Exclusive: Teaming With WWE For 25% Off All DVDs, New UK Offers Coming

September 12, 2013 by Daniel Bee


We’ve been negotiating with WWEShop.com recently to bring the WDN readers another exclusive offer on WWE DVDs and Blu-rays – and negotiations were successful!

They’ve granted you an exclusive code for September usage which gives 25% off the price of ANY in stock DVD or Blu-ray on the whole website. The code is “DVD25” to be entered at the checkout stage and there’s no minimum spend required!

Click here to use the code at WWEShop.com.


PRE-ORDER TIP: The code works only for ‘in stock’ titles so pre-orders are excluded.

However, the voucher code will not expire until after the release of both the SummerSlam 2013 and Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come DVDs later this month. So you could take 25% off those titles if you place your order the day of their release.

The “DVD25” code will reduce the price of any WWE DVD available on the site, whether old or new, until September 25th. Below are example prices using some of the latest releases.

WWEShop Logo

– WrestleMania 29 DVD:
$19.99 $14.99

– WrestleMania 29 Blu-ray:
$24.99 $18.74

– Legends of Mid-South Wrestling DVD:
$21.99 $16.49

– Legends of Mid-South Wrestling Blu-ray:
$24.99 $18.74

– Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden DVD:
$21.99 $16.49

– Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden Blu-ray:
$24.99 $18.74

– Money in the Bank 2013 DVD:
$14.99 $11.24

– ECW Unreleased Vol. 2 DVD:
$19.99 $14.99

– ECW Unreleased Vol. 2 Blu-ray:
$24.99 $18.74

– Payback 2013 DVD:
$14.99 $11.24

– WCW War Games: Most Notorious Matches DVD:
$20.99 $15.74

– WrestleMania 1-15 DVDs (Singular):
$12.99 $9.74

– WrestleMania 1-15 DVDs (Package):
$149.99 $112.49

– Anthology Volumes:
$39.99 $29.99

Click here to use voucher code “DVD25” at WWEShop.com – Prices from only $5.99 each!!

WrestlingDVDNews WWEShop Promo Code

We’ve also got the scoop on new offers in the UK beginning tomorrow!

For 1 week only (September 13th – September 20th) WWEDVD.co.uk will have the Night of Champions 2012 DVD on sale for only £8.99 and on Blu-ray for only £9.99, which is a saving of 50% off the RRP! This is the first time a ‘Fremantle only’ release has been on offer.

WWE Night of Champions Sale

On top of that, also in celebration of the PPV this Sunday, the Night of Champions 2010 and 2011 DVDs will be on sale for only £5.99 each, a 40% saving off RRP. Be sure to check WWEDVD.co.uk from 11am tomorrow morning to take advantage of these deals.

WWE Night of Champions Sale

New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. RabidHeat says:

    The Fremantle offers do suck in comparison to SilverVision, really. I’ve not bought anything off them yet, lol.

  2. Jamyn Blanton says:

    Pretty good deals but I’m saving my money for HHH Doc and RAW Boxset

  3. Mr Disc says:

    Well i have been buying some Blu-rays from them but it’s just every now and again. Like others have posted i too think Fremantle could do with having more special offers and promotions even if it’s just for one day like Silvervision’s “Wild Wednesday” that proved to be very popular and worthwhile for the company as well as the customer. I used to put big orders in at Silvervision with their original prices and promotion prices combined. But until Fremantle does something similar i’m afraid i will only be placing orders for the titles that i think are a must have for now.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      The offers above (particularly a £9.99 fairly new Blu-ray) is just like a “Wild Wednesday” but lasts longer than a day, or am I missing something? 🙂

      • Alan Shore says:

        You’re missing that at £10 for a year old event that wasn’t very good to begin with it’s still over priced

      • Mr Disc says:

        This £9.99 Blu-ray deal is probably a one off or until they find another DVD or Blu-ray that isn’t selling very well. Just the way it looks to me. I just think they noticed that link you put up about NOC 2012 being in the bargain bins in the US.

      • Mr Disc says:

        Actually if that had of been a Wild Wednesday it would’ve been around £5.99 DVD or £6.99 Blu-ray not £9.99 they have only knocked £4 off their asking price. Not that big of a deal. Just my opinion

        • Simon says:

          Dear Daniel Bee – The NOC 2012 DVD via Fremantle’s ‘offer’ is £8.99. The regular price for the DVD on Amazon.com in North America works out at £3.94. Please explain to me why this is a particularly good deal.

          • Daniel Bee says:

            I don’t choose the deals and I was referring mainly to the Blu-ray. A £9.99 Blu-ray with free shipping isn’t bad and I was comparing it to Silver Vision’s “Wild Wednesday” deals. That sort of deal could be seen with the previous licensee. As for differences in US/UK pricing, well that issue was always there.

  4. ALK says:

    Not bad offers, but I’ve seen CeX sell NOC 2012 for £6 on Blu Ray….

  5. BigCal says:

    About time fremantle did some offers. Yet to buy ANYTHING since they took over SV, which sucks because there are a bunch of Blurays I want, but refuse to pay their prices.

    • Joerg says:

      Me too…haven´t bought from fremantle any DVD/BluRay…but still have a lot from SV to watch…

      • Alan Shore says:

        I have also yet to buy from Freemantle, WWE Blu Rays have been ridiculously overpriced for a while now and the switch to the new distributor seemed like the perfect time to stop buying altogether.

        • Simon says:

          I’m another one who hasn’t yet bought from Fremantle. We’re getting totally ripped off in the UK. For example, the most recent release – The Best of MSG – is $18.74 on WWE Shop with the discount. On Fremantle, it’s around $35. Nearly double the price! Even without the 25% saving above, it’d still be $16 more.

          • Alan Shore says:

            Yep, for me price, total running time being way down on three disc sets from what it used to be, and the repetition of matches from set to set are all factors as to why I’m no longer the avid collector that I used to be.

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