STING WEEK: Last Reveals for ‘Sting: Into The Light’, $2 WWE DVDs This Weekend

July 25, 2015 by Daniel Bee

Sting Week - WWE Sting: Into the Light DVD & Blu-ray

It’s the last day of our exclusive reveal week for the “STING: Into The Light” DVD/Blu-ray!

Missed any of it? Then check out everything revealed at this link: STING WEEK.

Sting’s early career is once again the focus of today’s content reveals with matches coming to you from Clash of the Champions, WCW/New Japan SuperShow, and WCW Saturday Night.

Sting vs. Ric Flair - WCW Clash of the Champions 1988


Today we reveal three more matches…:

NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Ric Flair vs. Sting
Clash of the Champions • March 27, 1988

— Sting vs. The Great Muta
WCW / NJPW SuperShow • March 21, 1991

King of Cable Tournament Match
Sting vs. Flyin’ Brian Pillman
WCW Saturday Night • November 7, 1992

…and four new documentary chapters:

— “Now or Never”, “Moment of Truth”, “A Transformation”, “Signed”.

WWE Sting: Into The Light Blu-ray - Cover Artwork

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“STING: Into The Light” will feature a documentary portion, over 15 career-spanning matches, and additional extras on top. The DVD and Blu-ray will be released on October 13th to the US. As of last word, it’s also scheduled to be released in October to the UK, Europe and Australia.

Look out for the FULL content listing here on next week!

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These six WWE DVD/Blu-ray titles (pictured below) are all on sale for $3.99 each – but by entering promo code “SALE40” at checkout you can get their prices down to only $2.39 each!

Be sure to take advantage of these low prices before the sale expires on Sunday night.

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Best Buy has the next incoming WWE DVD, “THE KLIQ RULES”, on sale for only $17.99 and the Blu-ray on sale for $22.99. As noted, the title officially releases this coming Tuesday.

Speaking of Best Buy, for reasons unknown they have made “The Very Best of WCW Nitro Vol. 3” DVD/Blu-ray unavailable to pre-order, while other new titles remain unaffected. Naturally this raises speculation that the removal could be related to the Hulk Hogan situation, since he is featured in the content. It may simply be a coincidence or it could be part of a developing story.

At the time of writing, Amazon and other retailers still have Nitro Vol. 3 available to buy.

WWE - Very Best of WCW Nitro Vol. 3 DVD Pulled from Best Buy

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  1. Richard W says:

    Speaking of the WCW Nitro DVD forthcoming, I just spotted this listing on but have no idea as to what this entails. Now is this for the original set or the upcoming set? Here is the link and it’s at a cheaper cost to boot…

  2. Richard W says:

    I also see the Sting DVD is re-airing the first clash match once again. Hell of a match but is it necessary to put this on the set after being on several other sets? They have to have more matches in their archives of this guy than the many repeats they are issuing for this newest set. Little frustrating.

  3. Donnie says:

    This sting dvd is gonna blow

  4. attitude.era4life says:

    I’m actually amazed that still have listed their version of “Hulk Hogan Unreleased Collector’s Series”. Wonder, how long more WWE will let it exist.

  5. Brock Allen says:

    With the Pillman KOC Tourney match that means Sting’s entire tournament run will be out finally. His finals match with Vader, on the Starrcade set, is still my favorite match of their series. Now if only the rest of the tournament can see the light of day. It was a great time for WCW in-ring. Great time.

  6. attitude.era.4life says:

    thank god for physical media, when one has paid for something that he/she wants to watch…and that can not be deleted or erased by anyone.

    Hopefully, there will never ever be a society in reality similar to the Fahrenheit 451 dystopia by Bradbury..

  7. LP1 says:

    My feelings on the Hogan situation. I understand why WWE had to fire him from a Public Relations standpoint, but erasing him completely is a ridiculous overreaction. There’s talk they may remove him from the Hall Of Fame(not just his bio on the website) and they’ve also removed every episode of “Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘N Wrestling” from the Network. He made racial remarks in a private conversation many years ago. Now I’m not condoning what he said, but show me one person who has never said anything even remotely prejudiced in their entire life. Especially in the privacy of their home or in other private conversations. It’s one thing to make racist comments, but it’s another thing to actually BE a racist. If Hogan was shown wearing a white hood and carrying a burning cross then you can jump down his throat. It’s just another case of WWE overreacting to a situation.

    • Eric says:

      Good points, but, see, the problem there is what you are saying makes sense, and when is the last time the WWE did anything that remotely made sense? I cancelled my sub to the network. Removing the cartoon really pissed me off, not to mention removing the reason the company still exists (like him or hate him, it’s true) from the HOF over something said in private almost a decade ago. It’s beyond ludicrous.

  8. RnRisKing says:

    Thats only 15 matches, so their is still a good chance for Luger vs Sting from Super Brawl and Luger/Sting winning the Crockett Cup.

  9. Jammer says:

    Even if matches like Sting vs. Luger from Superbrawl 2 and Sting vs. Vader from Superbrawl 3 were to be on this DVD/Blu Ray set, you can be sure Jesse Ventura’s voice would be muted out, thus ruining the match (at least for me.)

    I also swear that whoever does these DVD sets, looks for just certain names when putting DVDs/Blu Rays together. “Steve Austin, Brian Pillman, Eddie Guerrero, Diamond Dallas Page” seem to be the main names for when putting together WCW DVDs of any kind.

    For example, on the last Sting DVD set when a Sting vs. DDP match took place that was only 35 seconds long. And DDP was considered a jobber then too so the match was just pointless.

    • Steve Giordano says:

      Well said. This is the case because when they include people who are on WWE payroll they can pay them a royalty. Hence why we get so many Billy Kidman matches on the best of Nitro. Same thing with DDP.

  10. Calvin says:

    Did I miss the Blu Ray exclusives or have they not been revealed yet?

  11. attitude.era.4life says:

    look at the bright side: the Sting release is gonna be far better than next years:

    “Mr. America: The definitive Brotha’ collection”!

  12. R&REXPRESS#1 says:

    This is pathetic. This set had so much potential to be great, but guess what? Yet ANOTHER botch job by wwe to bury Sting ( as though Wrestlemania wasn’t enough). Sad, just sad.

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