Shots of The Miz Hosting WWE’s MITB Anthology DVD, Chris Benoit Edits

October 17, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWE Money in the Bank Anthology DVD Logo

Straight to the Top – Money in the Bank Anthology is the next WWE DVD and Blu-ray incoming for release! You can pre-order a copy at or

The Miz is your host as he reflects back on many of the 14 Money in the Bank Ladder Matches contained in this complete collection. Below are first look screenshots of Miz hosting.

The Miz Hosting WWE Money in the Bank Anthology DVD

The Miz Hosting WWE Money in the Bank Anthology DVD

The Miz Hosting WWE Money in the Bank Anthology DVD

Since this is a compilation of every MITB Ladder Match to date, that includes the very first one from WrestleMania 21 which Chris Benoit competed in. The match is in full rather than highlights but it is not without its edits. Firstly, the whole of Benoit’s entrance to the ring is cut out so the first you see of him is a shot of the ring where all competitors stand. Some commentary audio is muted such as when Benoit goes for the diving headbutt on Kane.

Additionally, some close-ups of Chris Benoit are cut out or modified. In the climax of the match the footage shown is from the arena ‘hard camera’. You see a wide shot of Edge entering the ring to hit Benoit with a chair, rather than how it originally aired with a close-up on Benoit who takes the surprise chairshot. You may also recall that Jim Ross had a line on commentary saying that Benoit deserves to win the match, and this has been taken out of the new version.

Chris Benoit Edited on WWE Money in the Bank Anthology DVD

Chris Benoit Edited on WWE Money in the Bank Anthology DVD

Chris Benoit Edited on WWE Money in the Bank Anthology DVD

Straight to the Top – Money in the Bank Anthology is released this month on October 29th. Click here to pre-order yours, or head to for November’s UK release.

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Reports of a new Rey Mysterio WWE DVD/Blu-ray in the works for 2014 have surfaced online this week. While that could well happen given that Mysterio releases have consistently performed on DVD in the past and he has not had a full-fledged documentary, nothing can yet be confirmed and we would consider this news only rumor right now.

WWE Rey Mysterio Delivering 619

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  1. Spritz1999 says:

    I honestly do not understand cutting Benoit out of anything… yes he is a murderer… I get it! But people act like the family is going to watch all of the dvds to make sure Benoit is not in it, just so when they do find something… they can jump up and get a lawyer and sue! His career had nothing to do with his personal struggles. He was still one of the greatest technical wrestlers of all-time! Always will be in my opinion! What? 20 years from now are we seriously going to keep this censoring Benoit crap up? Really? Come on now!

  2. Glorious says:

    Our Lady Peace also retired his song. They never want to play it again. Surely, they need to get over it too. An entrance is a celebration of a person. He’s treated like a Superstar, gets a light show, people cheer. He doesn’t deserve an entrance, and the artist who plays his song never wants to hear it again.

  3. RabidHeat says:

    Cutting the entrance out is stupid. They didn’t cut his entrance out of the Elimination Chamber Anthology or the Four Horseman segment on the Nitro set. Surely they can just take the commentary off the entrance?

  4. Glorious says:

    You’re right. Be sure to tell Nancy Benoit’s family to get over it.

    • HD says:

      I’m pretty sure they busy themselves with something else than watching a DVD looking for a Chris Benoit sighting. So yeah, they have nothing to do with this. All due respect to them and I understand what they’re dealing with, Benoit’s career is unrelated and unless he gets praised for the killings, I don’t see the issue. Even Chris’ sister-in-law shows more understanding of the situation than you do. And she had her f’ing sister taken away from her. If she can deal with it rationally, I’m sure some random stranger on the internet can too.

  5. HD says:

    I can fully understand WWE editing out comments that talk about Benoit as a man (be it JR saying he’s a classy gentleman or JBL rambling about him beating women) but anything beyond that is unnecessary. He’s been featured in DVDs and his career was detailed fairly in the WWE Encyclopedia. Nobody criticized it or caused WWE any bad publicity. Only negative reaction was fans who were annoyed with over the top edits creating an… incomplete match because there are long gaps with commentary muted.

