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September 27, 2011 by Mark D

WWE.com has today revealed the full line-up for this November’s highly anticipated Stone Cold Steve Austin 4-disc DVD and 3-disc Blu-ray.

“The Bottom Line” is scheduled to hit stores in the USA on 29th November 2011 and may actually be released first to the UK and Europe, earlier in November, when ordering at Silver Vision.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Bottom Line on the Most Popular Superstar of All Time (4 Discs)

At his apex, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was a pop culture phenomenon, the biggest Superstar in the history of sports-entertainment. Despite battling the rejection of being fired and a career-threatening injury, Austin persevered and vaulted to the top of his profession. Now, fans can relive the epic story of the Texas Rattlesnake with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Filled with new, never-before-seen insightful interviews with “Stone Cold” as well as his biggest rivals, including Mr. McMahon, Bret “Hit Man” Hart, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Chris Jericho, and more, this DVD is packed with “Stone Cold’s” most memorable moments and matches and provides a complete career retrospective on the man who revolutionized WWE.


DOCUMENTARY (approx. run time: 2-1/2 hours)
WWE Signature
Football and Wrestling
Rookie of the Year
From Hollywood California
A Platform
Fang McFrost
Main Event Momentum
1% Tough, 99% Lucky
Raising Hell
Tyson & Austin
Austin Era Has Begun
Cultural Phenomenon
The Boss
Rattlesnake vs. Brahma Bull
Difficult Decisions
Return to Mania
Stone Cold Comedy
Really? I’m not coming!
One More Round
The Law of Monday Night RAW
The Show Never Ends
New Horizons
Somewhere Down In Texas

Hair Club
The Rattlesnake
The Stunner
Bleed For Me



An Introduction From “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

USWA – May 1990
Stunning Steve Austin vs. Gentleman Chris Adams

WCW Saturday Night – July 30, 1994
Stunning Steve Austin & Ric Flair vs. Sting & Ricky Steamboat

King of the Ring – June 23, 1996
King of the Ring Final
“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Jake The Snake Roberts

WrestleMania 13 – March 23, 1997
Submission Match
“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart
W/ Alternate Commentary By: Steve Austin & Jim Ross

In Your House: D-Generation X – Dec. 7, 1997
Intercontinental Championship Match
“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Rocky Maivia

WrestleMania 14 – March 29, 1998
WWE Championship Match
“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Shawn Michaels
W/ Alternate Commentary By: Steve Austin & Jim Ross



Over the Edge – May 31, 1998
No Disqualification, Falls Count Anywhere Match for the WWE Championship
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Dude Love

SummerSlam – Aug. 30, 1998
WWE Championship Match
“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker

Raw – March 22, 1999
“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Big Show

WrestleMania XV – March 28, 1999
No Disqualification Match for the WWE Championship
“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. The Rock

WrestleMania X-7 – April 1, 2001
No Disqualification Match for the WWE Championship
“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. The Rock
W/ Alternate Commentary By: Steve Austin & Jim Ross



WCW Saturday Night – June 5, 1993
A Flare for the Old

Hardcore TV – Oct. 10, 1995
“A Bunch of Violent Crap”

Hardcore TV – Oct. 31, 1995
Monday Nyquil

Hardcore TV – Dec. 19, 1995
“Flat Out Disgusted”

In Your House: Mind Games – Sept. 22, 1996
“My Exact Opinion of Bret Hart”

Livewire – Oct. 19, 1996
“Stone Cold” on Livewire

Raw – Nov. 4, 1996
Home Invasion

Slammy Awards Show – March 21, 1997
1996 New Sensation Award

Slammy Awards Show – March 21, 1997
Freedom of Speech Award

Raw – April 21, 1997
Ambulance Attack

Raw – Sept. 22, 1997
The World’s Most Famous Stunner

Raw – Jan. 19, 1998
Tyson and Austin!

