DDP WEEK: Official Trailer (And More Matches!) for WWE ‘Diamond Dallas Page – Positively Living’ DVD

January 10, 2017 by Daniel Bee

DDP WEEK - WWE 'Diamond Dallas Page: Positively Living DVD & Blu-ray

BANG!! DDP Week continues right now, exclusively at WrestlingDVDNetwork.com.

Every day this week we’re revealing what WWE has planned for their 2017 “Diamond Dallas Page – Positively Living” DVD and Blu-ray, and it will culminate with the FULL content listing!

First up, let’s get eyes on the official trailer for the DVD. It gives us a very first glimpse at some of the material used in the documentary and features new comments from Mick Foley, Eric Bischoff, and of course “The Master of the Diamond Cutter” himself.

Today’s entry into our special week of reveals also presents a selection of “unreleased”, new-to-Home Video matches that act as a nice cross-section of the different eras of DDP’s career.



— Diamond Dallas Page & Cactus Jack vs. Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham
World Championship Wrestling • March 14, 1992

— Diamond Dallas Page vs. Hollywood Hogan
WCW Monday Nitro • October 27, 1997

Raven’s Rules Match for the WCW United States Championship
Diamond Dallas Page vs. Raven
WCW Spring Stampede • April 19, 1998

WCW United States Championship Match
Diamond Dallas Page vs. Bret “Hitman” Hart
WCW World War 3 • November 22, 1998

European Championship Match
Diamond Dallas Page vs. Christian
WrestleMania X8 • March 17, 2002

WWE Diamond Dallas Page: Positively Living Blu-ray - Box Art

Get your copy of WWE’s new “DDP – Positively Living” DVD or Blu-ray…

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Did you know we’re now exactly 1 week away from WWE’s first 3 disc DVD release of the new year – “Best PPV Matches 2016”? How about who’s hosting it?

Get the WWE “Best PPV Matches 2016” DVD for only $17.99 on Amazon.com.

WWE Hall of Famer and former Women’s Champion Lita will be hosting the series’ 2016 edition which is set to pack in around 20 different matches with a runtime just over the 9 hour mark!

WWE 'Best PPV Matches 2016' DVD - Lita Hosting!
WWE 'Best PPV Matches 2016' DVD - Logo

Before then, we have a new release that just dropped from Kayfabe Commentaries.

“YouShoot: Mr. Anderson” is available now as a physical DVD, a download, or an instant stream.

Check out the official synopsis (and NSFW trailer) below – both of which promise that the shoot interview delves into Kennedy’s firing from WWE and who he feels was responsible!


Okay enough already! You’ll see that fans can’t get enough of the gimmick as they give it right back to Ken Anderson in his appearance on YOUSHOOT!

Anderson has taken the oath and answers the fans as they sound off on everything from Bob Holly to his firing. Anderson isn’t afraid to open up and name names when it comes to who he thinks stabbed him in the back in WWE. *cough* Cena *cough*

It’s more R-rated fun with an outspoken dude who has heat with more people than he knew! It’s Mr Anderson…



YouShoot: Mr. Anderson DVD - Available Now!


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  1. mememememe says:

    That Hogan match was on Best of Nitro Vol.1 but joined in progress so its not unreleased

  2. nick says:

    does anyone know if this set will include his unedited WCW entrance theme?

    • Travis Taylor says:

      I hope so. I hated the soft rock theme wwe has replaced it with in some of his matches and I also disliked his wwf music as well.

  3. Patrick Mcnamara says:

    Definitely ordering the Blu ray off Amazon. Com I agree too many great matches. WWE is starting to release some good Blu ray sets. Self High Five!

  4. Brad Attitude says:

    Today’s matches look better and promising than yesterday’s but the trailer didnt make me wanna go out and get it.

    • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

      feel similar.. charachter is okay.. Bluray-release level?: not imo.. Network-level career overview?: sure..

      Apart from his feud with Savage in WCW, and that creepy Stalker-angle with Undertaker’s wife Sarah in his short WWF run, there really is not that much awesome about him.

      Got all the Savage matches on other releases, same with the Undertaker feud.

      His TNA “adventure” – shorter and actually more awfull than his WWF run, belive it or not – will not be discussed.

      And while I pay respect to his work against addiction with his program, I have no interests on hearing about non-wrestling, non-kayfabe stuff on releases like this.

  5. Jammer says:

    Amazing!! Two days in a row with awesome matches. This is what happens when the documentary about said wrestlers gets to help pick out the matches for the DVD/Blu Ray. I am definitely getting the Blu Ray of this. Too many great matches I don’t want to miss out on!