    He was part of history and happened to be one of the greatest in what he did. Therefore, it’s only fitting that he appears when it’s suited to create a 100% honest product. People who don’t like to see him can still buy the DVD and skip over anything involving him. The man is also dead so nobody is gonna worry about filling his pockets undeservedly. As long as he’s not the center focus of the product, there really is no reason to complain by anyone. These DVDs are produced to satisfy fans and collectors (as well as WWE making profits) and whether others like it or not, there are still many of us who enjoy matches involving Chris Benoit because nobody can deny the talent he had in the ring.

    To those who oppose, it’s YOU who needs to “get over it”, not us. We are just trying to enjoy a wrestling match in good quality and not harming anybody. You, on the other hand, are trying to deny us the choice to watch a wrestling match because a man who made bad choices in his life is involved in it. If you want nothing to do with it, it’s your loss but don’t tell us what to do. You can also keep your little smart-ass comments about Benoit fans being “sick”, “perverted” or whatever you have in mind to yourself.

    • shank says:

      You’re enjoying it in high quality regardless of the commentary edits, dumbass. WWE’s official releases are the highest quality possible.

  6. rocky245 says:

    The Benoit situation is a difficult one I like a lot of fans get annoyed that they edit his bits and that a lot of his great matches will never see thelight

    • rocky 245 says:

      of day I can understand why wwe have chose this way as the familys left behind are more important than the wrestling fans. and on a side note I still believe that the wm 20 match will be only highlights on the new shawn michaels release

      • WorldWrestlingFederation says:

        The Match will NOT be shown in Highlights, The Match will be shown in full (Not guranteed) but they will edits bits and mute commentary, even though the michaels dvd/blu-ray is not a complete anthology like the iron will and money in the bank sets where they dint mind too much including benoit but its still a anthology of all shawn michaels wrestlemania matches so technically the will have to show the match in full because if they dont that will defeat the purpose of the set. We will see near time when that set releases only time will tell!!

  7. Marco says:

    I’m fine with these edits. WWE is handling this situation very well.

  8. David says:

    People should be happy at least WWE puts in some Benoit matches, even if its edited. They could have easily taken the Classics on Demand route and completely remove it. WWE alters their history from time to time, so this wouldn’t stop them.

  9. J. S. says:

    They should release a Chris Benoit documentary which talks about his career and ultimately about the disease he got, which led to this unbelievable murder.
    But they should respect the wrestler Chris Benoit with matches he was in. Ignoring him makes him more fascinating for many people than openly discussing about it.

    I am sick and tired of this bullsh*t editing. Yeah he did horrible things, but he was a really good wrestler.
    We have now two very good wrestlers cut from the wrestling history but for different reasons: Chris Benoit and Owen Hart.

    • SRB says:

      Benoit had a disease? What was it?

      • SeanBFDL14 says:

        Chris Benoit’s brain showed obvious signs of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (Commonly referred to as CTE) in his postmortem autopsy. CTE has been in the news quite a bit over the past few years due to the number of retired NFL players that have been shown to have it (and the increase in the number of suicides). I would assume that that’s the disease that he’s referring to. As an aside, Andrew ‘Test’ Martin’s brain also showed signs of CTE following his death.

    • glorious says:

      Celebrating how great of a wrestler he is, doesn’t equal what he did. Putting him on “Best of” comps, and having announcers sing praises about what he did is insensitive to those who were ACTUALLY affected by this tragedy. How do you think Nancy’s family would feel if there were collections out there that were pretty much saying he was the best at something?

      You didn’t lose any family members over this, so you probably can’t understand it, but there’s a small number of people out there who would have more harm done to them if a company honor’s a man who murdered their family member’s skill, because they were trying to make money off a DVD.

      Everyone always says WWE has no tact, but not putting him on there (albeit it could be argued that it is being done to cover their own behind) is a class act, no matter what the reason really is. I would rather spare the pain of a few people who feel harm when they look at his face, than get a 5 star wrestling match for my own selfish enjoyment.