Raw – March 30, 1998
The Easy Way or the Hard Way

Raw – Sept. 28, 1998
Zamboni 3:16

Raw – Oct. 5, 1998
Paging Dr. Austin

Raw – Oct. 12, 1998
McMahon’s Cement Corvette

Raw – October 19, 1998
Bang 3:16

Raw – March 22, 1999
“Stone Cold” Beer Truck

Raw – April 19, 1999
The Funeral of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

Survivor Series – Nov. 19, 2000
Austin’s Revenge

SmackDown – March 22, 2001
Jim Ross Interviews Steve Austin and The Rock

SmackDown – July 5, 2001
Gift Giving Mood

SmackDown – July 12, 2001
Mr. McMahon’s Alliance Woes

SmackDown – July 19, 2001
The Old “Stone Cold”

Raw – Jan. 14, 2002

SmackDown – June 7, 2003
The Highlight Reel



Blu-ray Exclusive Special Features

  • “Stone Cold” Answers Your Twitter Questions
  • The Sportatorium
  • The T-Shirt
  • The Broken Skull Ranch

Blu-ray Exclusive Matches

No Mercy – May 16, 1999
Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker vs. Triple H

Raw – Oct. 8, 2001
WWE Championship Match

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle

No Mercy – Oct. 21, 2001
Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam

WrestleMania XIX – March 30, 2003
“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. The Rock

Blu-ray Exclusive Moments
WCW Saturday Night – May 15, 1993
A Flair for the Gold

Superstars – Nov. 17, 1996
The Biggest Draw in the World

Superstars – March 23, 1997
The Foundation of the WWE

Raw – Aug. 18, 1997
You Want a Pear? You Want an Apple?

Raw – March 17, 2003
Post-Raw: “Stone Cold” Has Some Words with The Rock

WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony – April 4, 2009
Vince McMahon Inducts “Stone Cold” Steve Austin into the Hall of Fame

WrestleMania 25 – April 5, 2009
“Stone Cold” Steve Austin Salutes Texas

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  1. Ricardo Aguilera says:

    The matches too many repeats a little disappointed should have added more wcw matches and unreleased matches should have added clash of the champions WCW TV championship match stunning Steve Austin vs Ricky the dragon steamboat WCW word wide WCW tag team championship match Hollywood blondes vs Ricky steamboat and Shane Douglas 2 out of 3 falls match united States championship match Starrcade 93 stunning Steve Austin vs Dustin Rhodes bash at the beach 94 united States championship match stunning Steve Austin vs Ricky the dragon steamboat WCW Saturday night stunning Steve Austin vs sting survivor series 96 stone cold Steve Austin vs Bret Hart survivor series 97 intercontinental championship match stone cold Steve Austin vs Owen Hart stone cold Steve Austin vs the rock raw March 98 raw July 98 WWE tag team championship match stone cold Steve Austin and undertaker vs new age outlaw’s wwe championship match raw sep 98 stone cold Steve Austin vs ken shamrock St Valentine’s day masscare 99 steel cage match stone cold Steve Austin vs Vince McMahon raw June 99 WWE championship match stone​ cold Steve Austin vs undertaker raw sep 99 wwe championship match stone cold Steve Austin vs hhh no disqualification match smackdown March 2001 stone cold Steve Austin vs kurt Angle judgement day 01 no holds barred match for the WWE championship Stone cold Steve Austin vs undertaker raw June 01 WWE championship match stone cold Steve Austin vs Chris Jericho summer slam 01 WWE championship match stone cold Steve Austin vs Kurt angle raw February 02 number 1 contender’s match stone cold Steve Austin vs kurt angle raw June 02 stone cold Steve Austin vs Ric flair loser must be a slifer

  2. USMCvet says:

    Stone Cold Steve James Anderson Austin, is a known wife beater and father’s kids (3 daughters) and walks away. Great role model. There IS plenty to hate on here Dustin. Maybe you’d like someone to beat up your mom, knock her up, pay her $54K to walk away (truly pathetic to pay off a woman to get her out of your life) and then leave. Why in the world should we exalt this kind of human being when their are real people who deserve it?

    • James says:

      Firstly, he had domestic charges one time, mistake? yes, but what was the woman’s part in it, no one cares.

      secondly, you get married to someone like his wives ,and well see then if you will still cry for the poor hopeless women when she tries to take everything you worked for with sweat and blood.

      he has 3 daughters who are well cared for unlike allot of the society, you’re just picking your facts, and ignoring the rest of the facts.

      no one is perfect, spare us the feminist talk, that s**t crazy.

