Scrapped 2010 WWE DVDs, Blu-Ray Update & Knucklehead Extras

October 29, 2010 by Daniel Bee has exclusively learned that the following WWE DVDs were originally planned for 2010 but later canceled:

– Divas
– Kofi Kingston
– 100 Craziest Moments in WWE History

Right now there are no plans to release any of these three titles in 2011, but we’ll keep you posted if this changes.

WWE PPV Blu-rays released in North America may all be following the same format as SummerSlam 2010 with the Raw episode preceding the event included on there.

In this case the Blu-rays with Raw & Smackdown episodes present may stay exclusive to Europe.

The video below gives some idea of the Blu-ray exclusive content for the release of Big Show’s movie Knucklehead, on November 9th in North America.

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. What happened to the In Your House PPV DVD collection I read about? Have been wanting to own all of them on DVD for some time now plus the IYH Bad Dog (think that was the title) with Michaels vs the British Bulldog actually was on 2 nights due to a lightening storm. I watched both nights where they totally held all the matches over again. There was differences of course so shouldn’t that night be included?

  2. Johnny W. says:

    A Kofi DVD huh? I agree that it’s way too early in his young career for a whole DVD dedicated to him, much like the failed Morrison DVD. But in a few years, his matches will sure make one hell of a compilation!

  3. david says:

    Well i was gonna buy the knucklehead dvd from wal mart… now im not gonna buy it at all. no reason to.