      This shouldn’t be an argument. He’s on this set to make it complete, and you still see what is going on in the ring whether they go wide or not. Be glad. It’s not about Benoit. It’s about an impotant inaugural match being on a set that helped make a star out of Edge, not Benoit.

      Also, Owen has been on releases for years. Where on earth do you get off thinking he’s blacklisted?

  10. glorious says:

    There’s something offputting about a commentator going on about how heroic someone is, knowing that down the road he was anything but heroic. I hate seeing him hit his Headbutt, because I know that all of them lead to dying brain cells, which lead to him taking the lives of innocent people. In the first Money in the Bank, the zoom in on his bloody face as he puts the finishing move on that he used to snuff out his son. It’s disgusting, and I think those who long to see all that is quite perverted.

  11. Kenny says:

    For those who can’t quite grasp the concept of why WWE chooses to edit the Benoit footage, check this out…it’s simple and very well explained by a familiar face:

  12. John says:

    What a stupid and unneccesary edit

  13. Dennis D says:

    Times like these that I am glad that I own the PPV DVDs other then paying for match compilations that edits almost every match.

  14. Tony Kegger says:

    Why the edits? Would Jim Ross receive death threats if they left in the comment about Benoit deserving to win the match? If you can’t show the match without editing it, then don’t show it at all.

  15. David B says:

    Ok I am sick of these select Benoit edits. On two DVD’s that were released this year 2013. Wargames and Best Of Nitro Vol. 2 has featured Benoit name and person. Even on the wargames subtitle has featured his name. Getting really sick of this.

  16. Peter J says:

    Its quite embarrassing they WWE feel the need to get superstars to host dvds now.

    • Anan says:

      The last two Mysterio sets were match compilations so if there is gonna be another, it needs to be a documentary. And Mysterio should personally select which matches make the set. Bret’s DVD, Austin’s Bottom Line set both have proven that when the individual is personally involved in the projects, the sets go on to be successful.

  17. Brad Attitude says:

    already have the first money in the bank ladder match without cuts or edits on the first ladder match dvd so I don’t need to pick up this bulls**t. another rey mysterio dvd? ugh. his last two dvds were basically filler matches with a few lost gems. what other matches could they possibly add when his best stuff were of the 619 and Biggest Little Man dvd sets.

  18. The 12th Man says:

    Edge’s opportunistic shots to Benoit, and Benoit’s selling of it, is the absolutely greatest sequence of moments in any MITB ladder match to date. That MADE the match more than just a spotfest.

    Buy the actual WM21 or original Ladder Match comp for that – it’s worth every penny.

    • AJ says:

      Yeah, the highlight of that match isn’t Benjamin running up the ladder. You can’t honestly believe it’s one of the greatest moments in MITB. In every MITB match, several times in every MITB, somebody takes opportunity like that.

  19. LP1 says:

    I’m one of those people that feels Benoit shouldn’t be included on any compilation sets or best of sets, but when it comes to anthologies and complete shows I think Benoit should be included unedited. All of the different camera angles and muted commentary is unnecessary work that doesn’t need to be done. As long as he’s not on any advertising for the DVD and is not a selling point for the release then he should be left alone and not edited.

  20. John Peterson says:

    As many DVD’S Rey’s has had,I wouldn’t mind one more as long as its a Documentary on his career.The only Documentary of his,619.Came out over 10 years ago.So hes due for an up to date one.I still am hoping for Docs on Guys Like Owen,Booker T,Bulldog,Jerry Lawler,Vader,And Non Kayfabe ones for Taker and Kane

  21. @DEVILSHOLIC says:

    Honest truth They should stop covering up benoit no matter what he did. Everyone knows about it now why cover it up? and every walmart in NJ i went to dont have that mattel with the dvds and every walmart has the same dvds in each store. Wrestlemania 29 or ppvs thats it sometimes a few other but thats RARE!
    Miz hosting again this time on MITB dvd set doesn’t sound like a bad idea

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