New Screenshots of Ultimate Warrior’s WWE DVD, Clip of Roddy Piper Timeline

March 26, 2014 by Daniel Bee

WWE Ultimate Warrior The Ultimate Collection DVD - Menu

Ultimate Warrior: The Ultimate Collection” is the next WWE DVD scheduled for release and there’s not long left to wait – it hits stores next week!

The 7 hour match compilation (8 hours on Blu-ray) also features new interview footage with Warrior himself. Today we can exclusively reveal more screenshots from the feature.

Ultimate Warrior Interviewed for New WWE DVD

WWE Ultimate Warrior The Ultimate Collection DVD - Match vs Randy Savage

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Ultimate Warrior Interviewed for New WWE DVD

Here’s a brand new preview clip of “Timeline – The History of WWE: 1984” which features an interview with Roddy Piper. It will be available through on Tuesday, April 22nd, both on DVD and streaming On Demand.

Check out this list of the top 12 wrestling DVDs that sold for the most cash so far this month in eBay auctions. Have you got these rare WWE DVDs in your own collection?

Rare WWF DVDs - WrestleMania 16 and 17

1. WrestleMania 17 DVD (Sealed)$184.50

2. Complete Attitude Collection$164.86

3. PWG Sells Out Vol. 2 DVD$99.99 (Best Offer accepted)

4. King of the Ring 2001 DVD (Sealed)$99.95 (Best Offer accepted)

5. RAW Homecoming DVD (Sealed)$93.55

6. WrestleMania 16 DVD (Sealed)$93.00

7. Royal Rumble 2000 DVD (Sealed)$87.62

8. RAW 20th Anniversary DVD (Sealed)$80.00

9. Judgment Day 2002 DVD$76.00

10. Trish Stratus Collector’s Edition DVD$75.00

11. WrestleMania 15 DVD (Sealed)$65.99

12. Austin vs. McMahon DVD$64.99

WDN reader “johncenafan2122” sends word that the “Greatest Rivalries: Shawn vs. Bret” DVD can now be found on sale in the $5 bins at Walmart.

In the past 6 months or so, other WWE DVDs spotted marked down in Walmart’s $5 bins include several of the 2011/2012 PPVs events, Greatest Superstars of WrestleMania, Greatest Stars of the ’90s, The Rock: Most Electrifying Man, Superstar Collection: Daniel Bryan, WrestleMania 13 (re-release), WCW Clash of the Champions, and a few others.

Walmart $5 DVD Bin

Also worth a look is FYE’s current “Buy 2, Get the 3rd for $1” sale on used DVDs – wrestling titles included. Thanks to Rick Velazquez for passing that along.

FYE Used Sale on Wrestling DVDs

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. mike says:

    any word yet on if jesse ventura is edited out or not on the warrior dvd?

  2. thejmp187 says:

    In all honesty tho how many good matches are on this dvd i mean aside from the flare what was he??

  3. Ultimate Warrior was, is, and ALWAYS will be #1 to me of all time.
    oWn – FOREVER

    • Jakki Steal says:

      HELL YEAH!

      Ultimate Warrior is my all time favorite wrestler.
      He’s the one that got me in to wrestling when I was a kid.
      He’s been my favorite since day one.

      I stopped watching WCW after he left & I hated the ‘Attitude’ era stuff that the WWF was pinching out, so I just stopped watching wrestling completely for a decade.

      I bought the ‘Self Destruction’ DVD & was very disappointed by that DVD.

      FINALLY, he is getting the tribute he deserves & headlining the greatest Hall Of Fame class of all time!!!

  4. Charlie Brick says:

    Why is Jesse ventura’s commentary on wwe DVDs always edited out? I understand they would have to pay him if it is used, but doesn’t Vince own his audio? Jesse worked for the mcmahons, right? If they gotta pay him, then are they then paying Jim Ross, Tony Shavonnie, Mike tenay, and (god help us) Hillbilly Jim for their audio commentary? Daniel Bee, somebody, drop some knowledge on the ol’ Brick.

    • chris says:

      From 1987-1990, Jesse’s agent Barry Bloom would ask WWE if WWE paid performers whenever they were included on Coliseum Video releases. Bloom was constantly told by WWE’s representative that only the “featured” performer on each video was paid and no one else. So Jesse kept re-signing with WWE each year with the understanding that he was not entitled to be paid extra money for appearing on home video releases.

      After leaving WWE, he discovered for that several 1987 and 1988 events, everyone on the show got some money once the event was released on home video. Everyone except him, that is. He filed a lawsuit, and in May 1994, he won and was awarded over $800,000.

      Ever since 2004 (why this didn’t start earlier, I don’t know), WWE started editing Jesse from home video releases unless he was too heavily involved for that to happen. Since his lawsuit was specifically regarding home video releases, Jesse’s commentary is left intact in all other forms that WWE distributes footage (TV airings,, YouTube, WWE Network, the now-defunct Classics On Demand).

      • Charlie brick says:

        Wow-I did not know at all about this. I asked because I was watching the latest wwe release “best wcw pay per views” and caught Jesse at the announce table (with no audio, so he looked to be chillin’). The guy brings life to even the dullest matches and no one can touch him during main event commentary. I wondered about the reason for the editing for the longest time but never got around to finding out the truth behind it all. Thanks for the thorough explanation. I appreciate it. Need more like you around here.

  5. oWn4life says:

    Black bars, as opposed to decorative on 4:3 footage… Sleek and not distracting… Well done.

  6. SRB says:

    I know Warrior does a lot of preaching and seems obnoxious on his high horse all the time trying to tell younger talent what to do and how to act. He should talk, right? BUT, Warrior looks better than most performers half his age. Somewhere, he must’ve done something right.

  7. Big Cal says:

    Man I cannot wait for the Piper timeline. That clip is awesome, one of my favourite stories from Piper. He told it on the Legends of Wrestling Renegades or something show too. Always cracks me up with the Bob Orton stuff.

  8. oWn4life says:

    Somebody’s got a copy… Can’t we get an update on Ventura’s exclusion/inclusion?

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