Exclusive: Sneak Peek of WWE ‘History of Hardcore Championship 24/7’ DVD (And Its Hardcore Hosts!)

August 18, 2016 by Daniel Bee

WWE History of The Hardcore Championship: 24/7 DVD - Logo

The next 3-disc WWE DVD is less than 3 weeks away… and this one’s HARDCORE!

You’ve watched the official trailer, you’ve critiqued the cover artwork, and now it’s time for an exclusive sneak peek at the actual finished product before it hits stores anywhere.

Mick Foley, RVD & Raven Hosting WWE History of Hardcore Championship DVD

WWE History of The Hardcore Championship: 24/7 DVD - Hardcore Host Raven

“The History of the Hardcore Championship: 24/7” is on the way early next month in both the United Kingdom and the United States. It will feature a ton of hard-hitting matches and moments (nearly 60 of them made the cut), all packed in to a near 9 hour runtime for the Blu-ray.

It’s hosted (in a sit-down discussion type format) by 3 men who can no doubt be considered “hardcore legends” – Mick Foley, who was the first to hold the Hardcore Championship, Rob Van Dam, who was the last title holder, and Raven who had it a record-breaking 27 times!

In addition to a first look at the menu planned for the Blu-ray (see the video above), a preview clip of the host segments has just surfaced – excuse the shaky video quality – with the topic of RVD’s stature in WWE “skyrocketing” during his initial reign as Hardcore champ.

If you want to see more, now is the time to pre-order ahead of the imminent release because the price of the DVD has been dropped to just $15.02 here on Amazon.com and the Blu-ray $18.27 here. Once you lock in a pre-order, it’s guaranteed you will not be charge a higher price.

WWE History of The Hardcore Championship: 24/7 DVD - Hardcore Host Mick Foley

Since its inception in 1998, the WWE Hardcore Championship has been sought after by some of WWE’s toughest and most unpredictable competitors.

From deranged champions like Mankind, Raven, and Al Snow, to fighting champions like Rob Van Dam, Undertaker, Tommy Dreamer and Hardcore Holly, to unsung hardcore heroes like “The Lethal Weapon” Steve Blackman and Crash Holly, this set takes a comprehensive look at the greatest WWE Hardcore Championship matches in history.

It’s unpredictable… it’s wild… it’s HARDCORE!

WWE History of The Hardcore Championship: 24/7 Blu-ray - Cover Artwork

Get your hands on WWE’s new “History of HARDCORE” DVD/Blu-ray…

UK/Europe: September 5th. Pre-order your copy of it now here on Amazon.co.uk.

USA: September 6th. Pre-order your copy of it now here on Amazon.com.

Australia: October 19th. Product listings just went live over at Madman.com.au.


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Reply to Richard W


  1. Richard W says:

    Smackdown should definitely consider bringing this title back into their fold, since RAW will have the Cruiserweight title upcoming.

    • Brad Attitude says:

      I’d rather see the European championship be brought back especially with the amount of European stars WWE keeps hiring.

      Given today’s PG rating and the characters being toned down, probably not a good idea to bring back the hardcore title if guys or gals aren’t allowed to push the limit when it comes to violence.

  2. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    Love that HARD rock for the menu screen.. much better than the Flo Rida crap and all similar that sounds excactly the same. that the WWE is been using the recent many years.

    Can not wait to Sept. 5th.. gonna be so freakin HARDCORE! 😉

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