TNA DVD Distributor Announces Exit from Home Video Business

December 21, 2011 by Roger Palmer

Navarre, the distributor of TNA DVD releases in the United States, have announced the following this week:

“To our Home Video Customers: Due to the changing retail environment, Navarre has made the decision to exit the Home Video business effective December 31, 2011. We have several exclusive lines that we distribute that we will continue to sell on through at least the end of the year and until they identify an alternative distributor. These include titles from Funimation, Code Red, UFC, TNA, Pride, Alebrije, Distrimax, Dreamscape, Halicki and Fall Thru. All other studio’s content will be removed from as inventory is sold out. Check out our closeout section on the website for great deals. Get them while they last! Thank you for your past business. We wish all of you success in the future. Please contact your Navarre Sales Representative with any questions. Sincerely, The Team ”

This shouldn’t effect TNA’s own service and it might explain why the latest couple of TNA shows like Bound for Glory and Turning Point have jumped their DVD release dates.

No details have been announced regarding any new home video distributor for TNA but we will keep you up to date with this news.

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  1. SRB says:

    @prowrestlingondemand. You are incorrect. The company has completely stopped releasing DVDs at this point. And youre saying it has no reflection on the company what so ever?

  2. oldschool says:

    I still see it for pre order from

  3. ferg says:

    i have bound 4 glory preordered from fye and the release date is the same as of now

  4. jasongoldsmith says:

    or i should have asked how does this affect the bound for glory release?
    ive not heard if it has been delayed or not

  5. jasongoldsmith says:

    does this affect the bound for glory release in january?

  6. The Navarre issue has no reflection on TNA at all and is simply a company who is changing direction, TNA will just have to change distribution companies.

  7. jasongoldsmith says:

    and hopefully they continue to do so for an alternative to the E.
    i just get flustered when i see some of their moves they make but the past few weeks i am seeing an improvement–its just a matter of continuing to survive now.

  8. oldschool says:

    People have been saying for years TNA is going under but you know what it is still going. The difference between wcw and tna is tna is making money.

  9. jasongoldsmith says:

    agreed–i am hoping that maybe with the recent title reigns of james storm and bobby roode that maybe TNA is trying to change then i see guys like jeff hardy,rvd,flair,etc. being pushed and i can not understand why.
    flair is much past his prime and rvd is 41 or 42 now,hardy–well his issues are well known,i have never been a big believer in hogan or bischoff and scott steiner may be a good mid-card guy but not a main eventer for sure.
    as far as angle i believe he can still bring something to the table and sting can at times but it drives me nuts when guys like samoa joe,daniels,aj styles,jay lethal,matt morgan,etc are having to put the ex-WWE guys over.
    i am still not convinced this navarre thing is about TNA in particular but rather the new fad of movies on demand and i am just not convinced that wrestling–sorry–sports entertainment fans will ever quit buying dvds and hopefully there is another company to distribute for them come 2012.

  10. SRB says:

    To be honest with you since TNA began I always wondered how long it would last. Of course they want to sign big names and I can’t blame them. But, I’ve always wondered how they can afford to pay people like Flair, Hogan, Bischoff, Angle and Sting. These are the biggest contracts in the company. Because guys like Joe, Daniels, and Styles are veterans they should be making the most because of their loyalty to the company, but I doubt thats the case. My fear is that it will be like WCW financially, a lot of big money being thrown around to people who don’t deserve it. Paychecks are first and talent, programming and distribution all take a back seat. TNA will never be a top competetor against WWE, UFC holds more of a contest and even that is laughable. But, slowly you will see TNA fail miserably. Financially they can’t afford the talent. Second, they don’t tour enough. Spike TV recently pulled out of a lot of their touring funds because they weren’t making enough money. Third, they pick anyone up off the street (The Hardys, Hogan, D-Lo Brown, Waltman) and put them on the roster. TNA is not professional in the screening area. WCW’s top priority was to put WWE out of business and that is the exact reason why they failed. They did not concentrate on their own product but rather than the determined demise of another product. TNA does a better job of not being so obsessed with WWE, but TNA does indeed look like the WWE retirement home. TNA probalbly thinks, “What better way to put WWE out of business by using their own old guys to do it?” I know guys like Hogan, Hardy and Bischoff all have past issues with WWE that have not been dealt with. WWE is smart where TNA is dumb and while TNA is hiring old junkies and talent way past their prime WWE cut that cord a long time ago. TNA should learn that it shouldn’t hire every single person who once appeared on WWE TV 6 years ago. Guys like Booker, Angle, and Nash were all great signs and did a lot for the company. But how can you put the belt on coke addicts and junkies and actually expect them to intelligently defend the championship? Come on TNA… Have some integrity.

  11. jasongoldsmith says:

    @SRB–i was wondering that when i had so much trouble getting the jeff hardy vol.2 dvd and the hardcore justice/no surrender twin pack was tough too.
    i dont know if navarre quitting is a reflection on TNA or not–lets hope not since WWE stuff is bad enough now.

  12. SRB says:

    I smell trouble within TNA…