EXCLUSIVE: Title and First Content Revealed for WWE’s Upcoming Brock Lesnar DVD & Blu-Ray

June 21, 2016 by Mark D

WWE Brock Lesnar DVD Title and Early Content Revealed

It’s official, the Brock Lesnar DVD/Blu-Ray set slated for release on October 11th will be titled: BROCK LESNAR: EAT. SLEEP. CONQUER. REPEAT.

As we confirmed previously, the set will be released as a 3-disc DVD, 2-disc Blu-Ray and a Best-Buy exclusive 2-disc Steel Book Blu-Ray.

WWE Brock Lesnar DVD & Blu-Ray Title Revealed

In addition to the main documentary feature, the set will include the following:

— Brock’s greatest matches since his 2012 WWE return against the likes of Triple H and The Undertaker

— A rare and never before seen match between Brock Lesnar and his friend and mentor, Mr. Perfect (taped prior to the January 28, 2002 edition of Monday Night RAW from Richmond, VA)

— Bonus content which has never been seen on the WWE Network

Brock Lesnar: Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat. will be released worldwide this October.

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  1. andrew says:

    No thanks I’ll just wait til WWE 2K17 for the beastincarnate

  2. Joem says:

    Who cares about the matches? We’re finally getting a legit documentary on Brock. The matches are meaningless, especially if you have the Network.

  3. RabidHeat says:

    Why all of a sudden when I click on any article here or try to leave a reply am I getting an Amazon pop-up? Not good.

  4. Joe Young says:

    Hopefully, WWE won’t be petty and include the match against Punk. Its Lesnar’s best match by far since he came back.

  5. John says:

    I might get this

  6. Jeff Copeland says:

    i feel like bio would be worth it cause we get a full bio on lesnar and not just the short 1 hour 03 one and clips from 2012 one.

    matches wise what else has not be on a dvd that lesnar as been in maybe ovw some 02 raw matches? vengeance 02 vs rvd rebellion vs edge would be good.
    honestly just some sd and raw matches from 02 03.

    cause after his 2012 return its just been ppv matches which are on other dvds so ehhh this might be a pass

    • RabidHeat says:

      I get the impression from the info above that the matches are only going to be from 2012 onwards.

      • Jeff Copeland says:

        i mean wat other matches can they put on this that arnt on a dvd past 2012 all his hhh matches are on dvds taker triple threat at rumble punk 2013 so really only 2002 03 and ovw matches are really worth it

    • William says:

      I hope it’s longer than Documentary on him from his first run as well! WWE Really could make their Documentaries a heck of a lot longer IMO! Like the Dudley Boys one could have gone a lot longer as well as a lot of there others! Do a more detailed Documentaries on their Wrestlers like they did with the Rise And Fall Of ECW!

  7. RabidHeat says:

    Personally I think “Brockumentary” would have been a great title for this, lol.

  8. RabidHeat says:

    I’m always confused by this – was he actually Curt Hennig’s friend or not? Because in his book he says he was, but then there was the whole “plane ride from Hell story” – was that a fall-out between friends? I always thought they hated each other.

    • Brad Attitude says:

      They were friends in real life and both were drunk on the plane at the time.

    • Joe Young says:

      They were good friends given their Minnesota connection. Lesnar even considered Hennig a mentor since he taught him a lot about the business. What happened was during the flight, they were drinking and Hennig challenged Lesnar to a friendly shoot match on who the better amateur wrestler was.

      Lesnar shot in and drove Henning into the side of the plane, coming dangerously close to the emergency exit. Since they endangered the passengers by doing this, Hennig was fired for starting the play fight.

      Mr. Perfect says he won, but the wrestlers who were there to witness it said Lesnar was in control before they broke it up.

      Hennig’s passing affected Lesnar. He nearly broke down talking about him during an interview on Confidential.

  9. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    If the matches are suppose to be only from his 2012 and beyound run, it should be possible to have the complete collection of his matches from that run on the bluray.

    I already own the ppv dvd and the original edition of “Here comes the pain”-release, but I still would have loved to see the Judgment Day 2003 stretcher match against Big Show..the only stretcher match in history that is truely awesome imo.

    Painfull October is not far away..just do not wrap it in the Susan G. Komen PINK colours, right, WWE!? 😉

  10. RCS1988 says:

    The Brock Perfect match from 2002 shown in full and in very good quality is interesting.

  11. Very Low Ki says:

    I hope the Rollins/Cena/Lesnar triple threat match from the Rumble makes the set. That was a terrible ppv that I have no interest in owning, ever, but that match was fantastic.

  12. Eric says:

    I know I will have a lot of these matches already, but I am buying it.

  13. Donald says:

    Another dvd? Wow. There better not be any repeated matches from other sets – it is WWE though, ya never know…

    • Anan says:

      Right which is why I wouldn’t be surprised if there were repeats. Then again it does say above since his 2012 return. Did the last Brock release feature any matches since 2012?

      They mention Cena, HHH and Taker. That tells me Lesnar’s matches at Extreme Rules 2012 and Summerslam 2014 against Cena, Summerslam 2012, WM29, Extreme Rules 2013 against HHH, WM30 & HIAC 2015 against Taker will be on the set. Also hoping for Summerslam 2013 against Punk makes it on the set.

  14. Calvin says:

    Brock’s best matches have been since his return in 2012 so this should be good.

    • RabidHeat says:

      Yeah, they’ve been SO much better than his series of classics with Kurt Angle in 2003, or Eddie Guerrero in 2004, or his original HIAC vs. Undertaker. Whatever. 🙂

  15. Brad Attitude says:

    Let’s face it, Brock’s best matches were already released on his last bluray/dvd and 2003 dvd sets. The only thing about this set that would come close to interest me will be the documentary.

  16. Alex says:

    Very cool!

  17. MarkBrfc says:

    Should have been part of the deal to allow Brock to fight at UFC 200.

  18. Abdulaziz says:

    It will be great if the DVD including matches From UFC

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