REVEALED: Six More Matches for ‘Shawn Michaels: Unreleased’ WWE DVD – Mid-South, Kliq, Bret, RVD!

June 25, 2018 by Daniel Bee

WWE 'Shawn Michaels: The Showstopper Unreleased' DVD - Logo

Give those Monday blues some Sweet Chin Music because right now at you’re about to find out more matches planned for WWE’s Unreleased DVD on HBK!

Confirmed so far for “Shawn Michaels: The Showstopper Unreleased” were 5 matches dated between 1990 and 2008, along with a Piper’s Pit too — but this anticipated collection is slated to unearth more than 8 hours of rare material so there’s LOTS more still to come.

Let’s start by exclusively revealing another 6 never-before-released Shawn Michaels matches. This time the bouts journey back even further to 1985 presenting footage from Mid-South Wrestling.

There’s also content from WWF Superstars which includes Michaels going up against a fellow Kliq member, a match in which he teamed with Bret Hart, a World title match against Rob Van Dam, and an unseen Tag Team title defense with John Cena in an off-air “dark” match.

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Shawn Michaels vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts
Mid South Wrestling • February 1, 1985

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
The Rockers vs. Legion of Doom
Superstars • December 28, 1991

Shawn Michaels & Bret “Hitman” Hart vs. Jacob & Eli Blu
[Dark Match] RAW • July 24, 1995

Shawn Michaels vs. 1-2-3 Kid
Superstars • April 27, 1996

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Shawn Michaels vs. Rob Van Dam
RAW • November 25, 2002

WWE World Tag Team Championship Match
Shawn Michaels & John Cena vs. Rated RKO
[Dark Match] RAW • February 19, 2007


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Last week we showed you the cover artwork for the Money in the Bank 2018 DVD.

WWE Home Video UK have unveiled a new shot of the box art which shows that Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss will be featured on the spine with their respective Money in the Bank briefcases.

This year’s MITB PPV ran in excess of 4 hours therefore WWE will be producing its DVD release as a 2-disc set in order to fit in the entire event. That leaves some room for extras on the second disc which will feature the match and selected segments from the Kickoff Show, along with a few special features from 3 RAW and SmackDown Live episodes before and after Money in the Bank.

WWE Money in the Bank 2018 DVD - Official Box Art

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If you’re in the UK then today’s the day you can own the first-ever 3-disc WWE DVD set devoted to women’s wrestling – “Then, Now, Forever: The Evolution of WWE’s Women’s Division”.

And it’s packed with women’s wrestling — 22 full-length matches. 24 documentary-style chapters. Totalling 8 hours and 50 minutes of content!

Thanks to WDN reader @the2004punk for the first look at the UK version below. The release to the United States is on the way tomorrow (more photos) and it will hit Canada in 2 weeks.

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  1. Vintage Simon says:

    Random trivia: we now have Shawn Michaels matches from four consecutive nights out there on various WWE Home Videos (spanning July 23-26, 1995).

    July 23: In Your House 2 vs. Jeff Jarrett (The Best of IYH)
    July 24: TV Taping vs. The Blu Brothers (this set)
    July 25: TV Taping vs. Sycho Sid, Tatanka & Kama (this set)
    July 26: TV Taping vs. Jerry Lawler & Hakushi (Unreleased 1986-1995)

    Are there any comparable instances for any other wrestlers? I think the most I have in my collection up until now is back-to-back nights, but no more than two dates in a row.

  2. Anonymous says:

    HBK vs. RVD sounds like a waste if it aired on Raw making it available on the Network.

    Stuff like the Superstars matches and the dark matches that aren’t on there are way more intriguing so hopefully there’s not too many more Raw matches.

    • LP1 says:

      It’s not a “never-before-seen” home video, it’s an ”unreleased” home video. Meaning matches that have never been released on home video before.

      • CJ Styles says:

        I’m not so sure about that, I think they are supposed to be rare and unseen matches in general not simply unreleased on DVD…

        • Nick says:

          When WWE says unreleased, I take it as ‘Not on any DVD’.

        • CJ Styles says:

          but the last 2 or 3 “Unreleased” DVDs have all been matches that aren’t officially released anywhere not just DVD…

          • Nick says:

            Dont take their wording of ‘unreleased’ literally. They dont care if a match is on the network. They are thinking none of these matches have been released on dvd, therefore it’s unreleased.

            The recent Unreleased Savage set had 5 Nitro matches on it.

            The 1986-1995 set was easier to fill because they could use any wrestler from their houseshow footage. Lot harder when it’s a specific wrestler, your match selection automatically shrinks. Take what you can get.

      • RabidHeat says:

        And yet the Randy Savage DVD contained the word “Unseen” in the title, but contained Nitro matches.

