Exclusive: Official Trailer & First Content Revealed for WWE ‘Best of RAW & SmackDown 2016’ DVD

November 15, 2016 by Daniel Bee

WWE 'The Best of RAW & SmackDown 2016' DVD - Logo

WrestlingDVDNetwork.com can now exclusively reveal the trailer for another incoming release – “The Best of RAW & SmackDown 2016” DVD!

And with that the first content planned for the 3 disc set can be confirmed.

First up, some of the moments hinted at by the trailer include Daniel Bryan’s retirement speech, Vince McMahon announcing Stephanie and Shane as the RAW and SmackDown Commissioners, The Rock’s return in January, Shane McMahon’s return in February, and Goldberg’s return last month!

As for the matches, we can expect to see – Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship (with Vince McMahon as the guest referee), Triple H vs. Dolph Ziggler after Roadblock, the Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match in which Kevin Owens became WWE Universal Champion, and Sasha Banks winning the Women’s title as she main-evented RAW with Charlotte, to name but a few of the initial match picks.

We should have the full content listing soon. Until then, get watching this teaser:

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  1. RabidHeat says:

    Curious whether they’ll call this the best of “Raw and Smackdown Live” when for half of the year SD wasn’t live.

  2. LP1 says:

    Reigns vs Sheamus happened in 2015. They could avoid these mistakes if they just wait an extra month before they release this and Best PPV Matches to include matches from November & December.

  3. RabidHeat says:

    Just a shame Goldberg’s Raw return won’t be complimented his actual return match on the Best PPV Matches set when the 2017 Annual set is released. Not thinking the match will be all that, but for the purposes of significance it would have been nice to be included.

  4. Daniel says:

    So far seems a good listing. I get this every year