Three WWE DVDs Released Tomorrow, Hell in a Cell Blu Ray Info

September 27, 2010 by Daniel Bee

Silver Vision today confirmed that Europe will be getting the Hell in a Cell 2010 PPV on Blu Ray, so this looks to be a worldwide release.

Three WWE DVDs will be released tomorrow, Tuesday 28th September, in the United States.

Breaking The Code: Behind the Walls of Chris Jericho

The obvious major release that we’ve been covering a great deal here (click the banner at the top of the site). This is a 3 Disc DVD set containing a near 2 hour documentary, 19 matches and plenty of extras too. If you’re only going to pick up one DVD tomorrow make it this one.


The WWE movie featuring John Cena will be released on DVD tomorrow exclusively to Walmart. Legendary will also see a Blu Ray release which is exclusive to Best Buy. After 3 months these two releases will be available everywhere. There are also rumors of a 2 Disc Special Edition DVD released later, if that doesn’t come tomorrow.

The Legendary DVD and Blu Ray have been released in the UK this week.

Legendary Moments

This DVD joins Legendary tomorrow as a Walmart exclusive and this is a one hour feature hosted by John Cena, where he introduces “Legendary Moments” in WWE history. Nothing much is known on this one but don’t expect wonders as it’s there most of all simply to create some more interest in Legendary and perhaps be an impulse buy with the movie.

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  1. wakigatame says:

    Ah, alright then. Kind of weird to see them actually start listing more Blu Rays. I’m certainly not going to object.

  2. Daniel Bee says:

    Ok, but it’s on which updates before Bestbuy, and I’ve personally seen the HIAC Blu Ray listed on an inside WWE Home Video schedule so it’s an informed prediction.

  3. wakigatame says:

    Just because Silvervision puts up that it’s getting a BD release means nothing. If it’s on Bestbuy’s site, then I’ll believe it as an international release.