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It’s time for more “Classic Content” as we revisit the full content of The History of the WWE Championship DVD!

Let’s Throwback deep into the Network vault to examine an “All Star Wrestling” episode aired 38 YEARS ago today!

Bruce Prichard goes “Back to the Territories” to put us front row for the most important moments in Houston Wrestling!

TBT pays homage to “The Living Legend” Bruno Sammartino with 10 of his matches found in the WWE Network archives!

After 34 years everything has been said about WrestleMania, right? Nope, this new “SUPERCARD” DVD proves otherwise!

Deep in the vault of the WWE Network, Throwback to classic WWF action with an historic title match & bloody war in a cage!

The 2018 WWE DVDs are coming — what’s expected? How long is the NXT documentary; the last Blu-ray of 2017?

New WWE DVDs on

ANDRE. BRUNO. RUDE. MICHAELS. – just some of the WWE DVD & Blu-ray possibilities for 2018! See the full list…

Preview the new “Legends with JBL” hitting WWE Network after RAW – Bruno Sammartino wrestled an orangutan?!

To celebrate the birthday of a “Living Legend”, TBT is back in the vault to unearth 8 Bruno Sammartino matches!

Baron von Raschke claws his way onto Kayfabe Commentaries’ new “Back to the Territories” DVD, arguably the BEST YET!

OH MY GOD!!? “ECW Craziest Moments” was just cancelled; removed from 2016 WWE DVD & Blu-ray schedule…

“History of Hardcore” gets EIGHT final match picks, LOADS more 2017 WWE DVD ideas – Goldberg, Luger & Steph!

The very latest on the Undertaker COFFIN box set, a new release TODAY, and VERDICT on Bruno DVD/Blu-ray!

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