Breaking: WWE Producing New DVD on Stone Cold Steve Austin

July 14, 2011 by Daniel Bee

Late last night Stone Cold Steve Austin announced that WWE will be producing a brand new DVD set on his career, and that he’s heavily involved too.

He broke the news on his Twitter account – steveaustinBSR. By the sounds of it this is to be a major project, bigger than the usual 3-Disc releases on WWE Superstars. This is also perhaps more insight into why “Austin/Rock: The Rivalry” was postponed.

Here’s what he had to say regarding it:

     WWE is going to do a final DVD story on my career in the ring. Very in depth look from start to finish. Im very much looking forward to it.

     I want to hear questions from the fans. I will get an address for questions tomorrow. This will be the be all, end all DVD collection.


Austin also answered a few fan queries regarding the DVD:

     (This DVD set better be more than 3 discs. A legend like you deserves it)
Should be 4 or 5 discs.

     (What was going on with you during your heel turn?)
Good question. That will be answered by me on the DVD.

     (PLEASE say this is going to include War Games from Wrestle War 92!)
I will keep that in mind.

More as we hear it. Comment with your thoughts on the news below!

WWE’s last SCSA DVD was released in 2008.

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  1. Mark says:

    I’m happy that Stone cold is coming out with this final DVD project..It’s a bit bittersweet though, I was really looking forward to the Austin/Rock rivalry coming out, but that is ok. Besides austin/rock, austin/mcmahon, another great rivalry he had was with Triple H..I hope the DVD will include some of their fights from 99 before the survivor series incident.

  2. ayham says:

    is other superstars going to talk about how you are the greatest of all time in it

  3. Anonymous says:

    What is a War Games?

  4. gina says:

    Please add to the disc, all his retunrs in wwe, i wanted to see the ovations, it was just over the roof, for sure the best ovations ever. Backlash 2000, Unforgiven 2000 and no way out against eric bischoff. PLEASE this had to be a 6 disc dvd set. Thanks Austin you are no doubt the greatest Of All times

  5. CRIZ says:

    Please Add to the disk all the returns of Stone cold, it was amaizng the crowd and the ovations that he receive.

    Backlash 2000 Stone cold return
    Unforgiven 2000 Stone cold return
    No way out 2003 Stone cold return

    Thanks Austin>>> THE GREATEST OF ALL TIMES

  6. Anonymous says:

    hope the triple threat match vs undertaker vs kane from smackdown 01 is on it.very good match with vince mcmahon as special guest ref.

  7. Jamie says:

    Hope the Match with Him and The Rock vs Angle and Jericho before Veg 2001 on Smackdown is on their that was a great tag match

  8. Brett Mix says:

    Thing is, no matter what matches WWE chooses, fans will always complain. With that being said I think it’d be ludicrous to exclude his matches with Angle. Summerslam, Unforgiven 01, Raw Jan 01, Raw Jan 02, Raw Sept 01 (his final title win) his matches with Jericho. I know they can’t do a Benoit match but obviously the two near 5 star matches with Chris if possible. Some early rare WCW more with the Steamer. Final Four, and Revenge of the Taker with Bret. South Africa with Bret. War Games 92, these are just SOME ideas.

  9. Chris Smith says:

    Ah this would be the 5 disc DVD that JR hinted at a few months ago. I thought he meant the Shawn/Bret one.

  10. Isrs4life says:

    I hope the matches are different from his previous DVD Set.
    It would be a nice clean change on his career again.
    I accually watched about between him vs. Regal in a strap match
    from Smackdown back in late 2001 which was nice and what ever
    good Smackdown matches he had hope to make the set, I am really
    amped on this sorry for talking about it again but just had to say

  11. Anonymous says:

    i hope his match vs ricky steamboat from wcw bash at the beach 94 gets on the set.

  12. LP1 says:

    If this is going to be the “Definitive” Austin DVD release then they must include all 6 of his WWF World Title wins. His final Title win against Kurt Angle from the October 8, 2001 episode of Raw has never been released on any DVD. At least not that I know of.

    As far as which wresler has had the most VHS/DVD/BR releases, it’s still Hulk Hogan. He’s had 3 DVD releases since his comeback in 2002(4 if you count the n.W.o. DVD) and he had 12 VHS releases from 1985-1993.

