The Rock WWE Blu-ray Incoming, John Cena “The Reunion” Movie Poster

September 22, 2011 by Daniel Bee

The People’s Edition of the upcoming WWE ’12 video game for November will come packed with a new, exclusive WWE Blu-ray or DVD (PS3/XBOX) on The Rock.

According to THQ this will contain “The Rock’s must-see WWE Raw appearances from February 14, 2011 and April 4, 2011, including his highly anticipated return to WWE and the moment his WrestleMania XXVIII match with John Cena was made official.”

Both WWE Shawn Michaels VS. Bret Hart and Ladder Match 2 DVDs are IN STOCK now with an eBay seller over and . No, it’s not us selling them. They are keepers!

Speaking of eBay, three Best Buy exclusive Shawn Michaels Ultimate Fan box sets have become available – .

We can exclusively reveal (as far as we know) the poster for the upcoming WWE Studios movie production “The Reunion“, starring John Cena. No firm word yet on when it hits stores but the WWE DVD distributor in Australia revealed plans to release it in December 2011.

After the death of her father, a daughter (Amy Smart) is charged with fulfilling her father’s last wish – to bring his three sons back together… Sam (WWE Superstar John Cena), a hardened cop currently on suspension; Leo, (Ethan Embry) a loud-mouthed overbearing bail bondsman and Douglas, a handsome 20-year old thief fresh out of prison. When Leo discovers the con he pledged a lot of money for is suspected of kidnapping one of the wealthiest men in the country, he convinces his two brothers to join him on what will become a dangerous , yet exhilarating adventure.


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  1. sherry says:

    i cant wait for jc’s new movie whooooooooooo excited..

  2. You got the SCOOPS early. I think I am gonna pass on this. The DVD doesnt look like it has its own case and its not even the whole RAW its just the two segments that can be found on Elimination Chamber and Wrestlemania BluRays. I dont think I have any use for The Rock 8X10

  3. Daman says:

    JOHN CENA looks so hot in the poster. Cant wait to see him in the movie itself…

  4. tickc317 says:

    On a website and on news site it states it’s a US Exclusive. Hoping it’s not tho lol

  5. Daniel Bee says:

    I doubt it’s a US exclusive, no.

  6. tickc317 says:

    So is it a US exclusive or what DB?

  7. Anonymous says:

    @agtdark2023. I was one of the people that voted for Rock. Keep in mind, many of us have interests outside of WWE programming. In addition to his appearances on RAW and Mania, he was also in one of the highest grossing movies of 2011, Fast Five, enjoyed by millions. To us, he never “left.” He’s been working his butt off to entertain fans non-stop for 15 years.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      I’m also pro-Rock. He did move on from wrestling, he became an actor. That was his choice and there isn’t anything wrong with that. Sure, he could have showed up and gave a little more back to wrestling in his 7 years away and I agree with that. However look what has happened now when everybody had given up hope. He’s been on multiple Raw episodes, hosted WrestleMania, and will be at the next WrestleMania. Most of all he’s actually stepping back in the ring to wrestle, and against the top guy in the biz. It may even turn into more than one match. Considering this was a guy who changed professions and was trashed by some wrestling fans for staying away, I’d say that’s a pretty amazing turnaround. No he hasn’t returned as a full time wrestler but can you really expect that? “Never, ever going away” didn’t mean that. I took it as he won’t distance himself like he did before and so far he is definitely keeping that word.

  8. agtdark2023 says:

    I know that there was a vote and I know The Great One won by a lot. That is exactly what I have a problem with. The people getting sooooo behind this guy. He will come, say a bunch of shit, and then leave again for a long ass time. I wouldnt have such a problem with it if he would either do what he says he going to do, or just not say it at all.

  9. tickc317 says:

    This blu ray edition of wwe12 is only US exclusive I’ve heard? Is that true?

  10. Anonymous says:

    @Eric- You are correct that the 2nd clip is on the Mania 27 blu. However, the 1st clip, his return on Feb. 14th, is actually on the Elimination Chamber blu (which is the only reason I bought it).

    @agtdark- Rock is on the cover instead of Cena because they had a vote on the WWE Games Facebook page. I believe Rock beat Cena by a pretty substantial margin.

  11. Chocks says:

    Yeah wwedvdnews is covering there tracks trying to see ebay stuff, come on people.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Chocks: Please explain your comments about us linking to eBay listings. It’s not us selling the DVDs. The ones for the HBK/Hart and Ladder Match DVDs have now been taken off eBay, probably by WWE because of the street dates. In my opinion if you’re lucky enough to get an advance copy of a DVD from them you don’t go sticking it on eBay as soon as it arrives.

  12. agtdark2023 says:

    Does anyone else see whats wrong with this so called “Peoples Edition” of this game? The damn Rock is not even a Superstar anymore. He shows up and takes the obvious route of ripping on Cena to get back on the side of “The People” who booed him out of the building the last time he was around full time. That’s easy. I get so sick of him showing up, usually via satelite, and claiming shit that isn’t true. “I’m NEVER leaving again” was the last load of crap this guy has given us. Then, he proceeds to take off until what will be Survivor Series. I used to love him, but now it looks like he’s in it just for his own shit. Makes me mad as hell! Like him or not, Cena should have gotten the cover deal for the game!!!

  13. Christen says:

    i wonder why they changed the name from Blood Brothers

  14. LukeRyan says:

    UJRGH! Can’t believe that fan edition of Shawn Michaels is 25 QUID!! And it cant be shipped! Been after that for the longest time…BAH

  15. tickc317 says:

    Wwe gave you that DVD did they DB?

  16. Eric says:

    If it’s really just those two appearances, aren’t they already on the Wrestlemania Blu Ray?

  17. Daniel Bee says:

    They really aren’t our eBay listings. For one I haven’t even watched Ladder Match 2 yet. For another the HBK/Hart one is great, so I’m not parting with it. I’m also from the UK, not the USA. I will win the argument because I haven’t sold anything WWE give to me 🙂

  18. PenLOLbury says:

    the dvd that comes with the game will be worth heaps in 5 years time, similar to the sampler dvds that came with the games

  19. Simon says:

    @Anonymous: I know, but I was going off the information on this news report:

  20. Anonymous says:

    @Simon that’s the listing greatest stars of the 21st century blu ray/DVD

  21. dt says:

    Yeah right, not our ebay listing Cough cough cough.

  22. Simon says:

    I read this…

    WWE Blu-Ray/DVD featuring:

    WWE Championship Match – Booker T vs. The Rock – SummerSlam – 19th August, 2001

    Intercontinental Championship Match – Chris Jericho vs. Rob Van Dam – Raw – 16th September, 2002

    World Heavyweight Championship Match – Triple H vs. Kane – Raw – 23rd June, 2003

    60-Minute Iron Man Match for the WWE Championship – Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar – SmackDown! – 18th September, 2003

    WWE Championship Match – Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio – SmackDown! -18th March, 2004

    Exclusive Foil Topps Trading Card featuring The Rock Art Image of The Rock

    WWE 12 is schedule to launch on November 25 in UK and Europe.

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