Store Exclusive for WrestleMania 30, Sting DVD Update, Mickie James Trailer

April 24, 2014 by Daniel Bee

WWE WrestleMania 30 DVD - FYE Exclusive

The first store exclusive for the WrestleMania 30 DVD can now be revealed. FYE stores in the United States will be carrying a version with dog tags included and the “WrestleMania XXX: 30 Moments for 30 Years” mini-book, previously announced for the Amazon bundle.

FYE have offered a store exclusive with dog tags each year since the WrestleMania 26 DVD. Last year for the WrestleMania 29 release, they also did so with the Blu-ray edition for the first time to date. Thanks to Derek for sending word of this news.

WWE WrestleMania 30 DVD - FYE Exclusive Dog Tags & Book

This time last week, speculation mounted that WWE are finally producing a Sting DVD. It was listed for September pre-order on Zavvi, a UK retail site. Now, a listing for the DVD and Blu-ray has this week also been added to Amazon UK.

Should the project be going ahead (the most likely scenario) we expect to have more solid details, and to see it go up on US based sites, in the coming weeks.

Also rumored last week was “Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Paul Heyman” as the working title for the new Heyman documentary set. We’re now seeing this title listed on additional overseas schedules so that does look to be the planned name for now.

Here’s a video preview of “Mickie James: All Access“, a new 2-disc DVD released over at In the clip, Mickie talks about Vince McMahon being furious with her immediately following the match with Trish Stratus at WrestleMania 22.

Highspots $5 Wrestling DVD Sale

A reminder that until May 26th (or while stocks last) there’s a big $5 sale running on 100 wrestling DVDs! Below is a list of over 30 WWE titles included in that promotion.

WWF Mick Foley Hard Knocks & Cheap Pops
WWF The Rock Just Bring It

Armageddon 2005, Armageddon 2006
Best of IC Championship
Divas South of the Border, Viva Las Divas
ECW Bloodsport
ECW December To Dismember 2006
ECW One Night Stand 2005
Great American Bash 2005, 2006, 2007
Greatest Stars of the 80s
Judgment Day 2005, 2006, 2007
No Mercy 2005, 2006, 2007
No Way Out 2005, 2007
One Night Stand 2007 DVD
RVD One of a Kind
SummerSlam 2005, 2006, 2007
Survivor Series 2006 DVD
Unforgiven 2005, 2006, 2007
Vengeance 2007

Go here to and find the $5 DVD banner to see all titles on sale.

The new “Best of RAW – After the Show” DVD/Blu-ray hit stores this past Tuesday (you can get yours from $19.96 by clicking here). All in all, the full Blu-ray package contains just over 8 hours of “dark” off-air segments and matches from over the years.

Pictured below is the UK and Europe’s version of the new DVD and Blu-ray. These will be officially released this coming Monday here at

WWE Best of RAW After the Show DVD & Blu-ray UK

Below are links to 4 cheap WWE Blu-rays ending today on eBay, plus 4 noteworthy and rare WWF DVDs also being auctioned off today. Grab ’em quick.

WWE Wrestling Blu-rays

$5.00 – Falls Count Anywhere Blu-ray
$5.50 – Top 25 Rivalries Blu-ray
$6.00 – OMG! Top 50 Incidents Blu-ray
$15.00 – WrestleMania 24 Blu-ray

WWE WrestleMania 24 Blu-ray

$8.00 – WWF WrestleMania 18 DVD
$9.50 – WWF No Way Out 2002 DVD
$25.00 – WWF Royal Rumble 2001 DVD
$25.00 – WWF Backlash 2001 DVD

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. isrs4life says:

    Why would Rock be on the cover of wrestlemania 30 must of been some early poster
    made I thought the rock did not look great when he returned after a year when he
    did that segment with Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan it just reminded me of wrestlemania 27
    for what the time he took away from the show that year.

  2. John Marston says:

    What’s the difference between the Rock Just Bring It single disc compared to the two discs? I’m just wondering because I saw it on the 5 dollar sale.

    Also, are any of those 5 dollar DVDs worth it? I honestly don’t know, but I’m into WWE mainly, so that’s what I’d most likey buy.


