Throwback Thursday: WWF In Your House 16: Canadian Stampede, As Seen on WWE Network

July 6, 2017 by Brock Allen

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This week Throwback Thursday celebrates the 20th anniversary of one of WWF/E’s greatest events: In Your House 16: Canadian Stampede, as seen on the WWE Network.

As was documented last month in TBT’s look back at the 1997 King of the Ring, the WWF was in the early stages of their remarkable comeback against World Championship Wrestling. After a slew of either unremarkable or simply so-so PPV events, the WWF was beginning to find its footing that, with the start of this event, would embark on one of the great runs in company history that produced some of the best television and Pay-Per-Views in company history.

This would mark the final 2-hour IYH event. Starting in September with Ground Zero: In Your House 17 all monthly WWF PPVs would be 3-hours in length.

WWE - The Hart Foundation Happy Holding Canadian Flag
WWE - Bret Hart Hugging 'The British Bulldog' Davey Boy Smith

What’s important to note about this particular event is that it marked the last truly great moment for the Hart family in professional wrestling. The Hart family, in and out of the ring, would never be the same in the wake of Bret’s falling out with the WWF in November ’97.

For those worried about context, don’t be. All previous editions of Monday Night RAW as well as all prior PPVs are currently available on the Network for you to enjoy right now.

WWF In Your House 16: Canadian Stampede (WATCH)
Date: July 6, 1997 – Location: Canadian Airlines Saddledome, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Attendance: 12,151 – PPV Buys: 0.59 (<210,000 homes)
Commentators: Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, & Jerry Lawler – Interviews: Dok Hendrix

WWF World Heavyweight Champion: The Undertaker
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Owen Hart
WWF World Tag Team Champions: Stone Cold Steve Austin & Shawn Michaels
WWF European Champion: “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith

The show opens with a great vignette highlighting the 10-man tag that talks about black and white fading to a “canvas of muted grays where good is indistinguishable from evil and renegades receive a heroes embrace.”

WWE - Vince McMahon, Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross Wearing Cowboy Hats at Canadian Stampede

The pyro goes off and Vince McMahon welcomes us to the show. McMahon and Jim Ross are wearing traditional cowboy hats while Jerry Lawler is wearing a hilariously over-sized cowboy hat and calling himself the “king of the cowboys”. McMahon and JR talk about the upcoming Sasuke/Michinoku match while McMahon and Lawler discuss the opening match between Helmsley and Mankind.

As Helmsley makes his way to the ring we see a vignette spotlighting the Mankind/Helmsley feud, particularly Helmsley defeating Mankind to win the 1997 King of the Ring tournament.

“Grudge Match” (WATCH – 2:49)
Hunter Hearst Helmsley w/Chyna vs. Mankind

In Your House: Canadian Stampede on WWE Network - Triple H vs. Mankind

Despite the braided hair and Greenwich gimmick, the transition from “Hunter Hearst Helmsley” to Triple H was in full swing. This one is a battle from the opening bell featuring a number of memorable spots and psychology that is everything their King of the Ring showdown wasn’t. Late in the match Mankind makes his comeback and the match spills to the outside where Chyna interferes. Helmsley and Mankind fight around the ring and eventually into the crowd where they are counted out at 13:10. After the bell the two continue to brawl in the crowd as officials try and separate them. The fight after the match is nearly as fun as the fight during the match.

NO WINNER declared (Double count-out, 13:10)

Next we get a video highlights of the 1997 Calgary Stampede festivities, narrated by Dok Hendrix, including fans lining up for a mile for a Bret Hart autograph signing.

In Your House: Canadian Stampede on WWE Network - Interview with Hart Foundation

In the back Dok Hendrix begins to interview Bret Hart and the rest of the Hart Foundation about the upcoming main event 10-man tag when Stone Cold Steve Austin, held back by officials, tries to get to Bret. Bret says they could have jumped Austin and ended it right then and there but they don’t want 5-on-1 they want 5-on-5.

Before the next match can even start a bloodied Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Mankind break through a barricade and are fighting in the arena again. Eventually the two brawl back from where they came.

