Exclusive: Several Matches Revealed for WWE MSG DVD, Triple H DVD Name

July 3, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWE Madison Square Garden DVD

In case you missed it, the cover artwork for The Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden DVD and Blu-ray was released yesterday.

WrestlingDVDNews.com can now exclusively reveal several matches planned for the set.



First up, we can confirm the two we’ve been reporting on for several weeks now.

Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship
Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon
WrestleMania X – 20th March, 1994

John Cena Returns in the Royal Rumble Match
Royal Rumble – 27th January, 2008

The following three new matches will also be making the MSG DVD/Blu-ray.

Match for the Undisputed Heavyweight Wrestling Championship
WWE Champion, Bob Backlund vs. NWA Champion, Harley Race
22nd September, 1980

Intercontinental Championship Match
Bret “Hitman” Hart vs. “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase
29th December, 1991

#1 Contender Triple Threat Match
Triple H vs. Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho
Raw – 7th August, 2000

The Madison Square Garden DVD/BD drops August 27th. Click here to pre-order a copy with Amazon. It follows on to the UK and Europe on September 9th through WWEDVD.co.uk.

WWE Triple H Superstar

According to FremantleMedia (via Amazon.co.uk) the planned name of the upcoming Triple H DVD and Blu-ray on the way soon will be…

WWE: Triple H – Thy Kingdom Come


What do you think of the Triple H DVD name?

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Another newly revealed title now listed is for the Goldberg DVD/Blu-ray:

WWE: Goldberg – The Ultimate Collection“.

Triple H’s DVD will be released on September 24th. Click to pre-order it.

Goldberg’s DVD will be released on October 8th. Click to pre-order it.

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  1. miz4life says:

    Backlund vs Race =Sold

  2. Goldberg says:

    I must be the only who doesn’t like long matches.

  3. Simon says:

    Just found out that the Triple H vs. Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho match lasted a whopping 6:45. Is this really the BEST of MSG?

    • Anonymous says:

      With those three names involved it truly is a best of MSG. Furthermore, the length of the match doesn’t make the match. I’d suggest you wait until the rest of the match listings come out. I’m sure there’ll truly be some junk in there. This one is fine.

      • Simon says:

        I could name 20 greater MSG matches in my sleep. Star names don’t automatically equal great matches.

        • Anonymous says:

          Okay, so could I. But, this should have about 25 to 30 matches. So, it’ll fit in just fine. As I said, the worst is likely to come. This one is fine and the fact that it short also means it won’t eat up much space while also fulfilling the requirements of x number of Jericho and Triple H matches that we all know these releases must have. For the record, this is one of the post 1993 matches I was looking forward to seeing.

  4. Domenic says:

    WWE needs to put more Chris Benoit matches on dvds. Sure, what he did was horrible and he had absolutely no right to do what he did to his wife or his son, but it is ABSOLUTELY unfair that WWE erase Benoit from their memory. He was in WWE Encyclopedia and in other dvds after he died. So I hope McMahon does the right thing and put Benoit matches on future WWE dvds. Happy Fourth of July.

    • David says:

      Maybe you should read Sandra Toffoloni’s (Nancy Benoit’s sister) comments and thoughts on the Chris Benoit situation. There is more to the reason why WWE are doing what they’re doing regarding erasing Chris.

      I feel more smarks need to read this interview so they understand why Benoit won’t be mentioned by the WWE. Its not only because of WWE and their image but for Nancy’s family who are still to this day grieving over her and Daniel’s death. For one thing Chris made a promise to Nancy’s sister if something happened to him and Nancy that she would be Daniel’s guardian. She and her family hate Benoit for that.

      • Anonymous says:

        Domenic is correct. They need to start including Benoit matches where appropriate. In other words, in every complete show on Classics on Demand and on DVD release.

        But, in the end, WWE doesn’t care what us fans want. They only care about what Vince McMahon wants. As a result, it’s time to bring him back. According to McMahon, “it’s one thing to include him as part of a historical perspective, which I believe is OK, and it’s another thing to promote him, which is not OK. The situation is very similar to that of O.J. Simpson – despite his controversy, O.J. was still a part of the NFL scene.” Those comments originally appeared in WWE magazine and can be found at the following link:

        Now if only the WWE DVD and Classics on Demand departments would get that memo.

      • Domenic says:

        David, can you send me the link for the comment please?

      • Ryan says:

        If they’d just release Benoit/Lesnar, I’d never ask for another Benoit match, unless it was an important part of someone’s career.

    • Bill says:

      He’s in the War Games DVD and WWE left in the parts of the commentary than mentioned him, so maybe there’s a chance he’ll be on here

      • Anonymous says:

        Considering they are taking an unreleased approach, Benoit doesn’t actually need to be on here. With that said, they do need to start including him where appropriate: Classics on Demand, anthologies, and complete shows. As even McMahon agrees, this is the way to make things right and not glorify him.

