Talent List Interviewed for CM Punk WWE DVD – Ace Steel, Chris Hero, Lita

September 21, 2012 by Daniel Bee

The following is the list of talent whose comments made the final cut of the 2-hour CM Punk: Best in the World DVD and Blu-ray documentary (pre-order).

WWE CM Punk Best in the World DVD

Ace Steel
Chez (best friend) and family
Chris Hero
Colt Cabana
Curt Hawkins WWE CM Punk Best in the World DVD
Daniel Bryan
Jim Ross
Joey Mercury
John Cena
Justin Roberts
Kofi Kingston
Lars Frederiksen
Michael Hayes
Natalie Slater (ex-girlfriend)
Paul Heyman
Scott Armstrong
The Miz
Triple H
Zack Ryder

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WWE nWo The Revolution DVD

nWo: The Revolution on Blu-ray will contain approximately 1 hour and 48 minutes of exclusive material. This is made up of the nWo Legends of Wrestling roundtable discussion which runs just under 1 hour and 15 minutes, plus additional extras of 34 minutes.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ignorant marks on this website. L.O.L

  2. nightmare says:

    Could someone let me know please If The nWo: The Revolution has the same matches and doc as the Nwo Back in Black please .I don’t really want to spend another 20.00 or so for the same thing

    Please let me know thanks

  3. indyfan says:

    Rancid Rules!!!!!!

  4. James says:

    Is the Pipe Bomb interview on the Dvd? I hope so.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Yes, the full thing is shown in the documentary.

      • mommy says:

        the shoot is indeed shown in the doc, but i wish they had some extras from the summer of 2011 like the contract signing for MITB, or the contract signing for summerslam 2011

        thats the only negative i can see with this set, i wanted a few more promos from last summer included in the extras

        • WWEATTITUDEERA says:

          If you want the contract signing between Punk, McMahon and Cena its on the Best of Raw and Smackdown 2011 Blu-ray on Disc 2 as Blu-ray Exclusive, I guess they didnt add because they want more buys with the best of raw and smackdown blu-ray or to avoid repetition but that hasnt stop them in the past, no biggie for me, if you want the Summerslam Contract signing before Summerslam 2011 you have to get the Summerslam 2011 Blu-ray as it has raw highlights before the ppv and thats included as a exclusive!!

          • mommy says:

            sorry i dont buy whole sets just for 1 promo, im not buying summerslam blu ray just for that one promo, don’t have the time nor money to do that, which i why i wait for these “best of” sets

  5. mommy says:

    just watched this entire blu ray set, got it early

    couple of easter eggs on disc 1, punk talking about ferris bueller movie

    also the doc ends with punk paying homage to the ending of the movie as well

    plus the raw matches have no commercial break, exclusive commercial action so there is no fad to black

    anymore questions i will be happy to ask

    p.s. i actually got this blu ray a full month in advance, the store i go to usually has them a week or two in advance, but this is the first time it was a entire month, maybe even longer since i picked it up on sept 12-13ish and it could of been longer since i don’t go there every week, it could of been stocked even a 5-6 weeks earlier for all i know


      So the matches he had on Raw thats included on this for e.g With Kofi Kingston against Ted Dibiase & Cody Rhodes in 2008 and against William Regal Raw 2009 include the action from the ad breaks? last time i saw this on a dvd was back in 06 in the New & Improved DX DVD that included matches on raw that had action included that went to ad breaks, they should this more often on dvds/blu-rays,

      Do they include the action from the ECW Match with Credible went it went to ad breaks?

      Can you tell me if they included the promo where Punk Returned to raw 2 weeks before mitb 2011 and cut a promo with his white microphone and when cena came out he said a funny saying ” Im afraid your music is too loud sir” that was pretty funny? hope they include that!!

      Is there anything else?

      • Dave says:

        They did the same for Angle vs Lesnar Iron Man match…they don’t match the fade to black during commercials, the complete action is shown, just no commentary.

    • Tony Kegger says:

      I read that Paul Heyman did some alternate commentary on some of the matches with Punk. Is that true?

  6. Anonymous says:

    You can tell he did get to pick a lot of what he wanted in his DVD because it would have dumbasses in like Brodus, Santino and Otunga who shouldn’t be near this.I bet he told them to name him as Chris Hero and not his FCW name as well. Wonder if Punk asked HHH to be in the DVD or did HHH just stick his big nose in it?

  7. Zach says:

    I’m surprised they listed him as Chris Hero instead of Kassius Ohno.

  8. Geolink says:

    I’m surprised Punk wanted The Miz in his documentary.

  9. Marco says:

    Plus Cena and HHH!

  10. Marco says:

    The Who Is Who of Jobbers!

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      Jobber depending on what company they’re working for. Colt Cabanna may be a jobber in WWE, but I’m pretty sure he’s been World Champion in other indy companies.

    • LP1 says:

      Yeah. Because it would be much better to have random “main eventers” talking about a guy instead of his real life friends and people that know him the best.

      • Marco says:

        I don’t care, if they are Punk’s friends or not. I don’t want to hear from these nobodys. Don’t want them on my TV, that’s all. Won’t buy this.

        • Duncan says:

          So why are you reading info about this dvd if you’re so dead set against him. Genius. Or dumbass.

        • WWEATTITUDEERA says:

          What a Sado, i aint guna buy this dvd cause of nobodys on the dvd talking about cm punk life, What is wrong with you ? These are Punk close people and close friends, they havent been on dvds before it gives a unique fresh look and imput from them, these are the people that have meant the most in Punk Career, Who the F is Cena to Punk or HHH, do you want Santino talking about Punk Life in kayfabe with his retarded accent he puts on or Brodus Clay talking Funky about Punk Life where in reality Punk never has & will care bout Brodus, I rather have these nobodys that you say talk about punk life as it gives the realistic and genuine feeling, I know your entitled to your opinion but if you ever said this to Punk face he will tell you otherwise, If you talk about something on here you need to say something that will get backed up otherwise you just guna get ripped apart!!

      • Marco says:

        And no, they aren’t making more money than me.

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