“Light Heavyweight Division Match” (WATCH – 23:58)
Taka Michinoku vs. The Great Sasuke

In Your House: Canadian Stampede on WWE Network - Taka Michinoku vs. The Great Sasuke

This match marked the debut of both men in the WWF. Originally the new Light Heavyweight division was to be built around Great Sasuke but, between the reaction Taka received and Sasuke’s bragging about only defending the title in Japan (as well as refusing to drop the title on WWF TV), the WWF decided to go with Michinoku instead. The match is decent enough but it feels like these two put on the kind of match they thought WWF wanted to see rather than truly showing what they could do. The two would put on a much better match the next night on RAW, Sasuke’s final WWF televised match, that despite the numerous flubs still stands as one of the divisions best matches. This one comes to an end after Sasuke hits Taka with the Thunder Fire Powerbomb followed by a Tiger Suplex for the pin at 10:00.

WINNER is The Great Sasuke (Pin, 10:00)

The cameras suddenly go to the back where Mankind and a bloody Hunter Hearst Helmsley are brawling outside the Saddledome. Helmsley breaks a shovel over Mankind’s back before attempting to Pedigree Mankind on a stack of skids. Mankind makes a comeback and continues to beat on Helmsley until WWF officials, for the moment, break up the fight.

WWE - Triple H Using a Shovel as a Weapon on Mankind!

Up next we see footage from the June 23rd edition of RAW where the debuting Disciples of Apocalypse brawled with the Nation of Domination, during which Ahmed Johnson suffered a knee injury, forcing Vader to replace Johnson.

Backstage Dok Hendrix interviews Vader and Paul Bearer. Hendrix asks Bearer how he can look himself in the mirror after accusing The Undertaker of murder. “Dok Hendrix,” Bearer responds, “looking in the mirror is the best thing that I do every morning, if you know what I mean.” Bearer again calls Undertaker a murderer and says it going to be “deja vu” when the Vader defeats Undertaker as he did in January at the Royal Rumble.

WWF World Heavyweight Championship (WATCH – 39:20)
Vader (sub. for Ahmed Johnson) w/Paul Bearer vs. The Undertaker(c)

In Your House: Canadian Stampede on WWE Network - The Undertaker vs. Vader

As J.R. says, “This in not gonna be a Brisco/Funk classic, this is gonna be nothin’ but a fight.” Vader had a hard time finding guys to work with where he could be “Vader” and not a “Sports Entertainment” replica, but Undertaker was one of those men. Whenever I see a Vader/Undertaker match I wonder what could have been had these two been able to really cut loose. Just when the match gets intense or interesting Paul Bearer, shouting “murderer” and hitting Undertaker with his shoe (“I tell ya what,” J.R. says “if the heel doesn’t get him the smell will!”), gets involved and stunts the momentum. Despite the outside shenanigans, Vader looks like a million bucks in this one while Undertaker proves yet again why he was one of the very best psychologists in the business. In the end Undertaker hits Vader low while going for the Vader Bomb and chokeslams Vader off the ropes for the near fall. Undertaker hits a second chokeslam before delivering a massive tombstone for the win at 12:38 to retain.

WINNER and STILL WWF World Heavyweight Champion, The Undertaker (Pin, 12:38)

Next we see more footage of fans flocking to see the Harts over the weekend before a video package tells the story of the “chaos and mayhem” in the WWF as well as the war between the Hart Foundation and Stone Cold Steve Austin. “Ten men. One Brawl. The countdown to chaos in Calgary is complete. The moment of mayhem has arrived.”

WWE - Canadian Stampede 5-Man Team of Stone Cold, Road Warriors, Goldust & Ken Shamrock

Backstage, Hendrix is with Austin, the Road Warriors, Goldust, and Ken Shamrock. Goldust says he was the “peacemaker” who brought the team together and that they’re going to bring the fight tonight. Shamrock says when he enters his “zone, it’s time to get it on.” Animal shouts about survival of the fittest as Hawk growls the obligatory “what a rush!” Dok tries to interview Stone Cold Steve Austin but Austin walks off, the rest of the team in his wake, to the ring.