  5. metfan61 says:

    I think this would have been better if they had done a 10-15 piece at the beginning where they could have talked about the history of MSG and shown clips of all the big matches that have been held there but are on multiple sets and just shown unreleased house show matches the pay per views all have the same look to them anyway they dont have the look of the Garden

  6. warresg says:

    I thought its going to be the self destruction of william goldberg.

  7. justin f says:

    A. Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come is a awesome name.
    B. If Best of MSG is a Best of…collection, why is there a random Raw match on there?

  8. wrestlingfan says:

    This better not be lame and be a bunch of matches that are already released on previous dvd releases. So far this looks not so good, but I will withhold judgement until I see the whole match listing

  9. Lawrence says:

    I agree with those wanting more 70s and 80s stuff on the MSG DVD/Blu-ray.

    • Anonymous says:

      1975 to 1992 should be the focus of this set. With regards to this specific set, I’d break it down as follows:
      1975 to 1984– 25%
      1985 to 1992– 50%
      1993 to present– 25%

  10. Domenic says:

    Please include Sgt. Slaughter vs Iron Sheik in a Boot Camp match and Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H vs. Chris Benoit from Wrestlemania XX.

  11. Goldberg says:

    BTW the three new matches are unreleased

  12. Brad Attitude says:

    i bet wwe will used recycled footage of goldberg speaking from the rise and fall of wcw when he discussed his character’s origins, the name his originally wanted to call himself and the “who’s next?” catchphrase. other than that, the ultimate collection is a better name than triple h’s “thy kingdom come” …

  13. Goldberg says:

    I like the name “Goldberg — The Ultimate Collection”. It is good to see the “Ultimate Collection” series continue, and I’d like to see it used for more people. This set could break the record for most matches in one set due to the short length of most of Goldberg’s matches.

  14. VinnieM says:

    I want all the old MSG matches from the 70’s and 80’s….none of this latest sh!t. Cena winning the Rumble, big deal. I want to see Bruno, Billy Graham, Backlund, Andre, etc

    • Anonymous says:

      I love classic wrestling, but even I’d rather see Cena than any Bruno footage, and most Graham, Backlund or Andre footage. To me, if I’m going to see something from Bruno’s era (60s), I want it to be guys who brought the whole package to the table (Thesz, Gagne, Stevens, Rogers, etc) as opposed to ones created by the McMahons but were actually very one dimensional and boring. The same applies for the 70s. I don’t want to see any Graham, Backlund or Andre unless they’re in the ring against the legends who had the total package (in ring and on the mic) including the likes of Briscos, Funks, Rhodes, Race and Flair.

  15. Timothy Thorpe says:

    I’m glad the Backlund-Race match made it. I just hope it’s not joined in progress.

    As far as Triple H name goes: I hope that the name isn’t a sign of things to come.

  16. J says:

    Sounds awesome so far

  17. James says:

    Glad to see the Backlund-Race match getting on DVD. Hope for the Slaughter-Sheik boot camp match.

  18. Mike says:

    The one match I hope is on it is:
    Sgt Slaughter vs Iron Sheik (Boot Camp Match)

  19. Ntron475 says:

    I hope theres more unreleased matches on the msg dvd. I love the Mania X ladder match is already on several sets. Id love to see some classic raw matches.

  20. KarlKayfabian says:

    Just me, but I could care less about the names of the releases and even the covers for the most part. It could come in a non-descript brown wrapping with “Triple H Set 2013” written in black magic marker by a four year old as long as the content is top notch and the production is of a high quality. Again, that’s just me.

    • LP1 says:

      I agree completely. It seems a lot of people care more about how a DVD/BR will look on a shelf than they do about what’s actually on the disc. I never understood that line of thinking.

  21. John says:

    Is the Triple Match Threat a repeat?

    The rest of the matches does sounds good although I think I could have done without the Razor-Michaels ladder match since I have 4 of this match on the other DVDs

  22. Mike E says:

    Will be real funny if the Goldberg disc outsells the HHH discs….

  23. Donquest90 says:

    They should have the Austin vs taker match for the wwe championship from summerslam 98 on the best of msg

  24. Spritz1999 says:

    They could have at least called the Goldberg one… “Goldberg – You’re Next!” I don’t care if it just a Match Compilation still a better name! And the Triple H one isn’t all that bad, but still that gimmick really was only ever used in 2006, and at the HOF ceremonies.

  25. GEOLINK says:

    Why not “The Game of King of Kings of Cerebral Assassin Popular Superstar of All Time”.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Could play homage to his past DVD releases.

      “The King of Kings is The Game because he is That Damn Good”.

