New Teaser Clip of Paul Heyman Documentary, Censorship on WWE Network

March 4, 2014 by Daniel Bee

WWE Paul Heyman

Heyman Hustle has revealed a second teaser video of the new Paul Heyman WWE DVD!

As of now we know the DVD and Blu-ray, slated for August 2014 release, will feature a documentary as its main feature. Jim Ross, Joey Styles, Tommy Dreamer and Bill Apter have all confirmed being interviewed by WWE for the purpose of this new documentary.

Below to watch are both of the teaser clips revealed so far.

This month is stacked for WWE DVDs and Blu-rays! The 4 titles listed below will be released, in addition to 2 new “Double Feature” and “Triple Threat” packs.


11th WCW Greatest PPV Matches Vol. 1 (DVD/BR) Pre-order
18th Signature Sounds: The Music of the WWE (DVD) Pre-order
25th Elimination Chamber 2014 (DVD) Pre-order
25th Scooby-Doo: WrestleMania Mystery (DVD/BR) Pre-order


“Double Feature” contains re-releases of The History of the Intercontinental Championship and World Heavyweight Championship DVDs. “Triple Threat” contains re-releases of Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century, Allied Powers and Top 50 Superstars of All Time.

WWE Double Feature & Triple Threat DVD Packs

Some further observations of content shown on the WWE Network:

So far the WWE DVD documentaries aired are Greatest Rivalries: Shawn vs. Bret and Stone Cold: The Bottom Line. Next up is Epic Journey of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

A graphic of Owen Hart is shown at the beginning of Over The Edge 1999. His last interview, Jarrett’s interview, and any references to him have been cut out.

The Royal Rumble 2001 artwork/thumbnail has been altered to remove Chris Benoit.

Rey Mysterio is shown unmasked in WCW PPV footage.

Rey Mysterio Unmasked on WWE Network

Royal Rumble 2008 and No Way Out 2008 are both now shown in widescreen format.

The large majority of matches involving New Jack have been removed from ECW PPVs.

Explicit language usually heard on ECW PPV events is censored, such as “p***y” and “s**t” found to be bleeped out of ECW Heatwave 2000.

ECW PPVs on WWE Network

Look out for these eBay auctions today for 2 out-of-print WrestleManias!

$32.00 – WWF WrestleMania 17 DVD
$10.50 – WWE WrestleMania 24 Blu-ray

WWF WrestleMania X-Seven DVD

The official WWE DVD licensee for the UK and Europe has put the following 12 DVDs back into print. They are all available to order now over at

These particular DVD titles, among others, were removed from production when WWE and Silver Vision parted ways for Home Video distribution back in 2012.

UK WWE DVD Re-Releases

The True Story of Wrestlemania
Undertaker’s Deadliest Matches
Rey Mysterio – The Life of a Masked Man
Shawn Michaels – My Journey
The Ladder Match 2
The Greatest Cage Matches of All Time
The Rise & Fall of WCW
Smackdown 10th Anniversary
WrestleMania 25
WrestleMania 26
Survivor Series 2010
Royal Rumble 2010

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Anan says:

    With all the WCW PPV’s on The Network and the inevitable edition to The Network of The Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber PPV’s, I don’t expect big sales for WCW, Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber DVD’s. Is this news? No. Anyone with half a brain can figure this one out.

  2. FNB says:

    Well, if you want a real kick in the ass about censorship, we all remember how the RAW 20th dvd set had the opening segment of the March 2001 episode where Vince bought WCW edited out, because Benoit. But, that episode is up on WWE Network’s on demand section now, and streaming later tonight, and the opening segment with Angle and Benoit is intact.

    • wwe-networkguy says:

      Lol thank god i didnt buy the Raw 20th Ann DVD but its not surprising since he is shown unedited so far on the network, i think a lot of people aint going to be that bothered since its only a segment but tbh they should have done this for the DVD were benoit is intact,
      there is weird edit in the Wrestlemania 17 ppv on the network just after the Undertaker vs Triple H Match for about a Minute it goes silence so no crowd noise, no music, no commentary until the graphic for the Rock Austin Match!!