  3. @williamwwe says:

    1st of all I would like to say shut the fuck up to all u haters bitchin about how your an austin fan but yet ur upset and disapointed about the dvd match listing. If you were a true austiin fan u would not think twice about going to the store and or online and buying the dvd with or with out lookin at the dvd listing. And that’s what a true austin fan would do and I’m the first to say if it has stone cold steve austin on it I will be the first to buy it a true fan like myself will remain loyal to the greastest superstar of all time just would like to say thanks steve for another great dvd to add to my steve austin collection. Can’t wait for dec 13!

  4. dustin says:

    1st of all I would like to say shut the fuck up to all u haters bitchin about how your an austin fan but yet ur upset and disapointed about the dvd match listing. If you were a true austiin fan u would not think twice about going to the store and or online and buying the dvd with or with out lookin at the dvd listing. And that’s what a true austin fan would do and I’m the first to say if it has stone cold steve austin on it I will be the first to buy it a true fan like myself will remain loyal to the greastest superstar of all time just would like to say thanks steve for another great dvd to add to my steve austin collection. Can’t wait for dec 13!

  5. Dennis says:

    i’ve thought about it & i think i’ll get it mainly for the documentary, but it would have to be a damn good documentary! all the repeats really do hurt this a lot & yes i do think sales might suffer bc of it.

  6. Isrs4life says:

    Accually maybe I will get it since I love the Attitude era and
    tired of tracking down old PPV’s.

  7. Brett Mix says:

    That is certianly an interesting take on it PuksBears, it’s just 4 discs and only 11 matches, 2 of them in which I don’t own…that’s the only part that REALLY bothered me. At least his other DVD released some of the rare gems like I mentioned below with Shawn at KOTR, Bret at Survivor Series, Steamboat in 94. I thought maybe even we could of seen clips of his three Rumble wins. Perhaps that’ll be in the Doc though since it’s going to be a long one.

  8. PuksBeard says:

    Not to beat a dead horse, but I take the stance Marty has. This is, for all intents and purposes, the true “Be All, End All” as Stone Cold has said…meaning if fans are to own only one release, this is the definitive version, repeats and all. It has his best known matches, biggest moments, and to me, looks like it has more special features than any other WWE release in history. All the rarities, while would have been nice to include, simply aren’t what DEFINE Stone Cold. If this set came out with a bunch of random never before seen matches, people would be complaining how its a travesty the Bret – SCSA from WM 13 isn’t on here. Damned if you, damned if you don’t. It appears to me now that is the reason for the alt commentary on 3 matches. At least we can view these again and they can seem new (in some way) Also, in IMO, the moments are arguably more important than the matches, and finally we can see everything all in one place. I’m definitely pre-ordering the Blu-ray to see all the exclusives, i.e. the Twitter Q&A, the Stone Cold BSR feature, etc. Seems like a perfect Christmas gift for a Stone Cold fan as far as I’m concerned.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I wanted to see 3 unreleased matches against Bret Hart and the Summerslam 2001 match against Kurt Angle, but I wouldn’t say I’m disappointed. I thought it would be a little better considering the hype, but it still looks like a terrific set. If we’re complaining about a set like this then we really will never be happy. If you have your heart set on your own idea of perfection your setting yourself up for a disappointment. I sympathise because I often feel the same way, but its better to have your glass half full rather than half empty. Sorry if that sounds a little patronising but that’s how I see it.

    The Bret Hart matches I dreamed about were the same ones that Brett mentioned; South Africa in 1996, No Holds Barred on Raw in 1997 and In Your House – Revenge of The Taker. I thought they would have been great, not because they are unreleased but because they were exciting matches. But I also think you need the big moments to tell the real story of the career. I’m now dreaming of a Hart vs. Austin Rivalry DVD. Nevermind.

  10. SRB says:

    Thanks Brett for clearing that up with me. I totally agree with you and I appreciate your comments. Austin is a true legend and no one to this day lights up the room like he does. The content, and were only talking content here, is really dissapointing. WWE has a full library which they can refer to. To not dedicate an entire disc to WCW is a blind move. To me, those days showcased Austin as a true in ring wrestler. Hands down, he was underrated in those days.

  11. Marty says:

    I don’t mind the set listing at all. Obviously, I look forward to the doc, not necessarily for the story, but for all the comments, particularly from his old rivals.