  13. Thomas says:

    fantastic news, hopefully the new dvd of Stone Cold Steve Austin will be much better than the legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin that was released in 2008 & I am looking forward to the new dvd of Stone Cold Steve Austin but hopefully this will be answering the question on why The Rock/Austin rivarly dvd was postponed

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hope His Match vs Chris Jericho From No Way Out And His Wrestlemania Match vs Scott Hall Makes It On.

  15. Brett Mix says:

    Great point x23, I couldn’t believe a DVD named the Legacy of Austin ended right before his most dominant year. I could even list 10-15 more 2001 matches from Austin in that year alone.

  16. x23 says:

    the last Stone Cold DVD didn’t include any matches after WrestleMania 17. so here’s a list of the other good matches he had in 2001

    vs. Kurt Angle – RAW 1/8/01
    Steel Cage vs. The Rock – RAW 4/2/01
    vs. The Undertaker – Judgment Day 2001
    vs. Chris Jericho – RAW 6/4/01
    vs. Kurt Angle – SummerSlam 2001
    vs. Rob Van Dam – Smackdown 9/6/01
    Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam – No Mercy 2001
    Steve Austin & Kurt Angle vs. The Rock & Chris Jericho – Smackdown 11/15/01
    Team WWE vs. Team Alliance – Survivor Series 2001

  17. Jonathan M says:

    in Austin DVD, they should have Vince, JR, Rock, HHH, HBK, Bret, Steamboat, Dusty, Goldust, Anderson and Show to be interview on his dvd i’m sure most likey they will but most importantly, Mcmahon, Jr, HBK, Rock, HHH and Bret since they the ones who know Austin Better even with their historic feuds they had with them. Of Course will most likey have CEna, Orton, and others who are present working with WWE. i wish they would have Jericho, Foley on the DVD Since Foley no longer working for TNA And Jericho taking time Off. I hope they will AUstin Matches will includle his Fully Loaded First Blood match against The Undertaker and also before that one the Raw of June 28, 1999 the highest Raw rating in Raw where Austin Regain his WWE championship form The Undertaker. Make this be the Best DVD that WWE produced for Stone COld Steve Austin.

  18. Daniel Bee says:

    JR just tweeted about the Austin DVD, that it will probably be released in time for Xmas. Nice ๐Ÿ™‚ Certainly is a fair few changes to the schedule.

  19. Roaster says:

    The main problem I had with the Legacy of Austin was its lack of extras. I’m sure they’ll get the matches right (except the Benoit ones but who knows…) I really hope its loaded with extras because Austin had a lot more Raw moments than whats highlighted on the Raw anniversary dvds. Not to mention Smackdown from 99-02. Can’t wait.

  20. Isrs4life says:

    This is awesome! I knew for some reason that the WWE Legacy of SCSA
    wasn’t good enough for that man and hopefully we will see some Invasion
    Matches between Him and Angle and possible rare bouts like from Fully Loaded for instance.

  21. Anonymous says:

    hope they show rare matches such as his steel cage match vs rock and the rebellion match vs rock as well.his matches vs kurt angle,when he beat undertaker for the wwe title on raw,his match vs ric flair on raw 02,and his comeback match vs eric bishoff.

  22. Brett Mix says:

    It’s such a damn shame that two of the best Austin matches of all time feature Chris Benoit. (SD in Edmonton one on one, he called this his 2nd favourite match in his book) and then the Power Trip tag on Raw.

  23. Jamie says:

    Sweet One More Stone Cold DVD

  24. f he’s taking match requests from Fans aswell as questions then It should be Awesome!

  25. Brett Mix says:

    Thank GOD! His last one had great gems like Bret SS 96, Shawn KOTR 97 but it didn’t have enough of him. I mean he’s the greatest of all time he deserves more.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Cant Wait

  27. Alan says:

    This is great news – sign me up! My only concern is that the talking heads will include the likes of The Miz, Kofi Kingston and John Morrison all talking about how influential he was. In mild moderation it would be fine, but if they use them to actually reference specific promos/matches, it’d be an instant fail. They need McMahon, Michaels, Rock, JR and Triple H to pull this whole thing together. Looking forward to it.