  26. Nathan says:

    I don’t understand why tripple H dvd name has to be religious. I mean only for small part of his career was he the king of kings.

  27. Jammer says:

    I can just see the people who put these DVDs/Blu Rays together for WWE right now, sitting at a table brain storming….

    “Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage from Feb. 17th 1986??”

    “Okay then, how about Hart Foundation vs. British Bulldogs from July 25th 1987??”

    “Hmmm… alrighty then, how about John Cena returns at the 2008 Royal Rumble??”

    Ugh…. I say the should worry more about old MSG house shows to put on this DVD, than putting on PPV matches that are most likely released on DVDs already.

    • MJN says:

      this MSG set looks like a dud so far. Prove me wrong WWE but you say never before seen matches yet 3 of the 5 you’ve announced have been seen.

  28. Lemo says:

    Bret vs Dibiase is a wrestling clinic. Top 10 intercontinental title matches of all time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sure if you’re into 17 minutes of relative inactivity (rest hold after headlock after rest hold) before they finally start wrestling in the last three minutes. Don’t let the names involved fool you. They were going through the motions as they would have on a Moose Jaw house show. Frankly, the way they paced this match, you’d think they were scheduled to go to a 60-minute draw and somehow someone mercifully rang the bell at the 20-minute mark.

  29. Eric says:

    That ladder match and Cena’s RR return are not rare. I have that ladder match on at least 2 DVD’s and I have that RR as well. Those other 3 are pretty rare though. Personally I will enjoy seeing that Triple Threat from 2000.

    The HHH DVD name is OK. I don’t love, but I don’t hate. The name is not going to convince me to buy it nor will it convince me to not buy. Its not a big deal

  30. Kenny says:

    “Thy Kingdom Come”? Ugh! They really didn’t need to come up with any kind of clever title for Hunter’s set. Even a simple title like “The Life Story of The King of Kings” or something would’ve been perfectly fine for a set for a guy like Hunter.

  31. LP1 says:

    The Backlund vs Race match is a good addition. That match was not shown on TV with the rest of the show that night. For whatever reason at the time I guess the WWF didn’t want to have another World Champion appear on one of its TV shows. The match went well over a half hour. While that match was happening in the arena on TV they showed highlights of Showdown At Shea from the month before.

  32. Hollywood says:

    Hogan & Piper vs Flair / Sid from March 92 better be on the set. And hopefully there is more MSG Network shows than ppv matches on the set

  33. wwefan says:

    (this is just my opinion not trying to make anybody mad), wow what a dumb name for the triple h dvd, better have a really good match listing and documentary, i mean i know the name is only a name and does not effect whats on the dvd it self, but im just thinking how its going to looks on my shelf “TRIPLE H:THE KINGDOM COME” a name i would of liked to see it be called was ” triple h: wanna play?”. just letting you guys know what i think.

  34. Simon says:

    So the ‘John Cena Returns in the Royal Rumble Match’ clip is a straight rip from the John Cena Experience DVD by the sounds of it. And WWE didn’t listen, because fans wanted the entire match as a Blu-Ray extra, NOT just the last ten minutes.

    Not sure the HHH/Angle/Jericho match is really worthy of being on such a release, either. A good TV, but it hardly pops to mind when thinking of WWE at MSG, does it.

    I’ve been wanting this set for years and years, but as of right now, I probably won’t even be buying it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nobody ever wants a complete Royal Rumble to ever be re-released. If they show even 10 minutes worth, that’s too much!

      • Simon says:

        As it’s never been released in HD, I’d question whether or not it would be classified as a re-release.

        • Anonymous says:

          Regardless, the very minimal upgrade in quality is not a worthy reason for a re-release. Don’t forget it would take up around 60 minutes. They could easily use that time for a good five unreleased matches.

          • Simon says:

            It’s not just an upgrade in quality, it’s a shift from fullscreen to widescreen too, so it would make quite a big difference. It would’ve made a good Blu Ray extra, especially as it’s on one of the few shows they’ve filmed at MSG in HD.

            • Anonymous says:

              But, it’s still the same match. There’s simply no excuse to eat up 1 hour of a 9 hour release on something that’s already out.

              • Simon says:

                More of an excuse than featuring the Michaels/Ramon mach with NO upgrade or differences (which must run at least 25 minutes).

  35. Wonderllama says:

    Here is the MSG matches wishlist I personally want!