    As for the match discs, I’m going to play devil’s advocate here. This set comes across more to me as Austin’s Greatest Hits, as opposed to a set of gems (although, like someone else said, it would be really nice if an Unreleased Set was available for Austin, similar to the Hogan one, perhaps Hogan’s didn’t sell that great?). Really, when you think of Austin’s top moments, pretty much most of these fall under that category. I agree with others about some matches not falling under that category (such as the Big Show match) but for the most part, it really is Austin’s greatest moments and matches. Also, if you look closely, most of these sets have the featured star going over, and pretty much all of these have that with Austin (and the WWE ones where he doesn’t win, he still comes across as a star anyway). Not saying that’s good or bad, but it is consistent with how the WWE does these sets. Other Austin matches mentioned in the comments (like the Angle SS 01 match or the Canadian Stampede tag) were very good, but Austin isn’t necessarily THE star in them.

    As for Disc 4, I think I like it more than most. We’ve had promo discs over the years for others (Rock, Piper, Dusty), but one has yet to happen for Austin, and I think this one is long overdue. And again, it’s pretty much all his best/most notable stuff. Yes, a good chunk of it is available elsewhere, but this is the first time it’s all in one place. I’m pretty happy about that.

    Is it the best set released this year? No. Personally, the Nitro set is my favourite, probably because of a lot of stuff that hasn’t shown up elsewhere. But I understand the direction they’re taking with this, and since it’s the first 4DVD/3BR set they’ve done, I understand why they wanted to load it up with very recognizable/best-of stuff, even if a lot of it is repeated.

  12. Nate says:

    “Does anyone else realize that not every match in the library is good and worthy enough to be on DVD?

    Get over it.”

    If that’s the case, then WWE Home Video might as well just focus on PPV’s as opposed to any of these collector sets. After all, everything that is worth releasing has been according to your line of thinking.

  13. Nate says:

    Wow, looks like someone is pushing Blu-ray hard. That discussion has been held before with other discs, so there’s no reason to repeat those points here. Since that I don’t own a blu-ray player, the doc makes this a buy for me. But my guess is sales will suffer due to the lack of any new material on the normal DVD.

  14. Siege says:

    Does anyone else realize that not every match in the library is good and worthy enough to be on DVD?

    Get over it.

  15. Dennis says:

    15 matches & 3 of them i don’t own?……Yep, this is kinda a fail!! I’m tellinn ya, WWE needs some serious help right now! They had potential to make this really special & they”ve botched it AGAIN!!!! & the worse part is they don’t care! They’ll gonna just keep giving you the finger! Dis-a-pointed! >:(

  16. Brett Mix says:

    I’m Austin101 for a reason Daniel. It’s because I literally own everything on the guy. We got a poll on all those DVD-VHS releases, well I own them all or have seen them all, hell yeah I don’t own. I even own more that aren’t on the poll like Lord of the Ring. The Booker T Grocery Store Segment and Austin chasing Booker in church and the Bingo store should of been added, as well as Austin and Rock singing or more Austin-Angle skits, like him crying on the bridge or other comedy moments with the Alliance of him being a coward with Debra. Don’t even get me started on the match listing, I wanted Bret street fight on Raw, a match with them in Germany, hell why not Canadian Stampede or IYH Revenge of the Taker? God it’s just so dissapointing. I seriously pray this isn’t the final listing. I may pick it up but as of right now I’m just not sure….

  17. Daniel Bee says:

    It’s closer to $20 Brett. You’re “Austin101” and you’re not buyng? 🙂 I feel your frustration for a lot of what you say. The documentary is bound to be extra special though and you’ll need to check it out. By the way, this listing is from WWE.com so no hope for it to change.

  18. Brett Mix says:

    I just re-read the match listing and my god, I only don’t own 2 matches. That’s not enough for me to buy the set. Also Disc 4 if you own the Raw DVD is worthless. Also a lot of this is on youtube for free. ALSO The Doc is everything pretty much when it comes to this set and I don’t know if I’m gonna want to spend 35 or 40 for this set for a documentary on Austin when I’ve already seen so many on the guy. (Like 5 or 6) I know everything there is to know about the guy pretty much. I thought we were going to see rare matches. In my honest opinion the last Austin DVD has WAY more gems then this. The Carribean Strap match, the Steambat match, the Cage match with Douglas and Steamboat, Shawn at KOTR, Austin vs Bret as SS 96 and so on! There is hardly any 2001 or WCW material. I will not be getting this DVD if this is the official match listing.

