Official Trailer for nWo: The Revolution WWE DVD, Bret Hart Unreleased

October 22, 2012 by Daniel Bee

WWE nWo The Revolution DVD

Earlier today the official trailer for nWo: The Revolution on WWE DVD and Blu-ray was revealed by European distributor, Silver Vision.

[flv: 610 348]

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As reported, WWE is set to release a Bret Hart Unreleased Matches DVD compilation in March of next year. Bret himself first confirmed the go ahead on his Twitter, asking for fan suggestions on potential matches to include.

Yesterday Bret revealed that the WWE crew will be at his home this week to shoot footage for the release. Regarding the content he referred to the matches as “rare and unseen”, taken from the WWE archive and his own. The latter may be referring to his Stampede Wrestling matches, since Bret previously bought the rights to all of his Stampede footage.

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  1. Marty says:

    Good trailer. My God, Waltman’s aged, though.

  2. Bill Jones says:

    It would be an honor hahaaa. The nWo mocking the 4 Horsemen was and still hilarious to this day and Tony Schvaonie is a liar because he said us nWo fans would never see that again well pal it’s on the Best of Nitro and probably will be featured on it pal!

    • Harry Faversham says:

      Most of it will be on this blu ray because its shown on the Legends of Wrestling discussion, although its slightly shortened. That also includes the ‘Fingerpoke of Doom’ match, so that’s a couple of thngs people may have thought were missing that are actually on the blu ray, sort of.

    • Anonymous says:

      I really wish Schiavone was right. This mockery went on far too long to be considered funny and all it did was to make fun of a guy and a group that was gave and continue to give his all to the business. Arn’s retirement speech was heartfelt and classy. This junk was neither. If you like this type of “parody,” watch the original that took place way back in 1993 when the Hollywood Blonds imitated the Horsemen that’s on an Austin DVD compilation. Or, you could also wait a couple of weeks and grab the Attitude Era set that’s sure to have DX mockery of the Nation of Domination.

      In the end, this burial attempt didn’t matter. Arn still gets the last laugh because he’s remains a valued employee whose opinions help shape the future, while the clowns involved in this mockery (X-Pac, Nash, Konan and Bagwell) can’t stay alert long enough to keep their spot anywhere.

      • Bill Jones says:

        Nash and X-PAC both will be in the Hall of Fame one day. Arn is not but was indicted with the Horsemen. nWo was a great a concept and the Horsemen and all of WCW was jealous of the changing times of Attitude.

        • Anonymous says:

          Where to begin?
          “Nash and X-PAC both will be in the Hall of Fame one day.”
          -I would hope so. After all, they’re best buds with Triple H. But ultimately, who cares? This is a Hall of Fame with Koko B. Ware in it and Randy Savage not in. Furthermore, the fact that Arn has been able to stay with the company and shape the future says he’s far more important and influential to the future.

          “Arn is not but was indicted with the Horsemen.”
          -So in the same sentence you say that Arn was and wasn’t inducted into the Hall of Fame. Which one is it? And, if you’re trying to say that he wasn’t inducted because he went in as a Horsemen, then does that mean a guy like Terry Funk or Jack Brisco aren’t in because they went in as the Funk Brothers or Brisco Brothers? You do understand that those guys are also far more significant than the members of the nWo who were mocking Arn crew.

          “nWo was a great a concept and the Horsemen and all of WCW was jealous of the changing times of Attitude.”
          -First, why should the Horsemen be jealous? They went into your all-important Hall of Fame didn’t they? Doesn’t that speak to their greatness?
          -Second, do you really believe “all of WCW was jealous”? You do understand that wrestling isn’t entirely real, right? If the nWo was doing such a great job for business, then all of WCW was supposed to benefit so why would they be jealous?

          The fact that the trailer seems to indicate that the majority of other guys not involved are making largely negative comments seems to make it pretty clear that overall the nWo was more of a negative to the history of the business than a positive.

          • Steven says:

            Paul Roma and a lot of other wrestlers thought Arn was just sucking down KFC and donuts. nWo was a positive in wrestling history in my eyes. nWo was one of the reasons they beat WWE in the ratings for 83 weeks straight. Why is there many nWo haters out there? Sure it broke into nWo Hollywood and Wolfpack but the original was pure gold.

            • Bill Jones says:

              HBK’s retirement speech was legit and heartfelt just like Edge’s was too. The Horsemen might’ve came first but nWo and DX took the wrestling stables to new heights. The last good wrestling stable was Evolution.

              • Anonymous says:

                1-No one knocked HBK or Edge. They were great performers.
                2-There was never a faction better than the Horsemen. The nWo and DX were fine, but not better. And, yes, Evolution was the last great stable, and in many ways better than both the nWo and DX, though not as historically significant.
                3-If Paul Roma was the biggest name you could come up with as supporting the nWo mockery, then that speaks volumes. Who cares about diet anyway? That doesn’t mean anything as it pertains to wrestling ability/entertainment value. Want proof? Roma may have had a great physique and probably had an outstanding diet and training regimen, but he flat-out sucked as a pro wrestler.