  3. wwe-uk says:

    I dont get why some people are so sensitive watching over the edge 1999, i know a terrible thing happened but it happened 15 years ago, i watched it myself and WWE have done a great job the quality is fantastic and you dont notice the edits its seems like nothing ever happened so i actually wwe for doing that, i know its a quite surreal watching the event but its good a ppv that is worth watching, the ppv does take a hit with the crowd not really into it after the good opening match !!

    • Kenny says:

      How long ago it happened is completely irrelevant. It was a very sad night, and editing out the references will not make it any better.

      It’s not a night many people (myself included) wish to go back and re-live. There’s no entertainment value to that show because of what happened. Kudos for them for doing a great job in editing (*NEWS FLASH!* WWE Does Great Editing Job!), but I, personally, have no desire to live through that again.

  4. BR says:

    For what it’s worth, when I first got Royal Rumble 2008 and No Way Out 2008 on DVD, whenever I played them on my DVD player, they would be widescreen. Then later on, for some reason, it stopped and became full screen with the black bars on the sides, and now I cannot get it back to widescreen at all. Wish I knew what had happened.

    • David says:

      Royal Rumble 08 and No Way Out 08 were shown in 16:9 on live PPV but for some reason WWE released those two DVDs in 4:3 which means the DVD/Blu-ray player actually stretches the picture to fill the screen but the way its suppose to be watched is in 4:3 with sidebars.

      Your player probably has the “16:9 widescreen function” on which takes the footage and stretches it which is why you had it in widescreen, but its not native 16:9.

      • BR says:

        But it was native 16:9. It didn’t stretch it out like you’re talking about. It wasn’t 4:3 with widescreen turned on to stretch it out. It was in perfect 16:9 view.

  5. josh m says:

    New jack is a piece of s**t

  6. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I hope a step further is taken, and they edit New Jack right out of the pro wrestling industry totally.

  7. Paul says:

    I really don’t get the editing on any shows rated TV-MA. They do have a parental lock system in place. Everything should just air as it did originally. If someone doesn’t want their kiddies watching, then lock TV-MA and/or TV-14 programs. It feels really half-assed the way they are re editing some stuff and not other stuff…

  8. WWE-Network-Guy says:

    Here are the matches that new jack is featured of all the ecw ppvs:

    Hardcore Heaven 1997
    Heat Wave 1998
    Living Dangerously 1999
    Anarchy Rulz 1999
    Living Dangerously 2000
    Heat Wave 2000
    Anarchy Rulz 2000

    9 ppvs they cut him

  9. Kenny says:

    A couple of things:

    1) Why does the Double Feature refer to it as a “2 disc set” and the Triple Feature as a “3 disc set” when all of these were originally 3 disc sets? The Double should be 6 discs, and the Triple should be 9. What’s the catch here?

    2) They said that any footage containing Benoit would have that disclaimer, yet I’ve seen a bunch of shows with the guy that haven’t contained the disclaimer. Not a big deal in the big picture, but it seems to be hit and miss with their accuracy.

    3) I still feel it’s a bad idea to air the Over the Edge PPV. I feel it’s a bad decision, and any heat from fans for it not being on there would be short-lived.

    4) Why wouldn’t they air the WCW shows with Rey with no mask? I see no issue with that at all.

    5) Overall, their claim of the material being “uncut and unedited” has to be considered b.s. at this point. Never mind the music, but they’ve also put up edited versions of the Wrestling Classic and the first Royal Rumble (all had ‘WWF’ references removed). It’s really hard to take them at their word on that one now.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      1) The catch is the titles are now 1 disc sets (in these packs anyway).

      2) I agree it seems the “disclaimer” just pops up sometimes and others not. If that is meant to show up for all Benoit inclusive material, I’d say they haven’t got it right yet.

      3) Somewhat agree also. I was only watching 15mins or so of Over the Edge on the Network and just felt it was eerie, not quite right to watch so I turned it off.

