U.S. TITLE WEEK: Six New ‘U.S. Championship’ Matches for Final Reveals, $5 WWE DVDs Return!

January 29, 2016 by Daniel Bee

US Title Week - WWE United States Championship: Legacy of Greatness DVD

The FINAL DAY of U.S. TITLE WEEK is here – is it really that time already?

Six new matches are confirmed today for “The U.S. Championship – A Legacy of Greatness”, WWE’s new DVD and Blu-ray on the United States Championship coming later this year!

Two NWA-era bouts, two WCW-era bouts, and two WWE-era bouts revealed below…



“I Quit” Steel Cage Match for the United States Championship
Tully Blanchard vs. Magnum TA
Starrcade • November 28, 1985

United States Championship Match
Lex Luger vs. Sting
NWA World Championship Wrestling • December 23, 1989

WCW United States Championship Tournament Final
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. Dustin Rhodes
WCW Saturday Night • January 16, 1993

WCW United States Championship Match
Rick Steiner vs. Booker T
WCW Greed • March 18, 2001

WWE United States Championship Match
JBL vs. William Regal
SmackDown • April 28, 2006

Triple Threat Submissions Count Anywhere Match for the United States Championship
Daniel Bryan vs. John Morrison vs. The Miz
Hell in a Cell • October 3, 2010

US Title Week - WWE United States Championship: Legacy of Greatness DVD

Pre-order “The U.S. Championship – A Legacy of Greatness”…

WWE: The U.S. Championship – A Legacy of Greatness [DVD]
WWE: The U.S. Championship – A Legacy of Greatness [Blu-ray]

WWE TLC 2015 Blu-ray - UK Exclusive

TLC 2015 is getting a UK exclusive Blu-ray edition next month (February 22nd via Amazon.co.uk). On top of the standard special feature found on the DVD, five more extras will be included on the Blu-ray.

Here’s the scoop on what those extras will be and a first look.

WWE - Roman Reigns Puts Sheamus Through Tables

Though not previously advertised, we can confirm that the Blu-ray will feature the recent Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze Triple Threat Match from SmackDown, along with the Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose contract signing also from SmackDown.

As for RAW segments, the pre-TLC promo (and brawl) between Roman Reigns and Sheamus, the New Day/Usos/Kalisto & Sin Cara promo, and the Miz TV segment with special guests Charlotte and Ric Flair will also feature in the extras. Check out a few screenshots above and below.

WWE - Ric Flair, Charlotte & Paige on Miz TV

WWE - Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze Triple Threat Match

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  1. Wrestlevessel says:

    What is taking so long to reveal the final and official listings?

  2. Scott says:

    Man, I wish Benoit/Booker could make it.

    • Jeff Copeland says:

      your better off finding there ppv matches on the network or youtube or dailymotion only time your ever gonna get benoit is if its a gimmick dvd like tlc steel cage chamber ect ect like a anthology

  3. Jack says:

    Regal vs JBL, nice one, I remember watching that match, a fun brawl from what I remember. I am liking this US Title collection thus far, some interesting choices.

    • Jeff Copeland says:

      i don’t even remember that match :O !!! as far as goldberg raven ehh its been on dvds lets get a scott steiner match like 99 one vs booker t

  4. Eli says:

    I wanna see the following matches on the set:

    • steve austin vs. ricky steamboat (clash of the champions 28)
    • goldberg vs. raven (wcw nitro)
    • scott steiner vs. booker t (spring stampede 1999)
    • john cena vs. booker t (best of 5 series final match – no mercy 2004)
    • finlay vs lashley vs mr kennedy (2006)

  5. Victory73 says:

    I like the Lex vs Sting choice.

  6. Garey says:

    Still waiting for Sting vs Austin for the vacant US Title from August 1991

  7. Matt says:

    I don’t think WWE will ever put Sting v. Meng on a DVD set 🙁

  8. Brad Attitude says:

    So when does the full match listing get released?

  9. RnRisKing says:

    Okay thats a total of 26 matches so far. So there’s still a chance that Magnum’s first title win against Wahoo will make the cut. That was a great cage match.

  10. Rob says:

    Magnum v Blanchland again? It’s a great match but couldn’t they have got something else? And wasn’t that match “unsanctioned” and therefore not for the title?

  11. John says:

    Are they all repeats? It sounds like it

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