  19. nick says:

    I think its a blood issue as to why wargames 92 and summerslam 01 were left off. I just hope they didnt go black and white on the Austin/Hart match.

    As for the rest of this set. This is exactly why I dont buy every bloody dvd that wwe makes. I’ve only bought 2 dvds in the past 4 years. The Steamboat and legacy of stone cold. So I dont have any of those austin segments and I only have 3 matches so it’s a must buy for me.

  20. Jonny says:

    Realy disapointed! I already have all his post wcw matches times 2 from previous sets barring the jake the snake match which lets face it is a shoe in for the KOR. Dvd released right after.. Why the taker match from 98?? Its on the 90’s dvd why not use the match from raw 99 or
    The triple threat with taker n kane from breakdown?? And i could go on and on and on… Am very pumped for the doco! But i just can’t get passed how they stuffed up by putting in 90 percent of repeats and if this is to be austins last dvd i thinks they have let alot of his fans down who were realy pumped n i mean pumped for this.. Promos look ok i can understand a couple of the repeats there but for god sake where is the ‘austin, rock singing promo fromo 2001?? Prob the best they ever had together and its just been lost forever….. Seriously gutted by the set

  21. Brad Attitude says:

    austin will need to consider doing another dvd filled with matches only because fans are already upset with the matches on the upcoming dvd set.

  22. Steve says:

    It’s not that the set is terrible; it’s the fact that as always the WWE gets a softball to hit over the fence yet they hit a ground out. A long documentary is the big positive. However they too often then not do a creative job of re-writing history Ex: Chris Benoit!!! Or Eddie Vuererro being ranked higher then Hulk Hogan on a countdown! Please! This collection is the classic case of focusing on what the WWE created only. Start making DVD’s for the fans who own them all and dont want repeated crap every DVD. 1 WCW match is truly a joke

  23. Brett Mix says:

    Very well Simon

  24. Simon says:

    @Brett Mix: “this sort of opinion should not be spread on our site”. What, so a different opinion to yours isn’t welcome?

    Also, when did I ever say that Austin couldn’t work? I didn’t. I generally enjoyed his matches, and he had some classics in his time. I was merely pointing out that his defining career moments were segments, not matches, and thus they should be featured.

    I stand by my point of most Austin matches seeming quite similar, but that doesn’t mean implying that his in-ring work was poor.

  25. Mark D says:

    Whoa people calm down… It’s only a DVD (and Blu Ray) everyone is entitled to an opinion, no ones opinion is better than another. BTW that’s why I personally hate when people give things stars, it’s all subjective.

    As much as I was a little disappointed with the match selection, they (WWE) are never going to release a DVD of matches/segments that 100% of people are going to like or agree with.

    Also I see why this set replaced the Rock/Austin Rivalry, other than a potential documentary, most of the matches are here.

  26. Tony Kegger says:

    By the way, it looks most of Disc 4 is skippable if you own the 15th Anniversary of RAW DVD.

  27. Tony Kegger says:

    No Stone Cold vs. Mr. McMahon? No Stone Cold vs. Kurt Angle from SummerSlam 2001 (I heard that was one of Stone Cold’s best matches)? Out of the 11 DVD matches (only 11?!), I have six of them although I would rewatch the WM 13, 14, 17 matches just for the commentary and also if they made audio changes to WM13 and visual changes to WM17. But this DVD looks very disappointing. I still want to get it but I would buy only the DVD and I would wait until I could get the DVD for under $12. The Jericho DVD is only $11.99 now so I won’t have to wait longer than a year hopefully.

  28. Brett Mix says:

    TO SRB- I apologize, your opinion is definitely welcome, I just didn’t like how ignorant it came across. It sounds like you only knew the later Austin and I really, can’t stand those fans who started watching wrestling in the 00’s and think they know what they mean about Steve. With Austin you kind of had to live with it weekly to know how big and good he really was.

  29. Joe says:

    @SRB…Booker T has superior ring skills? Come on.