    • ekkoes4life says:

      The bonus disc includes the following content:

      • This Is Your Life
      • Fake Tooth
      • Hermaphrodite
      • Chris Jericho
      • @ Armageddon
      • Booker T
      • People’s Strudel
      • Great Balls of…
      • Test
      • Sing it Coach
      • Rockcam
      • Dance Coach
      • nWo
      • Impersonations of…
      • He’s Back!
      • With Booker T & Goldust
      • Kurt Evil
      • Marc Lloyd
      • Vengeance 21st July 2002: WWE Undisputed Championship – vs. Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle

      • ekkoes4life says:

        means, basically promos and the brilliant triple threat match,, the promos are on the 3-disc set Most Electrifying.. but.. if that 2-disc version of Just Bring it is for 5 dollars, get it! it’s a rare one.

        • John Marston says:

          No, it was just the single disc. I was just wondering if I should get the single disc or spend more money and get the two disc. What was the 2 disc one anyway, a store exclusive? I have the Electrifying and Epic Journey 3 Disc Sets, so I was just wondering if I should get this one.

          • ekkoes4life says:

            Daniel Bee has written some info on the double disc release of Just Bring It on this site.. I can not copy paste the article, but if you type in Just bring it in the search box on top of site, the article will appear.

            Personally, I don’t need the two disc, due to the most content is on the other Rock releases, but guess it depends on how die-hard fan of the Rock one is.

            I live outside USA, and therefor one of the reasons why I settle with the one disc edition.

            • ekkoes4life says:

              regard the other 5 dollars offers, apart from the divas sets that I don’t know…and don’t wanna know.. and the disapointing Best of Intercontinential set, all the rest are definitely 5 dollars worth.

              • John Marston says:

                I will definitely check out that article. Thanks for the info. I’m not that huge of a Rock fan. I also live out the US. I’m up in Canada, so I’m not sure how much this effects me.

                • ekkoes4life says:

                  you’re welcome.. Denmark here, so “bit” far more away.. lol

                  Neither a huge Rock fan of his wrestling abilities, but few cuts promos and work on the microphone like the Brahama Bull, admittable..

                  • Daniel Bee says:

                    Well, I’d personally (and did) “collect” both versions and “watch” the 2 disc one with extra promos on it. $5 WWF DVD, that’s worth it.

                    • ekkoes4life says:

                      You sometimes get lucky, when you know where to look..

                      Although the majority are used second hand, the recent years I got some fantastic deals from Amazon UK and DE and of course when Silvervison had their closed sell out.

                      I wonder, will there be the same popularity for especially the rare editions of DVD’s like Just Bring It, Wrestlemania XX limitied edition boxset, now that the Network seems to be a future source of material?

                    • John Marston says:

                      So you think I should get the Foley one too? I don’t really know much about it. And are there any other really outstanding WWE PPV’s on sale over there. Sorry about this, but I don’t own any of those DVDs except for Bloodsport, and I haven’t seen any of the PPVs. Just wondering which ones to get. And thanks for your advice, both you and EKKOES4LIFE, I think I will get the Rock DVD.

                    • Daniel Bee says:

                      The Foley one is very good. Cheap one to find, like its name.

                    • Domenic says:

                      Does anybody know where I can get The Rock’s 2-Disc version of Just Bring It?

  3. Brad Attitude says:

    I just wanna see the moment where Sting beat up the nWo !!!!

  4. LP1 says:

    That clip of Mickie talking about how Vince was mad at her at Mania 22 shows how hypocritical he was and what a double standard there is. April 2006 was well before they became a PG company and it was only a couple of months later that they did that bit on Raw where HHH and Candice were supposedly receiving oral sex by two girls. But that was ok I suppose.

    • ekkoes4life says:

      IF in fact Vince raged at her, IF that is the true version..then sure, yeah.. very double-sided by the Chairman.

      Especially since he a few months earlier used the bad N-word at Survivor Series 2005, which in a spoken words way is more offensive for many.

      But.. I actually miss those Way over the Top angles of sexual and offensive behaviours, that was huge part of the Attitude Era / the Ruthless Aggression Era / the Toothless Agression Era.

      Had great entertainment value, and..those days, the Company WWE had respect for their fans, cos they back then that we have intellegence and are aware that this is entertainment and that is is a way to portraite violence as performance art.

      Not like today, where the main focus is like segments from The Learining Channel with the finger of morality pointing at you.

      • Vincenzzzzzo says:


        Why would you think WWE doesn’t have respect for their fans? Because there isn’t half naked women, cursing, people getting their skull crushed in with a steel chair, frying pans being used, in todays product?

        When you really think about it, none of that is professional wrestling. When I think of pro wrestling I don’t think of steel chairs and cheese graters across the forehead. Pro wrestling isn’t supposed to be a street fight. Imagine Bruno Sammartino using a fire extinguisher to finish off his opponent. But, that’s probably way before your time.

