REVEALED: Teaser for ‘BEST OF 2000s’, Cover Shots for WrestleMania Blu-Ray, THREE New WWE DVDs!

April 19, 2017 by Daniel Bee

WWE 'Best of 2000s' DVD - Logo

Incoming — the big 4-DISC “BEST OF 2000s” DVD is set to officially hit stores this Monday in the United Kingdom and follow this Tuesday in the United States!

WWE and host Mick Foley have begun promoting the compilation with a new teaser shared on social media (the second following the official trailer). Watch the clip right here and get a first look at more artwork planned for the packaging in the new shots we’ve featured below:

WWE 'Best of 2000s' DVD - New Artwork

The 4-disc DVD will pack in more than 10 hours of content made up of 19 matches (make that battles!) from the end of the Attitude Era and right the way through the Ruthless Aggression Era, all hosted by the “Hardcore Legend” Mick Foley back in his WWF Commissioner’s office.

EXCLUSIVE: Full Match Listing Revealed for WWE “Best of 2000s” (4-DISC) DVD, Hosted by Foley!

WWE 'Best of 2000s' DVD - Front & Back Cover Artwork

Get your hands on the new, 4-DISC WWE “BEST OF THE 2000’s” DVD…

UK/Europe: This Monday! Get the WWE 2000’s DVD right now here on

USA: This Tuesday! Pre-orders for the WWE 2000’s DVD available soon here on

Australia: May 24th. Your pre-order opportunity just went live over at has today received these two finalized cover shots for the release of WrestleMania 33 on Blu-ray in the United States!

As you’ve seen from the content listing revealed this time last week, this year’s WrestleMania DVD will contain the full event (sans pre-show) and the full 2017 Hall of Fame induction ceremony as an extra feature. This Blu-ray edition will also present a selection of The Miz and Maryse’s SmackDown Live segments in which they mocked John Cena and Nikki Bella, as an added bonus.

Look out for WrestleMania 33 on DVD, Blu-ray and Steelbook Blu-ray next month!

WWE WrestleMania 33 Blu-ray - Official Cover Artwork

WWE WrestleMania 33 Blu-ray - Official Box Artwork

The new “Finn Bálor – Iconic Matches” DVD officially released to fans in the UK this week!

Grab your copy of Bálor’s first-ever WWE DVD for only £5.99 here on

WWE 'Finn Bálor: Iconic Matches' DVD - Available Now!

“Double Feature: Elimination Chamber & Fastlane 2017” hit stores across the United States!

The first 2-disc DVD set combining RAW & SmackDown Live PPVs can be purchased for $19.99 here on and as of today is back listed for $14.99 here on

WWE 'Double Feature: Chamber & Fastlane 2017' DVD - Available Now!

WWE has put out a new “2016 Ultimate PPV Collection” box set exclusively in Australia!

The 17-disc set includes all of the 2016 pay-per-views (those released on DVD) in one collection and we can give you a peek at it below. Aussie fans can grab the box set at

WWE '2016 Ultimate PPV Collection' DVD Box Set - Australian Exclusive
WWE '2016 Ultimate PPV Collection' DVD Box Set - Australian Exclusive
WWE '2016 Ultimate PPV Collection' DVD Box Set - Australian Exclusive

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. RabidHeat says:

    That 2016 PPV set is making me wish I lived in Australia (despite missing Backlash and No Mercy). I just love the compact, concise packaging design of it.

  2. Kevin N. says:

    I hope they released a second volume for Best of 2000s or do the Best of the 90s that include things from WCW, ECW, and WWE

  3. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    Always different from individual pov, but personally I would not say that Ruthless Agression lasted up to The Bash ppv in 2009..

    Untill Brock returned in 2012 and as sole performer has given us a glimpse again of that fantastic era, I always consider the No Way Out ppv as the final event of Ruthless Agression, although the product from 2005 and up untill then was watered down compared to the 2002-2004 years.

    Nevertheless.. a great collection of classics, even if its only on Red-ray. 😉

    • Jake Ziegler says:

      The DVD is “Best of the 2000s,” which covers 2000-2009.

      • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

        I know.. it’s pretty clear.. 😉 what my comment is about, is this part of the article:

        “…from the end of the Attitude Era and right the way through the Ruthless Aggression Era…”

        The DVD ends with The Bash 2009 Jerich/Mysterio match..I personally would not go beyound No Way Out ppv that year when talking about Ruthless Agression as I stated in my first comment.

  4. Luis says:

    Hopefully they´ll change their minds and they decide to include the Pre-Show matches.

  5. mememememe says:

    Sorry for the double post but this had to be said Lesnar looks mentally challenged in the 2000s picture

  6. mememememe says:

    First! Can’t wait for info on the next DVD the major one.

    • brandon vendetta says:

      Me neither hope its something good

      • SCSA says:

        Hope it’s also based on a big old time superstar like Undertaker & is on Blu-Ray!

        • RCS1988 says:

          Bret Hart Dungeon Collection Volume 2.

          • brandon vendetta says:

            Dungeon collection vol 2 would be great but im not that confident it will ever come out considering its been 4 years since the first one was released. That’s kind of a big gap if you ask me.usually wwe doesn’t have that much time in between multiple volume sets.

        • brandon vendetta says:

          Undertaker set with doc is on top of everybody’s wish list but its gonna take some time I don’t see that coming out this year

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