the black bars are not using bitrate that would be used by a full 4:3 master.

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