REVEALED: Trailer & Blu-Ray Update for SURVIVOR SERIES 2017, Cyber Monday/WWE, Samoa Joe DVD?

November 27, 2017 by Daniel Bee

Above you can watch the official trailer for Survivor Series 2017 on DVD, and below you can check out brand new box art now unveiled for the Blu-ray!

That Blu-ray edition is still planned to be an exclusive offering in the UK and Germany as of last word. We hear that its extras are expected to follow the same as those in the DVD content listing.

Fans in the United States missing out on the Blu-ray may take some consolation in hearing the news that the pre-order price of the DVD version (a 2-disc set) has just been dropped to only $11.72. Take advantage of that limited time saving by clicking here to

WWE Survivor Series 2017 Blu-ray Box Art, UK Exclusive

WWE’s first Home Video of the new year will be a 3-disc DVD set packed full of nearly 20 matches equating to 9 hours of footage; that being “Best Pay-Per-View Matches 2017”.

This updated shot of the DVD’s artwork reveals that Brock Lesnar will feature on its spine:

WWE Best PPV Matches 2017 DVD - Official Cover Artwork


However,‘s Black Friday sale last week has completely wiped out stock of all of the following DVDs: SummerSlam 2017, Royal Rumble 2017, and the Great Balls/Battleground 2017, Extreme Rules/MITB 2017, Payback/Backlash 2017, Chamber/Fastlane 2017 “Double Feature” packs (all of which were on special offer for $3.74 each or less).

If one of these 575 items on sale for Cyber Monday takes your fancy, you can get a further 25% off the price and FREE shipping on orders $15+ when entering promo code “CYBER”.

No real WWE DVD deals to be found there – but WDN reader Chris Hollywood‏ sends a reminder that Ollie’s Bargain Outlet in the United States have these 3-disc sets on sale for only $3.99 each:

  • It’s Good To Be The King: The Jerry Lawler Story
  • Breaking the Code: Behind the Walls of Chris Jericho
  • Greatest Rivalries: Shawn vs. Bret
  • The Best of In Your House
  • Legends of Mid-South Wrestling
  • Straight to the Top: The Money in the Bank Anthology
  • Top 50 Superstars of All Time
  • Falls Count Anywhere

WWE DVDs for $3.99 Each at Ollie's Bargain Outlet!

On the TNA/IMPACT side of things, their shop site has a Cyber Monday sale running with 25% off all 2016 DVDs and 10% savings on the recent Booby Roode, Eric Young, and AJ Styles DVDs.

A promo video hyping the sale appears to confirm that a Samoa Joe DVD, in a similar format to those ones, is to be released soon by the company and titled “The Essential Samoa Joe Collection”.

Kayfabe Commentaries recently completed filming a new project with Al Snow as “YouShoot” is set to return with the former ECW and WWE star taking the hot seat!

And there’s not long to wait for the DVD; look for it next Tuesday, December 5th.

Kayfabe Commentaries 'YouShoot: Al Snow' DVD - Out Next Week!

The next WWE DVD release will come even sooner!

TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2017 officially lands on Home Video tomorrow across the United States. The PPV DVD will include every bout beginning with the Kickoff Match (a special feature) and ending with the 5-on-3 Handicap TLC Match main event which saw Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and a returning Kurt Angle take on The Miz, Sheamus, Cesaro, Braun Strowman and Kane.

Right now you can grab a copy for a crazy-low $7.81 here on

WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2017 DVD - Available Tomorrow!

Get your copy of the WWE TLC – Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2017 DVD…

United States: TOMORROW! Grab your TLC 2017 DVD for only $7.81 here on

UK/Europe: December 11th. Pre-order a copy of the TLC 2017 DVD now on

Australia: January 10th. Your pre-order opportunity just went live over at

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. whut says:

    TNA putting together these kind of compilations seems a thing that benefits anyone: giving the company another opportunity to make bank with existing footage while also giving people like me (that stopped following TNA a big while ago) the chance to at least own a collection of some of the best matches of that particular worker (and I would assume that the talent also gets royalties due to it, so it’s positive thing for them as well).

  2. Robert emons says:

    Received a copy of my tlc 2017 DVD Saturday from best buy!

  3. Justin F says:

    Al Snow has really aged.

  4. Joshua Townsend says:

    Who is making that Samoa Joe DVD because that really need does need to be a Great One with like 6-7 Discs. Is it TNA that is doing that.

    • Mark Markson says:

      Yes, it’s TNA. They have made four disc sets for Jeff Jarrett and AJ Styles. I don’t think a Samoa Joe set will have 6 or 7 discs. It will probably be a 3 disc set similar to the new Bobby Roode set.

      • Joshua Townsend says:

        Aw well they could at least do a 4-5 Disc set like they did with that AJ Styles one that they did last year.

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