Update on WWE’s Stone Cold DVD – Documentary Runtime, 4 Discs?

August 17, 2011 by Daniel Bee

Steve Austin and Jim Ross watched a rough cut of WWE’s upcoming Stone Cold DVD this week in Stamford. They will be finishing up the project by voicing over three of Austin’s WrestleMania matches today.

Jim Ross has confirmed on his Twitter that the documentary feature on the Stone Cold DVD runs over the 2 hour mark. JR has been referring to the release as a 4-Disc DVD set, so it looks like there may have been a change in length.

Since our official schedule lists it as 3-Disc at present we know that was the original plan, as often as a week ago. The previous Amazon listings for the Austin DVD and Blu-ray were taken down for a short time and put back up. The price for the DVD remains the same but the Blu-ray has increased in price to $35.99 on there.

There’s a good chance the schedule listing we use and the retail sites will update to reflect the added disc, or a 4-Disc edition ends up as a store exclusive.

Here’s the full front and back artwork for the Blu-ray edition of OMG! Top 50 Incidents in WWE History, courtesy of Wrestlingsuperstore.com. It’s released on August 23rd.

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  1. Steve says:

    3 disc bluray would be awesome and a must buy for me. hopefully wwe continues with the bluray releases of match compilations/wrestler profiles even if they are doing away with the ppv blurays

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lets hope we get a 4 dvd set!Fingers crossed!

  3. Dennis says:

    c’mooon 4 disc set! (which would also mean 3 disc Blu-ray!) 😀

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ll Be Disappointed If His Match vs Owen Hart From Survivor Series And His Match Where He Beat The Undertaker For The WWE Title On Raw Is Left Off. Two Classic Rare Gems That’s Always Overlooked For A DVD Set.

  5. Anonymous says:

    hope his wcw matches vs sting,randy savage,and steamboat from bash at the beach is there.

  6. LP1 says:

    @”Anonymous”, the Austin vs Savio match has been released on DVD before. It was on the WrestleMania Anthology.

  7. X says:

    I hope WM 17 is the only repeat from the last Stone Cold DVD. I suppose the commentary could be worth it

  8. Alan says:

    Yes, this was JR’s Tweet: “Had gr8 day w/ @steveaustinBSR voicing over main events from WM 13-15-17. Think you’ll love the inside narrative. DVD drops in Nov”.

  9. SRB says:

    @Alan… Really? At least we get 2 of the 3 Rock matches. I’m surprised they repeated WM17 as it’s on the Legacy DVD. And the Bret match is an absolute must. Although most feel that Austin’s prime was during the attitude era, i feel his wrestling prime was in WCW. im very excited for the WCW additions.

  10. Alan says:

    JR has confirmed that the three matches are Bret Hart (WM13), Rock (WM15) and Rock (WM17).

  11. Jamie says:

    4 disc’s of The Texas Rattlesnake’s career SWEET

  12. Marco says:

    I think we’ll get WM 13, 14 and 19. 17 was already on his last DVD, wasn’t it?

  13. nick says:

    – Just hope Wargames 92 is on there.
    – If WM13 is on there hope the audio is in sync which it wasnt on brets dvd.

  14. charisma says:

    I don’t think steve has had enough matches in ecw to fill an entire disc, but I would like to see all his ecw shoot promos on one disc

  15. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    great news

  16. SRB says:

    For the WM matches I’d love to see WM12 against Savio Vega, WM 13 against Bret Hart and WM 14 against HBK. Now, the HBK match has been released dozens of times and for me personally Ausitn’s WM matches with the Rock run together and I can barely tell them apart. They were completele classics, no question, i just have trouble picking between them and thats why I’d rather have all 3 on there or none at all. His match with Hall at WM18 was great for the storyline but the match itself was barely 10 minutes and the chemistry between the two in the ring was non existant. The match was easily predictable and I wouldnt want it on the set. As far as what I would assume would be on the set and what WWE/Austin will put on there I’ll predict WM12, WM13 and WM19. I could for sure be wrong, it’s anyone’s guess. He was in 7 WM matches as far as I know, so it could go either way.

  17. matthew says:

    i think his submission match with bret hart, WM debut, and his last match with rock will be on there….just a guess

  18. Anonymous says:

    hopefully one of his wrestlemania matches is against scott hall from wrestlemania 18 which is rare.then again his wrestlemania 12 match vs savio vega also never seen the light of day on dvd as well.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Ya 4 disc would be awesome

  20. SRB says:

    Come to think of it, this recent post actually revelas a lot. We know disc 1 is a documentary, which we really have not had a solid doc on Austin in the past and that’s it over the 2 hour mark, great! Second, we also know that 3 of Austin WM matches will show on this set. Interesting to see what those matches will be since his WM17 match with the Rock was on his Legacy 3 disc DVD.

  21. SRB says:

    Please be a 4 disc set… WWE has plenty of footage they can use on Austin from WCW, ECW and WWE. You could even do a disc of each. Cant wait for this set and the content listing.

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