    • Ricardo Aguilera says:

      Should have added more wcw matches though at least four not one bash at the beach Austin vs steamboat Halloween havoc or starrcade vs Dustin Rhodes & wwe more steel cage match vs Vince McMahon st valentines day massacre first blood match vs undertaker fully loaded 1999 smackdown 2001 no dq match vs Kurt angle judgement day 2001 vs undertaker no holds barred match summer slam 2001 vs Kurt angle

  30. Anonymous says:

    no one on one matches vs sting,no cage match vs rock,no survivor series 97,match vs owen hart,no matches vs undertaker from raw 99,and judgement day,no unforgiven match vs kurt angle,no return match vs eric bishoff,HOW DISAPPOINTING.COME ON.

  31. m.blier says:

    no war games 92 ,no r.steamboat 94 matches,no c.jericho nwo 02 ,no r.flair on raw 02,and no matches on the fourth disc is a real letdown. then they put the best matches on the blue ray edition is a bigger letdown to me. not sure to buy this dvd with repeat matches.

  32. indyfan says:

    Why was my comment deleted??

    There is no reason for so many repeats. The hardcore fans that collect dvds are the ones who spend more money on dvds. And fans have the right to their own opinions Brett

  33. John says:

    Honestly, I am disappointed with the match listings, too many repeats but I will still get it for the matches that I do not have

  34. indyfan says:

    There is no need for so many repeats. Its that simple. WWE should be trying to please the fans who buy all WWE dvds. After all we spend more money on their dvds than “casual fans.” And fans have the right to their opinions.

  35. SRB says:

    “Simon and SRB, you both are completely wrong. I’m sorry but this sort of opinion should not be spread on our site.” Dont worry Brett. I wont be commenting on the site in the future. If my opinion isn’t welcome I’ll take it somewhere else.

  36. Bill says:

    I swear fans these days are such babies, it looks like an awesome set

  37. Mark D says:

    Yeah, I must admit I was expecting a few more ‘gems’, however its not a complete failure. The highlights, segments, and documentary are the USP of this set. Hopefully down the line we get a Stone Cold ‘unreleased archive’ (like ProWrestlingOnDemand said – I too have said it for a while) I’m really surprised they haven’t used that format since Hogan, as you please the DVD collectors and you can still put Stone Cold vs. The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart etc on the packaging for the more casual fans. Plus you could also have these type of releases for guys like Bret, Shawn, Taker etc who have already had multiple releases however as its all new to DVD content then its a winner for everyone.

  38. X-23 says:

    I think we should learn to accept that WWE makes these DVD sets for casual fans, not guys that have 10+ WWE DVDs in their collection. If you’ve never bought a Stone Cold DVD before, this will be the perfect collection.

  39. mghmoermiohsrmoprt says:

    GOOD LORD that third disc SUCKS!!!!

    The Foley match is good but it’s already on THE Foley DVD.

    A RAW match vs fucking BIG SHOW?!?

    And then the two Rock WM matches AGAIN?!?

  40. Anonymous says:

    Reading this forum just goes to show ya that you can not please wrestling fans anymore. Look at all this ignorant crap about austin. This is the guy that changed the business and made it the number one program on tv and all you guys can do is complain, ya know whats the worst part about being a wrestling fan? All the whiny little bitches..getting old guys and by the way this dvd is gonna fucking rock!

  41. Brett Mix says:

    Simon and SRB, you both are completely wrong. I’m sorry but this sort of opinion should not be spread on our site. Austin was one of the most underrated in-ring performer’s of all time inside that ring until his neck injury. The ability to be an in-ring technician combined with the work-rate he had in say 1994 or 96-97 was un-matched. Any time he wrestled with a technician like Benoit, Angle, Bret or Owen their styles complimented one another. Steve toned the mat-work down after his injury and brawling he could do extremely well, because it suited his character. Austin was billed as a technical machine in 1996, go back and watch the tapes if you don’t believe me or take a look at his work with Steamboat.

  42. SRB says:

    @Simon. Completely agree. Austin was no master in the ring. Although he could put on great matches the great matches he did have were with great wrestlers who carried him. HBK, Jericho, Angle, Rock and Booker all have superior wrestling skills. Put him in a match with someone who has the same skill as he does and it turns into a mess. Look at WM18 with Hall.

