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An early hands-on with the wooden UNDERTAKER COFFIN, what’s the next 2016 WWE DVD to be announced?

Bischoff BLASTS Vince Russo & Paul Heyman in Tuesday’s WWE DVD, plus new shots of Underaker’s coffin!

Watch the trailer for 10 hour, 5 disc UNDERTAKER WWE DVD – surrounded by a coffin-shaped box set!

A closer look at the Taker COFFIN, second synopsis for “Hart of Gold”, and more WWE DVD news!

The complete content planned for WWE’s 5-disc “Undertaker: The Streak” R.I.P Edition DVD box set!

Owen DVD “in production”, Taker box set already “unavailable”, complete your collection with $3 sale!

Official trailer, cover artwork & first content just revealed for the new “Ring in the Holiday” WWE DVD!

New WWE DVDs on

Cover shot for WWE’s new UNDERTAKER STREAK DVD – limited edition box set shaped like a coffin!

Confirmation and first release date for the OWEN HART DVD/Blu-ray, more 2015 plans revealed!

Theme of 2015 Undertaker WWE DVD to be “Streak RIP Edition” – full details!

First look videos of WWE “Brothers of Destruction” and more release details!

After we witnessed the WrestleMania Streak of the Undertaker come to an end last night, could we see this in the future…?

An up close look at WWE Undertaker – The Streak Blu-Ray, released this week!

Even more first look photos of WWE’s 2012 Undertaker DVD on the WrestleMania Streak!

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