    MSG 1984 – Sgt. Slaughter vs. Iron Sheik (Boot Camp Match)
    WrestleMania 1 – Hulk Hogan & Mr. T vs. Roddy Piper & Paul Orndorff
    SummerSlam 1988 – Ultimate Warrior vs. Honky Tonk Man
    SummerSlam 1991 – Ted DiBiase vs. Virgil
    Survivor Series 1996 – Shawn Michaels vs. Sid
    Royal Rumble 2000 – The Hardy Boyz vs. The Dudley Boyz (Tables Match)
    Survivor Series 2002 – First ever Elimination Chamber Match
    RAW 2003 – Triple H vs. Kane (Title vs. Mask)
    WrestleMania 20 – Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle
    SmackDown 2009 – Jeff Hardy vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kane (Elimination Match)
    RAW 2009 – John Cena & The Undertaker vs. DX vs. Jerishow
    Survivor Series 2011 – CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio

    • Anonymous says:

      Terrible! If this is what makes the set, I definitely won’t buy it and I doubt anyone else would either. It’s all previously released with only a couple of exceptions. And, really, VIRGIL? You must be kidding.

  36. ck says:

    Is the Royal Rumble match in it’s entirety?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      The chapter/match is called “John Cena Returns in the Royal Rumble Match” as above, so I highly doubt it. It’ll be his entrance up to when he wins most likely.

      • Kenny says:

        Yeah, there’s no way they can put the entire hour-plus Rumble match on there and still be able to have a wide-enough variety of matches at the same time.

        In my opinion, if you’re not going to put the entire match on, then why put a clip of such a recent match on as a “bonus”? Seems like a bit of a waste of perfectly good disc space to me. I can understand using footage from the 70s that’s been clipped because of the video quality, but I just don’t get putting a snip-it of a match from 5 yrs. ago in as a “bonus match.”

  37. Anonymous says:

    So far so good, though I could have done without the Hart versus Dibiase.

    • Anonymous says:

      … or the two previously announced items.

      • LP1 says:

        Bret vs DiBiase was actually a good 20 minute match.

        • Anonymous says:

          Really? I’ve seen it and I disagree. I think that both guys seemed to be going through the motions and performed like they knew that the match wouldn’t be seen by too many people. They were also guilty of pacing themselves. They opened with a lengthy headlock/wearing down portion. The last few minutes are okay, but who wants to sit through the first 17 minutes of a lackluster 20 minute draw to finally get three or so good minutes? I can think of about 25 other MSG unreleased matches I would have rather seen. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a horrible selection, but given the names involved this is a disappointing match.

          • LP1 says:

            I’m not saying the match was an all time classic, but I don’t think it’s boring if you put it in the context of the time frame which it happened. For its time it was a solid match, probably better than most matches. Back then all you saw was 90% squash matches, so when you got a match like this it actually stood out. I agree that the time limit draw takes it down a few notches.

            • Anonymous says:

              Your point about the squash matches from the era is fair, but, that’s the only saving grace about a Best Of compilation as opposed to complete shows– we shouldn’t have to ever suffer through anything sub-par.

              Now, if they manage to squeeze in 20 better unreleased matches than this Hart versus Dibiase match, something that may be possible, we’ll really have a special set on our hands. Let’s see what they do. I am somewhat optimistic as the two other new matches that have been announced from 1980 and 2000 do seem promising and fit into the better category.

  38. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    The cover for Best of WWE at MSG makes me want to see more old school covers on future DVD sets. That champion vs champion match, Bob Backlund vs Harley Race is a nice gem. Never seen the match I don’t think, but I hope there’s more of those type matches on there.

    It’s a shame WWE already used the name King of Kings for Trips other DVD set. That would have been a great name for his new one. I like Thy Kingdom Come too, though. Looking forward to it’s release.

  39. Wonderllama says:

    I remember that triple threat match! I even remember how it ended. It was one of the first RAWs I saw when I first got cable. I don’t think it was anything special, though. Surely there are better matches to put on there?

  40. Vagelis Mangiras says:

    WWE lacks of inovation! WWE: Goldberg – The Ultimate Collection ? C’mon!
    WWE: Triple H – Thy Kingdom Come ? Gimme a break! They should come up with something catchy! Not this 10-mins-to-think-of-it names. . .

  41. John peterson says:

    @steeledge its been on volume 2 of the mania anthology,Shawn michaels,from the vault,the ladder match 2,and the true story of wrestlemania.this set will the 5th release for this match

  42. SteelEdge says:

    HBK v Razor at Mania 10 must be in the top 5 most repeated matches on WWE DVD’s. Anyone know how many it’s been on, including this one?

    • ALK says:

      That should be a feature on WDN.

      Come on WDN, nerd us out. XD

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s already appeared on Shawn Michaels From the Vault, History of the Intercontinental Championship, The True Story of WrestleMania, and Ladder Match 2. So this is now the fifth DVD it is appearing on.


  43. Horseman #5 says:

    I hope the cage match between DiBiase and Savage is on there–the one with the fan climbing the cage–is on there!

    • ck says:

      Even if it’s not on this DVD, at least it’s on Randy Savage’s DVD, fan interference and all. LOL!

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