In the arena Jake Leiske, Angela Kelman, and Shauna Rae Samograd, the British Columbia Country Music Association award-winning trio “Farmer’s Daughter”, are in the ring to sing “O Canada”, which the Calgary crowd loves. Afterwards Howard Finkel, in a cowboy hat, introduces a few of the “notables” in the audience. First is the late Ralph Klein, the 12th Premier of Alberta, followed by Stu and Helen Hart, each of which get a rousing ovation.

“10-Man Tag Team Grudge Match” (WATCH – 1:00:27)
Goldust, “World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock, The Legion of Doom (Road Warrior Hawk & Road Warrior Animal), & WWF World Tag Team Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Hart Foundation (Brian Pillman, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, WWF European Champion “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith, WWF Intercontinental Champion Owen Hart, & Bret “Hitman” Hart) w/”1997 Mrs. Calgary” Diana Smith

WWE - In Your House 'Canadian Stampede' Main Event, 10-Man Tag Team Match
In Your House: Canadian Stampede on WWE Network - Stone Cold Attacks Hart Family at Ringside!

This match is, quite simply, one of the greatest matches—singles or tag—in WWF/E history. In and of itself this match is a masterclass in psychology, pacing, timing and, most of all, storytelling; every breath in this match has a purpose. The match itself is all-out war with everyone having a chance to shine. After injuries to Owen and Stone Cold Steve Austin the match becomes an 8-man fight until the two make their way back to the ring. Eventually Owen and Austin spill outside and fight right in front of the Hart family at ringside. After Austin grabs Stu Hart, Bruce and Wayne Hart storm the barricades and fight with Austin. Bruce legitimately bruised Steve Austin’s kidneys with a stiff shot that gets the crowd chanting for Bruce as Owen, in the ring, school boys Austin for the pin at 24:32.

WINNERS are The Hart Foundation (Brian Pillman, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, WWF European Champion “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith, WWF Intercontinental Champion Owen Hart, & Bret “Hitman” Hart) w/”1997 Mrs. Calgary” Diana Smith (Pin, 24:32)

After the match “all hell” breaks loose, as McMahon says, as the war rages on in and out of the ring until security comes to the ring and breaks it up. After the ring is cleared the Foundation’s music plays and the family celebrates the big win in the ring. Suddenly Stone Cold Steve Austin returns and waffles “The Anvil” with a chair. In a flash the Hart’s swarm Austin as security cuffs the “Rattlesnake” and lead him off. Austin bending and flipping the bird as he leaves.

WWE - The Entire Hart Family Celebrates In-Ring at 'Canadian Stampede' PPV

Back in the ring Bret and Brian Pillman help Stu into the ring as the rest of the family (and a few strangers) fill the ring to celebrate. Eventually every Hart in the country is in the ring and basking in the glory as the PPV comes to a close.

Final Thoughts

Looking back on this event today it’s hard not to rank this event as one of the very best the WWF/E has ever done! All the matches delivered or (in the case of Undertaker/Vader) over-delivered, and the self-contained Mankind/Helmsley angle created the kind of unpredictable feel that was sorely lacking from WWF TV at the time.

WWE 'In Your House: Canadian Stampede' PPV - Logo

If you haven’t seen this event do yourself a favor and seek this one out. So if you’re already subscribed to the WWE Network, what are you waiting for? Hop over and check out this legendary In Your House event for yourself! As always, let us know what you think in the comments section.

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Thanks for reading – until next week, see ya at ringside!

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  1. Anan Khalique says:

    I loved these IYH events. They may not have had the big builds or anything that often like a Royal Rumble, Summerslam or WM were always known for having. But the quality of IYH matches were still good enough for me.

    This one here in particular…..

    Mankind vs HHH – Enjoyed the match till the double countout finish. Usually not a fan of these kind of finishes. But here, it’s ok because it continued the feud to Summerslam. The WWE Network series, Rivalries really should have covered this rivalry as Foley vs HHH was a rivalry that started in 97 and ended in 2000 even after Foley retired (which was because he lost a HIAC match to HHH in February’s No Way Out ppv.)