        I liked the Attitude Era as much as anyone, but I’d rather watch the 70’s, 80’s and todays product over that garbage any day. Light bulbs, stop signs, kendo sticks and thumb tacks are NOT pro wrestling matches.

        • ekkoes4life says:

          Guess, it is what makes you tick, that matters the most.. I like SOME matches and promo-segments from today..the Punk-Brosnar match from Summerslam, the Punk-Jericho triology, the Bryan-Wyat match from RR 2014..and I think the Wyat family promo and angle is very entertaining, cos it has a spooky dark filthy spirit..which is far from what I am…and that is my point:

          why would I want to watch something, week after week after week, that is the same, that is reality based, because everything on tv is reality-based..why.. where is the MAGIC gone..?

          If I would go in to watch a magician, would I like to know how he/she does his/hers tricks?

          Same with wrestling and especially WWE these years.. a majority of the action is so predictable and not with BALLS.

          And please.. don’t give me that one with Times we live in.. call it entertainment, call it show.. it is still violence, when you hit someone..that is entertainment for children..thats solutions for children???

          I still watch and follow especially the WWE, I like segments of todays product, but it gets less and less of what I like..

          I LOVE the Hulkamania era was where I discovered wrestling…but..nothing ever comes close to the Mighty Triology of Eras from 1997-2008 imo.. stand-out angels and story lines, where guts and balls were truely visiable.

          Regarding chair shots to head: can’t nobody tell me, that back then, they would’nt know it is, makes you wonder why nobody back then stopped it..the wrestlers, they make a choice to step in the ring and perform.. nobody force them, as far as I know..

          Regarding Bruno Sammaratino: I fully acknowledge and respect the fact that he paved the way for many…and HE actually is the one that build MSG, despite that Hulk Hogan still uses that credential to his own brand…but, that said, I really think that wrestling from that era gets boring, watching full length matches..

          I don’t mind change of guards in eras.. I just don’t think that this Twitter/Liking/Toutin/Reality-tv based PG era is particular exciting, cos I’m not interesting in Cena dating who-ever Bella twin, or how many burgers the Funkasaurus ate last night, or what ever happens next on Divas Total.

          I want action and excitement back in the squared circle!

          • ekkoes4life says:

            is NOT particular exciting, it should say.. could be misunderstood.. 🙂

            • ekkoes4life says:

              also, I don’t recall any eras where incidents of concussions have happend more like now…makes you wonder, if partly cause to that, is, that the wrestlers are insecure, due to all their others roles that they have to concentrate on, eg reality tv, twitting, touting, etc, etc.

          • Vincenzzzzzo says:

            I’m sure you, like myself and a lot of others do, read dirt sheets on the internet. That’s why professional wrestling doesn’t give you what you’re looking for anymore. Stop ready the backstage stuff and watch how much more you enjoy it. There’s no more surprises because we all spoil it for ourselves weeks, sometimes months, before it’s shown on TV. We cannot blame WWE, TNA, RoH, etc for spoiling it for ourselves.

            I turn on Monday Night RAW, SmackDown – whatever. And I STILL see action. Wrestlers don’t need to swing a steel chair to get my attention. Pro wrestling isn’t classified as “violence”. It’s a competition. An exhibition even. The whole point of pro wrestling is to pin your opponents shoulders to the mat. Not murder them with a chair. And back in the Attitude Era, yeah, I’m sure wrestlers knew it was bad to take a chair shot to the head, but like everything else, science evolves and as the years went on they were finding out that getting 30 concussions in your career isn’t exactly the smartest thing to do. I don’t think we need to watch wrestlers put themselves in wheelchairs purposely just for our entertainment.

            • LP1 says:

              A couple of things to talk about. First off, “Toothless Aggression Era”? Really? That’s not even a thing. Never was. Sounds so dumb. Second, there is no “IF” Vince was mad at Mickie about Mania 22, the proof is on the Mania 22 DVD. Mickie doing that taunt with her hand is edited off the DVD. So that tells you all you need to know. Third, more guys are NOT receiving concussions today. It just seems that way because the wellness policy specifically checks for concussions. Back in the day you can imagine how many concussions went uncounted for. It’s probably scary statistic. Fourth, comparing which “Era” you like better is nothing more than an opinion. To each their own. There is no right answer and there is no wrong answer. Everyone likes something different.