  28. CJ says:

    Will they have some of the same matches as on the “Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin” set is what I’m wondering.

    But a more than 3 disc set on Austin? Amazing.

  29. william says:

    5 disc the anthnolgy of stone cold steve austin would be great

  30. Banjo says:

    you remember those old Stone Cold VHS tapes like Austin vs. McMahon? That’s what I want. I want to see more RAW promos and highlight videos

  31. Thomas says:

    Great news you can never get enough of scsa looking forward to the DVD it would be sick if it was 8 discs thumbs up if you agree

  32. Scott says:

    Until they maKe a deal with the pandas, I’d really prefer they don’t use Attitude Era footage. The blurring is unbearable, no mattter how much “better” they’ve got at doing it. I’ll still get this more than likely.

  33. Rocko says:

    Color me intrigued. I just hope they really do go in depth and discuss the major moments in his career at length. Possibly (and don’t stone me to death for this) even discuss his feud and matches with Benoit. I know they’ll never include full length matches but they should at least acknowledge the rivalry between the two, however short it might have been. They could get a lot of mileage out of the Benoit/Jericho vs. Triple H/Austin angle just due to how it all came unraveled with the injuries to H and Benoit. After reading about it in Jericho’s book, I would love to hear from Austin how the angle was originally planned to go and how they had to readjust first for Triple H going down and then for Chris. I know it’s wishful thinking at best but it would be nice to see them at least mention it.

  34. Anonymous says:

    cant wait.. hope it has a great documentary

  35. tnawwejosh says:

    Really weird thing is i just got the new Austin DVD today and was thinking he needs a new DVD because that one was lacking. New one deserves 4 or 5 discs if its “the last one” hope its TV14 so there is no limits on content or stories and hope for LOTS!! And i mean LOTS! Of promos as extras.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Any guesstimate for a release date DB?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      It is just a guesstimate ( ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) but I’d say won’t be this year, instead early-mid 2012.

      I said the same about the “big project” JR was talking about though, but then I didn’t realise Austin/Rock was being replaced.

  37. ck says:

    Just as long as they don’t add his Summerslam match against Owen Hart again, I’ll be happy.

  38. Rob L says:

    Huge news. You can never go wrong with an Austin DVD set. I have all of his other ones and I’m still strongly interested in purchasing this one. Pump out as many Stone Cold DVD’s as you can WWE. People will buy them.

  39. Dave says:

    Hell Yeah!

    Sounds great, if Hogan could get a 4 Disc set, then Austin certainly deserves one as well.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Amazing news!

  41. Anonymous says:

    I never understood why they never really put the effort into a definitive Stone Cold DVD before. Everything has been covered but all over the place on various releases, some deleted. In my opinion this is long overdue and I was surprised they didnt make the legacy of steve austin DVD what it should have been. Yes there have been lots of Austin releases but none of them do justice to the icon he is cut out to be. He needs a 2 hour doc and all the significant matches of his career should be included as extras. If everybody complains about repeats all the time you might not see the best possible Austin DVD. Its a bit odd saying you should have rare matches included rather than good ones. Once they are on they arent rare anymore and you might very well not want to watch them again. A career piece should be just that. The true highlights of a legendary career. And Stone Cold has not had that yet. Probably because they knew they could get more money out of more releases. But this should finally be the set that shows why Stone Cold was so great.

  42. SRB says:

    This is great news. Although I feel like Stone Cold has more releases than any other WWE Superstar (Including VHS) you really can’t make enough DVD sets on the guy. (I feel the same way about Hogan/Rock/HBK) While a set can touch on his career in many ways there is a lot that he continues to bring to the ring. A true chronology of the guy really should be released. Not only that, if it will be 4 or 5 discs, then we as fans would really have everything we need on him at that point. A true Austin documentary is very over due. I’d love to get some true gems, although on Austin’s previous sets I actually think they did a great job with the match selection. I was never into his character during the invasion segment (Playing guitar, hugging McMahon, heel turn) but, it lasted for a short period of time and i doubt the DVD will touch on it too much. Either way, it will be a great addition to the vault.

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