    Taka Michinoku vs. The Great Sasuke – I liked the LHW division. Just wish, like today’s CWD, they were given more attention and time. The fact that they weren’t, it gives me no actual reason to care about talents that should be cared about by fans.

    Taker vs Vader – I saw Vader as one of the best challenges for Taker in 97. Yes so was Bret Hart and SCSA. But both were busy and Taker had just successfully defended the world title against Austin 2 months prior at A Cold Day in Hell. Bret would meet Taker a month later at Summerslam. Who was left? Vader. Thank God Ahmed Johnson wasn’t in this match. All I gotta say here. His in ring work and promos are a lot worse than others who fans say are bad in those areas.

    Goldust, Ken Shamrock, LOD, Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Hart Foundation (Brian Pillman, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, WWF European Champion “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith, WWF Intercontinental Champion Owen Hart, & Bret “Hitman” Hart) – I can see why this ppv had only 4 matches. This match is the reason. So it’s ok. I loved it. Whatever this match contained is what is rarely seen in any main event closing match WWE put on today, TV or PPV.

  2. captainplanet says:

    I can’t even describe how awesome this event and the bulk of ’97 was from a new fan’s perspective. The Hart Foundation won me over immediately as a kid, and this event forever sealed my fandom.

  3. Justin F says:

    The Summer of 1997 was the turning point for the WWF and I am so glad that this lead to the WWF becoming the best company in pro wrestling.

    • Anan says:

      That’s when the turning point took full effect. However I think it started Summer 1996. That was the beginning of Austin’s rise, the Taker/Mankind feud which many saw an the unofficial, unrecognized birth of hardcore in the company as chairs were used in all their matches and certain specialty gimmick mstches not seen before were created (Boiler Room Brawl & Buried Alive)

  4. Jeff Duff says:

    That whole show was so amazing especially that main event. Every punch and move seemed like it meant life and death to the crowd that night. Very few times have I seen a crowd be THAT involved in a match and so invested in the outcome of that match. I may actually watch that show again tonight.

  5. Jack Viga says:

    This was a fun event.

  6. Cherie Smith says:

    I remember the Monday Night Raw a week or two before this event which teased in my opinion a “Dream Team” of Austin Shamrock Shawn Sid and The Patriot which I would have loved to see but in the end still an incredible main event I highly recommend it

  7. Nicolas Hébert says:

    1997 was a great year for WWF in Canada. Many cities in country had a TV show or PPV that year. Halifax, Edmonton and Ottawa presented RAW, Calgary had this PPV and of course Montreal had the Survivors Series, the first time (I think) WWF made a TV show in Montreal.

  8. David says:

    Top to bottom this was awesome PPV and IMO the best of 1997. Every match delivered and the crowd was just red hot.

    Great article! makes me want to watch this again.

  9. RCS1988 says:

    The face side for the 10 man tag was originally supposed to be Austin, HBK, Sid, & Legion of Doom.

    • Anan says:

      What happened to HBK & Sid??

      • RCS1988 says:

        Sid was fired and HBK had issues with the heels.

        • LP1 says:

          Sid wasn’t fired yet. He returned on the July 14th episode of Raw and was scheduled to face Vader at SummerSlam ’97, but the match was cancelled. He kept using an injury as an excuse to take time off, but they found out he was insteas part of a softball league, so they finally had enough and fired him in July.

          Shawn Michaels threatened to quit the company and go to WCW to be with Hall & Nash after Shawn and Bret got into a legit fight in the locker room on June 9th. Vince told Shawn to go home for a few weeks and cool off. That’s why Shawn ended up stripped of the Tag Team title and Dude Love ended up taking his place as Austin’s partner. Ironically Shawn would return on July 14th, the same night Austin and Dude Love were named champions.

          • Anthony says:

            Bret Hart got the upper hand in that fight I’m sure.

            This was a great ppv. It was part of the amazing year that was 1997 in wwe. I’ve been watching since 1991. It’s a toss up between 97 and 98 as my favorite wwe year.

            • LP1 says:

              Based on reports it appears Bret did get the better of him. He tore a big chunk of Shawn’s hair out of his head. You could see Shawn’s hairline was different after that. There was a big streak of hair missing.

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