Runtimes of Epic Journey of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Blu-ray Extras

February 4, 2012 by Daniel Bee

According to BBFC, the following are the runtimes for the Blu-ray exclusives on WWE The Epic Journey of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, which total up to approximately 1.5 hours of extra footage on this version.

(36:25) The Rock challenges John Cena for WrestleMania XXVIII
Raw 4th April, 2011

(07:27) The Rock’s Birthday Celebration
Raw 2nd May, 2011

(33:56) The Rock & John Cena vs. Awesome Truth
Survivor Series 20th November, 2011

(00:56) Farmland

(01:07) People’s Elbow

(00:56) Toy Chest

(07:55) The Rock Thanks New York City
Survivor Series 20th November, 2011

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  1. SRB says:

    Man you guys at WWE news are right on target with efficiency. Nice work

  2. Dave says:

    Looking forward to the documentary. Kind of sucks the Blu-ray exclusives are short, was hoping couple more matches and some promos from 98-03.

    But this set compliments nicely with his 2008 release and Just Bring It! Collectors Edition.

  3. oldschool says:

    i go to agree, upgrade for two bucks, count me in…

  4. WWEBluFan says:

    scsa- that seems silly. The DVD version is only $2 cheaper on Amazon, it has 1.5 fewer hours of material, and (most importantly) IS IN STANDARD DEF. Forget the bonus features, I’d gladly pay $2 extra just to get the documentary in HD.

  5. scsa says:

    I meant the DVD version.

  6. scsa says:

    The extras aren’t enough for this Blu-Ray 🙁 A few of my mates are just getting the DVD version since its cheaper and they don’t exactly miss out on a lot in the blu-ray version 🙁

  7. Geolink says:

    @tnawwejosh Yeah, me too.

  8. tnawwejosh says:

    I think the first two are the other way round.

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