      4) The article didn’t mean it’s odd the WCW shows have Rey unmasked, because they did, it’s just a talking point because WWE DVDs over the years tended to avoid showing him unmasked, right? With the Network they really can’t get around it, even if they wanted. Do they really care anymore though?

      5) Agree too. I don’t know how hard they have been pushing marketing the Network as “uncut and unedited” though. I mostly just hear it’s “all PPVs”. I remember Austin saying at the announcement event that everything would be uncensored but I didn’t believe it then.

      • David says:


        Do you think WWE will eventually update certain PPVs?…noticed few are not even the full shows – Halloween Havoc 90 and One Night Only 1997 for example are the 2 hour versions and WWE have aired the live broadcasts on Classics on Demand in the past; in fact they aired One Night Only just last year and was a little over 3 hours long. Strange they put Bret Hart vs. Undertaker in the description, yet the match is removed.

      • d.p. says:

        So in response to the Double & Triple Feature. If they are one disc each now then did they just put everything together on one disc or just use one out of the 3 disc sets & if so then which disc out of the 3 did they use? Can we get more details on that?

      • Kenny says:

        I never noticed the deal with Rey in the DVDs. Although now that you mention it… When I originally read your remark about it, I took it as if this was a deviation from a prior policy. I’d never heard of it, but what does that mean?

        I don’t plan on going back and even trying to watch the Over the Edge show. It’s not a night I wish to re-live. Even if it IS cut to pieces, that’s still going to be lingering there in the background. I don’t see where the entertainment value is in any of that. You know? That’s my thought on it, at least.

        I really only took “uncut and unedited” half-hearted then too. Even before the formal announcement, I expected music edits, if nothing else. It would cost a hell of a lot of money to get all those rights, so I get that. As a guy, I’d liked to have seen them keep the nudity, but I understand them editing that out. But putting up shows with high profile matches missing? Language edits? Not that I’m a big fan of the guy, it seems that poor New Jack is banned more on the Network than Benoit! Lol!

        I remember years ago, they advertised the WrestleMania Anthology DVD set as being unedited, leading a lot of people to believe that the ‘WWF’ references and logos would be untouched. Instead, we got all the WWF edits and a lot of glaring (and some very weird—the Orient Express music? REALLY?!) music omissions. The big Raw 20th Anniversary set is uncut and unedited…but you’ve reported on so many cuts and edits on that set.

        I shouldn’t be surprised, but if you’re going to advertise something like that, then you need to make sure it is what you’re claiming it is. If you need to dub over a piece of music here and there, that’s not “unedited”. If you’re removing commentary, entire matches, etc., that’s not “uncut”.

        I guess I’m expecting consistency out of the WWF. What in the world am I thinking?! Lol!

  10. Nate says:

    Ah. I was wondering why New Jack would be edited out, and it occurred to me: Because that “Natural Born Killas” song plays constantly through most of his matches. Why sacrifice time to edit out all the noise, when you can just edit out New Jack? Who’s gonna miss him??!?!

  11. ZT says:

    I would assume the reason for the New Jack edits are due to the fact Natural Born Killaz would play throughout his ENTIRE match. I sure trying to edit that and make it sound decent would be hell, and very difficult to pull off, as it probably bled through the commentator mics. WWE probably figured it was easier to just cut it out whenever possible.

    • Kenny says:

      That sounds totally reasonable…and probably is right on point.

      • David says:

        That makes sense. On Classics on Demand they dubbed his music over some generic rap but the crowd noise wasn’t all that bad. I search on another message board and found his matches are included on these ppvs:

        Hardcore Heaven 1997
        Heatwave 1998
        Living Dangerously 1999
        Anarchy Rulz 1999
        Living Dangerously 2000
        Heatwave 2000
        Anarchy Rulz 2000

  12. WWEFan2014 says:

    ECW is done weird on the Network they censor some events yet other events are fully uncut.

  13. ALK says:

    So boobs and New Jack are no nos on the Network? XD