Three Previews of ‘My Name Is Paul Heyman’, New WWE DVD Released Today

July 29, 2014 by Daniel Bee

The above is a preview of the “Ladies and Gentleman, My Name is Paul Heyman” DVD and Blu-ray documentary, with Heyman talking about infiltrating into an NWA production meeting. released the video clip, where it was also announced today that UK fans pre-ordering the Heyman DVD or Blu-ray there before midnight on August 3rd will be automatically entered into a draw to win a Blu-ray cover signed by the man himself!

WWE Ladies and Gentleman, My Name is Paul Heyman DVD recently revealed the following clip with Paul Heyman discussing his time working with Rick Rude, and another about coming close to joining the WCW creative team. To our knowledge these two segments are strictly “online exclusive” as the videos suggest, not appearing in the final produced documentary, nor in the DVD/Blu-ray extras either.

“Ladies and Gentleman, My Name is Paul Heyman” releases next week! Amazon has it from $19.99 here on, WWEShop has it from $20.99 here on


The WWE Money in the Bank 2014 DVD is released today to the United States!

That’s in stock now for the low price of only $9.99 here on

WWE United We Slam - Best of Great American Bash DVD

– Daniel Bryan Interview (Money In the Bank Kickoff)
– Fandango & Layla Interview
– Money In The Bank Moment 1: Jack Swagger
– Money In The Bank Moment 2: Daniel Bryan
– Money In The Bank Moment 3: Dolph Ziggler
– Money In The Bank Moment 4: Randy Orton

“Timeline: The History of WWE – 1992 – As Told by Bret Hart” is coming this Thursday via DVD and streaming on demand. The runtime of the interview is 2 hours and 15 minutes.

There will be 50 “Signature Edition” versions available to buy at

Timeline History of WWE 1992 - Bret Hart Signature Edition

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Brian says:

    K Mart usually have WWE DVD stocked early on Saturdays. Checked all stores for the Heyman and none appear to be available yet. Just letting people know that usually try and hit K Mart early.

  2. Attitudeerasux! says:

    Paul Heyman is awful! Can’t believe people are actually excited about this crap! Just goes to show how awful wrestling has been the past 15 years. He was somewhat remotely kinda OK back in his WCW days, but just horrendous in the WWE. Which makes sense cause the WWE has been awful for over a decade and a half. Weak ass “talent” like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. Two horrible wrestlers that people love for some odd reason. Those two are the worst offenders as to why the WWE sucks so much but so called fans are to blind to notice, they just follow like mindless sheep!

    • LP1 says:

      Best troll I’ve seen in a long time. Good job.

      • Attitudeerasux! says:

        What are you talking about dude? I love wrestling, just not the crap that the majority think is “good”. Why is it that anybody that doesn’t want to give Daniel or CM a BJ is all the sudden a troll. That is such a stupid way of thought, Not everybody loves the same stuff. Why is that so hard for you to comprehend.

        • LP1 says:

          Ok, I’ll play along. I’m bored anyway. So let’s see. You say WWE has sucked for the last 15 years. That would mean the last time you think WWE was any good was in the summer of 1999. The summer of 1999 was right in the middle of the attitude era… yet your name is ATTITUDEERASUX. Umm. Ok. Moving on. You say Daniel Bryan is one of the reasons WWE sucks. Bryan has only been on the main roster for about 4 years and he’s only really been a legit main event guy for about a year. So who was the cause of the WWE sucking for the previous 14 years? You mention Punk. Well, he’s been gone for over 6 months. Has it gotten any better since? Just curious. Also Punk has never been THE top guy in the company. He had a solid legit main event run for about 2 good years and even during that time he played second fiddle to John Cena. Again, who’s to blame for the suckiness from 1999 through 2011? And you say Paul Heyman is awful. That is pure comedy. Nothing more needs to be said really about that one. If you “love wrestling” today as you say you do, I’m curious as to what it is you love.

          That was fun.

          • Attitudeerasux! says:

            I’m not sure what you mean by playing along?

            Around 1994-1995 was the last years of the WWF that I actually loved. By 1996 it just became very hard to watch. The only reason the WWF was still good for a couple more years was because of a few wrestlers Undertaker & Shawn Michaels to name a couple. The WWF became increasingly boring to me cause I didn’t like any of the new wrestlers that were being introduced. I’ve never liked the Rock & I used to love Steve Austin when he was in WCW but the whole stone cold persona did nothing for me.

            I loved WCW they had so many great fun to watch wrestlers in the 90’s. The Attitude era was awful. I stopped regularly watching the WWF because of it.

            I do love wrestling, just because I am not a fan of what most people here seem to love, in no way makes me a troll. You really caught me off guard with that reaction. Have you never come across somebody who doesn’t love the same stuff as you? I’m willing to bet you have. I don’t just have to love something because it’s popular with other people.

            I’m a big fan of a lot of the wrestling DVD’s that have come out over the years. I still try to watch Raw & Smackdown every week and every time I’m disappointed. I prefer to watch wrestling DVD’s over the current product.
            I have at least 200 wrestling DVD’s and I watch wrestling pretty much every single day.

            I am extremely excited for the WCW-OMG DVD and the new Sting DVD. Those both look to be amazing, can’t wait.

            • LP1 says:

              You’re entitled to like and dislike whatever you want. But when you say there has been NOTHING good in WWE since 1994-95(years when business was in the toilet financially), that’s just funny to me. You might be the only person on the planet who thinks that. But hey, whatever works for you.

    • Nick says:

      You call yourself a wrestling fan yet you dont like talent such as CM Punk and Daniel Bryan? Watch CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan from Over The Limit 2012. That match alone is a 5 star wrestling match. A pure wrestling mat classic.
      Watch it, then look anyone in the eye and tell them that they are talentless.

    • josh says:

      You’re right! WWE has gone down the toilet and it is because of the current roster. I can’t stand Heyman. I totally agree with you.

  3. Marcio says:

    Does anyone know why the Batista blu ray has been taken off wwe shop for quite some time now?

  4. SRB says:

    Man, this looks amazing so far. That moment about Dusty gave me goosebumps and Rick Rude at the top of his game? You better believe it!

  5. King9876 says:

    Youtube again? Seriously? Pick another site to show videos from

    • TheManInBlu says:

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! The YouTube complainer. You;re back! Haven’t seen you on here in months! You’re hilarious 😀

    • attitude.era.4life says:

      you are a member of the board of Daylymotion, are’nt you!? just kidding.. 😉