  43. Simon says:

    @Steve: I’d say the complete opposite. Once you’ve seen one Austin match, you’ve seen them all (at least in his WWE stint). What made Stone Cold so successful was his character, not his wrestling ability. Thus, it’s only a fair reflection that a large portion of this set focuses purely on his character. After all, the most memorable Austin moments from 1998/99 sure as hell weren’t matches.

  44. Bowers says:

    This set looks like it will fit in nicely next to the Legacy of Stone cold. Does it suck that we didn’t get War Games 92? Yeah, but hopefully if we bug them enough we could get a War games Anthology.

  45. Lemo says:

    Really is that serious !!!! I’m so let down , where in the hell is Hollywood Blondes vs Flair & Arn ? How about wargames 92 ? Also Austin vs Mero from KOTR& how about his staff with Bret, Revenge of Taker match & the Raw street fight !

  46. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Looks nice. Could have used more WCW and ECW matches on there like some have said, but whatever. I’m getting it regardless. I wish they would staop releasing extra stuff on the Blu-Rays, becuase I want to buy either the DVD or the Blu-Ray. Not both. But it looks like I’ll have to start buying both DVD and Blu-Ray versions of the Rivalries Bret/Michaels set and Austins.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Cool!Looks amazing!

  48. Dave says:

    Not everyone collects every single DVD WWE produces. WWE has to also attract casual fans too, so they include most of his wso they’re bound to disappoint some people.

    Not a big deal because WWE knows any fan would buy any DVD with their name slapped on.

  49. Steve says:

    might end up cancelling my amazon bluray preorder, i dunno. i dont have any of the other stone cold releases, but the fact that they put an entire disc of austin segments on here doesnt sit well with me. if you’ve seen 1 austin segment you’ve pretty much seen em all

  50. SRB says:

    Not a good listing at all. Since this project was announced a few months back I was very excited to say the least. After looking at the content and waiting and waiting for it, I’m going to say that I could have made a better at home compilation using old VHS tapes and transferring them to DVD. Dont even tell me that SCSA hand-picked these matches and segments. Horrible match listing and there’s really no point in picking this up unless you plan to get the Blu-Ray

  51. Anonymous says:

    How are they doing Austin/Rock Rivalry set when this one has all 3 Mania Matches and another from IYH DX

  52. I agree with Rapidheat, this is very much a DVD for everybody and is packed with stuff, he would probably need a 10 disc set to have everything included….maybe hopefully they might do a “unreleased” set with all the random stuff thrown in like they did with Hulk Hogan. But I’m certainly looking forward to the documentary.

  53. RabidHeat says:

    I think what people are kind of forgetting is that yes, if you’re a proper fan, you’ll have the matches, but I understand their dilemma: it’s one FINAL DVD to look back over his career. Now which are the matches that TRULY definine his career? Answer: the matches in this package. I understand it’s repetition, but you must be able to see that if they release a final DVD on Stone Cold, they can’t put random obscure matches that don’t actually define his biggest achievements in the industry. A newbie would then watch the DVD and say “Huh? Why is this guy a legend? He ain’t all that.” So, maybe this is designed as something to represent his biggest achievements and introduce people to SCSA at the same time?

    That being said, if this ISN’T actually his final DVD (which I’m sure it won’t be) then they COULD have included more WCW stuff.

    But it is a tough one; I think they’re just trying to give an overview of his MOST FAMOUS matches here. Maybe they shouldn’t have put his most famous matches on his past DVDs, then they could have done here, and wouldn’t have had to repeat themselves so much.

    I think the new commentary tracks and stuff (if there are any) might make the old matches an interesting watch though.

  54. Anonymous says:

    ok set but should have put austin vs rock steel cage match and rebellion match 01,on it.

  55. Simon says:

    If they have the 4:3 bars throughout the pre-2008 content, this will be a total write-off.

  56. SafAhmed says:

    Haha wat a god damn aweful set this is bullshit wayy 2 many repeats of matches 1 wcw match are you joking this set looked like wwe did it not austin like he said, why summerslam 1998 match v undertaker thats on countless sets why couldnt wwe or austin choose the match they had on raw 1999 for the wwe championship or the no holds barred match they had at judgement day 2001 they had no excuse whatsoever,
    And 11 matches is that are you serious for a austin be all set you get 11 matches and few on bluuurayyy WOW, Austin previous sets are much better than this VERY DISAPPOINTED TO SAY THE LEAST!!