              However, when it comes to actual facts, the years that followed the Attitude Era, which would’ve been 2002 and on, were not good business-wise for WWE. Late 2001 into 2002 saw business markers drop drastically across the board. TV ratings plummeted and to this day have still not come anywhere close to those numbers since. Percentage of sold out houses fell off a cliff and PPV buys were down severely. Keep in mind that prior to 2003-2004(roughly around that time) that 95% of PPV buys came from North America. PPV penetration in the rest of the world was very small before that. Today I believe the PPV market breakdown is something like 65% North America(domestic) and 45% international(worldwide). So when you hear that Mania 17(for example) did 800,000 buys worldwide, that means they did about 760,000 buys in North America alone. Whereas WrestleMania 29 may have done 1.2 million buys worldwide(because of being available in more countries) domestically Mania 29 only did about 660,000 buys. That’s 100,000 less than Mania 17.

              So the argument that any Era post 2002(call them whatever you want) is as financially good as the Attitude Era was is factually false. You may like today’s product better than the Attitude Era, that’s fine. Nothing wrong with that at all. Again, to each their own. But when people say that WWE is doing better financially today then they were in the Attitude Era, when you compare apples to apples, that is absolutely not true.

              As far as reading dirt sheets go, I’ve been reading dirt sheets from the early 90’s through today and it’s never ruined my enjoyment of wrestling. When something is booked right, it doesn’t matter if I know beforehand what’s going to happen, it still pops me. Shawn winning the Title at Mania 12, Austin winning the Title at Mania 14, Bryan winning the Title this year, everyone knew there was less than a 1% chance of those guys losing, yet it still made sense storyline-wise and because of that I still marked out big time. Not everything has to be a surprise. That’s the Vince Russo way of booking. “The marks figured out what the plans are, so we have to swerve them.” That type of booking leads to bad business. In the end it’s not the dirtsheets that makes wrestling less exciting, it’s bad booking, bad storytelling and just plain old bad wrestling in general.

              Ok, I’m done now. Sorry for that long diatribe.

            • ekkoes4life says:

              again.. it is all about making choices.. nobody force them to step in the ring and take risks for the sake of entertainment.. I certaintly do NOT wish for anybody to end up in wheelchairs or get paralyzed for life….but, that can be the end result too, if you get bumped on the floor from ringapron, or get a tiny push, or a slap..if you get hit in the wrong way anywhere, anyhow.. it can happen to you or me..that’s the enigma of the human mind and body..we never know, what and when and where will, we live with risks everyday.

              Obvious example: the Benoit tragedy:

              did the multiple chairshots and the unbelievable efforts that Benoit the Wrestler achieved in the ring make Benoit the Murder do his horrible things:


              Why..? well.. if that’s the case, Mick Foley should have terminated his beloved ones, and more to it, with the performance art he brought to life.

              What I really do not like though, is WWE taking distance from their own product, just for the cause of ONE man to get him in the Hall of Fame, eg Bruno Sammaratino; I get it, he is from another era, he is a important figure in the history. He did’nt want to be inducted for many years due to the product not being family friendly.

              Well.. if ONE man can partly determine, that the past does NOT matter or is to be altered, just so he can be inducted into an entertainment segment that HOF is, well..what can I say..that is way beyound selfishnes in my by book.

              ONE man, ONE match, or even ONE event can never be solely get the stamp: THE WWE this or that. build-ups in form of midcard matches, talented and entertaining personalities and excellent performed events are key words for me, to feel the rush.

              WWE and partly TNA used to have that rush, not any is all about Cena’s Make-wish happenings…which I totally respect, no doubt about it..but, seperate it from the Wrestling shows part.. it is all bout touting and twitting and liking none-relevant stuff or the (socalled) reality-based tv in Total Divas.. plus: over-kill the product with way too many shows, now not only on tv but on the network.

              And we back to choice: I make a choice to select certain parts of the present product, cos franky, I do get more entertained READING bout the product on sites like this or or inc.

              As regard to not be classified as violence, I agree..but, slapping a man in his face, sneaking up from behind to attack him, etc. is NOT professional is entertainment with wrestling moves being part of the show..but, the thing for me is, that recent years, the entertainment part has been less and less entertaining..

              As regard to the IWC stuff: it is easy to blame only the internet users for being the ones that leak stuff, but..again, WWE too get on that ride, when having staff members that appearently leak scripts etc.

  5. Mr Z says:

    I’ve gotten a couple DVD’s over the years that came with dog tags. Wrestlemania 26 and somebody gave me the Cena Experience DVD as a gift and it came with dog tags. A question to anyone else who’s gotten the tags with a DVD, do you do anything with them? The couple tags I have are just sitting on the shelf with the DVD’s. Does anyone wear them? Or have another use for them?

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