See Inside ‘Undertaker: The Streak 21-1’ Coffin Set, Watch Intro to WWE’s Christmas DVD

November 4, 2015 by Daniel Bee

WWE Christmas Collection (Ring in the Holiday) DVD Cover

“Ring in the Holiday” (“Christmas Collection” in the UK) is the next WWE DVD on the way!

Add it to your collection by pre-ordering now here on or here on

In the exclusive clip below, watch the DVD’s intro video which features an appearance by ho-ho-host and Christmas fanatic Mick Foley! The festive compilation is available now in Australia, following on to the United Kingdom this Monday and the United States this Tuesday.

Get your copy of the new WWE “Ring in the Holiday” DVD…

Australia: Available now! Grab your copy now from

UK/Europe: This Monday! Pre-order your copy from

USA: This Tuesday! Pre-order the DVD from or

In another WDN exclusive, look inside WWE’s new “Undertaker: The Streak 21-1 (R.I.P Edition)” DVD coffin for the first time with these first look photos!

Pictured here is the UK’s “0001” numbered coffin before it was packaged up and shipped out.

WWE Undertaker The Streak 21-1 Wooden Coffin DVD - Number 0001

Hit the Amazon buttons below to pre-order your coffin in the USA or the UK!

WWE Undertaker The Streak 21-1 Wooden Coffin DVD - Number 0001 with Gold Trading Card

UK FANS: Speaking of the Taker box set, have confirmed they have the “0666” numbered coffin in possession and up for grabs for anyone pre-ordering with them.

The buyer selected for that coffin will also win several prizes on top! Full details below.

WWE Undertaker The Streak 21-1 Wooden Coffin DVD - Number 666

Number 666 – the “most wanted” Undertaker Coffin box set could be yours…

Pre-order the Undertaker Coffin box set before 6 minutes past 6AM on Friday 6th November and you will be in with a chance to win arguably the most coveted of all the numbered coffins; exclusively at! (Don’t worry, if you have pre-ordered you are already in the draw)

The winner will also receive a copy of 25 Years of Destruction hardback book charting the Deadmans career and a Vengeance Unearthed T-Shirt!

Just by pre-ordering the coffin box set you will also receive an exclusive code which will give you £6.66 off your next order over £66!

RARE DEAL: Only 2 days left on the eBay auction for a rare, “Collector’s Edition” Trish Stratus WWE DVD (originally an FYE exclusive in the United States). The bid price right now is $20.70.

Compare that with the winning bid for a copy of the same DVD back in 2011…

Rare WWE Trish Stratus Collector's Edition DVD - $300 Auction

$20.70Trish Stratus: 100% Stratusfaction DVD (Special Collector’s Edition)


New WWE DVDs on

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  1. R&REXPRESS#1 says:

    Dude think about it, of course I didn’t see it …if I ordered something in AUGUST why would I be looking for it over the past weekend on WWE shop? Wow

    • Jamie says:

      If you aren’t looking for the deal then why are you crying about it in the first place?

      • R&REXPRESS#1 says:

        Because, I think it’s bulls**t that these websites made it seem, just 3 months ago, like you just had to sell your soul in order to get a copy (666 copies is NOT a lot for the entire US)….And now, 2 weeks from the release date, it seems to be everywhere & it’s cheaper now then what I pre-ordered it for in August PLUS now it comes with extras if you’re lucky enough to win that….it’s f***ed up the way they took us fans who ordered ours first, months ago….that’s why!!

        • attitude.era.4life says:

          can’t you just cancel your pre-order from August and then place a new?

        • Daniel Bee says:

          “…why would I be looking for it over the past weekend on WWE shop?”

          You wouldn’t necessarily have to be, instead just reading here as you seem to be.

          “…2 weeks from the release date, it seems to be everywhere & it’s cheaper now then what I pre-ordered it for in August”

          We promoted the Amazon listing and Amazon pre-orders can be cancelled anytime up to the release/shipping time. You have options here 🙂

  2. R&REXPRESS#1 says:

    Nice deal for those UK fans, now where’s the same deal for those of us in the US??….oh that’s right, WWE kisses UK ass & therefor it’s exclusive to them….BS.

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