  57. Anonymous says:

    The Blu-Ray looks fantastic.

  58. nick says:

    I thought Austin was going to listen to his fans. Big letdown. The Legacy set is better.

  59. Anonymous says:

    where’s austin vs undertaker from raw 6/99 and judgement day 01,

  60. Laser says:

    I’m extremely disappointed with the match listing. 11 matches for a final dvd set? WTF?!? … Disc 4 looks like a complete waste of space.

  61. Brad Attitude says:

    the only thing that looks purchasing from the content is the doc. i was expecting a ton of matches, some from his wcw days and post WM-X7. I don’t see how the match listing is better than the Legacy of Stone Cold dvd set. This look likes its worth hiring but not the money to spent on to own … I’m disappointed with the content outcome.

  62. Joe says:

    The “old stone cold” better include the whole part where he stuns 7 guys in a minute and a half.

  63. Brett Mix says:

    Greg, they are my two favourite ever (Savage and Austin) and believe me, it’s a half a star match. Nothing to see there.

  64. indyfan says:

    I have to admit I’m kinda let down. I own most of those matches on other dvds. Most of the segments are on on the 15 year anniversary of RAW dvd. Oh well. im sure I’ll end up getting it anyway.

    Supersonics comment was awesome!!!!

  65. Greg says:

    was hoping for austin vs macho man from wcw saturday night. bummer. it does look great, however i agree there should have been more wcw content. ill get it for sure though.

  66. Brett Mix says:

    Unreal…I am so dissapointed with this many repeats. I think I don’t own 3 matches on this entire 4 disc DVD. I’ll still own it but I am extremely dissapointed with the lack of WCW and his 2001 run.

  67. nick says:

    Im just pissed that there’s only 1 WCW match. No Hollywood Blondes, no wargames. The doc better be awesome.

  68. JoergFCK says:

    Only 4 Matches I don´t already own…like psjmitch said…what about WCW? and ECW? and maybe some more Raw & Smackdown Matches…??!!
    Dissapointed with the Matchlist…but I hope the documentary is worthy buying it

  69. Joe says:

    Also upset about no Austin vs. Angle from SummerSlam 2001.

  70. JT says:

    It looks good, but the way it was hyped, I really expected more of his early stuff.

  71. Supersonic says:

    Austin must be going green with all this recycling.

  72. Joe says:

    How in the world, with all those great moments, is the segment with Booker T in the grocery store not on here?

  73. How could someone be disappointed with this. Ungrateful bastards. This could be one of the best WWE sets ever released!!!

  74. psjmitch says:

    DISAPPOINTING. This DVD is a waste because of the match selections alone. The documentary and moments look good, but the matches disappoints me. I was hoping that the put more of his WCW matches on here because they are always overlooked when it comes to his career, and I REALLY wanted war games 92 to finally be on dvd and once again wwe dropped the ball. For a 4 disc set, i wanted disc 2 to atleast feature more WCW matches and disc 3-4 WWE matches with extra promos on each disc.Having only one WCW match is disappointing. I have just about every match on this dvd and it is only worth picking up just for the doc and some of the promos and that’s it. I know i might be complaining too much but for a be-all-end-all final dvd, i was hoping for at least 20+ matches, yet we only get 11 (15 for the blue ray) and most of the WWE matches i already have on other dvd sets. I will be renting this because as much as i love stone cold, a true dvd set would feature all of his greatest moments and matches from WCW to WWE. The moments are there, its the matches that aren’t. I was skeptical when they said they were doing another SCSA dvd and boy was i right to feel that way. To the people who will still buy it, great i know everybody will enjoy it, but for me, i want the full package for my money’s worth and the doc and promos ain’t going to do it for me as i feel that is only half of the package. Rental is the way to go for me, and that’s the bottom line.

  75. Isrs4life says:

    I don’t care for it. They continue to ignore Heel Austin.
    There was so many different classic matches to be pleased by him.
    “2001 RULED”

  76. Jamie says:

    Looks really intresting

  77. John23 says:

    Wow, worth it. I got to buy the Blu-Ray, “And That’s the Bottom Line ‘Cause Stone Cold Said So!

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