                • Harry Faversham says:

                  D-Generation X, nWo and the Horsemen were all great, but Evolution absolutely SUCKED!

                • Anonymous says:

                  Who are you to question Paul Roma?

                  • Harry Faversham says:

                    Power & Glory!

                    • Anonymous says:

                      I get that some people may not like Evolution, but track record is definitely on their side and one could even make the argument that in many ways Evolution was the best thing to happen to wrestling since the end of the Monday night wars. The group featured four former world champions in the most effective way possible given the ages and experience levels involved.

                      Think about it: How many new stars has WWE developed since 2006 that weren’t in Evolution? Evolution turned out two new main eventers and were the primary reasons for Raw retaining successful ratings during that period as they were all over the show. Since that time, Raw has steadily declined in ratings.

  3. Steven says:

    I wish Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth were both still alive so they can be interviewed on this nWo set because both of them were a huge part of the nWo.

  4. SRB says:

    I dont know if anyone is like me, but I could watch DVDs until the end of time about WCW, the failure of it and the inner-workings of the company. It’s just amazing to me to be #1 one day and to not even exist the next. I always watch my Rise and Fall of WCW as if it’s brand new.

    • Mark D says:

      I agree, what would have been awesome with that particular DVD would have been to release it as two volumes. The first looking at the Rise and Fall of Crockett Promotions (with 2 discs of matches) then The Rise and Fall of WCW (with 2 discs of matches). They could both be branded the same i.e “The Rise and Fall of WCW, Vol. 1 Crockett Promotions & Vol. 2 World Championship Wrestling, then you’ve got double the sales and we end up with a huge combined 4 hour doc and 4 discs of matches. As both stories have both a Rise and Fall story.

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      Thats the way I feel about the Monday Night Wars. I can watch many DVD’s and listen to hours and hours of all the backstage going-ons during that time in both WWE and WCW. I really hope one day the “Greatest Rivalries” series continues with “WWE vs WCW” as the concept. I need JR to have the sit down interview with Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff, face to face, talking about that time and other details of it.

      I feel that if ANY Greatest Rivalry release can go head to head with the Shawn vs Bret one, that one can. The feud between the two promotions was just so personal and got nasty at times, it would be very interesting to hear more indepth of the story.

      • Harry Faversham says:

        Great idea, but JR might not be as neutral on that one, although he is usually very objective these days. Maybe Mean Gene Okerlund would be more neutral? Then again Jim Ross will likely do the best job on it regardless.

        • Vincenzzzzzo says:

          I can listen to Jim Ross and Mean Gene Okerlund read the phone book, and they would have my attention the entire time.

          • Harry Faversham says:

            Ha ha. Nice way of putting it. Me too. Its a shame there haven’t been any great announcers to emerge in recent years because obviously they can help tell the story and that’s more important than people realise I think. Gorilla/Jesse/Heenan/JR/Okerlund were so important. Vince was underrated on commentary too. Gordon Solie, Joey Styles etc. Can’t really imagine the show without them in their time and place. Telephone books all round!

  5. Feed Me says:

    I can’t wait for the long awaited return of the nWo at Hell In A Cell. nWo interfere in the WWE Championship match costing Ryback the WWE Championship.

  6. Mark D says:

    A problem with the Stampede footage is the most often the matches appeared clipped and joined in progress on the TV show, and I wouldn’t be sure the that the raw footage still exists.
    Plus even if it does, I’d imagine it wouldn’t have Ed Whalen’s original commentary intact. I think the best we can hope for on Bret’s new set would be two or three Stampede Matches, quite a bit of WWE and not much WCW.

    • Anonymous says:

      The best we can hope for on the Bret Hart set is very little talking and lots of action.

      Also, we have to hope that the majority of this footage ISN’T from the 1993 to 1996 period where he was essentially having the same match every night, or for that matter Hart Foundation matches when the only good opponents they had were the British Bulldogs.

      Give us some singles matches from 1990-1992 when he hadn’t yet developed the formulaic matches, or some WCW matches when he was forced into at least slightly modifying his formula and had a very, very wide array of main event talents to work with.

      But, I fear the Bret Hart release will be a repeat of the prior release full of formulaic matches. If so, I’ll pass because I’m not into repeated matches full of repeated moves in the exact same order.

  7. Nick says:

    I also want that hart/dynamite match on it. surprised it hasnt been on any hart dvds yet. I think its about 45 mins long so fingers crossed.

    Just glad we are getting some decent releases next year, this year has been really poor, I’ve only bought the rock dvd at the start of the year.

  8. Fer says:

    I hope they include the full version of that Bret vs Dynamite kid match from stampede they showed highlights from on the previous Bret DVD….. It looked pretty awesome and would like to see the whole thing

    • Ryan says:

      Full version doesn’t exist. Only what aired originally. Pretty much all Stampede stuff is clipped because they didn’t have time to edit, so they would just film select parts of the show. That was there way of editing. Smith Hart has discussed this in interviews.

      • Harry Faversham says:

        I’ve seen an interview where Bret says the reason for not showing the matches in full was because they wanted people to go and see it live.

