Trailer for New Daniel Bryan WWE DVD, Full Extras List for Extreme Rules 2015

May 8, 2015 by Daniel Bee

WWE Daniel Bryan: Just Say Yes! Yes! Yes! DVD - Logo

“Daniel Bryan: Just Say YES! YES! YES!”

That’s the big DVD release that WWE has planned for next month.

It’s set to feature 7 hours of material – an extended version of the WWE Network “Journey to WrestleMania” documentary on Daniel Bryan, a compilation of his best matches, and newly filmed interview segments. The Blu-ray packs in all of that and over 1 hour of extras!

Watch the official first trailer for “Daniel Bryan: Just Say Yes! Yes! Yes!” below:

Get the “Daniel Bryan: Just Say YES!” WWE DVD/Blu-ray…


USA: June 2nd. Pre-order now here on

Australia: June 3rd. Pre-order now via

UK/Europe: June 15th. Pre-order now from


Before the D-Bryan compilation, Extreme Rules 2015 is on the way for a DVD release later this month. You can get your copy of the DVD from Amazon for only $9.77 by clicking here.

Revealed exclusively below is the full list of extras planned for the Home Video.

WWE Extreme Rules 2015 DVD Cover Artwork

DVD Extras

— Bad News Barrett vs. Neville
(Extreme Rules Kickoff Show)

— Seth Rollins Does Not Need Anybody’s Help
(Home Video Exclusive)

— Sheamus Lacks No Confidence
(Home Video Exclusive)

WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Blu-ray Cover - UK Exclusive

A Blu-ray edition of Extreme Rules will be available to fans in the UK and Europe, containing 5 additional extras on top. The Blu-ray is listed for pre-order now at

Blu-ray Exclusives

SmackDown • April 2, 2015
— John Cena is Proud to Be the WWE United States Champion

Monday Night Raw • April 6, 2015
— WWE Title Free Match: Seth Rollins vs. Neville

Monday Night Raw • April 13, 2015
— Big Show Lays Down for No One

Monday Night Raw • April 20, 2015
— WWE Title Free Match: Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler

SmackDown • April 23, 2015
— Seth Rollins & Luke Harper vs. Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose

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  1. Ty says:

    When did they start calling Non-Title matches, “Title Free” matches? That sounds ridiculous.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Quite a while now, at least in these extras lists. Usually I edit them for our news to say “non-title” instead but just went with it this time around.

      • LP1 says:

        Title Free Matches. That must be one of Vince’s pet peeves now. Like you can’t say ‘belt’ for a Championship. You can’t say ‘wrestler’ or ‘wrestling’. You can’t say ‘title shot’, you have to say ‘title opportunity’. It must be an OCD thing with Vince. So silly. As far as non-title matches go, I’ve never liked them. Ever. A champion should compete in a championship match. If the guy fighting the champion isn’t worthy of a title shot then the champion shouldn’t be fighting him. It doesn’t happen in boxing or MMA or anywhere else. I’ve felt this way for decades. It’s like if Taker wrestled at WrestleMania a few years ago and said “I’ll face you at Mania, but the streak isn’t on the line.” Sounds pretty ridiculous right? Also I think the World Champion should never wrestle on free TV. Ever. Unless its a Championship match. Rollins has been champion for a little over a month and has already been pinned in non-title matches I think 3 times. But I guess the business has passed me by. They’ve educated today’s audience to accept the way things are currently booked, as if it’s ok.

        Oh well. Sorry about the mini-rant. Been having a crappy day.

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