    • C J Styles says:

      I think theres a good chance it could be a dark match rematch of the main event as the match ended in DQ…

      • Vintage Simon says:

        No, because this never took place.

        I remember watching this show, and thinking that the logical progression after this match was a triple-threat match between Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Rob Van Dam at Armageddon 2002. Sadly, RVD ended up at The World / WWE New York that night, and we ended up with the rather underwhelming 2/3 stages match instead. I’d have loved to have seen a proper HBK/RVD match at a PPV.

        • RabidHeat says:

          Yeah, it was a real shame; I remember being frustrated that we only got a taste on Raw of what RVD and Michaels could do together. It was also the only time Michaels ever wore these tights with a plain white HBK logo on the legs! Not sure why he never busted them out again.

    • Vintage Simon says:

      My sense is that they’re trying to mix up legitimately unseen matches with rarer televised bouts so that there are at least a few matches with commentary.

      As for the ‘unreleased’ element – WWE seems pretty loose with this definition and changes its meaning from set-to-set, so not sure this is worthy of an argument as there’s no conclusive definition.

      I wouldn’t have minded the RVD match on this set, but it’s already up on WWE’s YouTube channel (in its entirety), and as I tend to download these, I do already have it in my collection… albeit in a digital format. At least I can clear the 295MB from my hard-drive!

    • David says:

      The Savage Unreleased has matches from Nitro which is also available on the Network. These sets are basically UNRELEASED on home video.

  3. Jason says:

    This is a day 1 must buy! Love it. And hbk one of my all times favs. This set is gonna be awesome.

  4. meme says:

    Once again great choices. This just proves that WWE can blow everyone’s minds when they want to.

  5. andemoine winrow says:

    I’m definately picking this up.

  6. Jballz says:

    I’m really hoping for the match in ny where he won the ic title back from Jannetty and the tag match where he and diesel won the tag belts from headshrinkers They really dropped the ball with the savage dvd imo with not including the Duggan match where he won the crown and the much asked for taker one.

    • tom says:

      i’m sure there will be another savage dvd

    • LP1 says:

      I don’t believe footage exists of Shawn’s June ‘93 IC Title win and August ‘94 Tag Title win. No footage was ever shown of those Title changes on Raw, Superstars and the other weekly shows when talking about those Title wins. Back then whenever there was a Title change, they would always show you the finish of the match, if any footage existed. Unfortunately they never showed any from those 2 matches.

  7. Christian Robinson says:

    I want more mid south wrestling days on this dvd. Back when he was an enhancement talent

  8. Christian says:

    I might be late but is there a blu ray release for this and macho man’s dvd?!

    • David says:

      Nope….WWE have stopped Blu-rays and only Wrestlemania was and the only Blu-ray WWE will release going forward.

      • Anan says:

        Is WM really the only bluray now? I thought Summerslam and Royal Rumble were still on bluray too at least outside the US? WM may still be the only bluray here in the US though.

  9. SRB says:

    Side question not related to the article: I know sometimes this website will post regarding TNA DVDs. However, does anyone collect ROH and know what’s happening with their DVD releases? I haven’t seen anything so far for 2018. Just curious. Thanks.

    • David says:

      Like TNA they are just behind and likely not a priority. I believe Final Battle 2017 is the last one they released. Seems like ROH are focusing on their streaming service Honorclub and have all their events this year so far on it. ROH recently released Year 6 DVD set focusing on matches from 2007 which is pretty cool.

      Same deal with TNA with their GWN Network – Bound for Glory 2017 was the last PPV they released but they also seem to focus on their Essential Collection series with the latest featuring Gail Kim – they also have Samoa Joe, Eric Young, Bobby Roode and AJ Styles.

      • SRB says:

        I agree with you for sure, but find this to be very odd with ROH as this is the complete opposite of their normal practice. As I used to try to grab all ROH DVDs, it seemed impossible to get them all since they were releasing like 30 per year, and now literally nothing? Very strange.

  10. Mike Poulin says:

    I would love to see more of HBK’s title matches on this set vs Triple H from 2 days after Mania XII and vs Austin from two days after April 1996 In Your House

    • RCS1988 says:

      Late 80’s early 90’s.

    • Anan says:

      Those will be good as will the full triple threat match vs Bret Hart vs Taker from 97 (MSG I think) people think the match is short bc of the version they saw floating around the internet but that isn’t the full match as it’s only showing the match from midway on. Haven’t seen it but this is according to another user who commented on it on another post regarding Shawn Michaels Unreleased

  11. Rich says:

    Just to be clear, the Bret & Shawn vs Jacob & Eli Blu match is a dark match from a Raw taping and was not aired on Raw

    • tom says:

      seems like it. i wish they would just dub over commentary with phillips and graves or phillips and hbk.

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