  9. John says:

    I like the Bret Hart cover!

  10. mommy says:

    match selection is fine, sure a few repeats but overall they included a nice batch of nwo stuff at there peak

    is it a perfect set, no, but still solid and a huge upgrade over the first release in 02

  11. nightmare says:

    I just wanted to know, since I pre order the blu ray, will the hostile takeover promo be on this disc?? In order for this to be complete this needs to be on here…hoping, fingers crossed…

    • Mark D says:

      Looking back at the runtimes for the set, the Bash at the Beach 96 segment runs just under 30 mins. The length of the match was around 17 mins so I’d say its a relatively safe bet that the post match promo (or at least a good part of it) will be included.

  12. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    nWo Blu-ray/DVD is looking good…I like the trailer. Very happy there are new interviews with Nash and X-Pac on there. I just wish Hogan, Bischoff and Hall were available to comment. The Blu-ray edition is a must buy, in my opinion.

    Definitely looking forward to the Bret Hart Blu-ray too. Lots of great matches that I hope are included. So many great DVD’s coming out next year.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The trailer seems promising in that it appears the documentary will tell the real story and fallout of the nWo period. It might actually save what seemed like an otherwise skippable release thanks to the TERRIBLE match selection. Maybe it will, but probably not as I’m sure many will opt to watch the documentary on YouTube or as a rental. I’ll be buying it myself. How long it takes to open it is another story.

    As far as the Bret Hart release, his involvement and the new footage shot is the WORST thing that could happen to the release. Bell to bell, the guy was very, very good. Get him on the mic either in character, or, worse yet, in an interview speaking about his career and it’s a major channel changer! Add in the fact that he’s probably going to only include the same old friends and family as the previous release, and this’ll probably look like a repeat of the release from six years ago. I’ll hold out hope that he won’t continue to grind the same old axes and might pick some good and unseen to DVD stuff with a legitimately wide array of talents like something similar to Mark’s Fantasy Concept X – Bret Hart: Unreleased Collector’s Series minus the released to DVD matches. But, if it in any way resembles the last release I’m passing.

  14. Marco says:

    Yay, it’s the self destruction of the NWO!

    • Anonymous says:

      If they want to give a fair and balanced re-telling of history, it really has to be like that. Make no mistake about it, WCW was doing great business prior to the arrival of the nWo. They were pretty much equal to the WWF in the ratings. Sure, for a bit over a year (80 weeks or so) the nWo storyline helped propel WCW past the WWF, but look at costs. They never helped or allowed anyone not affiliated with the nWo to become a star or maintain their level and the result was that WCW grew stale without any new stars and otherwise devalued stars and eventually WCW went out of business. The nWo was certainly one of several driving forces of the Monday Night Wars from May 1996 to early 1999. On a whole, however, they very well might be the worst thing to have ever happened to the business.

  15. mommy says:

    love the nwo, my favorite storyline ever

    but i hate seeing cody rhodes on here, commenting on nwo’s failures, what does he know, he was a little kid watching at home when this went down, i hate seeing the likes of cena/miz/rhodes on these dvds that have nothing to do with them

    and the doc is to short, nwo needs a full 2-3 hour doc that covers everything, this doc is only 1 hour, so i wish they would cut it and just had nash as the host like ddp did with the nitro set

    that way it saves an hour and we still get a good host in nash explaining inbetween matches

    • Scsa says:

      I agree with everything that you said, I hate seeing Cena and Miz myself. I think that they should show more people like Mr McMahon, Austin, The Rock, all members of the nWo such as X-Pac, Nash, Hogan, Hall, Big Show (Giant), Shawn Michaels, etc…

      Also comments Bret, Steiner, Mean Geane, J.R, and others 🙂

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      Kevin Nash can barely cut a promo nowadays, let alone host an entire DVD.

    • captain planet says:

      It’s important to get the perspectives of people who were there and of those who were watching it all unfold. As long as they focus it towards those who were apart of it (or around during its time), I don’t see the problem. As an 11-year-old when nWo began to fall, I could tell you why it began sucking from a fan perspective, and if I were somebody relevant, that would be a perspective worth having alongside the likes of Nash/X-Pac/Booker etc.

  16. Harry Faversham says:

    Bret also said on Twitter there will be a couple of Stampede Wrestling matches. The nWo looks great so far!

  17. Steven says:

    Good trailer for nWo and I can’t wait to get it on November 6th which you can get at fine dvd/Blu-Ray stores or WWESHOP.COM.

    • Scsa says:

      I cant wait 4 it either, but I didnt like the trailer! It sounded like every1 except Nash were disliked it with their wrds! Not 1 good thing said about the nWo from people like Dusty Rhodes, Ted Tibiase, etc.

      • Vincenzzzzzo says:

        Thats because maybe nobody really liked them? Even though I liked the nWo storyline, it was still just a bunch of overpaid ego maniacs running around with an open checkbook from Uncle Teddy Turner. Doesn’t sound like you heard the stories of backstage sabotage by some of the nWo members. The fact that people seem to dislike them, somehow really doesn’t surprise me one bit.

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